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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42712

Chapter 42712 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lazzaroni, M.; Bianchi Porro, G., 1982:
Current findings on the physiopathogenesis and diagnosis of diarrhea

Dargent, R., 1969:
Current findings on the plasmoptysis phenomenom

Kolb, E., 1982:
Current findings on the regulation of fatty acid degradation as well as production and utilization of ketone bodies with special reference to the importance of carnitine in fatty acid metabolism

Matsuki, A.; Von Baelz, E., 1980:
Current findings on the studies of the history of anesthesiology (8)--Erwin Von Baelz and obstetrical anesthesia

Anonymous, 1969:
Current findings on the syndrome of gonadal dysgenesis

Dähn, H.J.; Knoblauch, H.; Leissa, H.; Mitzscherling, R., 1965:
Current first aid methods in life-threatening emergencies, traffic accidents, poisoning, acute abdomen

Plonsey, R.; Barr, R.C., 1984:
Current flow patterns in two-dimensional anisotropic bisyncytia with normal and extreme conductivities

Matsumoto, M.; Watanabe, T.; Kitamura, T.; Tanaka, J., 1966:
Current flow under the voltage clamp on the electrochemical model of excitation

Tanaka, J., 1968:
Current flow under the voltage clamp through the electrochemical system of iron-silver nitrate or silver-nitric acid

Murakami, T.; Chosa, K., 1972:
Current flow, under the voltage clamp, of the sciatic nerve immersed in the solution of inorganic salts

Azov, S.Kh., 1969:
Current fluctuations in the practice of oral surgery

Medina Miranda M de la, L., 1980:
Current focus on care of newborn infants

González, B.; de Uzcátegui, A.G.; Estrada, F.; Villalobos, E., 1981:
Current focus on curricular revision

Vitrac, E.U., 1981:
Current focus on orientation and orientation as a service to the students of the University of Concepcion (Chile). Some future projections

Kozlov, I.G.; Lisitsina, G.K.; Khaitlin, A.I., 1981:
Current foreign equipment for extrarenal blood purification

Khlomov, D.N.; Garanian, N.G., 1982:
Current foreign research on features of social contact in schizophrenic patients (review)

MacGillavry, D.H., 1973:
Current forms of assistance to youth

François, P., 1971:
Current forms of initial ocular tuberculosis

Winkler, J.K., 1965:
Current forms of nonacademic predoctoral training

Enrique Farías, C.; Antonio Pérez, J., 1970:
Current forms of onset of pulmonary tuberculosis in persons over 15 years of age

Le Roux, A., 1980:
Current forms of persistent chronic hallucinatory psychosis

Golli, V., 1969:
Current frequency of allergic complications due to tuberculostatics

Chahinian, P.; Chrétien, J., 1973:
Current frequency of bronchial cancer. Epidemiological data and etiological factors

Roizman, B.; Spear, P.G., 1994:
Current frontiers in virology

Mallet, E.; Gugi, B.; Basuyau, J.P., 1983:
Current function tests in hypoparathyroidism in children

Stockfisch, H., 1983:
Current functional orthodontics for increase or decrease in the use of multiband appliances and the practice-related judgment of clinical technical anterior bimaxillary apparatus for so-called interceptive orthodontics

Grislain, J.R., 1967:
Current functioning and future development of juvenile vacation camps

Leb, A., 1965:
Current functions and problems in x-ray bronchography in the diagnosis of bronchial carcinoma

Ceccarelli, A.; Polimanti, E.; Brunelli, B., 1967:
Current functions of rehabilitation centers for poliomyelitis. Results and considerations of 10-years of activities in the Centro Recupero Poliomielitici di Perugia

Knezević, S., 1971:
Current gastroenterologic oncology in Yugoslavia

Weissauer, W., 1982:
Current gastroenterology - legal problems

Bernard, J., 1966:
Current general principles of the treatment of Hodgkin's disease, lymphosarcoma and reticulosarcoma

De Weer, P.; Rakowski, R.F., 1984:
Current generated by backward-running electrogenic Na pump in squid giant axons

Murray, R.M.; Clifford, C.; Gurling, H.M.; Topham, A.; Clow, A.; Bernadt, M., 1983:
Current genetic and biological approaches to alcoholism

Abroms, K.I.; Bennett, J.W., 1980:
Current genetic and demographic findings in Down's syndrome: how are they presented in college textbooks on exceptionality?

Schreiner, C.A., 1983:
Current genetic assays in long term protocols

Fazekas, A.; Vigváry, L., 1971:
Current genetic information on Marfan's syndrome

Haderka, J., 1973:
Current genetics and our contemporary family law

Ciompi, L., 1969:
Current geronto-psychiatric research in the U. S. A.; review

Ermakov, V.V.; Mindlin, I.S., 1984:
Current goals of medical education and the teaching of social hygiene and public health organization

Bumiller, J., 1971:
Current good manufacturing practice regulations

Lucas, B.A., 1967:
Current governmental support of research and research training in urology

Teleki, N.; Bejan, Z., 1973:
Current guidelines and realizations in the field of medical rehabilitation in the Socialist Republic of Rumania

John, H., 1983:
Current guidelines based on the revised eligibility regulations for automobile driving

Bilo, H.J., 1995:
Current guidelines for the prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy. International Diabetes Federation

Klein, J.O., 1974:
Current guidelines for the use of antimicrobial agents

Carreras y Matas, M., 1969:
Current guidelines in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy

Anonymous, 1967:
Current guidelines to anticoagulant therapy

Anonymous, 1983 :
Current guidelines: Norwegian Nurses' Association's viewpoint on the organization of somatic hospitals

Kraatz, H., 1974:
Current gynecology as an applied science

Senties Gutierrez, L., 1967:
Current handling of hemolytic disease by blood incompatibility

Jones, F.E., 1970:
Current handling procedures of radiopharmaceuticals in U.S. hospitals

Larson, E., 1984:
Current handwashing issues

Junod, J.P., 1969:
Current happenings in the geriatric hospital

Neuvonen, P., 1993:
Current hazardous drug interactions

Defilipis, B., 1973:
Current health care developments in Zagreb

Hattinga Verschure, J.C., 1973:
Current health care; from consumption article to activity

Louden, T.L., 1972:
Current health legislation

Nikonorow, M., 1982:
Current health problems associated with environmental pollution. III. Food contamination. Articles of everyday use

Shtreĭs, A.I., 1967:
Current health problems of hospital construction

Nikonorow, M., 1981:
Current health problems related to environmental pollution. I. Pollution of soil, water, the atmosphere, plants and fodder

de Araújo, J.D., 1968:
Current health status in Bahia State

Skrebliukov, I.E., 1973:
Current health supervision over milk farms

Butterfield, W.C., 1971:
Current hiatal hernia repairs: similarities, mechanisms, and extended indications--an autopsy study

Brown, P.R., 1983:
Current high performance liquid chromatographic methodology in analysis of nucleotides, nucleosides, and their bases. II

Brown, P.R., 1983:
Current high-performance liquid chromatographic methodology in analysis of nucleotides, nucleosides, and their bases. I

Schaefer, H.E., 1983:
Current histochemical aspects in the differentiation and function of normal and pathologic blood cells. Introduction to the subject

Raab, H., 1967:
Current histologic information about the self-healing tendency of untreated dental foci

Zolotarevskiĭ, V.B.; Khon, C.V., 1984:
Current histological classification and morphological and statistical characteristics of stomach cancer

Lolli, R.; Fanali, S.; Sarzani, R.; Torre, M., 1984 :
Current histopathological advances of the effect of tissue stimulation on surgical wound healing in oral medicine

Koskas, H.; Garcin, M., 1983:
Current histopathological findings in Ménière's disease

Hardy, J.D., 1974:
Current horizons in cancer management

Gedda, L., 1965:
Current horizons in gemellology

Merkulov, M.F.; Babichev, V.A., 1969:
Current hormonal contraceptives

Shandala, M.G.; Bulgakov, V.V.; Kostovetskiĭ, I.I.; Voloshchenko, O.I.; Prokopov, V.A., 1982:
Current hygiene problems of rural population sites in the Ukrainian SSR

Vankhanen, V.D.; Grin', N.V.; Lastkov, O.A.; Selivanov, A.P.; Sokhin, A.A., 1981:
Current hygiene problems of the Don Basin (on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Gorky Donetsk Medical Institute)

Zamfir, G.; Melinte, C.; Duda, R., 1973:
Current hygienic and sanitary problems in central water supply, an essential factor in the planning of rural population centers

Kanitz, S., 1969:
Current hygienic aspects of physico-chemical pollution of water and problems connected with its use for drinking purposes

Groth, W., 1972:
Current hygienic demands on pigpens

Pul'kis, V.A.; Pul'kis, S.A., 1969:
Current hygienic problems of city planning in Siberia

Malysheva, A.E., 1970:
Current hygienic problems of climate and microclimate

Rakhov, G.M.; Kostovetskiĭ, I.I., 1981:
Current hygienic problems of protection and utilization of the coast zone of the Black and Azov Seas for health purposes

Nikonorov, M., 1968:
Current hygienic problems related to substances added to food products

Straube, W., 1968:
Current hypertension therapy

Gallagher, J.P.; Shinnick-Gallagher, P.; Cole, A.E.; Griffith, W.H.; Williams, B.J., 1980:
Current hypotheses for the slow inhibitory postsynaptic potential in sympathetic ganglia

Komissarenko, V.P.; Tron'ko, N.D.; Minchenko, A.G., 1982:
Current hypotheses on the mechanism of action of glucocorticoid hormones

Fernández-Cruz Pérez, 1970:
Current hypothesis concerning the physiological role of glucagon

Bertho, E., 1967:
Current idea of a university hospital and the teaching of surgery in French Canada

Jaffe, H.J.; Katz, S., 1973:
Current ideas about bronchiectasis

Mayo, M.A., 1993:
Current ideas about the taxonomy of sub-viral virus-like agents

Levitina, M.V., 1970:
Current ideas concerning the sulfatides of the brain

Stacquez, C.; Van Haelst, L.; Delespesse, G.; Cauchie, C., 1969:
Current ideas on Biermer's anemia

Hollwich, F., 1963:
Current ideas on Fuchs' syndrome

Potier, J.C., 1970:
Current ideas on atilymphocyte serum

Johansson, C.J., 1972:
Current ideas on childlessness

Donovan, B.T., 1966:
Current ideas on intra-uterine contraception

Calvo, M.F.; Pagano, C., 1974:
Current ideas on plugging

Iber, F.L., 1972:
Current ideas on portal hypertension

Vellay, P., 1966:
Current ideas on psychosomatic and cortico-visceral medicine in obstetrics

de Graciansky, M.P., 1966:
Current ideas on syphilis

Starzycka, M., 1971:
Current ideas on the behavior of malignant tumors of the eyelid

Nicolétis, C., 1966:
Current ideas on the biology and treatment of keloid scars

Roderick, W.R., 1966:
Current ideas on the chemical basis of olfaction

Busco, R.; Comignani, L., 1967:
Current ideas on the effects of radar waves on living organisms and related methods of protection. II

Busco, R.; Comignani, L., 1967:
Current ideas on the effects of radar waves on living organisms and the relative means of protection. I. General physical principles and physiopathological effects

Nizhevich, A.A.; Enikeev, D.A.; Enikeeva, S.A., 1995:
Current ideas on the etiology and pathogenesis of gastritis

da Rosa, J.C., 1972:
Current ideas on the functions of the thyroid gland and their clinical implications

Nogaller, A.M.; Bykov, V.B., 1971:
Current ideas on the mechanism of formation of biliary calculi

Born, G.V., 1972:
Current ideas on the mechanism of platelet aggregation

Stoltz, J.F.; Vigneron, C.; Streiff, F.; Larcan, A., 1971:
Current ideas on the rheology of erythrocytes

Raybaud, C.; Girard, N.; Poncet, M.; Chays, A.; Caces, F.; Magnan, J., 1995:
Current imaging of vasculo-neural conflicts in the cerebellopontine angle

Umeda, M.; Tsubuku, M., 1995:
Current imaging techniques in multiple myeloma

Anonymous, 1966:
Current immunization data. Active immunization for common infectious diseases

Anonymous, 1967:
Current immunization practices

Kripke, S.S., 1968:
Current immunization program

Lenhard, V.; Dreikorn, K.; Opelz, G., 1982:
Current immunologic aspects of kidney transplantation

Weisgerber, C.; Kourilsky, F.M., 1974:
Current immunologic data on Hodgkin's disease

Seyfarth, M.; Hudemann, B.; Erdmann, T., 1982:
Current immunologic findings in bladder cancer

Paupe, J., 1981:
Current immunologic principles

Herrmann, W.P., 1969:
Current immunological developments in dermatology

Sunder-Plasmann, P., 1981:
Current immunology

Serrou, B., 1980:
Current immunotherapy treatment

Miller, C.L., 1983:
Current impact of measles in the United Kingdom

Brown, M., 1984:
Current implications of psychotherapy registration

Felkel, O., 1974:
Current importance in the treatment of bronchitis with sulfonamides in children

Rochemaure, J., 1969:
Current importance of chronic bronchopneumopathy

Kiosz, D.; Simon, C., 1980:
Current importance of juvenile salmonella infections

Lindner, E.; Zenísek, L., 1974:
Current importance of phlebography in gynecology

Thiele, G.; Kätzel, R., 1984:
Current importance of physical methods in the prevention of thrombosis in clinical practice--a critical evaluation

Knoch, H.G., 1974:
Current importance of polyclinical surgery

Lissac, J.; Rochemaure, J.; Meyer, A., 1970:
Current importance of respiratory insufficiency in Europe

Kuhn, R.; Binswanger, L., 1972:
Current importance of the work of Ludwig Binswanger

Yamamura, H., 1969:
Current improvements in anesthesia

Kikuchi, K.; Kunii, Y., 1970:
Current incidence of hepatic functional disorders following blood transfusion

Valenzuela Casas, E., 1971:
Current incidence of hepatic hydatidosis

Delmas-Marsalet, P.; Bergouignan, M.; Castaing, R.; Du Pasquier, P.; Vital, C., 1968:
Current incidence of herpetic encephalitis in adults: on a personal series of 8 cases confirmed by electron microscopy

Lichstein, E.; Arsura, E.; Hollander, G.; Greengart, A.; Sanders, M., 1982:
Current incidence of postmyocardial infarction (Dressler's) syndrome

Girbal, J.P.; Orlando, J.P.; Taranger, J.; Charpin, J., 1972:
Current incidence of primary resistance in hospitals

Viejo Bañuelos, J.L.; Gallo Marín, F.; Miján De la Torre, A.; González Rapallo, C.; Calvo Fernández, S., 1980:
Current incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in hospital practice

Lejeune, E., 1970:
Current incidence, conditions of appearance and clinical aspects of Pott's disease

Lohmeyer, H., 1966:
Current income tax questions of doctors

del Rey Calero, J., 1995:
Current increase in tuberculosis

Rieder, R.T., 1968:
Current indication of acidified milks in infant nutrition

Santoni, G.; Mori, G.; Bray, F., 1984:
Current indications and complications of vaginal hysterectomy. Observations on 800 interventions

Ardissone, F.; Mossetti, C.; Borasio, P.; Maggi, G., 1984:
Current indications and interval results in the surgical treatment of bronchiectasis

Tokin, R.; Stoianova, S.; Dimov, I.; Dzhebarov, S.; Kavardzhikova, S., 1984:
Current indications and methods for combined thalassotherapy in gynecologic diseases

Mathé, G.; Amiel, J.L.; Schwarzenberg, L.; Cattan, A.; Schneider, M.; Schlumberger, J.R., 1966:
Current indications and methods of treatment of acute leukemias

Rinonapoli, E., 1971:
Current indications and results of osteotomy in the treatment of hip arthrosis

Stryhal, F.; Cech, O., 1968:
Current indications for Chiari's osteotomy of the pelvis

Barras, G.; Dayer, A., 1965:
Current indications for Monaldi's intracavitary drainage

Zhang, B.; Wu, J.; Cai, Y.; Luo, M.; Wang, B.; Gu, Y., 2018:
AAED1 modulates proliferation and glycolysis in gastric cancer

Monrozies, M.; Merle-Béral, A., 1969:
Current indications for abdominal cesarean. Study of 790 interventions practiced at the obstetrical clinic and maternity ward of the Hôpitaux de Toulouse

Young, D.; Simon, J.; Pomerantz, M., 1972:
Current indications for and status of decortication for "trapped lung"

Repin, I.M.; Saburenkova, E.P.; Privalova, L.P., 1982:
Current indications for and the effectiveness of surgical treatment in fresh destructive forms of pulmonary tuberculosis

Eschwège, F.; Schlienger, M.; Le Bourgeois, J.P., 1974:
Current indications for and use of high energy ionizing radiations

Dalayeun, J., 1965:
Current indications for anti-infectious sulfonamide therapy

Barrillon, A., 1984:
Current indications for anticoagulant treatment in coronary insufficiency

Lentini, J., 1965:
Current indications for antiproctitis ointments

Filatov, A.N., 1973:
Current indications for blood transfusion in pediatrics in the light of a study of posttransfusional complications

Takanashi, Y., 1983:
Current indications for cardiac surgery of various congenital heart diseases

Long, F.X.; Perrin, C.; Widmer, S., 1980:
Current indications for carotid ligation. Analysis of 9 cases

Bernard, R.; Vigouroux, R.; Pinsard, N.; Perrimond, H.; Payan, H.; Toga, M.; Dubois, D., 1966:
Current indications for cerebral biopsy in children

Balocco, G.; Mondo, F.; Dadone, D., 1969:
Current indications for cesarean section

de la Chapelle, A.; Kääriäinen, H.; Salonen, R., 1981:
Current indications for chromosome study in congenital defects

Jaeger, M.; Sadeghi, H.; Schmuziger, M., 1971:
Current indications for electrosystolic stimulation of the heart

Bosi, L., 1966:
Current indications for folic acid in therapy

Raynaud, A.; Seurot, M.; Angel, C.; Roth, J.P.; Gaux, J.C., 1983:
Current indications for intravenous numerical angiography in the study of the ilio-femoral axis

Hill, A.D.; Daly, J.M., 1995:
Current indications for intravenous nutritional support in oncology patients

Pache, F., 1984:
Current indications for long hospitalizations

Biasi, G.; Mattioli, A.; Fiori, F.; De Amicis, P., 1981:
Current indications for lumbar ganglionectomy. Analysis of a series of cases

Pietri, P.; Leopaldi, E.; Fazio, F.M., 1981:
Current indications for lumbar sympathectomy in obstructive arteriopathies of the lower extremities

Zitti, E.; Stefănescu-Mîndru, C.; Kaplan, C.; Dumitrescu, M., 1972:
Current indications for mechanical pulmonary resections

Jaisle, F., 1970:
Current indications for obstetric intervention

Kane, C.J.; Bolton, D.M.; Stoller, M.L., 1995:
Current indications for open stone surgery in an endourology center

Pommey, B., 1967:
Current indications for penicillamine

Michotey, G.; Assadourian, R.; Lamy, J., 1968:
Current indications for portacaval anastomosis in treatment of portal hypertension in adults

Benassi, P.; Bertolotti, P., 1968:
Current indications for psychosurgery

Goulon, M.; Gajdos, P.; Raphaël, J.C., 1974:
Current indications for respiratory assistance using a membrane oxygenator

Revol, L., 1974:
Current indications for splenectomy

Touati, Y.; Mathieu, J.P.; Houel, F.; Imbert, P., 1982:
Current indications for superior dorsal sympathectomy. Apropos of 84 cases

S.G.ar, W.T.; Neer, R.; Potts, J.T., 1980:
Current indications for surgery in primary hyperparathyroidism

Mathey, J.; Luizy, J., 1965:
Current indications for surgery in pulmonary tuberculosis

Horne, N.W., 1965:
Current indications for surgical treatment of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis

Akhundzhanov, A.I.; Umarova, M.K.; Agzamov, R.A.; Diukanova, M.Ia., 1984:
Current indications for surgical treatment of tuberculoma of the lungs in children and adolescents

Pastor, A.A., 1966:
Current indications for the implantation of a pacemaker

Rickler, R., 1982:
Current indications for the surgical treatment of mesothelioma of the pleura

Nagel, O., 1965:
Current indications for therapeutic pneumothorax

Latreille, R.; Martin, J., 1965:
Current indications for thoracoplasty. Apropos of 100 interventions in 5 years

Boutin, C.; Viallat, J.R.; Cargnino, P.; Farisse, P., 1981:
Current indications for thoracoscopy

Bogush, L.K.; Naumov, V.N.; Abramov, E.L.; Tokaev, K.V., 1981:
Current indications for trans-sternal transpericardial occlusion of the stump of the main bronchus and its remote results

Bourquin, J.; Cruz, J.M., 1983:
Current indications for ultrasonography

Peizer, E.; Wright, D.W.; Pirrello, T.; Mason, C.P., 1970:
Current indications for upper-extremity powered components

Ollagnier, C.; Fourchon, J.; Perrin, L.F.; Vallon, C.; Roques, M., 1966:
Current indications of cavernostomy in cavernous tuberculosis patients

Nabavi, M.H., 1966:
Current indications of conservative and surgical treatment of fractures

Giraud, F., 1967:
Current indications of karyotyping in pediatrics

Talairach, J.; Schaub, C.; Szikla, G.; Recoules, D.; Boujard, O.; Bleut-Pajot, M.T.; Nassiet, J.; Lornet, C., 1974:
Current indications of stereotaxic interstitial irradiation in acromegaly. Ophthalmologic and neuroendocrinologic correlations in relation to prolonged time

Coman, C., 1974:
Current indications of surgical treatment in bronchopulmonary suppurations

Grimm, H., 1984:
Current indications of the prehistoric, early historic and medieval occurrence of rickets and similar mineralization disorders

Deguine, C., 1966:
Current indications of the treatment of chronic otorrhea

Teofili, M.T.; Tucci, G.; Malizia, A., 1969:
Current indications of thymectomy as surgical treatment of myasthenia gravis

Tischer, K.; Kabbe, U., 1980:
Current indications, technics and results of McMurray's operation

Shevchenko, A.M.; Iavorovskiĭ, A.P., 1981:
Current industrial hygiene problems in plastics manufacture (review of the literature)

Guignard, J., 1970:
Current infant dietetic problems

Tsinzerling, 1980:
Current infectious pathology in infants

Podanin, R.; Dordević, Z., 1966:
Current information of the biological effects of radar irradiation

Ueda, E.; Kokubu, T., 1970:
Current information on angiotensin I-converting enzyme

Eriksen, H.M., 1980:
Current information on calcium hydroxide basis

Höfling, G., 1971:
Current information on emergency therapy of eye burns due to lime. Advantages of ambulant therapy

Kitamoto, O.; Mikamo, Y.; Okinaka, S.; Shigematsu, I.; Mori, K., 1967:
Current information on prognosis and the factors affecting it

Otani, Y., 1968:
Current information on so-called immunoreproduction

Fujimori, B.; Kato, M., 1967:
Current information on the gamma motor system

Ota, H., 1969:
Current information on the metabolism and enzymes of the leucocytes

Lassen, N.; Ingvar, D., 1968:
Current information on the physiopathology of cerebral circulation

Aleksandrow, D.; Aleksandrow, W., 1983:
Current information on the role of the coronary artery spasm in the development of anginal pain and myocardial infarction

Finkelhor, D., 1994:
Current information on the scope and nature of child sexual abuse

Sano, K., 1971:
Current information on the treatment in neurosurgery

Takenouchi, K., 1966:
Current information on thiamine metabolism in the skin

Braginskaia, V.P.; Morunova, A.A., 1980:
Current inoculation calendar and its validity

Dudok de Wit, C., 1966:
Current insights regarding the prevention of hemolytic diseases in newborn infants

Goldman, L., 1983:
Current instrumentation in laser dermatology

Halmos, T., 1971:
Current insulin types

Wallois, P., 1970:
Current interest in permanent bandaging in the treatment of recent phlebitis

Cannavà, N.; Bonanno, G.; Di Maggio, G., 1968:
Current interest of iodine as a regulating drug in metabolism

Meerschart, J., 1974:
Current interest: humanization of hospitals

Marshall, M., 1980:
Current internal therapy in arterial occlusive diseases

Anonymous, 1972:
Current international birth rates

Seidell, J.C.; Deurenberg, P., 1985:
Current international recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of at-risk adipose tissue distribution

Hashimoto, K., 1970:
Current international trends in the treatment of uterine cancer

Guidotti, A.; Zanasi, S.; Guidotti, M., 1982:
Current interpretation of aphasia and medico-social problems of recovery and rehabilitation of the aphasic patient

Tosi, P.; Colafranceschi, M.; Del Tredici, L., 1968:
Current interpretation of neoplasms of the renal parenchyma apropos of some histopathological cases: adenoma-adenocarcinoma, anaplastic carcinoma with sarcomatosis-like aspects, association with intraparenchymal cholesterinosis

Kiranov, I., 1969:
Current interpretation of tetanus prevention

Zucconi, G.; Bonfirraro, G., 1967:
Current interpretation of the biogenesis and metabolism of progesterone in pregnancy

Szarvas, F.; Varró, V., 1967:
Current interpretation of the genesis and physiopathology of ulcer diseases

Halmos, T., 1995:
Current interpretation of type 2 diabetes mellitus (NIDDM)

Cullen, M.L., 1982:
Current interventions for doxorubicin extravasations

Allison, M.L., 1970:
Current intravenous adjuncts to general anaesthesia

Dudkiewicz, J.; Misterek, K., 1980:
Current intravenous anesthetics

Kahrilas, P.J., 1994:
Current investigation of swallowing disorders

Sovak, M.; Dalessio, D.J.; Kunzel, M.; Sternbach, R., 1980:
Current investigations in headache

Taylor, P.J., 1972:
Current investigations of hospital occupational health services

Kawamura, S., 1983:
Current isolation technics used in environmental radiochemical analysis--with special reference to simple analysis using organic solvents

Igou, J.F., 1984:
Current issues and future directions

Hisamichi, S., 1984:
Current issues and future prospects of gastric mass survey

Watanabe, H., 1984:
Current issues and future prospects of mass screening for breast cancer

Mikhaĭlovskiĭ, V.T.; Beliakov, V.D., 1965:
Current issues and tasks of epidemic control in the protection of military personnel

McLaughlin, M., 1969:
Current issues and their implications for practical nursing programs

Morgan, R.M.; Powers, H.K., 1969:
Current issues and their implications for practical nursing programs. Summary of presentations

Tang, Y.; Li, L.; Yan, T.; Fu, X.; Shi, P.; Shen, Q.; Sun, X.; Tang, K., 2018:
AaEIN3 Mediates the Downregulation of Artemisinin Biosynthesis by Ethylene Signaling Through Promoting Leaf Senescence in Artemisia annua

Nicol, D.K., 1984:
Current issues in administration: a more centralised bureaucracy?

Hodgman, C.H., 1983:
Current issues in adolescent psychiatry

Morris, R.J.; Hoschouer, R.L., 1980:
Current issues in applied research with mentally retarded persons

Warme, G.E.; Bowlby, J.; Crowcroft, A.; Rae-Grant, Q., 1980:
Current issues in child psychiatry: a dialogue with John Bowlby

Gage, A.A., 1982:
Current issues in cryosurgery

Seward, M.H., 1982:
Current issues in dentistry in the United Kingdom

Nizetic, B.Z., 1980:
Current issues in eye-health services research

Keill, S.L., 1981:
Current issues in general hospital psychiatry. Introduction: The evolution of psychiatry in the general hospital

Malinskaia, N.N.; Pozdniakova, R.Z., 1984:
Current issues in health education

Schaefer, M., 1968:
Current issues in health organization

Hastings, J.E., 1966:
Current issues in health services

MacFadyen, R.J.; Prasad, N., 1995:
Current issues in hypertension research and therapy

Studdard, P.A., 1981:
Current issues in in vitro fertilization

Chessick, R.D., 1982:
Current issues in intensive psychotherapy

Clark, S., 1995:
Current issues in management of thromboses

Kleber, H.; Klerman, G.L., 1971:
Current issues in methadone treatment of heroin dependence

Jenab, L., 1980:
Current issues in nursing education: comments shared with Monongalia County Medical Society February 5, 1980

Murphy, S., 1994:
Current issues in platelet transfusion therapy

Siegel, A.E., 1969:
Current issues in research on early development

Gorbunova, V.A.; Garin, A.M.; Tiuliandin, S.A.; Orel, N.F.; Roshchin, E.M.; Voĭnarevich, O.A., 1994:
Current issues in the chemotherapy of malignant tumors. Taxol (paclitaxel), Taxoter

Foley, K.M., 1981:
Current issues in the management of cancer pain: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Harrington, K.J.; Lambert, H.E., 1994:
Current issues in the non-surgical management of primary vulvar squamous cell carcinoma

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Current issues in the pathologic and mineralogic diagnosis of asbestos-induced disease

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Current issues in the practice of genetic counselling

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Current issues in the provision of campus community mental health services

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Current issues in the treatment of anxiety states and disorders

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Current issues in the treatment of stammering

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Current judicial problems in dentistry. 3. Legal aspects of the division of labor between the dentist and the dental nurse specializing in dental and oral hygiene

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Current juridical rules of medical responsibility are no longer consistent with healthy medicine. Prospects for reform in the 21st century

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Current knowledge about jaundice in pregnancy

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Current knowledge about pathological periarticular changes in the shoulder joint and the suitability of the term "periarthritis humeroscapularis"

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Current knowledge about the mechanism and prevention of arterial thrombosis

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Current knowledge about the tropical application of a long-acting fluoride preparation for the prevention of dental caries

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Current knowledge and concepts of the relationship of malignancy, autoimmunity, and immunologic disease

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Current knowledge concerning pathogenicity of mammalian chlamydial strains for humans

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Current knowledge concerning the etiology of acute infantile diarrhea

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Current knowledge concerning the mechanisms of autoimmunity

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Current knowledge in the endocrinology of reproduction of domestic animals. 3. Gonadal hormones, hormones of the placenta, the adrenal gland and prostaglandins

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Current knowledge in the endocrinology of reproduction of domestic animals. 7. Endocrinology of labor and lactation

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Current knowledge in the endocrinology of reproduction of domestic animals. IV. Neuro-endocrine integration

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Current knowledge in the field recognizing acoustic trauma

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Current knowledge of Ludwig's angina

De Tommasis, L.; Bilotti, G., 1966:
Current knowledge of antimitotics and their use in the hematological field

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Current knowledge of atherogenesis and prevention of atheromatous disease

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Current knowledge of cerebral biochemical coordinates

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Current knowledge of epidermal carcinogenesis

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Current knowledge of experimental chemical crcinogenesis

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Current knowledge of fetal myoglobin

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Current knowledge of health effects from volatile organic chemicals in the environment. Report of the international meeting organised by Indoor Air International in London on 27-28 October 1993

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Current knowledge of histoenzymology at the level of the normal and pathologic human kidney

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Current knowledge of maternal-fetal damage from tobacco use. Evaluation of a study carried out on more than 1000 subjects

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Current knowledge of mechanisms of viral carcinogenesis

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Current knowledge of occupational tumors of the respiratory tract

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Current knowledge of pancreatic carcinogenesis in the hamster and its relevance to the human disease

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Current knowledge of pathogenic hazards, general health, of amalgam restorations

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Current knowledge of pharmacokinetics and biotransformation of intravenous anesthetics and clinical implications

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Current knowledge of the D/DR region of the major histocompatibility complex of rhesus monkeys and chimpanzees

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Current knowledge of the biochemistry of nidation of the fertilized ovum. (Considerations based on data from the literature and personal observations)

van Horn, J.R., 1980:
Current knowledge of the development of congenital abnormalities of the anorectum, specifically of anorectal atresia

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Current knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of intracranial arteriovenous malformations

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Current knowledge of the etiopathogenesis and classification of infantile rheumatoid arthritis

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Current knowledge of the histocompatibility complex of rhesus monkeys

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Current knowledge of the nature of the internal renal damage in the so-called "lower nephron syndrome" following various types of shock

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Current knowledge of the pathogenesis of rabies

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Current knowledge of the physiopathology of pulmonary thromboembolism

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Current knowledge of the physiopathology of the stomach

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Current knowledge of the relations between the nervous system and carbohydrate metabolism. Review of the literature and clinical contribution, with special reference to diabetic disease

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Current knowledge of the relationships between the pancreas and iron metabolism

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Current knowledge of the ureter function in cervical carcinoma

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Current knowledge of tricyclic antidepressant response indicators

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Current knowledge of viral hepatitis and the importance of control measures in hospital nursing stations

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Current knowledge of water pathology

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Current knowledge on alpha chain disease

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Current knowledge on anemias in pregnancy

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Current knowledge on chromosome abnormalities in eye diseases

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Current knowledge on cranioplasty

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Current knowledge on fibronectin

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Current knowledge on functional morphological interrelations during the estrous cycle

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Current knowledge on immunoglobulins

Bachmann, A.E.; Sen, L.; Macario, A.J., 1969:
Current knowledge on immunologic phenomena that appear in various lymphomas and their relation to oncogenic viruses

Falcoff, E., 1966:
Current knowledge on interferons

Mamou, H., 1970:
Current knowledge on periodic disease

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Current knowledge on pharmacokinetics of halothane and enflurane

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Current knowledge on physiology of phonation

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Current knowledge on the action mechanism of antimalarials

Almansa Pastor, A., 1966:
Current knowledge on the azygos continuation of the inferior vena cava or the absent inferior vena cava syndrome

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Current knowledge on the biochemistry and function of hypothalamic hormones

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Current knowledge on the endocrinology of reproduction in domestic animals. 5. Endocrinology of sex development

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Current knowledge on the endocrinology of reproduction in domestic animals. 6. Endocrinology of the estrus cycle and pregnancy

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Current knowledge on the endocrinology of reproduction of domestic animals. 8. Endocrinology of male reproductive physiology

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Current knowledge on the epidemiology of virus hepatitis

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Current knowledge on the etiology of hepatitis

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Current knowledge on the etiology of periodontosis. Therapeutic considerations

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Current knowledge on the formation and structure of gingival fluid

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Current knowledge on the growth hormone and its methods for its assessment

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Current knowledge on the metabolism of cerebral proteins

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Current knowledge on the metabolism of the dental pulp

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Current knowledge on the pathogenesis of common psoriasis as the basis for a scientifically founded therapy. II. Therapeutic possibilities and pathogenetic principles of antipsoriatic drugs

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Current knowledge on the pharmacodynamic activity of the prolonged administration of thujone, a natural flavoring agent

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Current knowledge on the physiological and surgical significance of the gastric antrum

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Current knowledge on the role of rodents in plague transmission and maintenance

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Current knowledge--1970--on the activity of cerebral epiphysis

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Current konwledge of the biology of enzymes

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Current laboratory diagnosis of latent chronic pyelonephritis in children

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Current laboratory methods in the diagnosis of agammaglobulinemia and immunologic deficiencies

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Current laboratory methods of diagnosis of the functional state of the thyroid gland

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Current laboratory patterns of typhoid fever

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Current laboratory tests and their clinical significance

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Current leads in research on the osteoarthritic joint

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Current leakage in bipolar electrocoagulation

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Current legal and tax problems of medical practice. Based on recent court decisions

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Current legal aspects in dentistry. 2. Health education and prevention as a medical function

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Current legal developments and psychiatric practice

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Current legal issues facing nursing practice

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Current legal principles for geriatric rehabilitation

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Current legal problems in nursing

Eser, A.; Koch, H.G., 1982:
Current legal problems of sterilization

Papenzin, L.L., 1981:
Current legal questions for nursing personnel

Biermann, E., 1994:
Current legal questions in relation to autologous blood transfusion and legally controlled blood donation in Germany

Lohmeyer, H., 1969:
Current legal questions reflected in the jurisdiction of the Federal Revenue Court

Lefèvre-Paul, L., 1974:
Current legal status of contraception

Rotta, C., 1966:
Current legislation concerning prostitution

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Current legislation for development of substitutes for animals in research

Bronfort, M., 1969:
Current legislation in the field of the healing arts and the nursing profession

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Current legislation proposals for the multiple handicapped individual and the Indiana physician

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Current legislation relating to the removal of cadaver parts for the purpose of transplantation

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Current leprosy management in Tanzania

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Current leprosy research: a report on the 10th Internation Leprosy Congress

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Current leukemia therapy

Yamaguchi, H., 1980:
Current leukemia therapy and its trends

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Current level of dental hygiene student instruction in statistics and research design and evaluation

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Current levels and perspectives of the development of the system of child health protection in GDR

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Current levels of cadmium in living organisma: physiopathological, clinical and therapeutic considerations

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Current levels of fitness

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Current life-styles and nutritional behaviour in Italy (discussion contribution)

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Current limitations and possibilities of microspheres of resin labeled with P32 and Cr51

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Current limits and attempts to advance the methodology of biological psychiatry

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Current limits and value of brain scanning in neurosurgical diagnosis

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Current limits of cholangiography

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AAFP and ISFM Guidelines for Diagnosing and Solving House-Soiling Behavior in Cats

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Aafp Credit System Reconsiders Functional Medicine Topics

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AAFP Feline Anesthesia Guidelines

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Aafp Gives Guidance For Hhs Strategic Plan Through 2022

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A Ag synchronously deposited and doped TiO 2 hybrid as an ultrasensitive SERS substrate: a multifunctional platform for SERS detection and photocatalytic degradation

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AAH2 gene is not required for dopamine-dependent neurochemical and behavioral abnormalities produced by Toxoplasma infection in mouse

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AAHFN leadership message

Rutkowski, J.L., 2018:
AAID Foundation-Caring for Those Who Have Given and Sacrificed for Our Country

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Current main problems of coastal pollution (wastes, transformations, interactions...)

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Current major features of clinical cytology

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Current makeup of group VII on dispensary registries

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Current management and future trends in atopic eczema (A.E.)

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Current management and long-term prognosis of hepatolithiasis

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Current management during pregnancy of a woman immunized against the Rhesus factor

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Current management for urination dysfunction (1). Disturbance of urination; physiology and dysfunction

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Current management glomus jugulare tumors

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Current management of Ewing's sarcoma

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Current management of acne vulgaris

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Current management of acute injuries of the skull and brain

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Current management of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in adults

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Current management of anomalies of the external genitalia

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Current management of blunt liver trauma. Increased use of liver resection among measures which have reduced mortality

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Current management of cancer of the breast

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Current management of carotid atherosclerosis

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Current management of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea

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Current management of childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia

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Current management of chronic pancreatitis

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Current management of chronic suppurative otitis media

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Current management of clubfoot

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Current management of coexistent intra-abdominal pathology in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms

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Current management of complete heart block

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Current management of congestive heart failure in infants and children

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Current management of corrosive esophagitis

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Current management of diabetes insipidus

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Current management of diabetes mellitus

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Current management of dissecting aneurysm of the aorta

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Current management of ductal carcinoma in situ

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Current management of extracardiac arterial lesions

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Current management of giant retinal breaks

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Current management of giant retinal breaks. II

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Current management of giant retinal breaks: results with vitrectomy and total air fluid exchange in 95 cases

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Current management of hemolytic disease of the newborn infant

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Current management of hemorrhagic disorders

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Current management of inadvertent dural taps occurring during the siting of epidurals for pain relief in labour. A survey of maternity units in the United Kingdom

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Current management of injured peripheral nerves during surgical treatment of wounds

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Current management of juvenile laryngeal papillomata

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Current management of juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma

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Current management of laryngotracheal injury

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Current management of malignant germ cell tumor of the ovary

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Current management of mammary cancer

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Current management of massive lower gastrointestinal bleeding

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Current management of meningiomas

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Current management of multiple myeloma

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Current management of nonseminomatous testis tumors

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Current management of pancreatic carcinoma

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Current management of pancreatic pseudocysts

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Current management of patients after cardiopulmonary bypass

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Current management of pelvic presentation

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Current management of peptic ulcer disease. I

Bralow, S.P., 1972:
Current management of peptic ulcer disease. II

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Current management of polycythemia vera and related diseases

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Current management of posterior urethral valves

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Current management of postoperative pulmonary insufficiency

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Current management of pregnancy in the diabetic: a team approach

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Current management of primary hyperaldosteronism

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Current management of retinal detachment: progress or chaos?

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Current management of retinoblastoma

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Current management of severe lower gastrointestinal bleeding

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Current management of spontaneous esophageal rupture based on 2 successfully treated cases

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Current management of squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity

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Current management of supraventricular tachycardia in children

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Current management of the Rh-sensitized patient

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Current management of the asthmatic child. Study and integral treatment by a team

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Current management of the nephrotic syndrome in childhood with emphasis on the role of cyclophosphamide

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Current management of the patient undergoing portacaval shunt

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Current management of thermal burns

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Current management of thoracic outlet syndrome: an experience with 47 cases

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Current management of thyroid cancer

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Current management of transposition of the great arteries: immediate septostomy, occasional prostaglandin infusion, and early Senning operations

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Current management of trauma to the colon

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Current management of ulcerative colitis

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Current management of ureteroceles

Anonymous, 1973:
Current management of urinary tract infections

Foo, K.T., 1981:
Current management of urinary tract stones

Anderson, M.H., 1994:
Current management of ventricular arrhythmias

Robertson, J.T., 1983 :
Current management of vertebral basilar occlusive disease

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Current management on neonatal obstructive jaundice. (The differential diagnosis between neonatal hepatitis and biliary atresia)

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Current management strategies for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

Lopes, J.L., 1971:
Current manifestations of hysteria

Novák, A.; Klinovská, M.; Nosková, J.; Hatiarová, Z., 1974:
Current manifestations of measles

Mikheev, V.V.; Gittik, L.S., 1982:
Current manifestations of neurorheumatism (problems of pathomorphosis and recurrences)

Bjorksten, O.J., 1984:
Current marital trends and outcome of marriage counseling in Japan: 1982

Callens, J., 1971:
Current means of breast tumor diagnosis

Treisser, A.; Sureau, C., 1981:
Current means of fetal monitoring. The concept of chronic fetal distress

Constantinovici, A., 1971:
Current means of scintigraphic diagnosis of diseases of the central nervous system

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Current mechanisms of resistance to antimicrobial agents in microorganisms causing infection in the patient at risk for infection

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Current medical and nursing care of the premature infant

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Current medical and social aspects of impotence

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Current medical and surgical opinions on important therapeutic issues in inflammatory bowel disease. A special 1979 survey

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Current medical aspects of physical education of children and adolescents

Kitagawa, T., 1982:
Current medical care of diabetes mellitus in childhood in Japan

Kraljević, L., 1972:
Current medical care of the progressively increasing number of wounded persons

Lie, N., 1995:
Current medical education in Sweden

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Current medical literature and clinical medicine

Heupler, F.A., 1981:
Current medical management versus coronary arterial bypass grafting in patients with stable angina pectoris

Brisset, C., 1981:
Current medical practice and psychotherapy

Matsuo, M., 1972 :
Current medical problems

Reyes, H., 1982:
Current medical research in Chile

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Current medical school admissions: the problems and a proposal

Cincă, I.; Bulandra, R.; Serbănesco, A.; Ninosu, N., 1973:
Current medical treatment of Parkinsonian syndromes

Gentilini, M.; Carbon, C.; Domart, A., 1968:
Current medical treatment of bilharziasis

Iannetti, G., 1971:
Current medical treatment of otogenic meningitis

Krishna, A., 1967:
Current medical treatment of superficial mycoses

Walan, A., 1984:
Current medical treatment of ulcer disease

Tang, C.M., 1966:
Current medical-nursing care of a premature infant. II

Aulbers, B.J., 1981:
Current medicine, the other side of the coin

Müldner-Nieckowski, P., 1984:
Current medicine: controversies and expectations

Meshchenko, V.M., 1972 :
Current medico-geographic aspects of ophthalmologic pathology

Bartolomé de Gorostiza, F., 1966:
Current medico-social status and improvement with the encouragement of the health personnel of Social Security

Cominelli, A.; Di Stefano, G., 1968:
Current medico-social trends in gerontology

Lugnier, A.; Mangin, P.; Chaumont, A.J., 1983:
Current medicolegal aspects of death due to toxicomania in Alsace

Anonymous, 1981:
Current medicolegal issues. The citation

Burton, R.C.; Armstrong, B.K., 1995:
Current melanoma epidemic: a nonmetastasizing form of melanoma?

Anonymous, 1982:
Current menstrual cycle research

Lakos, A., 1966:
Current method for the evaluation of laboratory data obtained from bloody cerebrospinal fluid

Stober, H.D., 1981:
Current method for the quantitative determination of aerogenic contamination

Suziki, S., 1970:
Current method of birth control, with special reference to oral contraceptives

Borbola, J.; Keltai, M., 1981:
Current method of continuous observation of rhythm disorders: monitoring of dysrhythmia

Obdu, N.; Rusu, M., 1972:
Current method of exploration and neurosurgical treatment of cerebral vascular diseases

Dobrin, J., 1974:
Current method of polymerization of acrylates

Braun, E., 1972:
Current method of preparation of plastic materials for dentures

Altmann, W., 1967:
Current method of treatment of subacute inflammatory disorders of the female internal genitalia with a depot sulfonamide and phenylbutazone

Bertényi, A.; Greguss, P., 1966:
Current method of ultrasonic therapy and its ophthalmologic use

Ivanova-Chemishanska, L.; Vergieva, T.; Mirkova, E.; Antov, G.; Ilieva, P., 1983:
Current methodologic approaches to the study of various delayed effects of pesticides

Gordienko, S.M., 1984:
Current methodological approaches to the study of phagocytic activity of leukocytes

Mednick, S.A.; McNeil, T.F., 1968:
Current methodology in research on the etiology of schizophrenia: serious difficulties which suggest the use of the high-risk-group method

Malm, J.R.; Krongrad, E.; Waldo, A.L.; Reemtsma, K.; Hoffman, B.F., 1974:
Current methodology in total correction of congenital cardiac malformations. Electrophysiologic considerations

Liarskiĭ, P.P.; Ramkova, N.V., 1983:
Current methods and agents for sterilizing medical articles

Egorov, V.V.; Li, D.Kh.; Rakhmanov, A.S., 1995:
Current methods and equipment in densitometry of the bone tissue

Varnoviikiĭ, G.I., 1966:
Current methods and preoperative possibilities of x-ray diagnosis of cancer of the pancreas

Zolochevskiĭ, M.A., 1985:
Current methods for aerosol disinfection and disinsectization of the troops

Kostner, G.M., 1982:
Current methods for apolipoprotein evaluation in normal and dyslipoproteinemic plasma

Trajković, D.; Petrović, J.; Kozarević, D., 1974:
Current methods for determination of contents of alpha 1 antitrypsin in the human serum applied in clinico-epidemiological studies

Maizel', E.P., 1972:
Current methods for diagnosing and treating the sterile marriage

Bennett, A.H., 1974:
Current methods for diagnosing urologic disease

Schwarzkopf, H., 1969:
Current methods for modeling of edentulous jaws. The SR Ivotray method

Tindall, G.T.; Meyer, G.A.; Iwata, K., 1972:
Current methods for monitoring patients with head injury

Bachmann, W., 1972:
Current methods for nose function tests. Presentation of an own method

Selam, J.L.; Slama, G., 1995:
Current methods for optimal insulin therapy

Rüedi, H., 1971:
Current methods for potatoe utilization

Valeri, C.R.; Brodine, C.E., 1968:
Current methods for processing frozen red cells

Lewis, R.A.; Leach, A.R., 1994:
Current methods for site-directed structure generation

Schuler, D., 1965:
Current methods for study of human chromosomes

Cavins, J.A.; Djerassi, I.; Aghai, E.; Roy, A.J., 1968:
Current methods for the cryopreservation of human leukocytes (granulocytes)

Pokrovskiĭ, E.A., 1965:
Current methods for the determination of neutral lipids in the blood and tissues

Zhdanov, V.M.; Dreĭzin, R.S.; Ketiladze, E.S., 1966:
Current methods for the diagnosis of respiratory virus infections in young children

Zimácek, J.; Mydlík, M.; Textoris, R., 1972:
Current methods for the estimation of glomerular filtration. I. Basic clearance methods and use of radioisotopes (review)

Marder, R.A., 1995:
Current methods for the evaluation of ankle ligament injuries

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Current methods for the evaluation of high risk pregnancy

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Current methods for the evaluation of skeletal maturation. A rapid method for screening changes in skeletal maturation

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Current methods for the evaluation of the skeletal maturation. 1. Adaptation of the T.W.2 method to the Italian population

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Current methods for the localization of the placenta

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Current methods for the management of foreign bodies in the airways in infancy and childhood

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Current methods for the radiologic examination of the vascular system

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Current methods for the surgical treatment of elephantiasis of the lower limbs

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Current methods in automated statistical analysis

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Current methods in canine pulmonary research, including description of an improved bronchospirometry tube

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Current methods in childbirth

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Current methods in communicable disease control

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Current methods in diagnosis of intestinal disorders

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Current methods in diagnosis of pathologic conditions of the fetus

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Current methods in functional diagnosis of stomach diseases

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Current methods in performance analysis

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Current methods in the diagnosis of Chlamydia infections

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Current methods in the diagnosis of gastritis

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Current methods in the diagnosis of platelet function disorders

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Current methods in the diagnosis of surgical disorders of the liver

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Current methods in the field of microliter techniques and micro mechanization

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Current methods in the separation of the bronchial tree in pulmonary operations

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Current methods in the serological diagnosis of streptococcal and rheumatic diseases

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Current methods in the serological diagnosis of syphilis

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Current methods in the study of coronary disease epidemiology

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Current methods in the therapy of temporary myocardial failure in shock. Arterial counterpulsation, arteriovenous pumping

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Current methods in the treatment of burns of the wrist

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Current methods in the treatment of congenital dislocation

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Current methods in the treatment of menstruation disorders

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Current methods in the treatment of patients with scleroma

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Current methods in the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia

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Current methods oa histological study of bone tissue

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Current methods of active detection of cervical cancer

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Current methods of analgeia during labor in patients with heart defects

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Current methods of analgesia during labor

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Current methods of anesthesia in maxillofacial surgery

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Current methods of anesthesia in obstetrics

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Current methods of aortography

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Current methods of assessing and treating carcinoma in situ of the bladder with or without involvement of the prostatic urethra

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Current methods of assessing the physical development of schoolchildren

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Current methods of automatic processing of the results of electrophysiological studies in heart surgery

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Current methods of bone storage by freezing and freeze-drying

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Current methods of classifying lactic acid bacteria

Anonymous, 1967:
Current methods of commerical production of nitrous oxide. A contribution from The British Oxygen Co. Ltd

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Current methods of data processing in the clinical laboratory

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Current methods of dental caries prevention

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Current methods of detecting the hepatitis A virus and its antibodies

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Current methods of detection of drug allergy

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Current methods of determination of allergic antibodies

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Current methods of determination of the sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics and their significance for rational antibiotic therapy

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Current methods of determining aldosterone

Il'in, I.V., 1972:
Current methods of determining the functional state of the fetus

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Current methods of determining the sensitivity to antibacterial preparations of anaerobic microorganisms

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Current methods of diagnosing and determining the level for resection of the large intestine in megacolon in children

Novokhatskiĭ, A.S., 1972:
Current methods of diagnosing and treating inflammatory diseases of the optic nerve (optic encephalitis)

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Current methods of diagnosing and treating patients with pathology of the hepatolienal system according to the experience of Azerbaijani surgeons

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Current methods of diagnosis and classification of chronic gastritis

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Current methods of diagnosis and plastic surgery of ileofemoral post-thrombophlebitic syndrome

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Current methods of diagnosis and therapy of carcinoma of the breast

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Current methods of diagnosis and treatment of asphyxia neonatorum

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Current methods of diagnosis and treatment of bullous dermatoses

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Current methods of diagnosis and treatment of combined injuries of the organs of the abdominal cavity and bones of the extremities

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Current methods of diagnosis of disorders of carbohydrate digestion and absorption in children

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Current methods of diagnosis of genital tuberculosis

Geller, L.I., 1982:
Current methods of diagnosis of insufficiency of the exocrine pancreas

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Current methods of diagnosis of pancreatic and biliary diseases

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Current methods of diagnosis of sarcoidosis of respiratory organs

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Current methods of diagnosis of stomach diseases (literature review)

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Current methods of diagnosis of urinary incontinence in women

Larina, Z.T., 1965:
Current methods of differential diagnosis of neoplasms of the ocular conjunctiva and in the skin of the eyelids. (Literature survey)

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Current methods of disinfecting surfaces infected with fungal pathological material

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Current methods of drug therapy of a threatened premature labor (review of literature)

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Current methods of dynamic exploration of adrenal cortex function

Bricaire, H.; Leprat, J., 1967:
Current methods of dynamic exploration of corticoadrenal function

Karchmer, S., 1974:
Current methods of evaluating high risk pregnancy

Guillerm, R., 1972:
Current methods of evaluating tolerance of respiratory ciliated mucosa to drugs administered by the nasal route

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Current methods of evaluation of noise

Anonymous, 1970:
Current methods of examination in the radiological diagnosis of stomach disorders. Clinical radiology conference, June 2, 1970

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Current methods of examination of the fundus oculi

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Current methods of examination of the gastric system in children

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Current methods of examination of the small intestine in pediatric gastroenterology

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Current methods of examining the vision fields (review of the literature)

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Current methods of functional diagnosis in a gynecological clinic

Kozlova, A.V., 1965:
Current methods of gamma-teletherapy of malignant tumors

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Current methods of identification of cholera Vibrios

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Current methods of immunological and genetic diagnosis of HIV infection (literature review)

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Current methods of in-vivo measurement of osteoporosis

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Current methods of individual evaluation of physical development of officers

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Current methods of instrumental diagnosis in breast pathology

Nirankari, M.S.; Singh, D., 1969:
Current methods of intracapsular lens extraction

Mamontova, T.N.; Solodovnikov, I.P., 1970:
Current methods of intraspecies typing of Shigella sonnei. I. Biochemical typing

Poliakov, L.E., 1966:
Current methods of investigation in medical statistics

Naroditskiĭ, B.S.; Khil'ko, S.N.; Loparev, V.N., 1981:
Current methods of isolating specific endonucleases

Tison, F.; Devulder, B., 1965:
Current methods of isolation and identification of mycobacteria

Lisovik, Z.A.; Kliuev, A.E., 1995:
Current methods of laboratory diagnosis in acute chemical poisoning

Vesnina, V.A., 1980:
Current methods of migraine reflexotherapy

Timonin, V.M., 1984:
Current methods of modeling used to determine the objectives of public health administration

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Current methods of myocardial protection

Astapenko, M.G., 1980:
Current methods of pathogenetic therapy in osteoarthrosis deformans

Bodiazhina, V.I.; Ivanov, I.P., 1971:
Current methods of pathogenetic treatment for late toxemia of pregnancy (at the request of readers)

Lauliac, M.; Harichaux, P., 1971:
Current methods of peripheral vascular exploration (plethysmography, reactive hyperemia, Doppler Sonar)

Nikolaevskaia, V.P., 1974:
Current methods of physical therapy of otorhinolaryngologic diseases

Iasnogorodskiĭ, V.G., 1982:
Current methods of physiotherapy

Kiriushchenkov, A.P., 1974:
Current methods of pregnancy prevention

Tesauro, B., 1982:
Current methods of preparation of the large intestine for resection operations and methods of monolayer suturing

Skachilova, N.N., 1969:
Current methods of prevention and therapy of blood transfusion complications

Sandoval, I.R., 1971:
Current methods of programming to choose from among the alternatives in medical care projects

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Current methods of purulent meningitis therapy in children

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Current methods of radio- and complex therapy of lymphogranulomatosis

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Current methods of radiological diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases

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Current methods of radionuclide diagnosis and radiodine therapy in toxic goiter

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Current methods of resuscitation of the newborn

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Current methods of skin transplantation

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Current methods of study and morphologic findings in B-cell adenoma of the pancreas

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Current methods of study in determination of renal clearances with saluresis and waterdiuresis

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Current methods of study of blood coagulation disorders in patients with prostatic adenoma

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Current methods of study of fetal diseases during labor

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Current methods of studying absorption processes

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Current methods of studying gastric secretion (review of the literature)

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Current methods of studying gonadotropins

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Current methods of studying the digestive system of children

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Current methods of studying the functional state of the blood circulatory system in the practice of health resorts

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Current methods of studying the gastrointestinal tract

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Current methods of surgical rehabilitation of patients with pelvic exenteration

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Current methods of surgical treatment of chronic coronary insufficiency (review of the literature)

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Current methods of surgical treatment of eye injuries in the presence of foreign bodies in agricultural workers

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Current methods of surgical treatment of hydrocephalus

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Current methods of temporary supracystic urinary diversion in children

Mlodzki, M., 1969:
Current methods of testing of the gastric secretory function

Martov, I.B.; Vasil'ev, A.B., 1983:
Current methods of the intraoperative evaluation of the completeness of vagotomy

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Current methods of the surgical treatment of elephantiasis of the extremities

Góral, R., 1984:
Current methods of the surgical treatment of peptic ulcer

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Current methods of the treatment of diabetic angiopathies of the lower limbs complicated by pyo-necrotic lesions

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Current methods of the treatment of diabetic retinopathy. (Literature review)

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Current methods of therapy in alopecia areata

Pushkar', I.T., 1969:
Current methods of therapy of coronary insufficiency

Grosfeldowa, O., 1971:
Current methods of topical application of fluorides in prevention of dental caries in children

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Current methods of transport immobilization

Szczurówna, M., 1980:
Current methods of treating cachexia in infants

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Current methods of treating children with osteoarticular tuberculosis (review)

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Current methods of treating complicated forms of suppurative infections of the hand

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Current methods of treating lymphogranulomatosis in children

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Current methods of treating patients with erysipelas

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Current methods of treating patients with pituitary adenoma

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Current methods of treatment and prevention of Rh-immunization and erythroblastosis

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Current methods of treatment in protracted and chronic forms of dysentery

Sobol', I.M., 1971:
Current methods of treatment of allergic and vasomotor rhinitis

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Current methods of treatment of cerebral spastic palsy (achievements of Russian orthopedics in the past 50 years)

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Current methods of treatment of chronic renal insufficiency

Riabova, T.V., 1983:
Current methods of treatment of diffuse connective tissue diseases (collagen diseases) in children

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Current methods of treatment of facial burns and their sequelae (review of foreign literature)

Anonymous, 1983:
Current methods of treatment of glomerulonephritis (round table discussion)

Anonymous, 1983:
Current methods of treatment of immunologic abnormalities

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Current methods of treatment of intraocular malignant tumors and approaches to their improvement

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Current methods of treatment of ocular caustic burns caused by lime

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Current methods of treatment of patients with fistular forms of tuberculous spondylitis

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Current methods of treatment of patients with hypo- and aplastic anemia

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Current methods of treatment of tardive dyskinesia

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Current methods of vascular exploration: Doppler, thermography, capillaroscopy

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Current methods of vestibular function test in the clinic and in vocational selection

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Current methods of x-ray diagnosis of chronic diseases of the lungs in children

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Current microbial flora in bronchopulmonary infections

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Current microbiological aspects in chronic pulmonary tuberculosis

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Current microbiology of oro-maxillofacial infections

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Current migraine therapy

Sviatukhina, O.V., 1980:
Current modalities for breast cancer treatment

Vorob'ev, A.I.; Brilliant, M.D.; Chertkov, I.L., 1981:
Current model of hemopoiesis and possible targets of hemoblastosis

Torda, C., 1971:
Current model of the mechanism of action of hormones (illustrated by the ACTH-corticosteroid system and cyclic AMP mediation)

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Current modes of preventing and treating thrombosis in pregnancy

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Current morphologic classification of lymphogranulomatosis

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Current morphologic methods in neurosurgery. 3. Histochemistry

L.B.au, J.; Nicolaidis, S., 1971:
Current morphologic methods in neurosurgery. I. Introduction. A. Generalities. B. Cerebral edema

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Current morphologic methods in neurosurgery. IV. Cytology of the cerebrospinal fluid

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Current morphological and radiochemical findings in blood vessel wall metabolism

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Current morphometry in electron microscopy of biological and medical objects

Elfving, G.; Hästbacka, J., 1965:
Current mortality in appendicitis in Finland

Anonymous, 1967:
Current mortality report

Anonymous, 1980:
Current mortality report. Standard ordinary policyholders, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and United States population. 1979 Compared with 1978 and 1974-78

Anonymous, 1967:
Current mortality report. Standard ordinary policyholders, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company first half, 1967 compared with 1966 and 1962-66

Anonymous, 1970:
Current mortality report. Standard ordinary policyholders, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. First half 1970 compared with 1969 and 1965-69

Anonymous, 1966:
Current mortality report. Standard ordinary policyholders, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. First half, 1966 compared with 1965 and 1962-65

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Current mortality trends in Chile

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Current musculoskeletal symptoms in peri and postmenopausal women: results of a multicenter population epidemiological study. The EVOS Study Group

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Current mutual concerns of H.E.W. and dentistry

Bauer, G., 1970:
Current narcotics abuse from the viewpoint of criminalistic practice

Shimazaki, C., 1984:
Current needs for health education of patients after discharge

Gardiner, S.H., 1972:
Current needs in the delivery of Ob-Gyn care

Livingston, G.E., 1969:
Current needs of the food service industry

Malaia, L.T.; Lapshina, L.A., 1981:
Current neurohumoral and therapeutic aspects of hypertension

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Current neuroleptics in the treatment of depressions

Modell, J.H.; Conn, A.W., 1980:
Current neurological considerations in near-drowning

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Current neuropediatric aspects: the extraordinary "saga" of Rett's syndrome

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Current neuropsychological approaches in assessment, rehabilitation, and clinical research of central nervous system disorders

Valavanis, A.; Keller, H.; Imhof, H.G.; Turina, M., 1984 :
Current neuroradiologic diagnosis of apoplexy

Stack, J.K., 1966:
Current news and comment

Argenteri, A.; Bagliani, A.; Borri, P.; Ugolini, U., 1974:
Current news in the pharmacological and surgical treatment of chronic, peripheral, obliterating arterial diseases of the lower limbs

Samsonov, M.A., 1994:
Current news in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis

Rost, A., 1967:
Current news on the infiltration therapy in clinical symptoms of pulpitis

Salzer-Kuntschik, M., 1971:
Current nomenclature of primary bone neoplasms and tumor-like diseases of the bone (jaw-specific tumors excepted)

Rupp, H., 1984:
Current nomenclature of the periodontal tissues and their diseases

Petit, R.; Andrianne, R., 1984:
Current nonsurgical technics of dissolving urinary calculi

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Current norms on the clinical dosage of hemoglobin. 1st Chilean survey on hemoglobinometry

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Current nosoareal of brucellosis. II. The distribution of brucellosis in the countries of Africa, Asia and Oceania

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Current nosographic aspects and therapy of mucoviscidosis

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Current nosographical concept of cerebrovascular insufficiency. Physiopathological aspects

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Current nosologic classification of diarrheic syndromes. Introduction

Gérard-Marchant, R., 1974:
Current nosologic concepts in malignant non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Allocca, G.; Verolino, A.; De Leo, C.A., 1980:
Current nosological aspects of puerperal infections (clinico-statistical study) 1970- 1979

Rihmer, Z., 1981:
Current nosology of endogenous depression

Anonymous, 1984:
Current notes

Dandoit, R., 1969:
Current notes from our region on the various habits of the rhythm of deglutition and on the articulation of the anterior linguo-palatal consonants

Calzolari, E.; Salmaggi, P.; Viola, F., 1972:
Current notes on folic acid and megaloblastic anemia in pregnancy

Blaha, H., 1982:
Current notes on the clinical aspects of tuberculosis

Raybaud, A.; Jausseran, J.M., 1968:
Current notions on the mechanism and pathogenesis of motor phenomena in tetanus

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Current notions on the systematics of staphylococci

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Current nursing care of the burned patient. A review

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Current nursing issues and their implications for the preparation of nurse anesthetists

Wood, L., 1994:
Current nursing perspectives in haematology

Goldberg, E., 1970:
Current nursing practices and employee mental health

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Current nursing practices in fever management

Ballesteros, H., 1983:
Current nursing trends. Interview by Petri Rogero

Nardiz, V.A., 1984:
Current nursing: analysis and perspectives

Fisher, K.H.; McCann, M.C., 1982:
Current nutrition guidelines: implications for physicians

Holtmeier, H.J., 1967:
Current nutrition problems

Lasker, N., 1984:
Current nutrition: diet and nutrition in chronic renal failure

Tesalova, O.T., 1983:
Current objectives of dispensary care in dermatology and venereology

Poltoranov, V.V., 1984:
Current objectives of health resort treatment

Baisogolov, G.D., 1980:
Current objectives of the treatment of Hodgkin's disease

Fukushima, M., 1968:
Current observation on histogenesis of mixed tumor of the salivary gland

Kokal, W.A.; Horsley, J.S., 1983:
Current observations on breast abscess

Limoge, A., 1969:
Current observations on pin implants

Gloor, H.U., 1967:
Current observations on renal tuberculosis

Reuterskiöld, G.; Sjögren, I., 1967:
Current observations on spina bifida cystica

Heppner, F.; Ascher, W.P.; Argyropoulus, G., 1967:
Current observations on the effect of aescin in neurosurgery

Twiesselmann, F.; Brabant, H., 1967:
Current observations on the teeth and jaws of an ancient population of the Frankish period in Coxyde (Belgium)

Szilágyi, J.; Osváth, S.; Kántor, E.; Simary, A.; Kiss, J.; Vezendi, S., 1968 :
Current observations on the "circumscribed light lung"

Jung, H.D., 1965:
Current occupational dermatoses in agricultural districts

Greuter, W.F., 1982:
Current occupational health aspects of work at the display screen

Peñalver, R.A., 1966:
Current occupational health in Latin America

Ashbel', S.I., 1984:
Current occupational pathology in medical personnel

Maillard, J.M.; Fellmann, E.; Wirz, O., 1982:
Current occupational respiratory pathology in Switzerland

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Current occurrence and infection control of MRSA enteritis for surgical patients in Japan (first report)

Reinhard, M., 1973:
Current occurrence of occupationally harmful substances

Kwoczyński, J., 1967:
Current of injury and current of threat

Chastrusse, L.; Soumireu-Mourat, J.; Maleviale, G., 1968:
Current offensive of puerperal infection

Smidt, G.L., 1994:
Current open and closed kinetic chain concepts--clarifying or confusing?

Anonymous, 1983:
Current operating statistics. Monthly tables

Warrilow, L., 1968:
Current operating theatre techniques

Cunningham, P.R.; Osborne, J.W., 1970:
Current operative dentistry

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