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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 43150

Chapter 43150 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Green, L.D.; Saccar, C.L.; Helsel, C.L.; Niehls, M.E.; McGeady, S.J.; Mansmann, H.C., 1984:
Forty-eight-hour absorption pharmacokinetic profiles of two sustained-release theophylline preparations

Sung, D.T.; Woods, J.E., 1974:
Forty-eight-hour preservation of the canine liver

Barlow, J.F.; Kahler, S.S., 1973:
Forty-eight-year-old woman with weakness and anemia of five months duration

Driver, W.J., 1980:
Forty-fifth anniversary of social security

Brown, W.A., 1973:
Forty-five Northern Irish families: a cephalometric radiographic study

Jessen, H., 1971:
Forty-five operations for sterility

Nelson, R.E.; Barlow, J.F., 1972:
Forty-five year old Caucasian male with chest pain and shock one week after abdominal and chest trauma

Warren, M.; Barlow, J.F., 1982:
Forty-five year old caucasian male with monoarticular arthritis

Packer, H.D., 1984:
Forty-five years against syphilis in Memphis--success or failure?

Kahn, E.A.; Gosch, H.H.; Seeger, J.F.; Hicks, S.P., 1973:
Forty-five years experience with the craniopharyngiomas

Elkinton, J.R.; Graham, J.R., 1985:
Forty-five years of migraine--observations and reflections "from the inside" by a physician-patient

Dickey, W.M.; Sidbury, J.B., 1984:
Forty-five years with Dr. Sidbury

Schulz, E.J., 1971:
Forty-four months' experience in the treatment of leprosy with clofazimine (Lamprene (Geigy))

Anonymous, 2018:
Absence (Congenital) of the Anterior Lobes of the Brain

Palomo, F.; Kopczyk, R.; Chase, D., 1974:
Forty-four-month evaluation of a patient treated by surgical orthodontics. Report of a case

Eller, J.A.; Barlow, J.F., 1981:
Forty-nine year old Caucasian male with right upper quadrant pain

Barlow, J.F.; Donahoe, J.W., 1968:
Forty-nine year old womean with jaundice

Anonymous, 1983:
Forty-one hospitals cited for registered nurse recruitment and retention

Anonymous, 1970:
Forty-second session of Federal Council

Haddock, D.R., 1971:
Forty-seven cases of pyogenic meningitis in adults in Korle Bu Hospital, Accra

Barlow, J.F.; Mutch, M.G., 1973:
Forty-seven year old woman with dyspnea and multiple nodules in the lung fields

Anderson, M.V.; Barlow, J.F., 1980:
Forty-seven year old woman with sudden onset of aphasia

Best, C.H., 1968:
Forty-seven years of interest in insulin

Bernhardson, G.; Gunne, L.M., 1972:
Forty-six cases of psychosis in cannabis abusers

Anonymous, 1968:
Forty-third All-India Medical Conference Jabalpur: December 1967

Mehta, J.N., 1968:
Forty-third All-India Medical Conference Jabalpur: December 1967: Inaugural address

Trivedi, P.R., 1968:
Forty-third All-India Medical Conference Jabalpur: December 1967: Presidential Address

Sarwate, T.B., 1968:
Forty-third All-India Medical Conference Jabalpur: December 1967: Welcome address

Rai, R.C., 1968:
Forty-third All-India Medical Conference Jabalpur: December 1967: address at the inauguration of the Pharmaceutical, Scientific and Family Planning Exhibition

Khan, M.H., 1973:
Forty-three chromosome-clone in chronic myeloid leukaemia. (Remarks on the karyotypic evolution and therapy)

Coleman, P.G.; Martini, D.J.; Resnekov, L.; Anagnostopoulos, C.E., 1973:
Forty-two month follow-up of a semilunar valve homograft to the mitral area. Report of a case

Deede, M.C.; Barlow, J.F., 1980:
Forty-two year old female with sudden onset of abdominal pain

Guthrie, D., 1966:
Forty-two years survival after laryngectomy

Ellison, E.C., 1995:
Forty-year appraisal of gastrinoma. Back to the future

Proffit, W.R., 1994:
Forty-year review of extraction frequencies at a university orthodontic clinic

McCarty, P., 1981:
Forum endorses economics, practice as priorities

Cavanaugh, J., 1972:
Forum for hygienists & assistants. The wonderful world of work

Kay, A., 1984:
Forum founded

Anonymous, 1972:
Forum looks ahead

McCarthy, R.T., 1973:
Forum on clinical research. Oxygen uptake and cardiopulmonary adjustments to change in posture in normal male subjects and in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Anonymous, 1971:
Forum on criteria for certification, licensure and quality control of cytology laboratories

Kay, M., 1973:
Forum on field studies using ethnographic semantics in nursing research

Anonymous, 1966:
Forum on frozen meats: patterns of use in 10 Illinois hospitals

Chen, W.; Maghzal, G.J.; Ayer, A.; Suarna, C.; Dunn, L.L.; Stocker, R., 2017:
Absence of the biliverdin reductase-a gene is associated with increased endogenous oxidative stress

Holzgreve, H., 1981:
Forum on hypertension. Part 10. The hypertensive emergency: definition and therapy

Holzgreve, H., 1981:
Forum on hypertension. Part 2. Trends in hypertension therapy

Holzgreve, H., 1981:
Forum on hypertension. Part 3. Single drug therapy of hypertension

Holzgreve, H., 1981:
Forum on hypertension. Part 4. Combination therapy of hypertension

Holzgreve, H., 1981:
Forum on hypertension. Part 5. New anti-hypertensive agents in the therapy of hypertension

Holzgreve, H., 1981:
Forum on hypertension. Part 7. Hypertension therapy in children and adolescents

Holzgreve, H., 1981:
Forum on hypertension. Part 8. Hypertension management in pregnancy

Holzgreve, H., 1981:
Forum on hypertension. Part 9. Treatment of hypertension in the aged

Mander, R., 1995:
Forum on maternity and the newborn. Pain in labour

Badagabettu, S.Nayak.; Padur, A.Aithal.; Kumar, N.; Reghunathan, D., 2016:
Absence of the celiac trunk and trifurcation of the common hepatic artery: a case report

Anonymous, 1966:
Forum on osteogenesis (osteoblasts and chondroblasts)

Aboulker, J.; Cauchoix, J.; Evrard, J.; Ferrand, L.; Weber, R., 1968:
Forum on paraplegia due to Pott's disease

Davis, D.J., 1974:
Forum on recent advances in control of infectious diseases. Introduction

Anonymous, 1984:
Forum on the immunohistochemistry of the extracellular matrix. 3d pathology symposium, Anatomical Society of Paris (Paris, 30 November-3 December 1983)

Anonymous, 1968:
Forum on the tonsil and adenoid problem in orthodontics. Questions and answers

Vergote, T.; Arnaud, E., 1993:
Forum on tissue expansion. Neovascularization of skin flap from expanded anatomical arteriovenous pedicle. An initial experimental study

Douglas, D.J., 1973:
Forum on use of theory in nursing. Expanding the nurse's role in walk-in medical practice: a methodological perspective

Ruiz Ayuso, F.; Paulussen, F.; Eder, M., 1969:
Forum pathologicum. XLVI. Racemose angioma of the brain

Sachs, H.; Griesse, H.; Beneke, G., 1966:
Forum pathologicum. XXII. Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome

Hewlett, P., 1995:
Forum's insistence on single-tier health care criticized

Griffin, R.M.; Scott, R.P., 1984:
Forum. A comparison between the midline and paramedian approaches to the extradural space

Nagai, T.; Kaida, T.; Tezuka, H.; Kokuba, A.; Ueno, S., 1969:
Forum. Clinical course in nursing practice under the new curriculum

Bailey, P.W.; Howard, F.A., 1983:
Forum. Epidural analgesia and forceps delivery: laying a bogey

Howard, C.B.; Mackie, I.G.; Fairclough, J.; Austin, T.R., 1983:
Forum. Femoral neck surgery using a local anaesthetic technique

Anonymous, 1972:
Forum. Protective lenses. Sunglasses

Sleigh, J.W.; Matheson, K.H.; Boys, J.E., 1984:
Forum. The use of atracurium besylate for laparoscopy

Crowe, H.M., 1994:
Forum: a perspective on hepatitis

Ito, A., 1968:
Forum: approach to nursing and its practice. 1. Educator's viewpoint

Anonymous, 1982:
Forum: beta-adrenoreceptor blockade after acute myocardial infarction

Smith, K.M., 1969:
Forum: commitment to caring

Masquelet, A.C., 1994:
Forum: cover flaps of the upper limb. In practice: indications of pedicled flaps of the upper limb

Favero, M.S., 1994:
Forum: disinfection & sterilization procedures used in hospitals in the U.S

Leon, A.S., 1984:
Forum: exercise and health. Introduction

Anonymous, 1994:
Forum: flaps for covering the the upper limbs.. 1973-1993, 20 years of flaps

Usui, T.; Kitahara, S.; Kamihira, C.; Kinoshita, H.; Tsunenari, M.; Fukunaga, T., 1968:
Forum: general nursing theory

Cozens, J., 1994:
Forum: home care in the U.K

Smith, P.W., 1994:
Forum: infection prevention in the home health setting

Furuhashi, M., 1994:
Forum: methods of sterilization and disinfection--some of the latest views

Kobayashi, F.; Fujieda, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Aoki, S.; Kimura, K.; Kamimura, C.; Kobayashi, R., 1968:
Forum: nursing theory of adult patients

Nicolle, L.E., 1994:
Forum: surveillance of surgical site infections

Jacobson, L., 1981:
Forum: the U.S. Air Force HEART program model

Anonymous, 1981:
Forum: the multiple risk factor intervention trial (MRFIT). The methods and impact of intervention over four years

Anonymous, 1981:
Forum: the place of prevention in medical education: past, present, and future

Ito, A.; Nakajima, S.; Shimizu, C.; Miki, F.; Akasaka, T.; Obayashi, K., 1968:
Forum: theory of obstetrical nursing

Yoshitake, K.; Narita, A.; Koga, A.; Nishikawa, K.; Makino, T.; Ikeda, S.; Tsukuda, T., 1968:
Forum: theory of pediatric nursing

Anonymous, 1981:
Forum: "The international know your body program: health education and screening for risk factors in children"

Cara-Beurton, M., 1980:
Forward about long duration anesthesia

Murdock, B.B., 1966:
Forward and backward associations in paired associates

Dooling, R.J.; Searcy, M.H., 1980:
Forward and backward auditory masking in the parakeet (Melopsittacus undulatus)

Struchkov, M.I., 1973:
Forward and backward conditioned reflexes

Struchkov, M.I., 1969:
Forward and backward connections in alimentary conditioned reflexes

Moore, T.J.; Welsh, J.R., 1970:
Forward and backward enchancement of sensitivity in the auditory system

MacKay, D.G., 1969:
Forward and backward masking in motor systems

Smith, M.C.; Schiller, P.H., 1966:
Forward and backward masking: a comparison

Wilson, R.H.; Carhart, R., 1971:
Forward and backward masking: interactions and additivity

Robinson, C.E.; Pollack, I., 1971:
Forward and backward masking: testing a discrete perceptual-moment hypothesis in audition

Young, I.M.; Harbert, F., 1971:
Forward and backward sweep responses in Békèsy audiometry

Kirman, J.H., 1984:
Forward and backward tactile recognition masking

Merillon, J.P.; Lebras, Y.; Chastre, J.; Lerallut, J.F.; Motte, G.; Fontenier, G.; Huet, Y.; Jaffrin, M.Y.; Gourgon, R., 1983:
Forward and backward waves in the arterial system, their relationship to pressure waves form

Kim, Y.; Tompkins, W.J., 1981:
Forward and inverse high-frequency electrocardiography

Mclean, M., 1973:
Forward coarticulation of velar movement at marked junctural boundaries

Peeke, H.V.; Herz, M.J.; Wyers, E.J., 1967:
Forward conditioning, backward conditioning, and pseudoconditioning sensitization in the earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris)

Spaan, J.A.; Breuls, N.P.; Laird, J.D., 1981:
Forward coronary flow normally seen in systole is the result of both forward and concealed back flow

Srivastava, K.K.; Kochhar, V.L., 1974:
Forward dislocation of the elbow joint without fracture of the olecranon

Sadjadpour, K., 1984:
Forward elevation and leg extension in diagnosis of nerve root compression

Von Beckh, H.J., 1969:
Forward facing versus rearward facing passenger seats during emergency descent of multi mach-high altitude transport aircraft

Anonymous, 1970:
Forward from Hippocrates

Harrison, J.M.; Tennant, T.B.; Gwin, M.C.; Applegate, R.A.; Tennant, J.L.; van den Berg, T.J.; Lohmann, C.P., 1995 :
Forward light scatter at one month after photorefractive keratectomy

Parker, S.M.; Sinnamon, H.M., 1983:
Forward locomotion elicited by electrical stimulation in the diencephalon and mesencephalon of the awake rat

Rohde, H., 1970:
Forward looking social politics in the industrial society

Weber, D.L.; Moore, B.C., 1981:
Forward masking by sinusoidal and noise maskers

Kramer, S.J.; Teas, D.C., 1982:
Forward masking of auditory nerve (N1) and brainstem (wave V) responses in humans

Kramer, S.J.; Teas, D.C., 1982:
Forward masking of auditory nerve and brainstem responses using high-pass noise maskers

Hanna, T.E.; Robinson, D.E.; Shiffrin, R.M.; Gilkey, R.H., 1982:
Forward masking of diotic and dichotic clicks by noise

Moore, B.C.; Glasberg, B.R., 1983:
Forward masking patterns for harmonic complex tones

Izutani, K.; Nakata, A.; Shinagawa, H.; Kawamata, J., 1980:
Forward mutation assay for screening carcinogens by alkaline phosphatase constitutive mutations in Escherichia coli K-12

Nishi, Y.; Hasegawa, M.M.; Inui, N., 1984:
Forward mutation assay of V79 cells to 6-thioguanine resistance in a soft agar technique that eliminates effects of metabolic co-operation

Anonymous, 1968 :
Forward now to the 1970s

Chang, T.M., 1982:
Forward on hemoperfusion and artificial cells

Calvet, H.; Boudergues, R.; Discacciati, E.; Cliche, M., 1966:
Forward on the experimental effects of aflatoxin in tropical cattle. Effects of aflatoxin on the dairy cow and suckling calf

Dalzell-Ward, A.J., 1970:
Forward planning in the United Kingdom for anti-V.D. education

Perissat, J.; Raulin, Y.; Quemener, M., 1967:
Forward pressure portal hypertension. Attemped experimental creation

van Opheusden, J.H.; Wiegel, F.W.; Goldstein, B., 1984:
Forward rate constants for receptor clusters. Variational methods for upper and lower bounds

Eisenberg, H., 1981:
Forward scattering of light, X-rays and neutrons

Corya, B.C.; Rasmussen, S.; Phillips, J.F.; Black, M.J., 1981:
Forward stroke volume calculated from aortic valve echograms in normal subjects and patients with mitral regurgitation secondary to left ventricular dysfunction

Volwiler, W., 1967:
Forward thrust

Volwiler, W., 1968:
Forward thrust. The presidential address

Tata, J.R., 1995:
Forward to the past! Or, back to proteins

Leone, L.P., 1969:
Forward together

Ciaburro, H.; Dupont, C.; Prévost, Y.; Cloutier, G.E., 1973:
Forward traction in the correction of retrodisplaced maxilla

Friede, H.; Lennartsson, B., 1981:
Forward traction of the maxilla in cleft lip and palate patients

Dagsland, H., 1968:
Forward with educational affairs

Cobb, W.M., 1984:
Forward--the only way

Barst, H.H., 1968:
Forward-action forceps

Anonymous, 1968:
Forward-looking design provides for total health care

Gorga, M.P.; Abbas, P.J., 1981:
Forward-masking AP tuning curves in normal and in acoustically traumatized ears

Brown, S.W., 1968:
Forward. The president's address

Nousiainen, T., 1973:
Forwards together

Moyle, G.; Gazzard, B.G., 1995:
Foscarnet or ganciclovir for treatment of AIDS and CMV retinitis

Aguirrebengoa, K.; González, R.; Oñate, J.; Ibáñez de Maeztu, J.C.; Ruiz-Irastorza, G.; Montejo, M., 1995:
Foscarnet related vulvar ulcers. Description of 2 AIDS patients

Iizuka, T.; Iida, M.; Iwatsubo, R.; Ota, Y.; Kimura, S., 1984:
Fosfomycin for infections in the orodental area--clinical studies

Rossignol, S.; Regnier, C., 1984:
Fosfomycin in severe infection in neonatology

Katznelson, D.; Yahav, Y.; Rubinstein, E., 1984:
Fosfomycin in the treatment of cystic fibrosis

Goto, M.; Sugiyama, M.; Nakajima, S.; Yamashina, H., 1981:
Fosfomycin kinetics after intravenous and oral administration to human volunteers

Sicilia, T.; Estévez, E.; Rodríguez, A., 1981:
Fosfomycin penetration into the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with bacterial meningitis

Loulergue, J.; Pinon, G.; Laudat, P.; Audurier, A., 1984:
Fosfomycin resistance in Staphylococcus saprophyticus and other species of coagulase-negative staphylococci

Deguchi, K., 1983:
Fosfomycin susceptibility of clinical isolates from otorhinolaryngological infections

Reeves, D.S., 1994:
Fosfomycin trometamol

Henneking, K.; Schultheis, K.H., 1982:
Fosfomycin, a new antibiotic for wound infections

Lindenschmidt, E.G.; Schassan, H.H., 1980:
Fosfomycin, a new antibiotic: in vitro activity compared with mezlocillin, cefuroxime and gentamicin

Angeretti, A.; Martinetto, P.; Valtz, A., 1980:
Fosfomycin, lysine-fosfomycin, arginine-fosfomycin: antibacterial activity in vitro

Stammberger, H., 1983:
Fosfomycin--a new antibiotic in rhinootolaryngology

Schmid, E.N., 1984:
Fosfomycin-induced protoplasts and L-forms of Staphylococcus aureus

Wu, H.C.; Venkateswaran, P.S., 1974:
Fosfomycin-resistant mutant of Escherichia coli

Gualandi, G.; Cornacchia, N.; Bondi, M.G., 1984:
Fosfomycin: a further clinical contribution in oral cavity pathology

Lepère, A.; Marre, R.; Sack, K., 1980:
Fosfomycin: animal experiments on nephrotoxicity, pharmacokinetics and therapeutic efficacy

Anonymous, 1994:
Fosinopril--2 years in practice. Experience with 30,000 patients

Topalov, I.; Andreev, A.; Boiadzhieva, E., 1981:
Fosschulte's indirect isthmoplasty in the surgical treatment of aortic coarctation

Fukuda, Y., 1969:
Fossil Sessilis (Chthamalus cahllengeri Hoek) from the upper Narita Formation, Shimoyokoto, China Prefecture

Johanson, D.C.; Kimbel, W.H.; Walter, R.C.; Vondra, C.; Yemane, T.; Aronson, J.L.; Eck, G.G.; Rak, Y.Z.; Hovers, E.; Reed, K.E., 1995:
Fossil collecting

Fukuda, Y., 1969:
Fossil of Asteroidea found in the upper Narita formation, Shimoyokoto, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Fukuda, Y., 1969:
Fossil of boring Polychaeta, Polydora sp. from the upper Narita Formation, Shimoyokota, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Fukuda, Y.; Fukuda, M., 1969:
Fossil of boring shells (Pholas fragilis Sowerby) from the Upper Narita Formation, Shimoyokoto, Chiba Prefecture

Donaldson, J.A., 1968:
Fossula of the cochlear fenestra

Neville, R.G.; Greenblatt, S.H.; Kollartis, C.R., 1984:
Foster Kennedy syndrome and an optociliary vein in a patient with a falx meningioma

Richard, G.; Kreissig, I., 1983:
Foster Kennedy syndrome in vascular disturbances of the optic nerve

Cordella, M.; Peralta, S., 1966:
Foster Kennedy syndrome of vascular origin

Banerjee, T.; Meagher, J.N., 1974:
Foster Kennedy syndrome, aqueductal stenosis and empty sella

Anonymous, 1970:
Foster Parents Plan in Peru before and after the quake

Coelho, R.J.; Stoffelmayr, B.E., 1983:
Foster care and mentally ill persons

Anonymous, 1983:
Foster care children

Kumasaka, Y.; Aiba, H., 1968:
Foster care in Japan: past and present

Brockhaus, J.P.; Brockhaus, R.H., 1982:
Foster care, adoption and the grief process

Otto, U., 1965:
Foster children from abroad

Gil, E.; Bogart, K., 1982:
Foster children speak out: a study of children's perceptions of foster care

O'Regan, G.W., 1974:
Foster family care for children with mental retardation: parents of other retarded children are ready resources

Intagliata, J.; Crosby, N.; Neider, L., 1981:
Foster family care for mentally retarded people: a qualitative review

Sherman, S.R.; Frenkel, E.R.; Newman, E.S., 1984:
Foster family care for older persons who are mentally retarded

Justice, R.S.; Bradley, J.; O'Connor, G., 1971:
Foster family care for the retarded: management concerns of the caretaker

Dunovský, J., 1981:
Foster family care from the viewpoint of the pediatrician

Garrett, B.L., 1970:
Foster family services for mentally retarded children

LaRossa, M.M.; Brown, J.V., 1982:
Foster grandmothers in the premature nursery

Cardwell, M.N., 1972:
Foster grandparent program at Greene Valley Hospital and School

Johnston, R., 1967:
Foster grandparents for emotionally disturbed children

Fendell, N., 1967:
Foster grandparents join the rehabilitation team

Hirschowitz, R.G., 1973:
Foster granparents program: preventive intervetion with the elderly poor

Linn, M.W.; Klett, C.J.; Caffey, E.M., 1980:
Foster home characteristics and psychiatric patient outcome. The wisdom of Gheel confirmed

Wymelenberg, S., 1980:
Foster homes another link in continuity

McColl, M.G., 1973:
Foster homes for the elderly

Hidalgo Hidalgo, H.; Castro Coto, A.; Rivera Varela, R.M., 1982:
Foster homes in Costa Rica. An alternative in the closure of leprosaria

Takahashi, K.; Hayafuji, C.; Murakami, N., 1982:
Foster mother rat entrains circadian adrenocortical rhythm in blinded pups

Pilgrim, H.I.; Parks, R.C., 1968:
Foster nursing of germfree mice

Meezan, W.; Shireman, J.F., 1982:
Foster parent adoption: a literature review

Noble, L.S.; Euster, S.D., 1981:
Foster parent input: a crucial element in training

Jacobs, M., 1980:
Foster parent training: an opportunity for skills enrichment and empowerment

Drydyk, J.; Mendeville, B.; Bender, L., 1980:
Foster parenting a retarded child: the Arizona story

Stone, H.D., 1980:
Foster parenting a retarded child: the new curriculum

Pratt, C., 1966:
Foster parents as agency employees

Goldbeck, L., 1984:
Foster parents in role conflict--tasks of the psychologic care of foster families

Lewis, R.A., 1971:
Foster parents start dental health services in Indonesia

Gil, E., 1984:
Foster parents: set up to fail

Coppeto, J.R.; Monteiro, M.L.; Collias, J.; Uphoff, D.; Bear, L., 1983:
Foster-Kennedy syndrome caused by solitary intracranial plasmacytoma

Gupta, S.R.; Biller, J.; Frenkel, M.; Yarzagaray, L.; Fine, M., 1983:
Foster-Kennedy syndrome due to optochiasmatic arachnoiditis

Markand, O.N.; Chandrakar, K.L., 1965:
Foster-Kennedy syndrome in a case of olfactory-groove meningioma

Witt, G., 1983:

Vineberg, A.; Lwin, M.M., 1973:
Fostering a natural artery bypass for disseminated coronary artery disease by pericoronary omental strips

Ricco-Schwartz, S., 1982:
Fostering an empathic approach: an in-service curriculum for nonmedical professionals, paraprofessionals, and families of aphasic clients

Morris, M., 1980:
Fostering and adoption of black children

St Claire-Vernan, J., 1969:
Fostering and its influence on the child

Blackburn, S., 1983:
Fostering behavioral development of high-risk infants

Rosenthal, J.; Segal, C., 1970:
Fostering career opportunities in optometry for members of minority groups

Smith, D.W., 1970:
Fostering clinical expertness in nursing practice

Meservey, P.M., 1995:
Fostering collaboration in a boundaryless organization

Bohen, J., 1995:
Fostering collaborative care

Shrago, L.C., 1995:
Fostering collegial relationships among lactation consultants

Murphy, E.K., 1995:
Fostering consumer demand for perioperative registered nurses is a top priority for AORN members

Porter, E.J., 1995:
Fostering dialogical community through a learning experience

Frader, J.; Bosk, C.; Prince, E., 1980:
Fostering emotional defensiveness in intensive care unit residents

Overholt, W.A., 1982:
Fostering ethical values in health professions education

Artinian, B.M., 1984:
Fostering hope in the bone marrow transplant child

Smith, B.E.; Elander, E., 1995:
Fostering multiculturalism: the English Conversation Pairs Program

De Bella-Baldigo, S., 1984:
Fostering nurses' participation in health care planning

Wolfe, S.D.; Menninger, W.W., 1973:
Fostering open communication about sexual concerns in a mental hospital

Foley, G., 1994:
Fostering patient empowerment

Green, C.P., 1981:
Fostering positive attitudes toward the elderly: a teaching strategy for attitude change

Sovie, M.D., 1982:
Fostering professional nursing careers in hospitals: the role of staff development, Part 1

Sovie, M.D., 1983:
Fostering professional nursing careers in hospitals: the role of staff development, part 2

Magrath, C.P., 1983:
Fostering research activity in academic dentistry. Perspectives on research support

Christiansen, R.L., 1983:
Fostering research activity in academic dentistry. Planning and conducting research activities

Sakkab, N.Y., 1983:
Fostering research activity in academic dentistry. Relations between the university and industry

Mandel, I.D., 1983:
Fostering research in the hospital setting

Mancini, G.B.; Antonsen, J.E., 1995:
Fostering residents' research skills

Hill, E.M.; Hynes, J.E., 1980 :
Fostering self-esteem in families with diabetic children

Harrison, R.C., 1983:
Fostering surgical science

McFadden, E.J., 1980:
Fostering the battered and abused child

McIntyre, N., 1985:
Fostering the critical attitude in medicine

Curlin, J.W., 1974:
Fostering understanding between science and law

Anonymous, 1969:
Fostering--a problem that calls for action

Sims, E.B., 1971:
Fothering the ship

Harlander, C.; Ruccione, K., 1993:
Fotoplatica: an innovative teaching method for families with low literacy and high stress

van Ketel, W.G.; Goedhart-van Dijk, B., 1974:
Fotosensitization by Amantadine (Symmetrel)

Peerson, A.; Foucault, M., 1995:
Foucault and modern medicine

Weissmann, G., 1982:
Foucault and the bag lady

Anonymous, 1970:
Foul rivers, filthy streets

de Jong, A.; Giel, R.; Lindeboom, E.G.; Slooff, C.J.; Wiersma, D., 1984:
Foulds' hierarchical model of psychiatric illness in a Dutch cohort: a re-evaluation

Salmon, P., 1965:
Foulds' punitiveness scales in relation to MMPI validation and diagnostic scales

McAllister, J., 1968:
Foulds' "Continuum of Personal Illness" and the 16 P.F

Leypoldt, J.K., 1994:
Fouling of ultrafiltration and hemodialysis membranes by plasma proteins

Thoresen, S.O., 1984:
Found dead at home. Forensic autopsy material in Oslo is analysed with reference to residential address and cause of death

Dunlap, J.E., 1980:
Found in the twilight zone--the cause of disease!

Tucker, K.M.; King, W.H., 1973:
Found: a new soaking solution for dentures

White, D.W., 1966:
Found: a new way to cut hospital costs

Glanz, J., 1995:
Found: a star too small to shine

Glanz, J., 1995:
Found: ash from the first stars?

Caudle, P., 1973 :
Found: one person

Anonymous, 1969:
Foundation Act of the International Association of Maxillofacial Radiology

Houssay, B.A., 1972:
Foundation Bernardo A. Houssay

Sweet, C.A., 1972:
Foundation Memorial Lecture

Meyerink, W.L., 1969:
Foundation Ortho-Pedagogic Center Noord Holland

Ostrowski, L., 1974:
Foundation and development of an Oncological Unit at the M. Curie-Sklodowska Provincial Hospital in Bialystok

Baranov, V.G.; Savchenko, O.N.; Smepanov, G.S.; Shurygin, D.Ia., 1970:
Foundation and development of endocrinology in Leningrad

Eichhorn, S., 1969:
Foundation and method of organizational research in nursing service. I

Wandrey, H., 1966:
Foundation and significance of antifibrinolytic therapy in surgery

Anonymous, 1966:
Foundation benefits Texas dentists

MacKinnon, H., 1984:
Foundation builds support for nursing's hopes, dreams

Little, J.C., 1971:
Foundation fellowships

Samitz, M.H.; Canizares, O., 1981:
Foundation for International Dermatologic Education: a model for education assistance for developing countries

Mosberg, W.H., 1981:
Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery, Inc. Report of activities, 1978--1980

Anonymous, 1974:
Foundation for Medical Care and PSRO

Wilson, W.G.; Kelly, T.E., 1981:
Foundation for genetic counseling: study of the stillborn infant

Mosberg, W.H., 1970:
Foundation for international education in neurological surgery, incorporated

Brian, E., 1973:
Foundation for medical care control of hospital utilization: CHAP--a PSRO prototype

Anonymous, 1981:
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths

Lovelace-Chandler, V.; Clark, D.L.; Lovelace-Chandler, B., 1981:
Foundation funding for clinical research

King, K.J.; Reynolds, E., 1995:
Foundation inspection checklist: a tool to assess your organization's quality performance

Uehlein, M.L., 1974:
Foundation introduces review program--CHAMP explained

Chabertier, J.; Protais, J.P., 1972:
Foundation materials for dental porcelain or ceramics

Kempler, K., 1974:
Foundation of a Hungarian-language pharmacy periodical in Hungary

Clarke, B.L.; Jackson, E.S., 1969:
Foundation of cancer treatment in Queensland

Zanker, V., 1981:
Foundation of dye-substrate reactions in histochemistry

Ndirangu, S., 1973:
Foundation of medicine and public health nursing as practised by Kikuyu people

Makabe, G.; Nightingale, F., 1982:
Foundation of nursing. Letter collection of Florence Nightingale

Anonymous, 1970:
Foundation of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society

Tichý, M., 1973:
Foundation of the Medical School of the Comenius University in Bratislava

Zielonka, J.S.; Ducornet, L.J., 1973:
Foundation of the Orphans of Cholera Home by the Archbishop of Paris. Lithograph (circa 1843) after Louis-Joseph César Ducornet (1806-56)

Luchnik, A.N., 1982:
Foundation of the bineme model for eukaryote chromosome

Schreiber, J., 1966 :
Foundation of the imperial, royal school for Equine Therapeutic and Surgery based on reports of the "Wienerisches Diarium"

Diettrich, H.P., 1981:
Foundation of the medical technical school at the Halle (Saale) Special Polyclinic for Dentists

Elliott, R.V.; Mitchell, A.C., 1983:
Foundation report. New guidelines for chronic pain management

Adams, A.E., 1972:
Foundations and disorders of consciousness

Brittinger, G.; Musshoff, K.; Bremer, K.; Meusers, P., 1980:
Foundations and general problems in the therapy of non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Rusch, D.; Hentschel, H.D., 1969:
Foundations and therapeutic aspects of high-frequency treatment

Anonymous, 1972:
Foundations create drug abuse council

Egdahl, R.H., 1973:
Foundations for Medical Care

Coleman, J.S., 1966:
Foundations for a theory of collective decisions

Johnson, H.R.; Britton, J.H.; Lang, C.A.; Seltzer, M.M.; Stanford, E.P.; Yancik, R.; Maklan, C.W.; Middleswarth, A.B., 1980:
Foundations for gerontological education

Anonymous, 1982:
Foundations of a policy for the aged in the 1980s and beyond. A message to the World Assembly on Aging of the United Nations, August 1982

van Krevelen, D.A., 1969:
Foundations of child psychiatry

Baruk, H., 1969:
Foundations of clinical psychology

Astvatsaturov, K.R.; Kol'guenenko, I.I., 1966:
Foundations of cosmetic care of the facial skin

Conroy, P., 1971:
Foundations of curriculum planning

Conklin, K.R., 1974:
Foundations of education for students and teachers of nursing

Anonymous, 1995:
Foundations of excellence: the ABO in review--1984-1994

Blumstein, J.F., 1974:
Foundations of federal fertility policy

Peebles, J.N., 1984:
Foundations of functional occlusion: mandibular movement

Griffin, M.J., 1994:
Foundations of hand-transmitted vibration standards

Lotz, K.; Reichel, W.S.; Tautz, M., 1966:
Foundations of mammography

Tserkovnyĭ, G.F., 1973:
Foundations of medical information

Seidler, E., 1967:
Foundations of medicine and nursing in the 19th Century. II

Seidler, E., 1967:
Foundations of medicine and nursing in the 19th century. 1

Beals, R.; Krantz, D.H.; Tversky, A., 1968:
Foundations of multidimensional scaling

Moss, M.T., 1995:
Foundations of nursing empowerment

McDevitt, B., 1967:
Foundations of nursing in the Middle Ages

Hall, L.B.; Lyle, R.G., 1971:
Foundations of planetary quarantine

Kasparova, N.N., 1972:
Foundations of planning of plastic operation of the upper lip in children with congenital complete bilateral cleft lip, alveolar process and palate

Kastin, A.J.; Zadina, J.E.; Schally, A.V., 1980:
Foundations of the clinical use of LHRH: early studies with the porcine hypothalamic hormone

Anonymous, 1968:
Foundations of the family law reform bill

Walkenhorst, W., 1971:
Foundations of the small particle deposition in bronchial and alveolar space

Feldmann, H., 1968:
Foundations of tonoaudiometry, demonstated in own experiments. I. Hearing through air- and bone conduction

Rücker, H.C., 1980:
Foundations of ultrasonic diagnosis. Part 1

de Magalhães, T.R., 1969:
Foundations, bases--posts of fixed bridges

Meyer, K., 1972:
Founder Dr. Karl Meyer dies in Chicago

Nichols, R.E.; Deese, D.C.; Penn, K.E.; Lange, J.K., 1966:
Founder and bloat: are they anomalies of ruminal enzymic adaptations?

Knudson, A.G., 1973:
Founder effect in Tay-Sachs disease

Myrianthopoulos, N.C.; Naylor, A.F.; Aronson, S.M., 1972:
Founder effect in Tay-Sachs disease unlikely

Vilcek, E.; Valach, L., 1971:
Founder of Slovak radiography

Vilcek, E.; Valach, L., 1971:
Founder of Slovak radiotherapy

Evdokimov, A.I., 1984:
Founder of Soviet dentistry (on the centenary of the birth of Aleksandr Ivanovich Evdokimov)

Kalugin, V.I.; Vol'ferts, V.Iu., 1974:
Founder of Soviet veterinary sanitary expertise (on the 100th anniversary of the birth of V. Iu. Vol'ferts)

Schnepp, K.H.; Kreider, G.N., 1969:
Founder of a State Medical Journal, Dr. George N. Kreider

Surmanidze, R.D.; Solovkin, S.S., 1971:
Founder of the 1st malaria control station in Russia (on the 100th anniversary of the birth of S.S. Solovkin)

Tarasov, I.I.; Obraztsov, V.P., 1974:
Founder of the Kiev Therapeutical School (on the 125th anniversary of the birth of V.P. Obraztsov)

Wiesner Vanegas, L.; Restrepo Herrera, B., 1974:
Founder of the National Association of Nurses (Beatriz Restrepo Herrera)

Egaĭ, V.S.; Kurlov, M.G., 1971:
Founder of the Siberian School of Therapeutics, M. G. Kurlov

McIntosh, H., 1984:
Founder's Award speech

Longmire, W.P., 1984:
Founder's lecture. The vicissitudes of pancreatic surgery

Nicholson, J.T., 1966:
Founders of American orthopaedics

Kissane, J.M.; Smith, M.G., 1982:
Founders of Pediatric Pathology. Margaret G. Smith. 1896-1970

Francke, O.C.; Hunter, J., 1971:
Founders of odontology. John Hunter 1728-1793

Cramer, M., 1974 :
Founders of the Société médicale

Muller, M., 1970:
Founding Texas Nurses Association member talks of early days

Dohn, T.E.; Cripps, R.M., 2018:
Absence of the Drosophila jump muscle actin Act79B is compensated by up-regulation of Act88F

Supady, J., 1982:
Founding and activities of the Polish Anti-Cancer Institute. Association in Lwow (1929-1939)

Mohammadi, A.Akbar.; Mohammadi, S., 2017:
Absence of the Labiomental Groove: A Common but Preventable Unpleasant Aesthetic Problem of the Lower Lip-Chin Burn Reconstruction

Anonymous, 1971:
Founding local unions at the place of work

Palkin, B.N., 1974:
Founding of a Medical Office in the 18th century and the first period of its activity

Kuiatkhanov, B.A., 1982:
Founding of oncological services in the Turkmenian SSR

Korostelev, N.B., 1984:
Founding of the 1st hygiene departments in Russia

Schmidt, C.K.; Iwanaga, J.; Yilmaz, E.; Wilson, C.; Oskouian, R.J.; Tubbs, R.Shane., 2018:
Absence of the Lumbosacral Trunk

Sakula, A., 1983:
Founding of the Athenaeum and Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians

Havránek, J., 1983:
Founding of the Czech University and its medical school in 1882 and 1883

Torres Pinzon, R., 1966:
Founding of the Federation of Dentistry of Colombia

Flores, S.A.; Howell, M.; Daniel, J.J.; Piccolo, R.; Brown, P.J.B., 2018:
Absence of the Min System Does Not Cause Major Cell Division Defects in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Brambilla, S.; Frare, R.; Soto, G.; Jozefkowicz, C.; Ayub, Nás., 2018:
Absence of the Nitrous Oxide Reductase Gene Cluster in Commercial Alfalfa Inoculants Is Probably Due to the Extensive Loss of Genes During Rhizobial Domestication

Uyama, Y., 1966:
Founding of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society

Jaison, A.R.; Davis, J.S., 1971:
Founding of the John Staige Davis Society of Plastic Surgeons of Maryland, Inc

Schultheisz, E.; Tardy, L., 1970:
Founding of the Society of History of Medicine of the Georgian SSR

Anonymous, 1973:
Founding of the Swiss Hospital Institute; December 7, 1972 in Aarau

Hlavácková, L., 1983:
Founding of the clinical departments of the Czech medical school at the time of the division of the Prague University. I. Language problems at the medical school before the division of the University

Anonymous, 1970:
Founding of the pharmacopeia

Uglov, A.A.; Kormoliev, R.Kh.; Pleshanov, N.N.; Afonskiĭ, S.I., 1969:
Founding of the school of veterinary biochemistry (S. I. Afonskiĭ)

Dirscherl, W., 1972:
Founding of the "Gesellschaft für Physiologische Chemie" (now: Biologische Chemie), in 1947 in Bonn

Leibowitz, L., 1968:
Foundling families

De la Broquerie, F., 1972:
Foundlings in French Canada (1754-1950)

De la Broquerie, F., 1972:
Foundlings in French Canada. II. (1869-1935). The Protestant Infant's Home

West, M.J., 1967:
Foundress associations in polistine wasps: dominance hierarchies and the evolution of social behavior

Atherley, G.R.; Noble, W.G.; Sugden, D.B., 1967:
Foundry noise and hearing in foundrymen

Thomas, H.E., 1967:
Foundry safety precautions

Barnes, S.M., 1967:
Foundry safety--statute and standard

Fountain, L.H., 1967:
Fountain committee report

Rankin, J.W., 1968:
Four Carolina hospitals go on line with computer

Shim, B.S.; Chon, S.U.; Lee, T.H.; Kang, Y.S.; Hong, K.J.; Kim, C.S., 1969:
Four Korean hemoglobin variants

Yoshimura, F.K.; Yamamura, J.M., 1981:
Four Moloney murine leukemia virus-infected rat cell clones producing replication-defective particles: protein and nucleic acid analyses

Donnelly, E.; Murphy, R.R.; Pinsky, M., 1982:
Four New Jersey hospitals combine efforts to produce common manual on diet regimens

Campbell, M.M., 1983:
Four Scottish women's hospitals from their foundations to 1948

Anonymous, 1984:
Four WI hospitals share mobile CT scanner

Mieli, R.C., 1981:
Four West Diners' Club

Speck, B.; Moeschlin, S., 1969:
Four additional cases of aplastic anemia following chloramphenicol therapy

Newcomb, B., 1970:
Four alumni join in partnership to operate oral surgery clinic serving Eueene

Glaninger, J., 1970:
Four and a half years of microlaryngoscopy and endolaryngeal microsurgery at the Vienna ORL Clinic

Björk, V.O., 1973:
Four and one half years experience with the aortic and mitral Björk-Shiley tilting disc valve

Hakomori, S.; Stellner, K.; Watanabe, K., 1972:
Four antigenic variants of blood group A glycolipid: examples of highly complex, branched chain glycolipid of animal cell membrane

Woodward, N., 1967:
Four approaches to dietary consultation for nursing homes. Group practice--a legal partnership of dietitians

Williams, C.R., 1967:
Four approaches to dietary consultation for nursing homes. The self-employed dietary consultant

Marshall, B.H., 1967:
Four approaches to dietary consultation for nursing homes. The "Package plan"

Bailey, D.W., 1970:
Four approaches to estimating number of histocompatibility loci

Garrett, L.; Sabie, M.; Pangle, R., 1965:
Four approaches to increasing cardiovascular fitness during volleyball instruction

Frostig, M.; Orpet, R.E., 1969:
Four approaches to the diagnosis of perceptual disturbances in reading disability

Cutting, J.E., 1983:
Four assumptions about invariance in perception

Suzuki, T.; Tanaka, S.; Murakami, H.; Nishimura, Y.; Usami, K., 1972:
Four autopsy cases of foam cell syndrome after long term administration of coronary vasodilator

Harvey, J.D., 1967:
Four basic steps in preventing grievances

Bruguerolle, B.; Jadot, G.; Valli, M.; Bouyard, L.; Fabregou-Bergier, P.; Perrot, J.; Bouyard, P., 1981:
Four benzamides (metoclopramide, sulpiride, sultopride and tiapride) effects on the oestrus cycle of the female rat: a comparative statistical study

Perry, T.L., 1984:
Four biochemically different types of dominantly inherited olivopontocerebellar atrophy

Bryant, R.H.; Bowers, D.F., 1982:
Four birooted primary canines: report of case

Gray, J.A., 1983:
Four box health care: development in a time of zero growth

Fitzsimmons, J.S.; Fitzsimmons, E.M.; McLachlan, J.I.; Gilbert, G.B., 1983:
Four brothers with mental retardation, spastic paraplegia and palmoplantar hyperkeratosis. A new syndrome?

Ebert, F.; Molkentin, K., 1980:
Four case histories with severe genital infections following insertion of intrauterine contraceptive devices

Nakabayashi, Y.; Uyemura, M.; Izumiya, N.; Murakami, T.; Uyeno, K., 1981:
Four case reports of chronic desquamative gingivitis

Ubayama, Y.; Gotoh, M.; Yamawaki, S.; Isu, K.; Imamura, A.; Miyakawa, A.; Yamashiro, K., 1984:
Four case reports of sarcoma combined with carcinoma

Abe, T.; Wakejima, T.; Ihda, S.; Iizuka, R., 1981:
Four case studies of the neurotic state in chronic unipolar depression

Zaremba, J.; Zdzienicka, E.; Glogowska, I.; Abramowicz, T.; Taracha, B., 1974:
Four cases of 9p trisomy resulting from a balanced familial translocation (9:15) (q13;q11). Clinical picture and cytogenetic findings

Stern, L.M., 1972:
Four cases of Duchenne-type muscular dystrophy in girls

Usuda, T.; Izawa, Y.; Yasue, T.; Tanaka, T.; Torikai, K., 1982:
Four cases of Sjögren's syndrome having erythematous cutaneous manifestations

Uchino, J.; Maruyama, H., 1968:
Four cases of Sjögren-Larsson syndrome

Valente, M.; Peterein, J.; Goebel, J.; Neely, J.G., 1995:
Four cases of acoustic neuromas with normal hearing

Ingram, G.I.; Kingston, P.J.; Leslie, J.; Bowie, E.J., 1971:
Four cases of acquired von Willebrand's syndrome

Yamakoshi, M.; Yamamoto, T.; Suzuki, K.; Yamamoto, T., 1995:
Four cases of acute myositis associated with influenza A infection in the elderly

Shimizu, K.; Shimoyama, K.; Wakamatsu, S., 1969:
Four cases of anterior cross-bite treated by twin wire appliance

Matsumura, T.; Tateno, K.; Yugami, S.; Kimura, T., 1967:
Four cases of asthma caused by silk inhalation

Nuki, G.; Richardson, P.; Goggin, M.J.; Bayliss, R.I., 1966:
Four cases of bromism

Medelli, J.; Abet, D.; Bertoux, J.P.; Vermynck, J.P.; Giroulle, H.; Pietri, J.; Goudot, B., 1981:
Four cases of bronchial lipoma

Negishi, S.; Ogawa, O.; Inoue, M.; Futonaka, H.; Uraya, N.; Kitazawa, Y., 1974:
Four cases of bronchogenic cyst

Case, M.T.; Helper, L.C.; Knecht, C.D.; Small, E., 1968:
Four cases of canine intestinal carcinoma

Watson, E.S., 1968:
Four cases of carbon monoxide poisoning in one family

Kato, H.; Kayukawa, Y.; Haga, Y.; Kondoh, M.; Miyahara, S.; Terashima, M.; Ota, T.; Okada, T., 1980:
Four cases of carbon monoxide poisoning treated with oxygen at high atmospheric pressure. Ameliorating process and longitudinal electroencephalographic findings

Nagata, K.; Kubo, T.; Fukushima, T., 1983:
Four cases of cerebral venous angioma--with special reference to its surgical indication and CT diagnosis

Schaut, J.; Schnoll, S.H., 1983:
Four cases of clonidine abuse

Warmington, W.T., 1966:
Four cases of cough fracture

Dannoura, R.; Morita, S.; Kikuchi, S.; Ohta, M.; Ohtake, H., 1984:
Four cases of diffuse bone metastasis with increased uptake in 99mTc-MDP bone scintigraphy

Imaizumi, K.; Atsumi, K.; Ishikawa, Y.; Miyashita, H.; Takayama, K., 1972:
Four cases of dysplasia retinae erroneously diagnosed as retinoblastoma

Kaneko, N.; Oda, T.; Fujimori, K.; Kimura, K.; Hiroi, M.; Matsuda, M.; Imai, Y., 1984:
Four cases of embryonal carcinoma (Higuchi-Kato) of the ovary

Leeming, J.A.; Kramer, S., 1968:
Four cases of erythropoietic protoporphyria

Nakano, H.; Kako, N.; Koyama, K.; Soejima, S.; Fujita, H., 1982:
Four cases of esophageal leiomyoma and review of the Japanese literature

Niho, M., 1981:
Four cases of eye lesions due to postoperative muco-pyoceles of the nasal accessory sinuses. Experience of pansinectomy and decomposition of the optic canal

Tsunematsu, Y.; Koide, R.; Sasaki, M.; Utsumi, J., 1981:
Four cases of familial childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia including three cases in a sibship

Leahy, D.T.; McLaughlin, H., 1980:
Four cases of fast-type bisalbuminemia in an Irish population

Hayashi, T.; Kadowaki, T.; Hashimoto, T.; Shojima, K.; Utsunomiya, H.; Honda, E., 1984:
Four cases of frontal encephalomeningocele in neonates

Mimaya, J.; Nagao, T.; Hanawa, Y.; Tsunoda, A.; Okano, S., 1973:
Four cases of giant hemangioma with coagulopathy (Kasabach-Merritt syndrome)

Shiraishi, Y.; Matsuda, I.; Ikeda, K.; Nakazima, T.; Kako, M.; Kanai, K., 1981:
Four cases of halothane hepatitis after first halothane exposure

Nakamura, T.; Kadoya, S.; Fuji, T., 1982:
Four cases of hangman's fracture

Uchida, H.; Kanegane, H.; Yoshiya, K.; Kitamura, K.; Ihara, T.; Kamiya, H.; Kobayashi, Y.; Miyazawa, H.; Takeda, T., 1995:
Four cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) associated with serotype O165 verotoxin producing Escherichia coli (VTEC) identified by LPS-solid phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

Koch, R.; Blaskovics, M., 1982:
Four cases of hyperphenylalaninaemia: studies during pregnancy and of the offspring produced

Fujisawa, K.; Ueno, H., 1980:
Four cases of intestinal Behçet Disease

Rahbar, A.; DeLaPena, E.; Easley, G.W.; Lancaster, J.R.; Mendoza, C.B., 1974:
Four cases of intestinal gangrene without vascular occlusion

Okayama, H.; Sakanoue, N.; Yamashita, S.; Higa, R.; Ikeda, K., 1973:
Four cases of large ranula

Marsh, H.O.; Tejano, N.A., 1973:
Four cases of lumbo-sacral and sacral agenesis

Bautista, L.I.; Collins, R.A., 1982:
Four cases of malignant colon carcinoid

Alp, C.; Karadeniz, A., 1967:
Four cases of malignant mesothelioma of the pleura

Asplund, J.; Edhag, O.; Mogensen, L.; Nyquist, O.; Orinius, E.; Sjögren, A., 1971:
Four cases of massive digitalis poisoning

Robey, E.L.; Schellhammer, P.F., 1984:
Four cases of metastases to the penis and a review of the literature

Morimoto, M.; Shida, H.; Inokawa, K.; Ikeda, Y.; Tsugane, J.; Yuzuriha, H.; Nishio, K., 1981:
Four cases of mitral regurgitation due to ruptured chordae tendineae

Kirikae, I.; Matuzaki, T.; Toriyama, M.; Takeo, Y., 1965:
Four cases of multiple primary malignant tumor

Yagi, Y.; Takeda, H.; Kasagi, Y.; Hino, T.; Yokoyama, M.; Wada, J., 1981:
Four cases of one stage operation for funnel chest with heart disease

Matsuo, N.; Sugihara, T.; Kobashi, T., 1965:
Four cases of optic neuritis favorably treated with an intraspinal administration of dexamethasone (decadron) solution

Kojima, K.; Okochi, Y.; Yamada, J., 1969:
Four cases of orbital hemangioma

Ikemoto, I.; Saito, K.; Suzuki, K.; Mukai, M., 1983:
Four cases of parapelvic cyst

del Mazo, J.; Florit, F.; Calafell, R.; Abrisqueta, J.A., 1984:
Four cases of partial trisomy 4p by preferential segregation in a familial 4p/17q balanced translocation

Vellar, I.D., 1970:
Four cases of pedal cryopathy

Trepo, C.; Thivolet, J.; Lambert, R., 1972:
Four cases of periarteritis nodosa associated with persistant Australia antigen

Sapkas, A.; Karavas, N., 1969:
Four cases of primary sklerosing cholangitis

Bartholomew, A.A.; Reynolds, W.S., 1967 :
Four cases of progressive drug abuse

Toussaint, C.; Thoua, Y.; Ninane, V.; Vereerstraeten, P., 1982:
Four cases of rapidly evolutive glomerulonephritis with arteritis

Voorhorst, R.; Sparreboom, S., 1980:
Four cases of recurrent pseudo-scarlet fever caused by phenathrene alkaloids with a 6-hydroxy group (codeine and morphine)

Ichihashi, K., 1972:
Four cases of retinal detachment showing unexpected postoperative course following photocoagulation

Holsboer, F.; Steiger, A.; Maier, W., 1983:
Four cases of reversion to abnormal dexamethasone suppression test response as indicator of clinical relapse: a preliminary report

Anonymous, 1968:
Four cases of rickettsial endocarditis

Simonsen, E.E.; Madsen, E.G., 1970:
Four cases of right-sided bundle-branch block and one case of atrioventricular block in three generations of a family

Hori, A.; Akimoto, T., 1968:
Four cases of sexual perversions

Harada, T.; Ichikawa, H.; Miyake, Y.; Harada, K., 1983:
Four cases of so-called atypical central serous choroidopathy

Anderson, R.M., 1966:
Four cases of subacute necrotizing encephalomyelopathy in childhood (Leigh's syndrome)

Tanemoto, K.; Ohba, O.; Tomioka, N.; Takata, K.; Inoue, H.; Shiote, A., 1985 :
Four cases of supravalvular aortic stenosis: a report of three surgical corrections by extended aortoplasty and one sudden death before surgery

Nagasaka, M.; Maeda, S.; Maeda, H.; Chen, H.L.; Kita, K.; Mabuchi, O.; Misu, H.; Matsuo, T.; Sugiyama, T., 1983:
Four cases of t(4;11) acute leukemia and its myelomonocytic nature in infants

Christianson, A.L.; Nelson, M.M., 1984:
Four cases of trisomy 18 syndrome with limb reduction malformations

Beitzke, A., 1972:
Four cases of trisomy E. Diagnosis and differential diagnosis

Suzuki, T.; Sekikawa, H., 1981:
Four cases of tsutsugamushi disease (scrub typhus) complicated with disseminated intravascular coagulation

Shanks, C.A., 1968:
Four cases of unilateral epidural analgesia

Takeshita, K.; Shimizu, K.; Masushita, A., 1967:
Four cases related to the prosthetic therapy

Sone, S.; Ono, T.; Yogosawa, F.; Ono, K., 1966:
Four cases treated by bite-plane

Iwasawa, T.; Namura, S.; Shimizu, H.; Noma, S.; Kita, K., 1966:
Four cases treated by multibanded appliance (with reference to extraction cases)

Matsumura, T.; Tateno, K.; Yugami, S.; Kimura, T., 1966:
Four cases with asthma caused by silk inhalation

Matsuzaki, M.; Homma, Y.; Terai, T.; Ohsaki, Y.; Murao, M., 1981 :
Four cases with farmer's lung disease in dairy farmers in Hokkaido district

Cazeau, S.; Ritter, P.; Bakdach, S.; Lazarus, A.; Limousin, M.; Henao, L.; Mundler, O.; Daubert, J.C.; Mugica, J., 1994:
Four chamber pacing in dilated cardiomyopathy

Salmivalli, A.; Sillanpää, M.; Nurkkanen, P.; Lang, H., 1970:
Four channel system for electric response audiometry (ERA)

Bauer, G.E., 1970:
Four chapters in the history of Australian cardiology

Morris, J.N., 1973:
Four cheers for prevention

Grey, C., 1972:
Four children

Alberti, K.G.; Sharp, G.W., 1969:
Four classes of steroid identified by their interaction with mineralocorticoid receptors in the toad bladder

Randolph, V.S., 1982:
Four clinical chemistry analyses for pediatric patients: glycosylated hemoglobin, free bilirubin, sweat electrolytes, neonatal thyroxine

Loiselle, R.H.; Young, K.M.; McDonald, M.M., 1968:
Four common tests of brain damage compared

Collins, B.E., 1974:
Four components of the Rotter Internal-External scale: belief in a difficult world, a just world, a pedictable world, and a politically responsive world

Watanabe, S., 1968:
Four concepts basic to the occupational therapy process

Nagy, A.L.; MacLeod, D.I.; Heyneman, N.E.; Eisner, A., 1981:
Four cone pigments in women heterozygous for color deficiency

Eason, M.G.; Moreira, S.P.; Liggett, S.B., 1995:
Four consecutive serines in the third intracellular loop are the sites for beta-adrenergic receptor kinase-mediated phosphorylation and desensitization of the alpha 2A-adrenergic receptor

Kakaiya, R.M.; Gudino, M.D.; Miller, W.V.; Sherman, L.A.; Katz, A.J.; Wakem, C.J.; Krugman, D.J.; Klatsky, A.U.; Kiraly, T.R., 1984:
Four crossmatch methods to select platelet donors

Smith, M., 1981:
Four crucial forces must be considered for success of occupational health programs

Kretsinger, R.H., 1968:
Four crystalline tuna myoglobins

Smith, C.W.; Hruby, V.J.; Ferger, M.F., 1974:
Four cyclic disulfide pentapeptides possessing the ring of isotocin and glumitocin

Ferger, M.F.; Jones, W.C.; Dyckes, D.F.; Du Vigneaud, V., 1972:
Four cyclic disulfide pentapeptides possessing the ring of vasopressin

Machado, E.C.; Alvarez Filho, A.; Morel, A.F.; Monache, F.D., 1995:
Four cyclopeptide alkaloids from Discaria longispina

Katsanis, T.A., 1972:
Four days on--two days off add up to efficient schedule

Adriani, J., 1972:
Four decades of association with the pioneers of anesthesiology

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Four decades of physiology, musing, and what now

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Four decades of social security benefits

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Four diameters of the roof and posterior wall of the nasopharynx in the lateral neck radiograph

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Four different polypeptide chains in alpha-crystallin

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Four different vitellogenin proteins of Xenopus identified by translation in vitro

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Four dimensions of interpersonal behavior

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Four distinct antigen systems on human thymus and T cells defined by monoclonal antibodies: immunohistological and immunochemical studies

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Four diterpene esters from Euphorbia myrsinites

Anonymous, 1970:
Four drug combination including Ethambutol and early switching to entirely new regimen in initial treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

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Four drug sequential chemotherapy for metastatic neuroblastoma

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Four easy memory tests for older adults

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Four effects of exogenous insulin on food intake

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Four epizooties of Trichophyton gallinae infection on chickens in Brazil

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Four examples of Bhm blood in one family

Moores, P., 1972:
Four examples of the S-s-U-phenotype in an Indian family

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Four experiments on the relative contributions of rehearsal, modeling, and coaching to assertion training

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Four experts talk about: reprocessing disposable items

Gardiner, A.J.; Short, D., 1973:
Four faces of acute myopericarditis

Wolf, R.A., 1966:
Four facets of automotive crash injury research

Anonymous, 1973:
Four facilities, 43 acres for patients

Holm, O., 1983:
Four factors affecting perceived aggressiveness

Selvin, S.; Janerich, D.T., 1971:
Four factors influencing birth weight

Nielsen, J.C., 1970:
Four families demonstrating a rare aberrant reaction of an anti-Gm(a)

Tamada, A.; Kobayashi, T., 1980:
Four families with Waardenburg's syndrome in Shizuoka prefecture

Kok-van Alphen, C.C., 1970:
Four families with the dominant infantile form of optic nerve atrophy

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Four fatal cases of melioidosis in U. S. soldiers in Vietnam. Bacteriologic and pathologic characteristics

Orticochea, M., 1967:
Four flap scalp reconstruction technique

Curtis, S.K.; Cowden, R.R., 1981:
Four fluorochromes for the demonstration and microfluorometric estimation of RNA

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Four forms and ten steps to preventive maintenance

Kim, W.J.; White, T.T., 1971:
Four forms of human pancreatic procarboxypeptidase A demonstrated by isoelectric focusing

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Absence of the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Restores Mitotic Fidelity upon Loss of Sister Chromatid Cohesion

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Four full-term pregnancies in a subject with constitutional hemolytic jaundice. (Clinical case)

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Four fundamentals of editing

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Four further examples of anti-Inb detected during pregnancy

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Four gastrectomized cases associated with chronic leukemia

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Four gel systems for electrophoretic fractionation of membrane proteins using ionic detergents

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Four generations of arteriohepatic dysplasia

Mashkilleysson, N.A.; Mashkilleysson family, 1983:
Four generations of dermatologists

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Four generations of mental illness

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Four genetic and clinical types of progressive myoclonus epilepsies

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Four grand old alums

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Four guides to plaque control training: a critical review

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Four handed sit-down endodontics

Skarupa, J.A., 1969:
Four hospitals have food prepared in a central commissary-type kitchen

Kowal, J.S.; Witte, L.M., 1969:
Four hospitals join in planning city-wide disaster alert

González-Enríquez, G.V.; Torres-Mendoza, B.M.; Márquez-Pedroza, J.; Macías-Islas, M.A.; Ortiz, G.G.; Cruz-Ramos, J.A., 2018:
Absence of the tag polymorphism for the risk haplotype HLA-DR2 for multiple sclerosis in Wixárika subjects from Mexico

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Four hydrophobic segments in the NH2-terminal third (H1-H4) of Na,K-ATPase alpha subunit alternately initiate and halt membrane translocation of the newly synthesized polypeptide

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Four hypotheses with a dearth of data: response to Lehrke's "A Theory of X-Linkage of Major Intellectual Traits"

Critchley, M.; Heine, H.; de Goncourt, J.; Daudet, A.; de Maupassant, G., 1969:
Four illustrious neuroluetics (Heinrich Heine, Jules de Goncourt, Alphonse Daudet, Guy de Maupassant)

Kogiso, T.; Kawamoto, J.; Kanehira, M.; Mihara, M.; Yamada, N., 1982:
Four impacted supernumerary teeth in the median maxillary region

Anonymous, 1967:
Four in ten say they can't find all capable auxiliaries needed

Heritier, M., 1968:
Four indicated implants carried out thanks to I.A.S

Fletcher, J.F., 1974:
Four indicators of humanhood - the enquiry matures

Rogers, R., 1967:
Four infrequently used remedies

Anonymous, 1981:
Four instances of food poisoning caused by moldy glutinous maizes

Dyviniak, S.D.; Dunham, V.L., 1983:
Four isoforms of glutamine synthetase in light-grown soybeans

Poinsard, P.J., 1981:
Four issues predominate in Philadelphia CMS

Furste, W., 1974:
Four keys to 100 per cent success in tetanus prophylaxis

Herrmann, F., 1982:
Four kinds of carelessness that can send you to court

Van Hoof, R.F., 1973:
Four kissing molars

Hollien, H.; Colton, R.H., 1969:
Four laminagraphic studies of vocal fold thickness

Ghalioungui, P., 1984:
Four landmarks of Egyptian cardiology

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Four leads in fetal electrocardiography

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Four lessons in obstetrics. Galvani unpublished after almost 2 centuries

Gray, S.W., 1974:
Four main threads in medical history

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Four male pseudo-hermaphroditic sisters

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Four maxillary incisors: a case report

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Four meals a day

Wu, Z.Y., 1980:
Four measurements of proximal end of femur in 279 normal adults

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Four measures of visual imagination

Dunn, A., 1981 :
Four mental hospitals revisited - 3. Bridging the gap

Slack, P., 1981:
Four mental hospitals revisited--1. A decade of change

Dopson, L., 1981:
Four mental hospitals revisited--2. Farleigh--from a control role to a care role

Swaffield, L., 1981:
Four mental hospitals revisited--4. St Augustine's--a breath of fresh air

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Four methods for determining albumin in azotemic sera evaluated

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Four methods for identification of gram-negative nonfermenting rods: organisms more commonly encountered in clinical specimens

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Four methods of measuring human corneal endothelial cells from specular photomicrographs

Mamana, J.P., 1981:
Four methods show how to control development of new technologies

Levine, M., 1980:
Four models for age/work policy research

Boog Watson, W.N., 1970:
Four monopolies and the surgeons of London and Edinburgh

Dissanaike, A.S.; Lykov, V.P.; Sivayoham, I.S.; Wijesekera, S.V.; Perera, M.C., 1972:
Four more cases of human infection with Dirofilaria (Nochtiella)

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Four neural circuit models and their role in the organization of voluntary movement

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Four new Escherichia coli O antigens, O148, O151, O152, O153, and one new H antigen, H50, found in strains isolated from enteric diseases in man with a discussion on the future numbering of K antigens

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Four new and unusual proteins from bovine seminal plasma

Peckham, R., 1969:
Four new approaches to the ghetto client

Cassano, G.B.; Conti, L.; Dell'Osso, L.; Massimetti, G., 1982:
Four new atypical antidepressants (trazodone, mianserin, nomifensine, caroxazone): results of controlled trials

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Four new bacteriophages of Bacillus thuringiensis

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Four new cases and a review of the literature concerning the migraine with csf pleocytosis syndrome

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Four new coil hemodialyzers. Comparison of dialysance, ultrafiltration, and erythrocyte recovery

Yarrow, D., 1972:
Four new combinations in yeasts

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Four new dialyzers

Van Straten, O.; Mahler, D., 1981:
Four new hand splints

Beldjord, C.; Lapouméroulie, C.; Baird, M.L.; Girot, R.; Adjrad, L.; Lenoir, G.; Benabadji, M.; Labie, D., 1983:
Four new haplotypes observed in Algerian beta-thalassemia patients

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Four new leptospiral serotypes isolated from human sources in South Vietnam

Zimmerman, J., 1982:
Four new proteins of the eumelanosome matrix of the chick pigment epithelium

Bell, R.Q., 1981:
Four new research approaches to socialization: an evaluation of their advantages and disadvantages

Le Minor, L.; Le Minor, S.; Carbonelle, B.; Burdin, J.C.; Leclerc, H.; Petit, A.; Viaque, F., 1971:
Four new serotypes of Salmonella isolated in France

Stolk, A.C., 1969:
Four new species of Penicillium

Ramírez, C.; Martinez, A.T.; Berenguer, J., 1980:
Four new species of penicillium isolated from the air

Donnelly, A.J., 1972:
Four new tax breaks for the dentist

Manning, G.S.; Lertprasert, P., 1971:
Four new trematodes of man from Thailand

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Four novel mutations of the APC (adenomatous polyposis coli) gene in FAP patients

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Four nurses describe 'dramatic' changes in education

Brown, I.; Molloy, S.; Wood, Y.; Burton, S., 1982:
Four nurses talk about dying and death in a long term care setting

Lee, B., 1968:
Four nursing units provide four levels of nursing care

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Four of us: sketches of the four women ophthalmologists of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

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Four operant procedures for establishing auditory stimulus control with low-functioning children

Bieter, J.T., 1970:
Four options for cooperation: implications for Catholic hospitals

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Four pancreatic endocrine cells in the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)

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Four papers related to the challenge to psychiatry in a changing world: a symposium. Introduction

Barrett, T.W., 1974:
Four parameters of information processing in the cochlea

Schinzel, A., 1982:
Four patients including two sisters with the acrocallosal syndrome (agenesis of the corpus callosum in combination with preaxial hexadactyly)

Okita, H.; Ito, K.; Taketomi, Y.; Fujimura, K.; Kuramoto, A., 1974:
Four patients with leukemia who showed especially atypical type of interstitial pneumonia, probably caused following the administration of antileukemic drugs

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Four patients with trisomy 8 identified by the fluorescence and Giemsa banding techniques

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Four patterns of campus marijuana use. I. Drug use

Cheek, F.E.; Sarett-Barrie, M.; Holstein, C.M.; Newell, S.; Smith, S., 1973:
Four patterns of campus marijuana use. II. Social aspects of use

Reiter, H.H., 1965:
Four personality correlates of current events awareness

Halpern, H.; Halpern, T., 1966:
Four perspectives on anti-achievement

Powles, W.E., 1981:
Four perspectives on depression and the depressive illnesses

Miller, S.C., 1967:
Four pertinent points

McDonald, J.C., 1981:
Four pillars of occupational health

Nakahara, M., 1980:
Four plasma kallikreins generated in acetone-activated human plasma

Rico, C.; Rico, I.; Webb, N.; Smith, S.; Bell, D.; Hewitt, G., 1994:
Four polymorphic microsatellite loci for the European wild rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus

Kuriyama, M.; Ariga, T.; Ando, S.; Suzuki, M.; Yamada, T.; Miyatake, T., 1981:
Four positional isomers of sialyloligosaccharides isolated from the urine of a patient with sialidosis

Pearson, A.D.; Craft, A.W.; Perry, R.H.; Kalbag, R.M.; Evans, R.G., 1983:
Four primary tumors in one child

Blanchard, E.B.; Andrasik, F.; Neff, D.F.; Saunders, N.L.; Arena, J.G.; Pallmeyer, T.P.; Teders, S.J.; Jurish, S.E.; Rodichok, L.D., 1983:
Four process studies in the behavioral treatment of chronic headache

Stone, S.; Coughlan, P.M., 1973:
Four process variables in counseling with mentally retarded clients

Hansen, M.T., 1980:
Four proteins synthesized in response to deoxyribonucleic acid damage in Micrococcus radiodurans

Kirk, J., 1974:
Four questions about sex in our society

Ruzicka, F.J.; Crane, F.L., 1970:
Four quinone reduction sites in the NADH dehydrogenase complex

Averbeck, D.; Laskowski, W.; Eckardt, F.; Lehmann-Brauns, E., 1970:
Four radiation sensitive mutants of Saccharomyces. Survival after UV- and x-ray-irradiation as well as UV-induced reversion rates from isoleucine-valine dependence to independence

Maroteaux, P.; Stanescu, V.; Stanescu, R., 1982:
Four recently described osteochondrodysplasias

Porter, K.R., 1973:
Four recurring themes

Stott, H., 1970:
Four regimens of streptomycin plus pyrazinamide in retreatment: East African-British Medical Research Council investigation

Laur, R.J., 1972:
Four requisites for developing HMOs

Chen, K.M.; Shimizu, N.; Ogino, K.; Matsumoto, S.; Okazaki, T.; Wada, T.; Teramoto, S., 1981:
Four resected cases of pleural mesothelioma -their delayed hypersensitive skin tests and clinical courses

Doerr, W., 1995:
Four sarcomas of the pulmonary artery

Anonymous, 1968:
Four schemes for private treatment

Mundt, E.L., 1970:
Four schools--one inservice program

Kalish, R.A., 1974:
Four score and tan

McHugh, J.G.; Taylor, R., 1965:
Four score years and ten. A review of the clinical and autopsy records of 32 patients dying in their tenth decade

Fries, E.; Gustafsson, L.; Peterson, P.A., 1984:
Four secretory proteins synthesized by hepatocytes are transported from endoplasmic reticulum to Golgi complex at different rates

Krespi, Y.P.; Wurster, C.F.; Ossoff, R.H.; Sisson, G.A., 1983:
Four separate and simultaneous pharyngolaryngeal squamous cell carcinomas

Oren, B.G., 1967:
Four separate carcinomas in the same patient: a case report

Undritz, E.; Schnyder, F., 1971:
Four siblings from Valais with chronic lymphatic leukemia

Zergollern, L.; Hitrec, V., 1982:
Four siblings with Robert's syndrome

Krauss, C.M.; Holmes, L.B.; VanLang, Q.; Keith, D.A., 1984:
Four siblings with similar malformations after exposure to phenytoin and primidone

Wall, L.G.; Davis, L.A.; Myers, D.K., 1984:
Four spondee threshold procedures: a comparison

Byrd, R.E.; La Londe, C.; Soth, N., 1974:
Four stages of institutional development in an adolescent psychiatric hospital

Shimahara, Y.; Ozawa, K.; Ida, T.; Ukikusa, M.; Tobe, T., 1981:
Four stages of mitochondrial deterioration in hemorrhagic shock

Heyward, J., 1973:
Four stars for the patient who needs a bedpan during meals

Vestal, A.J., 1966:
Four steps and some tips for training personnel. 8

Henderson, R.R., 1966:
Four steps in planning staff housing

Shephard, D.A., 1971:
Four steps into Nova Scotia's future

Maitenaz, B., 1966:
Four steps that led to Varilux

Sharp, A.E., 1974:
Four steps to better patient-teaching

Kushner, R.S., 1983:
Four steps to follow when it's time to sell your practice

Allison, S.; Kinloch, K., 1981:
Four steps to quality assurance

Onder, O.; Verissimo, A.F.; Khalfaoui-Hassani, B.; Peters, A.; Koch, H-Georg.; Daldal, F., 2018:
Absence of Thiol-Disulfide Oxidoreductase DsbA Impairs cbb 3 -Type Cytochrome c Oxidase Biogenesis in Rhodobacter capsulatus

Tisi, G.M., 1980:
Four strategies for treating asthma

Goldberg, P.W.; Golumbic, M.C.; Kaplan, H.; Shamir, R., 1995:
Four strikes against physical mapping of DNA

Bellagarda, G., 1965:
Four studies on G. Cardano. 1. The "De dentibus" of Gerolamo Cardano

Ishiguro, T.; Sakaguchi, H.; Sugitachi, I., 1983:
Four subfractions of amniotic fluid AFP identified by lentil lectin crossed-line affinity immunoelectrophoresis

Holmgren, J.H., 1972:
Four suggested projects for purchasing research

Esquivel, J.L., 1967:
Four supernumerary mandibular premolars

Oakeshott, S., 1974:
Four symmetrical thoracopagi: organ-weights in conjoined twins

Libov, A.L., 1971:
Four syndromes during intestinal infections which are absolute indications for urgent treatment

Morton, J., 1983:
Four teenagers take over

Bliquez, L.J.; Kazhdan, A., 1984:
Four testimonia to human dissection in Byzantine times

Salvia, J., 1969:
Four tests of color vision: a study of diagnostic accuracy with the mentally retarded

Knoff, W.F., 1971:
Four thousand years of hysteria

Anonymous, 1980:
Four to seven-year follow-up of patients on prazosin. New Zealand Hypertension Study Group

Pines, A., 1967 :
Four trials of antibiotics in patients with chronic mucopurulent bronchitis

Coykendall, A.L., 1974:
Four types of Streptococcus mutans based on their genetic, antigenic and biochemical characteristics

Clark, W.H., 1973:
Four types of cellular fine structure associated with human amelanotic melanoma

Das, S.R.; Mukherjee, B.N.; Das, S.K.; Malhotra, K.C., 1972:
Four types of genetic variants of LDH found in India

Ney, P.G., 1974:
Four types of hyperkinesis

Hamos, J.E.; Davis, T.L.; Sterling, P., 1983:
Four types of neuron in layer IVab of cat cortical area 17 accumulate 3H-GABA

Hill, R.W.; Ramfjord, S.P.; Morrison, E.C.; Appleberry, E.A.; Caffesse, R.G.; Kerry, G.J.; Nissle, R.R., 1981:
Four types of periodontal treatment compared over two years

Emura, I.; Sekiya, M.; Ohnishi, Y., 1983:
Four types of presumptive hemopoietic stem cells in the human fetal liver

Duchesne, P.Y.; Gerebtzoff, M.A.; Brotchi, J., 1981:
Four types of reactive astrocytes

Saito, H.A.; Shimahara, T.; Fukada, Y., 1970:
Four types of responses to light and dark spot stimuli in the cat optic nerve

Goodman, M.L.; Maher, E., 1966:
Four uncommon infections in Hodgkin's disease

Lee, F.A.; Gwinn, J.L., 1969:
Four uncommon pediatric conditions associated with bilateral nephromegaly

Lopata, M.A.; Havercroft, J.C.; Chow, L.T.; Cleveland, D.W., 1983:
Four unique genes required for beta tubulin expression in vertebrates

Ordronneau, P.; Lindström, P.B.; Petrusz, P., 1981:
Four unlabeled antibody bridge techniques: a comparison

Wolff, A.P.; Ossoff, R.H.; Clemis, J.D., 1980:
Four unusual neoplasms of the nasopharynx

Brown, D.D., 1968:
Four unusual reactions to amitriptyline

Staessen, J.; Bulpitt, C.; Fagard, R.; Joossens, J.V.; Lijnen, P.; Amery, A., 1983:
Four urinary cations and blood pressure. A population study in two Belgian towns

Johnsson, L.G.; Hawkins, J.E.; Rouse, R.C.; Kingsley, T.C., 1984:
Four variations of the Mondini inner ear malformations as seen in microdissections

Averill, H.M.; Zwemer, T.J., 1969:
Four viewpoints supporting increased use of dental auxiliaries

Bowen, T., 1969:
Four views of organ transplants. Administrator cites questions that must be resolved before transplantation can be accepted as practical therapy

Wecht, C., 1969:
Four views of organ transplants. Attorney describes current efforts to establish uniform guidelines

McCleave, P., 1969:
Four views of organ transplants. Clergyman says "moral problems" stem from emotion, not ethics

Conn, J., 1969:
Four views of organ transplants. Physician sees difficulty in establishing goals for clinical efforts

Di Persio, M.; Kirby, R.L., 1995:
Four well documented cases of adventitious bursae on the distal anterior stumps of below-knee amputees

Pettinati, H.M.; Sugerman, A.A.; Maurer, H.S., 1982:
Four year MMPI changes in abstinent and drinking alcoholics

Gray, A.S.; Gunther, D.M.; Jordan, I.I., 1970:
Four year effect of a dental birthday card program for three year old children

Penick, S.B.; Sheldon, J.B.; Templer, D.I.; Carrier, R.N., 1971:
Four year follow-up of metronidazole treatment program for alcoholism

Huguelet, P.; Zabala, I.; Cruciani, G.; Binyet, S.; Favre, S.; Gonzalez, C.; Ferrero, F., 1995:
Four year follow-up of social adjustment of a cohort of schizophrenic patients

Schuckit, M.A.; Halikas, J.A.; Schuckit, J.J.; McClure, J.; Rimmer, J., 1973:
Four year prospective study on the college campus. II. Personal and familial psychiatric problems

von Balen, A.T., 1972:
Four years Binkhorst lens implantation

McDonald, A.; Layton, C., 1973:
Four years experience of cardiac pacemaking with the Devices asynchronous generator

Davies, E.T.; Hanson, P.T.; Bassett, H.F., 1973:
Four years experience with Devices pacemakers

Brouwer, W.F.; Kazem, I.; van Mil, C.J., 1984:
Four years experience with a mercury shielded irregular field system (MSIFS)

Smits, P.J.; Brands, L.C., 1980:
Four years experience with dacron-velour vascular prostheses in the femoro-popliteal region

Miller, A.H., 1971:
Four years experience with the Asai technique for vocal rehabilitation for the laryngectomized patient

Brooks, D.N., 1984:
Four years of British audiology

Farrer, D.N.; Young, F.A.; Leary, G.A., 1971:
Four years of annual studies of chimpanzee vision

Katona, G., 1973:
Four years of clinical experience with naproxen--and objective methods of evaluation

Stramezzi, P.; Arbasino, M., 1969:
Four years of clinical investigations with nifuratel

Portmann, M.; Portmann, C.I.; Nègrevergne, M., 1974:
Four years of clinical use of electrocochleography

Paoletti, P.; Villani, R.; Frigeni, G.; Massarotti, M., 1969:
Four years of experience in scanning brain lesions

Hochmair-Desoyer, I.J.; Hochmair, E.S.; Burian, K.; Fischer, R.E., 1981:
Four years of experience with cochlear prostheses

Bellucci, G.; D.S.ndo, T.; Mariani, L., 1965:
Four years of experience with methoxyflurane

Sivin, I.; Tatum, H.J., 1981:
Four years of experience with the TCu 380A intrauterine contraceptive device

Mezquita, J., 1973:
Four years of industrial therapy at Mapperley Hospital: a survey

Bellini, H.T.; Campi, R.; Denardi, J.L., 1981:
Four years of monthly professional toothcleaning and topical fluoride application in Brazilian schoolchildren. I. Effect on gingivitis

Wood, H.S., 1972:
Four years of preventive dentistry in the Canadian Forces

Straffon, R.A.; Kiser, W.S.; Stewart, B.H.; Hewitt, C.B.; Gifford, R.W.; Nakamoto, S., 1967:
Four years' clinical experience with 138 kidney transplants

Sachs, A.; Watson, J., 1969:
Four years' experience at a specialised burns centre. The McIndoe Burns Centre 1965-68

Higgins, J., 1981:
Four years' experience of an interim secure unit

Ward, R.H.; Fairweather, D.V.; Whyley, G.A.; Shirley, I.M.; Lucas, M., 1981:
Four years' experience of maternal alpha-fetoprotein screening and its effect on the pattern of antenatal care

van Balen, A.T., 1973:
Four years' experience with Binkhorst lens implantation

O'Shea, R.M.; Mercer, J.F.; White, R.P., 1984:
Four years' experience with a fellowship program for dental quality studies

Merrick, M.V.; Smith, V.F., 1984:
Four years' experience with a mobile gammacamera service

Doak, P.B.; Bowie, E.A.; Dalton, N.T.; Douglas, R.; Duke, A.J.; Maclaurin, C.H.; Montgomerie, J.Z.; North, J.D.; Smith, H.L.; Sorrell, V.F., 1971:
Four years' experience with cadaveric renal transplantation

Otsyula, Y.; Ibworo, C.; Chum, H.J., 1971:
Four years' experience with dapsone as prophylaxis against leprosy

Sullivan, D.A.; Beeman, R., 1983:
Four years' experience with home birth by licensed midwives in Arizona

Heal, M.R.; England, A.G.; Goldsmith, H.J., 1973:
Four years' experience with indwelling Silastic cannulae for long-term peritoneal dialysis

Ballard, C.A.; Ballard, F.E., 1972:
Four years' experience with mid-trimester abortion by amnioinfusion

Massin, M.; Dubois-Poulsen, A.; Blanchard, J.P., 1968:
Four years' experience with preserved sclera in the treatment of retinal detachment

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Four years' experience with radiotherapy planning based on computed tomography

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Four years' experience with the Lippes Loop as a method of family planning

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Four years' experience with the Morel-Fatio palpebral spring

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Four years' follow up of asymptomatic isolated proteinuria diagnosed in a general health survey

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Four years' physiotherapy of cerebral movement disorders in infants using Vojta's method

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Four years' presidency: a personal view

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Four- to seven-year evaluation in two groups of small-for-gestational age infants

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Four-bar gait-control linkage

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Four-base codons ACCA, ACCU and ACCC are recognized by frameshift suppressor sufJ

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Four-channel electronic integrator

Anonymous, 1980:
Four-city joint purchasing plan gets under way

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Four-compartment fasciotomy of the lower extremity without fibulectomy: a new approach

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Four-contact glove probe method for rapid recording of cardiac electrograms during surgery

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Four-contrast defecography: pelvic "floor-oscopy"

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Four-cusped aortic valve with significant hemodynamic abnormality

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Four-day storage of the canone cadaver heart

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Four-day workweek anyone?

Anonymous, 1972:
Four-day workweeks? Oh, those long weekends

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Four-day, forty-hour workweek for neonatal intensive care nurses

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Four-digit LSI counter and controller for neurobiology

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Four-dimensional facial change

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Four-dimensional time-sequence radiography

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Four-directional-development thin-layer chromatography of lipids using trimethyl borate

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Four-drug combination chemotherapy (methotrexate, cyclophosphamide, hexamethylmelamine, and CCNU) for non-small cell bronchogenic carcinoma: a Cancer and Leukemia Group B study

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Four-drug combination chemotherapy for advanced cervical carcinoma

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Four-drug combination chemotherapy in advanced lung cancer: methotrexate, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide and CCNU

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Four-drug combination chemotherapy in extensive non-small cell lung cancer: a Southwest Oncology Group Pilot Study

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Four-extremity radiation necrosis. Surgical management

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Four-handed and sit-down dentistry

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Four-handed dental treatment. Time-saving in preparation and filling of a class 2 cavity

Anonymous, 1971:
Four-handed dentistry boon for all

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Four-handed dentistry in the team practice of dentistry

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Four-handed dentistry in your office

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Four-handed dentistry--the ultimate for work simplification and increased dental care

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Four-handed dentistry. 1. Principles and techniques: a new look

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Four-handed dentistry. 2. Periodontal surgery: making it easier

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Four-handed dentistry. 3. Endodontics

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Four-handed dentistry: a new mobile dental cabinet design

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Four-handed dentistry: a practical approach to unit replacement

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Four-handed dentistry: growing concept means greater productivity

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Four-handed dentistry: the whys and wherefores

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Four-handed impression procedure

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Four-hospital agency boosts delinquent account collections

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Four-hour direct identification of Enterobacteriaceae in blood cultures

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Four-hour heparin infusions

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Four-hour microbiological assay of gentamicin in serum

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Four-hour presumptive identification of Enterobacteriaceae from blood cultures

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Four-hour urease test for distinguishing between Klebsiella and Enterobacter

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Four-hourly variations in the activities of malate dehydrogenase (decarboxylating) and phosphopyruvate carboxylase in the cactus (Nopalea dejecta) plant

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Four-hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid oxidase deficiency with normal fumarylacetoacetase: a new variant form of hereditary hypertyrosinemia

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Four-intraoral film radiographic examination on children imparting less radiation than pantomography

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Four-iron (sulfide) ferredoxin from Bacillus polymyxa

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Four-layer radioimmunoassay for detection of adenovirus in stool

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Four-layered membrane in the plastids of galls of Cuscuta australis

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Four-letter words to avoid

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Four-marker serum screening for Down's syndrome

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Four-pair same-different differentiation and transient memory in dogs

Brown, E.M., 1983:
Four-parameter model of the sigmoidal relationship between parathyroid hormone release and extracellular calcium concentration in normal and abnormal parathyroid tissue

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Four-part fractures of the neck of the humerus

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Four-part tissue request form saves time, eliminates errors

Vestal, A.J., 1969:
Four-part training program offered at Florida school

Shin, D.H.; Hughes, B.A., 1995:
Four-point fixation technique for sutured posterior chamber intraocular lenses

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Four-pronged efforts result in successful follow-up

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Four-reel suspension of the artificial limb in the short femur stump

Peyraud, A.P., 1974:
Four-seasons record keeping: how to keep your records in top shape throughout the year!

Deutsch, S., 1968:
Four-sequential-output-generator for research in electroanesthesia

Pounds, V., 1984:
Four-star hospital

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Four-thiouracil content of chicken liver mitochondrial transfer ribonucleic acid

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Four-trace echoencephalography

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Four-urn catenary model for excretion

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Four-valve polymicrobial endocarditis caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Serratia marcescens

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Four-vessel umbilical cord without congenital abnormalities

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Four-way study of asthma

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Four-way, multicenter, crossover trial of ibuprofen, fenoprofen calcium, naproxen, and tolmetin sodium in osteoarthritis: comparative clinical profiles

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Four-week tolerance study of chlormezanone for the treatment of insomnia in the elderly

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Four-week use of oxymetazoline nasal spray (Nezeril) once daily at night induces rebound swelling and nasal hyperreactivity

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Four-year clinical experience with the gelatin-resorcine-formol biological glue in acute aortic dissection

Anonymous, 1982:
Four-year conservation program aims to drastically cut hospital's energy bills

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Four-year evaluation of workers exposed to trimellitic anhydride. A brief report

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Four-year experience in a hypertension control program. Operation aspects

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Four-year experience with a graded exercise program for postcoronary patients

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Four-year experience with argon laser trabecular surgery in uncontrolled open-angle glaucoma

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Four-year experience with electric response audiometry

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Four-year experience with major maxillary osteotomy for retrusion

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Four-year follow-up of alcoholics treated at a rural state hospital

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Four-year follow-up of thyrotoxic patients treated with antithyroid drugs bases on thyroid suppressibility-Prognostic value of the 20-min 131-I thyroid uptake

Knox, W.J., 1972:
Four-year follow-up of veterans treated on a small alcoholism treatment ward

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Four-year follow-up on the Albany experience with intrapleural BCG in lung cancer

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Four-year longitudinal study of the periodontal health status of overdenture patients

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Four-year mortality by some socioeconomic indicators: the Oslo study

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Four-year outcome data for 400 laparoscopic cholecystectomy patients: recognition of persistent symptoms

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Four-year program sets pace for administrator education

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Four-year review of cigarette ingestions in children

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Four-year study of WHO virus reports on enteroviruses other than poliovirus

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Four-year study of fetal movement

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Four-year study of intermittent cyclic etidronate treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis

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Four-year surveillance of a special care baby unit for Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Four-year to eight-year results of vagotomy and simple drainage for benign lesser curve gastric ulcer

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Four-year treatment of systemic carnitine deficiency

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Four-year-old boy with small right lung? ... or ... large left lung?

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Four-year-old children with alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency. Clinical follow-up and parental attitudes towards neonatal screening

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Fourfold direct magnification pictures

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Fourier Transform Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (FT-IRAS) of fibrinogen adsorbed on metal and metal oxide surfaces

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Fourier amplitude and phase analysis in the clinical evaluation of patients with cardiomyopathy

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Fourier analysis and color discrimination

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Fourier analysis and the structure of DNA

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Fourier analysis in the objectivisation of auditory brain stem responses in newborns

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Fourier analysis of a gated blood-pool study during atrial flutter

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Fourier analysis of acoustic evoked potentials in healthy, aphasic and right hemisphere damaged subjects

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Fourier analysis of effects of varying pressure waveforms in electrical lung analogs

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Fourier analysis of isolated rat heart electrocardiographs as a measure of viability after cooling to - 22 degrees C with the aid of a cryoprotective agent

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Fourier analysis of on- and off-effects of evoked potentials

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Fourier analysis of vision

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Fourier analysis on mandibular symphysis

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Fourier analysis resolution of EEG frequency components of short duration

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Fourier and factor analysis of EMG from human first dorsal interosseous

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Fourier harmonic analysis of the sagittal profile of the Plesianthropus transvaalensis (STS5) skull

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Fourier images in electron microscopy and their possible misinterpretation

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Fourier phase analysis of the left ventricle by first pass angiocardiography using a multi-crystal gamma camera--evaluation of statistical precision and reproducibility

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Fourier series and difference maps as lack of structure proof: DNA is an example

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Fourier transform 13C-NMR spectroscopy of biologically active cysteine peptides

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Fourier transform C-13 NMR analysis of some free and potassium-ion complexed antibiotics

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Fourier transform infrared absorption studies on the sulfhydryl groups in heavy meromyosin

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Fourier transform infrared analysis of degree of polymerization in unfilled resins--methods comparison

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Fourier transform infrared difference spectra of intermediates in rhodopsin bleaching

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Fourier transform infrared difference spectroscopy of bacteriorhodopsin and its photoproducts

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Fourier transform infrared spectra of cells treated with the drug adriamycin

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Fourier transform infrared spectrometry

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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic studies of lipid-protein interaction in native and reconstituted sarcoplasmic reticulum

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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic studies of plasma protein adsorption under well defined flow conditions

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Fourier transform phosphorus magnetic resonance study of ATP--calcium--G-actin complex

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Fourier transformation study of corneal stroma

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Fourier's analysis in the evaluation of pupillary dynamics

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Fourier's rapid transformation and principle component analysis in the study of visual evoked potentials

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Fourier-analysis of peristaltic pressure variations in the oesophagus during a 12-hour investigation. A study in normal subjects

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Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy applied to rhodopsin. The problem of the protonation state of the retinylidene Schiff base re-investigated

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Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy of sugars. Structural changes in aqueous solutions

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Fourier-transform infrared, vibrational circular dichroism of sugars. A spectra-structure correlation

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Fourier-transformed 13 C NMR spectra of polyuridylic acid, uridine, and related nucleotides--the use of 31 POC 13 C couplings for conformational analysis

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Fourier-transformed infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy of biological materials

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Fournier gangrene. A necrotizing inflammation of the scrotum

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Fournier gangrene: a rare complication of multiple myeloma

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Fournier's disease: case contribution

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Fournier's disease: necrotizing gangrene of the male genitalia

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Fournier's gangrene of the scrotum. A poorly defined syndrome or a misnomer?

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Fournier's gangrene presenting as gas-forming subcutaneous infection of the scrotum

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Fournier's gangrene: a general surgery problem

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Fournier's gangrene: a urologic emergency

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Fournier's gangrene: report of 20 patients

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Fournier's syndrome in a ketoacidotic diabetic patient after intrascrotal insulin injections because of impotence

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Fournier's syndrome in infants. A review of cases from Ibadan, Nigeria

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Fourrier analysis demonstrate EEG slowing after circulatory arrest at 20 degrees C

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Fourscore artiphakia

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Fourteen and six per second positive spikes in psychiatric patients and their sibs

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Fourteen cases of left atrial myxoma with emphasis on related histology

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Fourteen fallacies about patient package inserts

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Fourteen genetic misconceptions

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Fourteen nucleotides in the second complementarity-determining region of a human heavy-chain variable region gene are identical with a sequence in a human D minigene

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Fourteen relapses of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in a child

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Fourteen serotypes of ureaplasma urealyticum (T-mycoplasmas) demonstrated by the complement-dependent mycoplasmacidal test

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Fourteen thousand teen-age pregnancies

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Fourteen years after Bikini: the long-term effects of radioactive fallout

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Fourteen years of high-dose CHOP (ACVB regimen): preliminary conclusions about the treatment of aggressive-lymphoma patients. Hamilton Fairley Award Lecture, European Society for Medical Oncology Meeting, Lisbon, November 21, 1994

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Fourteen years' experience with cobalt-60 radiation therapy in the treatment of early cancer of the true vocal cords

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Fourteen- to nineteen-year follow-up after corrective repair for tetralogy of Fallot

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Fourteen-hour concentrated urine osmolality as a renal function test in children

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Fourteen-year experience with homovital homografts for aortic valve replacement