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Compatibility and anticoccidial activity of lasalocid in combination with roxarsone and antibiotics against Eimeria mixed infection in chicks

Schildknecht, E.G.; Trainor, C.; Givens, S.V.; De Young, W.W.; Mitrovic, M.

Poultry Science 59(2): 268-273


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-5791
PMID: 7413556
DOI: 10.3382/ps.0590268
Accession: 042629187

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Lasalocid at the concentration of .0075% (68 g/ton) with and without roxarsone 45.4 g/ton was fed in combination with the growth promotants bacitracin methylene disalicylate 200 g/ton, bambermycins 2 g/ton, lincomycin 4 g/ton, nosiheptide 2.5 g/ton, zinc bacitracin 200 g/ton g/ton, and virginiamycin 20 g/ton exhibited a high degree of anticoccidial activity against mixed Eimeria infection in chickens in 9 day challenged battery trials. In these short term challenge trials chicks fed lasalocid, and the lasalocid growth promotant combinations, performed significantly better (P < .05) for growth and anticoccidial efficacy than those fed the growth promotants alone, and the infected, unmedicated controls. In almost all instances, the lasalocid-roxarsone-antibiotic combinations allowed for numerical increases in gains, improvement in feed conversion, and numerical decreases in lesions (in some cases, statistically significant (P < .05) over chicks fed lasalocid alone and/or the lasalocid antibiotic combination. The growth promotants did not interfere with the anticoccidial activity of lasalocid. The growth promotants fed alone exhibited no anticoccidial activity. However, when roxarsone was combined with the antibiotics, the combination resulted in numerically improved performance, reduced mortality, and in most instances, statistically significant decreases in lesions (P .05) over the infected, unmedicated control.

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