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Comparison of the immunogenicity of vaccines prepared from viable Mycobacterium bovis BCG, heat-killed Mycobacterium leprae, and a mixture of the two for normal and M. leprae-tolerant mice

Shepard, C.C.; van Landingham, R.M.; Walker, L.L.; Ye, S.Z.

Infection and Immunity 40(3): 1096-1103


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-9567
PMID: 6343239
Accession: 042626780

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Intradermal vaccines consisting of viable Mycobacterium bovis BCG, heat-killed Mycobacterium leprae, or mixtures of the two were titrated in mice in doses of 10(5.2), 10(5.8), 10(6.4), 10(7.0), and 10(7.6) acid-fast bacilli. The immune response was measured by sensitization (48 to 72 h foot pad enlargement on challenge with 10(7.0) heat-killed M. leprae) and by protection against infection with a viable M. leprae challenge. There was increasing response with increasing dose of vaccine, and overall the responses to the three vaccines were similar. At the lowest dose, however, the combination of BCG and M. leprae gave superior protection. The local reaction to the vaccines in the lower dose range was less severe with the M. leprae vaccine. In another experiment, the three vaccines were compared in normal mice and in mice that had been rendered tolerant by intravenous injection of M. leprae. The tolerant mice developed no measurable sensitization on vaccination with M. leprae, but they developed partial but distinct sensitization on vaccination with BCG, alone or in combination with M. leprae. The tolerant mice developed little or no protection with any of the vaccines, however.

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