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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42678

Chapter 42678 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Weiter, J.J.; Schachar, R.A.; Ernest, J.T., 1973:
Control of intraocular blood flow. I. Intraocular pressure

Weiter, J.J.; Schachar, R.A.; Ernest, J.T., 1973:
Control of intraocular blood flow. II. Effects of sympathetic tone

Wood, T.O.; West, C.; Kaufman, H.E., 1972:
Control of intraocular pressure in penetrating keratoplasty

Marsland, T.; Griffin, T.; Ansell, J.; Hunter, R., 1981:
Control of intraperitoneal haemorrhage with antifibrinolytic therapy in a patient with ovarian carcinoma

Pilgeram, L.O., 1981:
Control of intravascular fibrin formation: heparin versus coumarin congeners

Eyzaguirre, G., 1964:
Control of intravascular pressure in the pre- and post-operative period

Gregory, P.C., 1984:
Control of intrinsic reticulo-ruminal motility in the vagotomized sheep

Lee, L., 1971:
Control of inventories: using the EOQ formula

Kleinman, L.M.; Tangrea, J.A.; Gallelli, J.F., 1974:
Control of investigation drugs in a research hospital

Youmans, W.B.; Tjioe, D.T.; Tong, E.Y., 1974:
Control of involuntary activity of abdominal muscles

Scheid, C.R.; Fay, F.S., 1980:
Control of ion distribution in isolated smooth muscle cells. I. Potassium

Strickholm, A., 1981:
Control of ionic permeability by membrane charged groups: dependency on pH, depolarization, tetrodotoxin and procaine

Crosby, W.H., 1968:
Control of iron absorption by intestinal luminal factors

Pinkerton, P.H., 1969:
Control of iron absorption by the intestinal epithelial cell. Review and hypothesis

Simmons, W.K., 1994:
Control of iron and other micronutrient deficiencies in the English-speaking Caribbean

Celada, A., 1984:
Control of iron reserve metabolism by the reticuloendothelial system

Dittrich, H.; Hölbel, I.; Seifert, E., 1966:
Control of iron resorption by the pancreas

Rogerson, A.C.; Freundlich, M., 1970:
Control of isoleucine, valine and leucine biosynthesis. 8. Mechanism of growth inhibition by leucine in relaxed and stringent strains of Escherichia coli K-12

Freundlich, M.; Clarke, L.P., 1968:
Control of isoleucine, valine and leucine biosynthesis. V. Dual effect of alpha-aminobutyric acid on repression and endproduct inhibition in Escherichia coli

Freundlich, M.; Trela, J.M., 1969:
Control of isoleucine, valine, and leucine biosynthesis. VI. Effect of 5',5',5'-trifluoroleucine on repression in Salmonella typhimurium

Thèze, J.; Löwy, I.; Seman, M.; Brézin, C.; Neauport-Sautes, C.; Fridman, W.H., 1983:
Control of isotype expression by helper T-cell clones and suppressor cells

Lømo, T.; Slater, C.R., 1980:
Control of junctional acetylcholinesterase by neural and muscular influences in the rat

Brazier, B., 1984:
Control of juvenile diabetes

Huang, T.H.; Ann, D.K.; Zhang, Y.J.; Chang, A.T.; Crabb, J.W.; Wu, R., 1994:
Control of keratin gene expression by vitamin A in tracheobronchial epithelial cells

Van Scott, E.J.; Yu, R.J., 1974:
Control of keratinization with alpha-hydroxy acids and related compounds. I. Topical treatment of ichthyotic disorders

Mooney, R.A.; Lane, M.D., 1982:
Control of ketogenesis and fatty-acid synthesis at the mitochondrial branch-point for acetyl-CoA in the chick liver cell: effect of adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate

Noda, C.; Ichihara, A., 1974:
Control of ketogenesis from amino acids. II. Ketone bodies formation from alpha-ketoisocaproate, the keto-analogue of leucine, by rat liver mitochondria

Hammer, C., 1982:
Control of kidney transplant rejections. Use of fine-needle aspiration cytology

Haward, L.R., 1965:
Control of labor contractions under hypnosis

Gaál, J.; Komáromy, B.; Mihály, G.; Mocsáry, P.; Pohánka, O.; Lampé, L., 1969:
Control of labor in Rh sensitized pregnant women. (Personal experience with the complex fetal observation during labor)

Hühn, R.; Heidler, W.; Möller, A.; Hühn, U., 1980:
Control of labor in swine with dexamethasone of various injection frequencies on the onset of labor and other selected parameters in farrowing sows and piglets

Husslein, P.; Egarter, C., 1994:
Control of labor onset in the human

Osiński, T.; Brzeziński, A., 1973:
Control of laboratory assays

Gomolka, I., 1972:
Control of laboratory work

Canales-Pérez, E.S., 1984:
Control of lactation

Foster, P.R.; Dickson, A.J.; McQuillan, T.A.; Dickson, I.H.; Keddie, S.; Watt, J.G., 1982:
Control of large-scale plasma thawing for recovery of cryoprecipitate factor VIII

Garson, A.; Kugler, J.D.; Gillette, P.C.; Simonelli, A.; McNamara, D.G., 1980:
Control of late postoperative ventricular arrhythmias with phenytoin in young patients

Abulafia, R.; Ben-Ze'ev, A.; Hay, N.; Aloni, Y., 1984:
Control of late simian virus 40 transcription by the attenuation mechanism and transcriptionally active ternary complexes are associated with the nuclear matrix

McCartney-Francis, N.; Mandy, W.J., 1981:
Control of latent allotype expression by rabbit splenocytes

Motovski, A.; Iordanov, S., 1982:
Control of latent enzootic Aujeszky's disease

Cramér, K.; Selander, S., 1967:
Control of lead workers by determination of urinary delta-aminolaevulinic acid

Lal, H., 1969:
Control of learned conditioned-avoidance responses (CAR) by amphetamine and chlorpromazine

Spassov, A., 1965:
Control of leeches attacking buffalos

Labusquiere, R., 1969:
Control of leprosy in Central Africa

Lechat, M.F., 1985:
Control of leprosy in the Third World

Johansen, H., 1974:
Control of leprosy--a challenge to the nurse

Browne, S.G., 1980:
Control of leprosy: fantasies and possibilities

Wessler, S.R.; Calvo, J.M., 1981:
Control of leu operon expression in Escherichia coli by a transcription attenuation mechanism

Ichihara, A.; Noda, C.; Ogawa, K., 1973:
Control of leucine metabolism with special reference to branched-chain amino acid transaminase isozymes

Hinterberger, W.; Paukovits, W., 1980:
Control of leukaemic and normal myeloid haemopoietic cells

Sudachenkov, V.V., 1971:
Control of leukemia in cattle

Stenszky, V.; Aszódi, L., 1966:
Control of leukocyte and thrombocyte iso-and autoantibody reactions by 7-chloro-4-(4'-diethylamino-1'-methylbutylamino)-quinoline (chloroquine)

Lynn, W.S.; Mohapatra, N., 1980:
Control of leukocyte functions. Role of internal H+ concentration and a membrane-bound esterase

Beitner, R., 1984:
Control of levels of glucose 1,6-bisphosphate

Hald, T.; Mygind, T., 1974:
Control of life-threatening vesical hemorrhage by unilateral hypogastric artery muscle embolization

Kopelovich, L.; Sabine, J.R., 1970:
Control of lipid metabolism in hepatomas: effects of fasting and dietary fat on the activities of several glycolytic and Krebs-cycle enzymes in mouse liver and hepatoma BW 7756

Kaliman, P.A.; Mishchenko, V.P., 1981:
Control of lipogenesis in rat liver by changing the enzyme activity of the citrate-pyruvate system of acetyl coenzyme A transport

Tobias, P.S.; Ulevitch, R.J., 1983:
Control of lipopolysaccharide-high density lipoprotein binding by acute phase protein(s)

Weintraub, A.A., 1965 :
Control of liquid hydrogen hazards at experimental facilities: a review. HASL-160

Van Schaftingen, E.; Jett, M.F.; Hue, L.; Hers, H.G., 1981:
Control of liver 6-phosphofructokinase by fructose 2,6-bisphosphate and other effectors

Tourian, A., 1973:
Control of liver and brain aromatic amino-acid metabolism by phenylalanine hydroxylase

Lieberman, I.; Short, J., 1972:
Control of liver deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis

Siegert, H., 1968:
Control of livestock epidemics viewed from the angle of public management

Shiu, M.H.; Turnbull, A.D.; Nori, D.; Hajdu, S.; Hilaris, B., 1984:
Control of locally advanced extremity soft tissue sarcomas by function-saving resection and brachytherapy

Breidahl, H.D., 1981:
Control of long term antidiabetic therapy

Lawson, D.H.; McDonald, G.A., 1967:
Control of long-term anticoagulant therapy

Loeliger, E.A.; Hemker, H.C., 1970:
Control of long-term anticoagulant treatment

Mascart, P.; Cloetens, W., 1967:
Control of long-term therapy with antivitamins K

Mascher, J.; Bernhardt, W., 1973:
Control of long-term therapy with diphenylhydantoin. Gas-chromatographic determination of diphenylhydantoin and hydroxy-diphenylhydantoin

Lewis, P.F., 1973:
Control of losses in freshly-imported laboratory primates during the acclimatization period

Zimmermann, R.E.; Schwering, H.; Wittrin, G.; Hollenders, T., 1981:
Control of low-dose heparin therapy using photometry to detect biologically active heparin

Hess, H.; Knüsel, F.; Mullen, K., 1969:
Control of low-level microbial contamination of drug preparations

Antiles, L., 1966:
Control of lower urinary tract hemorrhage with direct current

Ksandrova, S.E.; Nemerovskiĭ, L.I.; Meluzov, K.L.; Kassil', V.L., 1974:
Control of lung condition during artificial respiration by the method of pulmophonography

Critser, E.S.; Savage, P.J.; Rutledge, J.J.; French, L.R., 1982:
Control of luteal function during pregnancy: antiluteolytic and luteotropic properties of the developing mouse conceptus

Morávek, P.; Schubert, J.; Navrátil, P.; Wehnert, J., 1985:
Control of lymphedema after pelvic en bloc lymphadenectomy in prostatic carcinoma

Vincent, P.C.; Gunz, F.W., 1970:
Control of lymphocyte level in the blood

Lüning, M.; Gstrein, P.; Vogleŕ, H.; Banaschak, A.; Petrow, Z.D., 1972:
Control of lymphographic findings using paravasal puncture of pelvic lymph nodes marked with contrast medium

Maragoudakis, M.E.; Holmes, H.; Strassman, M., 1967 :
Control of lysine biosynthesis in yeast by a feedback mechanism

Winston, F.; Botstein, D., 1981:
Control of lysogenization by phage P22. II. Mutations (clyA) in the cl gene that cause increased lysogenization

Mann, N.; Carr, N.G., 1974:
Control of macromolecular composition and cell division in the blue-green algae Anacystis nidulans

Becker, H.; Stanners, C.P., 1972:
Control of macromolecular synthesis in proliferating and resting Syrian hamster cells in monolayer culture. 3. Electrophoretic patters of newly synthesized proteins in synchronized proliferating cells and resting cells

Stanners, C.P.; Becker, H., 1971:
Control of macromolecular synthesis in proliferating and resting Syrian hamster cells in monolayer culture. I. Ribosome function

Becker, H.; Stanners, C.P.; Kudlow, J.E., 1971:
Control of macromolecular synthesis in proliferating and resting Syrian hamster cells in monolayer culture. II. Ribosome complement in resting and early G1 cells

Snyder, D.S.; Lu, C.Y.; Unanue, E.R., 1982:
Control of macrophage Ia expression in neonatal mice--role of a splenic suppressor cell

Murao, S.; Gemmell, M.A.; Callaham, M.F.; Anderson, N.L.; Huberman, E., 1983:
Control of macrophage cell differentiation in human promyelocytic HL-60 leukemia cells by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate

Gorchein, A., 1973:
Control of magnesium-protoporphyrin chelatase activity in Rhodopseudomonas spheroides. Role of light, oxygen, and electron and energy transfer

Huizinga, W.K.; Kalideen, J.M.; Bryer, J.V.; Bell, P.S.; Baker, L.W., 1984 :
Control of major haemorrhage associated with pancreatic pseudocysts by transcatheter arterial embolization

Fleming, G.A., 1983:
Control of malaria vectors: a stimulating challenge

Wortman, J.S.; Sciarra, J.J.; Markland, C., 1974:
Control of male fertility report of a workshop

Greenway, B.; Johnson, P.J.; Williams, R., 1982:
Control of malignant ascites with spironolactone

McRae, R.G.; Bellino, J.P.; Khasgiwala, C., 1982:
Control of malignant melanoma of the nasal mucous membrane

Hellmann, K.; Burrage, K., 1969:
Control of malignant metastases by ICRF l59

Eliscu, E.H.; Haire, H.M.; Tew, F.T.; Newton, L.W., 1980:
Control of malignant renovascular hypertension by percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and therapeutic renal embolization

Kesić, B., 1968:
Control of malignant tumors of the oral cavity

Langlade, M.; Picaud, M., 1973:
Control of malocclusion of mixed dentition by induction of the eruption sequence

Norris, F.S., 1971:
Control of malpractice by peer review

Gledhill, B.L., 1983:
Control of mammalian sex ratio by sexing sperm

Ayoub, M.A., 1982:
Control of manual lifting hazards: II. Job redesign

Ayoub, M.A., 1982:
Control of manual lifting hazards: III. Preemployment screening

Bark, C.J., 1981:
Control of massive bleeding from hemorrhoidal veins

Dube, P., 1973:
Control of massive cardiac haemorrhage by balloon catheter

Thomas, C.Y.; Fowler, D.L., 1981:
Control of massive duodenal ulcer hemorrhage

Tongio, J.; Matter, D.; Wenger, J.J.; Cinqualbre, J., 1980:
Control of massive hematuria after nephropyelotomy by selective intra-arterial injections of noradrenaline

Naar, C.A.; Soong, J.; Clore, F.; Hawkins, I.F., 1983:
Control of massive hemoptysis by bronchial artery embolization with absolute alcohol

Fellows, K.E., 1981:
Control of massive hemoptysis by embolization of intercostal arteries

Malt, R.A., 1972:
Control of massive upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Kobayashi, T.; Tominaga, S.; Uchida, T.; Iidaka, K., 1981:
Control of massive urinary tract hemorrhage by transcatheter arterial embolization

Kane, R.A.; Costello, P.; Sedgwick, C.E., 1980:
Control of massively bleeding arterioportal fistula using a balloon catheter

Sager, R.; Sano, H.; Grabowy, C.T., 1984:
Control of maternal inheritance by DNA methylation in chlamydomonas

Grocott, J.; Wilson, A.N., 1972:
Control of maxillary fractures by screw pins in the premaxilla

Sejda, J., 1983:
Control of measles in Czechoslovakia (CSSR)

Wyler, O.D., 1973:
Control of meat and meat products--a professional question?

Anonymous, 1984:
Control of medical emergency services at the scene of a medical emergency

Ceulemans, G., 1965:
Control of megacolon operated by Duhamel's method

Bartels, I.; Jenderny, J.; Hansmann, I., 1984:
Control of meiosis by somatic cells in mice: inheritance of the meiosis I error 'diploidy' and nonexpression in sensitive NMRI/Han oocytes ovulated from chimeras

Laskin, J.D.; Piccinini, L.; Engelhardt, D.L.; Weinstein, I.B., 1982:
Control of melanin synthesis and secretion by B16/C3 melanoma cells

Gorman, A.L.; McReynolds, J.S., 1974:
Control of membrane N+ permeability in a hyperpolarizing photoreceptor: similar effect of light and metabolic inhibitors

Brewer, G.J., 1980:
Control of membrane morphogenesis in bacteriophage

Kitagawa, T., 1984:
Control of membrane permeability by ATP in animal cells

Dicker, P.; Heppel, L.A.; Rozengurt, E., 1980:
Control of membrane permeability by external and internal ATP in 3T6 cells grown in serum-free medium

Christiansson, A.; Wieslander, A., 1980:
Control of membrane polar lipid composition in Acholeplasma laidlawii a by the extent of saturated fatty acid synthesis

Hosoi, S.; Mochizuki, N.; Hayashi, S.; Kasai, M., 1980:
Control of membrane potential by external H+ concentration in Bacillus subtilis as determined by an ion-selective electrode

Farber, D.L.; Luqman, M.; Acuto, O.; Bottomly, K., 1995:
Control of memory CD4 T cell activation: MHC class II molecules on APCs and CD4 ligation inhibit memory but not naive CD4 T cells

Schneider, A.M., 1967:
Control of memory by spreading cortical depression: A case for stimulus control

Squire, L.R.; Liss, P.H., 1968:
Control of memory by spreading cortical depression: a critique of stimulus control

Impastato, D.J.; Karliner, W., 1966:
Control of memory impairment in EST by unilateral stimulation of the non-dominant hemisphere

Fogarty, J., 1995:
Control of meningococcal disease: the responsibility of all

Buser, P.; Richard, D.; Lescop, J., 1969 :
Control of mesencephalic reticular cls through the sensorimotor cortex in the cat

Anonymous, 1968:
Control of messenger synthesis

Barbour, M.G.; Bayly, R.C., 1981:
Control of meta-cleavage degradation of 4-hydroxyphenylacetate in Pseudomonas putida

Pardee, A.B., 1971:
Control of metabolic reactions by feedback inhibition

Mehnert, H., 1974:
Control of metabolism and microangiopathy

Rabinowitz, M., 1971:
Control of metabolism and synthesis of macromolecules in normal and ischemic heart

Lüdtke, E.; Takác, A., 1965:
Control of metabolism in adipose diabetics

Wolf, D.H., 1980:
Control of metabolism in yeast and other lower eukaryotes through action of proteinases

Drago, J.R.; Murray, C., 1984:
Control of metastases in the Nb rat prostatic adenocarcinoma model

Arnow, P.m.; Allyn, P.A.; Nichols, E.M.; Hill, D.L.; Pezzlo, M.; Bartlett, R.H., 1982:
Control of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a burn unit: role of nurse staffing

Férard, G.; Sall, I.; Porte, A.; Hindelang-Gertner, C.; Métais, P., 1972:
Control of methods of isolation of enterocyte brush borders by electron microscopy and by determination of saccharase specific activity

Hoffman, J.C., 1970:
Control of methoxyflurane concentrations from a Boyle apparatus

Ding, T.; Bilitewski, U.; Schmid, R.D.; Korz, D.J.; Sanders, E.A., 1993:
Control of microbial activity by flow injection analysis during high cell density cultivation of Escherichia coli

Bianco, M.; Migliorini, D.; Rasini, G.; Saudelli, M.; Taveggia, N.; Consolandi, S., 1981:
Control of microbial air pollution in the operating room. II. Reconstruction experiments to verify the effect of aerosol distribution of an iodophor mixture

Coppi, G.; Genova, R., 1971:
Control of microbial contamination in oral and topical pharmaceutical preparations by membrane filtration method

Carazzone, M.; Fava, M., 1981:
Control of microbial contamination in the air of rooms for sterile production. Proposals for sampling

Phillips, G.B., 1969:
Control of microbiological hazards in the laboratory

Anonymous, 1968:
Control of microbiological warfare

L'vov, L.A., 1965:
Control of microsporum in the Iakut ASSR

Margolis, R.L.; Job, D., 1984:
Control of microtubule stability by calmodulin-dependent and -independent phosphorylation

Bilstad, K.; Engh, V.; Stalsber, H., 1980:
Control of mild and uncertain findings in vaginal cytological tests

Hillman, L.; Sateesha, S.; Haussler, M.; Wiest, W.; Slatopolsky, E.; Haddad, J., 1981:
Control of mineral homeostasis during lactation: interrelationships of 25-hydroxyvitamin D, 24,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, parathyroid hormone, calcitonin, prolactin, and estradiol

Kondrashova, M.N., 1970:
Control of mitochondria respiration during potentiating effects on the cell

Doeg, K.A., 1968:
Control of mitochondrial lipid biosynthesis by testosterone in male sex accessory gland tissue and liver of castrate rats

Gellerich, F.N.; Bohnensack, R.; Kunz, W., 1983:
Control of mitochondrial respiration. The contribution of the adenine nucleotide translocator depends on the ATP- and ADP-consuming enzymes

Dow, D.S.; Walton, K.G.; Fleischer, S., 1971:
Control of mitochondrial swelling by mg2+. The relation of ion transport to structural changes

Gross, N.J., 1971:
Control of mitochondrial turnover under the influence of thyroid hormone

Webb, D.R.; Stites, D.P.; Perlman, J.D.; Austin, K.E.; Fudenberg, H.H., 1974:
Control of mitogen--induced lymphocyte activation. I. The effect of cyclic AMP on DNA and RNA synthesis in PHA--stimulated cells

Bullough, W.S.; Laurence, E.B., 1968:
Control of mitosis in rabbit Vx2 epidermal tumours by means of the epidermal chalone

Yamada, T.; Roesel, M., 1971:
Control of mitotic activity in Wolffian lens regenerration

Croissant, O.; Orth, G., 1970:
Control of mitotic activity in cells in the process of keratinization of growing papillomas induced by Shope virus in rabbits

Scholz, R.; Thurman, R.G., 1969:
Control of mixed function oxygenation in the perfused liver

Knight, S.C.; Burman, S., 1981:
Control of mixed lymphocyte reactions by cellular concentration: studies in 20 microliters hanging droplet cultures

Silver, R.S.; Mateles, R.I., 1969:
Control of mixed-substrate utilization in continuous cultures of Escherichia coli

Anonymous, 1973:
Control of moderately raised blood pressure. Report of a co-operative randomized controlled trial

Lappin, D.; Whaley, K., 1983:
Control of monocyte C2 production by cyclic AMP

Kendall, P.H.; Cahill, W.J., 1967:
Control of morning stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis by high salicylate dosage. Preliminary report

Roffman, M.; Reddy, C.; Lal, H., 1973:
Control of morphine-withdrawal hypothermia by conditional stimuli

Lesiński, J., 1965:
Control of mortality in diseases complicating pregnancy, labor and puerperium in the past 20 years from 1945 to 1965 in Poland--accomplishments and future prospects

Bukshtynov, V.I., 1966:
Control of mosquitoes on pastures

Hiatt, R.B.; Goodman, I.; Bircher, R., 1966:
Control of motility in Thiry-Vella ileal segments in dogs

Poirier, L.J.; Larochelle, L.; Bédard, P.; Parent, A., 1972:
Control of motor activity in relation to monoaminergic mechanisms

Shambes, G.M.; Waterland, J.C., 1973:
Control of motor units in skill and postural muscles in normal man. An electromyographic study

Linkhart, T.A.; Clegg, C.H.; Hauschka, S.D., 1980:
Control of mouse myoblast commitment to terminal differentiation by mitogens

Dixon, L.W., 1981:
Control of mousepox epizootics in St Louis and Chicago

Ichikawa, K.; Kato, I., 1972:
Control of movement of the upper extremity

Hinde, R.A., 1969:
Control of movement patterns in animals

Maeda, K.; Miura, S.; Kawamura, M.; Jimbow, K., 1984:
Control of multiple skin and lung metastasis of malignant melanoma by combined DAV and OK-432 chemoimmunotherapy in association with large-scale administration of indomethacin

Kovalik, A.V., 1981:
Control of muscle activity under "no-load" conditions

Solomonow, M.; Eldred, E.; Lyman, J.; Foster, J., 1983:
Control of muscle contractile force through indirect high-frequency stimulation

Fel'dman, A.G., 1974:
Control of muscle length

Johnstone, M., 1981:
Control of muscle tone in the stroke patient

Guthrie, D.M., 1967:
Control of muscular contractions by spinal neurones in amphioxus (Branchiostoma ianceolatum)

Paben, M.; Rosentswieg, J., 1971:
Control of muscular tension in learning a novel gross motor skill

Simetskiĭ, M.A., 1980:
Control of myiases in animals

Uchida, Y.; Ueda, H., 1972:
Control of myocardial blood flow by the vagus nerve

Neely, J.R.; Robishaw, J.D.; Vary, T.C., 1982:
Control of myocardial levels of CoA and carnitine

Fleckenstein, A., 1970:
Control of myocardial metabolism by verapamil. Sites of action and therapeutic effects

Braunwald, E., 1971:
Control of myocardial oxygen consumption: physiologic and clinical considerations

Weiss, H.R., 1974:
Control of myocardial oxygenation-effect of atrial pacing

Shainberg, A.; Yagil, G.; Yaffe, D., 1969:
Control of myogenesis in vitro by Ca 2 + concentration in nutritional medium

Garfield, R.E., 1984:
Control of myometrial function in preterm versus term labor

Lung, M.A.; Phipps, R.J.; Wang, J.C.; Widdicombe, J.G., 1984:
Control of nasal vasculature and airflow resistance in the dog

Redd, W.H., 1984:
Control of nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients. Four effective behavioral methods

Schubert, A., 1969:
Control of neighborhood noise as a hygienic-legal problem

Berggren, W.L., 1974:
Control of neonatal tetanus in rural Haiti through the utilization of medical auxiliaries

Berggren, W.L., 1974:
Control of neonatal tetanus in the rural region of Haiti by using medical auxiliaries

Mason, W.T., 1983:
Control of neurosecretory cell activity in the hypothalamic slice preparation

Walters, E.H.; O'Byrne, P.M.; Fabbri, L.M.; Graf, P.D.; Holtzman, M.J.; Nadel, J.A., 1984:
Control of neurotransmission by prostaglandins in canine trachealis smooth muscle

Rewerski, W., 1966:
Control of new drugs in Poland

Tager, J.M.; Papa, S.; de Haan, E.J.; D'Aloya, R.; Quagliariello, E., 1969:
Control of nicotinamide nucleotide-linked oxidoreductions in rat-liver mitochondria

Lenzi, G., 1974:
Control of nidation

Batterman, R.C.; Kaufman, J.E., 1966:
Control of nighttime pain and disability of arthritis with sustained-action salicylates

Merman, M.M., 1982:
Control of noise (material for discussions)

Wiethaup, H., 1966:
Control of noise from the viewpoint of history. Prehistoric periods, age of the ancient cultures etc

Karamova, L.M.; Rakhmatullin, N.R., 1982:
Control of noise in the petroleum refining industry

Fibach, E.; Hayashi, M.; Sachs, L., 1973:
Control of normal differentiation of myeloid leukemic cells to macrophages and granulocytes

Fibach, E.; Sachs, L., 1974:
Control of normal differentiation of myeloid leukemic cells. IV. Induction of differentiation by serum from endotoxin treated mice

Hayashi, M.; Fibach, E.; Sachs, L., 1974:
Control of normal differentiation of myeloid leukemic cells. V. Normal differentiation in aneuploid leukemic cells and the chromosome banding pattern of D+ and D minus clones

Dunshea, M.G., 1970:
Control of nose bleeds in hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia

Starostenko, E.V., 1968:
Control of nosematosis

Slotkin, T.A.; Persons, D.; Slepetis, R.J.; Taylor, D.; Bartolome, J., 1984:
Control of nucleic acid and protein synthesis in developing brain, kidney, and heart of the neonatal rat: effects of alpha-difluoromethylornithine, a specific, irreversible inhibitor of ornithine decarboxylase

Bové, J.M.; Yot, P., 1965:
Control of nucleic acid hydrolyses by thin-layer chromatography

Rhode, S.L.; Ellem, K.A., 1968:
Control of nucleic acid synthesis in human diploid cells undergoing contact inhibition

Schmid, W.; Sekeris, C.E., 1972:
Control of nucleolar RNA synthesis through RNA-like DNA

Irr, J.D., 1972:
Control of nucleotide metabolism and ribosomal ribonucleic acid synthesis during nitrogen starvation of Escherichia coli

Anonymous, 1970:
Control of nursing equipment

Anonymous, 1967:
Control of nutritional anemias. An urgent national problem

McKenzie, R.A.; Gartner, R.J.; Blaney, B.J.; Glanville, R.J., 1981:
Control of nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism in grazing horses with calcium plus phosphorus supplementation

Sivkov, I.G., 1973:
Control of nutritional value of lunch and dinner for school children

Burgel, B.J.; Quinlan, P.J., 1995:
Control of occupational and environmental hazards

Behrbohm, P.; Zschunke, E., 1974:
Control of occupational dermatitis in the German Democratic Republic

Sitzlack, G., 1968:
Control of occupationally radiation-exposed persons in the German Democratic Republic

Reinmöller-Schreck, T., 1969:
Control of occupations in the law on maternal welfare

Bonvallet, M.; Bobo, E.G., 1970:
Control of ocular accommodation by the amygdala and corpus striatum

Daroff, R.B., 1974:
Control of ocular movement

Cuppini, A., 1969:
Control of odontogenesis by means of tetracycline and fluorescence (preliminary note)

Smith, P.M.; Jones, D.B., 1980:
Control of oesophageal variceal bleeding

Quinn, N.; Parkes, J.D.; Marsden, C.D., 1984:
Control of on/off phenomenon by continuous intravenous infusion of levodopa

Hougard, J.M.; Poudiougo, P.; Zerbo, G.; Meyer, R.; Guillet, P.; Agoua, H.; Seketeli, A.; Akpoboua, A.; Sowah, S.; Samba, E.M., 1994:
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Control of optokinetic response and orientation in arthropod

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Control of oral anticoagulant treatment

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Control of oral anticoagulation. Hematology working group at the district hospitals in Catalunia

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Control of oral cancer in developing countries. A WHO meeting

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Control of oral contraceptive users

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Control of oral flora by hibitane and other antibacterial agents

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Control of outbreaks of viral diarrhoea in hospitals--a practical approach

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Control of outflow pressure provides spinal cord protection during resection of descending thoracic aortic aneurysms

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Control of ovarian response to exogenously administered human pituitary FSH

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Control of over-the-counter medication

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Control of oviductal function in the skipper frog, Rana cyanophlyctis (Schn.)

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Control of ovine brucellosis

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Control of ovulation by the anterior pituitary gland

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Control of ovulation by the diencephalon: luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone

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Control of ovulation in pigs

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Control of ovulation time with steroid and nonsteroid compounds

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Control of oxidative degradation in 99mTc-labeled ferrous hydroxide: a simplified method

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Control of oxygen delivery from the erythrocyte by modification of pyruvate kinase

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Control of oxygen therapy

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Control of oxygen therapy in premature infants

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Control of oxygen utilization in vitro and in vivo: implications for radiotherapy of tumors

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Control of p52(PAI-1) gene expression in normal and transformed rat kidney cells: relationship between p52(PAI-1) induction and actin cytoarchitecture

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Control of pH conditions of the nutritive medium during the cultivation of mammalian cells

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Control of pH in liquid cultures of microorganisms with an ion-exchange resin

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Control of pH in the processes of biosynthesis of antibiotics

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Control of pMB1 replication: inhibition of primer formation by Rop requires RNA1

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Control of pain and apprehension

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Control of pain and apprehension in the dental patient

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Control of pain and infection

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Control of pain associated with malignant disease by freezing: cryoleucotomy

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Control of pain at night

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Control of pain by drugs

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Control of pain by mefenamic acid following removal of impacted molar. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study

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Control of pain by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

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Control of pain during electromyography

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Control of pain during labour

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Control of pain in advanced tumors

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Control of pain in patients with cancer

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Control of pain in the cancer patient by subarachnoid alcohol block

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Control of pain in the hip joint in chronic progressive and degenerative arthritis using novocaine block

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Control of pain in the rheumatic disorders

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Control of pain with target therapy with "Spasmo-Dolviran"

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Control of pain. Round table presentation

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Control of pancreatic glucagon secretion by glucose

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Control of paralytic poliomyelitis in the United States

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Control of paraquat

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Control of parasite infestations in laboratory rats and mice

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Control of parasites from the viewpoint of modern pig farming

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Control of parasites in the digestive tract of children in rural areas

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Control of parasitic diseases

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Control of parasitic diseases in the Estonian SSR

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Control of parenteral solutions using the Limulus test

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Control of paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia with oral contraceptives

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Control of particulate emissions from electric-arc welding by process modification

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Control of particulate emissions from lime plants--a survey

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Control of particulate matter in preparation of parenteral containers

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Control of passive permeability of Chinese hamster ovary cells by external and intracellular ATP

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Control of patency of aorto-coronary bypass by computerized tomography (CT)

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Control of patent ductus arteriosus during cardiopulmonary bypass

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Control of pathological bleeding after dental extraction by application of gelatin-resorcin-formol glue (Kelemen's method)

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Control of patient distress caused by pulpal and periapical pathologies

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Control of patient transfer

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Control of patients carrying a demand pacemaker

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Control of patients with implanted pacemakers

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Control of patients with pacemakers with ventricular inhibition

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Control of patients with thyroid diseases

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Control of pelvic cancer with hyperthermic isolation-perfusion

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Control of penicillin blood levels and streptococcal findings in patients with rheumatic fever during Penduran therapy

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Control of per- and postoperative neuromuscular function

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Control of pericatheter leakage of ascitic fluid in percutaneous biliary drainage

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Control of periodontal disease

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Control of periodontal problems in orthodontics by use of water irrigation

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Control of peritoneal implantation by postoperative irradiation

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Control of peroperative pressor homeostasis by plasma expanders

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Control of persistent hemiballismus by chronic thalamic stimulation. Report of two cases

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Control of persistent primary postpartum haemorrhage due to uterine atony with intravenous prostaglandin E2. Case report

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Control of persistent ventricular ectopic beats by alprenolol, a new beta-adrenergic blocking agent

Anonymous, 1970:
Control of pesticides and food additives in the Netherlands

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Control of phage P22 tail protein expression by transcription termination

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Control of phage and host ribonucleic acid synthesis in phage T4 infected Escherichia coli

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Control of phage lambda development by stability and synthesis of cII protein: role of the viral cIII and host hflA, himA and himD genes

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Control of pharmaceutical glass containers in the most recent pharmacopoeias

Anonymous, 1968:
Control of pharmaceutical samples

Anonymous, 1965:
Control of phimosis

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Control of phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis in myopathic hamster hearts

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Control of phosphatidylinositol turnover in adrenal glomerulosa cells

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Control of phosphoenolpyruvate synthesis in guinea-pig mitochondria

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Control of phospholipid synthesis and viral assembly by bacteriophage PM2

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Control of phosphorylase activity in a muscle glycogen particle. I. Isolation and characterization of the protein-glycogen complex

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Control of phosphorylase activity in a muscle glycogen particle. II. Activation by calcium

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Control of phosphorylase activity in a muscle glycogen particle. IV. Activation of phosphorylase by nucleotides and phosphorylation

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Control of photorespiratory glycolate metabolism in an oxygen-resistant mutant of Chlorella sorokiniana

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Control of photosynthesis by Mg 2+

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Control of phototactic migration in Dictyostelium discoideum

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Control of phycobiliprotein proteolysis and heterocyst differentiation in Anabaena

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Control of physical and cerebral faculties following resuscitation for circulatory arrest

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Control of phytotherapy extracts in various pharmacopeias. II. Tinctures. General monographs

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Control of pigeons' matching-to-sample performance by differential sample response requirements

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Control of pineal N-acetylserotonin by a beta adrenergic receptor

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Control of pineal indole biosynthesis by changes in sympathetic tone caused by factors other than environmental lighting

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Control of pinna movements and sensorimotor register in cat superior colliculus

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Control of pituitary FSH in male rats

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Control of pituitary TSH secretion

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Control of placental protein production by retinoic acid in cultured placental cells

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Control of planning and carrying out agricultural goals

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Control of plantar warts

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Control of plaque in handicapped patients

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Control of plasma ADH titer in hemorrhage: role of atrial and arterial receptors

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Control of plasma aldosterone concentration during hemodialysis

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Control of plasma aldosterone during chronic hemodialysis

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Control of plasma aldosterone in mammals

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Control of plasma aldosterone in primary aldosteronism: distinction between adenoma and hyperplasia

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Control of plasma aldosterone in supine anephric man

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Control of plasma and liver triglyceride kinetics by carbohydrate metabolism and insulin

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Control of plasma sex steroid-binding protein in the bat Myotis lucifugus lucifugus: induction of steroid-binding activity in immature males

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Control of plasmid R1 replication: functions involved in replication, copy number control, incompatibility, and switch-off of replication

Gustafsson, P.; Nordström, K., 1980:
Control of plasmid R1 replication: kinetics of replication in shifts between different copy number levels

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Control of plasmid R6K copy numbers in isogenic rep+ and rep Escherichia coli strains

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Control of plasminemia in the coagulation in arterial surgery

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Control of platelet actomyosin activity: effect of ADP on superprecipitation and ATPase activity of human platelet actomyosin

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Control of platelet production

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Control of pleural effusions in patients with breast cancer. A randomized trial

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Control of poliomyelitis by vaccination in Belgium

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Control of poliomyelitis in Africa

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Control of poliomyelitis in Lebanon: biological and socio-economic factors

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Control of poliomyelitis requires constant diligence

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Control of poliomyelitis. I. Retrospective view and current situation in the world with special reference to our country

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Control of poliomyelitis: a continuing paradox

Becker, K.W., 1972:
Control of pollutants for the oilseeds industry

Turney, W.G., 1971:
Control of pollution from pleasure boats

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Control of polyclonal immunoglobulin production from human lymphocytes by leukotrienes; leukotriene B4 induces an OKT8(+), radiosensitive suppressor cell from resting, human OKT8(-) T cells

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Control of polypeptide hormones by enzymatic degradation

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Control of porosity in polymer tooth implants

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Control of porphyrin biosynthesis in Rhodopseudomonas spheroides and Propionibacterium shermanii. A direct 13C nuclear-magnetic-resonance spectroscopy study

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Control of portacaval anastomoses by bifocal occlusive cavo-renal phlebography

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Control of portal blood flow--humoral mechanisms

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Control of portal hypertension by selective mesenteric arterial drug infusion

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Control of portal hypertension. Selective mesenteric arterial infusion of vasopressin

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Control of portal pressure by transhepatic methods

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Control of post-anaesthetic shivering

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Control of post-extraction bacteraemias in the penicillin-hypersensitive patient

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Control of post-graduate education

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Control of post-splenic puncture hemorrhage with a silicone rubber plug

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Control of post-transfusion hepatitis

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Control of post-transfusion hepatitis by donor selection and case investigation

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Control of postbiopsy renal hemorrhage with renal artery vasopressin infusion

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Control of postcardiac surgical tachycardias with propranolol

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Control of postcardiotomy bleeding with PEEP

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Control of postcarotid endarterectomy hypotension with baroreceptor blockade

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Control of postgastrectomy distress

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Control of postinfarction ventricular irritability with the intraaortic balloon pump

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Control of postlaminectomy scar formation

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Control of postlaminectomy scar formation: an experimental and clinical study

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Control of postnatal growth of secondary cartilages of the mandible by mechanisms regulating occlusion. Cybernetic model

Becher, R., 1968:
Control of postnatal period by umbilical cord traction

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Control of postoperative edema through the use of corticoids and antibiotics in oral surgery. Clinical experiences

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Control of postoperative hemorrhage

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Control of postoperative nausea and vomiting: A comparative study of diphenidol (vontrol) and dimenhydrinate (Gravol)

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Control of postoperative pain by interactive demand analgesia

Kelâmi, A.; Keilbach, H., 1966:
Control of postoperative pain without opiate

Fazio, A.N., 1970:
Control of postoperative pain: a comparison of the efficacy and safety of pentazocine, methotrimeprazine, meperidine, and a placebo

Ankenman, G.J.; Murray, J.B., 1982:
Control of postoperative renal hemorrhage by embolization with a Gianturco coil

Khanna, S.K.; Anand, S.S.; Saini, V.K., 1965:
Control of postoperative vomiting by thiethylperazine

Vasconcelos Palacios, G., 1983:
Control of postoperative vomiting in the adult

Lind, B.; Roland, P.; Grimeland, J., 1970:
Control of postoperative vomiting with thioproperazine (Majeptil)

Fassolt, A., 1971:
Control of postoperative wound pain with Spasmo-Detrex (a double-blind test)

Bruce, S.L.; Paul, R.H.; Van Dorsten, J.P., 1982:
Control of postpartum uterine atony by intramyometrial prostaglandin

Tomoyoshi, T.; Saito, H.; Hayami, H.; Fukuhara, I.; Shiba, T., 1968:
Control of postprostatectomy bleeding via intubated scrotal vasostomy

Demos, N.J.; Kulkarni, V.A.; Port, A.; Micale, J., 1993:
Control of postresection gastroesophageal reflux: the intercostal pedicle esophagogastropexy experience of 26 years

Davies, A.; Sant'Ambrogio, F.B.; Sant'Ambrogio, G., 1980:
Control of postural changes of end expiratory volume (FRC) by airways slowly adapting mechanoreceptors

Semegen, L.B.; Denis, A.D.; Korotchenko, N.I., 1974:
Control of potassium concentration during cultivation of microorganisms

Whitehead, A.G.; Tite, D.J.; Fraser, J.E., 1973:
Control of potato cyst-nematode, Heterodera rostochiensis, in sandy loam, by Du Pont 1410 (S-methyl 1-(dimethylcarbamoyl)-N-((methylcarbamoyl)oxy) thioformimidate) applied to the soil at planting time

Henderson, R., 1973:
Control of potential hazards in the environment

Hasslinger, M.A., 1974:
Control of pre-adult stomach and nodule worm stages in swine using thiabendazole and pyranteltartrate

Kashida, R., 1967:
Control of precision at the central clinical laboratory

Lyubomirskii, L.E., 1983:
Control of precision movements in schoolchildren of different ages

Asao, M., 1982:
Control of precision on the process

Weiner, C.P.; Socol, M.L.; Vaisrub, N., 1984:
Control of preeclamptic hypertension by ketanserin, a new serotonin receptor antagonist

Kostic, P., 1967:
Control of pregnancy by vaginal smears

Hillier, S.G.; Reichert, L.E.; Van Hall, E.V., 1981:
Control of preovulatory follicular estrogen biosynthesis in the human ovary

Jacobsen, M., 1971:
Control of prescriptions for dangerous drugs at MOH level in the County of Aalborg during a period of approximately ten years

Dybwad, T.B.; Sundene, G.; Eskerud, J.; Hjortdahl, P.; Matheson, I., 1994:
Control of prescriptions of B-preparations. A registry study of B-preparations in Oslo and Akershus

Smith, R.J., 1969:
Control of prespawning behaviour of sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus and L. megalotis). I. Gonadal androgen

Nakashima, I.; Mizoguchi, K.; Kato, N.; Nagase, F.; Isobe, K.; Saito, M.; Suzuki, K., 1982:
Control of primary IgM antibody responses to H-2 alloantigens by antigen-bearing live B lymphocytes

Royds, R.; Shaw, T.R.; Kumana, C.R.; Padgham, D.; Hamer, J., 1973:
Control of procainamide therapy after cardiac infarction

Fogelson, M.G., 1967:
Control of procedures for identifying a suspect

Krakovskiĭ, N.I.; Zolotarevskiĭ, V.Ia.; Nechiporenko, K.D.; Moroz, V.Iu., 1974:
Control of profuse bleeding from the pelvic venous plexus

Armstrong, D.T.; Black, D.L., 1968:
Control of progesterone biosynthesis in the bovine corpus luteum: effects of luteinizing hormone and of reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate in vitro

Isakov, N.; Feldman, M.; Segal, S., 1981:
Control of progression of local tumor and pulmonary metastasis of the 3LL Lewis lung carcinoma by different histocompatibility requirements in mice

Chan, P.C.; Hahn, G.M., 1972 :
Control of proliferation in two cell lines in vitro

Walsh, G.P., 1980:
Control of proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Tarján, J.; Balogh, Z.; Hazafi, K., 1972:
Control of prolonged anticoagulant therapy by Hemurotest paper

Goldfarb, A.; Palm, P., 1981:
Control of promoter utilization by bacteriophage T4-induced modification of RNA polymerase alpha subunit

Bertani, L.E., 1969:
Control of prophage integration in bacteriophage P2

Coffey, D.S.; Isaacs, J.T., 1981:
Control of prostate growth

Vychodil, Z., 1972:
Control of prostitution in new Algeria

Baccino, F.M.; Tessitore, L.; Bonelli, G., 1984:
Control of protein degradation and growth phase in normal and neoplastic cells

Gerok, W., 1968:
Control of protein metabolism and nutrition in intensive care

Shimura, Y., 1968:
Control of protein synthesis at the level of translation

Kay, J.E.; Ahern, T.; Atkins, M., 1971:
Control of protein synthesis during the activation of lymphocytes by phytohaemagglutinin

Westover, K.C.; Jacobson, L.A., 1974:
Control of protein synthesis in Escherichia coli. II. Translation and degradation of lactose operon messenger ribonucleic acid after energy source shift-down

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Control of protein synthesis in Escherichia coli: strain differences in control of translational initiation after energy source shift-down

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Control of protein synthesis in a wheat germ cell-free system

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Control of protein synthesis in human reticulocytes by heme-regulated and double-stranded RNA dependent eIF-2 alpha kinases

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Control of protein synthesis in rabbit reticulocytes. Inhibition of polypeptide synthesis by ethanol

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Control of protein synthesis of Escherichia coli. I. Translation and functional inactivation of messenger ribonucleic acid after energy source shift-down

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Control of protein turnover by the cellular hydratation state

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Control of proteoglycan synthesis. Studies on the activation of synthesis observed during culture of articular cartilages

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Control of proximal subclavian arterial injury with internal shunt catheter

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Control of pseudomonas infection in burns by silver sulfadiazine

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Control of pseudomonas infections in burns with silver sulfadiazine

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Control of psoroptic scabies on calves with ivermectin

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Control of psoroptosis of cattle

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Control of psychotropic substances

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Control of puberty in female rats: the effect of PTU-induced hypothyroidism and systematic undernutrition

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Control of puerperium in swine under conditions of extremely shortened nursing method. 1. Results of histological studies in postpartum involution and regeneration of the uterus under conditions of extremely shortened nursing period and medicamentous control of puerperium

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Control of puffing activity in three chromosomal segments of explanted salivary gland cells of Chironomus thummi by variation in extracellular Na+,K+ and Mg2+

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Control of pullorum disease in Australia

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Control of pulmonary and systemic vasomotor tone in the fetus and neonate

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Control of pulmonary artery catheter pressures--an alternative

Mirrakhimov, M.M.; Baltabaev, T.B.; Azhimamatov, T.A., 1984:
Control of pulmonary edema caused by congestive cardiomyopathy

Mansfield, A.O., 1972:
Control of pulmonary embolism by removal of residual thrombus from the iliac and femoral veins

Wiszniewska, M.; Grabis, T., 1995:
Control of pulmonary embolism with combined thrombolytic and anticoagulant treatment in early stage of severe stroke

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Control of pulmonary tuberculosis in the 20th century

Glaser, P., 1972:
Control of pulmonary ventilation

Bracchetti, A., 1966:
Control of pulp inflammation and postoperative thermal hypersensitivity in prosthesis

Barbier, F.; Lallemant, C.; Clere, D.; Padieu, P., 1971:
Control of purity of different preparations of rat cardiac myosin by disk electrophoresis with a view toward obtaining a pure antigen

Dobriak, V.A., 1970:
Control of pyocyanosis in a surgical hospital

Taushan, M., 1969:
Control of pyoderma in miners

Khaĭmovskiĭ, G.D., 1965:
Control of pyodermatitis in the Kirov Watch Plant I in Moscow

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Control of pyridoxal phosphate enzyme reaction specificity studied with alpha-dialkylamino acid transaminase

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Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis by phage T4. II. In vitro complementation between ribonucleotide reductase mutants

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Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis by phage T4: mutants unable to catalyze the reduction of cytidine diphosphate

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Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in human lymphocytes. Induction of glutamine-utilizing carbamyl phosphate synthetase and operation of orotic acid pathway during blastogenesis

Ito, K.; Uchino, H., 1973:
Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in human lymphocytes. Inhibition of pyrimidine biosynthesis de novo in phytohemagglutinin-stimulated lymphocytes by external uridine and its inhibition mechanism

Ito, K.; Uchino, H., 1973:
Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in human lymphocytes. Simultaneous increase in activities of glutamine-utilizing carbamyl phosphate synthetase and aspartate transcarbamylase in phytohemagglutinin-stimulated human peripheral lymphocytes and their enzyme co-purification

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Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in mammalian tissues. 3. Multiple forms of aspartate transcarbamoylase of mouse spleen

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Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in mammalian tissues. I. Partial purification and characterization of glutamine-utilizing carbamyl phosphate synthetase of mouse spleen and its tissue distribution

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Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in mammalian tissues. II. Glutamine-utilizing carbamoyl phosphate synthetase of various experimental tumors: distribution, purification and characterization

Tatibana, M.; Shigesada, K., 1972:
Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in mammalian tissues. IV. Requirements of a quantitative assay of glutamine-dependent carbamyl phosphate synthetase and effect of magnesium ion as an essential activator

Tatibana, M.; Shigesada, K., 1972:
Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in mammalian tissues. V. Regulation of glutamine-dependent carbamyl phosphate synthetase: activation by 5-phosphoribosyl 1-pyrophosphate and inhibition by uridine triphosphate

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Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in rat liver by feedback inhibition of aspartate carbamoyltransferase

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Control of pyruvate dehydrogenase in the perfused rat heart by the intracellular concentration of acetyl-coenzyme A

Wieland, O.H.; Löffler, G.; Bard, S.; Brunner, I., 1974:
Control of pyruvate dehydrogenase interconversion by palmitoyl-coenzyme A as related to inhibition of adenine nucleotide translocation in isolated fat-cell mitochondria

Pluschkat, H., 1970:
Control of quality in bacteriologic culture media

Abramowitz, J., 1973:
Control of quality in dentistry

Kubikovskii, P., 1970:
Control of quality of drugs in Poland

Chichiro, V.E.; Pushkar', L.N., 1967:
Control of quality of drugs in Rumania Socialist Republic

Goguel, A.; Bonhomme, J., 1970:
Control of quality of hemogramm and methods of sampling

Dudel, J., 1984:
Control of quantal transmitter release at frog's motor nerve terminals. I. Dependence on amplitude and duration of depolarization

Dudel, J., 1984:
Control of quantal transmitter release at frog's motor nerve terminals. II. Modulation by de- or hyperpolarizing pulses

Ryals, J.; Little, R.; Bremer, H., 1982:
Control of rRNA and tRNA syntheses in Escherichia coli by guanosine tetraphosphate

Flückiger, G., 1970:
Control of rabbit epidemics

Kersten, W.; Zinn, E., 1971:
Control of rabies by combined fumigation of foxes' lairs and by promoting the killing of foxes

Walter, G., 1968:
Control of rabies by decreasing the number of foxes

Fermán Martínez, R., 1969:
Control of rabies in the State of Baja California

Anttila, P.; Nordman, E., 1973:
Control of radiation fields in breast cancer with lymphoscintigraphy

Anonymous, 1967:
Control of radiation hazards in the use of dental x-ray apparatus

Ladner, H.A., 1966:
Control of radiation sensitivity with vitamin B6

Bengtsson, L.G., 1971:
Control of radiation unit for 60 Co-radiation in Sweden

Laurence, G.C., 1966:
Control of radioactive pollution

Locht, S., 1984:
Control of radiographic quality

Moss, C.E., 1973:
Control of radioisotope releases to the environment from diagnostic isotope procedures

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Control of radon emantion from building materials by surface coating

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Control of rat C6 glioma cell proliferation: uncoupling of the inhibitory effects of hydrocortisone hormone in suspension and monolayer cultures

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Control of rat collagen metabolism by oligo-N-methyl-morpholinium propylene oxide

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Control of rat liver aromatic amino acid transaminases by glucagon and insulin

Girard, J.R.; Caquet, D.; Bal, D.; Guillet, I., 1973:
Control of rat liver phosphorylase, glucose-6-phosphatase and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase activities by insulin and glucagon during the perinatal period

Urry, R.L.; Frehn, J.L.; Ellis, L.C., 1974:
Control of rat testicular monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity: hypophysectomy, adrenalectomy, FSH, LH, prolactin, HCG and testosterone

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Control of rat-liver glutaminase by ammonia and pH

Inamdar, A.R.; Wittner, M.; Rosenbaum, R.M., 1972:
Control of rate-limiting enzymes in tryptophan metabolism during pulmonary O 2 toxicity

Levine, N.; Kelly, H., 1980:
Control of reabsorption of water and electrolytes by guinea-pig seminal vesicle in vivo

Thomas, A.; Lloyd, R.G., 1983:
Control of recA dependent activities in Escherichia coli: a possible role for the recF product

McPartland, A.; Green, L.; Echols, H., 1980:
Control of recA gene RNA in E. coli: regulatory and signal genes

Morris, B.J., 1993:
Control of receptor sensitivity at the mRNA level

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Control of reciprocal and non-reciprocal action of vagal and sympathetic efferents: study of centrally induced reactions

Grasso, A.; Rinaldi, L.A., 1981:
Control of recovery

Kaufman, F.; Cheliout, F.; de la Bruslerie, J.; Brocas, J.; Cherruault, Y., 1982:
Control of recruitment of muscle motor units by optimization of energy expenditure

Maillard, L.W., 1970:
Control of rectal postoperative pain by use of long-lasting steroids

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Control of rectification and permeation by residues in two distinct domains in an inward rectifier K+ channel

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Control of recurrent lower urinary tract infection in the postmenopausal woman

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Control of recurrent tachycardia of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome by surgical ligature of the A-V bundle

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Control of recurrent ventricular tachycardia in a case of mitral valve prolapse and arterial hypertension, using the combination of disopyramide and amiodarone

Moore, G.R., 1983:
Control of redox properties of cytochrome c by special electrostatic interactions

Frenkel, R., 1968:
Control of reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide oscillations in beef heart extracts. I. Effects of modifiers of phosphofructokinase activity

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Control of reflux esophagitis in gastroresected patients. Medical treatment with alginic acid

Yamada, K.N.; Sakamoto, N., 1969 :
Control of refractory diabetes mellitus in our clinics

Brodows, R.G.; Campbell, R.G., 1974:
Control of refractory fasting hypoglycemia in a patient with suspected insulinoma with diphenylhydantoin

Kawai, C., 1974:
Control of refractory recurrent ventricular tachyarrhythmias by artificial cardiac pacing. A preliminary report on the use of His bundle electrogram in determining the indication

Meyer, R.; Jacobson, L.B., 1981:
Control of refractory ventricular ectopy. Atrial and ventricular overdrive pacing

Heigl-Evers, A.; Rosin, U., 1984:
Control of regressive processes in therapy groups

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Control of release of adrenocorticotropin and vasopressin by the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei

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Control of release of surfactant phospholipids in the isolated perfused rat lung

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Control of release phenomena in hemiplegics by means of afferent electrical stimulation

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Control of renal blood flow and sodium excretion in renal allografts by intrarenal infusion of acetylcholine

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Control of renal blood flow in essential hypertension

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Control of renal circulation in the fetus

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Control of renal excretion dynamics using the isotopen nephrogram in percutaneous gamma teletherapy

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Control of renal function by intrarenal angiotensin II

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Control of renal function in isovolemic hemodilution or in vagotomized, infused rats

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Control of renal hemodynamics and glomerular filtration rate in chronic hypercalcemia. Role of prostaglandins, renin-angiotensin system, and calcium

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Control of renal hemodynamics by intrarenal mechanisms

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Control of renin release in experimental hypertension

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Control of renin secretion in the anesthetized dog. 1. Relationship between renin secretion and plasma sodium concentration in the peritoneal dialyzed dog

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Control of renin secretion in the anesthetized dog. 2. Relationship between renin secretion, plasma sodium concentration and GFR in the perfused kidney

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Control of renin secretion in the anesthetized dog. 3. Effects of hypertonic mannitol infusion

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Control of renin secretion. 1. Renin secretion in the perfused dog kidney

Hasegawa, T., 1968:
Control of renin secretion. 2. Effect of the plasma sodium reduction on renin secretion

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Control of replication of bacterial plasmids: genetics, molecular biology, and physiology of the plasmid R1 system

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Control of reproducibility with patients' specimens

Guibaud, S.; Plumet, A.; Touraine, F.; Pignal, J.L., 1980:
Control of reproductibility in hemocytology leading to the discovery of cryoglobulinemia

Lassen, U., 1972:
Control of research funds distribution

Mellander, S.; Johansson, B., 1968:
Control of resistance, exchange, and capacitance functions in the peripheral circulation

Shimada, K., 1973:
Control of respiration

von Meyenburg, K., 1969:
Control of respiration and aerobic fermentation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Control of respiration in intact tissues and the effects of triiodothyronine and epinephrine on fat cells

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Control of respiration in newborn babies. I. The development of the Hering-Breuer inflation reflex

Bodegård, G.; Schwieler, G.H., 1971:
Control of respiration in newborn babies. II. The development of the thoracic reflex response to an added respiratory load

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Control of respiration with negative pressure in the curarized cat

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Control of respirator-associated infection due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Control of respiratory and fermentative balance in yeast

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Control of respiratory distress syndrome in premature infants

Herrmann, H., 1973:
Control of respiratory insufficiency as part of health protection

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Control of responding by the location of an auditory stimulus: role of rise time of the stimulus

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Control of response to estramustine phosphate therapy through cytology and DNA analysis of cell nuclei in prospective study

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Control of results of drinking water fluoridation in Basel

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Control of results of psychotherapy

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Control of retinal S-potentials in dark adapted and bleached retinae

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Control of retinal sensitivity. I. Light and dark adaptation of vertebrate rods and cones

Werblin, F.S., 1974:
Control of retinal sensitivity. II. Lateral interactions at the outer plexi form layer

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Control of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in Egypt

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Control of rheumatic fever in developing countries

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Control of rheumatic fever. International review

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Control of rheumatism in the framework of a feldsher district

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Control of rhinencephalic paroxysmal activity by the caudate nucleus in the cat

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Control of rhythm and resuscitation in myocardial infarct

Berliner, M.D.; Neurath, P.W., 1966 :
Control of rhythmic growth of a Neurospora "clock" mutant by sugars

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Control of ribonuclease and acid phosphatase by auxin and abscisic acid during senescence of Rhoeo leaf sections

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Control of ribosomal RNA maturation in differentiating yolk sac erythroid cells

Lastick, S.M.; McConkey, E.H., 1980:
Control of ribosomal protein phosphorylation in HeLa cells

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Control of ribosome content, gamete formation and amino acid uptake in wild-type and arg-I Chlamydomonas reinhardti

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Control of risk pregnancies. In 113m sequential scintigraphy for the determination of utero-placental blood circulation disorders. 1st clinical experiences using a multiparameter procedure

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Control of rose bengal quality with a view to its use for liver function tests

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Control of rough physical behavior using novel contingencies and directive teaching

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Control of routine radioimmunoassays: a computer program for calculation of control charts for precision and accuracy

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Control of salmonella infections in cattle in Schleswig-Holstein

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Control of salmonelloses and their prevention among WHO activities

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Control of salmonellosis in calves

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Control of sample drugs

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Control of sandflies (Diptera, Phlebotominae) in the USSR (a review of the literature)

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Control of scabies (pilot study)

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Control of scattered radiation by air gap techniques: applications to chest radiography

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Control of scattering of measurement values and sensitivity of LiF dosimeters

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Control of schistosomiasis by mollusciciding

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Control of sciatic-type pain

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Control of scintigraphic and tomoscintigraphic liver findings using ultrasonic tomography

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Control of secondary bleeding following tooth extraction in hemophilia. I. A preliminary report on the use of simple local and systemic measures in two cases of hemophilia

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Control of secondary hyperparathyroidism during long-term hemodialysis

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Control of secretion of human gonadotropins

Tsuji, S., 1968:
Control of secretion of pituitary growth hormone

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Control of secretion of thyrocalcitonin in the rabbit as evaluated by radioimmunoassay

Underwood, G., 1973:
Control of selective attention and interference of processing in memory

Anonymous, 1981:
Control of self-help groups

Nelson, J.D.; Naylor, H.B., 1971:
Control of serine biosynthesis in Micrococcus lysodeikticus: inhibition of phosphoglyceric acid dehydrogenase

Miller, B.A.; Newman, E.B., 1974:
Control of serine transhydroxymethylase synthesis in Escherichia coli K12

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Control of serum C3 levels by beta 1H and C3b inactivator

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Control of serum hepatitis in a dialysis unit

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Control of serum potassium levels in the hyperventilated postoperative cardiac patient

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Control of services in managed care: guidelines for use of renal dialysis

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Control of severe arrhythmia in myocardial infarct and emergency therapy using electric methods

René, E.; Bonfils, S., 1984:
Control of severe diarrhea with somatostatin

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Control of severe hemorrhage from stab wound of the neck: a case report

Wilson, D.J.; Lewis, R.C.; Vidt, D.G., 1981:
Control of severe hypertension with pulse diazoxide

Nicol, E.F.; Irvine, W.J., 1982:
Control of severe thyrotoxicosis with potassium iodide and propranolol

Bankov, N.; Kunchev, L.; Stanchev, F.; Petrov, P.S.; Pisheva, M., 1982:
Control of sex cycle functions in sheep using cloprostenol, an analog of prostaglandin F2a

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Control of sexually transmitted diseases in adolescents: the clinician's role

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Control of sexually transmitted diseases: view from the United States of America

Brown, S.T., 1982:
Control of sexually-transmitted diseases: it is easier in theory than in practice

Kucher, R., 1965:
Control of shock; heart massage

Heller, P., 1971:
Control of sickle-cell anemia

Káplár, L.; Takácsi, N.G., 1971:
Control of silicone coating of injection ampules and bottles

Tkachev, V.V., 1973:
Control of silicosis in miners

Alwine, J.C.; Khoury, G., 1980:
Control of simian virus 40 gene expression at the levels of RNA synthesis and processing: thermally induced changes in the ratio of the simian virus 40 early mRNA's and proteins

Oxman, M.N.; Levin, M.J.; Lewis, A.M., 1974:
Control of simian virus 40 gene expression in adenovirus-simian virus 40 hybrid viruses. Synthesis of hybrid adenovirus 2-simian virus 40 RNA molecules in cells infected with a nondefective adenovirus 2-simian virus 40 hybrid virus

Kaempfer, R., 1971:
Control of single ribosome formation by an initiation factor for protein synthesis

Skagen, K.; Henriksen, O., 1983:
Control of skeletal muscle blood flow during postural changes in acute myocardial infarction

Uuetoa, R., 1972:
Control of skin and venereal diseases in the Estonian SSR

Roberts, M.F.; Wenger, C.B., 1980:
Control of skin blood flow during exercise by thermal reflexes and baroreflexes

Gertler, W., 1965:
Control of skin fungal diseases in the agricultural industry of the district of Leipzig. Problem orientation from the viewpoint of dermatologists

Schulz, J.A., 1965:
Control of skin fungal diseases in the agricultural industry of the district of Leipzig. Problem orientation from the viewpoint of the veterinarians

Crosson, B., 1980:
Control of skin temperature through biofeedback and suggestion with hypnotized college women

Remmer, H., 1965:
Control of sleep disorders with drugs

Hofer, M.A.; Shair, H., 1982:
Control of sleep-wake states in the infant rat by features of the mother-infant relationship

Wongchaisuwat, C.; Hemami, H.; Buchner, H.J., 1984:
Control of sliding and rolling at natural joints

Birkenhäger, W.H., 1980:
Control of slight and moderate hypertension: an inviting prospect

Parry, W.H., 1973:
Control of smallpox

Meiklejohn, G., 1973:
Control of smallpox and influenza

Atkinson, A.B.; Skegg, J.L., 1974:
Control of smoking and price of cigarettes--a comment

Aznaur'ian, M.S.; Bykov, O.D., 1981:
Control of smoking in a sanatorium

Shearman, E.M., 1972:
Control of smoking in the ward area

Bukowiecki, L.J.; Lindberg, O., 1974:
Control of sn-glycerol 3-phosphate oxidation in brown adipose tissue mitochondria by calcium and acyl-CoA

Di Giulio, S.; Man, N.K.; Picca, S.; Sausse, A.; Zingraff, J.; Funck-Brentano, J.L., 1982:
Control of sodium exchange in hemofiltration

Bevevino, L.H.; Lacaz-Vieira, F., 1982:
Control of sodium permeability of the outer barrier in toad skin

de Wardener, H.E., 1969:
Control of sodium reabsorption

Liu, Y.Z., 1981:
Control of sodium-potassium pump on proliferation of mammalian cells

Robinson, K.L.; McComas, A.J.; Belanger, A.Y., 1982:
Control of soleus motoneuron excitability during muscle stretch in man

Cone, C.D.; Tongier, M., 1971:
Control of somatic cell mitosis by simulated changes in the transmembrane potential level

Bandler, R.J.; Flynn, J.P., 1972:
Control of somatosensory fields for striking during hypothalamically elicited attack

Bonucci, E.; Moretti, E.; Pergola, M.S., 1974:
Control of some histochemical properties of tissues embedded in araldite

Gledhill, A.W., 1968:
Control of some viruses and other filtrable agents of mice

Martin, D.W.; Tomkins, G.M.; Bresler, M.A., 1969:
Control of specific gene expression examined in synchronized mammalian cells

Russell, R.R., 1994:
Control of specific plaque bacteria

Litt, M.; Howell-Litt, R., 1980:
Control of specific transfer RNA concentrations in amino acid-deprived Friend leukemia cells operates at the level of RNA degradation

Bradfield, J.W., 1974:
Control of spillover. The importance of Kupffer-cell function in clinical medicine

Imler, M.; Peter, B.; Kieny, R.; Tongio, J.; Bockel, R.; Stahl, J., 1972:
Control of spleno-renal anastomosis permeability by determination of left renal arterial and venous blood ammonia after ammonium acetate ingestion

Anonymous, 1967:
Control of sponges

Hall, C.E.; Hungerford, S., 1984:
Control of spontaneous and deoxycorticosterone-salt hypertension and polyuria by nitrendipine pellets

Duma, S.; Polzer, K.; Schlick, W.; Schuhfried, F.; Spiss, C., 1984 :
Control of spontaneous respiration with continuous positive airway pressure using transthoracic electrical impedance. Studies in subjects with healthy lungs

Nielsen, K.C.; Owman, C., 1969:
Control of spontaneous ventricular fibrillation during induced hypothermia in cats by acute cardiac sympathectomy

Kahneman, D., 1965:
Control of spurious association and the reliability of the controlled variable

Nishizawa, K., 1995:
Control of stability of eukaryote mRNA--3' untranslated region as a program for degradation

Kimura, A.; Muto, A.; Osawa, S., 1974:
Control of stable RNA synthesis in a temperature-sensitive mutant of elongation factor G of Bacillus subtilis

Shakulov, R.S., 1971:
Control of stable RNA synthesis. Relation to initiation of informational RNA translation

Appeddu, P.A.; Shur, B.D., 1994:
Control of stable lamellipodia formation by expression of cell surface beta 1,4-galactosyltransferase cytoplasmic domains

Jacobson, L.A., 1972:
Control of stable ribonucleic acid chain initiation in Escherichia coli during diauxie lag

Hilliger, H.G., 1970:
Control of stable ventilation

Raué, H.A.; Gruber, M., 1971:
Control of stable-RNA synthesis and maturation of 5-S RNA in Salmonella typhimurium RC-str and RC-rel

Hunter, D.T.; Baker, C.E., 1967:
Control of staphylococcal carriers in three hospitals

Anonymous, 1967:
Control of staphylococcal infection in the newborn

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Control of staphylococcal infections and disease in the newborn through the use of hexachlorophene bathing

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Control of staphylococci in surgical wards

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Control of states of consciousness. I. Attainment through control of psychophysiological variables

Gaarder, K., 1971:
Control of states of consciousness. II. Attainment through external feedback augmenting control of psychophysiological variables

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Control of steroidogenesis in pre-ovulatory cells. Luteinizing hormone stimulation of (14C)-acetate incorporation into sterols

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Control of steroidogenesis in rat corpus luteum: the rate of access of cholesterol to the active site of the cholesterol side-chain cleavage enzyme

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Control of sterol synthesis in yeast. BNWL-480

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Control of streptococcal respiratory infections

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Control of streptococcic lymphadenitis by vaccination

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Control of streptozotocin diabetes in Chinese hamsters by cultured mouse islet cells without immunosuppression: a preliminary report

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Control of stripe disease of barley (Helminthosporium gramineum Rabh) with antibiotics

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Control of structural diversity in proteoglycans

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Control of student knowledge through the use of machines

Sharov, K.B., 1973:
Control of students' self-training in roentgenology and radiology

Arnold, P.N., 1994:
Control of study variables

Rolland, B., 1970:
Control of stupefacient drugs

Shamiev, B.Sh., 1974:
Control of subcutaneous gadfly infestation

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Control of substitution therapy in hypothyroid children using the T3 and T4 test

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Control of substrate flux and adrenal cytochrome P-450

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Control of succinylcholine-induced myotonia by d-tubocurarine

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Control of sugar utilization in the oral bacteria Streptococcus salivarius and Streptococcus sanguis by the phosphoenolpyruvate: glucose phosphotransferase system

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Control of sulfur oxide emissions from primary copper, lead and zinc smelters--a critical review

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Control of suppressor cell activation via endogenous prostaglandin synthesis: the role of T cells and macrophages

Asherson, G.L.; Zembala, M.; Gautam, S.C.; Watkins, M.C., 1982:
Control of suppressor cell activity: autoanti-idiotype B cells produced by painting with picryl chloride inhibit the T-suppressor cell which blocks the efferent stage of contact sensitivity

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Control of surface infection with antibiotic-impregnated Epigard

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Control of surface wound infection: skin versus synthetic grafts

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Control of surgical and non-surgical heart block by use of the cardiac pacemaker, with clinical and physiological bases in the determination of the optimal heart rate

Milisić, D., 1982:
Control of surgical wound infection after appendectomy by primary delayed suture

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Control of susceptibility of F344 rats to adjuvant arthritis: an alternative interpretation

Werner-Tutschku, V., 1968:
Control of swine mange in general practice

Zinn, E., 1966:
Control of sylvatic rabies with special consideration of the decimation of the fox population by fumigation of fox holes

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Control of synthesis and release of radioactive acetylcholine in brain slices from the rat. Effects of neurotropic drugs

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Control of synthesis and wastage of ribosomal ribonucleic acid in lymphocytes. II. The role of protein synthesis

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Control of synthesis of glucosyl transferase and lysozyme messengers after T4 infection

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Control of synthesis of reaction center bacteriochlorophyll in photosynthetic bacteria

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Control of synthesis of wall teichoic acid during balanced growth of Bacillus subtilis W23

Cheah, S.C.; Hussey, H.; Baddiley, J., 1981:
Control of synthesis of wall teichoic acid in phosphate-starved cultures of Bacillus subtilis W23

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Control of synthetic activity in differentiating cells

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Control of systemic and pulmonary vasomotor tone before and after birth

Qui, C.; Blanchet, P.; Petitdidier, M.; Dreuille, M., 1984:
Control of systemic blood pressure changes during surgery for retinal detachment. Comparison of neuroleptanalgesia with or without enflurane

Lloyd, T.C., 1972:
Control of systemic vascular resistance by pulmonary and left heart baroreflexes

Assali, N.S., 1970:
Control of systemic, pulmonary, and regional blood flow in the fetal and neonatal periods

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Control of systolic blood pressure in elderly black patients

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Control of tachyarrhythmias associated with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome by amiodarone hydrochloride

Semichastnova, A.G.; Baranovskaia, N.I., 1981:
Control of teaching processes

Kessler, G.; Grünes, G., 1984:
Control of temporary anticoagulation in extracorporeal circulation using activated coagulation time

Rowe, G.G., 1967:
Control of tenesmus and diarrhea by cholestyramine administration

Hitier, Y., 1969:
Control of testicular acid DNAse of guinea pigs by ascorbic acid

Veronesi, R., 1971:
Control of tetanus in the State of São Paulo. Analysis and comments concerning the results of compulsory vaccination of students

Bazanov, V.A., 1970:
Control of the 1918 cholera epidemic in Petrograd

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Control of the 24-hour endogenous creatinin clearance in subjects with kidney disease, using nomograms. Overall control

Merlevede, W.; Goris, J.; Vandenheede, J.R.; Waelkens, E.; Yang, S.D., 1984:
Control of the ATP,Mg-dependent protein phosphatase by heat-stable regulatory proteins

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Control of the N, N-dimethylaniline content of various antibiotics

Skaper, S.D.; Varon, S., 1983:
Control of the Na+,K+-pump by nerve growth factor is essential to neuronal survival

Little, J.W., 1982:
Control of the SOS regulatory system by the level of RecA protease

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Control of the SPF status in laboratory animals. Bacteriological examinations in mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits

Juhr, N.C.; Obi, S., 1971:
Control of the SPF status of experimental animals. Skin test for excluding leptospira infections

Merkenschlager, M.; Juhr, N.C., 1971:
Control of the SPF-status in laboratory animals. Specific infection checks in dogs and cats

Comberg, D., 1968:
Control of the Zeiss tonometer

Landor, J.H., 1984:
Control of the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome by excision of primary and metastatic tumor

Braidotti, L.; Crivellaro, G.B., 1968:
Control of the acceptability and stability of proprietary drugs

Kotik, N.F., 1970:
Control of the accuracy of diagnosis in a central regional hospital

Tănăsescu, G.; Mangiuca, M.; Vărădeanu, A., 1972:
Control of the accuracy of the Wolin-Fu method of determination of blood sugar, using a new deproteinizing agent. Normal and pathological values of blood sugar

Amato, G.; La Grutta, V.; Enia, F., 1969:
Control of the acoustic sensory "input" in the medial geniculate body and inferior colliculus by the auditory cortex

Pierragi, G., 1966:
Control of the action of Luchon sulfurous treatments by rhinorheometry

Nakamoto, H.; Edwards, G.E., 1983:
Control of the activation/inactivation of pyruvate, Pi dikinase from the C4 plant maize by adenylate energy charge, pyruvate, and analogs of pyruvate

Piérard, A., 1966:
Control of the activity of Escherichia coli carbamoyl phosphate synthetase by antagonistic allosteric effectors

Löffler, G.; Ahrendt, C.; Trautschold, I., 1969:
Control of the activity of a structure-bound triglyceride lipase in adipose tissue

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Control of the activity of anti-foot-and-mouth disease GOA-formol vaccine on mice

Andreoli, C., 1968:
Control of the activity of clomiphene in the anovulatory cycle and daily immunological determination of LH for the diagnosis of ovulation

Uuskiula, L.S., 1968:
Control of the activity of glucose-6-phosphate and 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenases in the adipose tissue of starving rats

Benvenisty, N.; Simchon, E.B.; Cohen, H.; Mencher, D.; Meyuhas, O.; Reshef, L., 1983:
Control of the activity of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase and the level of its mRNA in livers of newborn rats. Effect of diabetes, glucose load and glucocorticoids

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Control of the acute-phase response. C-reactive protein synthesis by isolated perfused rabbit livers

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Control of the acute-phase serum amyloid A and C-reactive protein response: comparison of total replacement of the hip and knee

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Control of the adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate-adenyl cyclase system in the livers of developing rats

Criss, W.E., 1973:
Control of the adenylate charge in the Morris "minimal-deviation" hepatomas

Butenko, O.V.; Pavlova, T.S.; Diagelev, I.I.; Dikiĭ, A.M.; Krivchikov, I.N., 1974:
Control of the adequacy of artificial circulation during open heart surgery

Ashurov, B.M.; Krakovskiĭ, I.A.; Dashoiants, M.S.; Sliuniastikov, M.A., 1983:
Control of the adequacy of infusion therapy after operations on the major blood vessels

Cantagalli, P., 1969:
Control of the adulteration of durum wheat macaroni by the immunodiffusion method

Medentsev, A.G.; Akimenko, V.K., 1980:
Control of the alternative pathway of electron transfer in mitochondria of the yeast Candida lipolytica

Swartzwelder, J.C.; Peña Chavarría, A.; Kotcher, E.; Villarejos, V.M.; Arguedas, J.A.; Picado, B.; Esquivel Rodríguez, R., 1972:
Control of the ancylostomiasis infection by massive drug therapy treatment in Costa Rica

Gille, H.; Rausch, F., 1966:
Control of the angina pectoris pain by intensain

Campbell, H.J., 1970:
Control of the anterior pituitary gland by hypothalamic releasing-factors

Beattie, K.M., 1980:
Control of the antigen-antibody ratio in antibody detection/compatibility tests

Foreman, P.A., 1974:
Control of the anxiety-pain complex in dentistry. Intravenous psychosedation with techniques using diazepam

Anonymous, 1967:
Control of the asbestos hazard

Frieben, W.R., 1983:
Control of the aseptic processing environment

Jacquemin, C.; Haye, B., 1968:
Control of the biologic activity of thyrotropin by thyroxine

Anonymous, 1974:
Control of the blood cell cycle

Khalabuda, N.S., 1969:
Control of the blood coagulation system in patients undergoing surgery for mitral stenosis

Stepanian, E.P.; Pospelova, E.P.; Shurkalina, T.Kh., 1965:
Control of the blood coagulation system in patients with acquired heart defects, operated on under conditions of hypothermia and using an artificial blood circulation apparatus

Piérard, A., 1967:
Control of the carbamoylphosphate synthase activity of "Escherichia coli" by antagonist allosteric effectors

Ransom, J.H.; Evans, C.H.; Jones, A.E.; Zoon, R.A.; DiPaolo, J.A., 1983:
Control of the carcinogenic potential of 99mTechnetium by the immunologic hormone lymphotoxin

Tokairin, T.; Sato, R.; Kudo, Y.; Ishiyama, N.; Matsuki, T., 1983:
Control of the cardiac sympathetic nervous system by bilateral stellate ganglia: a comparison of blood epinephrine levels of the coronary arteries and veins of the right and left ventricles and the lateral wall

Knights, H.T., 1965:
Control of the carriage of epidemic phage type staphylococci and recurrent sepsis by biological means

März, P.; Postel, J.; Zierl, O., 1984:
Control of the cava-catheter position using intra-arterial ECG recording

Vraná, D.; Votruba, J., 1981 :
Control of the cell cycle of Candida utilis by external conditions

John, P.C., 1984:
Control of the cell division cycle in Chlamydomonas

Sasaki, T., 1972:
Control of the cell proliferation in vivo

Gye, R.; Segelov, J.; Nicks, R.; Cartmill, T.; Bookallil, M.; Clarke, B., 1969:
Control of the cerebral circulation in the surgical treatment of ruptured intracranial aneurysms

Charles, R.; De Graaf, A.; Lamers, W.H.; Moorman, A.F., 1983:
Control of the changes in rat-liver carbamoyl-phosphate synthase (ammonia) protein levels during ontogenesis: evidence for a perinatal change in immunoreactivity of the enzyme

Belohurov, O.G., 1972:
Control of the changes in the composition of incubation and perfusion media using the complex p(H-M) index (the p(H-M) index and methods for its determination)

Brady, J., 1967:
Control of the circadian rhythm of activity in the cockroach. I. The role of the corpora cardiaca, brain and stress

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Control of the citric acid cycle by glyoxylate. Mechanism of the inhibition by oxalomalate and gamma-hydroxy-alpha-oxoglutarate

Adinolfi, A.; Moratti, R.; Olezza, S.; Ruffo, A., 1969:
Control of the citric acid cycle by glyoxylate. The mechanism of inhibition of oxoglutarate dehydrogenase, isocitrate dehydrogenase and aconitate hydratase

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Control of the clinical behavior of 4 amalgams using standardized macro- and microphotographic methods

Weber-Gaud, M.L.; Herr, P.; Holz, J., 1982:
Control of the clinical behavior of 4 composites after 1 year

Maksimenkova, A.N.; Kulik, V.P., 1970:
Control of the completeness of disruption and restoration of the extramural nerve connections of the small intestine following its central denervation

Bozler, E., 1968:
Control of the contractile mechanism of smooth and cardiac muscle

Petermann, W., 1983:
Control of the course of lung fibrosis--which function parameters reflect the current clinical picture?

Bier, J.; Nicklisch, U.; Bitter, K., 1980:
Control of the course of unspecific cellular immune parameters in patients with squamous epithelial mouth carcinomas

Robinson, P.R.; Kawamura, S.; Abramson, B.; Bownds, M.D., 1980:
Control of the cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase of frog photoreceptor membranes

Istomina, A.G.; Shtukkenberg, I.M., 1967:
Control of the degree of contamination of surfaces by tritium oxides and measures for decontamination

Gigauri, V.S.; Padalko, V.V.; Mironova, Z.P.; Popova, Z.P., 1971:
Control of the degree of muscle relaxation

Kappeler, H., 1983:
Control of the diabetic patient in ambulatory care

Wettendorff, P., 1981:
Control of the diagnosis and attitude towards a chronic diarrhoea of "undetermined" origin

Williams, R.B., 1968:
Control of the discharge of cnidae in Diadumene luciae (Verrill)

Nĕmec, J.; Vohnout, S.; Vána, S.; Valenta, L.; Röhling, S., 1968:
Control of the distribution of radioactivity in the organism following therapeutic administration of radioactive iodine (131-I) in patients with cancer of the thyroid gland

Lisi, P., 1969:
Control of the distribution of the Langerhans cells in normal human epidermis

Vedel, J.P.; Mouillac-Baudevin, J., 1969:
Control of the dynamic and static fusimotor fiber activity by the mesencephalic reticular formation in the cat

Ricci, A.; Tsacopoulos, M., 1972:
Control of the effect of photocoagulation by means of fluorescein angiography

Gazárek, F.; Talas, M.; Stehlíková, J.; Zenísek, L.; Fingerová, H., 1981:
Control of the effect of prolactin-lowering substances

Tsenov, D.; Penev, I.; Tsankov, T., 1982:
Control of the effect of treatment in late threatened abortions using the DU-1 Dynamo-uterograph

Ammatuna, P., 1971:
Control of the effectiveness of a system of UV ray barriers for the protection of an aseptic room

Căruntu, F., 1982:
Control of the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy by determining the antibacterial activity of the blood and cerebrospinal fluid

Baille, N.; Paille, F.; Gillet, C.; Legras, B.; Patris, A.; Barrucand, D., 1983:
Control of the effectiveness of hospitalization and follow-up of the alcoholic patient. Apropos of 430 patients with a mean recession of 37 months

Shobat, D.N.; Lissov, I.L., 1974:
Control of the effectiveness of mitral commissurotomy by means of recording of intracardiac pressure

Zubenko, A.P., 1974:
Control of the effectiveness of physical exercises in burn patients by means of rheovasography

Anzieu, A.; Basquin, M.; Duché, D.J., 1983:
Control of the effectiveness of psychotherapy in children

Kovalevskiĭ, E.I.; Faustov, V.S., 1980:
Control of the effectiveness of uveitis treatment by the dynamics of the 11-hydroxycorticosteroid content

Coumel, P., 1981:
Control of the efficacy of anti-arrhythmic treatments

Büttner, M., 1984:
Control of the efficacy of dental prophylaxis measures in Basel in 1983

Ramkova, N.V., 1983:
Control of the efficacy of sterilization

Chalazonitis, N., 1968:
Control of the electrical properties of the somatic neuromembrane by intracellular pO2

van Doorn, P.; Folgering, H.; Colla, P., 1982:
Control of the end-tidal PCO2 in the hyperventilation syndrome: effects of biofeedback and breathing instructions compared

Zucchelli, G.C.; Malvano, R.; Rosa, U.; Salvetti, A., 1973 :
Control of the enzyme systems in plasma renin activity measurement by angiotensin I radioimmunoassay

Houdebine, L.M.; Teyssot, B.; Djiane, J.; Devinoy, E., 1982:
Control of the expression of milk protein genes by prolactin, glucocorticoids and progesterone

Agnoli, G.C.; Cariani, A.; Montini, T.; Guglielmetti, P., 1971:
Control of the extracellular fluid

Holloway, K.B., 1980:
Control of the eye during general anaesthesia for intraocular surgery

Cuenot, J.Y., 1982:
Control of the fabrication of the frame of a cermaometallic bridge. The incisivo-canine vestibular shell control method

Ozino Marletto, O.I.; Ambrosoli, R.; Piccone, G.; Biasiol, B., 1982:
Control of the fermentation activity during ensilage of Lolium italicum A. Br. and Medicago sativa L

Fekete, I.; Oláh, A.; Szabó, A., 1969:
Control of the fetus during labor

Barthelmess, I.B.; Curtis, C.F.; Kacser, H., 1974:
Control of the flux to arginine in Neurospora crassa: de-repression of the last three enzymes of the arginine pathway

Mott, J.C., 1982:
Control of the foetal circulation

Pimentel, F., 1966:
Control of the forces acting on the supporting tissues for removable partial dentures

Oelze, J., 1983 :
Control of the formation of bacteriochlorophyll, and B875- and B850-bacteriochlorophyll complexes in Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides mutant strain H5

Van Schaftingen, E.; Hue, L.; Hers, H.G., 1980:
Control of the fructose-6-phosphate/fructose 1,6-bisphosphate cycle in isolated hepatocytes by glucose and glucagon. Role of a low-molecular-weight stimulator of phosphofructokinase

Medof, M.E.; Nussenzweig, V., 1984:
Control of the function of substrate-bound C4b-C3b by the complement receptor Cr1

Larue, C.; Le Magnen, J., 1967:
Control of the functional value of the osmosensitivity of rhinencephalic structures in rats

Misiura, A.G., 1973:
Control of the gas exchange process in the lungs

Hunter, D.R.; Segel, I.H., 1973:
Control of the general amino acid permease of Penicillium chrysogenum by transinhibition and turnover

Muth, H., 1969:
Control of the hazardous birth

Fishman, N.H.; Roe, B.B.; Hutchinson, J.C., 1966:
Control of the hazards of cardiac valve replacement

Tetzner, H., 1968:
Control of the hazards of electrostatic charges as a special problem due to the use of chemicals

Aksenov, V.I., 1983:
Control of the health of guinea pigs in breeding colonies

Sommer, H., 1970 :
Control of the health of the cattle by means of clinical chemical test methods

Hitzmann, G., 1967:
Control of the heelfly in the rural district Harburg

Guichard, A.; Mignot, T.M.; Cedard, L.; Anguelova, P.; Scheib, D., 1983:
Control of the hormonal secretions of quail embryo gonads (normal and DES-treated): in vitro effects of testosterone and of hCG

Medvedev, V.I.; Mirolyubov, A.V., 1984:
Control of the human functional state

Lautt, W.W.; Dwan, P.D.; Singh, R.R., 1982:
Control of the hyperglycemic response to hemorrhage in cats

Blomfield, J.; Wilkinson, C.; Stewart, J.H.; Johnson, J.R.; Wright, R.C., 1970:
Control of the hypermagnesaemia of renal failure by maintenance haemodialysis

Saitmacher, F., 1970:
Control of the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-adrenal cortex regulatory zone with ACTH and the metopirone test in long-term glucocorticoid therapy

Spycher, M.O.; Nydegger, U.E., 1984:
Control of the immune complex-complement interaction by protein H of the alternative complement pathway and the natural inhibitor heparin

Diamantstein, T.; Odenwald, M.V., 1974:
Control of the immune response in vitro by calcium ions. I. The antagonistic action of calcium ions on cell proliferation and on cell differentiation

Li, Y.; Gao, Y.; Gong, C.; Wang, Z.; Xia, Q.; Gu, F.; Hu, C.; Zhang, L.; Guo, H.; Gao, S., 2018:
A33 antibody-functionalized exosomes for targeted delivery of doxorubicin against colorectal cancer

Andersen, V., 1974:
Control of the incidence of welder's eye. A contribution to analysis of Danish notifications concerning professional diseases

Nemiro, E.A.; Balode, G.Iu.; Giptere, L.E.; Gubatova, D.Ia.; Kantorovich, L.N., 1981:
Control of the individual radiation loads of the technical medical personnel at a regional dosimetric center

Novgorodov, S.A.; Dragunova, S.F.; Iaguzhinskiĭ, L.S., 1982:
Control of the induction of ion transport through mitochondrial membranes by the enzymes of the oxidative phosphorylation system

Deviataĭkin, E.V.; Abramov, I.V., 1983:
Control of the inhalation intake of long-lived alpha emitters

Holley, R.W.; Kiernan, J.A., 1974:
Control of the initiation of DNA synthesis in 3T3 cells: low-molecular weight nutrients

Prescott, D.M., 1982:
Control of the initiation of DNA synthesis in mammalian cells

Lefkowitz, E.J.; Fleischmann, W.R., 1981:
Control of the interferon system: an inhibitor of interferon action

Gunn, A.A.; Gould, J.C., 1965:
Control of the intestinal flora by means of antibacterial drugs in surgery of the colon

Ketterl, R.; Hölscher, A.H.; Weiser, H.F.; Siewert, J.R., 1984:
Control of the intragastric pH value in infection and peritonitis by ranitidine versus cimetidine. A double-blind study

Porr, O.; Morell, B.; Froesch, E.R., 1981:
Control of the juvenile diabetic with the insulin dosage device: indications and uses

Baldinetti, V.; Milani, M., 1969:
Control of the knowledge of the mechanism of bruxism. II. Disorders of neurovegetative homeostasis in bruxism--conclusions--therapy

Höring, F.O., 1965:
Control of the leading present day infectious diseases

Todorović, S., 1984:
Control of the maintenance of military medical equipment

Du Mesnil Du Buisson, 1967:
Control of the maintenance of the corpus luteum in the sow

Dekhtsunian, K.M., 1981:
Control of the major communicable diseases in the Armenian SSR during the Soviet period

Wood, B.G., 1970:
Control of the maxillary arch by primary bone graft in cleft lip and palate cases

Duc-Can, D., 1974:
Control of the menstrual cycle and fertility by progesterone in Macaca fascicularis

Raïs, B.; Mazat, J.P., 1995:
Control of the metabolic pathway of threonine in E coli. Application of biotechnology

Pichulowa, K.; Janowiec, M.; Paklerska-Pobratyn, H.; Pelczarska, B.; Zwolska-Kwiek, Z., 1981:
Control of the microbiological laboratories of phthisiopulmonological centers

Lapchenko, V.N.; Kachalov, I.P.; Nozdrachev, A.D., 1970:
Control of the micromanipulator with a pace motor and an automatic system for the detection of a functioning neuron

Khan, M.A.; Morimoto, R.I.; Bederka, J.T.; Runnels, J.M., 1973:
Control of the microsomal mixed-function oxidase by Ox2 and Ox5 genes in houseflies

Weislogel, P.O.; Butow, R.A., 1971:
Control of the mitochondrial genome in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The fate of mitochondrial membrane proteins and mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid during petite induction

Deblock, L., 1982:
Control of the molar in Begg's technic. I. Stage 1

Rovetta, G.; Ghirardo, G., 1971:
Control of the molecular hyperaggregation of the collagen by means of sulfhydryl compounds

Martini, P.; Massari, L., 1965:
Control of the most common hematochemical expressions of myocardial damage in chronic dinitroglycol poisoning

Schlegel, H.L.; Irmer, S., 1982:
Control of the most important bovine epidemics in the Federal Republic of Germany