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Gas chromatographic methods for determination of gamma-BHC in technical emulsifiable concentrates and water-dispersible powder formulations and in lindane shampoo and lotion: collaborative study

Miles, J.W.; Mount, D.L.; Beckmann, T.J.; Carrigan, S.K.; Galoux, I.M.; Hitos, P.; Hodge, M.C.; Kissler, K.; Martijn, A.; Sanchez-Rasero, F.

Journal - Association of Official Analytical Chemists 67(4): 834-837


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-5756
PMID: 6206050
Accession: 043176701

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Although the gas chromatographic separation of the isomers of BHC was demonstrated two decades ago, the present AOAC method of analysis of BHC for gamma-isomer (lindane) content is based on a separation carried out on a liquid chromatographic partition column. A method of analysis has been developed that uses an OV-210 column for separation of the gamma-isomer from the other isomers and impurities in technical BHC. Di-n-propyl phthalate was chosen as an internal standard. The same system allows quantitation of lindane in lotion and shampoo after these products are extracted with ethyl acetate-isooctane (1 + 4). The analytical methods were subjected to a collaborative trial with 10 laboratories. The coefficient of variation for technical BHC was 2.83%. For the water-dispersible powder and emulsifiable concentrate, the coefficients of variation were 2.89% and 4.62%, respectively. Coefficients of variation for 1% lindane lotion and shampoo were 4.36% and 11.92%, respectively. The method has been adopted official first action.

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