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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42649

Chapter 42649 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1980:
Conference on negative ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry. Sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, March 22-23, 1980

Anonymous, 1973:
Conference on newer technology in dental education

Anonymous, 1984:
Conference on nutrition teaching in medical schools. The New York-New Jersey Regional Center for Clinical Nutrition Education

Klein, E.; Farber, S.; Djerassi, I., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Control and prevention of hemorrhage: platelet separation

Djerassi, I.; Farber, S., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Control and prevention of hemorrhage: platelet transfusion

Rall, D.P., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Experimental studies of the blood-brain barrier

Grace, J.T., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Formal discussion: biologic aspects

Day, E.D., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Formal discussion: immunologic aspects

Zuelzer, W.W., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Formal discussion: long-term survivors

Handschumacher, R.E., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Formal discussion: some enzymatic considerations in combination chemotherapy

Friedkin, M., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Formal discussion: some reflections on the basis of drug failures

Werkheiser, W.C., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Limitations on the therapeutic effectiveness of the folic acid antagonists

Hutchison, D.J., 1965:
Conference on obstacles to the control of acute leukemia. Studies on cross-resistance and collateral sensitivity (1962-1964)

Anonymous, 1982:
Conference on outcome measures in rheumatological clinical trials. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, December 7-8, 1981

Som, M.L., 1973:
Conference on partial laryngectomy for carcinoma of the larynx

Anonymous, 1970:
Conference on population explosion

McCafferty, M.M., 1983:
Conference on pregnant women at work - June, 1983 London

Anonymous, 1968:
Conference on prepaid dentistry

Johnson, D.G., 1968:
Conference on preparation for medical education in the traditionally Negro college

Kim, H.; Kim, S.; Kim, H-Min.; Lee, K.; Kim, S.; Pak, B-Gook., 2018:
A 1T Dynamic Random Access Memory Cell Based on Gated Thyristor with Surrounding Gate Structure for High Scalability

Flocks, R.H., 1970:
Conference on prognosis and insurability of malignant disease. Cancer of the genito-urinary tract

Enterline, H.T., 1970:
Conference on prognosis and insurability of malignant disease. Cancer of the thyroid

Anonymous, 1970:
Conference on prognosis and insurability of malignant disease. Introduction

Anonymous, 1972:
Conference on psychotropic drugs

Stjernlöf, G., 1972:
Conference on racial prejudice and discrimination

Hofford, J.M.; Bancroft, C.M., 1970:
Conference on respiratory therapy

Anonymous, 1970:
Conference on school health...a summary

Vakhrameeva, N.I.; Pavlova, T.A., 1970:
Conference on scientific organization of work in medical institutes of the Rostov district

Koch, R.; Dobson, J.; Hsia, D.Y.; Woolf, L.I., 1971:
Conference on sex ratio in phenylketonuria

Vasama, K., 1974:
Conference on strike analysis was arranged at Jyväskylä University

Clément, A.; Boutley, H.; Poussier, S.; Pierson, J.; Lhuillier, M.; Kolodziej, A.; Olivier, J-Luc.; Karcher, G.; Marie, P-Yves.; Maskali, F., 2018:
A 1-week extension of a ketogenic diet provides a further decrease in myocardial 18 F-FDG uptake and a high detectability of myocarditis with FDG-PET

Peña, R.; Suman, O.E.; Rosenberg, M.; Andersen, C.R.; Herndon, D.N.; Meyer, W.J., 2017:
One-Year Comparison of a Community-Based Exercise Program Versus a Day Hospital-Based Exercise Program on Quality of Life and Mental Health in Severely Burned Children

Bibby, B.G., 1995:
Conference on the Future Direction of Dental Postgraduate Education. Rochester, New York, October 13-15, 1994. A tribute to Basil G. Bibby on his 90th birthday

Onada, T., 1970:
Conference on the Japanese nursing schools. Free discussion and greetings from the Chairman

Finland, M., 1981:
Conference on the Pneumococcus: summary and comments

Grossman, L.I., 1972:
Conference on the biology of the human dental pulp. The conference in retrospect

Siler, W., 1974:
Conference on the computer as a research tool in the life sciences. Conference summary and conclusions

Fjeld, K.Gahre.; Eide, H.; Mowe, M.; Sandvik, L.; Willumsen, T., 2017:
A 1-year follow-up of a randomized clinical trial with focus on manual and electric toothbrushes' effect on dental hygiene in nursing homes

Clark, D.E., 1974:
Conference on the computer as a research tool in the life sciiences. Observations on the Conference as seen by British participant

Yoshimura, T., 1967:
Conference on the discharge of psychiatric patients

Wynder, E.; Graham, S.; Eisenberg, H., 1966:
Conference on the etiology of cancer of the gastro-intestinal tract. Report of the Research Committee, World Health Organization on Gastroenterology, New York, N.Y., June 10-11, 1965

Anonymous, 1981:
Conference on the ferret as an alternative species in teratology and toxicology. June 25-26, 1981, Stanford, California

Distel, R.; Grémy, F.; Lockhart, A.; Pagès, J.C.; Thieffry, M., 1967:
Conference on the handling of cardiology information. (Paris, December 16, 1965)

Anonymous, 1967:
Conference on the marginal states between life and death

Barnett, R.N., 1970:
Conference on the medical usefulness of microbiology. Report by the Subcommittee on Medical Usefulness of the College of American Pathologists

Anonymous, 1968:
Conference on the nature and science of nursing. Panel discussion: the pure and applied scientist

Robischon, P.; Scott, D., 1970:
Conference on the nature and science of nursing. Role theory and its application in family nursing

Schrag, C., 1968 :
Conference on the nature and science of nursing. Science and the helping professions

Meininger, M., 1968:
Conference on the nature of science and nursing. Introductory comments

Folta, J.R., 1968:
Conference on the nature of science and nursing. Perspectives of an applied scientist

Crowley, D.M., 1968:
Conference on the nature of science and nursing. Perspectives of pure science

Hadley, B.J., 1970:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. Evolution of a conception of nursing

Leininger, M.M., 1969:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. Introduction

Leininger, M., 1970:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. Introductory comments

Anonymous, 1970:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. Panel discussion: the position of the pure and the applied scientist

Folta, J.R., 1970:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. Perspectives of an applied scientist

Crowley, D.M., 1970:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. Perspectives of pure science

Schrag, C., 1970:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. Science and the helping professions

Abdellah, F.G., 1970:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. The nature of nursing science

McKay, R., 1970:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. Theories, models, and systems for nursing

Smoyak, S.A., 1970:
Conference on the nature of science in nursing. Toward understanding in nursing situations. A transaction paradigm

Anonymous, 1980:
Conference on the prevention of motor vehicle crash injury, 10 January 1979, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba

Anonymous, 1980:
Conference on the primary prevention of cancer: assessment of risk factors and future directions

Muller, C.; Racamier, P.C.; Kaufmann, L.; Lai, G.; Masson, D., 1967:
Conference on the psychoanalysis of psychoses

Morrow, P.E., 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Aerosol therapy. Aerosol characterization and deposition

Lourenço, R.V., 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Aerosol therapy. Introduction

Williams, M.H., 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Aerosol therapy. Steroid and antibiotic aerosols

Colton, T., 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Controlled clinical trials

Anonymous, 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Final reports-summaries and recommendations

Hyatt, R.E., 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Intermittent positive pressure breathing therapy. Introduction

Jones, N.L., 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Physical therapy--present state of the art

Petty, T.L., 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Physical therapy. Introduction

Bryan, A.C., 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Pulmonary physiotherapy in the pediatric age group. Comments of a devil's advocate

Leith, D.E., 1974:
Conference on the scientific basis of respiratory therapy. Review of comments concerning presentations and discussions of the intermittent positive pressure breathing session

Anonymous, 1967:
Conference on the subject of "Pulmonary sequelae of primary tuberculosis". (Round-table discussion, Deleni, 12 October 1968)

Anonymous, 1967:
Conference on the training of public health nutritionists-dietitians. Final report

Anonymous, 1968:
Conference on the transplantation of organs

Richaud, C., 1968:
Conference on the treatment of cancer of the prostate

Mazas, F.; Moitrel, C., 1968:
Conference on the treatment of spondylolisthesis

Miller, C.E.; Lewis, K.L.; Huxley, E.; Townsend, M.L.; Grenyer, B.F.S., 2018:
A 1-year follow-up study of capacity to love and work: What components of borderline personality disorder most impair interpersonal and vocational functioning?

Glik, J.; Łabuś, W.; Kitala, D.; Mikuś-Zagórska, K.; Roberts, C.D.; Nowak, M.; Kasperczyk, A.; Kawecki, M., 2017:
A 2000 patient retrospective assessment of a new strategy for burn wound management in view of infection prevention and treatment

Swanson, J.N., 1968:
Conference on the use of audiovisual aids in medical teaching: problems and resources. Introduction to the conference

Jansson, M., 1971:
Conference on training in psychotherapy

Kiely, D.J., 2017:
A 2009 fetal monitor recall that arguably should have been class I

Berry, H.K.; Wright, S., 1967:
Conference on treatment of phenylketonuria

Anonymous, 1968:
Conference on "current attituder towards doping"

Hicks, C., 1981:
Conference predictions

Staub, N.C.; Hogg, J.C., 1980:
Conference report of a workshop on the measurement of lung water

Wright, V., 1984:
Conference report. Biomechanical aspects of cartilage and related structures

Anonymous, 1980:
Conference report. Patient re-entry into the community

Hunt, J.S., 1995:
Conference report: 1st international meeting of world placenta associations, Australia, 24-28 October 1994

Anonymous, 1971:
Conference report: Committee on Brain Sciences, National Research Council

Opitz, J.M.; Sutherland, G.R., 1984:
Conference report: International Workshop on the fragile X and X-linked mental retardation

Anonymous, 1982:
Conference report: Weak associations in epidemiology and their interpretation. American Health Foundation, New York, New York

Fuhrer, M.J., 1995:
Conference report: an agenda for medical rehabilitation outcomes research

Mishara, B.L., 1994:
Conference report: bioethics in eastern Europe--bioethics vs suicide

Ryan, U.; Slavkin, H.; Revel, J.P.; Massaro, D.; Gail, D., 1984:
Conference report: cell-to-cell interactions in the developing lung. Report of a conference held 3-5 June 1984

Barker, D.J.; Gluckman, P.D.; Robinson, J.S., 1995:
Conference report: fetal origins of adult disease--report of the First International Study Group, Sydney, 29-30 October 1994

Challis, J.R.; Andres, S.F.; Catz, C.S.; Fisher, S.J.; Hay, W.W.; Hunt, J.S.; Illsley, N.P.; Thornburg, K.L., 1995:
Conference report: placental growth and function

Anonymous, 1970:
Conference report: report on the second international symposium on electrosleep and electroanesthesia

Gunby, P., 1995:
Conference seeks to provide basis for prostate cancer guidance message

Cummins, R.L.; Rosenblum, R.H., 1967:
Conference speakers cite problems facing dentistry

Anonymous, 1974:
Conference studies relationship between quality of care and medical training

Reader, G.G., 1969:
Conference summary and interpretation

Bradley, R., 1980:
Conference summary. National Conference on Dental Care for Handicapped Americans

Collins, V.P., 1967:
Conference to define the scope and content of research in diagnostic radiology. Held under the auspices of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences Bethesda, Md., Jan. 6, 1967. Preliminary report

Chudley, P., 1984:
Conference to look at ways of using scarce skills to combat drug addiction

Chudley, P., 1983:
Conference told of imminent announcement: pilot schemes for nurse development

Christensen, C., 1969:
Conference with American Air Force nurses in Wiesbaden

Barnard, C., 1968:
Conference with Professor C. Barnard

Mendes, M.da.D., 1995:
Conference "Human beings in nursing"; Caring as a human characteristic

Kondrat'eva, T.M., 1967:
Conference, dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the academician Georgi Adamovich Nadson

Anonymous, 1967:
Conference. Abnormal secretion of the nipple. I

Anonymous, 1974:
Conference. Assistance in activities of daily living of patients with decreased pulmonary function

Abe, E.; Kawamura, R.; Okada, Y.; Kato, J.; Hamazaki, Y.; Habuka, C., 1982:
Conference. Mealtime problems and assistance of patients with oral cancer

Kurokawa, S.; Takagi, H.; Shibata, C.; Echizen, Y.; Mizutani, M., 1983:
Conference. Nursing of a 5-year-old child with a fracture of the right femur

Okada, Y.; Kasai, K.; Komuta, T.; Fujikura, M.; Shimizu, Y., 1981:
Conference. The postoperative nursing of a patient with recurrent rupture of an anterior communicating artery aneurysm: assistance with independent urination

Anonymous, 1980:
Conference: Comparative studies on the transduction mechanisms and its controls in mechanoreceptors. Okazaki, Japan 7th and 8th December, 1979

Anonymous, 1974:
Conference: a psychological approach in nursing of a hostile child with ambulatory difficulties due to muscular dystrophy

Ito, K.; Seya, Y.; Omori, K.; Ueda, R., 1981:
Conference: a review of the study of an expectant mother with a handicapped child - the importance of focusing on the keypoint

Kidoue, Y.; Naito, S.; Kawahara, H.; Koba, F., 1981:
Conference: a review of the study on prevention of odors in a gynecological ward

Kitamura, T.; Nasu, K.; Yukawa, K.; Tanaka, Y.; Yamashita, M., 1980:
Conference: after care of patients with colostomy

Anonymous, 1974:
Conference: an aged patient with various complaints but without active desire for recovery

Arai, Y.; Eida, K.; Kawajiri, S.; Nakamura, Y.; Nishida, K., 1980:
Conference: care of a patient with hepatic cancer treated with catheterization of the umbilical vein

Asahina, W.; Miyajima, S.; Noguchi, Y.; Takahashi, S.; Nakamura, A., 1980:
Conference: care of patients with severe pregnancy toxemias - the nursing process from ambulatory nursing care to continued nursing after delivery

Sawada, Y.; Shimazu, T.; Terai, C.; Miura, S.; Hamaguchi, M., 1981:
Conference: critical care and nursing of patients with severe burns--4 clinical cases

Komamatsu, H.; Nanami, K.; Bunno, K., 1981:
Conference: current problems of case conferences. Discussion

Messmer, A.M.; Leong, J.S.; Rondeau, E.B.; Mueller, A.; Despins, C.A.; Minkley, D.R.; Kent, M.P.; Lien, Sørn.; Boyce, B.; Morrison, D.; Fast, M.D.; Norman, J.D.; Danzmann, R.G.; Koop, B.F., 2018:
A 200K SNP chip reveals a novel Pacific salmon louse genotype linked to differential efficacy of emamectin benzoate

Yanai, Y., 1980:
Conference: interactions between the nurse and a child suffering from pain

Nakayama, N.; Nakayama, T.; Ninai, T.; Yoshida, K.; Kitazawa, S., 1983:
Conference: learning from clinical practice. Aids to the rehabilitation of the cardiac patient

Sakura, M.; Miyoshi, N.; Shimada, K.; Ono, Y.; Suenaga, J., 1984:
Conference: learning in clinical training--application of human understanding to practice

Tashiro, H.; Teraoka, T.; Akahori, T.; Naito, H.; Matsui, H., 1984:
Conference: learning through clinical training. Nursing action to remove the factors obstructing the desire for recovery

Rakimaru, M.; Kinoshita, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Sakuma, H.; Yabuki, K., 1983:
Conference: lessons in clinical training. Attitude of nursing personnel in understanding the patient - an interaction with an aged patient without family

Tsuboya, E.; Matsutani, T.; Uryu, T.; Tenma, K.; Ikemura, Y., 1984:
Conference: lessons in clinical training. Nursing of a patient with terminal gastric cancer

Nukaga, S.; Kubota, K.; Aizawa, T.; Sato, K.; Saito, M., 1984:
Conference: lessons in clinical training. Nursing of aged patients in long-term care

Hirata, F.; Tsujioka, Y.; Nemoto, M.; Hiraoka, C.; Ichikawa, M., 1984:
Conference: lessons in clinical training. Understanding of the needs of a patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Era, A.; Nagano, K.; Sekine, M.; Oikawa, Y.; Ando, K., 1981:
Conference: nursing of aged, demented patients--with special reference to a case observed at an orthopedic department

Nagao, T.; Inao, K.; Kojima, Y.; Haino, K.; Hiza, H., 1980:
Conference: nursing of leukemic patients in a germ free ward

Yoneda, R.; Nomoto, K.; Kimiyama, H.; Saito, E.; Saito, K., 1982:
Conference: nursing of patients with cor pulmonale who complain a little

Kawahara, H.; Sakae, Y.; Sato, T., 1981:
Conference: odor prevention at a gynecologic ward - experimental qualitative and quantitative tests using activated charcoal

Morita, S.; Chiba, M.; Omizu, M.; Hashimoto, Y.; Fujiwara, Y., 1982:
Conference: on nursing of a duodenal ulcer patient with stress-related problems

Furuta, S.; Ishida, Y.; Saito, T.; Yamada, Y.; Igarashi, K., 1981:
Conference: postoperative management and care of patients with myocardial infarction in the acute stage

Omori, K., 1981:
Conference: psychology and guidance of an expectant mother who has a handicapped child as the first-born--evaluation of a nursing process by home visits of an expectant mother with a difficulty in mother-child relationship

Setoya, K.; Ozawa, T.; Ochi, M.; Kikuchi, Y.; Ueno, R., 1980:
Conference: respiratory care of a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Anonymous, 1981:
Conference: special for HVs

Anonymous, 1981 :
Conference: special for district nurses

Anonymous, 1974:
Conference: standardization of nursing records

Tanaka, S.; Nagasaki, T.; Sakaira, H.; Kamata, R.; Fujimura, Y., 1981:
Conference: therapeutic examples in fulminant hepatitis

Takegami, T.; Nishina, M.; Matsumoto, K.; Kobayashi, M.; Yokoyama, T., 1981:
Conference: treatment and nursing of patients with disseminated intravascular coagulation--a study of 3 clinical cases

Greeley, A.M., 1972:
Conferencemanship. How to conduct oneself successfully at learned meetings without actually disrupting them

Northrop, L., 1966:
Conferences mean better nursing

Himmelsbach, C.K.; Chiazze, L.; Dawson, J.M.; Wise, D.L., 1971:
Conferences on nosocomial infections

Valberg, L.S.; Morrin, P.A.; Marks, G.S.; Clark, A.; Southall, G.A., 1974:
Conferences on the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of patient care based on peer review of the problem oriented record

Korcok, M., 1974:
Conferences view auto deaths: the 'neglected disease'

Bartel, A., 1995:
Conferences, coalitions and the future of patient care

Rankie, E.L., 1966:
Conferences, demonstrations promote better care of supplies

Trainin, N.; Small, M., 1970:
Conferment of immunocompetence on lymphoid cells by a thymic humoral factor

Bognár, Z., 1980:
Conferon treatment in risk pregnancy due to iron deficiency anaemia

Guarente, L.P.; Isberg, R.R.; Syvanen, M.; Silhavy, T.J., 1980:
Conferral of transposable properties to a chromosomal gene in Escherichia coli

Rowiński, K., 1974:
Conferral on Prof. Ksawery Rowiński of an honorary membership of the Polish Medical Radiological Society

Spett, S., 1974:
Conferral on Prof. Stanisława Spett of an honorary membership of the Polish Medical Radiological Society

Mietkiewski, E.; Starkiewicz, W., 1974:
Conferral on Prof. Witold Starkiewicz of the title Doctor honoris causa

Wang, C.; Yin, S-Sha.; Yu, S-Jie.; Wei, J-Hua.; Gu, X-Ke.; Gong, M-Mi.; Zhang, R-Qin., 2018:
A 2013-based Atmospheric Ammonia Emission Inventory and Its Characteristic of Spatial Distribution in Henan Province

Fréour, P., 1984:
Confessing doubt

Kelly, A.D., 1973:
Confessio medici

Bomanji, J.B., 1995:
Confession and some lessons. The PISA-PED study

Luck, J.M.; Luck, J.M., 1981:
Confessions of a biochemist

Edwards, L.C., 1980:
Confessions of a dropout

Bernstein, R.A., 1972:
Confessions of a former heretic, or salvation as a problem list

Jarmas, A.L., 1983:
Confessions of a genetic counsellor

Day, R.L., 1980:
Confessions of a hardened FTC witness

Frye, F.L., 1984:
Confessions of a hardened herpetologist

Athenson, A., 1980:
Confessions of a management consultant

Castledine, G., 1995:
Confessions of a migraine sufferer

Anonymous, 1983:
Confessions of a newly-qualified staff nurse

McKay, S., 1982:
Confessions of a novice exhibitor

Clarkson, J.A., 1983:
Confessions of a nursing instructor

Feliu, E., 1995:
Confessions of a writer of a biomedical journal. The experience of Medicina Clínica

Spiers, C., 1995:
Confessions of an Internet addict

Nelson, K.; Maina, A.N.; Brisco, A.; Foo, C.; Croker, C.; Ngo, V.; Civen, R.; Richards, A.L.; Fujioka, K.; Wekesa, J.Wakoli., 2018:
A 2015 outbreak of flea-borne rickettsiosis in San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, California

Kancherla, V.; Wagh, K.; Johnson, Q.; Oakley, G.P., 2018:
A 2017 global update on folic acid-preventable spina bifida and anencephaly

Feindel, M., 1980:
Confessions of an elevated counselor: why don't they love me anymore?

Bilheimer, L.T.; Reischauer, R.D., 1995:
Confessions of the estimators: numbers and health reform

Bradshaw, S., 1982:
Confessions: desperate measures

Sullins, M.L., 1982:
Confessions: don't argue ... do something!

Ketner, L.A., 1982:
Confessions: the evitable hell of Timothy Bray

Stephany, T., 1982:
Confessions: the unasked question

Arras, B., 1982 :
Confessions: why we nearly lost Miss Mitchell

Colomb, D., 1982:
Confetti depigmentation following application of Leucodinine B on a chloasma

Keith, P.M.; Hill, K.; Goudy, W.J.; Powers, E.A., 1984:
Confidants and well-being: a note on male friendship in old age

Kelly, A.E.; Coenen, M.E.; Johnston, B.L., 1995:
Confidants' feedback and traumatic life events

Kihlgren, M., 1983:
Confidence Committee in the Orebro district

Polichetti, E., 1973:
Confidence and peace of mind in the surgical patient

Holmberg, E., 1965:
Confidence and secrecy

Dawson, D.V.; Todorov, A.B.; Elston, R.C., 1980:
Confidence bands for the growth of head circumference in achondroplastic children during the first year of life

Anonymous, 1995:
Confidence betrayed

Bochnik, H.J., 1994:
Confidence between patient comprehension and the physician's capacity to educate

Henriksen, K.H., 1983:
Confidence choice - key questions on key issues. Take a position or remain neutral?

Henriksen, K.H., 1983:
Confidence choice - key questions on key tasks. Active recruiting

Henriksen, K.H., 1983:
Confidence choice--key question on key task. Collective against individual

Henriksen, K.H., 1983:
Confidence choice--key question on key task. Private interest against common interest?

Henriksen, K.H., 1983:
Confidence choice--key question on key task. Problem solving or creating problems?

Henriksen, K.H., 1983:
Confidence choice--key question on key task. Representative or delegate?

Henriksen, K.H., 1983:
Confidence choice--key questions on key tasks. Innovation or preservation?

Henriksen, K.H., 1983:
Confidence choice--key questions on key tasks. Opposition or loyalty?

McHugh, R.B.; Le, C.T., 1984:
Confidence estimation and the size of a clinical trial

Honan, P.R., 1981:
Confidence in contact lens fitting

Talib, V.H.; Khurana, S.K.; Pandey, J., 1994:
Confidence in fine needle aspiration cytology

Baber, N.S.; Lewis, J.A., 1982:
Confidence in results of beta-blocker postinfarction trials

Zincke, H.; Campbell, J.T.; Utz, D.C.; Farrow, G.M.; Anderson, M.J., 1973:
Confidence in the negative transrectal needle biopsy

Zwemer, T.J., 1970:
Confidence in which God

Dietrich, S.W.; Dreyer, N.D.; Hansch, C.; Bentley, D.L., 1980:
Confidence interval estimators for parameters associated with quantitative structure-activity relationships

Larralde, C.; Farber, S., 1972:
Confidence intervals for affinity constants, heterogeneity indices and concentration of reactive sites estimated by the 50 percent ammonium sulphate method on rat's anti-DNP sera

Karpinski, K.F., 1985:
Confidence intervals for multiple-dose concentrations in the one-compartment open model with rapid intravenous injection

Abrams, A.M.; McClendon, B.J.; Horowitz, H.S., 1972:
Confidence intervals for percentage reductions

Espenshade, T.J.; Tayman, J.M., 1982:
Confidence intervals for postcensal state population estimates

Guess, H.A., 1982:
Confidence intervals for the odds ratio in case-control studies: a calculator program for Cornfield's method

LaForge, R., 1967:
Confidence intervals or tests of significance in scientific research?

Suchy, E., 1982:
Confidence is good ... control is better! Biological testing of sterilization in dental practice

Raffin, M.J.; Thornton, A.R., 1980:
Confidence levels for differences between speech-discrimination scores. A research note

Green, M., 1972:
Confidence limits

Widdra, W., 1974:
Confidence limits for a therapeutic ratio

Lever, W.E., 1969:
Confidence limits for quantiles of mortality distributions

Ederer, F.; Mantel, N., 1974:
Confidence limits on the ratio of two Poisson variables

Veinio, J., 1970:
Confidence man system comes into being

Palva, I.P.; Korhonen, V., 1973:
Confidence testing as an improvement of multiple-choice examinations

Rothman, A.I., 1969:
Confidence testing: an extension of multiple-choice testing

Freedman, J.L., 1965:
Confidence, utility, and selective exposure: a partial replication

Caruso, P.B., 1968:
Confidence--a new perspective

Fair, E.W., 1966 :
Confidence--it is worth inspiring

Cheminot, R., 1983:
Confidences from a fortuitous meeting: or the life of a chronic hemodialysis patient

Tew, M., 1982:
Confidential enquiries into perinatal deaths

Hunter, A.R.; Moir, D.D., 1983:
Confidential enquiry into maternal deaths

Anonymous, 1970:
Confidential enquiry into postneonatal deaths, 1964-1966

Robinson, A.M., 1974:
Confidential health care for the teen-ager

Patternac, S.T., 1995:
Confidential help for impaired physicians

Bourde, C., 1974:
Confidential information for general practitioners concerning varices of lower limbs

Miller, S.A., 1995:
Confidential inquiries into cot deaths in British Forces Germany

Richards, I.D.; McIntosh, H.T., 1972:
Confidential inquiry into 226 consecutive infant deaths

Anonymous, 1982:
Confidential inquiry into perinatal deaths in the Mersey region. Mersey Region Working Party on Perinatal Mortality

Wood, B.; Catford, J.C.; Cogswell, J.J., 1984:
Confidential paediatric inquiry into neonatal deaths in Wessex, 1981 and 1982

Bernstein, A.H., 1982:
Confidential records: piercing the protective veil

Swiatecka, G., 1972:
Confidential telephone service in Gdánsk. Its activities and work patterns

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Confined spaces: avoiding the hazards

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Confinement date unknown

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Confinement from the viewpoint of the midwife and her patient

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Confinement in the starting-box as a factor in frustration

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Confinement in the starting-box as a factor of frustration

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Confinement in the starting-box as a frustration factor

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Confinement of premature impulses in functional compartments of regions of the A-V conducting system

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Confinement of subnormal offenders

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Confinement to bed as a clinical complex. Measure against decubital damages

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Confinement, interdiction and trusteeship. Necessity to avoid the return to the arbitrary apropos of the laws on the "incompetent"

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Confirm treatment by letter

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Confirmation and more

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Confirmation by electron microscopy of the histologic intergrity of cells after treatment by polarized flow administered by alveolar route

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Confirmation by electron microscopy of the place of Balantidium in the order of Trichostomatida

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Confirmation by immuno-diffusion of the existence in the urine of cancer patients of an antigen-protein formerly detected by immunoelectrophoresis

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Confirmation by lymphovenous anastomosis of the diuretic and natriuretic effect of lymph in the dog

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Confirmation for combination AIDS therapy

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Confirmation of Dr. Bick's finding of discrepant fibrinogen values during thrombolytic therapy

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Confirmation of Henoch's treatment of encopresis

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Confirmation of a tetrahydrocannabinol metabolite in urine by gas chromatography

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Confirmation of association of protein I serotype of Neisseria gonorrhoeae with ability to cause disseminated infection

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Confirmation of atypical parasympathetic innervation of the parotid gland. Atypical distribution of ninth nerve

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Confirmation of bone ingrowth into porous PMMA materials

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Confirmation of brain death

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Confirmation of cancer diagnosis--methods and problems

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Confirmation of cecal intubation during colonoscopy

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Confirmation of hexachlorobenzene by chemical reaction

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Confirmation of low microgram/kg amounts of volatile N-nitrosamines in foods by low resolution mass spectrometry

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Confirmation of mutual interrelationship between 4 psychosomatic syndromes

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Confirmation of parathion, methyl parathion and fenitrothion in biological material on thin-layer plates

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Confirmation of pesticide residue identity. 3. Derivative formation in solid matrix for the confirmation of endrin by gas chromatograph

Chau, A.S., 1972:
Confirmation of pesticide residue identity. I. Derivative formation for the conformation of photoproducts of endrin: hexachloro- and pentachloro-ketone pesticide residues by gas chromatography

Chau, A.S., 1972:
Confirmation of pesticide residue identity. V. Alternative procedure for derivative formation in solid matrix for the confirmation of alpha- and beta-endosulfan by gas chromatography

Chau, A.S., 1974:
Confirmation of pesticide residue identity. VII. Solid matrix derivation procedure for the simultaneous confirmation of heptachlor and endrin residues in the presence of large quantities of polychlorinated biphenyls

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Confirmation of postcholecystectomy biliary dyskinesia by elevation of serum transaminases (GOT and GPT) after injection of morphine?

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Confirmation of protoplast fusion-derived linkages in Staphylococcus aureus by transformation with protoplast DNA

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Confirmation of radiation therapy by double exposure to high energy and conventional x-ray

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Confirmation of raised phospholipase A2 activity in the uninvolved skin of psoriasis

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Confirmation of regional assignment of gene for human esterase-D to chromosome band 13q14

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Confirmation of six organothiophosphorus pesticides by chemical derivatization at nanogram levels

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Confirmation of suspicious cytological smears by the results of histopathological examinations in the prevention of cervical cancer

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Confirmation of thalamosubthalamic projections by electron microscopic autoradiography

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Confirmation of the 1-20 amino acid sequence of human adrenocorticotrophin

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Confirmation of the F2 allele in the bovine F blood group system

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Confirmation of the assignment of genes of human immunoglobulin heavy chains to chromosome 14 by analysis of Ig synthesis by man-mouse hybridomas

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Confirmation of the assignment of the gene coding for the BA-2 antigen to human chromosome 12

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Confirmation of the assignment of the gene encoding Kv1.3, a voltage-gated potassium channel (KCNA3) to the proximal short arm of human chromosome 1

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Confirmation of the borderline personality within a psychodynamic framework

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Confirmation of the crucial role of the recipient's maximal hydration on early diuresis of the human cadaver renal allograft

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Confirmation of the development of multiple renal cell tumors in endstage/long-term hemodialysis kidney revealed typical acquired cystic transformation

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Confirmation of the diagnosis of symptomless endocervical microcarcinoma

Anonymous, 1967:
Confirmation of the dualist theory of human gonadotropins

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Confirmation of the effect of indole-3-acetic acid on citrate synthase

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Confirmation of the existence of an unknown crystallized compound in pancreatic calculi

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Confirmation of the freudian psychosexual stages utilizing sexual symbolism

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Confirmation of the identification of the major C-29 hydrocarbons of Sarcina lutea

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Confirmation of the inhibitory effect of cystic fibrosis sera on oyster cilia

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Confirmation of the localization of the locus of phosphoglyceratekinase on the X chromosome by the method of human-mouse cellular hybridization

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Confirmation of the multifactorial threshold model for congenital structural talipes equinovarus

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Confirmation of the papillomavirus etiology of condylomatous cervix lesions by the peroxidase-antiperoxidase technique

Gourévitch, M.I.; Lainé, F.K., 1984:
Confirmation of the partial insertion of a steroidal diamine between the base pairs of deoxyribonucleic acid : study by 270 MHz proton nuclear magnetic resonance of the complexes of delta-5-dehydromalouetine with DNA of calf thymus gland and with poly(dA-dT)

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Confirmation of the position of the kidney for biopsy--trial use of Hg-203-Neohydrin

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Confirmation of the presence of 11-hydroxy- 9-tetrahydrocannabinol in the urine of marijuana smokers

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Confirmation of the presence of NAD in part of the brain in mice and the effect of hydrazine-2HCl

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Confirmation of the presence of beta(Ag-Hg) in dental amalgam

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Confirmation of the presence of cyclic AMP in lettuce seeds, var. reine de mai

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Confirmation of the primary structure of thymosin alpha1 by microsequence analysis of limited acid and enzymatic hydrolysis fragments

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Confirmation of the regional assignment of peptidase A (PEPA) to 18q23 by gene dosage studies

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Confirmation of the regional localization of the genes for human acid alpha-glucosidase (GAA) and adenosine deaminase (ADA) by somatic cell hybridization

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Confirmation of the relationship to the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hansen by a technologically important test

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Confirmation of the structure of fucosterol by nuclear magnetic resonan spectroscopy (1)

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Confirmation of the synteny of the human genes for cytoplasmic isocitrate dehydrogenase and cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase and assignment to chromosome 2

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Confirmation of the theories of the differential structure of the opportunities and differential associations in the Swedish society

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Confirmation of the two-step nature of chemical carcinogenesis in the rat colon adenocarcinoma model

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Confirmation of the utility of plasma-exchange in the treatment of severe Guillain-Barré syndrome

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Confirmation of two-step model of glucocorticoid hormone action in a glucocorticoid-sensitive human lymphoid cell line

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Confirmation of typhoid and paratyphoid fever diagnosis by positive bacteriologic results in Poland in the years 1966 and 1967

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Confirmation on the superior value of killed antitubercular vaccines. Killed BCG is preferred to living BCG

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Confirmation that DNA encoding the major fimbrial subunit of Av24 fimbriae is homologous to DNA encoding the major fimbrial subunit of F107 fimbriae

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Confirmation that the type I collagen gene on chromosome 17 is COL1A1 (alpha 1(I), using a human genomic probe

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Confirmation, contiguity, and response practice in paired-associate learning

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Confirmational, provisional, and/or regional assignment of 15 enzyme loci onto Chinese hamster autosomes 1, 2, and 7

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Confirmatory and exploratory analysis applied to pharmaco-EEG and related study data: contradiction or useful enrichment?

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Confirmatory assay for the simultaneous detection of five penicillins in muscle, kidney and milk using liquid chromatography-electrospray mass spectrometry

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Confirmatory evidence for a direct parasympathetic pathway to internal eye structures

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Confirmatory evidence for the association of hepatitis B surface antigen with antigenic determinants reactive with antibodies present in some anti-HBe-positive sera

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Confirmatory evidence for the existence of two types of receptor sites for Con A on mouse lymphocytes

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Confirmatory factor analysis of four general neuropsychological models with a modified Halstead-Reitan battery

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Confirmatory factor analysis of the styles of handling interpersonal conflict: first-order factor model and its invariance across groups

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Confirmatory identification of Neisseria gonorrhoeae by slide coagglutination

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Confirmatory method for sulfamethazine residues in cattle and swine tissues, using gas chromatography--chemical ionization mass spectrometry

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Confirmatory serodiagnosis of lymphogranuloma venereum proctitis may yield false-positive results due to other chlamydial infections of the rectum

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Confirmatory studies in the prenatal diagnosis of sphingolipidoses

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Confirmatory tests for AU antigen

Anonymous, 1968:
Confirmatory tests for coliform organisms

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Confirmed activity of FAM polychemotherapy in advanced gastric carcinoma

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Confirmed assignment of a novel human tyrosine kinase gene (JAK1A) to 1p32.3-->p31.3 by nonisotopic in situ hybridization

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Conflict in health care is not dangerous to society

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Conflict in hospitals: leave out first those you last want to affect

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Conflict source of the concept of care and hospital structure. Provide breathing space!

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Conflict: the nurse as therapist and researcher

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Conflicting Doppler data on the assessment of pelvic tumors vascularity

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Conflicting actions

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Conflicting arrangements, conflicting expansion

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Conflicting blood-tests on twins

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Conflicting demands in surgical practice

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Conflicting duties to patients: the case of a sexually active hepatitis B carrier

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Conflicting duties: plague and the obligations of early modern physicians towards patients and commonwealth in England and The Netherlands

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Conflicting interest of the individual and the community in relation to erythrocyte enzyme defects and genetic counseling

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Conflicting interests and ambitions can be a source of political strength

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Conflicting loyalties in collective bargaining: an empirical illustration

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Conflicting loyalties of nurses working in bureaucratic settings

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Conflicting loyalties of the nurse

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Conflicting moral suppositions

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Conflicting orders in the ICU? Try the team captain idea

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Conflicting orientations to patient advocacy in long-term care

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Conflicting perceptions of the health provider domain by new health professionals

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Conflicting perspectives on breast feeding

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Conflicting points of view regarding the use of povidone-iodine

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Conflicting reports in medical literature

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Conflicting results on metabolic studies of leukocytes from patients with osteogenesis inperfecta: notes on NBT test

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Conflicting rights of privacy and the duty of disclosure between sexual partners

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Conflicting roles in women

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Conflicting staff and family demands on schizophrenic patients

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Conflicting theories

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Conflicting value systems and therapeutic intervention

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Conflicting values affecting behavioral research with children

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Conflicting views on alleged plagiarism

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Conflicting views on the issue of accessibility

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Conflicts and collaboration: nurse-physician issues in the hospital

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Conflicts and conflict diagnosis in inpatient child psychotherapy

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