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Absorption, scattering, and radiation force efficiencies in the longitudinal wave scattering by a small viscoelastic particle in an isotropic solid

Lopes, J.H.; Leão-Neto, J.P.; Silva, G.T.

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 142(5): 2866


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-4966
PMID: 29195424
DOI: 10.1121/1.5009450
Accession: 043180624

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Analytical expressions of the absorption, scattering, and elastic radiation force efficiency factors are derived for the longitudinal plane wave scattering by a small viscoelastic particle in a lossless solid matrix. The particle is assumed to be much smaller than the incident wavelength, i.e., the so-called long-wavelength (Rayleigh) approximation. The efficiencies are dimensionless quantities that represent the absorbed and scattering powers and the elastic radiation force on the particle. In the quadrupole approximation, they are expressed in terms of contrast functions (bulk and shear moduli, and density) between the particle and solid matrix. The results for a high-density polyethylene particle embedded in an aluminum matrix agree with those obtained with the partial wave expansion method. Additionally, the connection between the elastic radiation force and forward scattering function is established through the optical theorem. The present results should be useful for ultrasound characterization of particulate composites, and the development of implanted devices activated by radiation force.

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