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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42849

Chapter 42849 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Schamroth, C.L.; Schamroth, L., 1980:
Does a diagnosis of sinoatrial block imply atrioventricular nodal disease?

Laborde, A., 1967:
Does a dividing line separate the "men without necks"? (Apropos of a case of Sprengel's syndrome)

Beckett, P., 1972:
Does a doctor's education expand his mind?

Bokhout, B.A.; Stok, W., 1980:
Does a drug administered by oral route affect the transfer of maternal antibodies in piglets?

Eberhardt, H., 1981:
Does a feedback mechanism work in acne?

Weller, S., 1971:
Does a femoral neck intramedullary nail have to be removed?

Aguercif, M.; Giacometti, N.; Nigg, O.M.; Lacourt, G.; Bouvier, C.A., 1973:
Does a fetal fibrinogen exist? Statistical study of fibrin formation in a population of premature, term and postmature newborn infants

Moga, A.; Zăgreanu, I., 1967:
Does a functional pulmonary arterial hypertension exist?

Reinisch, G., 1969:
Does a glucoma occur as a result of a general use of corticoids?

Cohen, B.H., 1969:
Does a graft versus host reaction occur between fetus and mother?

Scholler, H., 1981:
Does a handicapped person disturb the vacation enjoyment of a non-handicapped person? Remarks on the Frankfurt handicapped judgment

Vanderwolf, C.H., 1995:
Does a history of convulsions increase the amnestic effect of temporal region brain lesions?

Anonymous, 1970:
Does a hospital pollute the environment?

Lafont, H.; Lairon, D.; Domingo, N.; Nalbone, G.; Hauton, J.C., 1974:
Does a lecithin-polypeptide association in bile originate from membrane structural subunits?

Gavrilov, L.A., 1984:
Does a limit of the life span really exist?

Ackermann, G., 1980:
Does a low-molecular extract of human placenta support ossification?

Sumbatov, L.A.; Frantsev, V.I.; Ostrovskiĭ, V.Iu.; Iunovidova, L.I.; Petrovskaia, E.L., 1980:
Does a massive blood transfusion syndrome due to posttransfusion toxemia exist?

Fedorov, N.A.; Gorbunova, N.A.; Koziner, V.B.; Movshev, B.E.; Balakina, T.A., 1981:
Does a massive transfusion syndrome exist as the result of posttransfusion toxemia?

Vérin; Peyresblanques, J.; Yacoubi, 1971:
Does a medical treatment of diabetic retinitis exist?

Boerema, J.B.; Goris, R.J.; Hekster, Y.A., 1980:
Does a more rational antibiotic policy lead to cost control?

Grace, J.T., 1984:
Does a mother's knowledge of fetal gender affect attachment?

Berthier, M.; Oriot, D.; Bonneau, D.; Jaeken, J., 1995:
Does a mutation of the glycine receptor modify GABA metabolism in startle disease?

Skládal, J.; Skarvan, L., 1970:
Does a myotatic reflex of the diaphragm induced by sudden expiration exist?

Hedin, M.; Halse, A., 1981:
Does a narrow tubular collimator produce better dental radiographs?

Linquette, M., 1968:
Does a natriuretic hormone exist?

Herich, R., 1969:
Does a network structure in spindles of plant cells exist?

Scharein, S.; Kunze, K., 1995:
Does a neurologic clinic need an inhouse cerebrospinal fluid/neurochemical laboratory? Results of a survey of 289 neurological clinics

Zülch, K.J., 1972:
Does a neurology department need its own intensive care unit?

Bernardi, K.; Adrales, G.L.; Hope, W.W.; Keith, J.; Kuhlens, H.; Martindale, R.G.; Melin, A.A.; Orenstein, S.B.; Roth, J.Scott.; Shah, S.K.; Tsuda, S.; Liang, M.K., 2018:
Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Risk Stratification Tools: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Magallanes, F.; Mulholland, M.W.; Bonsack, M.; Delaney, J.P., 1983:
Does a nonacid lumen cause antral G-cell hyperplasia?

Greenspan, R.H., 1973:
Does a normal isotope perfusion scan exclude pulmonary embolism?

Hitzig; Ciosi, 1981:
Does a periodontium-conscious patient exist?

Juszczyk, J., 1983:
Does a phenomenon of increased hepatic clearance exist?

Larribaud, J.; Narbonne, C., 1971:
Does a physiological respiratory flora exist? Can it be spared by use of a local antibiotic?

Van Putten, T.; May, P.R.; Jenden, D.J., 1981:
Does a plasma level of chlorpromazine help?

Möpert, S.; Vollmar, R., 1970:
Does a point system for hyperthyroidism symptom complex justify rejection of further thyroid diagnosis?

Margolis, M.L., 1995:
Does a positive brain CT reflect brain metastases?

Wilson, G.B.; Fudenberg, H.H., 1982:
Does a primary host defense abnormality involving monocytes-macrophages underlie the pathogenesis of lung disease in cystic fibrosis?

Gahl, K.; Greiser, E., 1973:
Does a primary vascular pulmonary hypertension exist?

Salmon, D.; Jacquard, A., 1971:
Does a probability of paternity exist?

Lengacher, C., 1995:
Does a program in research evolve or is it developed?

Winkens, R.A.; Grol, R.P.; Beusmans, G.H.; Kester, A.D.; Knottnerus, J.A.; Pop, P., 1995:
Does a reduction in general practitioners' use of diagnostic tests lead to more hospital referrals?

Wildschut, H.I., 1995:
Does a relationship exist between chorionic villi sampling and fetal abnormalities?

Le Bourg, E.; Lints, F.A.; Lints, C.V., 1984:
Does a relationship exist between spontaneous locomotor activity, fitness and lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster?

Warren, S.E.; O'Connor, D.T., 1980:
Does a renal vasodilator system mediate racial differences in essential hypertension?

Müller, J., 1972:
Does a renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system exist?

Markiewicz, A.; Semenowicz, K., 1980:
Does a rhythmicity of serum concentrations and urinary excretion of dipyridamole exist during long-term treatment?

Wolffenbüttel, E., 1966:
Does a salt-free diet correct allergies?

Bremond, A.; Claraz, E.; Cottinet, D.; Frobert, C.; Saunier, N., 1984:
Does a second pregnancy induced by artificial insemination occur more rapidly than the first?

Holt, F.M., 1994:
Does a shared name mean shared functions?

Chüden, H., 1970:
Does a sinobronchial syndrome exist? Lung function measurements in sinusitis

Lechtape-Grüter, H.; Zülch, K.J., 1971:
Does a spasm of cerebral vessels exist?

Vandenberg, S.G., 1984:
Does a special twin situation contribute to similarity for abilities in MZ and DZ twins?

Aron, M.; Egly, J.M., 1974:
Does a specific urinary protein in the cancer patient exist? New studies by 2 methods of separation of urinary proteins

Burghardt, E., 1973:
Does a spread of the intraepithelial carcinoma of the cervix exist?

Jéquier, E., 1983:
Does a thermogenic defect play a role in the pathogenesis of human obesity?

McCuskey, R.S., 1995:
Does a toxic gas regulate hepatic sinusoidal blood flow?

Bachmann, W., 1967:
Does a transverse incision constriction of the nasal lumen have an influence on moisture evaporation of the mucosa? A model study

Moller Nielsen, I., 1970:
Does a true qualitative difference exist in the mode of action of neuroleptics and thymanaleptics on catecholamine neuron systems

Thorpe, K.; Greenwood, R.; Goodenough, T., 1995:
Does a twin pregnancy have a greater impact on physical and emotional well-being than a singleton pregnancy?

Stewart, J.; Finan, P.J.; Courtney, D.F.; Brennan, T.G., 1984:
Does a water soluble contrast enema assist in the management of acute large bowel obstruction: a prospective study of 117 cases

Heyman, D.K., 1970:
Does a wife retire?

Scolozzi, R.; Boccafogli, A.; Guidoboni, C.A., 1984:
Does a zinc-rich diet have an immunostimulating effect?

Veglio, M.; Chinaglia, A.; Borra, M.; Perin, P.C., 1995:
Does abnormal QT interval prolongation reflect autonomic dysfunction in diabetic patients? QTc interval measure versus standardized tests in diabetic autonomic neuropathy

Anonymous, 1967:
Does academic preparation make cents?

Wittrock, J.W., 1981:
Does accreditation foster quality assurance

Kayaalp, O., 1965:
Does acetylcholine intervene in post-ganglionic adrenergic mechanisms? Study of this problem in dogs with autoperfused posterior chain

Wrabetz, E.; Peter, G.; Hohorst, H.J., 1980:
Does acrolein contribute to the cytotoxicity of cyclophosphamide?

Hirata, M.; Kuriyama, H., 1980:
Does activation of cyclic AMP dependent phosphorylation induced by beta-adrenergic agent control the tone of vascular muscle?

Baldamus, C.A.; Ullrich, K.J.; Rumrich, G., 1969:
Does active urea transport exist in cortical nephron segments of mammalian kidney?

Inoue, A., 1973:
Does actomyosin catalyze the ATP-Pi exchange reaction?

So, S.Y.; Lam, W.K., 1983:
Does acupuncture work in asthma?

Ponzio, F.; Achilli, G.; Perego, C.; Rinaldi, G.; Algeri, S., 1983:
Does acute L-DOPA increase active release of dopamine from dopaminergic neurons?

Skinazi, F.; Lévy, P.; Bernades, P., 1995:
Does acute alcoholic pancreatitis always reveal chronic pancreatitis?

Röjdmark, S.; Lamminpää, K., 1984:
Does acute endogenous hyperprolactinemia affect intravenous glucose tolerance in humans?

Löhr, J.M.; Rabenstein, T.; Strauss, R.; Hahn, E.G.; Schneider, M.U., 1995:
Does acute ingestion of large amounts of alcohol cause pancreatic injury? A prospective study

Adrian, P., 1965:
Does acute osteomyelitis still exist?

Pechman, K.J., 1983:
Does acyclovir have an adjunctive role in plantar wart therapy?

Bailey, A.S.; Klapper, P.E.; Longson, M.; Campbell, M., 1982:
Does acyclovir prevent the diagnosis of herpes encephalitis?

Gallagher, K.P.; McClanahan, T.B.; Martin, B.J.; Saganek, L.J.; Ignasiak, D.P.; Mertz, T.E.; Van Wylen, D.G.; Vinten-Johansen, J., 1994:
Does adenosine deaminase inhibition protect ischemic myocardium?

Tafaro, E.; Natale, R.; Vitale, F.; Giorgino, R., 1983:
Does adrenal cortex influence prolactin secretion? Evaluation in hirsute women

Tsien, R.W., 1973:
Does adrenaline act by directly modifying the external membrane surface charge of cardiac Purkinje fibres?

Forest, M.G.; de Peretti, E.; David, M.; Sempe, M., 1982:
Does adrenarche really play a determining role in pubertal development? A study of the dissociations between adrenarche and gonadarche. The failure of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate treatment in delayed adrenarche

Phelan, P.D., 1984:
Does adult chronic obstructive lung disease really begin in childhood?

White, F., 1980:
Does advertising get into your hair?

Feinson, M.C.; Popper, M., 1995:
Does affordability affect mental health utilization? A United States-Israel comparison of older adults

Kanowski, S.; Schichtl, H., 1980:
Does age lead to a loss of intellectual performance?

Said, H.M.; Hollander, D., 1984:
Does aging affect the intestinal transport of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate?

Müller, R., 1980:
Does aircraft noise affect health?

Martini, G.A.; Wienbeck, M., 1974:
Does alcohol favour the development of Barret's syndrome (endobrachy-oesophagus)?

Kupari, M.; Heikkilä, J.; Ylikahri, R., 1984:
Does alcohol intensify the hemodynamic effects of nitroglycerin?

Burrus, O., 1994:
Does alcoholism have a genetic etiology?

Anonymous, 1969:
Does allergy protect against cancer?

Gaudier, B.; Lelong, M.; Henard, J.; Miersman, R.; Ryckewaert, L., 1968:
Does allergy to Candida albicans exist? Apropos of 111 bronchomotor tests

Laxenaire, M.C.; Moneret-Vautrin, D.A., 1984:
Does allergy to anesthetic agents exist?

Barer, G.R.; Bee, D.; Wach, R.A.; Gill, G.W.; Dhillon, D.P.; Suggett, A.J.; Evans, T.W., 1983:
Does almitrine bismesylate improve V/Q matching? An animal study

Ward, D.S., 1984:
Does almitrine restore halothane-induced depression of hypoxic respiratory drive?

Preuss, R.; Riek, R.; Steinhoff, J.; Fricke, L.; Hoyer, J.; Sack, K., 1994:
Does alpha 1 microglobulin in urine predict renal function after transplantation?

Maruyama, K.; Kimura, S., 1971:
Does alpha-actinin promote contraction of actomyosin fibers?

Chang, C.C.; Su, M.J., 1974:
Does alpha-bungarotoxin inhibit motor endplate acetylcholinesterase?

Roeggla, G.; Roeggla, M.; Binder, M.; Wagner, A., 1995:
Does altitude or exercise induce fibrin degradation in mountaineers?

Lindenmeyer, M.; Spörri, S.; Stäubli, M.; Studer, A.; Studer, H., 1984:
Does amiodarone affect heart rate by inhibiting the intracellular generation of triiodothyronine from thyroxine?

Owen, M.J.; Butler, S.R., 1984:
Does amnesia after transection of the fornix in monkeys reflect abnormal sensitivity to proactive interference?

Butterworth, J.F.; Prielipp, R.C.; Royster, R.L., 1995:
Does amrinone reduce the need for other positive inotropes?

Littman, A., 1972:
Does amylopectin sulfate work in duodenal ulcer or not?

Martin, A.; Thillier, J.L., 1971:
Does an active digestive viscera possess an electric axis?

Charpin, J.; Louchet, E.; Gratecos, L.A., 1969:
Does an allergic reaction to serotherapy still occur?

Leyh, R.; Böhle, A.; Sievers, H.H.; Bernhard, A., 1995:
Does an aortopulmonary shunt before repair of tetralogy of Fallot limit exercise tolerance in long-term survivors?

Schreiber, V.; Kölbel, F., 1982:
Does an endogenous digoxin-like immunoreactive factor participate in the development of cardiomegaly?

Stĕpánek, P.; Stĕpánek, V., 1967:
Does an enthesopathic diasthesis exist?

Kiani, B.; Lammers, H.; Beck, K., 1968:
Does an extract from Harongana madagascariensis influence the exocrine pancreatic function?

Bartos, J.; Tersíp, K.; Puchmayer, V.; Drugová, B., 1984:
Does an ideal reconstructive method exist for the treatment of occlusions of the superficial femoral artery?

Nitzan, D.; Keren, T.; Marmary, Y., 1981:
Does an impacted tooth cause root resorption of the adjacent one?

Newhouse, J.P., 1972:
Does an increase in the price of a necessity reduce welfare more than an increase in the price of a luxury?

Valant, P.A., 1982:
Does an increase in the ratio of cytoplasmic NADPH to NADP+ accompanied by a decrease in the ratio of cytoplasmic NADH to NAD+ mediate the actions of insulin?

Granges-Céspedes, R.; Jeanneret, O., 1972:
Does an indistinct form of protein malnutrition exist in preadolescents and adolescents in Switzerland?

Bingham, H.G.; Caffee, H.H.; Powell, M., 1982:
Does an intensive care burn unit really make a difference? A follow-up study

Jones, J.F.; Minnich, L.M.; Lucas, D.O.; Langford, M.P.; Stanton, G.J., 1983:
Does an interferonopathy underlie a severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID) syndrome?

Wedell, J.; Meyer zu Eissen, P.; Muchow, U.; van Calker, H.; Baginski, B.; Schlipköter, H.W., 1983 :
Does an obturation in colorectal cancer also modify the behavior of the serum CEA level?

Roslyn, J.J., 1995:
Does an optimal strategy exist for patients with unresectable cholangiocarcinoma?

Baumgartner, M.J.; Komminoth, R.; Woringer, E., 1967:
Does an osteoplastic graft give sufficient protection in cases of large postoperative cranial defects?

Stickl, H.; Borlein, W., 1968:
Does an "asthenic" vaccination reaction lead to post-vaccinal encephalitis?

Zimmermann, U., 1968:
Does an "ordinary nervous breakdown" exist?

Clinch, J., 1980:
Does anencephaly cause pre-eclampsia?

Smith, T.C.; Colton, E.T.; Behar, M.G., 1970:
Does anesthesia alter hemoglobin dissociation?

Honig, L.S., 1983:
Does anterior (non-polarizing region) tissue signal in the developing chick limb?

Toy, P.; Reid, M.; Lewis, T.; Ellisor, S.; Avoy, D.R., 1981:
Does anti-Jra cause hemolytic disease of the newborn?

Meyhoff, H.H.; Nordling, J.; Gammelgaard, P.A.; Vejlsgaard, R., 1981:
Does antibacterial ointment applied to urethral meatus in women prevent recurrent cystitis?

Pentikäinen, P.J., 1993:
Does antihypertensive drug therapy have to be continued the rest of one's life?

Pearce, K.A.; Furberg, C.D.; Rushing, J., 1995:
Does antihypertensive treatment of the elderly prevent cardiovascular events or prolong life? A meta-analysis of hypertension treatment trials

Hansson, L., 1984:
Does antihypertensive treatment reduce the incidence of coronary disease?

Weinstein, L.; Le Frock, J., 1971:
Does antimicrobial therapy of streptococcal pharyngitis or pyoderma alter the risk of glomerulonephritis?

Chowdhury, M.A.; Ahasan, H.A.; Azhar, M.A.; Rafiqueuddin, A.K.; Islam, M.R.; Misbahuddin, M.; Rashid, M.U., 1995:
Does antimony therapy cause bleeding in kala-azar patients and why?

Anonymous, 1973:
Does anybody care?

Doyle, E., 1974:
Does anybody know than man waiting out by the elevators? A consideration for practical nursing in obstetrics

Kuritzky, L., 1995:
Does anybody really know how to treat hypertension?

Baird, S.B., 1982:
Does anyone have an answer?

Heineken, J., 1983:
Does anyone out there know I'm here?

Flood, J.L., 1970:
Does anyone really know what you're doing?

Mudd, E.H.; Kinsey, A., 1994:
Does anyone still want to talk about Alfred Kinsey?

Cavalli, G.; De Gregorio, C.; Magazù, A.; Nicosia, S.; Carerj, S.; Arrigo, F.; Oreto, G., 1994:
Does aortic insufficiency influence Doppler-derived calculation of the valvular area in patients with mitral stenosis?

Nitter-Hauge, S.; Levorstad, K., 1980:
Does aortocoronary saphenous vein bypass surgery change the native coronary arteries? An angiographic follow-up of 60 patients

Orda, R.; Wiznitzer, T.; Solzi, P.; Najenson, T.; Papa, M., 1974:
Does appendectomy predispose to inguinal hernia? A retrospective study and electrophysiological investigations

Boldt, J.; Schindler, E.; Knothe, C.; Hammermann, H.; Stertmann, W.A.; Hempelmann, G., 1994:
Does aprotinin influence endothelial-associated coagulation in cardiac surgery?

Andrassy, K.; Koderisch, J.; Kern, B.; Ritz, E., 1982:
Does arachidonic acid interfere with measurements of thromboxane (TXB2)?

Bernhard, J.; Trefftz, F., 1968:
Does arthrography of the knee joint support the indication for meniscectomy

Lechler, E.; Hirschmann, W.D.; Gross, R., 1969:
Does asparaginase therapy lead to consumption coagulopathy?

Newton, W., 1995:
Does aspirin heal leg ulcers?

O'Laughlin, J.C.; Hoftiezer, J.W.; Mahoney, J.P.; Ivey, K.J., 1981:
Does aspirin prolong bleeding from gastric biopsies in man?

Kal'tianis, P.A.; Batavichene, A.P., 1980:
Does asymptomatic bacteriuria really exist?

Kindler, J.; Sieberth, H.G.; Hahn, R.; Glöckner, W.M.; Vlaho, M.; Pelzer, R., 1983:
Does atherosclerosis caused by dialysis limit this treatment?

Buckingham, T.A.; Radin, M.M.; Volgman, A.S.; Jhangiani, A.; Zbilut, J., 1993:
Does atrial fibrillation cause false-positive late potentials?

Lip, G.Y., 1995:
Does atrial fibrillation confer a hypercoagulable state?

Simonsson, B.G.; Laitinen, L.A., 1983:
Does atropine block antigen-induced contraction in canine bronchial rings? A preliminary report

Perkins, M.R., 1974:
Does availability of health services ensure their use?

Foldspang, A., 1981:
Does backache show a particularly poor rehabilitation prognosis?

Norfleet, R.G.; Mitchell, P.D.; Mulholland, D.D.; Philo, J., 1981:
Does bacteremia follow upper gastrointestinal endoscopy?

Capoduro, R., 1995:
Does balneology still have gynecologic indications?

Singer, M.V.; Niebel, W.; Elashoff, J.; Grossman, M.I., 1982:
Does basal cholinergic activity potentiate exogenous secretin for stimulation of pancreatic bicarbonate output in dogs?

Klopfer, P., 1973:
Does behavior evolve?

Abikoff, H.; Gittelman, R., 1984:
Does behavior therapy normalize the classroom behavior of hyperactive children?

Rabe, E., 1973:
Does behavioral regulation of extracellular liquid volume exist?

Braxton, E.R.; Yonker, R.J., 1973:
Does being urban, poor, black, or female affect youth's knowledge and-or attitudes relating to drugs?

Tonnel, A.B.; Fournier, E.; Wallaert, B.; Ramon, P.; Voisin, C., 1982:
Does benoxaprofen permit the prevention of acetylsalicylic acid asthma

Thomas, M.; Gabe, I.T.; Kimber, H.; Mills, C.J.; Sweeting, T.J., 1981:
Does beta-blockade directly reduce myocardial oxygen consumption?

Cheung, C.Y., 1984:
Does beta-endorphin modulate basal and dopamine-inhibited prolactin release by an action at the anterior pituitary?

Neraal, A., 1980:
Does better knowledge of family dynamics lead to the demytholization of the MCD syndrome

Hesseltine, H.C., 1971:
Does betterment follow innovations in hospital planning? A positive response with centralized surgery/obstetrics

Gosalbez, R.; Sole Balcells, F., 1970:
Does bladder neck disease really exist in children?

Casale, G.; Bignamini, M.; de Nicola, P., 1983:
Does blood donation prolong life expectancy?

Rymer, J.C.; Rozenberg, I.; Galacteros, F.; Kouyoumdjian, J.C.; Manchon, P.; Moretti, J.L.; Perlemuter, L.; Hazard, J., 1984:
Does blood ferritin permit diagnosis of iron deficiency in Basedow's disease?

Jenkins, C.D.; Somervell, P.D.; Hames, C.G., 1983:
Does blood pressure usually rise with age? ... Or with stress?

Jeannet, M.; Néri-Legendre, C.; Descoeudres, C.; Leski, M., 1982:
Does blood transfusion induce a nonspecific suppression of cell-mediated immunity?

Mottram, R.F., 1981:
Does blood-pressure rise with age?

Semiglazov, V.F.; Moiseenko, V.M., 1994:
Does breast cancer grow slower in elderly patients?

González, F.R., 1980:
Does breast milk unleash gonadotropins?

Butler, D.L., 1981:
Does brightness contrast really affect the Mueller-Lyer illusion

Allain, H.; Bentue-Ferrer, D.; Pape, D.; Reymann, J.M.; Van den Driessche, J., 1980:
Does bromocriptine act through the autonomic nervous system?

Ylikorkala, O.; Kivinen, S.; Rönnberg, L.; Viinikka, L., 1980:
Does bromocriptine block thyrotropin-releasing hormone-induced prolactin release during pregnancy?

Lustig, A., 1983:
Does bromocriptine enhance the effect of drugs that reduce intraocular pressure?

Ch'ng, J.L.; Jung, R.T.; Mashiter, K.; Bowley, N.B.; Joplin, G.F., 1982:
Does bromocriptine jeopardise the response to later yttrium-90 irradiation for macroprolactinemias?

Linck, G.; Petrovic, A., 1972:
Does brown adipose tissue of the European hamster (Cricetus cricetus) store and synthetesize corticosteroids? The isolation of a corticosteroid-like compound

Vitt, K.D.; Buss, G.; Erben, C.M.; Schönhöfer, P.S., 1995:
Does budgeting modify quality and efficiency of ambulatory drug therapy? Use of indicators exemplified by the prescribing behavior of established physicians of a North German region with predetermined quality deficits before introduction of the Health Structural Law

Holtkamp, P., 1969:
Does business friendship still exist?

Perry, H.M.; Kopp, S.J., 1983:
Does cadmium contribute to human hypertension

Bannister, J.V.; Bannister, W.H.; Hill, H.A.; Mahood, J.F.; Willson, R.L.; Wolfenden, B.S., 1980:
Does caeruloplasmin dismute superoxide? No

Adler, I.D., 1969:
Does caffeine induce dominant lethal mutations in mice?

Luke, B., 1982:
Does caffeine influence reproduction?

Burmeister, W., 1984:
Does calcifediol replace vitamin D as a preventive and therapeutic agent?

Brincourt, J., 1967:
Does calciferol have a liquifying action on caseum?

Sawers, J.S.; Kellett, H.A.; Brown, N.S.; Beckett, G.J.; Seth, J.; Sinclair, I.S.; Toft, A.D., 1982:
Does calcitonin cause hypocalcaemia after thyroidectomy?

Watson, G.M.; Wickham, J.E.; Colvin, B.T., 1984:
Does calcium contribute to the effectiveness of a coagulum for pyelolithotomy?

Riis, B.J.; Christiansen, C., 1984:
Does calcium potentiate the bone-preserving effect of oestrogen treatment in early post-menopausal women by a change in vitamin D metabolism?

Kanagasuntheram, P.; Teo, T.S., 1983:
Does calmodulin mediate stimulus-secretion coupling in the parotid gland? Studies using trifluoperazine

Cros, G.; Molla, A.; Katz, S., 1984:
Does calmodulin play a role in the regulation of cardiac sarcolemmal adenylate cyclase activity?

Stucki, D.; Baladron, J., 1974:
Does cancer of the uterus still belong in the district hospital?

Schäfer-Korting, M.; Korting, H.C.; Hiemstra, S.; Mutschler, E., 1982:
Does cantharides blister fluid provide access to the peripheral compartment?

van Velzen, S.K., 1967:
Does captivity influence the morphogenesis of the animal skull and teeth?

Wolbarsht, M.L.; George, G.S.; Kylstra, J.; Landers, M.B., 1982:
Does carbon dioxide play a role in retrolental fibroplasia?

Scanlon, P.D., 1995:
Does cardiac dysfunction cause pulmonary restriction?

Gail, M.H., 1972:
Does cardiac transplantation prolong life? A reassessment

Arom, K.V.; Grover, F.L.; Trinkle, J.K., 1980:
Does cardioplegic arrest compromise long-term left ventricular function?

Engelman, R.M.; Pleet, A.B.; Rousou, J.A.; Flack, J.E.; Deaton, D.W.; Kulshrestha, P.; Gregory, C.A.; Pekow, P.S., 1995:
Does cardiopulmonary bypass temperature correlate with postoperative central nervous system dysfunction?

Radin, E.L.; Paul, I.L., 1970:
Does cartilage compliance reduce skeletal impact loads? The relative force-attenuating properties of articular cartilage, synovial fluid, periarticular soft tissues and bone

D'Alessandro, N.; Dusonchet, L.; Crosta, L.; Crescimanno, M.; Rausa, L., 1981:
Does catalase play a role in Adriamycin induced cardiotoxicity?

Mulder, J.J.; Peña, A.S., 1983:
Does celiac disease appear in your differential diagnosis?

Glăvan, I.I., 1980:
Does central binocular vision really exist as a stable dominant function?

DeLaurentis, D.A.; Hayes, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Wolferth, C.C., 1973:
Does central venous pressure accurately reflect hemodynamic and fluid volume patterns in the critical surgical patient?

Mikhaĭlova, N.G.; Pimenova, T.G.; Simonov, P.V., 1972:
Does cessation of the negative stimulus lead to activation of emotionally positive zones in the brain?

Wanner, A., 1984:
Does chest physical therapy move airway secretions?

Anonymous, 1973:
Does chewing gum clean the teeth?

Hudson, J.I.; Pope, H.G., 1995:
Does childhood sexual abuse cause fibromyalgia?

Dyban, A.P.; Chebotar', N.A., 1971:
Does chloramphenicol (levomycetin) induce cleft palate at the beginning stages of embryogenesis in rats?

Cocchi, R.; Passanisi, S.; Macci, F., 1982:
Does chlordesmethyldiazepam have a specific anti-erotic effect? Report on five observations

Cytawa, J.; Kutulas, G., 1973:
Does chlorpromazine facilitate recovery of emotional behaviour in septal forebrain lesioned rats?

Ellman, G.L., 1971:
Does chlorpromazine interfere with the Porter-Silber reaction?

Debain, J.J.; Filou, M.; Pailler, R., 1966:
Does chronic allergic pharyngitis exist?

Walter, E.; Kaufmann, W.; Oster, P., 1981:
Does chronic aspirin treatment increase blood pressure in man?

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Does chronic bronchitis exist in children, excluding asthma, mucoviscidosis and bronchial dilatation?

Ecker, A.D., 1984:
Does chronic cerebral vasospasm precede development and rupture of intracranial aneurysms?

Wahlström, L., 1995:
Does chronic fatigue syndrome have physiological or psychological causes? A wrongly formulated question may result in information

Fuller, G.N.; Rigor, B.M.; Wiggins, R.C.; Dafny, N., 1980:
Does chronic halothane exposure alter brain electrical activity? Sensory evoked potentials recorded from cortex, diencephalon, and mesencephalon in freely behaving rats

Cristau, P.; Merlin, P.; Larroque, P.; Roue, R.; Saliou, P.; Leleu, J.P., 1980:
Does chronic hepatitis due to phenindione really exist?

Leuenberger, P.; Karmann, U.; Held, D.R., 1973:
Does chronic hypercapnia entain an adaptive improvement of extra-cellular space buffering against acute PCO2 changes?

Volpe, B.T., 1983:
Does chronic hypoxemia cause brain injury?

Brancaccio, D.; Damasso, R.; Spinnler, H.; Sterzi, R.; Vallar, G., 1981:
Does chronic kidney failure lead to mental failure? A neuropsychologic survey of self-sufficient outpatients

Hessler, D., 1983:
Does chronic prostatitis exist?

Leuenberger, P.; Karmann, U.; Held, D.R., 1972:
Does chronic respiratory acidosis change the buffer properties of the extracellular space?

Tweed, W.A., 1982:
Does cigarette smoking cause coronary heart disease

Bourdon, R.; Hoffelt, J., 1980:
Does cimetidine act as a chelator?

Gal, J.; Sedman, A.J., 1984:
Does cimetidine impair nitroreduction?

Paazian, A.; Capron, J.P.; Dupas, J.L.; Boudin, G., 1980:
Does cimetidine induce dizziness?

Weiss, C., 1968:
Does circumcision of the newborn require an anesthetic?

Davis, C.M., 1973:
Does clinical practice offer a challenge after graduate school?

Ross, W.F., 1980:
Does clofazimine have any value in the management of reversal reaction?

Codling, D., 1969:
Does closed circuit TV increase the depth or rate of learning?

Hurwitz, G.H.; Hampton, C.L.; Shaffer, M.C., 1980:
Does closed circuit television still apply? A utilization and management study

Bertel, O.; Conen, D.; Schwarz, U.; Besch, W.; Dubach, U.C., 1985:
Does closely monitored control and therapy adjustment improve the prognosis in patients with severe heart insufficiency?

Zapletálek, M.; Preiningerová, O.; Hanus, H., 1980 :
Does clozapine cause dependence?

Ames, R.G., 1983:
Does coal workers' pneumoconiosis predict to lung cancer? Some evidence from a case-control study

Stuehmeier, G.; Legrum, W.; Netter, K.J., 1982:
Does cobalt pretreatment of mice induce a phenobarbitone-type cytochrome P-450?

Conte, M.R.; Orzan, F.; Brusca, A.; De Benedictis, M.; Bonzano, A.; Bobbio, M., 1994:
Does coexistence of involvement of the right dominant coronary artery differentiate clinical features of disease of the common trunk from disease of 3 coronary vessels?

Leviton, A., 1995:
Does coffee consumption increase the risk of reproductive adversities?

Hogstedt, C., 1981:
Does coffee increase the risk of pancreas cancer?

Müller, R., 1971:
Does coffee influence the blood sugar level?

Anonymous, 1984:
Does coitus embarrass the fetus?

Kurki, T., 1994:
Does coitus have an effect on the course of pregnancy?

Braithwaite, P.A.; Shepherd, J.J., 1981:
Does colectomy protect against breast cancer?

Chagnon, J.P.; Barge, J., 1982:
Does collagenous sprue exist?

Bartnik, W.; Butruk, E.; Szubski, J.; Reguła, J.; Gerke, W., 1983:
Does colonoscopy facilitate the diagnosis of colonic cancer?

Von Hoff, D.D.; Kuhn, J.; Clark, G., 1981:
Does color of an antitumor agent predict for clinical antitumor activity?

Couvelaire, R., 1972:
Does colpocleisis have a place in the treatment of vesicovaginal fistulas?

Foreman, K.E.; Glovsky, M.M.; Warner, R.L.; Horvath, S.J.; Ward, P.A., 1995:
Does complement activation control 'tissue trafficking' by C3a and C5a anaphylotoxin generation?

Haggerty, R.J., 1971:
Does comprehensive care make a difference? Discussion

Magraw, R.M., 1971:
Does comprehensive care make a difference? Implications for medical education

Haggerty, R.J., 1971:
Does comprehensive care make a difference? Introduction. Historical perspectives

Oleinick, A., 1971:
Does comprehensive care make a difference? Pediatric utilization in the Kaiser Health Plan of Oregon

el-Saleh, J.C.; Keogh, E.J.; Chew, K.K.; Earle, C.M.; Lee, J.L.; Wearmouth, J.W., 1995:
Does compression of the base of the penis improve the efficacy of intracavernosal injection of prostaglandin E1 for impotence? A randomized controlled study

Lorenz, R.; Krestin, G.P.; Beyer, D.; Mödder, U., 1984:
Does computer tomography facilitate correct diagnosis of the cause of ureteral obstruction? (limitations and significance of CT)

Darling, R.C.; Shah, D.M.; Chang, B.B.; Leather, R.P., 1995:
Does concomitant aortic bypass and renal artery revascularization using the retroperitoneal approach increase perioperative risk?

Varty, P.P.; Linehan, I.P.; Boulos, P.B., 1993:
Does concurrent splenectomy at colorectal cancer resection influence survival?

Goudie, A.J.; Stolerman, I.P.; Demellweek, C.; D'Mello, G.D., 1982:
Does conditioned nausea mediate drug-induced conditioned taste aversion?

Parsi, K.P.; Winslade, W.J.; Corcoran, K., 1995:
Does confidentiality have a future? The computer-based patient record and managed mental health care

Bevan, D.R.; Jones, N.O.; Lumley, J.; Norman, J., 1971:
Does constant volume IPPV produce hypoxaemia?

Calabrese, E.J., 1982:
Does consumption of mega-doses of ascorbic acid pose a hemolytic risk to persons with sickle cell trait and sickle cell anemia?

Keczkes, K., 1984:
Does contact sensitivity last?

Yannes, M.O., 1980:
Does continuing education equal competence?

Forni, P.R.; Overman, R.T., 1974:
Does continuing education have an effect on the practice of nursing? A survey

Handler, S., 1983 :
Does continuing medical education affect medical care. A study of improved transfusion practices

Devitt, J.E., 1973:
Does continuing medical education by peer review really work?

Nassif, D.; Garfink, C.; Greenfield, C., 1982:
Does continuity equal quality in the assessment of well-child care?

Dietrich, A.J.; Marton, K.I., 1982:
Does continuous care from a physician make a difference?

Cosnes, J.; Tello, H.; Le Quintrec, M.; Gendre, J.P.; N'Diaye, F.; Latrive, J.P.; Le Quintrec, Y., 1983:
Does continuous enteral nutritional deficiencies in digestive system diseases? Results of a longitudinal study of 92 consecutive patients treated for 3 to 7 weeks

Tapia, J.L.; Bancalari, A.; González, A.; Mercado, M.E., 1995:
Does continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) during weaning from intermittent mandatory ventilation in very low birth weight infants have risks or benefits? A controlled trial

Jivani, S.K.; Rayner, P.H., 1973:
Does control influence the growth of diabetic children?

Robertson, P.; Fridovich, I., 1980:
Does copper-D-penicillamine catalyze the dismutation of O2-?

Fritsch, G.; Stimpfl, M.; Buchinger, P.; Printz, D.; Sliutz, G.; Wagner, T.; Agis, H.; Valent, P.; Gadner, H., 1994:
Does cord blood contain enough progenitor cells for transplantation?

Pai, C.H.; Hu, W.H.; Ting, C.T., 1995:
Does coronary artery disease with stressed myocardial ischemia alter heart rate variability?

Smith, H.C.; Frye, R.L.; Piehler, J.M., 1983:
Does coronary bypass surgery have a favorable influence on the quality of life?

Wenger, N.K., 1981:
Does coronary bypass surgery prolong life? An incomplete question

Petit, M.; Duval, F.; Lacour, F.; Prawerman, A., 1984:
Does correction of reflux delay the development of renal insufficiency?

Bour, H.; Funck-Brentano, J.L.; Royer, P.; Péquignot, H., 1968:
Does correctly treated juvenile diabetes escape late complications?

Richards, T.A., 1984:
Does correlation establish cause?

Höhling, H.J.; Krefting, E.R.; Barckhaus, R., 1982:
Does correlation exist between mineralization in collagen-rich hard tissues and that in enamel?

Cohen, D.I.; Jones, P.; Littenberg, B.; Neuhauser, D., 1982:
Does cost information availability reduce physician test usage? A randomized clinical trial with unexpected findings

Herrier, R.N.; Boyce, R.W., 1995:
Does counseling improve compliance?

Zenker, H., 1980:
Does crepitation always accompany tenosynovitis?

Miller, D., 1973:
Does cryosurgery have a place in the treatment of papillomata or carcinoma of the larynx?

Morse, D.R., 1973:
Does culturing contribute to endodontic success?

Maus, H.; Hamacher, J.; Loennecken, S.J.; de Val y Sanz, M., 1966:
Does curare affect cardiovascular circulation in anesthesia?

Pellmar, T.C., 1981:
Does cyclic 3' ,5'-adenosine monophosphate act as second messenger in a voltage-dependent response to 5-hydroxytryptamine in Aplysia?

Stoclet, J.C., 1980:
Does cyclic AMP play a part in the bronchodilator effect of theophylline?

Watson, E.L.; Jacobson, K.L.; Dowd, F., 1982:
Does cyclic GMP mediate amylase release from mouse parotid acini?

Jones, R.E.; Moscona, M.; Moscona, A.A., 1973:
Does cyclic-3',5'-AMP induce glutamine synthetase in embryonic neural retina?

Feldman, M.; Yagil, G., 1969:
Does cycloheximide interfere with protein degradation?

Wander, R.H.; Hilgard, R.H., 1980:
Does cyclophosphamide alter tumor cell antigenicity?

Osman, E.A.; Barrett, J.J.; Bewick, M.; Parsons, V., 1984:
Does cyclosporin affect renal blood vessels?

Ley, H.; Kellner, K.; Drexel, H., 1966:
Does cystine accumulate in malignancies

McLean, A.E.; Garner, R.C., 1974:
Does cytochrome P-420 exist? Haem reductase activity in liver microsomes

Hirayama, T., 1982:
Does daily intake of green-yellow vegetables reduce the risk of cancer in man? An example of the application of epidemiological methods to the identification of individuals at low risk

Liu, G.; Coulston, A.; Chen, Y.D.; Reaven, G.M., 1983:
Does day-long absolute hypoinsulinemia characterize the patient with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus?

Aarsman, A.J.; van den Bosch, H., 1980:
Does de novo synthesis of lysophosphatidylcholine occur in rat lung microsomes?

Watt, J.W.; Devine, A., 1995:
Does dead space ventilation always alleviate hypocapnia? Long-term ventilation with plain tracheostomy tubes

Khan, J.A.; Doane, J.F.; Whitacre, M.M., 1995:
Does decompression diminish the discomfort of severe dysthyroid orbitopathy?

Nissinen, A.; Lindqvist, O.; Eronen, T.; Pietinen, P.; Puska, P., 1983:
Does decreasing salt consumption endanger adequate iodine intake?

Avery, M.E., 1971:
Does delivery by section matter to the infant?

Tabor, E.; Ponzetto, A.; Gerin, J.L.; Gerety, R.J., 1983:
Does delta agent contribute to fulminant hepatitis?

Kew, M.C.; Dusheiko, G.M.; Hadziyannis, S.J.; Patterson, A., 1984:
Does delta infection play a part in the pathogenesis of hepatitis B virus related hepatocellular carcinoma?

Busby, S.T., 1982:
Does dental school promote professionalism?

Müller-Fahlbusch, H., 1983:
Does dentistry have a philosophy?

Waldman, H.B., 1980:
Does dentistry need high tariffs?

Oniani, T.N., 1984:
Does deprivation of paradoxical sleep interfere with consolidation of memory traces?

Ives, J.O.; Weaver, L., 1984:
Does design determine results in ECT studies?

Hutchinson, S.J.; Kesson, C.M.; Slater, S.D., 1983:
Does diabetes affect employment prospects?

Osborn, J.R.; Goldstein, H.H., 1968:
Does diabetes cause coronary disease?

Cozen, L., 1972:
Does diabetes delay fracture healing?

Heller, S.R.; Tattersall, R.B., 1983:
Does diabetic control matter?

Hilton, R.A., 1982:
Does diabetic control really make a difference?

Nielsen, P.E., 1973:
Does diabetic microangiopathy cause development of gangrene?

Bolsen, B., 1981:
Does diagnostic method influence survival?

Job, R.F., 1982:
Does diazepam affect driving ability?

Erkola, O.; Salmenperä, M.; Tammisto, T., 1980:
Does diazepam pretreatment prevent succinylcholine-induced fasciculations?--a double-blind comparison of diazepam and tubocurarine pretreatments

Amery, A.; Bulpitt, C.; Fagard, R.; Staessen, J., 1980:
Does diet matter in hypertension?

Fielding, R., 1995:
Does diet or alcohol explain the French paradox?

Bruckdorfer, K.R.; Kang, S.S.; Yudkin, J., 1972:
Does dietary lactose produce hyperlipaemia in the rat?

Walther, B.; Dieterich, E.; Spranger, J., 1980:
Does dietary phosphate change the neurophysiologic functions and behavioral signs of hyperkinetic and impulsive children?

Anonymous, 1984:
Does diethylstilbestrol also affect the fetal ovaries?

Eskes, T.K.; Scheres, J.M., 1984:
Does diethylstilbestrol also affect the ovaries of the fetus?

Steinberg, M.S., 1970:
Does differential adhesion govern self-assembly processes in histogenesis? Equilibrium configurations and the emergence of a hierarchy among populations of embryonic cells

Stokland, O., 1984:
Does digitalis help in heart failure when heart rhythm is normal?

Bergqvist, D.; Lindblad, B.; Ljungström, K.G.; Persson, N.H.; Hallböök, T., 1984:
Does dihydroergotamine potentiate the thromboprophylactic effect of dextran 70? A controlled prospective study in general and hip surgery

Grüntzig, J.; Schicha, H.; Becker, V., 1980:
Does dionine (aethylmorphin) influence the lymph drainage of the eye?

Netter, A.; Nathan, J.K., 1969:
Does diphasic temperature reliably indicate the existence of the corpus luteum? Observations of diphasism during treatment by HCG, clomiphene, cyclophenyl, without prenanedioluria

Gudmundson, C.; Lidgren, L., 1973:
Does diphenylhydantoin accelerate healing of fractures in mice?

Mitsuhashi, M.; Tokuyama, K.; Morikawa, A.; Kuroume, T.; Tazawa, M., 1984:
Does disodium cromoglycate stabilise cough receptors on human airways?

Rourke, A.J., 1972:
Does doctor need a referee for his battles with administration?

Lambertsen, E.C., 1966:
Does doctors' view of nurses require redefinition of nursing?

White, C.D., 1984:
Does dopamine modulate rate of decay of activation in the rostral brain?

Pelicier, Y., 1972:
Does doxepine have a special effect on conversion hysteria

Kleitman, N., 1970:
Does dreaming have a function?

Check, W.A., 1982:
Does drop in T and A's pose new issue of adenotonsillar hypertrophy?

García-Ureña, M.Ángel.; López-Monclús, J.; Cuccurullo, D.; Blázquez Hernando, L.Alberto.; García-Pastor, P.; Reggio, S.; Jiménez Cubedo, E.; San Miguel Méndez, C.; Cruz Cidoncha, A.; Robin Valle de Lersundi, A., 2018:
Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Utilizing the Combination of Absorbable and Permanent Mesh in a Retromuscular Position: A Multicenter Prospective Study

Anonymous, 1984:
Does drug therapy prevent recurrent bleeding from peptic ulcers?

Kauer, W.K.; Burdiles, P.; Ireland, A.P.; Clark, G.W.; Peters, J.H.; Bremner, C.G.; DeMeester, T.R., 1995:
Does duodenal juice reflux into the esophagus of patients with complicated GERD? Evaluation of a fiberoptic sensor for bilirubin

Donovan, I.A.; Sorgi, M.; Mosimann, F.; Wolverson, R.L.; Harding, L.K.; Alexander-Williams, J., 1984:
Does duodenogastric reflux affect the rate of gastric emptying?

Blumenthal, R.S.; Reis, S.E., 1995:
Does early coronary endothelial dysfunction predict the development of vasculopathy?

Zheng, N.; Ma, Q.; Jin, M.; Zhang, S.; Guan, N.; Yang, Q.; Dai, J., 2018:
Abdominal-Waving Control of Tethered Bumblebees Based on Sarsa With Transformed Reward

Farkas, L.G.; Herbert, M.A.; James, J.S., 1980:
Does early movement speed the recovery of function of repaired flexor tendon?

Nishina, K.; Mikawa, K.; Maekawa, N.; Takao, Y.; Obara, H., 1995:
Does early posttreatment with lidocaine attenuate endotoxin-induced acute injury in rabbits?

Barthelemy, M.; Barthelemy, A.; Naret, C.; Ciancioni, C.; Caquet, R.; Delons, S., 1981:
Does echocardiography Tm permit to determine the true contractile state of the left ventricle of hemodialysis patients?

Prati, P.L.; Boccanelli, A.; Gambelli, G., 1980:
Does echocardiography replace the "invasive" tests?

Boccanelli, A.; Gambelli, G., 1982:
Does echocardiography take the place of "invasive" examinations?

Crequat, J.; Loufrani, B.; Madelenat, P., 1983:
Does echography resolve the problem of diagnosis of extrauterine pregnancy at its onset?

Coussement, A.; Coussement-Beylard, N., 1983:
Does echography resolve the problem of the diagnosis of early extra-uterine pregnancy?

Leinen, T., 1983:
Does education end after the R.N.?

Langford, H.G.; Blaufox, M.D.; Oberman, A.; Hawkins, C.M.; Curb, J.D.; Cutter, G.R.; Wassertheil-Smoller, S.; Pressel, S.; Babcock, C.; Abernethy, J.D., 1984:
Does effective antihypertensive therapy partially "cure" hypertension?

Cole, B.G.; Gardiner, P.F., 1984:
Does electrical stimulation of denervated muscle, continued after reinnervation, influence recovery of contractile function?

Maag, E., 1973:
Does electrocardiography contribute to traffic safety?

Turell, R., 1969:
Does electrocoagulation supplant resection?

Fall, M., 1984:
Does electrostimulation cure urinary incontinence?

Erckenbrecht, J.; Wienbeck, M., 1981:
Does emergency endoscopy effect the prognosis of acute hemorrhage of the upper gastrointestinal tract?

Ross, C.E.; Mirowsky, J., 1995:
Does employment affect health?

Goodyer, L.I.; Miskelly, F.; Milligan, P., 1995:
Does encouraging good compliance improve patients' clinical condition in heart failure?

Baraka, A., 1995:
Does end-tidal PCO2 predict the temperature-uncorrected or corrected PaCO2 during hypothermia?

Ichida, S.; Osugi, T.; Yoshida, H., 1981:
Does endogenous cyclic GMP inhibit potassium stimulated 45Ca uptake by P2 fraction from rat brain?

Escourrou, J., 1983:
Does endoscopic sphincterotomy have an important role in the treatment of biliary lithiasis?

Schrock, T.R., 1981:
Does endoscopy affect the surgical approach to the patient with upper gastrointestinal bleeding?

Hinshaw, L.B., 1971:
Does endotoxin have direct or indirect effects on the heart?

Ayala, A.; Deol, Z.K.; Lehman, D.L.; Herdon, C.D.; Chaudry, I.H., 1995:
Does endotoxin play a major role in inducing the depression of macrophage function during polymicrobial sepsis?

Long-Krug, S.A.; Weikel, C.S.; Tiemens, K.T.; Hewlett, E.L.; Levine, M.M.; Guerrant, R.L., 1984:
Does enteropathogenic Escherichia coli produce heat-labile enterotoxin, heat-stable enterotoxins a or b, or cholera toxin A subunits?

Segal, N.; Mihailov, C.; Cordea, A., 1981:
Does enucleation constitute a risk factor in malignant uveal melanoma?

Slobod, K.S.; Hurwitz, J.L., 1995:
Does envelope V3 peptide comprise the principal neutralizing determinant for HIV?

Beteta, E., 1974:
Does epilepsy have a pathological anatomy

Striese, D., 1984:
Does epilepsy inevitably result in an epileptic personality change?

Giordano, G., 1982:
Does episodic memory influence initial reading instruction?

Krinsky, W.L., 1983:
Does epizootic lymphocytic choriomeningitis prime the pump for epidemic rickettsialpox?

Pistorius, M.A.; Saidi, Z.; Planchon, B., 1995:
Does erythermalgia of chronic venous insufficiency exist?

de Silva, P.; Rachman, S., 1984:
Does escape behaviour strengthen agoraphobic avoidance? A preliminary study

Stickler, G.B., 1983:
Does essential hypertension exist in childhood?

Cummings, S.R.; Marcus, R.; Palermo, L.; Ensrud, K.E.; Genant, H.K., 1994:
Does estimating volumetric bone density of the femoral neck improve the prediction of hip fracture? A prospective study. Study of Osteoporotic Fractures Research Group

Schwarz, B.E., 1981:
Does estrogen cause adenocarcinoma of the endometrium?

Schenck-Gustafsson, K.; al-Khalili, F.; Pripp, U.; Eriksson, M.; Hall, G.; Landgren, B.M., 1995:
Does estrogen prevent myocardial infarction in women?

Phillips, S.C., 1981:
Does ethanol damage the blood--brain barrier?

Cecchin, E.; De Marchi, S., 1994:
Does ethanol have toxic effects on the kidney?

Jørgensen, H.A.; Hole, K., 1981:
Does ethanol stimulate brain opiate receptors? Studies on receptor binding and naloxone inhibition of ethanol-induced effects

Mennini, T.; Cotecchia, S.; Caccia, S.; Garattini, S., 1982:
Does ethyl-beta-carboline-3-carboxylate interact with mouse brain benzodiazepine receptors in vivo?

Ignoffo, R.J., 1983:
Does etoposide have curative potential?

Anderson, C.A., 1995:
Does every patient deserve a nurse?

Borbola, J.; Keltai, M., 1982:
Does every patient with acute myocardial infarct have ventricular extrasystole during the early hospitalization period?

Bentley, J.B.; Vaughan, R.W.; Cork, R.C.; Gandolfi, A.J., 1981:
Does evidence of reductive halothane biotransformation correlate with hepatic binding of metabolites in obese patients?

Gitsch, E.; Tatra, G., 1967:
Does exercise during pregnancy influence the complication rate of secundinae?

Roskamm, H.; Schnellbacher, K.; Samek, L.; Betz, P., 1983:
Does exercise testing with invasive measurements of cardiac output and pressure really contribute?

Armata, J., 1983:
Does exploratory laparotomy with splenectomy prolong the life of patients with Hodgkin's disease?

Milićević, M.; Simić, A., 1994:
Does extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy have a role in the treatment of biliary calculosis?

Kraussold, E., 1973:
Does extraperitoneal cesarean section already belong to the past?

Beran, V., 1968:
Does eyeball rotation develop following marginal myotomy of the internal rectus muscles in strabismus?

Ando, K., 1984:
Does fast-neutron radiotherapy merely reduce the radiation dosage?

Saggerson, E.D., 1982:
Does fasting decrease the inhibitory effect of malonyl-CoA on hepatic beta-oxidation?

Röjdmark, S., 1984:
Does fasting influence the function of the hypophysis?

Asch, S.; Leake, B.; Gelberg, L., 1994:
Does fear of immigration authorities deter tuberculosis patients from seeking care?

Boesken, W.H.; Mamier, A.; Neumann, H.; Engelhardt, R., 1983:
Does febrile proteinuria exist?

Kaemmerer, K., 1968:
Does feeding of urea have an effect on the tuberculin test in cattle?

Verbeeck, R.K.; Wallace, S.M., 1983:
Does fenbufen have a large distribution volume or is it subject to extensive presystemic elimination?

Chruściel, M.; Chruściel, T.L., 1973:
Does fenfluramine mean a real advance in the treatment of obesity?

Sybrecht, G.W.; Wilkins, H., 1995:
Does fenoterol have cardiac side effects?

Adlercreutz, H., 1984:
Does fiber-rich food containing animal lignan precursors protect against both colon and breast cancer? An extension of the "fiber hypothesis"

Petterson, E.; Pettersson, M.; Olofsson, I.L.; Ogeman, B., 1983:
Does fissure sealing of the 6th year molars add to the preventive measures of fluoride application?

Habib, N.A.; Peck, M.A.; Sawyer, C.N.; Blaxland, J.W.; Luck, R.J., 1983:
Does fixity affect prognosis in colorectal tumours?

Clarke, S.W., 1983:
Does flexible fibreoptic bronchoscopy damage the bronchial tree?

Hirner, A.; Häring, R.; Karavias, T., 1980:
Does flow-limited portal arterialization avoid the disadvantages of portacaval shunts in healthy and cirrhotic rats?

Murakami, E.; Shiosaka, S.; Tohyama, M., 1981:
Does fluorescent analogue of propranolol, 9-amino-acridine-propranolol, binding sites really show the beta-adrenoreceptors?

Nihard, P., 1981:
Does fluororetinography permit evaluation of the action of drugs: myth or reality?

Montastruc, J.L.; Fabre, N.; Blin, O.; Senard, J.M.; Rascol, O.; Rascol, A., 1995:
Does fluoxetine aggravate Parkinson's disease? A pilot prospective study

Begemann, H., 1969:
Does folic acid encourage tumor growth?

Wood, C., 1983:
Does follicular spongiosis result from scratching?

Ahrens, G., 1969:
Does formalin disinfection of the storeroom affect the quality of fresh eggs?

Danchin, A., 1973:
Does formylation of initiator tRNA act as a regulatory signal in E. coli?

Wells, P.A.; Willmoth, T.; Russell, R.J., 1995:
Does fortune favour the bald? Psychological correlates of hair loss in males

Anonymous, 1984:
Does free care improve adults' health?

Reckel, K.; Ehrhardt, H., 1974:
Does fright or "mental shock" represent physical injury in the sense of paragraph 823 part 2 of the Federal Law Book?

Serment, H.; Laffargue, P.; Vaillette, C., 1969:
Does function stroma of the post-menopausal ovary exist?

Messing, B.; Bories, C.; Kunstlinger, F.; Bernier, J.J., 1981:
Does gallbladder bile become lithogenous during total parenteral nutrition?

Kato, E.; Morita, K.; Kuba, K.; Yamada, S.; Kuhara, T.; Shinka, T.; Matsumoto, I., 1980:
Does gamma-aminobutyric acid in blood control transmitter release in bullfrog sympathetic ganglia?

Sandvik, H.; Baerheim, A., 1994:
Does garlic protect against vampires? An experimental study

Müller-Lissner, S.A.; Sonnenberg, A.; Blum, A.L., 1981:
Does gastric aminopyrine clearance reflect gastric mucosal blood flow or parietal cell function?

Wolverson, R.L.; Sorgi, M.; Mosimann, F.; Donovan, I.A.; Harding, L.K.; Alexander-Williams, J., 1984:
Does gastric entubation cause entero-gastric reflux?

Levrat, M.; Vandenput, F.; De Montgolfier, R.; Descos, L.; Daumont, R.; Barthelemy, C., 1972:
Does gastric hypochlorhydria favor biliary superinfections during lithiasis?

Cohen, S., 1974:
Does gastrin play a role in the pathogenesis of lower esophageal sphincter incompetance?

Schuman, B.M., 1971:
Does gastroscopic diagnosis need direct vision brushing cytology?

Benacerraf, B.R.; Miller, W.A.; Nadel, A.; Pauker, S.; Bromley, B., 1995:
Does gender have an impact on the sonographic detection of second-trimester fetuses with Down's syndrome?

Le Coutour, X.; Delecour, M.; Leroy, J.L.; Puech, F., 1984:
Does genital tuberculosis still exist? Current review

Bain, J.A.; Dick, W.; Englesson, S.; Glover, J.; Pollard, B.; Thompson, W.; Youngberg, J.A.; Spoerel, W.E., 1984:
Does geographical location influence inflow requirements of the Bain breathing system?

Desarmenien, M.; Feltz, P.; Headley, P.M., 1980:
Does glial uptake affect GABA responses? AN intracellular study on rat dorsal root ganglion neurones in vitro

Navon, D.; Norman, J., 1983:
Does global precedence really depend on visual angle?

Berk, R.N.; Barnhart, J.L.; Nazareno, G.D.; Brourman, N.D.; Flamm, L., 1982:
Does glucagon enhance opacification of the bile ducts during intravenous cholangiography? An experimental study in dogs

Asotra, K., 1984:
Does glucose 6-phosphatase regulate metabolic transformation in developing skeletal muscle?

Best, L.; Sener, A.; Malaisse, W.J., 1984:
Does glucose affect phospholipase A2 activity in pancreatic islets?

Sato, K.; Robbins, J., 1984 :
Does glutathione regulate thyroxine deiodinase activity in cells?

Froment, A.; Sassard, J.; Bizollon, C.; Vincent, M., 1968:
Does glycyrrhizin act by stimulation of the adrenal cortex? Biologic simulation of Conn's syndrome by glycyrrhizin poisoning

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Does good practice need good principles? One

Altschul, A., 1984:
Does good practice need good principles? Two. A challenge to psychiatry

Bhandari, B.; Mandowara, S.L., 1982:
Does grading of PEM with reference to Harvard standard need a change?

Murphree, D.D.; DeHaven, M.J., 1995:
Does grandma need condoms? Condom use among women in a family practice setting

Fichtel, K.; Kreher, C., 1966:
Does greater nerve activity have a direct influence on oxygen consumption

Boval, A., 1968:
Does grooming still have a place in today's highly technical nursing?

Napolitano, J., 1971:
Does group practice work out well?

Norré, M.E., 1974:
Does habituation play a role in caloric testing of vestibular function?

Wong, N.; McKenzie, D.; Henderson, A.R.; Linton, A.L., 1974:
Does haemoconcentration account for the changes in plasma enzyme activities following haemodialysis?

Wong, N.; McKenzie, D.; Henderson, A.R.; Linton, A.L., 1974:
Does haemoconcentration account for the changes in serum enzyme activities following haemodialysis?

Nikolopoulou, V.; Katsakoulis, E.; Thomopoulos, K.; Tsiotos, P., 1995:
Does haemostatic therapy improve the prognosis in upper gastrointestinal bleeding?

Venning, G.R., 1983:
Does halothane cause liver necrosis?

Anonymous, 1966:
Does hand-washing really prevent cross-infection?

Edel, H., 1969:
Does handedness and leggedness modify the neural conduction time of the fast motor fibers?

Florian, V.; Mikulincer, M.; Taubman, O., 1995:
Does hardiness contribute to mental health during a stressful real-life situation? The roles of appraisal and coping

MacMillan, P., 1980:
Does he take sugar?

Gilmore, J.P.; Nemeh, M.N., 1984:
Does head-down tilt simulate zero gravity?

Ochs, R.; Gloor, P.; Quesney, F.; Ives, J.; Olivier, A., 1984:
Does head-turning during a seizure have lateralizing or localizing significance?

Guha, M.; Wood, M., 1981:
Does health visiting have a history?

Turner, V., 1982:
Does health visitors' training equip them to meet clients' needs?

Gallino, A., 1995:
Does heart disease recur following heart transplantation?

Raymond, L.W.; Solomon, L.R.; Uddin, D.F., 1980:
Does helium haemolyse?

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Abdominopelvic 1.5-T and 3.0-T MR Imaging in Healthy Volunteers: Relationship to Formation of DNA Double-Strand Breaks

Richard, S.; Beigelman, C.; Gerber, S.; Van Effenterre, R.; Gaudric, A.; Sahel, M.; Binaghi, M.; De Kersaint-Gilly, A.; Houtteville, J.P.; Brunon, J.P., 1994:
Does hemangioblastoma exist outside von Hippel-Lindau disease?

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Does hemoglobin breathe, and if yes, how? The T and R state of hemoglobin

Meyers, J.R.; Meyer, J.S.; Baue, A.E., 1973:
Does hemorrhagic shock damage the lung?

Mishchenko, V.P., 1970:
Does heparin exert any influence on the secretion of tissue blood coagulating factors from vascular walls?

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Does hepatic blood flow decrease after portal-systemic shunt? A study in the rat

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Does hepatic lecithin contribute a diglyceride towards the formation of secretory triglyceride?

Trichopoulos, D.; Kremastinou, J.; Tzonou, A., 1982:
Does hepatitis B virus cause hepatocellular carcinoma?

Shorey, J., 1980:
Does hepatitis B virus grow outside the liver?

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Does hepatitis B virus play a role in the genesis of hepatic diseases in the alcoholic?

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Does hepatitis C contribute to liver injury in alcohol abusers in the west of Scotland?

Buti, M., 1995:
Does hepatitis E exist in Europe?

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Does hiatus hernia affect competence of the gastroesophageal sphincter?

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Does high shear stress induced by blood flow lead to atherosclerosis?

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Does high-dose ascorbic acid accelerate renal failure?

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Does high-frequency (40-60 MHz) ultrasound imaging play a role in the clinical management of cutaneous melanoma?

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Does higher monocyte count predict increased alcohol consumption?

Kelly, J.M.; Kennedy, T.L., 1971:
Does highly selective vagotomy preserve antral motility?

Khan, M.U., 1995:
Does hilly ecology prevent childhood diarrhoea?

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Does hip dislocation in meningomyelocele require a special treatment? Apropos of 30 transplantations of the psoas by Sharrard's technic

Daniel, A.; Honig, C.R., 1980:
Does histamine influence vasodilation caused by prolonged arterial occlusion or heavy exercise?

Turner, S.D.; Hazelwood, R.L., 1973:
Does histamine play a role in the secretogogic effect of avian pancreatic "gastrin"?

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Does homocarnosine mediate the dyskinetic movements induced by gaba-transaminase inhibitors

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Does homosexuality have a place in psychopathology? I. Homosexuality: from categorical thought to significant reference

Dubois-Pélerin, P.E., 1982:
Does homosexuality have a place in psychopathology? II. Critical review of psychoanalytic literature concerning homosexuality

Ylieff, M., 1982:
Does homosexuality have a place in psychopathology? III. Behavioral approach and homosexuality

Bloch, C., 1982:
Does homosexuality have a place in psychopathology? Introduction

Sato, K.; Kashihara, K.; Okada, S.; Ikeuchi, T.; Tsuji, S.; Shomori, T.; Morimoto, K.; Hayabara, T., 1995:
Does homozygosity advance the onset of dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy?

Griffiths, F., 1995:
Does hormone replacement therapy cause dependence?

Hollowell, E.E., 1982:
Does hospital corporate liability extend to medical staff supervision?

Yew, W.W.; Chau, C.H.; Tse, L.S., 1994:
Does hospitalizing patients with tuberculosis ensure compliance with drug regimens?

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Does human fibrin glue improve results in tympanoplasty?

Creasey, A.A.; Bartholomew, J.C.; Merigan, T.C., 1980:
Does human leukocyte interferon influence the restriction point control in cultured cells?

Roche, R.J., 1995:
Does human recombinant erythropoietin improve wound healing?

Reinhardt, K.J.; Vahl, J., 1983:
Does humidity affect the polymerization reaction of composites? 1

Ahern, E., 1995:
Does humor have a place in the helping relationship

Talner, L.B., 1981:
Does hydration prevent contrast material renal injury?

Newman, R.S.; Barr, R.J.; Ocariz, J.A.; Kaplan, H.S., 1983:
Does hydroxyethyl starch cause lichen planus? Lichen planus in a long-time routine blood donor never exposed to hydroxyethyl starch

Wawra, E.; Wintersberger, E., 1983:
Does hydroxyurea inhibit DNA replication in mouse cells by more than one mechanism?

Lebkowski, W.J., 1994:
Does hyperalimentation improve outcome in patients with severe head injury?

Arnaud, J.P.; Leguillou, A.; Bruant, P.; Adloff, M., 1983:
Does hyperazotemia produce a change in the process of wound healing? Critical experimental study

Henk, J.M., 1981:
Does hyperbaric oxygen have a future in radiation therapy?

Beckh, K., 1994:
Does hyperbilirubinemia in Meulengracht disease (Gilbert syndrome) need treatment?

Franken, F.H., 1969:
Does hyperbilirubinemia mean disease?

Steiger, R.P.; Roth, A., 1968:
Does hyperbilirubinemia signify disease?

Reaven, G.M.; Olefsky, J.; Farquhar, J.W., 1972:
Does hyperglycaemia or hyperinsulinaemia characterise the patient with chemical diabetes?

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Does hyperimmunoglobulinemia-E protect tropical populations from allergic disease?

Gell, P.G., 1964:
Does hypersensitivity cause disease?

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Does hypertension improve the prognosis in peripheral arterial disease?

Hazard, R.; Renier-Cornec, A.; Mouillé, P., 1969:
Does hypertension induced by vasopressin require a sympathomimetic factor? Research on dogs and rabbits

Tamulevicius, P.; Streffer, C., 1983:
Does hyperthermia produce increased lysosomal enzyme activity?

Murphy, M.B.; FitzGerald, M.X., 1984:
Does hyperthyroidism predispose to thioridazine-induced hyperpyrexia and cardiac arrhythmias?

Hartleb, M.; Nowak, A.; Romańczyk, T.; Kasicka-Jonderko, A.; Januszewski, K., 1994:
Does hyperthyroidism promote drug hepatotoxicity

Hamaguchi, S.; Ogata, H., 1995:
Does hypertonic saline have preventive effects against delayed neuronal death in gerbil hippocampus?

Granone, F., 1981:
Does hypnosis not exist?

van der Stricht, J., 1984:
Does hypodermectomy have a role in surgery for postphlebitic syndrome?

Rifkind, B.M.; Levy, R.I., 1974:
Does hypolipidemic therapy prevent coronary heart disease?

Vesga Molina, F.; Blasco de Villalonga, M.; Llarena Ibarguren, R.; Pertusa Peña, C., 1994:
Does hyponatremia predict post-transurethral resection of the prostate syndrome?

Souza, M.L.; Masur, J., 1982:
Does hypothermia play a relevant role in the glycemic alterations induced by ethanol?

Hunter, J.A.; Capell, H.A., 1982:
Does hypothyroidism predispose to gold-induced thrombocytopenia?

Zhuravlev, V.L.; Iniushin, M.Iu., 1983:
Does hypoxia affect electrophysiologic characteristics of Helix pomatia neurons?

Gimeno, M.F.; Chaud, M.; Borda, E.S.; Lazzari, M.; Gimeno, A.L., 1981:
Does hypoxia selectively stimulate the generation of prostaglandin E1 by the isolated rat uterus?

Préfaut, C.; Ruff, F., 1980:
Does hypoxic vasoconstriction play a part in distribution of pulmonary blood flow?

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Does i.v. gamma globulin counteract postoperative bacterial infections? (authors's transl)

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Does illness foster dependency? A study of epileptic and diabetic children

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Does imagery retard conceptual behavior?

Rubell, E.B., 1969:
Does imipramine (Tofranil) cause oral bleeding?

Walcher, K.; Stürz, H., 1971:
Does immobilization and controlled pressure load of a joint in animal experiment lead to ossification?

Walcher, K., 1972:
Does immobilization and pressure in animal experiments lead to joint stiffening?

Nouza, K., 1984:
Does immunity age with us or do we age with immunity?

Rümke, P., 1967:
Does immunological resistance against cancer exist?

Soubrane, C.; Pompidou, A.; Jacquillat, C., 1983:
Does immunotherapy still have a role in the treatment of cancers?

Monquil, M.C.; Imholz, A.L.; Struijk, D.G.; Krediet, R.T., 1995:
Does impaired transcellular water transport contribute to net ultrafiltration failure during CAPD?

Ollila, O., 1971:
Does improved maternity care reduce the number of mentally retarded?

Kennett, G.A.; Joseph, M.H., 1982:
Does in vivo voltammetry in the hippocampus measure 5-HT release?

Cameron, P.; Cameron, K., 1995:
Does incest cause homosexuality?

Hadley, J.; Osei, A., 1982:
Does income affect mortality? An analysis of the effects of different types of income on age/sex/race-specific mortality rates in the United States

Estill, C.T.; Britt, J.H.; Gadsby, J.E., 1995:
Does increased PGF2 alpha receptor concentration mediate PGF2 alpha-induced luteolysis during early diestrus in the pig?

Hollmén, A.; Jägerhorn, M., 1972:
Does increased maternal Pa CO2 during general anaesthesia for caesarean section improve foetal acid-base parameters? Comparison of patients with normal and suspected pathological uteroplacental circulation

Bucknall, T.E.; Bowker, T.; Leaper, D.J., 1980:
Does increased movement protect smokers from postoperative deep vein thrombosis?

Ali, J.; Wood, L.D., 1983:
Does increased pulmonary blood flow redistribute towards edematous lung units?

Bernard, P.A.; Pechère, J.C., 1984:
Does incubator noise increase risks of aminoglycoside ototoxicity?

Gallagher, P.; Cade, D.; Whale, K.; Schofield, P.F., 1982:
Does infection cause anastomotic dehiscence?

Kohn, A., 1983:
Does influenza virus pave the way for bacteria?

Amalric, R.; Giraud, D.; Altschuler, C.; Amalric, F.; Spitalier, J.M.; Brandone, H.; Ayme, Y.; Gardiol, A.A., 1982:
Does infrared thermography truly have a role in present-day breast cancer management?

Stovner, J., 1971:
Does inhalation anesthesia represent a professional risk to the anesthetizing personnel?

Holmstrup, P., 1984:
Does inhaled medication influence oral mycoses?

Zhao, Y., 1981:
Does inherited balanced translocation produce phenotypic effects?

Verin, P.; Pinçon, F.; Sekkat, A., 1973:
Does inhibition exist in congenital nystagmus?

Carr, D.; Mackay, A.; Atkinson, A.B., 1981:
Does inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis increase the diagnostic accuracy of the intravenous urogram in renal artery stenosis?

Neumann, E.; Cherau, J.F.; Hood, K.L.; Steinnagel, S.L., 1993:
Does inhibition spread in a manner analogous to spreading activation?

Lehmann, U.; Grotz, M.; Regel, G.; Rudolph, S.; Tscherne, H., 1995:
Does initial management of polytrauma patients have an effect on the development of multiple organ failure? Evaluation of preclinical and clinical data of 1,112 polytrauma patients

Brand, I.R., 1966:
Does injury to patient by broken thermometer constitute negligence?

Reaven, G.M.; Greenfield, M.S.; Mondon, C.E.; Rosenthal, M.; Wright, D.; Reaven, E.P., 1982:
Does insulin removal rate from plasma decline with age?

Shimamoto, K.; Shiiki, M.; Ise, T.; Miyazaki, Y.; Higashiura, K.; Fukuoka, M.; Hirata, A.; Masuda, A.; Nakagawa, M.; Iimura, O., 1994:
Does insulin resistance participate in an impaired glucose tolerance in primary aldosteronism?

Welch, L.B.; Slagle, J.C., 1980:
Does integrated content lead to integrated knowledge?

Navon, D.; Purcell, D., 1981 :
Does integration produce masking or protect from it?

Lazorthes, G., 1965:
Does intelligence progress with structural changes of the brain or with the cultural level?

Schurz, A.R.; Grob, F.; Zillig, T., 1973:
Does intensive supervision in obstetrics lead to an increased use of antibiotics and to an increase of infections?

Vantrappen, G.; Coremans, G.; Janssens, J.; Rutgeerts, P., 1983:
Does intercurrent hepatitis have a beneficial effect on the course of Crohn's disease?

Rudge, P.; Miller, D.; Crimlisk, H.; Thorpe, J., 1995:
Does interferon beta cause initial exacerbation of multiple sclerosis?

Sikora, K., 1980:
Does interferon cure cancer?

Min, A.D.; Bodenheimer, H.C., 1995:
Does interferon precipitate rejection of liver allografts?

Lok, A.S., 1995:
Does interferon therapy for chronic hepatitis B reduce the risks of developing cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma?

Harada, H.; Iga, D.; Arisaka, Y.; Mitsuhashi, Y.; Kamitsukasa, H.; Yagura, M.; Endou, H.; Kawashima, H., 1995:
Does interferon therapy on type C liver cirrhosis prevent the occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma?

Loreille, J.P.; Bery, A., 1982:
Does intermaxillary disjunction increase nose breathing?

Harvey, N., 1973 :
Does intermodal equivalence exist between heteromodal stimulus dimensions or between stimulus values on those dimensions?

Svartz, N., 1972:
Does internal medicine have to control future difficulties?

Agras, W.S.; Telch, C.F.; Arnow, B.; Eldredge, K.; Detzer, M.J.; Henderson, J.; Marnell, M., 1995:
Does interpersonal therapy help patients with binge eating disorder who fail to respond to cognitive-behavioral therapy?

Bo, G.; Hauge, A.; Nicolaysen, G.; Waaler, B.A., 1973:
Does interstitial lung edema cause changes in lung compliance?

Krause, L.M.; Langdale, L.A.; Rice, C.L.; Gould, S.A.; Moss, G.S., 1983:
Does interstitial pressure oppose lung water formation?

Talansky, A.L.; Meyers, S.; Greenstein, A.J.; Janowitz, H.D., 1983:
Does intestinal resection heal the pyoderma gangrenosum of inflammatory bowel disease?

Carayon, A.; Blin, F.; Honorat, M., 1969:
Does intra-adnexal hysterectomy merit continued use?

Nohmi, M.; Kuba, K.; Morita, K., 1983:
Does intracellular release of Ca2+ participate in the afterhyperpolarization of a sympathetic neurone?

Salzman, E.W., 1968:
Does intravascular coagulation occur in hemorrhagic shock in man?

Freund, H.; Yoshimura, N.; Fischer, J.E., 1980:
Does intravenous fat spare nitrogen in the injured rat?

Premaratne, S.; Masuda, E.; Nishida, S.; Suehiro, A.; McNamara, J.J., 1994:
Does intravenous glutamine prevent bacterial translocation in hemorrhagic shock?

Green, D.F.; Robinson, M.R.; Glashan, R.; Newling, D.; Dalesio, O.; Smith, P.H., 1984:
Does intravesical chemotherapy prevent invasive bladder cancer?

Boyle, J.T.; Cohen, S., 1984:
Does intrinsic LES tone increase as an adaptive response to increased intraabdominal pressure?

Lawlor, M.; Cochran, L., 1981:
Does invalidation produce loose construing?

Kobrinsky, N.L.; Yager, J.Y.; Cheang, M.S.; Yatscoff, R.W.; Tenenbein, M., 1995:
Does iron deficiency raise the seizure threshold?

Ohyagi, Y.; Goto, I., 1994:
Does iron-catalyzed oxidation of neuronal hemoglobin contribute to motor neuron degeneration?

Rodríguez, M.S.; Santiago Delpín, E.A., 1980:
Does ischemia increases the antigenicity of an organ?

Roy, R.C., 1984:
Does isoflurane really preserve baroreflex responsiveness better than halothane or enflurane?

Lal, S.; Natarajan, S.; Veliath, A.J.; Garg, B.R., 1983:
Does isopathic phenomenon occur in leprosy?

Hirzel, H.O.; Stoffel, P.; Krayenbuehl, H.P., 1983:
Does isosorbide-5-mononitrate influence left ventricular relaxation?

Lagrange, J.L.; Lumbroso, J.; Fontaine, F.; Arriagada, R.; Sarrazin, D., 1984:
Does isotope lymphography of the internal mammary chain have a role in radiotherapy?

Pedersen, W., 1972:
Does it depend on us?

Potestà, P.; Murolo, R.; Costantini, S.; Imperoli, G.; Giardina, F.; Guerriero, G., 1994:
Does it exist also a "late" post-surgical hypoparathyroidism?

Anonymous, 1972:
Does it help to stop smoking?

Dart, A.M.; Davies, H.A.; Griffith, T.; Henderson, A.H., 1983:
Does it help to undiagnose angina?

Anonymous, 1981:
Does it make sense for blood transfusion services to continue the time-honored syphilis screening with cardiolipin antigen?

Nehlmeyer, C., 1969:
Does it make sense to treat and prevent edema with glucocorticosteroids?

Morton, B.C.; Gill, J.B.; Roberts, R.S.; Larocque, B.G.; Jozwiak, L.A.; Cairns, J.A., 1995:
Does it matter how coronary projections are combined to assess restenosis following PTCA?

Sainsbury, R.; Rider, L.; Smith, A.; MacAdam, A., 1995:
Does it matter where you live? Treatment variation for breast cancer in Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Breast Cancer Group

Brosnan, R.H., 1980:
Does it pay for a DDS to have an in-house lab?

Herjanic, M.; Hales, R.C.; Stewart, A., 1969:
Does it pay to discharge the chronic patient? A 2 year follow-up of 338 chronic patients

Beck, E., 1974:
Does it pay today to install a new laboratory?

Jern, S.; Hansson, L.; Hedner, T., 1995:
Does it take guts to prevent hypertension?

Kaufman, N.L.; Kaufman, A.S., 1980:
Does item content (semantic vs figural) affect reversal errors made by black and white first graders?

Ilfeld, F.W.; Ilfeld, H.Z.; Alexander, J.R., 1982:
Does joint custody work? A first look at outcome data of relitigation

Pinto, M.A., 1985:
Does joint inflammation improve as rheumatoid vasculitis develops?

Devereux, P.M., 1981:
Does joint practice work?

Vayssairat, M.; Priollet, P.; Capron, L.; Hagege, A.; Housset, E., 1984:
Does karate injure blood vessels of the hand?

Stenberg, P.; Idvall, J., 1981:
Does ketamine metabolite II exist in vivo?

Nougué, J.; Nougué-Channarond, M.; Barousse, C.; Guillet, G., 1985:
Does ketoconazole have a delayed anti-androgen effect?

Ooms, H.A., 1968 :
Does labeling protein hormones with radioactive iodine cause a modification in the immunologic behavior of these substances?

Bárdos, A.; Pohlová, G.; Blasková, O., 1970:
Does labor induced by oxytocin effect the condition of the fetus?

Chapelle, J.P.; Albert, A.; Smeets, J.P.; Maréchal, J.P.; Heusghem, C.; Kulbertus, H.E., 1983:
Does lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme-5 contribute to the predictive power of total lactate dehydrogenase in myocardial infarction?

Lemmon, V.; Pearlman, A.L., 1981:
Does laminar position determine the receptive field properties of cortical neurons? A study of corticotectal cells in area 17 of the normal mouse and the reeler mutant

Buchmann, P.; Christen, D.; Flury, R.; Lüthy, A.; Bischofberger, U., 1995:
Does laparoscopic colonic carcinoma surgery satisfy the radicality criteria of open surgery?

Bockmühl, F., 1966:
Does laryngeal cancer more often occur in young females than in males?

Dzavik, V.; Beanlands, D.S.; Leddy, D.; Davies, R.F.; Kimber, S., 1995:
Does late revascularization alter the evolution of the signal-averaged electrocardiogram in patients with a recent transmural myocardial infarction?

Salasc, B.; Renet, S.; Leandri, R.; Sarles, J.C., 1983:
Does lateral shunt ileostomy have a role in the treatment of pseudomembranous colitis?

Kelly, A.M.; Ardagh, M.W., 1994:
Does learning emergency medicine equip medical students for ward emergencies?

Harrer, G., 1966:
Does left-handedness compel forcible conversion?

Vrooman, P.C., 1980:
Does legal advocacy and redistribution by the courts produce better social policies for the mentally handicapped?

Meier, B.; Gruentzig, A.R.; Hollman, J.; Ischinger, T.; Bradford, J.M., 1983:
Does length or eccentricity of coronary stenoses influence the outcome of transluminal dilatation?

Wiederanders, B.; Hanson, H., 1971:
Does leucine amino-peptidase ( crystallized from cattle crystalline lenses contain neuraminic acid and alkaline phosphatase activity?

Zimmermann, H., 1995:
Does level of ligation influence results in a murine biliary obstruction model?

Marsh, G.G.; Markham, C.H., 1973:
Does levodopa alter depression and psychopathology in Parkinsonism patients?

Clarke, C.E., 1995:
Does levodopa therapy delay death in Parkinson's disease? A review of the evidence

Hallén, B.; Uppfeldt, A., 1982:
Does lidocaine-prilocaine cream permit painfree insertion of IV catheters in children?

Robertson, H.K., 1982:
Does life-long exercise protect against heart attack?

Lemtis, H.; Liebenschütz, F., 1974:
Does lifting of the child before severance of the umbilical cord have an effect on the postnatal blood supply from the placenta?

Gilbert, C.H.; Kaye, J.; Galton, D.J., 1974:
Does lipolysis in adipose tissue determine the levels of plasma fatty acids in man?

Wengeler, H.; Seidel, D., 1973:
Does lipoprotein-X (LP-X) act as a substrate for the lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT)?

Fanciullacci, M.; Pietrini, U.; Boccuni, M.; Gatto, G.; Cangi, F., 1983:
Does lithium balance the neuronal bilateral asymmetries in cluster headache?

Flemenbaum, A., 1974:
Does lithium block the effects of amphetamine? A report of three cases

Vasconcelos, J.A.; Enns, J.W., 1981:
Does lithium prevent neutropenia caused by antidepressants?

Zanchin, G.; Rigotti, P.; Bettineschi, F.; Dussini, N.; Vassanelli, P.; Battistin, L., 1980:
Does liver arterialization improve the altered cerebral amino acid pattern in the rat after portacaval shunt?

Hughes, L.E.; Webster, D.J.; Shukla, H.S.; Campbell, H., 1983:
Does local treatment affect the outcome of breast cancer?-an alternative view of the Manchester Regional Breast Study

Hill, S.A.; Denekamp, J., 1982:
Does local tumour heating im mice influence metastatic spread?

Fitzhugh, G.; Epstein, B.; Kankaria, A.G., 1995:
Does localized flare reaction to intravenous meperidine reduce sedation and pain control during conscious sedation for endoscopy?

Pugh, R.; Bell, J.; Cooper, A.J.; Dunstan, S.; Greedharry, D.; Pomeroy, J.; Raptopoulos, P.; Rowsell, C.; Steinert, J.; Priest, R.G., 1982:
Does lofepramine have fewer side effects than amitriptyline? Results of a comparative trial

Bussmann, W.D.; Giebeler, B., 1983:
Does long term treatment with high dose nitrates affect prognosis in coronary heart disease?

Verbeck, B.; Schiffer, H.P., 1974:
Does long term use of oral contraceptives cause arteriosclerotic retinal changes prematurely?

Goldberg, S.C.; Shenoy, R.S.; Julius, D.; Hamer, R.M.; Ross, B.; Minton, T.; Spiro, M., 1982:
Does long-acting injectable neuroleptic protect against tardive dyskinesia?

Rudka, R.; Kokot, F.; Wiecek, A.; Marcinkowski, W.; Trembecki, J., 1994:
Does long-term human recombinant erythropoietin (rHuEPO) influence secretion of hormones regulating volume and pressure of arterial blood?

Jackson, S.H.; Beevers, D.G.; Myers, K., 1981:
Does long-term low-dose corticosteroid therapy cause hypertension?

Hagdrup, H.; Serup, J.; Tvedegaard, E., 1983:
Does long-term treatment with D-penicillamine alter calcium and phosphorus metabolism in patients with systemic sclerosis?

Butlin, C.R., 1995:
Does loss of nerve function equal pure neuritic leprosy?

Nuttall, A.L.; Hultcrantz, E.; Lawrence, M., 1981:
Does loud sound influence the intracochlear oxygen tension?

Wood, D.A.; Butler, S.M.; Fulton, M.; Birtwhistle, A.; Riemersma, R.A.; Oliver, M.F.; Elton, R., 1982:
Does low dietary and serum linoleic acid predispose to myocardial infarction?

Anonymous, 1982:
Does low dietary intake of linoleic acid predispose to myocardial infarction?

Miles, R., 1983:
Does low pH stimulate central chemoreceptors located near the ventral medullary surface?

Chocair, P.R.; Duley, J.A.; Cameron, J.S.; Arap, S.; Ianhez, L.; Sabbaga, E.; Simmonds, H.A., 1994:
Does low-dose allopurinol, with azathioprine, cyclosporin and prednisolone, improve renal transplant immunosuppression?

Grover, F.L.; Fewel, J.G.; Ghidoni, J.J.; Trinkle, J.K., 1981:
Does lower systemic temperature enhance cardioplegic myocardial protection?

Deml, I., 1968:
Does lues have a role in the intrauterine death today?

Rockoff, M.A., 1981:
Does lumbar CSF pressure accurately reflect intracranial pressure?

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Does luminal gastrin stimulate gastric acid secretion?

Hatake, K.; Motoyoshi, K.; Miura, Y., 1995:
Does macrophage colony-stimulating factor have an effect on the mobilisation of peripheral blood stem cells?

Landolfo, S.; Marcucci, F.; Giovarelli, M.; Forni, G., 1980:
Does macrophage production of interferon after alloantigen stimulation depend on factors from activated T lymphocytes?

Théodossiadis, G.; Koliopoulos, J.; Karantinos, D.; Velissaropoulos, P., 1973:
Does macular idiopathic traction exist as a clinical entity?

Drüeke, T., 1984:
Does magnesium excess play a role in renal osteodystrophy?

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Does magnesium produce anesthesia? Evaluation of its effects on the cardiovascular and neurologic systems

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Does magnesium-orotate improve the effect of lipid lowering drugs?

Cheli, R.; Giacosa, A., 1984:
Does malabsorption occur in chronic atrophic duodenitis?

Henderson, J.T.; Simpson, J.D.; Warwick, R.R.; Shearman, D.J., 1972:
Does malabsorption of vitamin B 12 occur in chronic pancreatitis?

Adebajo, A.O., 1995:
Does malaria protect against rheumatoid arthritis?

Knöbber, D.; Lobeck, H.; Steinkamp, H.J., 1995:
Does malignant lateral cervical cyst still exist?

Ganapathy, K.T.; Chakraborty, A.K., 1982:
Does malnutrition affect tuberculin hypersensitivity reaction in the community

Frisch, R.E., 1971:
Does malnutrition cause permanent mental retardation in human beings?

McLaren, D.S., 1972:
Does malnutrition in early life lead to permanent brain damage?

Wade, N., 1980:
Does man alone have language? Apes reply in riddles, and a horse says neigh

Humphrey, L.J., 1970:
Does man react against cancer immunologically?

Jenks, S., 1995:
Does managed care jeopardize cancer research?

Parat, M.O.; Richard, M.J.; Leccia, M.T.; Amblard, P.; Favier, A.; Beani, J.C., 1995:
Does manganese protect cultured human skin fibroblasts against oxidative injury by UVA, dithranol and hydrogen peroxide?

Green, J.R., 1974:
Does marijuana damage the brain?

Pillard, R.C.; McNair, D.M.; Fisher, S., 1974:
Does marijuana enhance experimentally induced anxiety?

Birtchnell, J.; Kennard, J., 1983:
Does marital maladjustment lead to mental illness?

Friedman, E., 1980:
Does market competition belong in health care?

Gove, W.R.; Hughes, M.; Style, C.B., 1983:
Does marriage have positive effects on the psychological well-being of the individual?

Viermetz, E.; Stocker, H., 1983:
Does mass prevention reduce the responsibility of the parents?

Demaubeuge, J.; Tennstedt, D.; Broux, R., 1982:
Does mast cell protection plus mediator antagonism surpass the effect of a classic antihistaminic in the treatment of chronic urticaria? A double-blind comparison of oxatomide and mequitazine

Johnson, C.F., 1974:
Does maternal alcoholism affect offspring?

Quinn, M.; Matthews, T.G., 1984:
Does maternal pyrexia embarrass the fetus?

Hardy, J.B.; Mellits, E.D., 1972:
Does maternal smoking during pregnancy have a long-term effect on the child?

Rosenthal, P., 1993:
Does maternal-neonatal transmission of hepatitis C occur--are we sure?

King, T.S.; Steinlechner, S.; Reiter, R.J., 1984:
Does maximal serotonin N-acetyltransferase activity necessarily reflect maximal melatonin production in the rat pineal gland?

Meyberg, G.C.; Sohn, C., 1995:
Does measurement of absolute velocity by Doppler examination of pregnant patients contribute additional valuable information?

Rao, T.S., 1983:
Does mebendazole inhibit lactation?

Winthrop, G.J., 1982:
Does meclofenamate help psoriasis and arthritis

Nelu Shavitt, M., 1970:
Does medical expenditure vary with the rate of urbanization? With special reference to the Rhone-Alps area

Dodinval, P., 1980:
Does medical progress entail deterioration of our genetic heritage?

Grönwall, A., 1972:
Does medical research have a role in health care planning?

Wingfield, A.; Alexander, A.H.; Cavigelli, S., 1994:
Does memory constrain utilization of top-down information in spoken word recognition? Evidence from normal aging

Wilson, D.L.; Arch, S.W., 1972:
Does memory transfer imply limits on human knowledge?

Wulf, G.; Horstmann, G.; Choi, B., 1995:
Does mental practice work like physical practice without information feedback?

Dunn, J.D.; Clarkson, T.W., 1980:
Does mercury exhalation signal demethylation of methylmercury?

Irving, A.D.; Smith, G.; Catto, G.R., 1983:
Does metabolic bone disease follow truncal vagotomy and gastrojejunostomy?

Baker, P.F.; Glitsch, H.G., 1973:
Does metabolic energy participate directly in the Na+-dependent extrusion of Ca2+ -Ca2+ ions from squid giant axons?

Modell, A.H., 1984:
Does metapsychology still exist?

Anonymous, 1973:
Does methaqualone cause neuropathy?

Miehle, W.; Streibl, H., 1994:
Does methotrexate induce "rheumatoid nodules"? Case report and discussion of the literature

Anonymous, 1982:
Does metronidazole help leg ulcers and pressure sores?

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Does microalbuminuria predict cardiovascular events in nondiabetic men with treated hypertension? Risk Factor Intervention Study Group

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Does micronization enhance the efficacy of saline diuretics? Galenic and clinical study of micronized and non-micronized cyclothiazide

Coe, F.L.; Favus, M.J., 1980:
Does mild, asymptomatic hyperparathyroidism require surgery?

Richter, H., 1968:
Does military service represent a mycological hazard?

Carrington, A.C., 1995:
Does minimal access surgery (MAS) really benefit the patient?

Adam, M.C.; Tribouilloy, C.; Mirode, A.; Trojette, F.; Leborgne, L.; Bickert, P.; Shen, W.F.; Lesbre, J.P., 1995:
Does mitral insufficiency prevent spontaneous contrast phenomenon and formation of thrombi in the left atrium?

Beasley, B.; Kerber, R., 1981:
Does mitral prolapse occur in mitral stenosis? Echocardiographic-angiographic observations

Uretsky, B.F., 1982:
Does mitral valve prolapse cause nonspecific symptoms?

Sackman, J.W.; Smith, K.E.; Graham, D.Y., 1982:
Does mixing pancreatic enzyme microspheres (Pancrease) with food damage the enteric coating?

van Palenstein Helderman, W., 1984:
Does modern microbiological knowledge imply antibiotic therapy in periodontal disease?

Böttiger, L.E.; Furhoff, A.K., 1968:
Does modern treatment of leukemia produce longer survival?

Galli, A., 1968:
Does molybdenum play a role in Wilson's disease?

Kuhn, B.L., 1973:
Does money make you sick?

Liu, J.; Klein, K.W.; Griffin, J.D.; White, P.F., 1995:
Does monitoring end-tidal isoflurane concentration improve titration during general anesthesia?

Simek, J., 1994:
Does morality improve health? Psychosomatic thoughts on ethics

Ashraf, J.; Jayaraman, J., 1982:
Does more than one mitochondrially synthesized protein in yeast have larger precursors?

Hershberg, P.I., 1969:
Does morphine deserve a primary role in coronary care therapy?

Stretch, C., 1983:
Does mother know best?

Nakaya, M.; Suzuki, T.; Arai, H.; Wakabayashi, K.; Itoh, Z., 1983:
Does motilin control interdigestive pepsin secretion in the dog?

Zanker, J.M., 1995:
Does motion perception follow Weber's law?

Aoki, N.; Mizutani, H., 1984:
Does moyamoya disease cause subarachnoid hemorrhage? Review of 54 cases with intracranial hemorrhage confirmed by computerized tomography

Flachskampf, F.A.; Hoffmann, R.; Franke, A.; Job, F.P.; Schöndube, F.A.; Messmer, B.J.; Hanrath, P., 1995:
Does multiplane transesophageal echocardiography improve the assessment of prosthetic valve regurgitation?

Markov, D.A.; Leonovich, A.L., 1966:
Does multiple sclerosis occur as a nosological entity?

Morris, C.M.; Fitzgerald, P.H.; Neville, M.A.; Wyld, P.J.; Beard, M.E., 1984:
Does multisomy of chromosome 1q confer a proliferative advantage in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia?

Barkay, M.; Ley, R., 1968:
Does muscular tuberculosis exist?

Whitehouse, F.W., 1971:
Does my patient have diabetes?

Fulghum, J.E.; Mitchell, R.B., 1973:
Does my smoking bother you? It doesn't bother me as much as it is going to bother you

Barner, H.B., 1980:
Does myocardial protection work?

Kelsey, J.E.; Belluzzi, J.D.; Stein, L., 1984:
Does naloxone suppress self-stimulation by decreasing reward or by increasing aversion?

Kominz, D.R.; Maruyama, K., 1967:
Does native tropomyosin bind to myosin?

Norman, C., 1995:
Does nature know best? Background and mechanisms of natural family planning

Leger, L.; Lavernhe, J.; Lemaigre, G.; Delaitre, B., 1971:
Does necrosis of a seminoma of the testis explain the apparently primary lymph node involvement?

Buxton, J.; Tobias, J.S., 1994:
Does neo-adjuvant chemotherapy have a role in cervical cancer?

Scher, H.I., 1995:
Does neoadjuvant cisplatin-based chemotherapy improve the survival of patients with locally advanced bladder cancer: a meta-analysis of individual patient data from randomized clinical trials. Advanced bladder cancer overview collaboration

Tait, I.S.; Penny, J.I.; Campbell, F.C., 1995:
Does neomucosa induced by small bowel stem cell transplantation have adequate function?

Forest, M.G.; Lecoq, A.; Salle, B.; Bertrand, J., 1981:
Does neonatal phenobarbital treatment affect testicular and adrenal functions and steroid binding in plasma in infancy?

Cofer, T.W.; Ray, J.E.; Gathright, J.B., 1974:
Does neostigmine cause disruption of large-intestinal anastomoses? A negative answer

Boeke, A.J., 1995:
Does neostigmine cause nausea and vomiting?

Kernbach, M., 1969:
Does nerve tissue exist in the placenta?

Lelong, M.; Thelliez, P.; Gastalle, M.; Sawagodo, A.; Duprey, J.; Sauvage, J.; Drain, J.P., 1980:
Does nettle and Mercurialis pollinosis exist in our region of North-Pas-de-Calais?

Konrad, R.M.; Haase, J.; Eunike, S.; Staib, W., 1966:
Does neuroleptic anesthesia influence the catecholamine production in patients following the breaking open of mitral stenosis?

Mosca, A., 1967:
Does neuroleptoanalgesia effectively protect against shock?

Viel, E.; Bruelle, P.; Lalourcey, L.; Eledjam, J.J., 1995:
Does neuroplasticity have a role on postoperative pain?

Sterman, A.B., 1983:
Does neurotoxic conditioning accelerate nerve regeneration?

Van Niekerk, J.L.; Hendriks, T.; De Boer, H.H.; Van 't Laar, A., 1984:
Does nifedipine suppress atherogenesis in WHHL rabbits?

Rudzki, E.; Kleniewska, D.; Kielak, D., 1971:
Does nipacombin belong to the para group?

Podjarny, E.; Mandelbaum, A.; Bernheim, J., 1994:
Does nitric oxide play a role in normal pregnancy and pregnancy-induced hypertension?

Krekels, M.M.; Huvers, F.C.; de Leeuw, P.W.; Schaper, N.C., 1995:
Does nitric oxide synthesis really contribute to systemic blood pressure control?

Babka, J.C., 1983:
Does nitroglycerin explode?

van Iperen, C.E.; Visser, J.; Otten, M.H., 1993:
Does no Helicobacter pylori mean no duodenal ulcer?

Goodman, J.S., 1984:
Does no phone at home only reflect socioeconomic status

Sakuma, T.; Kimura, H.; Tatsumi, K.; Okada, O.; Kato, K.; Kuriyama, T., 1995:
Does nocturnal hypoxia relate to acute exacerbation of chronic respiratory failure with right heart failure in late sequelae of pulmonary tuberculosis?

Hürny, C.; Heusser, P.; Bernhard, J.; Castiglione, M.; Cerny, T., 1994:
Does non-conventional complementary therapies improve the quality of life of cancer patients? A critical literature review

Scilarbra, G.A.; Saviano, M.S., 1974:
Does noradrenaline also annul the anti-atherogenic action of hepatic cirrhosis

Scilabra, G.A.; Botticelli, S.; Saviano, M.S., 1970:
Does norepinephrine also annul the antiatherogenic action of hepatic cirrhosis

Jalonen, J.; Havia, T.; Inberg, M.V.; Juva, K.; Laaksonen, V., 1981:
Does normothermia afford better conditions for myocardial oxygenation than hypothermia during artificial coronary perfusion? A clinical study of aortic valve replacement patients

Ness, R.B.; Cobb, J.; Harris, T.; D'Agostino, R.B., 1995:
Does number of children increase the rate of coronary heart disease in men?

Laurin, S., 1972:
Does nursing education achieve its objectives?

Richardson, S.S., 1972:
Does nursing education have a place in tertiary education?

Hoadley, D.M., 1981 :
Does nursing management need to change with impending reorganisation?

Hillmann, S.; Schneider, A., 1995:
Does nursing need ethics?

Anonymous, 1972:
Does nutrition have a role?

Feldman, E.B., 1980:
Does nutrition play a role in cardiovascular disease?

Calabrese, E.J., 1980:
Does nutritional status affect benzene induced toxicity and/or leukemia?

Kumar, V.; Harvey, J.; Cooper, G.M., 1983:
Does obesity affect recovery? A study using intravenous methohexitone and Althesin for short procedures

Garzillo, M.J.; Garzillo, T.A., 1994:
Does obesity cause low back pain?

Arnaud, J.P.; Bruant, P.; Adloff, M., 1981:
Does obstructive jaundice adversely affect wound healing? Experimental study in rats

Vollenweider, A.; Hollinger, A.P.; Blum, A.L.; Largiadèr, F.A., 1980:
Does oesophagostomy interfere with the vagal innervation of the stomach? Experiments with a modified Komarov procedure in dogs

Christiansen, C.; Rødbro, P., 1984:
Does oestriol add to the beneficial effect of combined hormonal prophylaxis against early postmenopausal osteoporosis?

Anonymous, 1967:
Does office in home violate use-restriction?

Ohtaki, T., 1966:
Does omicron-aminophenol occur in normal human urine?

Pintter, A., 1984:
Does omphalocele constitute an indication for pregnancy interruption?

Vandenbunder, B.; Wernert, N.; Stehelin, D., 1993:
Does oncogene c-ets 1 participate in the regulation of tumor angiogenesis?

Sonneland, J.E., 1966:
Does operating-room modernization affect the incidence of infection?

Ud Din, N.; Ahmad, Z.; Zreik, R.; Horvai, A.; Folpe, A.L.; Fritchie, K., 2018:
Abdominopelvic and Retroperitoneal Low-Grade Fibromyxoid Sarcoma: A Clinicopathologic Study of 13 Cases

Connolly, J.F., 1983:
Does operative treatment of lumbar disc syndrome produce more disability than it prevents?

Bor, K.; Elek, S.; Elekes, I.; Polgári, I.; Csákány, G., 1984:
Does oral and intravenous "refill" cholegraphy have nephrotoxic effects?

Lambrecht, R.; Wagemann, W.; Kosowski, H.; Fleischer, G.M., 1981:
Does oral contraception cause deep venous thromboses?

Dilawari, J.B.; Misiewicz, J.J., 1972:
Does oral metoclopramide increase cardiac sphincter pressure?

Hjortsø, E.; Mondorf, T., 1982:
Does oral premedication increase the risk of gastric aspiration? A study to compare the effect of diazepam given orally and intramuscularly on the volume and acidity of gastric aspirate

Binder, M.C.; Bawa, P.; Ruenzel, P.; Henneman, E., 1983:
Does orderly recruitment of motoneurons depend on the existence of different types of motor units?

Olsen, E.D., 1973:
Does organized dentistry need a union?

Linn, E.L., 1974:
Does orthodontic treatment affect what teen-agers think and do about oral health?

Kraigher, M., 1967:
Does our association still justify its existence?

Spasova, L., 1974:
Does our obstetric-gynecologic terminology require attention

St Yves, A., 1968:
Does our society have a duty to take care of the illnesses it causes?

Mittra, I., 1994:
Does outcome of breast cancer depend on dose and dose intensity of adjuvant chemotherapy?

Murgo, J.P., 1982:
Does outflow obstruction exist in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

Donaldson, D.R.; Hall, T.J.; Kester, R.C.; Ramsden, C.W.; Wiggins, P.A., 1984:
Does oxpentifylline ('Trental') have a place in the treatment of intermittent claudication?

Young, J.S.; Meredith, J.W., 1995:
Does oxygen delivery-directed resuscitation worsen outcome of head injured patients with multisystem injuries?

Cross, B.A.; Dyer, R.G., 1969:
Does oxytocin influence the activity of hypothalamic neurones?

Heimans, J.J.; Taphoorn, M.J.; Vermorken, J.B.; Eeltink, C.; Wolbers, J.G.; Meijer, O.W.; Beijnen, J.H., 1995:
Does paclitaxel penetrate into brain tumor tissue?

Mieny, C.J., 1972:
Does pantothenic acid accelerate the return of bowel motility in post-operative patients?

Branconnier, R.J.; Cole, J.O.; Ghazvinian, S., 1982:
Does papaverine affect brain dopamine?

Ginsberg, F., 1967:
Does paper make linen surgical drapes obsolete?

Ursin, R., 1980:
Does para-chlorophenylalanine produce disturbed waking, disturbed sleep or activation by ponto-geniculo-occipital waves in cats?

Sköld, A.; Rönnborg, P.E., 1984:
Does paracetamol cause liver damage in chronic alcoholics?

Watkins, M.J.; Schwartz, D.R.; Lane, D.M., 1984:
Does part-set cuing test for memory organization? Evidence from reconstructions of chess positions

Tsunoda, K.; Ohta, Y.; Shinogami, M.; Soda, Y., 1995:
Does passive smoking affect the incidence of nasal allergies?

Marullo, G., 1995:
Does patient care need a reality check?

Frenkel, S.I.; Greden, J.F.; Robinson, J.A.; Guyden, T.E.; Miller, R., 1980:
Does patient contact change racial perceptions?

Kubovy, M.; Podgorny, P., 1981:
Does pattern matching require the normalization of size and orientation?

Yoken, C.; Berman, J.S., 1984:
Does paying a fee for psychotherapy alter the effectiveness of treatment?

Schmidt, G.; Clement, U., 1995:
Does peace prevent homosexuality?

Krebs, A.; Brams, U.; Michelsen, I.L.; Nielsen, K.; Thomsen, E.H., 1980:
Does pedodontic treatment show any impact on indications for orthodontic treatment in school children?

Hall, C.B.; Breese, B.B., 1984:
Does penicillin make Johnny's strep throat better?

Sparks, M.J.; O'Sullivan, P.; Herrington, A.A.; Morcos, S.K., 1995:
Does peppermint oil relieve spasm during barium enema?

Kroese, A.J.; Stiris, G., 1974:
Does per-operative pneumatic tourniquet cause thrombosis?

Steg, A., 1982:
Does percutaneous puncture still have a role to play in the diagnosis of renal tumors?

Alexander, G.L.; Wang, K.K.; Ahlquist, D.A.; Viggiano, T.R.; Gostout, C.J.; Balm, R., 1994:
Does performance status influence the outcome of Nd:YAG laser therapy of proximal esophageal tumors?

Hellström, K.E.; Hellström, I., 1981:
Does perfusion with treated plasma cure cancer?

Desaulniers, D.; Gervais, N.; Rouleau, J., 1981:
Does pericardial drainage decrease the frequency of postpericardiotomy syndrome?

Burchiel, R.N., 1995:
Does perioperative nursing include caring?

Ortega, A.E.; Baril, N.; Lara, S.R.; Liem, T.; Anthone, G.; Beart, R.W., 1995:
Does peritoneal mobilization increase laparoscopic acidosis?

Gan, T.J.; Mythen, M.G., 1995:
Does peroperative gut-mucosa hypoperfusion cause postoperative nausea and vomiting?

Royce, J.E., 1973:
Does person or self imply dualism?

Brunner, H.R.; Waeber, B.; Nussberger, J., 1983:
Does pharmacological profiling of a new drug in normotensive volunteers provide a useful guideline to antihypertensive therapy?

Apple, W.S., 1969:
Does pharmacy face an educational crisis?

Rosenthal, S.H., 1984:
Does phenelzine relieve aphthous ulcers of the mouth?

Boréus, L.; Hellström, B.; Nergårdh, A., 1980:
Does phenemal depress intelligence?

Clemmesen, J.; Hjalgrim-Jensen, S., 1981:
Does phenobarbital cause intracranial tumors? A follow-up through 35 years

Güttler, F., 1974:
Does phenylalanine load disclose genetic variants?

Maten, M.V.; Nelson, E.T.; Buller, C.S., 1974:
Does phospholipase have a role in killing and sodium dodecyl sulfate lysis of T4 ghost-infected Escherichia coli?

Denolin, H., 1980:
Does physical activity prevent the development of coronary disease?

Momeyer, R., 1995:
Does physician assisted suicide violate the integrity of medicine?

Summers, W.K.; Allen, R.E.; Pitts, F.N., 1981:
Does physostigmine reverse quinidine delirium?

Schumacher, D.; Strunz, V.; Gross, U., 1983:
Does piezoceramic influence avian bone formation in the early postoperative phase?

Greener, J.; Singh, C.M.; Flear, C.T., 1969:
Does plasma from shocked or uraemic dogs contain a factor which increased permeability of skeletal muscle-cell membranes?

Morris, C.D., 1974:
Does platelet aggregation play a role in thrombosis?

Lesage, D.; Robitaille, Y.; Dorval, D.; Beaulne, G., 1995:
Does play equipment conform to the Canadian standard?

Rotermundt, F., 1981:
Does pneumatization of the temporal bone protect against noise?

Rypins, E.B.; Sarfeh, I.J., 1984:
Does portal pressure influence direction of portal flow and encephalopathy rates after 10-mm portacaval shunts in man?

Zahorska-Markiewicz, B., 1980:
Does post-caffeine increase in thermogenesis facilitate the treatment of obesity?

McKeever, W.F., 1974:
Does post-exposural directional scanning offer a sufficient explanation for lateral differences in tachistoscopic recognition?

Will, B.; Deluzarche, F.; Kelche, C., 1983:
Does post-operative environment attenuate or exacerbate symptoms which follow hippocampal lesions in rats?

Allegaert, W.; Bostoen, H., 1974:
Does postcholecystectomy recurring cholelithiasis exist

Gallucci, M.; Bozzao, A.; Orlandi, B.; Manetta, R.; Brughitta, G.; Lupattelli, L., 1995:
Does postcontrast MR enhancement in lumbar disk herniation have prognostic value?

Christiansen, C.; Rødbro, P., 1983:
Does postmenopausal bone loss respond to estrogen replacement therapy independent of bone loss rate?

Myslobodsky, M.S.; Braun, H., 1981:
Does postural asymmetry indicate directionally of rotation in rats: role of sex and handling

Frank, F.; Sparber, M., 1973:
Does posture influence the voice quality at the begining of vocal education?

Uimonen, S.; Laitakari, K.; Kiukaanniemi, H.; Sorri, M., 1995:
Does posturography differentiate malingerers from vertiginous patients?

Smith, S.J.; Markandu, N.D.; Sagnella, G.A.; Poston, L.; Hilton, P.J.; MacGregor, G.A., 1983:
Does potassium lower blood pressure by increasing sodium excretion? A metabolic study in patients with mild to moderate essential hypertension

Denys, A.; Levy, J.; Michel-Ber, E., 1965:
Does potentiation of the excito-motor effects of tryptamine in the rat and mouse enable one to measure the action of monoamine oxidase inhibitors?

Kipnis, D., 1972:
Does power corrupt?

Flood, A.B.; Scott, W.R.; Ewy, W., 1984:
Does practice make perfect? Part I: The relation between hospital volume and outcomes for selected diagnostic categories

Flood, A.B.; Scott, W.R.; Ewy, W., 1984:
Does practice make perfect? Part II: The relation between volume and outcomes and other hospital characteristics

Roland, C.G., 1970:
Does prayer preserve?

Schroeder, F.H.; van Aubel, O.G., 1984:
Does pre-operative radiotherapy sterilize metastatic lymph nodes in patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder?

Marshall, R.E.; Steger, A.C.; Delicata, R.; Wafula, J.M.; Brunell, C.L.; Wyatt, A.P., 1995:
Does pre-scan oxygen improve ultrasonic imaging of the pancreas?

Brandt, L.; Henneberg, U., 1981:
Does precurarization prevent the increase of serum potassium after administration of succinylcholine in risk patients? - a case report-

Torbett, B.E.; Mosier, D.E., 1994:
Does preferential Th subset activation contribute to the murine acquired immunodeficiency disease (MAIDS)?

Leibowitz, U.; Antonovsky, A.; Kats, R.; Alter, M., 1967:
Does pregnancy increase the risk of multiple sclerosis?

Carstensen, L.L.; Frost-Larsen, K.; Fugleberg, S.; Nerup, J., 1982:
Does pregnancy influence the prognosis of uncomplicated insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus?

Sonneveldt, A.W., 1971:
Does pregnancy protect against appendicitis or against appendectomy?

Godal, H.C.; Gjønnes, G.; Ruyter, R., 1982:
Does preincubation of the red blood cells contribute to the capability of the osmotic fragility test to detect very mild forms of hereditary spherocytosis?

Ferrier, B.M.; Woodward, C.A., 1983:
Does premedical academic background influence medical graduates' perceptions of their medical school or their subsequent career paths and decisions?

Ployé, P.M., 1973:
Does prenatal mental life exist?

Boissier, J.R.; Schmitt, H.; Giudicelli, J.F.; Viars, P., 1968:
Does prenylamine have beta-adrenolytic properties?

Domanski, M.; Ellis, S.; Eagle, K., 1995:
Does preoperative coronary revascularization before noncardiac surgery reduce the risk of coronary events in patients with known coronary artery disease?

Healy, K.M., 1968:
Does preoperative instruction make a difference?

Marcial, V.A.; Gelber, R.; Kramer, S.; Snow, J.B.; Davis, L.W.; Vallecillo, L.A., 1982:
Does preoperative irradiation increase the rate of surgical complications in carcinoma of the head and neck? A Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Report