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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42699

Chapter 42699 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cronin, D.G.; Hunter, W.S., 1980:
Craniofacial morphology in twins discordant for cleft lip and/or palate

Takata, Y.; Oomura, Y.; Miyaji, Y.; Niizawa, S.; Shimizu, R.; Koobayashi, S.; Wada, K.; Susami, R., 1983:
Craniofacial morphology in two pairs of monozygotic twins discordant for cleft palate

Gysel, C.; Erasmus, 1969:
Craniofacial morphology of Erasmus of Rotterdam

Coccaro, P.J.; D'Amico, R.; Chavoor, A., 1972:
Craniofacial morphology of parents with and without cleft lip and palate children

Kiliaridis, S.; Johansson, A.; Haraldson, T.; Omar, R.; Carlsson, G.E., 1995:
Craniofacial morphology, occlusal traits, and bite force in persons with advanced occlusal tooth wear

Rodriguez, J.M., 1969:
Craniofacial neuralgias: an outline of its diagnosis and management

Chalaye, J.C.; Deramond, H.; Devauchelle, B.; Doré, P., 1982:
Craniofacial osteosyntheses and scanography

Edgerton, M.T.; Jane, J.A.; Berry, F.A., 1974:
Craniofacial osteotomies and reconstructions in infants and young children

Gruss, J.S., 1995 :
Craniofacial osteotomies and rigid fixation in the correction of post-traumatic craniofacial deformities

Kaplan, E.N.; Ousterhout, D.K., 1972:
Craniofacial osteotomy

Cravo, J.; de Castro, M.J.; Machado, A.P., 1984:
Craniofacial pain

Shulka, G.D., 1981:
Craniofacial pain masquerading depression

Teodorescu, L.; Stratulat, E.; Cornea, I., 1967:
Craniofacial pains of neurovascular origin

Roumani, H., 1966:
Craniofacial phlebitis arising from dental infection

Lavelle, C.L., 1974:
Craniofacial profile angles in caucasians and negroes

Anonymous, 1983:
Craniofacial reconstruction brightens patients' futures

Horowitz, S.L.; Converse, J.M.; Gerstman, L.J., 1969:
Craniofacial relationships in mandibular prognathism

Arbit, E.; Sundaresan, N.; Galicich, J.H.; Shah, J., 1980:
Craniofacial resection following chemotherapy

Supance, J.S.; Seid, A.B., 1981:
Craniofacial resection for ethmoid carcinoma in children

Terz, J.J.; Alksne, J.F.; Lawrence, W., 1969:
Craniofacial resection for tumors invading the pterygoid fossa

Kvinnsland, S., 1974:
Craniofacial skeletal changes in young rats induced by prolonged papain administration

Ogaard, B.; Krogstad, O., 1995:
Craniofacial structure and soft tissue profile in patients with severe hypodontia

Kjellberg, H.; Fasth, A.; Kiliaridis, S.; Wenneberg, B.; Thilander, B., 1995:
Craniofacial structure in children with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) compared with healthy children with ideal or postnormal occlusion

Dahl, E., 1971:
Craniofacial structures in a skull with bilateral cleft lip and palate

Converse, J.M.; Wood-Smith, D., 1973:
Craniofacial surgery for ocular hypertelorism and craniofacial stenosis

Johanson, B.; Lauritzen, C.; Andersson, H.; Ridell, A.; Friede, H.; Eriksson, E.; Lilja, J.; Svendsen, P., 1981:
Craniofacial surgery in Göteborg

Gong, J.; Melamud, A.; Koenig, S., 2018:
A 61-Year-Old Caribbean Man With Thrush and Acute Respiratory Failure

Stricker, M., 1980:
Craniofacial surgery. Performance and risks

Goldwyn, R.M., 1982:
Craniofacial surgery: an opportunity for patients and plastic surgery

Pruzansky, S., 1982:
Craniofacial surgery: the experiment on nature's experiment. Review of three patients operated by Paul Tessier

Munro, I.R., 1981:
Craniofacial surgical techniques for aesthetic results in congenital and acute traumatic deformities

McCarthy, J.G.; Reid, C.A., 1980:
Craniofacial synostosis in association with vitamin D--resistant rickets

Clemenza, J.W.; Kaltman, S.I.; Diamond, D.L., 1995:
Craniofacial trauma and cerebrospinal fluid leakage: a retrospective clinical study

do Amaral, C.M.; Julio, G.L.; Cardoso, L.A.; Bueno, M.A., 1994:
Craniofacial treatment of giant-cell tumors of the sphenoid bone

Jackson, I.T.; Webster, H.R., 1994:
Craniofacial tumors

Wei, S.H., 1969:
Craniofacial variations, sex differences and the nature of prognathism in Chinese subjects

Osborn, A.G., 1981:
Craniofacial venous plexuses: angiographic study

Wei, S.H., 1970:
Craniofacial width dimensions

Orr, B.Y.; Long, S.Y.; Steffek, A.J., 1982:
Craniofacial, caudal, and visceral anomalies associated with mutant sirenomelic mice

Czarnecki, R.T.; Kallen, F.C., 1980:
Craniofacial, occlusal, and masticatory anatomy in bats

Cantrell, S.B.; Trott, J.A.; Moore, M.H.; David, D.J., 1994:
Craniofrontonasal dysostosis and the Poland anomaly

Reynolds, J.F.; Haas, R.J.; Edgerton, M.T.; Kelly, T.E., 1982:
Craniofrontonasal dysplasia in a three-generation kindred

Young, I.D.; Moore, J.R., 1984:
Craniofrontonasal dysplasia--a distinct entity with lethality in the male?

Kwee, M.L.; Lindhout, D., 1984:
Craniofrontonasal dysplasia: genetic heterogeneity?

Podol'skiĭ, F.D.; Burlutskiĭ, A.P., 1969:
Craniographic changes in carotid-cavernous anastomoses

Joncev, W.; Konstantinov, D., 1970:
Craniographic changes in mental retardation in childhood

Mannanov, I.S., 1966:
Craniographic picture of toxoplasmosis

Tikhonov, V.A.; Beskrovnaia, N.I., 1974:
Craniography in the syndrome of sclerocystic ovaries (Stein-Leventhal syndrome)

Burkhardt, C.; Krause, F.J., 1981:
Craniolacunia ("Lückenschädel") as an isolated finding

Sasabe, T.; Iwata, Y. , 1969:
Craniolacunia associated with myelomeningocele, hydrocephalus, a huge cavum septi pellucidi, and hypoplasia of the corpus callosum: report of a case

Liebeskind, A.; Jacobson, R.; Schechter, M.M., 1971:
Craniolacunia diagnosed prenatally

Rio, C.E.; Pinckney, L.E.; Kennedy, L.A., 1981:
Craniolacunia without associated anomalies

Gandolfo, M.T.; Miotti, M.L., 1970:
Craniolacunia. Presentation of 2 cases and clinical radiological considerations

McNeill, C., 1983:
Craniomandibular (TMJ) disorders--the state of the art. Part II: accepted diagnostic and treatment modalities

Skuble, D.F.; Choukas, N.C.; Toto, P.D., 1970:
Craniomandibular bone changes in rhesus monkeys induced by condylectomy

Danks, D.M.; Mayne, V.; Wettenhall, N.B.; Hall, R.K., 1974:
Craniomandibular dermatodysostosis

Kemper, J.T.; Okeson, J.P., 1983:
Craniomandibular disorders and headaches

Nydell, A.; Helkimo, M.; Koch, G., 1994:
Craniomandibular disorders in children--a critical review of the literature

Battershell, D., 1969:
Craniomandibular osteopathy

Watkins, J.D.; Bradley, R., 1966:
Craniomandibular osteopathy in a labrador puppy

Hathcock, J.T., 1982:
Craniomandibular osteopathy in an English Bulldog--

Shankland, W.E., 1983:
Craniomandibular pain: current treatment options

Farrar, W.B., 1982:
Craniomandibular practice: the state of the art; definition and diagnosis

Goldschmidt, M.J.; Castiglione, C.L.; Assael, L.A.; Litt, M.D., 1995:
Craniomaxillofacial trauma in the elderly

Beighton, P., 1995:
Craniometaphyseal dysplasia (CMD), autosomal dominant form

Urteaga, O.; Moseley, J.E., 1967:
Craniometaphyseal dysplasia (Pyle's disease) in an ancient skeleton from the Mochica culture of Peru

Hurwitz, R.A., 1970:
Craniometaphyseal dysplasia and osteopetrosis tarda. A rare combination of bone dysplastic changes

Girdwood, T.G.; Gibson, W.J.; Mackintosh, T.F., 1969:
Craniometaphyseal dysplasia congenita--Pyle's disease in a young child

Carlson, D.H.; Harris, G.B., 1972:
Craniometaphyseal dysplasia. A family with three documented cases

Tommasi, A.F., 1971:
Craniometaphyseal dysplasia. Review of the literature, clinical considerations and case report

Cooper, J.C., 1974:
Craniometaphyseal dysplasia: a case report and review of the literature

Shea, J.; Gerbe, R.; Ayani, N., 1981:
Craniometaphyseal dysplasia: the first successful surgical treatment for associated hearing loss

Polívka, D., 1967:
Craniometaphyseal familial dysplasia--Pyle's disease

de Mello, J.B., 1973:
Craniometer and craniostat for use in anthropometric research

Soni, N.N.; Malloy, R., 1970:
Craniometric analysis of growth patterns in guinea pig mandibles

Karwetzky, R.; Tielsch-Keuthen, H., 1972:
Craniometric and gnathometric changes in cerebral paralysis relative to maxillofacial development

Modica, R., 1966:
Craniometric articulator

Borghesan, C., 1968:
Craniometric data in otosclerosis

Schmidt, H.; Fischer, E.; Fendel, H., 1972:
Craniometric examination of skull growth

Bibus, E., 1967:
Craniometric investigations of the Colobus skull

Lengerke, H.J., 1974:
Craniometric investigations of the normal growth rate of the intracranial space in the first three years of life

Iorio, R.J.; Murray, G.; Meyer, R.A., 1980:
Craniometric measurements of craniofacial malformations in mice with X-linked, dominant hypophosphatemia (vitamin D-resistant rickets)

Nawrath, K., 1972:
Craniometric signs in various anomalies

Rottstock, F.; Mautrich, U.; Zuhrt, R., 1983:
Craniometric studies of the upper jaw as aid in population differentiation

Shimizu, Y., 1983:
Craniometric studies on Indian children

Arbenz, G.O.; Moucdcy, A.; Abramowicz, M.; da Silva, M.; Orsi, R., 1972:
Craniometric study in Pakategê Indian tribe (Hawks) from Jê group

Finlay, L.M., 1980:
Craniometry and cephalometry: a history prior to the advent of radiography

Heintel, H., 1971:
Craniometry as an aid in the quantitative determination of pathological skull asymmetries based on general skull x-ray pictures. Contribution to the diagnosis of infantile hemispheric lesions as a cause of epilepsy

Jiron, L., 1967:
Craniometry in 1,002 Chilean newborn infants

Ebel, K.D.; Weidtman, V., 1971:
Craniometry of pathological skull forms

Kanda, S.; Yamasaki, M.; Kurisu, K., 1968:
Craniometry of the Tohoku Japanese

Goździewski, S.; Gworys, B.; Porwolik, K.; Górzyńska, E., 1981:
Craniometry of the squama of the temporal bone in the newborn

Wang, T.M.; Li, B.Q.; Li-Che; Fu, C.L., 1982:
Craniopagus parasiticus: a case report of a parasitic head protruding from the right side of the face

Todorov, A.B.; Cohen, K.L.; Spilotro, V.; Landau, E., 1974:
Craniopagus twins

Noetzel, H., 1969:

Starkova, N.T.; Bukhman, A.I.; Aleksandrova, G.F., 1984:
Craniopharyngioma associated with osteoporosis

Shishkina, V.L.; Kasumova, S.Iu.; Snigireva, R.Ia.; Miakota, A.E., 1981:
Craniopharyngioma associated with pituitary adenoma and chordoma of Blumenbach's clivus

Bigorgne, J.C.; Fanello, S.; Rohmer, V.; Ben Bouali, A.; Guy, G.; Ronceray, J., 1983:
Craniopharyngioma associated with rectocolonic polyposis: Turcot's syndrome?

Pawlikowski, T.; Komorowska, A., 1965:
Craniopharyngioma associated with retarded growth in a girl

Vladyková, J., 1973:
Craniopharyngioma from the ophthalmologist's view point

Fournier, A.; Pauli, A.; Cécile, J.P.; Cousin, J.; Decherf, A., 1968:
Craniopharyngioma having the appearance of an isolated obesity

Hald, J.K.; Eldevik, O.P.; Skalpe, I.O., 1995:
Craniopharyngioma identification by CT and MR imaging at 1.5 T

Adedugbe, A.A., 1973:
Craniopharyngioma in a 25 year old Nigerian woman; a case study

Campbell, A.J.; Bull, J.W., 1972:
Craniopharyngioma in a predominantly adult population. A radiologic review

Herishanu, Y., 1970:
Craniopharyngioma in aged patients

Luyendijk, W.; Staal, A.; Dooren, L.J., 1965:
Craniopharyngioma in infants

Combelles, G.; Ythier, H.; Wemeau, J.L.; Cappoen, J.P.; Delandsheer, J.M.; Christiaens, J.L., 1984:
Craniopharyngioma in the same family

Kotwica, Z.; Jagodziński, Z.; Papierz, W., 1985:
Craniopharyngioma in the third cerebral ventricle coexisting with inflammatory tumor of the posterior cranial fossa

Vargas, J.R.; Pino, J.A.; Murad, T.M., 1981:
Craniopharyngioma in two siblings

Goldstein, S.J.; Wilson, D.D.; Young, A.B.; Guidry, G.J., 1983:
Craniopharyngioma intrinsic to the third ventricle

Altinörs, N.; Senveli, E.; Erdoğan, A.; Arda, N.; Pak, I., 1984:
Craniopharyngioma of the cerebellopontine angle. Case report

Masełkowski, M.; Senkus, J.; Korenkiewicz, J., 1982:
Craniopharyngioma of the clivus

Cooper, P.R.; Ransohoff, J., 1972:
Craniopharyngioma originating in the sphenoid bone. Case report

Panabokke, R.G.; Ranasinha, K.; Kumaranayake, C.S., 1970:
Craniopharyngioma pigmented with melanin

Yarde, W.L.; Kepes, J.J.; O'Boynick, P., 1995:
Craniopharyngioma presenting as Korsakoff psychosis

Cappaert, W.E.; Kiprov, R.V., 1981:
Craniopharyngioma presenting as unilateral central visual loss

Freeman, J.W.; Cox, T.A.; Batnitzky, S.; Morantz, R.A.; Lansky, L.A., 1980:
Craniopharyngioma simulating bilateral internal ophthalmoplegia

Ehni, G., 1980:
Craniopharyngioma surgery in children

Choux, R.; Hassoun, J.; Berard, M.; Pellissier, J.F.; Choux, M.; Toga, M., 1973:
Craniopharyngioma ultrastructure. In vivo and in vitro study

George, A.E.; Lin, J.P.; Kricheff, I.I., 1970:
Craniopharyngioma with abnormal vasculature

Block, M.A.; Goree, J.A.; Jimenez, J.P., 1973:
Craniopharyngioma with optic canal enlargement simulating glioma of the optic chiasm. Case report

Kandoth, P.W.; Deshpande, D.H., 1970:
Craniopharyngioma with unusual extension. A case report

Takahashi, T.; Fujii, H.; Toba, Y.; Isayama, Y.; Tamaki, N.; Matsumoto, S., 1983:
Craniopharyngioma--analysis of surgical procedure

Míchelsen, W.J.; Mount, L.A.; Renaudín, J., 1972:
Craniopharyngioma. A thirty-nine year survey

Rosenberg, D.; David, L.; Bertrand, J.; Ruitton-Ugliego, A.; Lapras, C.; Picot, C.; Monnet, P., 1970:
Craniopharyngioma. Recovery of growth after surgery in spite of somatotropin deficiency

Lipper, M.H.; Kishore, P.R.; Ward, J.D., 1981:
Craniopharyngioma: Unusual computed tomographic presentation

Page, R.B., 1994:
Craniopharyngioma: indications for transsphenoidal surgery

Passerini, A.; Vaghi, M.A., 1967:
Craniopharyngioma: radiological study of 82 cases

Rosenberg, D.; David, L.; Bertrand, J.; Ruitton-Ugliengo, A.; Lapras, C.; Picot, C.; Monnet, P., 1970:
Craniopharyngioma: renewed growth after the operation in spite of somatotropic hormone deficiency

Amacher, A.L., 1980:
Craniopharyngioma: the controversy regarding radiotherapy

Hoff, J.T.; Patterson, R.H., 1972:
Craniopharyngiomas in children and adults

Sharma, U.; Tandon, P.N.; Saxena, K.K.; Singhal, R.M.; Baruah, J.D., 1974:
Craniopharyngiomas treated by a combination of surgery and radiotherapy

Mori, K.; Handa, H.; Murata, T.; Ishikawa, M.; Takeuchi, J.; Osaka, K., 1980:
Craniopharyngiomas with unusual topography and associated with vascular pathology

Bartlett, J.R., 1971:
Craniopharyngiomas--a summary of 85 cases

Svolos, D.G., 1969:
Craniopharyngiomas. A study based on 108 verified cases

Bartlett, J.R., 1971:
Craniopharyngiomas. An analysis of some aspects of symptomatology, radiology and histology

Lauenborg, J.; Kosteljanetz, M., 1995:
Craniopharyngiomas. Neurosurgical treatment and therapeutic results

Cabezudo, J.M.; Vaquero, J.; Areitio, E.; Martinez, R.; de Sola, R.G.; Bravo, G., 1981:
Craniopharyngiomas: a critical approach to treatment

Shillito, J., 1980:
Craniopharyngiomas: the subfrontal approach, or none at all?

Ciric, I.S.; Cozzens, J.W., 1980:
Craniopharyngiomas: transsphenoidal method of approach--for the virtuoso only?

Arneri, V., 1966:

Wilflingseder, P., 1983:
Cranioplasties by means of diced cartilage and split rib grafts

Pastoriza, J.; Tessier, P.; Delbet, J.P., 1973:
Cranioplasties of the skull dome

Pereira, W.C.; Tenuto, R.A.; Vellutini, D.F., 1965:
Cranioplasty and correction of cerebrospinal rhinorrhea with methylmethacrylate. Considerations apropos of 35 cases

Ehni, G., 1982:
Cranioplasty for premature metopic suture closure (trigonocephaly)

Cabbabe, E.B.; Shively, R.E.; Malik, P., 1984:
Cranioplasty for traumatic deformities of the frontoorbital area

Caccialanza, E., 1983:
Cranioplasty from the historical and etiopathogenetic viewpoint

Massei, A.; Santoni Rugiu, P.; Ubiglia, G.P.; Salimbeni Ughi, G.; Cantini, R., 1983:
Cranioplasty in the adult. The use of autologous osteoperiosteal grafts taken from the external cranial table

Salyer, K.E.; Bardach, J.; Squier, C.A.; Gendler, E.; Kelly, K.M., 1995:
Cranioplasty in the growing canine skull using demineralized perforated bone

Firtell, D.N.; Grisius, R.J., 1981:
Cranioplasty of the difficult frontal region

Schupper, N., 1968:
Cranioplasty prostheses for replacement of cranial bone

Gulyás, G.; Pulay, G.; Volant, M.; Bárdosi, T.; Farkas, G.; Juharosi, Z., 1995:
Cranioplasty using computer-designed implants (preliminary report)

Hashiba, T., 1965:
Cranioplasty using kiel bone grafts

Yamada, H.; Sakai, N.; Takada, M.; Ando, T.; Kagawa, Y., 1980:
Cranioplasty utilizing a preserved autogenous bone flap coated with acrylic resin

Courson, B.; Grappin, G.; Lacour, M., 1968:
Cranioplasty with acrylic resin for extensive loss of osseous substance. Long term result

Bricolo, A.; Benati, A.; Bazzan, A., 1967:
Cranioplasty with acrylic resin, with heavy stainless steel mesh and with fragments of theca

Zotti, G.; De Vito, R., 1971:
Cranioplasty with acrylic resin. Considerations on 139 cases

Klemencić, H., 1964:
Cranioplasty with cancellous bone

Taran, I.A.; Babaev, E.P., 1980:
Cranioplasty with formalin-treated homotransplants using ultrasonic instruments

Vologodskaia, M.E.; Mysh, G.D., 1973:
Cranioplasty with roentgenocontrast acrylic plates

Fushiki, N., 1968:
Cranioplasty with titanium-screen

Vologodskaia, M.E.; Mysh, G.D., 1973:
Cranioplasty with x-ray contrast acrylic plates

Miyazaki, U.; Takamatsu, H.; Matsumoto, N.; Takeda, M.; Okawara, S., 1967:
Cranioplasty--with reference to observed cases

Pate, A.R., 1974:
Cranioplasty-A review of 31 cases

Bernstein, T.W.; Stewart, W.A.; Andrews, E.E., 1972:
Cranioplasty. Utilization of bank bone flaps to prepare acrylic cranioplasties: a technical note

Petty, P.G., 1974:
Cranioplasty: A follow-up study

Maniscalco, J.E.; Garcia-Bengochea, F., 1974:
Cranioplasty: a method of prefabricating alloplastic plates

Foustanos, A.P.; Anagnostopoulos, D.; Kotsianos, G.; Rapidis, A.D., 1983:
Cranioplasty: a review of 10 cases

Lee, C.; Antonyshyn, O.M.; Forrest, C.R., 1995:
Cranioplasty: indications, technique, and early results of autogenous split skull cranial vault reconstruction

Wright, Y.M.; Clark, W.E.; Breg, W.R., 1974:
Craniorachischisis in a partially trisomic 11 fetus in a family with reproductive failure and a reciprocal translocation, t(6p plus;11q minus)

Quaid, A., 1995:
Craniosacral controversy

Zviagin, V.N., 1983:
Cranioscopic method of diagnosing human sex

Gardner, G.E.; Kronman, J.H., 1971:
Cranioskeletal displacements caused by rapid palatal expansion in the rhesus monkey

Resche, F.; Tessier, P.; Delaire, J.; Tulasne, J.F., 1980:
Craniospinal and cervicospinal malformations associated with maxillonasal dysostosis (Binder syndrome)

Barson, A.J., 1970:
Craniospinal dysraphia and segmental level of the axial skeleton

Barson, A.J.; Porch, P.A., 1973:
Craniospinal dysraphia in the chick embryo

Barson, A.J., 1972:
Craniospinal dysraphia in the chick embryo produced by tissue-specific antibodies

Quinlivan, W.F., 1973:
Craniospinal trauma in the pediatric patient

Girard, P.L.; Dumas, M.; N'Diaye, I.P.; Collomb, H., 1971:
Craniospinal tumors in African Negroes

Rougerie, J.; Derome, P.; Houtteville, J.P., 1974:
Craniostenoses and their treatment

Fauré, C.; Bonamy, P.; Rambert-Misset, C., 1967:
Craniostenoses caused by premature unilateral fusion of the coronal suture

Fauré, C.; Bonamy, P.; Rambert-Misset, C., 1967:
Craniostenoses due to unilateral premature fusion of the coronal suture

Rougerie, J.; Derome, P.; Anquez, L., 1972:
Craniostenosis and cranio-facial dysmorphism. Principles of a new method of treatment and its results

Thauvoy, C.; Scholtes, J.L.; Moulin, D.; Reychler, H., 1995:
Craniostenosis and craniofacial dysmorphia

Loop, J.W.; Foltz, E.L., 1972:
Craniostenosis and diploic lamination following operation for hydrocephalus

Kalitkin, K.N., 1971:
Craniostenosis and its treatment

Arnould, G.; Tridon, P.; Picard, L.; Weber, M.; Masingue, M., 1971:
Craniostenosis and occipitovertebral joint abnormality

Roberts, J.R.; Rickham, P.P., 1970:
Craniostenosis following Holter valve operation

Bou-Salah, A.; Galli, I.; Ouahes, A.; Azzal, S., 1984:
Craniostenosis in Algeria. Surgical indications and results of a personal technic

Vernik, E.M.; Starodubtsev, A.I., 1967:
Craniostenosis in a 10-year old child

Jończyk, K.; Lukas, W.; Wasowicz-Bober, A., 1971:
Craniostenosis in an infant

Korogodskiĭ, G.M., 1969:
Craniostenosis in military medical practice

Goebert, H.W., 1969 :
Craniostenosis in one dizygotic twin

Martinez-Lage, J.F.; Esteban, J.A.; Martinez Perez, M.; Poza, M., 1984:
Craniostenosis secondary to calcified subperiosteal hematoma: case report

Haugen, L.K., 1966:
Craniostenosis--odontological aspects

Kundu, S.C.; Mukherjee, A., 1967:
Craniostenosis. A report of six cases in a family

Vigouroux, R.; Baurand, C.; Choux, M., 1965:
Craniostenosis. Apropos of 11 cases

Silvestro, L., 1982:
Craniostenosis. Etiopathogenetic considerations

Ebel, K., 1974:
Craniostenosis. Roentgenological and craniometric features

de Almeida, G.M.; de Barros, N.G., 1965:
Craniostenosis. Surgical treatment. Considerations apropos of 25 cases

Meloche, B.R., 1967:
Craniostenosis: 29 cases--review of the literature

Graham, J.M., 1981:
Craniostenosis: a new approach to management

Bagchi, A.K., 1967:
Craniostenosis: a problem in neurophthalmology

Kondo, A.; Makita, Y.; Kubo, T.; Ishikawa, J.; Okumura, A., 1974:
Craniostenosis: findings in pneumoencephalography and RI-cisternography

Hahn, J.F.; Trusso, R.; Levy, W.J., 1981:
Craniosynostectomy with reduced blood loss

Yagüe, L.; Morales, F.; Civieta, J.; Maíllo, A.; Díaz, P., 1984:
Craniosynostoses: importance of the measurement of intracranial pressure and the application of J Jane's surgical technic

Cohen, M.M., 1995:
Craniosynostoses: phenotypic/molecular correlations

Gaudier, B.; Laine, E.; Fontaine, G.; Castier, C.; Farriaux, J.P., 1967:
Craniosynostosis (study of 20 cases)

Anonymous, 1980:
Craniosynostosis and Craniofacial Anomalies

Herrmann, J.; Pallister, P.D.; Opitz, J.M., 1969:
Craniosynostosis and craniosynostosis syndromes

Lippe, B.M.; Sparkes, R.S.; Fass, B.; Neidengard, L., 1980:
Craniosynostosis and syndactyly: expanding the 11q-- chromosomal deletion phenotype

Peyser, E., 1969:
Craniosynostosis following shunting procedures for congenital hydrocephalus

el-Sherif, H.; Khalifa, A.S.; Abou-Senna, A.M.; Ghaly, A.F., 1970:
Craniosynostosis in Egypt

Schmid, H., 1969:
Craniosynostosis in the child. Mental development and neurologic findings prior to and following craniotomy

Roy, W.A.; Iorio, R.J.; Meyer, G.A., 1981:
Craniosynostosis in vitamin D-resistant rickets. A mouse model

Kloss, J.L., 1968:
Craniosynostosis secondary o ventriculoatrial shunt

Woon, K.C.; Kokich, V.G.; Clarren, S.K.; Cohen, M.M., 1980:
Craniosynostosis with associated cranial base anomalies: a morphologic and histologic study of affected like-sexed twins

Kaiser, G., 1980:
Craniosynostosis, clinical aspects and surgical indications

Bellmann, G., 1972:
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Create a new life in a nursing home

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Create culture of integrity to defeat research fraud, funding agencies say

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Created by the will of the people

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Creating a Swedish top ten list of scientific nursing journals

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A 61-Year-Old Caucasian Woman with Sarcoidosis

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Creating a climate to promote internal motivation in employees

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Creating a day hospital

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Creating a favorable environment to condition apprehensive patients

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Creating a healthful future

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Creating a healthy psychic environment

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Creating a new prospect for teaching anatomy

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Creating a new role for nurses

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Creating a nursing service newsletter

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Creating a public impression

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Creating a therapeutic environment

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Creating a ward learning environment: the sister's role. 2

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Creating an environment to support hardiness and quality patient care

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Creating an ethical organization

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Creating an ethical practice environment: a focus on advocacy

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Creating an experimental model of isolated gastric tuberculosis

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Creating an image for your office environment

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Creating an image; a manufacturer's comments

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Creating an interest in exercise

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Creating and developing a temporary acrylic crown technique

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Creating and implementing a sound nursing care plan

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Creating and working with small groups in a psychogeriatric hospital ward

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Creating awareness

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Creating back care awareness

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Creating child-caring communities through 4-C programs

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Creating community awareness of genetic services

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Creating comprehensive gero-psychiatric care in the community

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Creating critical care oncology beds

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Creating critical consciousness in health: applications of Freire's philosophy and methods to the health care setting

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Creating database links between nursing diagnoses and nursing activities

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Creating environments for learning

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Creating functional environments for elder care facilities

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Creating health for a new age

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Creating initial millet material by chemical mutagenesis

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Creating instructional media to meet the needs of preschool hearing-impaired children with developmental disabilities

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Creating links between hospital and community

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Creating meaning out of horror

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Creating models of a disease

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Creating more generalists: physician reform by reason ... or by mandate?

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Creating new criminals

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Creating opportunities, or what is it like to be a WHALE?

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Creating optimal conditions for fixation and taking of autodermotransplants on granulating wounds

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Creating order out of CHAOS: coping with the pressures of hospital nursing

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Creating our future: challenges and opportunities for the clinical nurse specialist. 1992

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Creating overdenture stability with a locking attachment

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Creating paths: living with a very-low-birth-weight infant

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Creating practice guidelines: the dangers of over-reliance on expert judgment

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Creating reality or contributing to confusion? An exploratory study of client participation in student learning

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Creating residential alternatives for the chronically mentally ill

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Creating slide presentations using computer graphics software

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Creating the Medical Outcomes Research Project: an update

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Creating the conditions for healing and health: the challenge of patient care executives

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Creating the environment necessary to ensure quality patient care in the community setting

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Creating the library itself: collection, staff, and space

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Creating the posterior palatal seal

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Creating the proper environment for arthroscopic surgery

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Creating the role of the retention program coordinator

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Creating the story of a life

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Creating the virtual hospital: nursing as a pioneer

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Creating university hospitals: rationales and realities

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Creating value for your patients

Manji, I., 1995:
Creating value for your staff

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Creating visual materials for multi-handicapped deaf learners

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Creating visual slides

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Creating your future

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Creating your own patient-education program with audio-visual materials

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Creatinine excretion in growing fattening calves

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Creatinine in the amniotic fluid

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Creatinine in the crock pot

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Creatinine phosphokinase levels in coronary care. An example of utilisation review

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Creatinine reabsorption and renal function in the freshwater lamprey

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Creatinine used as a reference point for diminishing statistical errors in the determination of Po 210 contents in the body

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Creatinine, a parameter of fetal maturity

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Creatinine, urea and glucose content in the amniotic fluid for the determination of fetal maturation

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Creatinine, uric acid, and electrolytes in amniotic fluid

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Creatinine-clearnace nomogram

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Creatinine-height index

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Creatinine-height index in malnourished children

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Creatinine-hydroxyproline index in healthy subjects, in hyperthyroidism and in bone neoplasms

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Creatinine: a precursor of methylguanidine

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Creatininemia in patients over 80 as a test of renal function

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Creatininphosphokinase isoenzymes in anaesthesia-induced myoglobinuria (AIM)

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Creatinkinase-beta-radioimmunoassay - its importance in the search for myocardial necroses under long-term tocolysis with Fenoterol

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Creatinol-O-phosphate-digitalis combination in heart failure patients

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Creatinuria and creatininuria in connection with age, sex and different pathologic conditions

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Creation and activities of an international working group on Trypanosoma evansi infections

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Creation and destruction: notes on Dylan Thomas

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Creation and development of health services for children's and adolescents' hygiene in the Ukraine (1938-1945)

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Creation and development of the District Oncological Center in Poznan

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Creation and development of the neurological services of the railway health system in the period between World War I and II

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Creation and evaluation of the effectiveness of a computer database based on results of screening of donors for markers of viral hepatitis B and C

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Creation and importance of the latent, ischaemic phase as an etiologic factor in Perthes' disease

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Creation and properties of histocompatibility antigen-cell conjugates. I. Preparation and immunological properties of rat histocompatibility antigens

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Creation and protection of healthy living and working conditions. The ordinance of the Ministry of Health for the implementation of the Law No. 20, Coll. Laws 1966

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Creation and repair of diaphragmatic hernia in the fetal lamb: lung development and morphology

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Creation and repair of diaphragmatic hernia in the fetal lamb: techniques and survival

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Creation and use of aerosol generators in toxicological studies

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Creation of Charcot's chair

Biswas, A.; Gaztambide, H.; Wakefield, D.N.; Sriram, P.S., 2017:
A 61-year-old male with generalised lymphadenopathy presenting with shortness of breath and infiltrates on chest radiography

Anonymous, 1969:
Creation of a German section of the S.O.I.A

Montgomery, G.G., 1982:
Creation of a Panamanian national refuge for marine birds on the islands of Taboga and Urabá

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Creation of a blood bank at the GRALL pediatric hospital in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Creation of a brachio-scapular ligament in the surgical treatment of habitual shoulder dislocation

Ollstein, R.N.; Symonds, F.C.; Crikelair, G.F.; Corliss, S., 1969:
Creation of a burn center

Shikata, J., 1969:
Creation of a cecal fistula

Selker, R.G.; Wolfson, S.K.; Medal, R.; Miller, M., 1973:
Creation of a chemothermal gradient in treatment of brain tumors

Ryneĭskiĭ, S.V.; Morozov, I.I., 1967:
Creation of a choledochoduodeno-anastomosis by means of the NZhKA apparatus

Makino, T., 1981:
Creation of a clone man and human reproduction

Koechlin, P., 1965:
Creation of a collective system of psychotherapeutic care and supervision

Petrov, B.D., 1980:
Creation of a complete history of industrial hygiene in Russia and the USSR

Fedorov, V.D.; Pokrovskiĭ, G.A.; Rykov, V.I.; Amelin, V.M.; Odariuk, T.S., 1981:
Creation of a controllable closure apparatus after excision of the rectum

Starinskiĭ, V.V.; Kapatsinskiĭ, E.V.; Sokolova, L.V.; Matrosova, T.S., 1981:
Creation of a coordination plan by a leading research institute

Rittner, C., 1981:
Creation of a course in forensic medicine at the Ruhr University in Bochum

Bromberg, B., 1968:
Creation of a crime prevention service suggested

Kleber, H., 1984:
Creation of a diaclinic for paraclinical case presentation from the technical didactic viewpoint

Skobelkin, O.K.; Brekhov, E.I.; Mokhov, E.M.; Tsuranov, S.V., 1984:
Creation of a esophago-intestinal anastomosis during gastrectomy

Sentek, K., 1980:
Creation of a factory manual according to section 13 of the decree on hazardous materials

Lobonţ, O., 1981:
Creation of a favorable climate for long-stay hospitalized children

Bondar', G.V.; Fefelov, A.I., 1972:
Creation of a functioning artificial sphincter during the formation of a preternatural anus

Timoshenko, L.I.; Baĭ, E.N., 1984:
Creation of a fund of exchange lists of typed donors in blood service institutions

Golubev, I.R.; Zhilov, I.D.; Zaichenko, A.I., 1981:
Creation of a government information system on the population's health status in relation to environmental pollution

Anonymous, 1982:
Creation of a hyperbaric center divided into multiunits in the respiratory emergency and medical resuscitation department of Calmette Hospital

Pello, M.J.; Beauregard, W.L., 1981:
Creation of a loop colostomy or ileostomy with immediate application of appliance

Velický, J., 1971:
Creation of a mode in the treatment of eye diseases

Testemitsanu, N.A.; Russu, G.S.; Kobelian, Z.S.; Frekeutsanu, A.A., 1984:
Creation of a model for a rural pediatric center and children's consultation clinic of the future

Rumiantsev, G.I.; Beliaeva, N.N.; Bystrova, T.A.; Kudasheva, V.A.; Kuralesina, V.K., 1984:
Creation of a model of the specialist in the training of physician-hygienists and epidemiologists

Kulaya Tuntipalachewa, 1980:
Creation of a model to survey and evaluate nursing performance

Delacroix, P.; Pons, J.; Chapionnat, 1965:
Creation of a neo-vagina after abdomino-perineal amputation of the rectum for cancer

Wabrek, A.J.; Millard, P.R.; Wilson, W.B.; Pion, R.J., 1971:
Creation of a neovagina by the Frank nonoperative method

Lenzi, E., 1968:
Creation of a neovagina with the abdomino-perineal procedure (Vecchietti method)

Capraro, V.J.; Capraro, E.J., 1972:
Creation of a neovagina. A simplified technic

Karunakaran, C.O., 1968:
Creation of a new caste in medicine

Onimura, K., 1984:
Creation of a night atmosphere ideal for the patient

Nayrac, P.; Milbled, G.; Parquet, P.J.; Leclercq, M., 1966:
Creation of a pseudo-aleatory signal, of simple application, usable in tracking tests

Kalantarov, K.D.; Ashikhmina, I.G., 1974:
Creation of a radioisotope diagnostic laboratory in a multi-profile hospital

Baltaĭtis, I.V., 1984:
Creation of a retention ileostomy reservoir

Kovácsy, A.; Schmidt, L., 1974:
Creation of a sensitive finger pad after traumatic amputation of the distal phalanx

Perraro, F., 1982:
Creation of a specialist of medicine

Haskal, Z.J.; Middlebrook, M.R., 1994:
Creation of a stenotic stent to reduce flow through a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt

Gigas, H.; Gansel, K., 1974:
Creation of a stress-free laying pause in turkeys with TURISYNCHRON

Solov'ev, G.M.; Pakhomov, V.I.; Kungurtsev, V.V., 1972:
Creation of a subcutaneous arterio-venous fistula on the skin using an auto-venous transplant

Góral, R.; Czarnecki, R., 1970:
Creation of a subcutaneous arteriovenous fistula for treatment with extracorporeal hemodialysis

Shikhman, A.R.; Lebedev, K.A., 1981:
Creation of a subcutaneous artificial cavity with a pocket for collecting macrophages

Slowikowski, J.; Stolarczyk, J.; Sawiczbirkowska, K.; Chojnacka, U., 1971:
Creation of a substitute bladder using cecum as bladder and ileum as urethra

Mori, Y., 1983:
Creation of a system for efficient public health nursing: a question of the relationship with administrative personnel

Kotsu, H., 1983:
Creation of a system for efficient public health nursing: an overview of activities by division of labor

Orishikide, N., 1983:
Creation of a system for efficient public health nursing: re-evaluation of the starting point in public health nursing

Minachov, F.A.; Khikmatullin, I.A.; Burenin, A.F., 1981:
Creation of a territorial system for computer collection and processing information regarding disability

Peens, T., 1981:
Creation of a therapeutic environment for the child in a hemodialysis unit. Report delivered at the 6th Annual Congress of the Kidney Care Society of South Africa, February 1981

Rajpal, S.G.; Kirkpatrick, J.R., 1972:
Creation of a thoracic duct fistula: an improved technique

Sudo, K., 1983:
Creation of a unique curriculum for nursing education: toward construction of a conceptual framework for nursing

Perlmutter, A.P.; Lopez, M.; Vaughan, E.D., 1995:
Creation of a volume lesion in the dog prostate using neodymium:YAG laser coagulation: concepts for clinical treatment

Green, K.L., 1995:
Creation of a "flex care" area in a busy emergency department

van Grimbergen, M.; Reybrouck, G., 1972:
Creation of air pollution by burning of thermoplastic materials used as raw material in disposable medical supplies

Bruining, H.A.; Bos, K.E.; Colthoff, E.G.; Tolhurst, D.E., 1981:
Creation of an anal sphincter mechanism by bilateral proximally based gluteal muscle transposition

Argüero, R.; P0erez Alvarez, J.J.; Franco Vázquez, S., 1968:
Creation of an aorto-pulmonary window in the treatment of cardiopathies with decreased pulmonary flow

Brunet, A.; Aubert, P., 1973:
Creation of an arterial neocollateral for the installation of Scribner's shunt

Dupoux, J.; Galy, J.C.; Duvergey, H., 1970:
Creation of an arteriovenous anastomosis by transposition of a saphenous graft to the arm

Greenberg, H.L.; Berk, S.H., 1971:
Creation of an arteriovenous fistula for transfusion

Richie, R.E.; Johnson, H.K.; Walker, P.; Ginn, E., 1972:
Creation of an arteriovenous fistula utilizing a modified bovine artery graft: clinical experience in fourteen patients

Góral, R., 1972:
Creation of an artificial anus following proctectomy

Schoysman, R., 1968:
Creation of an artificial spermatocele in agenesis of the deferent duct

Vecchietti, G., 1965:
Creation of an artificial vagina in Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome

Tsirulnikov, M.S., 1984:
Creation of an artificial vagina using pelvic peritoneum. Short and long-term results

Friedberg, V., 1974:
Creation of an artificial vagina with peritoneum

Yokoyama, M.; Ebina, K.; Takao, A., 1971:
Creation of an atrial septal defect by left thoracotomy

Gotsman, M.S., 1965:
Creation of an atrial septal defect in transposition of the great vessels

Rashkind, W.J.; Miller, W.W., 1966:
Creation of an atrial septal defect without thoracotomy. A palliative approach to complete transposition of the great arteries

Dorra, M.; Lardy, P.; Waynberger, M.; Bouvrain, Y., 1971:
Creation of an auriculoventricular block during cardiac arrest due to a hypocalcemic electromechanical dissociation. Discussion of the possibility of application in cardiac surgery

Gasparian, S.A., 1972:
Creation of an automated information system in a medical school

Tatarov, G.; Gergov, P., 1981:
Creation of an avirulent mutant of Aujeszky's disease virus by exposure to 5-bromodeoxyuridine

Bargoni, A.; Discalzo, L.; Fronticelli, C.M.; Pich, A.; Conti, F.; Garavoglia, M.; Picco, W., 1980:
Creation of an experimental model of antro-jejunal and antro-colic transposition in rats

Sanotskiĭ, I.V.; Timofievskaia, L.A., 1980:
Creation of an international list of standards for harmful substances in the air of a work area

Colapinto, R.F.; Stronell, R.D.; Birch, S.J.; Langer, B.; Blendis, L.M.; Greig, P.D.; Gilas, T., 1982:
Creation of an intrahepatic portosystemic shunt with a Grüntzig balloon catheter

Kondo, Y., 1984:
Creation of an "area with healthy population" and nursing: healthy, enriched life for each child--activities of an outpatient clinic for the creation of an area with healthy population

Takekuma, Y., 1984:
Creation of an "area with healthy population" and nursing: importance of knowing individual inhabitants rather than individual patients

Ishino, I., 1984:
Creation of an "area with healthy population" and nursing: importance of recognizing nursing capacity of individuals--nuclear families and the aging society

Hayashi, Y., 1984:
Creation of an "area with healthy population" and nursing: the attitude of participants supporting volunteer activities

Mekler, L.B., 1971:
Creation of antineoplastic preparations on the basis of the theory of organ-tissue mosaicism of malignant cells

Shul'meĭster, A.G.; Ivlichev, I.I.; Khentov, R.A.; Mikhal'skiĭ, V.F., 1973:
Creation of apparatus for the diagnosis and treatment of female sterility

Bialostozky, L.; Antonio Lazcano, M.; Octavio Barrón, J., 1967:
Creation of arteriovenous fistula in the treatment of discrepancies of length of the lower extremities

Avilova, O.M.; Bagirov, M.M., 1981:
Creation of artificial esophagus from the large intestine after preliminary preparation of the graft

Gizycka, I., 1970:
Creation of artificial interatrial septal defects in youngest children

Zhilov, I.D., 1971:
Creation of artificial light climate for teenagers

Yokoyama, M., 1970:
Creation of atrial septal defect

Yokoyama, M.; Sakakibara, S., 1972:
Creation of atrial septal defect through left thoracotomy

Doumanian, H.O.; Moller, J.H.; Amplatz, K., 1968:
Creation of atrial septal defects by catheter as palliation of complete transposition

Anonymous, 1974:
Creation of card catalogs for nutritional science

Chary, K.S.; Rao, M.S.; Kumar, S.; Palaniswamy, R.; Chandrasekar, D.; Vaidyanathan, S.; Jain, S., 1981:
Creation of caverno-glandular shunt for treatment of priapism

Eales, J.G., 1974:
Creation of chronic physiological elevations of plasma thyroxine in brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill) and other teleosts

Voloshinov, D.B., 1971:
Creation of collateral circulation in the internal membranes of the eye

Cope, C., 1995:
Creation of compression gastroenterostomy by means of the oral, percutaneous, or surgical introduction of magnets: feasibility study in swine

Kushakovskii, O.S.; Tarichko, I.V.; Ivanov, V.A., 1983:
Creation of coronary anastomosis with staple sutures

Valette, G.; Marcy, R.; Khai, T.M., 1967:
Creation of different models of experimentally induced injuries in the rat and the guinea pig. Use in the pharmacodynamic test of presumed cicatrizing treatments

Idzior, B.; Noel, R.; Gabel, M., 1980:
Creation of duodenal-bridge fistulae in young cattle

Burtsev, A.N., 1965:
Creation of esophago-gastric and esophago-intestinal anastomoses by use of a special apparatus

Basmadzhieva, K.; Kolev, K.; Balabaeva, L., 1981:
Creation of experimental emphysema by the intratracheal administration of papain

Kozlov, I.Z.; Gornak, K.A., 1967:
Creation of experimental heart aneurysm in dogs

Patarroyo, M.; Patarroyo, M., 1995:
Creation of first malaria vaccine raises troubling questions about "intellectual racism". Interview by Kirsteen MacLeod

Levina, E.L., 1972:
Creation of hard differential-diagnostic media for yeast-like organisms and yeasts

Berlage, A.; Marxkors, R., 1969:
Creation of high gloss finish on dental plastic materials

Allgöwer, M., 1972:
Creation of intensive care in hospitals of various sizes-panel discussion

Mavroudis, C.; Katzmark, S.; Howe, W.R.; Gray, L.A., 1984:
Creation of left-to-right shunts in the newborn pig: a new model

Sono, A.; Miyahara, S., 1981:
Creation of life and medical ethics: a discussion with the author of "Kami no Yogoreta te" (The Soiled Hand of the God)

Kubo, S., 1981:
Creation of life and medical ethics: the meaning of birth

Sródka, A.; Sosińska-Trawińska, M., 1982:
Creation of medical departments in Polish scientific institutions. The 2d Warsaw Scientific Society

Ayrapetyan, M.; Googe, P.B.; Jolly, P.; Levinson, K.; Popowitch, E.; Lachiewicz, A.M., 2018:
A 61-year-old man with erythematous forearm papules three months after liver transplantation

Davies, N.P.; Rosewell, I.R.; Richardson, J.C.; Cook, G.P.; Neuberger, M.S.; Brownstein, B.H.; Norris, M.L.; Brüggemann, M., 1993:
Creation of mice expressing human antibody light chains by introduction of a yeast artificial chromosome containing the core region of the human immunoglobulin kappa locus

Meuli, M.; Meuli-Simmen, C.; Yingling, C.D.; Hutchins, G.M.; Hoffman, K.M.; Harrison, M.R.; Adzick, N.S., 1995:
Creation of myelomeningocele in utero: a model of functional damage from spinal cord exposure in fetal sheep

Hummitzsch, H., 1983:
Creation of need equitable social psychiatric services outside of agglomeration areas

Thomas, T.V.; Bichlmeier, F.G., 1974:
Creation of new coronary ostia in the ascending aorta. Technical considerations

Ramos, J., 1967:
Creation of new medical schools

Grzegorzewski, E., 1969 :
Creation of new medical schools in Latin America

Stead, E.A., 1984:
Creation of personnel at the medical/computer science interface: should it be a specialty?

Bromm, B., 1971:
Creation of rhythmic impulse sequences in nerves

Gorodinskiĭ, S.M.; Denisenko, G.F.; Romanova, I.G., 1980:
Creation of scientifically based requirements and standards for insulating clothing for industrial purposes

Lange, C.M., 1982:
Creation of self-learning centers

Aoki, N.; Sugai, F.; Inoue, Y.; Sugiyama, M.; Aoki, K., 1982:
Creation of slides depicting a life of an old lady... on the activities of the public health service, medical care, and welfare system at Manazuru

Orlowski, T., 1972:
Creation of substitute urinary bladder by a method enabling urinary continence

Lopatkin, N.A.; Pytel', I.A., 1967:
Creation of temporary blood circulation in the transplanted cadaveric kidney with the aid of the arteriovenous anastomosis of the recipient

Anonymous, 1980:
Creation of the Asociación Española de Toxicología

Tereshkov, F.T., 1973:
Creation of the Museum of the History of Soviet Veterinary Medicine

Ishikawa, K., 1970:
Creation of the artificial anus

Smólska, I.; Radłowska, Z.; Stańczyk, J.; Okłot, K.; Milanowski, Z.; Tymowska-Umińska, A., 1981:
Creation of the esophagus from the gastric tube in children with congenital esophageal atresia

Shitskova, A.P.; Novikov, I.V.; Borisenkova, R.V.; Gusev, M.I.; Ponomarenko, I.I., 1982:
Creation of the health service of the RSFSR

Shoshany, G.; Cohen, E.; Mordohovich, D.; Hayari, L.; Har-Shai, Y.; Bar-Maor, J.A., 1994:
Creation of the isolated bowel segment in animals by omentoenteropexy

Shishkin, A.P., 1982:
Creation of the network of public health and social hygiene institutes in the USSR in the 20's and early 30's

Gatti, W.M.; Lucchinetti, M.; Thinakkal, R., 1981:
Creation of the phonatory neoglottis. Preliminary experience with ten cases

Holder, A.R., 1973:
Creation of the physician-patient relationship. 2

Holder, A.R., 1974:
Creation of the physician-patient relationship. I

Bulgakov, S.P.; Gekht, B.M.; Gundarov, V.P.; Razumov, I.A., 1983:
Creation of the technical means for electromyographic research in polyclinics

Brechner, R.J.; Whalen, W.R., 1984:
Creation of the transformed Q statistic probability distribution to aid in the detection of abnormal computerized visual fields

Donskikh, I.I.; Shustov, S.B., 1980:
Creation of the troop physician

Orr, W.A.; Gillenwater, J.Y., 1971:
Creation of vesicoureteral reflux in the canine experimental model

Decker, S.A.; Bryant, J.E., 1993:
Creation of visual metaphors in RN education

Glenner, G.G.; Ein, D.; Eanes, E.D.; Bladen, H.A.; Terry, W.; Page, D.L., 1971:
Creation of "amyloid" fibrils from Bence Jones proteins in vitro

Hildebrandt, R.W., 1982:
Creation science and chiropractic curriculum alternatives

Gerlovich, J.A.; Goellner, K.E.; Grant, S.C.; Hanson, R.W.; Huffman, D.M.; McCollum, C.G.; Tiffany, L.H.; Weinberg, S.L., 1980:
Creationism in Iowa

Finkielman, S., 1982:
Creationism questioned

Budiansky, S., 1984:
Creationism: legal battle in Louisiana

Schröder, M.; Gonseth, J.P., 1982:
Creations and psychodrama figurations in fairy tales. Fairy tales remembered--created--experienced in play--recognized

Singh, S.P., 1970:
Creative abilities: a cross-cultural study

Pankove, E.; Kogan, N., 1968:
Creative ability and risk-taking in elementary school children

Kogan, N.; Pankove, E., 1972:
Creative ability over a five-year span

Obrosov, A.N., 1974:
Creative achievements in physiotherapy and balneology

Paffard, M.K., 1970:
Creative activities and 'peak' experiences

Robinson, L.G., 1966:
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