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Deoxysugars isolated from mycoside A: identification of acetyl derivatives of methyl 2,4-DI-O-methyl-rhamnopyranoside, 2-O-methyl-rhamofuranoside, 3-O-methyl-rhamnofuranoside, 2-O-methyl-fucopyranoside and 3-O-methyl-fucofuranoside

Deoxysugars isolated from mycoside A: identification of acetyl derivatives of methyl 2,4-DI-O-methyl-rhamnopyranoside, 2-O-methyl-rhamofuranoside, 3-O-methyl-rhamnofuranoside, 2-O-methyl-fucopyranoside and 3-O-methyl-fucofuranoside

Bulletin de la Societe de Chimie Biologique 52(6): 679-693

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Accession: 042758123

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PMID: 5449647

Related references

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