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Differential effects of histamine, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide, prostaglandin E2 and somatostatin on cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase activation in gastric glands isolated from the guinea pig fundus and antrum

Mangeat, P.; Gespach, C.; Marchis-Mouren, G.; Rosselin, G.

Regulatory Peptides 3(2): 155-168


ISSN/ISBN: 0167-0115
PMID: 6121356
DOI: 10.1016/0167-0115(82)90092-1
Accession: 042816089

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Histamine, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP), secretin and prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) stimulate cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase activity in gastric glands isolated from the guinea pig fundus and antrum. The effects are observed in the absence of any cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor and maximal stimulation of the protein kinases occurs within 0.5 min of incubation at 20 degrees C. As shown by dose-response studies, VIP is equally potent in the antrum as in the fundus (identical values of the activation constant are found in both types of gland, Ka = 2.5 . 10(-9) M); a similar situation occurs for PGE2 action (but with Ka = 2.0 . 10(-8) M), whereas the potency of histamine is higher in the fundus (ka = 8.0 . 10(-6)M) than in the antrum (Ka = 5.0 . 10(-5) M). Secretin also increases the protein kinase activity ratio but with a 1000 times lower potency than VIP. In fundic glands, histamine (10(-3) M) is the activator of by far the greatest efficacy (increasing protein kinase activity at 4 times of the basal value) as compared with the effect obtained with 10(-6) M PGE2 (2.7 times) and 10(-7) M VIP (1.4 times). In contrast, VIP has greater efficacy (2.3 times) than histamine (2.1 times) in antral glands, whereas PGE2 is equally active in the two parts of the gastric mucosa. In addition, somatostatin (10(-6) M) inhibits partially (30%) and specifically the protein kinase activation stimulated by histamine, whereas it has no effect on VIP- and PGE2-induced activation. The results are consistent with increased cyclic AMP levels in response to these effectors in this system. A physiological role of histamine on acid-secreting parietal cells, of VIP on nonparietal cells and of PGE2 on both cell types, mediated by the cyclic AMP/protein kinase system is proposed.

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