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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42666

Chapter 42666 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Przeździecki, Z., 1970:
Contents of ascorbic acid in the blood serum and in the tissues of castrated rats after administration of chlorinated hydrocarbons

Szklarska-Cygańska, R.; Kakowska-Lipińska, I., 1970:
Contents of available lysine in selected food products determined by a chemical and biological method using Tetrahymena pyriformis W

Nogge, G.; Werner, H., 1970:
Contents of bacterial count in larvae and boils of Hypoderma bovis (De Geer), Diptera, Hypodermatidae

Hama, T.; Tamaki, N.; Kita, M.; Iizumi, H., 1971:
Contents of beta-alanine, anserine and carnosine in silkworm and the effect of beta-alanine administration

Matiushin, I.F.; Samartseva, T.F., 1972:
Contents of bioelements in a necrotized heart muscle in acute experimental myocardial infarct

Ishizaki, A.; Fukushima, M.; Sakamoto, M., 1971:
Contents of cadmium and zinc in organs of Itai-itai disease patients and residents of Hokuriku District

Kozlova, M.A., 1966:
Contents of catecholamines in the blood and urine of patients with chronic coronary insufficiency

Kedziora, J.; Hübner, H.; Kański, M.; Jeske, J., 1970:
Contents of certain nucleotides in erythrocytes in Down's syndrome

Jończyk, H.; Dmoch, J.; Bojanowska, A., 1970:
Contents of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the adipose tissue and the brain of partridges (Perdix erdix L.)

Kuznetsova, L.V., 1968:
Contents of cholesterol and its esters in the adrenal glands of human fetuses

Zoch, E., 1969:
Contents of commercial papain

Morishima, T.; Saito, M.; Fujita, M.; Fukada, E.; Nagashima, N.; Hanawa, S., 1982:
Contents of cysteinyldopa isomers and DOPA in lesions of malignant melanoma

Liss, E.; Brammer, S.; Schmidt, H., 1973:
Contents of deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates in Yoshida ascites tumor cells

Knütter, S.; Pohloudek-Fabini, R., 1969:
Contents of etheric oil of the roots of Solidago virgaurea L.. 19. Microanalytics of etheric oils

Mlodecki, H.; Lasota, W.; Chocianowska, I.; Januszkiewicz, M.; Kubisa, T.; Pedzimaz, A., 1968:
Contents of exogenic amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron and fat substances in mushrooms

Ziombski, H., 1968:
Contents of fatty acids in rye corn lipids

Trenkle, K., 1969:
Contents of fennel root (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.)

Suckewer, A.; Secomska, B., 1971:
Contents of folic acid in selected types of bread in correlation with the technological process

Berezhsnaia, L.A., 1967:
Contents of free 17-oxycorticosteroids in the blood of patients with lupus erythematosus

Moszczyński, P., 1982:
Contents of glycogen and lipids in white blood cells of workers exposed to organic solvents

Schröder, L.; Junge, D., 1972:
Contents of histochemically detectable iron in certain organs of the domesticated chicken (Gallus domesticus L)

Tidmarsh, B.G., 1981:
Contents of human dentinal tubules

Reichlmayr-Lais, A.M.; Kirchgessner, M., 1981:
Contents of iron, copper, and zinc in newborns and in liver and spleen of growing rats in alimentary lead deficiency

Papazov, B.; Ilieva, V.; Ivanova, K.; Antonov, L.; Spasova, K., 1966:
Contents of isoantibodies in the blood of women following artificial interruption of early pregnancy by vacuum aspiration

Kornacki, Z.; Biczysko, R.; Obara, M.; Wosicki, A., 1966:
Contents of lactic acid in the amniotic fluid in states of fetal distress

Tokarz, H.; Wierzchowska-Renke, K.; Grocholski, J., 1969:
Contents of macro- and and micro-elements in the soil and plants of forest communities with the woodruff (Asperula odorata L.). Calcium and magnesium contents. I

Iatsozhinskii, I.D.; Bernikova, E.M.; Molotkov, V.N., 1973:
Contents of microelements in the resected lungs of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Sikor, Z.G., 1967:
Contents of microelements: iron, copper, zinc, and cobalt in the blood in the immediate and remote periods after Billroth-II operation and jejuno-gastrostomy

Ricevuti, G.; Barni, S., 1983:
Contents of nuclear Feulgen-DNA in carcinoma of the breast. Cytophotometric analysis

Mehnert, F.; Waldschmidt, M.; Streffer, C., 1970:
Contents of phosphate derivatives in skeletal muscles of white mice following whole body irradiation

Jończyk, H., 1970:
Contents of polychloride insecticides in the blood of healthy people in Poland

Shadrenko, A.P., 1973:
Contents of potassium and sodium in the blood and hemorenal indices in patients with vascular tonus disorders

Andrelowicz, A.; Kotlarek, J., 1970:
Contents of potassium and the alkalinity of the ash as contributory indicators of the quality of pale honey

Shuba, E.P., 1968:
Contents of potassium sodium and chlorine in the muscle tissue and the tissue of rhabdomyoblastoma

Anonymous, 1984:
Contents of preceding issues of Przeglad Lekarski (Medical Review) devoted to medical problems during the Hitler occupation

Chernikh, V.L.; Grinevich, I.Ia., 1966:
Contents of properdin in pregnancy, labor and after-birth period

Roszkowski, I.; Chojnowska, I.; Iwańska, J.; Myszkowski, L., 1968:
Contents of proteins and lipoproteins in blood serum of mothers and their offspring

Kir'janov, I.J.; Grozdov, S.P., 1971:
Contents of pyruvic acid and lactic acid in organs of irradiated rats and of rats in radiation-resistant state after autotransplantation of adrenal glands and after injection of dimethyl sulfoxide

Thorn, W.; Grieshaber, T.; Junge, H., 1973:
Contents of rabbit brains of gamma-amino butyric acid and ammonia after hypoxia and ischaemia

Udod, V.M.; Andrun', P.K., 1968:
Contents of sialic acids in the blood serum of patients with acute appendicitis

Alamo, K.; Bosco, C.; Cerda, D.; Mella, M.A.; Schmidt-Hebbel, H.; Vinagre, J.; Pennacchiotti, I., 1972:
Contents of sodium and potassium in Chilean food and drinks

Iskierko, J.; Fleszyński, Z., 1970:
Contents of sodium, potassium and calcium ions in the blood serum of horses during various steps of immunization with diphtheria antigen and in horses treated with tetanus antigen

Kleniewski, J., 1971:
Contents of soluble fibrin monomer complexes and fibrinogen in the plasma and erythrocyte sedimentation rate

Rysina, T.N., 1974:
Contents of soluble polydesoxyribonucleotides and DNP in tissues of irradiated rats during administration of high-polymer DNA

Agronik, E.I., 1969:
Contents of staphylococcal antitoxin in the blood of children of mothers with mastitis

Uszyński, M.; Januszko, T.; Uszyńska-Folejewska, R.; Buluk, K., 1965:
Contents of the fibrinolysis activator in the myometrium of the non-pregnant uterus and in labor

Schmuth, G.P., 1973:
Contents of the orthodontic curriculum in Europe

Bonnyns, M.; Pasteels, J.L.; Herlant, M.; Bastenie, P.A., 1971:
Contents of thyreotropic hormone and cellular morphology of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis in asymptomatic thyroiditis. Preliminary notice

Zuber, E., 1967:
Contents of total lipids, cholesterol and beta-lipoproteins in the blood serum

Bilecki, S.; Dymsza-Stypulkowska, A., 1972:
Contents of tularemia agglutinins in sera of hunting dogs

Wolff, K.; Hay, A.W.; Sherlock, K.; Conner, M., 1995:
Contents of "ecstasy"

Schroder, H., 1982:
Contents, forms and methods of elements of practice lectures, represented in the special field of crown and bridge prosthetics

Gulubov, S., 1971:
Contents, molecular structure and biological properties of the O-antigens of Salmonella typhosa

Sokolova, L.M.; Lenin, V.I., 1970:
Contest to find the best exhibition of work of young inventors

Russell, R.L.; Gaubatz, M.D., 1995:
Contested affinities: reaction to Gergen's (1994) and Smith's (1994) postmodernisms

Korolev, B.A.; Gagushin, V.A., 1971:
Contested and solved problems of the surgical treatment of portal hypertension

Kocher, B., 1995:
Contested licensing

Uglov, F.G., 1971:
Contested problems of the surgical treatment of portal hypertension

Pesce, A.; Cassuto, J.P.; Grisot, C.; Gratecos, N.; Bayle, J.; Viot, G.; Dujardin, P., 1984:
Contesting a critique of the comparison of 2 prognostic classifications of multiple myeloma

Lock, M., 1995:
Contesting the natural in Japan: moral dilemmas and technologies of dying

Moos, R.H., 1984:
Context and coping: toward a unifying conceptual framework

Hébert, J.A.; Bullock, M.; Levitt, L.; Woodward, K.G.; McGuirk, F.D., 1974:
Context and frequency effects in the generalization of a human voluntary response

Danielli, J.F., 1972:
Context and future of cell synthesis

Palazzoli, M.S., 1970:
Context and metacontext in family psychotherapy

Court, S.D., 1980:
Context and priorities for paediatric research in the eighties

Campbell, R.A., 1969:
Context and sequence effects with an adaptive threshold procedure

Larochelle, S.; McClelland, J.L.; Rodriguez, E., 1980 :
Context and the allocation of resources in word recognition

Prinz, W.; Tweer, R.; Feige, R., 1974:
Context control of search behavior: evidence from a "hurdling"-technique

Schonfield, D.; Gibb, M., 1968:
Context cues ad mediators. I. Three-stage paradigms

Heyman, G.M.; Bouzas, A., 1980:
Context dependent changes in the reinforcing strength of schedule-induced drinking

Shimogochi, M.; Kuwano, S., 1974:
Context effect on evoked potentials

Manis, M., 1967:
Context effects in communication

Wyer, R.S.; Watson, S.F., 1969:
Context effects in impression formation

Kaplan, M.F., 1971:
Context effects in impression formation: the weighted average versus the meaning-change formulation

Namba, S.; Yoshikawa, T.; Kuwano, S., 1968:
Context effects in loudness judgment

Geen, R.G.; Stonner, D., 1973:
Context effects in observed violence

Daves, W.F.; Griffin, J.W., 1970:
Context effects in person perception as a function of dogmatism

Schipper, L.M., 1966:
Context effects in probability learning and decision-making

Hebert, J.A., 1970:
Context effects in the generalization of a successive discrimination in human subjects

Gerling, M., 1980:
Context effects in the identification of pictures : suggestive preinformation

Bossi, L., 1983:
Context effects: translation of UAG codon by suppressor tRNA is affected by the sequence following UAG in the message

Kalichman, S.C.; Coley, B., 1995:
Context framing to enhance HIV-antibody-testing messages targeted to African American women

Mitchell, D.; Yin, M.; Nakamatsu, K., 1980:
Context habituation and taste neophobia: evidence for a cross-modality contrast effect

Anonymous, 1968:
Context in which nursing must be considered for the future

Healy, A.F.; Repp, B.H., 1982:
Context independence and phonetic mediation in categorical perception

Coffey, S.S.; Hollingsworth, A., 2018:
A 28-Year-Old Woman With Tetanus

Birnbaum, I.M., 1966:
Context stimuli in verbal learning and the persistence of associative factors

Wauty-Dancot, M.C.; Rucquoy, G.; Descy, J., 1973:
Context, methodology and results of a pre-survey on the level of sexual information of the Belgian people

MacKay, D.G., 1970:
Context-dependent stuttering

Barsalou, L.W., 1982:
Context-independent and context-dependent information in concepts

Herold, T.; Jurinovic, V.; Batcha, A.M.N.; Bamopoulos, S.A.; Rothenberg-Thurley, M.; Ksienzyk, B.; Hartmann, L.; Greif, P.A.; Phillippou-Massier, J.; Krebs, S.; Blum, H.; Amler, S.; Schneider, S.; Konstandin, N.; Sauerland, M.Cristina.; Görlich, D.; Berdel, W.E.; Wörmann, B.J.; Tischer, J.; Subklewe, M.; Bohlander, S.K.; Braess, J.; Hiddemann, W.; Metzeler, K.H.; Mansmann, U.; Spiekermann, K., 2017:
A 29-gene and cytogenetic score for the prediction of resistance to induction treatment in acute myeloid leukemia

Wheeler, M.P., 1983:
Context-related age changes in mothers' speech: joint book reading

Chiat, S., 1981:
Context-specificity and generalization in the acquisition of pronominal distinctions

Marchese, T.J., 1994:
Contexts for competency-based curricula in dental education

Vanwesenbeeck, I.; van Zessen, G.; de Graaf, R.; Straver, C.J., 1994:
Contextual and interactional factors influencing condom use in heterosexual prostitution contacts

McCoy, J.L.; Edwards, B.E., 1981:
Contextual and sociodemographic antecedents of institutionalization among aged welfare recipients

Fischer, C.T., 1973:
Contextual approach to assessment

Baker, A.G.; Mercier, P.; Gabel, J.; Baker, P.A., 1981:
Contextual conditioning and the US preexposure effect in conditioned fear

Fischler, I., 1983:
Contextual constraint and comprehension of written sentences by deaf college students

King, D.J., 1966:
Contextual constraint and retroaction in verbal material

Truscott, I.P., 1973:
Contextual constraint and the language function of schizophrenic outpatients

Marshall, W.A., 1970:
Contextual constraint on deaf and hearing children. Investigating the effect at fourth grade reading level using the Cloze procedure

Rosenberg, S.; Lambert, W.E., 1974:
Contextual constraints and the perception of speech

Ramanauskas, S., 1972:
Contextual constraints beyond a sentence on cloze responses of mentally retarded children

Bouton, M.E.; King, D.A., 1983:
Contextual control of the extinction of conditioned fear: tests for the associative value of the context

Fisher, J.; Harford, T., 1983:
Contextual correlates of the duration of drinking: confirmation of ethnographic findings with a self-report instrument

Harford, T.C.; Wechsler, H.; Rohman, M., 1981:
Contextual drinking patterns of college students: the relationship between typical companion status and consumption level

Bomba, P.C.; Eimas, P.D.; Siqueland, E.R.; Miller, J.L., 1984:
Contextual effects in infant visual perception

Birnbaum, M.H.; Parducci, A.; Gifford, R.K., 1971:
Contextual effects in information integration

Miller, J.L., 1980:
Contextual effects in the discrimination of stop consonant and semivowel

Sitler, R.W.; Schiavetti, N.; Metz, D.E., 1983:
Contextual effects in the measurement of hearing-impaired speakers' intelligibility

Marusarz, T.Z.; Koh, S.D., 1980:
Contextual effects on the short-term memory retrieval of schizophrenic young adults

Spilich, G.J.; Voss, J.F., 1983:
Contextual effects upon text memory for young, aged-normal, and aged memory-impaired individuals

Haywood, K.M.; Greenwald, G.; Lewis, C., 1981:
Contextual factors and age group differences in coincidence-anticipation performance

Lutz, S.E.; Medway, J.P., 1984:
Contextual family therapy with the victims of incest

Spitzer, M.; Beuckers, J.; Beyer, S.; Maier, S.; Hermle, L., 1994:
Contextual insensitivity in thought-disordered schizophrenic patients: evidence from pauses in spontaneous speech

Brown, W.S.; Marsh, J.T.; Smith, J.C., 1973 :
Contextual meaning effects on speech-evoked potentials

Pay, R.G., 1980:
Contextual memory in the molecular domain

Pay, R.G., 1980:
Contextual organization of unitary information processes in the cortex by the thalamus and basal ganglia and the central control of attention

Davis, A.M., 1983:
Contextual sensitivity in young children's drawings

Logan, F.A.; Padilla, A.M.; Boice, R., 1968:
Contextual variability and transfer of discrimination

Lerner, R.M.; Hultsch, D.F.; Dixon, R.A., 1983:
Contextualism and the character of developmental psychology in the 1970s

Unger, J.; Efira, A., 1980:
Contibution of the serum thyroglobulin assay to the diagnosis of subacute thyroiditis

Tschan, D.; Leupin, K., 1967:
Contibution to complex metric evaluation of barbituric acids

Lorant, P.; Radl, H., 1969:
Contibution to the problem of fetal damage following viral hepatitis

Hanzlícek, L., 1967:
Contibution to the significance of 3,4-dimethoxyphenylethylamine in schizophrenias

Vinkler, E.; Klivényi, F.; St ájer, G.; Ferenczy, L., 1967:
Contibutions to the synthesis of mustard oil carbonic acid esters of antimicronial action

Yokoyama, E., 1995:
Contigen Bard Collagen implant: the Japanese experience

Gainotti, G.; Miceli, G.; Caltagirone, C., 1981:
Contiguity versus similarity paraphasic substitutions in Broca's and in Wernicke's aphasia

Sperling, I.; Kozlovsky, A.; Tal, H., 1994:
Contiguous autogenous transplant--nineteen years' clinical and radiographic follow-up: a case report

Rao, K.L.; Purohit, A.; Yadav, K.; Pathak, I.C., 1983:
Contiguous direct and retrograde intussusception in association with necrotizing enteritis (a case report)

Smith, D.R.; Hardman, J.M.; Earle, K.M., 1969:
Contiguous glioblastoma multiforme and fibrosarcoma with extracranial metastasis

Kawano, N.; Morii, S.; Yada, K.; Aida, Y.; Yagishita, S.; Ishihara, Y., 1982:
Contiguous malignant astrocytoma and Wilms'-like tumor in the brain

Cooper, D.R., 1969:
Contiguous meningioma and astrocytoma in brain

Lacour, M.A., 1968:
Contiguous post-mortem intra-aortic perfusion in the human body

Hutch, J.A.; Fisher, R., 1968:
Continence after radical prostatectomy

Edwards, L.; Singh, M.; Notley, R.; Whitaker, R., 1972:
Continence after scrotal flap urethroplasty?

Devlesaver, P., 1971:
Continence and ectopic subsphincteral ureteral implantation

Palumbo, M.V., 1995:
Continence consultation for the rural homebound

Grotz, R.L.; Pemberton, J.H., 1993:
Continence disorders

Chami, I.; Miladi, N.; Ben Hamida, M.; Zmerli, S., 1984:
Continence disorders in hereditary spinocerebellar degeneration. Comparison of clinical and urodynamic findings in 55 cases

Gemsenjäger, E., 1970:
Continence following ano-rectal surgery

Fonkalsrud, E.W., 1982:
Continence following colectomy for ulcerative colitis

Kügler, S., 1966:
Continence following splitting of an anorectal fistula

Akovbiantz, A.; Arma, S.; Hegglin, J., 1968:
Continence following the splitting of the sphincter in anal fissures and anal fistulas

Rosa, G.; Girardi, S.; Lolli, P.; Ferrara, R.; Fasoli, G.L., 1994:
Continence in low resections

Orsoni, P., 1968:
Continence in perineal colostomy

Norton, C.; Fader, M., 1994:
Continence management

Ballard-Krishman, S.A., 1995:
Continence management and the ET nurse: how far should we go?

Kamura, K.; Yasuda, K.; Nakayama, T.; Yamashiro, Y.; Hama, T.; Murayama, N.; Shimazaki, J.; Hattori, T., 1983:
Continence mechanism. 2. Localization of alpha- and beta-receptors in the ureter of mongrel female dogs

Akovbiantz, A., 1982:
Continence preserving operations in ulcerative colitis

Betzler, H.J., 1972:
Continence preserving resection of rectal carcinoma

Böttger, G., 1971:
Continence preserving resection of the rectum

Bradley, M.; Ferris, W.; Barr, O., 1995:
Continence promotion in adults with learning disabilities

Naglo, A.S., 1982:
Continence training of children with neurogenic bladder and detrusor hyperactivity: effect of atropine

Nergårdh, A.; von Hedenberg, C.; Hellström, B.; Ericsson, N.O., 1974:
Continence training of children with neurogenic bladder dysfunction

Hecker, W.C., 1967:
Continence, surgery and functional results in atresia of the anus and rectum

Meissner, F.; Schenk, E.M., 1983:
Continence-improving operations in children

Postier, R.G.; O'Malley, V.; Pruitt, L., 1984:
Continence-preserving operations for ulcerative colitis and multiple polyposis

Lewis, W.G.; Johnston, D., 1993:
Continence-preserving procedures for benign and malignant disease

McKibben, E., 1995:
Continence. Pad use in perspective

Dolman, M., 1995:
Continence. Remedial action

Unsworth, J., 1995:
Continence. Strategic renewal

Thelwell, S.; Symon, C.; Gay, S.; Cottenden, A.; Feneley, R., 1995:
Continence. Systems for leg bags

Brocklehurst, N.; Spurgeon, P.; Clarke, J.; Wilson, L., 1995:
Continence. Value for money

Norton, C., 1995:
Continence: a challenge for us all

Barnett, W.O., 1983:
Continent Ileostomy

Boyd, S.D.; Skinner, E.; Lieskovsky, G.; Skinner, D.G., 1995:
Continent and orthotopic urinary diversion following radical cystectomy. Should these reconstructive procedures now be considered standard of care?

Månsson, W.; Colleen, S.; Sundin, T., 1984:
Continent caecal reservoir in urinary diversion

Hughes, S.F.; Williams, N.S., 1995:
Continent colonic conduit for the treatment of faecal incontinence associated with disordered evacuation

Stefan, H., 1994:
Continent enterocystoplasty in urinary bladder exstrophy

Benchekroun, A.; Lakrissa, A.; Tazi, A.; Mikou, A., 1980:
Continent ileo-cecal bladder: 33 cases

Shermeta, D.W.; Helikson, M.A.; Haller, J.A., 1981:
Continent ileoanal endorectal pull-through

Säuberli, H.; Hahnloser, P.; Akovbiantz, A., 1981:
Continent ileostomy - improvement of life quality

Kock, N.G., 1973:
Continent ileostomy after proctocolectomy

Kock, N.G.; Myrvold, H.E.; Nilsson, L.O.; Philipson, B.; Akerlund, S.; Ojerskog, B., 1981:
Continent ileostomy as an alternative to conventional ileostomy

Lagache, G.; Proye, C.; Chevert, J.; Laurent, J.C., 1974:
Continent ileostomy following N.G. Kock's technic, justification, method and results. Personal case

Mihranian, M.H.; Miller, D.R., 1981:
Continent ileostomy in dogs. An experimental study of ileal pouches using a simple prosthetic valve

Kock, N.G., 1970:
Continent ileostomy with the help of an intra-abdominal reservoir

Kock, N.G., 1981:
Continent ileostomy. A report of 314 patients

Kock, N.G.; Myrvold, H.E.; Nilsson, L.O.; Philipson, B.M., 1981:
Continent ileostomy. An account of 314 patients

Säuberli, H., 1981:
Continent ileostomy. Indications and results

Kock, N.G., 1974:
Continent ileostomy: results in 90 patients

Tay, S.K.; Meah, F.A.; Isa, M.R.; Phang, K.S., 1994:
Continent pouch ileostomy

Cohen, Z.; Stone, R.M., 1980:
Continent reservoir ileostomy: 1. Early experience and evolution of the surgical technique

Cohen, Z.; Stone, R.M.; Young, K.J., 1980:
Continent reservoir ileostomy: 2. Current surgical technique

García Rey, J., 1994:
Continent systems for colostomy. II. The obturator

Stein, R.G., 1995:
Continent urinary diversion and the ileal cecal pouch with appendostomy: a review with nursing care

Okada, Y., 1994:
Continent urinary reservoirs: ten years of experience and future directions

Bruch, H.P.; Schmidt, E.; Greulich, M.; Kujath, P.; Galandiuk, S.; Romen, W.; Rothhammer, A., 1980:
Continent valve ileostomy

Schneider, K.M.; Ewing, R.S.; Signer, R.D., 1974:
Continent vesicostomy

Cohen, Z.; Jewett, M.; Lustgarten, J.; Bruce, A.W.; Nordgren, S.R.; Thachil, J.V., 1984:
Continent, nonrefluxing urinary reservoir constructed from ileum: report of two cases

Iguchi, K.; Ikeda, K.; Nakamura, T.; Toda, T.; Akiyoshi, T., 1967:
Contineous intra-arterial perfusion of carcinostatic drugs for retinoblastoma

Fletcher, S.G., 1972:
Contingencies for bioelectronic modification of nasality

Williams, D.E.; Williams, J.W., 1995:
Contingencies for dangerous behavior

Bendebba, M., 1973:
Contingencies management in home and school situations: a blueprint for the education of the "mildly retarded" child

Throne, J.M., 1973:
Contingency and cause in cognitive research in mental retardation: Zigler, Zeaman and House, Ellis (and Bijou)

Crowley, T.J., 1984:
Contingency contracting treatment of drug-abusing physicians, nurses, and dentists

Rickard, H.C.; Taylor, G.E.; Libb, J.W., 1973:
Contingency management and rate of classroom productivity

Bigelow, G.E.; Stitzer, M.L.; Griffiths, R.R.; Liebson, I.A., 1981:
Contingency management approaches to drug self-administration and drug abuse: efficacy and limitations

Dee, V.D., 1972:
Contingency management in a crisis class

Kaye, J.H.; Mackie, V.; Hitzing, E.W., 1970:
Contingency management in a workshop setting. Innovation in occupational therapy

Brigham, S.L.; Rekers, G.A.; Rosen, A.C.; Swihart, J.J.; Pfrimmer, G.; Ferguson, L.N., 1981:
Contingency management in the treatment of adolescent alcohol drinking problems

McCaul, M.E.; Stitzer, M.L.; Bigelow, G.E.; Liebson, I.A., 1984:
Contingency management interventions: effects on treatment outcome during methadone detoxification

Stitzer, M.L.; Bigelow, G.E.; Liebson, I.A.; McCaul, M.E., 1984:
Contingency management of supplemental drug use during methadone maintenance treatment

Graen, G.; Alvares, K.; Orris, J.B.; Martella, J.A., 1970:
Contingency model of leadership effectiveness: antecedent and evidential results

Shearer, K.M., 1982:
Contingency nursing

Bolton, P., 1981:
Contingency plan to meet an acute health visitor shortage in Thanet, Kent

Betz, D., 1967:
Contingency processes in the haptomotor sphere

Ireland, C.T.; Kullback, S., 1968:
Contingency tables with given marginals

Sepkowitz, S., 1995:
Contingency-fee lawyers and the decline in DTP vaccinations

Papini, M.; Zappoli, R., 1972:
Contingent Negative Variation (CNV) in normal children

Neufeld, A.; Fantuzzo, J.W., 1984:
Contingent application of a protective device to treat the severe self-biting behavior of a disturbed autistic child

Sorenson, J.H., 1982:
Contingent consent

Goldstein, M.; Weber, R.J., 1965:
Contingent discrimination in humans

van Zante, P., 1971:
Contingent fees and malpractice

Blakeslee, J., 1969:
Contingent fees and medical expenses

Ottensmeyer, D.J.; Smith, H.L.; Porter, J., 1983:
Contingent fees in medical malpractice litigation - a qualitative assessment

Higgins, S.T.; Stitzer, M.L.; Bigelow, G.E.; Liebson, I.A., 1984:
Contingent methadone dose increases as a method for reducing illicit opiate use in detoxification patients

Stitzer, M.L.; Bigelow, G.E., 1984:
Contingent methadone take-home privileges: effects on compliance with fee payment schedules

Davis, W.B.; Wieseler, N.A.; Hanzel, T.E., 1980:
Contingent music in management of rumination and out-of-seat behavior in a profoundly mentally retarded institutionalized male

Shiwa, S.; Mori, T.; Matsuda, T.; Kakigi, S., 1982:
Contingent negative variation (CNV) and lexical decision task

Tecce, J.J., 1972:
Contingent negative variation (CNV) and psychological processes in man

Filimonova, T.D., 1973:
Contingent negative variation (CNV) in psychiatric clinical practice

Small, J.G.; Small, I.F., 1971:
Contingent negative variation (CNV). Correlations with psychiatric diagnosis

Bergamasco, B.; Bergamini, L., 1970:
Contingent negative variation and attention. Study of subjects recovering from post-traumatic coma

Timsit-Berthier, M., 1984:
Contingent negative variation and endogenous components of the evoked potential

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Contingent negative variation and schizophrenia: a long-term follow-up study

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Contingent negative variation and slow waves in a short interstimulus interval go-nogo task situation

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Contingent negative variation in a reaction time test. Communication I

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Contingent negative variation in obsessional-compulsive patients

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Contingent negative variation, postimperative negative variation, and psychopathology

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Contingent negative variation: neurophysiological, psychological and clinical aspects of a new method of electroencephalographic research in man. (Critical review)

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Contingent public posting of photographs to reinforce dental hygiene. Promoting effective toothbrushing by elementary school children

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Contingent query sequences within adult-child discourse

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Contingent reinforcement for benzodiazepine-free urines: evaluation of a drug abuse treatment intervention

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Contingent reinforcement for carbon monoxide reduction: within-subject effects of pay amount

Stitzer, M.L.; Bigelow, G.E., 1985:
Contingent reinforcement for reduced breath carbon monoxide levels: target-specific effects on cigarette smoking

Stitzer, M.L.; Bigelow, G.E., 1982:
Contingent reinforcement for reduced carbon monoxide levels in cigarette smokers

Stitzer, M.; Bigelow, G.; Liebson, I., 1982:
Contingent reinforcement of benzodiazepine-free urines from methadone maintenance patients

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Contingent reinforcement of lowered blood-alcohol levels in an outpatient chronic alcoholic

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Contingent self-stimulation for stuttering

Wing, R.R.; Epstein, L.H.; Shapira, B.; Koeske, R., 1984:
Contingent therapist contact in a behavioral weight control program

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Contingents of dispensary care of children with ear, nose and throat diseases

Strelets, V.A., 1970:
Contingents of the 1st group of dispensary cases viewed from the standpoint of health restoration

Izvekov, A.T., 1983:
Contingents of tuberculous spondylitis patients and their surgical treatment

Dittrich, H., 1966:
Continous abdominal-venous ascites perfusion in decompensated liver cirrhosis

Nutter, D.O.; Capehart, J.D., 1968:
Continous analog computer analysis of ventricular performance

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Continous determination of the resistance spectrum using electronic data processing in the routine bacteriological diagnosis. 3-year experience

Bucci, M.G., 1970:
Continous graphic recording of the permeability of the conjunctival filtering bleb

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Continous in vivo study of blood salicylate in rabbits after ingestion of free and coated aspirin: influence of particle size

Zobl, H.; Siegismund, G.; Georgii, A.; Lang, W.; Stoyvesandt, D., 1974:
Continous inhibition of cell proliferation by oncogenous polyoma virus in rats

Orlov, G.A., 1965:
Continous local anesthesia

Rodríguez de la Fuente, F.; Souza Riley, R., 1972:
Continous lumbar peridural block in the management of labor in pregnant patients with diagnosed toxemia (analysis of 5 cases)

Lindner, E.; Hajdú, P., 1968:
Continous measurement of potassium loss from isolated hearts for the determination of the efficacy of digitalis-like drugs

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Continous peridural blockade with celnovocain

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Continous peridural in early infancy

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Continous recording of human cerebral blood flow and metabolism: methods for electronic monitoring of arterial and venous gases and electrolytes

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Continous registration of parameters in the seriously ill by use of computers

Beskow, J., 1971:
Continous shortage of psychiatrists--fewer vacancies

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Continous studies on morbidity in children up to 3-years-old according to certain environmental factors

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Continous venous perfusion of propanidid in short and medium term anesthesia

Colović, M.; Petrović, M.; Jancić, M.S.; Banićević, B.; Vucić, L.; Janosević, S.; Ristić, M., 1984:
Continual and periodic treatment of patients with chronic granulocytic leukemia

Harrington, D.C., 1980:
Continual assessment of student nurses

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Continual breakdown and regeneration of myelin in progressive multiple sclerosis plaques

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A 29-year analysis of acute peak salicylate concentrations in fatalities reported to United States poison centers

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Continual fetal monitoring

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Continual lavage of the urinary bladder after prostatectomy

Schneeweiss, F.; L'Orange, R., 1971:
Continual measurement of the potassium uptake of cell-suspensions using an ion-specific electrode

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Continual measurements of LH, FSH, and prolactin in the plasma after the administration of gonadotropin-releasers and catecholamin-precursors

Greer, D.V.; Constable, I.J., 1980:
Continual monitoring of fluorescein angiography

Jeschke, R.; Ströder, J., 1980:
Continual observation of clinical and immunological parameters, in particular of salivary IgA, in tonsillectomised children

Bremer, B., 1973:
Continual para-cervical block in the management of labour

Rivlin, M.E.; Hunt, J.A.; Rubin, A., 1984:
Continual postoperative antibiotic peritoneal lavage in diffuse peritonitis complicating cesarean section

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Continual presence of oxygen and iron required for mammalian ribonucleotide reduction: possible regulation mechanism

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Continual recording of blood flow in the fetal scalp. A new method of controlling the fetal state

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Continual requirement for a host RNA polymerase component in a bacteriophage development

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Continual serum interferon induced by prolonged drinking of tiloron solution

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Continual valgum and varum in children treated by stapling

Murashko, V.V.; Kartsovnik, V.I.; Tsurkan, I.A., 1982:
Continual-cyclic method of treating patients with chronic nonspecific lung diseases in rural locales

Berger, H., 1980:
Continually more young alcoholics

Tamblyn, P.B.; Jacobson, J., 1970:
Continuance of contraception post partum by patients of Cook County Hospital

Takebe, K.; Sakakura, M.; Horiuchi, Y.; Mashimo, K., 1972:
Continuance of diurnal rhythmicity of CRF activity in hypophysectomized rats

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Continuance of family planning in a health department clinic

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Continuation ECT: relapse prevention in affective disorders

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Continuation and development of public health nursing activities maintained by the senior nurses--the problem of work succession observed in 3 examples

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Continuation and pregnancy rates with four contraceptive methods

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Continuation and supervision of contraception

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Continuation high schools: youth at risk for drug abuse

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Continuation of complete remission by oral administration of cytarabine ocfosfate in a patient with M0, who achieved remission by small doses of cytosine arabinoside with G-CSF

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Continuation of contraception by low income women: a one year follow-up

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Continuation of contraception following menstrual regulation--a Bangladesh experience

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Continuation of contraception on Java-Bali: preliminary results from the quarterly acceptor survey

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Continuation of group physical therapy is necessary in ankylosing spondylitis: results of a randomized controlled trial

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Continuation of phase II study of 1-(4-amino-2-methylpyrimidine-5-yl)-methyl-3-(2-chloroethyl)-3-nitrosourea hydrochloride (ACNU)

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Continuation of pregnancy and vaginal delivery following incomplete uterine tear during pregnancy. Case report

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Continuation of pregnancy in the hypophysectomized rat receiving luteinizing hormone. Reflections on the successive mechanisms assuring the functional maintenance of the gravid corpus luteum

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Continuation of pressure expansion of a plaster model after separation of cast and impression

Rosenbaum, M., 1974:
Continuation of psychotherapy by "long-distance" telephone

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Continuation of studies on the incidence and distribution of different types of foot-and-mouth disease virus in India

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Continuation of the azygos vein with agenesis of the inferior vena cave

Sandberg, A.; Laes, T., 1966:
Continuation of the discussion about nursing in Finland

Villarreal, R., 1980:
Continuation of the health education program and means of expansion

Presber, W., 1981:
Continuation of the rehabilitation process of severely mentally disabled children and juveniles after the 14th to 18th year of life

Murphy, A.J., 1971:
Continuation of the study of the effect of thoracic mobilization on the distribution of 131 I MAA in the lungs

DeHaven, E.D.; Garcia, E.E., 1974:
Continuation of training as a variable influencing the generalization of speech in a retarded child

Arct, W., 1965:
Continuation of "the unusual case of hemangioma of the first lumbar vertebrae"

Eldirini, A.R., 1969:
Continuation or withdrawal of anticoagulants in oral surgery

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Continuation rates of use with a closed, non-tailed intrauterine device: polygon (M) and Lippes' loop (B)

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Continuation rates, complaints and reasons for discontinuance relating to contraceptive pills: an Indian experience

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Continuation study requirements

Anonymous, 1981:
Continuation therapy with lithium and amitriptyline in unipolar depressive illness: a controlled clinical trial. A report by the Medical Research Council Drug Trials Subcommittee

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Continuation therapy with lithium and amitriptyline in unipolar depressive illness: a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial

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Continuation therapy with tricyclic antidepressants in depressive illness

Mindham, R.H., 1981 :
Continuation therapy with tricyclic antidepressants in relapsing depressive illness

Anonymous, 1973:
Continuation therapy with tricyclic drugs in depressive illness

Anonymous, 1972:
Continue or end smallpox vaccination

Ostergaard, S., 1973:
Continue the good fight ...

McEwan, R., 1974:
Continue to care

Kelley, J.H., 1981:
Continue unmatched record

Dahl, P., 1995:
Continue with rationalization! Increased power of the county councils is a dead end

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Continued activity of retinal neurons under the influence of strychnine and picrotoxin

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Continued adverse trends in coronary heart disease mortality among blacks, 1980-91

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Continued ambulant drug treatment of remittent manic-depressive and schizophrenic patients

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Continued ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. Results and complications in 24 patients

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Continued and further education in the City Hospital of Offenbach-M

Riccelli, I., 1983:
Continued and recurring education

Harrison, L.M., 1969:
Continued apical formation in the immature nonvital tooth

Johnson, R.A.; Quan, M.; Rodney, W.M., 1984:
Continued assessment of flexible sigmoidoscopy in a family practice residency

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Continued benefit of lovastatin in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia in 36 patients

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Continued breast feeding and concentrated diarrhoea formula (C.D.F.) in the outpatient treatment of gastroenteritis

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Continued care and nursing of patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers--nursing intervention in the area of occupational health care

Benson, B., 1980:
Continued chemical and physiological studies with antigonadotropic fractions from extracts of bovine pineal glands

Zöllner, N.; Schnelle, K., 1969:
Continued clinical studies on the question of toxicity of prolonged administrations of cyclamate in the patients with liver and kidney diseases

Kumar, A.; Doyle, E., 2008:
A 29-year-old man with a 3-month history of blurred vision and micropsia in the left eye

Roe, I.L., 1980:
Continued competence assessment

Robinson, K., 1982:
Continued concern about licensure by credentials

Hertz, A.E.; Engbaek, S., 1974:
Continued debate on school health nursing

Anonymous, 1973:
Continued development of social health insurance

Thomasson, J., 1981:
Continued discussion about secrecy legislation: law is being interpreted more restrictive than needed

Skjoldan, J., 1973:
Continued education

Rosenkvist, I., 1982:
Continued education - a benefit for everybody

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Continued education ... is it important?

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Continued education and then what?

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Continued education arrangement for district nurses from November 2-5, 1972 in Dorfweil/Taunus

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Continued education as a function of the hospital and the health center

Støvring, T., 1984:
Continued education at the nursing college

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Continued education belongs in every working area

Rabo, M., 1968:
Continued education by the Budget Committee and congress

Salling, A.L., 1974:
Continued education cannot be cut up in small pieces

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Continued education course for ATS (technical health assistants): a study of the curriculum

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Continued education essential for young nurses

Ostergaard, S., 1974:
Continued education for nurses

Sørlie, I., 1984:
Continued education for nurses in Møre and Romsdal

Jensen, E., 1973:
Continued education for nurses is a necessity

Reimann, R.; Bartelt, H., 1981:
Continued education for pediatric nurses in the social and the special education field

Golombek, G., 1983:
Continued education for specialty clinical nurse in intensive care

Anonymous, 1974:
Continued education for specialty nurse in the hospital of the Technical University, Munich, right-hand side of the Isar

Klein, J., 1966:
Continued education for teachers

Anonymous, 1971:
Continued education for the professional nurse--the professional pediatric nurse. Recommendations of the German Hospital Association of May 25, 1971

Thygesen, K., 1973:
Continued education for visiting nurses

Thomasson, J., 1980:
Continued education important part of new program proposal

Ludwig, M.; Edell-Gustavsson, U.; Lundh, U., 1980:
Continued education in Brigitta School in Linköping: project activities as a form of teaching

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Continued education in anesthesia and intensive care

Schmitz, H., 1983:
Continued education in enterostomal therapy

Ostby, B.A., 1984:
Continued education in geriatric care--a milestone in nursing education

Jansson, B.L., 1968:
Continued education in medical rehabilitation

Robert, E., 1983 :
Continued education in nursing services

Neugebauer, I., 1971:
Continued education in nursing. I. Training of male and female operating room nurses

Neugebauer, I., 1971:
Continued education in nursing. II. Training of male and female nurses in anesthesia and intensive care

Anonymous, 1968:
Continued education in obstetric and gynecologic care

Anonymous, 1970:
Continued education in obstetrical and gynecologic CARE

Hafstad, A., 1983:
Continued education in oncologic nursing

Olsen, H., 1984:
Continued education in oncological nursing

Jansson, M., 1982:
Continued education in the Alnäng school

Imai, K., 1972:
Continued education in the nursing profession

Johansson, A., 1974:
Continued education must be okay!

Lindström, A., 1969:
Continued education of male and female nurses

Krienebühl, G.; Schlaeppi, E., 1982 :
Continued education of nurse anesthetists. Viewpoint of the Committee for the Education of Nurse Anesthetists

Anonymous, 1973:
Continued education of nurses

Anonymous, 1969:
Continued education of nurses in the military service

Anonymous, 1974:
Continued education of nursing assistants

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Continued education of personnel in geriatric care - an empirical report

Weber, J., 1983:
Continued education of radiology specialists in cardiovascular and interventional radiology

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Continued education of safety engineers--a constant challenge

Thomasson, J., 1982:
Continued education proceeds--despite physicians' boycott. Health care instructors give assistance to active nurses

van Eindhoven, J.M.; Kester, K., 1984:
Continued education professional innovation. A new type of continuing education for nurses

Olsén, G., 1982:
Continued education within a county council

Rabo, M., 1969:
Continued education within the county council

Bergmann, T., 1968:
Continued education--the order of today

Anonymous, 1981:
Continued education. Application of heat and cold by compresses, bags and baths

Anonymous, 1984:
Continued education. Charting. 14-15

Anonymous, 1983:
Continued education. Geography and economy impede continued education

Andersen, I., 1983:
Continued education. Nursing colleges call for applications

Anonymous, 1981:
Continued education. The importance of postoperative care

Håkansson, I.; Johansen, H., 1983:
Continued education. We feel ourselves professionally and personally refreshed

Andersen, I., 1983:
Continued education: admission to nursing colleges

Lal, S., 1971:
Continued efficacy of streptomycin in the treatment of granuloma inguinale

Traub, W.H.; Kleber, I., 1974:
Continued epidemiological surveillance of Serratia marcescens infections by bacteriocin typing, with particular reference to strains isolated at Erlangen

Liu, W., 1965:
Continued estrogen throughout menopause

Nihoul-Fekete, C.; Philippe, F.; Thibaud, E.; Rappaport, R.; Pellerin, D., 1982:
Continued evaluation of results of surgical management of female congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Report on 48 cases

Mitchem, J.C.; Gronas, D.G., 1981:
Continued evaluation of the clinical solubility of luting cements

Tolman, D.E.; Mehlisch, D.R., 1972:
Continued evaluation of the effects of a sclerosing agent on odontogenesis

Hunt, D.E.; Meyer, R.A., 1983:
Continued evolution of the microbiology of oral infections

van Dongen, R.J., 1969:
Continued experience in the treatment of renovascular hypertension

Paus, B., 1971:
Continued experience of Lincocin

Jönsson, G., 1971:
Continued experiences with Estracyt in the treatment of advanced prostatic cancer

Hjort, E.F., 1983:
Continued experimental study of the pathogenesis of sporadic bacteriuria in the rat. III

Hjort, E.F., 1982:
Continued experimental study on the pathogenesis of sporadic bacteriuria in the rat. II

Astrup, C.; Odegård, O., 1970:
Continued experiments in psychiatric diagnosis

Khan, S.R.; Yamazaki, H., 1970:
Continued expression of the ribonucleic acid control gene during inhibition of Escherichia coli ribonucleic acid and protein synthesis

Beck, W.T.; Cirtain, M.C., 1982:
Continued expression of vinca alkaloid resistance by CCRF-CEM cells after treatment with tunicamycin or pronase

Forssman, H.; Thuwe, I., 1981:
Continued follow-up study of 120 persons born after refusal of application for therapeutic abortion

Frohlich, E.D., 1981:
Continued gains in hypertension

Anonymous, 1968:
Continued growth in continuing medical education

Stewart, D.J.; Jones, J.H., 1970:
Continued growth of retained dentine papillae

Elveback, L.; Lie, J.T., 1984:
Continued high incidence of coronary artery disease at autopsy in Olmsted County, Minnesota, 1950 to 1979

Klein, D.N.; Depue, R.A., 1984:
Continued impairment in persons at risk for bipolar affective disorder: results of a 19-month follow-up study

Anonymous, 1966:
Continued improvement in infant mortality and stillbirth rates

Savel'ev, V.I., 1969:
Continued improvement of nursing education

Fujimoto, S.; Endoh, F.; Kitsukawa, Y.; Okui, K.; Morimoto, Y.; Sugibayashi, K.; Miyakawa, A.; Suzuki, H., 1983:
Continued in vitro and in vivo release of an antitumor drug from albumin microspheres

Shima, A.; Nikaido, O.; Shinohara, S.; Egami, N., 1980:
Continued in vitro growth of fibroblast-like cells (RBCF-1) derived from the caudal fin of the fish, Carassius auratus

Anonymous, 1982:
Continued increase in elderly population

Huis in't Veld, L.G.; Stekelenburg, P., 1970:
Continued investigation into the metabolism of C 19 steroids in pigs

Knösel, D., 1971:
Continued investigations for pectolytic and cellulolytic activity of different Bacillus-species

Reumert, T.; Zachariae, L., 1973:
Continued investigations into the effect of diuretics upon oedema of the hand following operation for Dupuytren's contracture: Bumetanide Leo

Nyrud, M., 1971:
Continued lack of attention from the side of the authorities can have disastrous results for the health services in our society

Hunter, J.D., 1981:
Continued learning for the professional

Schwarcz, G.; Lopez-Toca, R., 1982:
Continued lithium treatment after myocardial infarction

Snellen, W., 1980:
Continued malaria prevention

Fischer, G.C., 1994:
Continued medical education from the viewpoint of the established physician

Stordeur, K., 1973:
Continued medical education in the subject of gastroenterology

Huth, E., 1980:
Continued medical education: needs, costs, and consequences

Anonymous, 1965:
Continued medical training

Hempel, H.D., 1980:
Continued neuroleptic treatment in ambulatory care

Miura, K.; Endo, M., 1980:
Continued nursing actions for the care of maternal and child health at A healthy facility (1). a health education class for mothers and its future plans

Kobayashi, F., 1973:
Continued nursing care and total nursing. Interview with Professor Fumie Kobayashi

Kawaguchi, Y.; Machidori, Y.; Obana, Y.; Omaki, E.; Uehara, M.; Yamanaka, N., 1980:
Continued nursing care investigated, using patient cards

Anonymous, 1968:
Continued nursing care: ward sisters and district nurses confer

Björnegård, G., 1967:
Continued nursing education

Takasaki, K.; Hayama, Y.; Miyaji, F.; Shimanouchi, S., 1981 :
Continued nursing education in the United States and the problems in Japan

Imaseki, S.; Futuwatari, T., 1983:
Continued nursing of a primagravida patient who grew up without a maternal role model

Kloosterman, G.J., 1969:
Continued or discontinued use of contraceptives

Kloosterman, G.J., 1970:
Continued or intermittent use of contraceptives

Brodribb, H.S., 1972:
Continued oral therapy in diabetes

Holmertz, V., 1981:
Continued over-occupation: 4 days stopping of admissions did not help

Sørrig, K., 1982:
Continued overcrowding in Copenhagen in 1982

Dougherty, J.D., 1971:
Continued participation in flight training as a means of reducing the general aviation accident rate--a revalidation

Reichman, O.H., 1972:
Continued patency of canine lingual-basilar system

Kaunitz, V.H.; Fisher, F.C., 1966:
Continued pneumothorax in the management of the postpneumonectomy pleural space. Late results

Fielding, W.L.; Lee, S.Y.; Borten, M.; Friedman, E.A., 1984:
Continued pregnancy after failed first-trimester abortion

Seon, B.K.; Roholt, O.A.; Pressman, D., 1972:
Continued production of a single light chain population of rabbit antibody during repeated immunization: amino acid composition and sequence

Furcolow, M.L., 1970:
Continued progress in the treatment of histoplasmosis

Munakata, N.; Strauss, B., 1972:
Continued proliferation of mitogen-stimulated human peripheral blood lymphocytes: requirement for the restimulation of progeny

Abel, R.M.; van Gelder, H.M.; Pores, I.H.; Liguori, J.; Gielchinsky, I.; Parsonnet, V., 1983:
Continued propranolol administration following coronary bypass surgery. Antiarrhythmic effects

Lindemann, J., 1967:
Continued report on strontium90 in teeth

Schindler, W.G.; Walker, W.A., 1983:
Continued root development after apexification of an immature tooth with dens invaginatus

Gibson, A.C., 1969:
Continued root development after traumatic avulsion of partly-formed permanent incisor

Mehr, M.; Zeltzer, L.K.; Robinson, R., 1982:
Continued self-destructive behaviors in adolescent suicide attemptors, Part II--a pilot study

Mehr, M.; Zeltzer, L.K.; Robinson, R., 1981:
Continued self-destructive behaviors in adolescent suicide attemptors: part I

Anstadt, G.L.; Britz, W.E., 1968:
Continued studies in prolonged circulatory support by direct mechanical ventricular assistance

Wood, D.C.; Weber, F.S.; Palmquist, M.A., 1971:
Continued studies in the toxicology of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)

Korr, I.M.; Appeltauer, G.S., 1970:
Continued studies on the axonal transport of nerve proteins to muscle

Veeger, L.M., 1965:
Continued studies on the cause of Menière's disease

Williams, J.F.; Szentivanyi, A., 1983:
Continued studies on the effect of interferon inducers on the hepatic microsomal mixed-function oxidase system of rats and mice

Mygind, S.H., 1969:
Continued studies on the functional mechanism of the labyrinthine sensory epithelia. The vestibular part, particularly the otolith organs

Traub, W.H., 1972:
Continued surveillance of Serratia marcescens infections by bacteriocin typing: investigation of two outbreaks of cross-infection in an intensive care unit

Scofield, M.S.; Collinsworth, W.L.; Mathews, C.K., 1974:
Continued synthesis of bacterial DNA after infection by bacteriophage T4

Stein, G.; Baserga, R., 1970:
Continued synthesis of non-histone chromosomal proteins during mitosis

Banerjea, S.K., 1968:
Continued teaching for general practitioners

Ioannou, P., 2018:
A 29-year old man with abdominal pain

Dorf, G., 1971:
Continued treatment of duodenal ulcer

Klenke, L.; Büchel, C.G., 1973:
Continued treatment of hypertension with Nortensin

Miller-Graziano, C.L.; Kodys, K.; Gonzalez, F.; Fudem, G.M., 1994:
Continued tumor necrosis factor receptor expression by trauma patients' monocytes (Mphi) despite TNF alpha secretion

Miller, E.N.; Chapman, L.J., 1983:
Continued word association in hypothetically psychosis-prone college students

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