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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 43032

Chapter 43032 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Linsalata, P.; Monetti, N., 1966:
Esophageal obstruction caused by meat bolus

Blackman, A.H.; Waldman, R.S., 1968:
Esophageal obstruction following acute vomiting during labor

Sørensen, J.; Rasmussen, O.R., 1983:
Esophageal obstruction following ingestion of the high-fiber health product Lej-Guar

Pezzella, A.T.; Brown, B.E.; Walls, J.T.; Curtis, J.J., 1981:
Esophageal obstruction secondary to a tortuous thoracic aortic aneurysm: case report

Vansant, J.R.; Davis, R.K., 1971:
Esophageal obstruction secondary to mediastinal metastasis from breast carcinoma

Anonymous, 1965:
Esophageal obstruction-management

Hoflehner, G.; Grundner, H.; Roob, P., 1984:
Esophageal obturator tube, a new method for emergency artificial respiration

Simões, M.V.; Dantas, R.O.; Ejima, F.H.; Meneghelli, U.G.; Maciel, B.C.; Marin-Neto, J.A., 1995:
Esophageal origin of precordial pain in chagasic patients with normal subepicardial coronary arteries

Jolley, S.G.; Herbst, J.J.; Johnson, D.G.; Matlak, M.E.; Book, L.S., 1981 :
Esophageal pH monitoring during sleep identifies children with respiratory symptoms from gastroesophageal reflux

Romeo, G.; Giovinetto, A.; Calì, R.; Giannazzo, E.; Terranova, S.; Ciuni, S.; Buscarino, C., 1982:
Esophageal pH telemetry. A new method for monitoring the pH of the esophagus

Riva, R.; Benevento, A.; Raule, M.; Alemanno, R.; Cagliani, P., 1984:
Esophageal pH-manometry in the evaluation of pathologic gastroesophageal reflux

Leluyer, B.; Denis, P.; Hellot, M.F.; Mallet, E.; Pasquis, P.; Hellouin de Menibus, C., 1984:
Esophageal pH-metry and gastroesophageal reflux in infants and children

Ottignon, Y.; Deschamps, J.P.; Voigt, J.J.; Cassigneul, J.; Lassegue, A.; Pascal, J.P.; Carayon, P., 1983:
Esophageal pHmetry: comparison with clinical, endoscopic and histological data. Prospective study in 43 patients with suspected gastroesophageal reflux

Edwards, D.A., 1968:
Esophageal pain and motility

Girard, M.; Maillet, P.; Revelin, P.; Sambin, P.; Cordat, 1972:
Esophageal peptic stenosis and ulcer. Belsey's operation

Gaillard, J., 1974:
Esophageal peptic syndrome. Clinical data

Mocanu, M.; Vîlcea, C., 1980:
Esophageal peptic ulcer

Kessler, L.; Bohn, H., 1971:
Esophageal perforation after cauterization with a 40 percent vinegar essence

Eisen, G.M.; Jowell, P.S., 1995:
Esophageal perforation after ingestion of colon lavage solution

Badaoui, R.; Choufane, S.; Riboulot, M.; Bachelet, Y.; Ossart, M., 1994:
Esophageal perforation after transesophageal echocardiography

Scapa, E., 1982:
Esophageal perforation and endoscopy

de la Garza, L.; Odor, A., 1984:
Esophageal perforation and its treatment

Sawyers, J.L., 1972:
Esophageal perforation and mediastinitis

Young, C.D., 1983:
Esophageal perforation associated with combined use of the Thumper Resuscitator and esophageal airway

Kassels, S.J.; Robinson, W.A.; O'Bara, K.J., 1980:
Esophageal perforation associated with the esophageal obturator airway

Vomela, J.; Válek, V.; Bonaventura, J.; Kostrica, R., 1995:
Esophageal perforation at the thoracoabdominal juncture

Edwards, H.; McNichols, W.A.; Dikman, S., 1971:
Esophageal perforation by a safety pin

Murata, S.; Narahara, A.; Takahashi, K.; Ohwada, S.; Miyamoto, Y.; Morishita, Y., 1995:
Esophageal perforation by alkalis--a case report with conservative therapy

Davidson, J.H., 1968:
Esophageal perforation by cervical spur during gastroscopy

Haguenauer, J.P.; Dumolard, P.; Pipard, G.; Aucouturier, M., 1971:
Esophageal perforation by foreign bodies and retroesophageal abscess

Davis, J.S., 1969:
Esophageal perforation by the gastrocamera gastroscope

Roy-Camille, M.; Fékété, F.; Sagnet, P.; Radoman, V., 1973:
Esophageal perforation caused by intubation; a postoperative surgical emergency

Barkalow, C.E., 1984:
Esophageal perforation during resuscitation

Andreassian, B.; Gehanno, P.; Dusaintpère, C.; Parmentier, G.; Kitzis, M.; Couffinhal, J.C.; Parrot, A.M., 1982:
Esophageal perforation during tracheal intubation. Report on 6 cases.

Hoffman, J.R.; Pietrafesa, C.A.; Orban, D.J., 1983:
Esophageal perforation following use of esophageal obturator airway (EOA)

Harrison, E.E.; Nord, H.J.; Beeman, R.W., 1980:
Esophageal perforation following use of the esophageal obturator airway

Kimura, K.; Kubo, M.; Okasora, T.; Eto, T.; Tsugawa, C.; Matsumoto, Y., 1984:
Esophageal perforation in a neonate associated with gastroesophageal reflux

Levin, M.D., 1984:
Esophageal perforation in newborn infants

Zorzi, C.; Perale, R.; Piovesan, A.; Marcazzò, L.; Giancola, G.; Marigo, A.; Cantarutti, F., 1981:
Esophageal perforation in the newborn

Fleming, P.J.; Venugopal, S.; Lewins, M.J.; Martin, D.J.; Simpson, J.S., 1980:
Esophageal perforation into the right pleural cavity in a neonate

Thitadikok, V.; Lopansri, T., 1973:
Esophageal perforation related to swallowed foreign body: a review with case report

Schabel, S.I.; Rittenberg, G.M., 1980:
Esophageal perforation secondary to benign leiomyoma

Franzini, M.; Zerbini, E., 1982:
Esophageal perforation tamponed by the trachea

Kirsch, H.L.; Cronin, D.W.; Stein, G.N.; Latour, F.; Herrera, A.F., 1983:
Esophageal perforation. An unusual presentation of esophageal lymphoma

Quintana, R.; Bartley, T.D.; Wheat, M.W., 1970:
Esophageal perforation. Analysis of 10 cases

Bláhová, O.; Kabelka, M.; Kolihová, E., 1971:
Esophageal perforation. Possibilities of conservative and surgical treatment

Lees, C.D.; Steiger, E.; Cosgrove, D.M., 1983:
Esophageal perforation: a complication of the Angelchik prosthesis

Askenasi, R.; Abramowicz, M.; Jeanmart, J.; Ansay, J.; Degaute, J.P., 1984:
Esophageal perforation: an unusual complication of gastric lavage

Velasco, N.; Sepúlveda, A.; Quintero, H.; Rapporport, J.; Lizana, C.; Chiong, H.; Csendes, A., 1983:
Esophageal perforation: experience in 42 patients

Elleson, D.A.; Rowley, S.D., 1982:
Esophageal perforation: its early diagnosis and treatment

Serrano Muñoz, F.; Toledo González, J.; Alix Trueba, A., 1970:
Esophageal perforation: its treatment

Hiebert, C.A., 1980:
Esophageal perforation: some guidelines for diagnosis and management

Loop, F.D.; Groves, L.K., 1970:
Esophageal perforations

Craddock, D.R., 1970:
Esophageal perforations and chest complications

Hardy, J.D.; Tompkins, W.C.; Ching, E.C.; Chavez, C.M., 1973:
Esophageal perforations and fistulas: review of 36 cases with operative closure of four chronic fistulas

Goldstein, L.A.; Thompson, W.R., 1982:
Esophageal perforations: a 15 year experience

Abrams, L.J.; Levine, M.S.; Laufer, I., 1995:
Esophageal peridiverticulitis: an unusual complication of esophageal intramural pseudodiverticulosis

Stuart, R.C.; Walsh, T.N., 1995:
Esophageal peristalsis and achalasia

Masaki, S., 1968:
Esophageal peristalsis studied in terms of intraesophageal pressure

Kuhara, T., 1970:
Esophageal phonocardiographic studies on atrial sound

Magri, G., 1967:
Esophageal phonocardiography

Mattes, P.; Herfarth, C.; Schädel, G.; Schreer, I.; Maier, H., 1974:
Esophageal plastic operation with lyophilized dura mater. Animal experimentation with young dogs

Polubutkin, P.V., 1973:
Esophageal polyp

Melato, M.; Bucconi, S.; Fanin, R.; Baccarani, M.; Buri, L., 1994:
Esophageal polyp as the sole manifestation of relapse seven years after treatment for Hodgkin's disease

Pis'mennaia, E.I., 1965:
Esophageal polyp in a 3-year-old child

Beschel, H.; Beck, I.T., 1974:
Esophageal pressure studies in patients with carcinoma of the esophagus

Wexler, M.J., 1983:
Esophageal procedures to control bleeding from varices

Govil, A.; Kumar, N., 1995:
Esophageal prosthesis in palliation of malignant esophageal obstruction

Celli, L.; Campagnoli, P.; Gerletti, E.; Landini, A., 1967 :
Esophageal pseudo-varices in giant hyperplastic gastropathy. Endoscopic and radiologic study

Rudnick, J.P.; Ferrucci, J.T.; Eaton, S.B.; Dreyfuss, J.R., 1972:
Esophageal pseudotomor: retrograde prolapse of gastric mucosa into the esophagus

Blackwell, J.M.; Richter, J.E.; Wu, W.C.; Cowan, R.J.; Castell, D.O., 1984:
Esophageal radionuclide transit tests. Potential false-positive results

May, I.A.; Samson, P.C., 1969:
Esophageal reconstruction and replacements

Akiyama, H.; Sato, Y.; Takahashi, H.; Nozue, M.; Kurauchi, Y., 1970:
Esophageal reconstruction by the pedicled colon

Buntain, W.L.; Payne, W.S.; Lynn, H.B., 1980:
Esophageal reconstruction for benign disease: a long-term appraisal

Akiyama, H.; Kogure, T.; Itai, Y., 1973:
Esophageal reconstruction for stenosis due to diffuse scleroderma. Utilizing blunt dissection of esophagus

Daido, R.; Shirasaka, R.; Oashi, I.; Onishi, A.; Kawamoto, T., 1971:
Esophageal reconstruction in cervical esophageal cancer using the pedicled transverse colon

Ishigami, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Matsui, H.; Sugiura, N., 1968:
Esophageal reconstruction in the anterior torax by means of the Kirschner-Nakayama gastric tube in addition to microvascular anastomosis

Ohashi, E.; Matsuoka, T.; Asakura, Y.; Kimura, S.; Kasai, M., 1968:
Esophageal reconstruction in young children--cases of extensive cicatricial stenosis of the esophagus

Sunada, T.; Katsumura, T.; Sato, M.; Fujiwara, T.; Otsuka, Y., 1966:
Esophageal reconstruction using a stomach pedicle with arteriolar anastomosis

Akiyama, H.; Ishii, K.; Kodaira, Y.; Saheki, M., 1971:
Esophageal reconstruction with a pedicled jejunum in esophageal atresia (type A)

Murakami, Y.; Saito, S.; Ikari, T.; Haraguchi, S.; Okada, K.; Maruyama, T., 1982:
Esophageal reconstruction with a skin-grafted pectoralis major muscle flap

Minkari, T., 1973:
Esophageal reconstruction with colon transplant (23 cases)

Absolon, K.B.; Finney, L.A.; Waddill, G.M.; Hatchett, C., 1969:
Esophageal reconstruction--colon transplant--in two brothers with epidermolysis bullosa

Kowalski, R.; Soltys, A.; Zajac, J., 1970:
Esophageal reduplication

Lataste, J.; Gonthier, F., 1967:
Esophageal reflux after distal gastrectomies

Scheinin, T.M.; Linna, M.I.; Lehtinen, E., 1966:
Esophageal reflux after experimental upper gastrectomy: effect of jejunal interposition

Ward, A.S., 1969:
Esophageal reflux and gastric secretion

Chissov, V.I.; Iudin, A.A.; Prokof'eva, L.S., 1969:
Esophageal reflux and its treatment

Overholt, R.H.; Voorhees, R.J., 1966:
Esophageal reflux as a trigger in asthma

Overholt, R.H.; Ashraf, M.M., 1966:
Esophageal reflux as trigger in asthma

Kramer, E.L.; Sanger, J.J., 1984:
Esophageal reflux demonstrated on a hepatobiliary scan

Stadelmann, O., 1983:
Esophageal reflux disease

Wolfstein, I.; Avigad, I.; Shafir, R.; Tulcinsky, D.B., 1972:
Esophageal replacement by colonic segment in children

Póka, L.; Illés, I., 1967:
Esophageal replacement by the colon

Stell, P.M., 1970:
Esophageal replacement by transposed stomach. Following pharyngolaryngo-esophagectomy for carcinoma of the cervical esophagus

Campbell, J.R.; Webber, B.R.; Harrison, M.W.; Campbell, T.J., 1982:
Esophageal replacement in infants and children bv colon interposition

Stelzner, F., 1969:
Esophageal replacement using the left colon

Burrington, J.D.; Stephens, C.A., 1968:
Esophageal replacement with a gastric tube in infants and children

Kelly, J.P.; Shackelford, G.D.; Roper, C.L., 1983 :
Esophageal replacement with colon in children: functional results and long-term growth

Dave, K.S.; Wooler, G.H.; Holden, M.P.; Bekassy, S.M.; Ionescu, M.I., 1972:
Esophageal replacement with jejunum for nonmalignant lesions: 26 years' experience

Azar, H.; Chrispin, A.R.; Waterston, D.J., 1971:
Esophageal replacement with transverse colon in infants and children

Schumpelick, V.; Dreuw, B.; Ophoff, K.; Fass, J., 1995:
Esophageal replacement--indications, technique, results

Adams, W.E., 1967:
Esophageal resection

Peters, J.H.; Kauer, W.K.; Crookes, P.F.; Ireland, A.P.; Bremner, C.G.; DeMeester, T.R., 1995:
Esophageal resection with colon interposition for end-stage achalasia

Kálovics, M.; Imre, J., 1973:
Esophageal resection without whole blood transfusion in a patient with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Peterson, T.A.; Johnson, F.E.; Kiser, J.C., 1968:
Esophageal resection. Gastroesophageal anastomosis

Moron Vizcarra, J., 1970:
Esophageal resections by left transthoracic route

Christensen, J.; Lund, G.F., 1969:
Esophageal responses to distension and electrical stimulation

McCullough, F.S.; Klassen, K.P.; Beman, F.M., 1970:
Esophageal retention cyst. An unusual entity

Edgin, R.; Mekhjian, H.S., 1981:
Esophageal retention cyst: unusual cause for dysphagia

Ponto, J.A., 1983:
Esophageal retention of capsules

Edström, S.; Pettersson, G., 1982:
Esophageal rupture after intake of natural products

Vatashsky, E.; Haskel, Y.; Aronson, H.B., 1983:
Esophageal rupture and spinal anesthesia

Leininger, B.J.; Puestow, C.B., 1970:
Esophageal rupture associated with an incarcerated paraesophageal hernia and pyloric obstruction

Haynes, D.E.; Haynes, B.E.; Yong, Y.V., 1984:
Esophageal rupture complicating Heimlich maneuver

Conte, B.A., 1966:
Esophageal rupture in absence of vomiting

Tomenius, J., 1967:
Esophageal rupture in gastric juice studies

Waldschmidt, J.; Waldschmidt, A., 1981:
Esophageal rupture in the newborn infant

Hiebert, C.A.; Gorayeb, E., 1970:
Esophageal rupture-a catastrophic complication of vomiting

Turner, W.W., 1983 :
Esophageal rupture: fatal complication of balloon tamponade for acute variceal hemorrhage

Nakayama, K.; Hanyu, F.; Kobayashi, I.; Sakakibara, N.; Akita, Y., 1967:
Esophageal sarcoma

Heyman, S., 1982:
Esophageal scintigraphy (milk scans) in infants and children with gastroesophageal reflux

Velasco, N.; Olea, E.; González, P.; Lillo, R.; Csendes, A., 1983:
Esophageal scintigraphy in the evaluation of motor disorders of the esophagus

Fisher, R.S.; Malmud, L.S., 1981:
Esophageal scintigraphy: are there advantages

Kanner, S.R., 1981:
Esophageal scleroderma

Kramer, P.; Ingelfinger, F.J., 1968:
Esophageal sensitivity to mecholyl in cardiospasms

Roman, C.; Tieffenbach, L., 1971:
Esophageal smooth muscle motility after bivagotomy. Electromyographic study (E.M.G)

Schuster, M.M., 1983:
Esophageal spasm and psychiatric disorder

Fontán, J.P.; Heldt, G.P.; Heyman, M.B.; Marin, M.S.; Tooley, W.H., 1984:
Esophageal spasm associated with apnea and bradycardia in an infant

Laaban, J.P.; Bodenan, P.; Marty, M.; Cosson, J.P.; Rochemaure, J., 1984:
Esophageal spasm in a case of drug overdose

Bory, M.; Dupin, B., 1984:
Esophageal spasm, a principal cause of false angina pectoris

Bennett, J.R., 1985:
Esophageal spasm--as clinicians see it

Dupin, B.; Bory, M.; Moro, P.; Bénichou, M.; Djiane, P.; Serradimigni, A., 1984:
Esophageal spasm: a common cause of spontaneous precordial pain

Jocu, I., 1973:
Esophageal spasms at various levels of the esophagus

Sáfrán, A.; Szende, T., 1973:
Esophageal speech as a compensatory process

Sato, T.; Fujii, K.; Utsumi, S.; Takayama, M.; Fujimi, K., 1969:
Esophageal speech mechanism

Daniel, E.E., 1983:
Esophageal spikes--to be or not to be

Reed, P.A.; Limauro, D.L.; Brodmerkel, G.J.; Agrawal, R.M., 1995:
Esophageal squamous papilloma associated with adenocarcinoma

Anonymous, 1966:
Esophageal stenosis

Rusanova, N.I., 1973:
Esophageal stenosis after agranulocytosis, complicated by esophagitis

Chrościcki, S.; Towpik, E., 1980:
Esophageal stenosis after chemical burn - surgical treatment and discussion of our cases

Boulle, J.; Jacques, G., 1969:
Esophageal stenosis and the gastric sound)

Masenti, E.; Balbo, G., 1967:
Esophageal stenosis caused by caustics. Possibilities and results of surgical treatment

Tao, W.F., 1982:
Esophageal stenosis caused by ectopic tracheo-bronchial cartilage: report of 2 cases

Ferraris, R., 1966:
Esophageal stenosis caused by peptic esophagitis

Orsó, L., 1970:
Esophageal stenosis caused by thyroideal growth

Sakai, Y.; Kogure, T.; Akiyama, H., 1974:
Esophageal stenosis due to metastasis from breast cancer

Fonkalsrud, E.W., 1972:
Esophageal stenosis due to tracheobronchial remnants

Mlynek, H.J.; Riedeberger, J., 1973:
Esophageal stenosis following Vossschulte's dissection ligation for esophageal varices

Stazka, Z., 1971:
Esophageal stenosis in a case of rheumatoid athritis

Montano, A.; Baptista, H., 1969:
Esophageal stenosis in a dog caused by osteoblastic osteosarcoma (its similarity to human cases)

Montano, A.; Baptista, H., 1969:
Esophageal stenosis in a male dog caused by osteoblastic osteosarcoma (its resemblance to human cases)

Pelz, L.; Unger, K.; Radke, M., 1994:
Esophageal stenosis in acrocephalosyndactyly type I

Minkin, W.; Seliger, G.; Auerbach, R., 1973:
Esophageal stenosis in benign mucous membrane pemphigoid

Hecker, W.C., 1968:
Esophageal stenosis in childhood and its therapy

Bode, A., 1973:
Esophageal stenosis in chronic candidiasis

Willi, H.; Fritz-Mikulska, V., 1971:
Esophageal stenosis in hypopharyngeal abscess of the newborn infant

Burkert, K.; Berges, W.; Borchard, F.; Stolze, T.; Wienbeck, M., 1980:
Esophageal stenosis in sjögren's syndrome

French, R.J.; Tabb, H.G.; Rutledge, L.J., 1970:
Esophageal stenosis produced by ingestion of bleach: report of two cases

Brochet, E.; Croisier, G.; Grimaldi, A.; Bosquet, F., 1984:
Esophageal stenosis related to the ingestion of phenoxymethylpenicillin in an insulin-dependent diabetic

Tsuji, H.K.; Redington, J.V.; Kay, J.H., 1969:
Esophageal stenosis secondary to blunt chest trauma

Vaysse, P.; Guitard, J.; Moscovici, J.; Chansou, A.; Voigt, J.J.; Juskiewenski, S., 1985:
Esophageal stenosis with tracheo-bronchial heterotopy. Apropos of 3 cases

Peters, M.E.; Gourley, G.; Mann, F.A., 1983:
Esophageal stricture and web secondary to Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Schild, J.A.; Vander Aarde, S.B.; Holinger, P.H., 1972:
Esophageal stricture associated with epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica. Report of two cases in siblings

Banfield, W.J.; Hurwitz, A.L., 1974:
Esophageal stricture associated with nasogastric intubation

Stein, M.R.; Thompson, C.K.; Sawicki, J.E.; Martel, A.J., 1974:
Esophageal stricture complicating Stevens-Johnson syndrome. A case report

Lilly, J.O.; McCaffery, T.D., 1971:
Esophageal stricture dilatation. A new method adapted to the fiberoptic esophagoscope

Zamir, O.; Lernau, O.; Nissan, S., 1984:
Esophageal stricture due to gastro-esophageal reflux

Kroneke, K.; Cuadrado, R., 1984:
Esophageal stricture following esophagitis in a patient with herpes zoster: case report

Lister, J.; Wright, T., 1967:
Esophageal stricture in the neonatal period

Herman, T.E.; Kushner, D.C.; Cleveland, R.H., 1984:
Esophageal stricture secondary to drug-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis

Afzelius, L.E.; Gummesson, B.; Pettersson, K.I., 1980:
Esophageal stricture-cause and treatment

Thomas, H.F.; Woodward, E.R., 1973:
Esophageal strictures

Aggestrup, S.; Willeberg, A.M.; Hansen, K.V., 1982:
Esophageal strictures. A report of the pathogenetic factors obtained by review of 123 case reports

López Gibert, J.; Urgelles Bosch, J., 1982:
Esophageal stripping (esophagectomy without thoracotomy)

Akiyama, H.; Tsurumaru, M.; Kawamura, T.; Ono, Y., 1982:
Esophageal stripping with preservation of the vagus nerve

Zängl, A.; Wachtler, F., 1966:
Esophageal substitution by means of the left half of the colon after total resection of the esophagus

Serý, Z.; Duda, M.; Dlouhý, M.; Gazárek, F.; Rocek, V.; Rehulka, M., 1982:
Esophageal surgery at the First Surgical Clinic, Olomouc Faculty Hospital, 1948-1980

Helbig, D.; Heiming, E., 1967:
Esophageal surgery in childhood

Peracchia, A., 1982:
Esophageal surgery today

Okada, N.; Kuriyama, T.; Umemoto, H.; Komatsu, T.; Tagami, Y., 1974:
Esophageal surgery: a procedure for posterior invagination esophagogastrostomy in one-stage without positional change

Livaditis, A.; Okmian, L.; Björck, G.; Ivemark, B., 1969:
Esophageal suture anastomosis. An experimental studyn piglets

Brügmann, E.; Hauzeur, F., 1974:
Esophageal symptoms and their relationships to the result of the perfusion test and to the histological mucosal finding in the esophagus

Ashizawa, A.; Takayama, R.; Yamaguchi, K., 1972:
Esophageal syphilis diagnosed as esophageal cancer and successfully treated by radiotherapy

Liedberg, G., 1968:
Esophageal tamponage in the treatment of massive bleeding from esophageal varices with special reference to volume and pressure in the balloons

Niwa, H.; Masaoka, A.; Yamakawa, Y.; Fukai, I.; Kiriyama, M.; Shindou, J., 1995:
Esophageal tracheobronchoplasty for membranous laceration caused by insertion of a dumon stent--maintenance of oxygenation by percutaneous cardiopulmonary support

Mir, J.; Ponce, J.; Morena, E.; Juan, M.; Garrigues, V.; Pina, R.; Berenguer, J., 1982:
Esophageal transection and paraesophagogastric devascularization performed as an emergency measure for uncontrolled variceal bleeding

Ranne, R.D.; Villar, H.V., 1982:
Esophageal transection by EEA stapler for control of variceal hemorrhage

Mittal, V.K.; Telmos, A.J.; Cortez, J.A., 1980:
Esophageal transection for bleeding esophageal varices: use of the EEA stapler

Fell, J.T., 1983:
Esophageal transit of tablets and capsules

Styles, C.B.; Holt, S.; Bowes, K.L.; Hooper, R., 1984:
Esophageal transit scintigraphy--a cautionary note

Izzo, G.; Landolfi, V.; Di Martino, N.; Amato, G.; Maffettone, V.; Del Genio, A., 1984:
Esophageal transmucosal potential difference in patients with peptic and alkaline esophagitis

Eckardt, V.F.; Adami, B., 1980:
Esophageal transmural potential difference in patients with symptomatic gastroesophageal reflux

Monakhov, B.V., 1974:
Esophageal tube and method of its use

Scherrer, A.; Grenier, P.; Nahum, H., 1981:
Esophageal tube displacement in aortic rupture

García Sepulcre, M.F.; Casellas Valdé, J.A.; Alonso Maíllo, G.; Gómez Andrés, A.; Carnicer Jáuregui, F., 1995:
Esophageal tuberculosis with fistula to mediastinum

Louvel, D.; Croizet, O.; Musso, S.; Neron, P., 1994:
Esophageal tuberculosis. A case

Williford, M.E.; Thompson, W.M.; Hamilton, J.D.; Postlethwait, R.W., 1983:
Esophageal tuberculosis: findings on barium swallow and computed tomography

Roth, A.; Lang, S.; Kolarić, K., 1981:
Esophageal tumors--the role of esophagoscopy

Hellriegel, W., 1972:
Esophageal tumors--therapeutic problems

Maroy, B., 1983:
Esophageal ulcer after ingestion of florocycline

Mørck, H.I.; Nielsen, V.M.; Kirkegaard, P., 1981:
Esophageal ulcer caused by emepronium bromide

Allmendinger, G., 1985:
Esophageal ulcer caused by the "pill"

Cleau, D., 1982:
Esophageal ulcer following treatment with doxycycline

Ribet, M.; Fournier, P.; Wurtz, A., 1969:
Esophageal ulcer perforating into the lung

Niizuma, S.; Kobayashi, S.; Shimizu, K.; Hara, K.; Maeda, H.; Nishimura, Y.; Furuya, Y., 1981:
Esophageal ulcer: classification due to x-ray findings

Ayres, S.J.; Goff, J.S.; Warren, G.H.; Schaefer, J.W., 1982:
Esophageal ulceration and bleeding after flexible fiberoptic esophageal vein sclerosis

Rosenthal, T.; Adar, R.; Militianu, J.; Deutsch, V., 1974:
Esophageal ulceration and oral potassium chloride ingestion

Enzenauer, R.W.; Bass, J.W.; McDonnell, J.T., 1984:
Esophageal ulceration associated with oral theophylline

Delpre, G.; Kadish, U., 1984:
Esophageal ulceration due to enterocoated doxycycline therapy--further considerations

Hishikawa, Y.; Tanaka, S.; Miura, T., 1984:
Esophageal ulceration induced by intracavitary irradiation for esophageal carcinoma

Engstrand, I.; Löfgren, L.; Mansfeld, L., 1981:
Esophageal ulcerations in children induced by cetiprin

Chen, C.Y.; Wang, L.Y.; Liu, H.W.; Jan, C.M.; Chien, C.H., 1982:
Esophageal ulcers caused by antibiotics

Delpre, G.; Garty, M., 1981:
Esophageal ulcers due to doxycycline

Lamouliatte, H.; Plane, D.; Quinton, A., 1981:
Esophageal ulcers following oral intake of pinaverium bromide

Ramírez Ramos, A.; Valladares, G.; Barreda Costa, C., 1981:
Esophageal ulcers induced by doxycycline. Evaluation of 4 cases

Oller, L.A.; Sala Cladero, E., 1974:
Esophageal varices and acute gastric lesions in liver cirrhosis

de Almeida, A.D., 1966:
Esophageal varices and digestive hemorrhage

Rex, J.; Richter, K., 1967:
Esophageal varices and dilatation of the azygos vein in obstruction of the vena cava cranialis

Van Der Staak, F.H., 1983:
Esophageal varices and portal hypertension in children; experiences with Vossschulte's method of dissection ligature

Iuchi, M.; Nakayama, Y.; Nishizawa, K.; Ishiwa, M., 1969:
Esophageal varices due to chronic schistosomiasis japanica

Pruszyński, B., 1966:
Esophageal varices due to the obstruction of vena cava superior

Kozower, M.; Kaplan, M.M.; Kanfer, J.N.; Norton, R.A.; Wolfe, H.J., 1974:
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Esperanto brings friends

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Esprit de corps--or: every man for himself

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Essay on violence

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Essay writing in nursing: alerting students and teachers to the educational benefits

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Essects of splenectomy on the proliferation of HbF-containing erythrocytes in hereditary spherocytosis

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Essen Education Center of the German Nurses' Association exists 10 years

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Essence and relationship of the concepts of "differentiation", "determination" and "specialization"

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Essence and validity of reaction time in the practical examination of motor vehicle drivers

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Essence and value of the general practioner's medicine

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Essence of scientific and technical achievements and the nature of the effect of veterinary medical research

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Essence of stress

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Essence of the phenomenon of heredity

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Essence of the tetralogy of Fallot from the standpoint of conus arteriosus formation

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Essence, investigation, and management of "neuropathic" pains: hopes from acknowledgment of chaos

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Essential acroparesthesia and the carpal tunnel syndrome

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Essential actions in treatment of respiratory decompensation in chronic respiratory insufficiency

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Essential ano-rectal pain

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Essential arginine residues occur in or near the catalytic site of L-amino acid oxidase

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Essential arterial hypertension and fitness to drive automobiles

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