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Epidemiology of stroke in Tilburg, the Netherlands. the population-based stroke incidence register: 2. Incidence, initial clinical picture and medical care, and three-week case fatality

Herman, B.; Leyten, A.C.; van Luijk, J.H.; Frenken, C.W.; Op de Coul, A.A.; Schulte, B.P.

Stroke 13(5): 629-634


ISSN/ISBN: 0039-2499
PMID: 7123595
DOI: 10.1161/01.str.13.5.629
Accession: 043021358

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The results of a prospective population study of stroke in Tilburg are reported. The average annual over-all incidence (per 100,000 population) for the period October 1, 1978-September 30, 1980 was 174 for total cases, 145 for first-ever cases. Males and older persons were at greater risk for a stroke. The vast majority of strokes were thrombo-embolic infarctions. Hemiplegia was the predominant neurological deficit resulting from an insult. Patients with speech problems, as opposed to those without, demonstrated more extreme motor deficit when such occurred. Seventy-four per cent of stroke cases had hypertensive blood pressure readings shortly after onset. Most patients were under hospital care during the initial phase of their attacks. The presence of such handling was related to specific patient characteristics. Three-week stroke case fatality was 30% for all patients registered, and varied significantly by age, sex and diagnostic type.

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