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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 43226

Chapter 43226 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hondo, R.; Uesugi, K.; Hidano, A.; Takahashi, E.; Aoyama, Y., 1971:
Hand, foot and mouth disease--virus isolation in cell culture and the application of fluorescent antibody technic to diagnosis

Stewart, W.M.; Magard, H.; Lauret, P.; Thomine, E., 1971:
Hand, foot and mouth disease. Apropos of a case

Parra, C.A., 1972:
Hand, foot and mouth disease. Light and electron microscopic observations

Llorens Terol, J.; Martínez Roig, A., 1982:
Hand, foot and mouth disease. Report of 10 cases

Froeschle, J.E.; Nahmias, A.J.; Feorino, P.M.; McCord, G.; Naib, Z., 1967:
Hand, foot, and mouth disease (Coxsackievirus A16) in Atlanta

Hambling, M.H., 1972:
Hand, foot, and mouth disease associated with coxsackie A9 virus

Gove, R.R., 1972:
Hand, foot, and mouth disease in Southern New Jersey, 1971

Higgins, P.G.; Warin, R.P., 1967:
Hand, foot, and mouth disease. A clinically recognizable virus infection seen mainly in children

Cherry, J.D.; Jahn, C.L., 1966:
Hand, foot, and mouth syndrome. Report of six cases due to coxsackie virus, group A, type 16

Hymovich, L.; Lindholm, M., 1966:
Hand, wrist, and forearm injuries. The result of repetitive motions

Butti, P.; Wellauer, J.; Brunner, U.; Bollinger, A., 1973:
Hand- and fingerarteryocclusions

Widagdo; Sadeli, R.; Wahidyat, I., 1974:
Hand--Schüller--Christian disease (case report)

Nisenbaum, L.I.; Vasilevskiĭ, A.B., 1970:
Hand-Christian-Schueller disease simulating a tumor of the abdominal cavity in a child

Appalanarasayya, K.; Devi, O.B., 1970:
Hand-Schueller-Christian disease. Report of a case and review of the literature

Stieber, J., 1982:
Hand-Schueller-Christian syndrome as a cause of chronic cor pulmonale

Fiasse, L.; Lintermans, J., 1970:
Hand-Schueller-Christian syndrome in a Congolese child

Praharaj, K.C.; Mohanta, K.D.; Nanda, C.N.; Naik, U.P., 1968:
Hand-Schuller-Christian disease

Hirsch, F.; Tondeur, G.; de Witte, C., 1972:
Hand-Schuller-Christian disease and histiocytosis. X. (Apropos of a case with double diabetes)

Floyd, W.S.; Cohn, S.L., 1966:
Hand-Schuller-Christian disease and pregnancy

Papp, P.; Szabó, G., 1967:
Hand-Schuller-Christian disease causing diagnostic error

Xu, Z.H., 1982:
Hand-Schuller-Christian disease complicated by paraplegia

Zachary, C.B.; MacDonald, D.M., 1983:
Hand-Schuller-Christian disease with secondary cutaneous involvement

Uthman, A.A., 1974:
Hand-Schuller-Christian disease. Report of a case

Genest, L.; Bélisle, G., 1968:
Hand-Schuller-Christian syndrome

Davey, K.W.; Titley, K.C., 1970:
Hand-Schüller-Christian Disease: two case reports

Hayduk, J.W., 1967:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease

Almeida, O.D.; Henderson, J.; Kitay, D.Z., 1984:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease and pregnancy

Henkes, J.; Ferrándiz, C.; González, J.; Peyrí, J., 1980:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease in an adult with diabetes insipidus at onset

Liashenko, I.N.; Sokolov, A.M., 1984:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease in the dermatologist's practice

Boggs, D.C.; McMahon, L.J., 1968:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease presenting as gingivitis

Fasulo, C.P.; VanGaasbeek, J.B., 1966:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease. Medical and oral surgical problems involved

Bolton, R., 1969:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease. Report of a case

Rodriguez-Valdes, J.; Cordoba, M.; Perez-Espinosa, J., 1982:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease: a case report

Hewitt, A.B., 1970:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease: a case report of dental interest

Maw, R.B.; McKean, T.W., 1972:
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease: report of case

Némethová, V.; Cáp, J., 1973:
Hand-Schüller-Christian form of histiocytosis X in a 6-year-old boy

Kohout, J., 1972:
Hand-Schüller-Christian syndrome with lung involvement

Castagneto, H.E.; Lasala, F.G.; Mazzei, C.M., 1969:
Hand-Schüller-Christian's disease. Apropos of a case

Anonymous, 1967:
Hand-Schüller-Christian's syndrome

Cunningham, J., 1970:
Hand-Schüller-Kay-Christian disease and Kay's triad

Miyashita, K.; Miyamoto, K.; Kuroda, M.; Takeda, S.; Iwata, H., 1994:
Hand-arm vibration exposure and the development of vibration syndrome

Anttonen, H.; Virokannas, H., 1994:
Hand-arm vibration in snowmobile drivers

Bovenzi, M., 1994:
Hand-arm vibration syndrome: diagnostic aspects, dose-response relationship and exposure limits

Reynolds, D.D.; Jokel, C., 1974:
Hand-arm vibration--an engineering approach

Lourie, J.A., 1972:
Hand-clasping and arm-folding among Middle Eastern Jews in Israel

Hymen, M.L., 1974:
Hand-control drivers: comparison of driving records and insurance rates with those of nonrestricted drivers

Maisels, D.O., 1966:
Hand-cream dispenser

Drewett, A.E.; Gibson, P., 1966:
Hand-drill attachment for simplifying wire suturing of the sternum

Cohen, M.M., 1970:
Hand-eye coordination in altered gravitational fields

Ozsoylu, S., 1971:
Hand-foot syndrome in sickle-cell thalassemia

Germishuys, P.J., 1980:
Hand-foot-and mouth disease: a case report

Buchner, A.; Mlinek, A., 1973:
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease in children in Israel

Björnberg, A., 1965:
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease--a current epidemic

Tindall, J.P.; Callaway, J.L., 1972:
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease--it's more common than you think

Seddon, J.H.; Duff, M.F., 1971:
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease: Coxsackie virus types A 5, A 10, and A 16 infections

Tipping, M., 1968:
Hand-foot-and-mouth syndrome

Duff, M.F., 1968:
Hand-foot-and-mouth syndrome in humans: coxackie A10 infections in New Zealand

Gohd, R.S.; Faigel, H.C., 1966:
Hand-foot-and-mouth-disease resembling measles a life-threatening disease: case report

Born, W., 1968:
Hand-foot-mouth (Coxsackie A) disease

Korting, G.W., 1972:
Hand-foot-mouth disease and gluteal granuloma in infants. Two demonstrations out of pediatric dermatology

Hjorth, N.; Kopp, H., 1966:
Hand-foot-mouth disease. A new childhood disease

Hjorth, N.; Kopp, H., 1966:
Hand-foot-mouth disease. A new exanthematous childhood disease

Vogt, H.J.; Oehlschlaegel, G., 1971:
Hand-foot-mouth diseases

Vogt, H.J.; Oehlschlaegel, G.; Meier-Ewert, H., 1971:

Stern, A.M.; Gall, J.C.; Perry, B.L.; Stimson, C.W., 1969:
Hand-foot-uterus syndrome

Masagatani, G.N., 1973:
Hand-gesturing behavior in psychotic children

Perkins, E.S., 1965:
Hand-held applanation tonometer

Kroemer, K.H.; Gienapp, E.M., 1970:
Hand-held device to measure finger (thumb) strenght

Edwards, R.H.; McDonnell, M., 1974:
Hand-held dynamometer for evaluating voluntary-muscle function

Kath, G.S.; Chang, C.H.; Kniazuk, M., 1995:
Hand-held electronic area planimeter

Rosnagle, R.S.; Smith, H.W., 1972:
Hand-held fundus camera for endoscopic photography

Kaiden, J.S.; Zimmerman, T.J.; Worthen, D.M., 1973:
Hand-held tonometers. An evaluation by medical students

Feely, M., 1995:
Hand-in-hand to the same goal. Quality assurance and research in nursing

Glassy, E.F.; Sun, N.C.; Okun, D.B., 1980:
Hand-mirror cell leukemia. Report of nine cases and a review of the literature

Popović, S.L.; Uzurov, V.; Popović, K., 1984:
Hand-mirror cell variant of acute leukemia (case report and a review of the literature)

Schumacher, H.R.; Phillips, T.M., 1981:
Hand-mirror cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Anonymous, 1981:
Hand-mirror cells--immunologic significance

Schumacher, H.R., 1984:
Hand-mirror cells: structure reflects function

Schmitt-Gräff, A.; Fischer, J.T., 1983:
Hand-mirror forms in AUL: cytochemistry and ultrastructure

Thomas, W.J.; Yasaka, K.; Strong, D.M.; Woodruff, C.M.; Stass, S.A.; Schumacher, H.R., 1980:
Hand-mirror lymphocytes in infectious mononucleosis

Redick, L.F., 1971:
Hand-operated self-inflating resuscitation equipment--a re-evaluation

Yoshida, T., 1972:
Hand-rearing of germ-free rabbits

Anderson, J., 1983:
Hand-scoring of multiple choice questions

Ries, H., 1981:
Hand-stretching reflex in children of different age and sex indicative for left- or right-handedness

Reiss-Levy, E.; McAlister, E.; Richards, M., 1984:
Hand-washing and antiseptics

Rumgay, S.; Macdonald, S.; Robertson, C.E., 1984:
Hand-washing patterns and infection control in the accident and emergency department

Albert, R.K.; Condie, F., 1981:
Hand-washing patterns in medical intensive-care units

Jüngst, B.K.; Keth, R.; Stopfkuchen, H.; Schranz, D., 1983:
Handball injuries. Results of a survey

Robertson, J.I., 1984:
Handbook of hypertension

Abramovich, A.; Cleverley, K., 2018:
A Call to Action: The Urgent Need for Trans Inclusive Measures in Mental Health Research

Albrecht, S.A.; Wang, J.; Spatz, D., 2018:
A Call to Action to Address Barriers to Breastfeeding and Lactation Faced by Student-Mothers

Levin, R.A.; Felsenthal, G., 1984:
Handcuff neuropathy: two unusual cases

Anonymous, 1994 :
Handcuffs closed according to ratchet principle

Schott, J.; Puttick, M., 1995:
Handedness among surgeons

Tsai, L.Y.; Stewart, M.A., 1982:
Handedness and EEG correlation in autistic children

Luria, S.M.; McKay, C.L.; Ferris, H., 1973:
Handedness and adaptation to visual distortions of size and distance

Moscovitch, M.; Strauss, E.; Olds, J., 1981:
Handedness and dichotic listening performance in patients with unipolar endogenous depression who received ECT

Hay, D.A.; Howie, P.M., 1980:
Handedness and differences in birthweight of twins

Harburg, E., 1981:
Handedness and drinking-smoking types

Eglinton, E.; Annett, M., 1994:
Handedness and dyslexia: a meta-analysis

Hasselkus, B.R.; Kshepakaran, K.K.; Safrit, M.J., 1981:
Handedness and hand joint changes in rheumatoid arthritis

Yamamoto, M.; Hatta, T., 1982:
Handedness and imbalance lateralization on the Tapping Test in MBD children

McKeever, W.F.; Nolan, D.R.; Diehl, J.A.; Seitz, K.S., 1984:
Handedness and language laterality: discrimination of handedness groups on the dichotic consonant-vowel task

Provins, K.A., 1967:
Handedness and motor skill

Byrne, B., 1974:
Handedness and musical ability

Lester, D., 1995:
Handedness and personality

Taylor, P.; Dalton, R.; Fleminger, J.J., 1982:
Handedness and schizophrenic symptoms

Nebes, R.D., 1971:
Handedness and the perception of part-whole relationship

Anonymous, 1984:
Handedness and various other laterality phenomena

Barnsley, R.H.; Rabinovitch, M.S., 1973:
Handedness and "automatization" cognitive style

Hovsepian, W.; Slaymaker, F.; Johnson, J.E., 1980:
Handedness as a determinant of left-right placement in human figure drawings

Kretz, V.; Suchenwirth, R.; Ferner, U., 1970:
Handedness as a function of age. Studies on 574 3-6 year-old boys with special reference to sex specificity

Netley, C.; Rovet, J., 1982:
Handedness in 47,XXY males

Gillberg, C.; Waldenström, E.; Rasmussen, P., 1984:
Handedness in Swedish 10-year-olds. Some background and associated factors

Segal, N.L., 1984:
Handedness in determination of twin types

Majewska, Z.; Molczanow, A., 1973:
Handedness in diparetic form of infantile cerebral palsy

Oldfield, R.C., 1969:
Handedness in muscians

Hering, R.; Catarci, T.; Steiner, T., 1995:
Handedness in musicians

Taylor, P.J.; Dalton, R.; Fleminger, J.J., 1980:
Handedness in schizophrenia

Annett, M., 1974:
Handedness in the children of two left-handed parents

Tan, L.E., 1983:
Handedness in two generations

Bonvillian, J.D.; Orlansky, M.D.; Garland, J.B., 1982:
Handedness patterns in deaf persons

Iwasaki, S.; Kaiho, T.; Iseki, K., 1995:
Handedness trends across age groups in a Japanese sample of 2316

Pizzamiglio, L., 1974:
Handedness, ear-preference, and field-dependence

Gur, R.C.; Gur, R.E., 1974:
Handedness, sex, and eyedness as moderating variables in the relation between hypnotic susceptibility and functional brain asymmetry

Peters, M., 1981:
Handedness: coordination of within- and between-hand alternating movements

Barnsley, R.H.; Rabinovitch, M.S., 1970:
Handedness: proficiency versus stated preference

Keynes, M.; Handel, G.F., 1980:
Handel's illnesses

Kessler, K.M.; Kessler, R.M.; Warde, D.A.; Ledis, J., 1982:
Handgrip exercise in normal young women: a noninvasive cardiovascular assessment

Fu, L.T.; Takahashi, N.; Yamamoto, M.; Kuboki, M.; Koyama, S., 1981:
Handgrip-induced negative U-wave in electrocardiogram of hypertensive subjects

Walsh, M.J., 1980:
Handgun control

Leffers, B.; Jeanty, D., 1982:
Handgun pellet ammunition ("snake shot") wounds: report of three cases

Rivara, F.P.; Stapleton, F.B., 1982:
Handguns and children: a dangerous mix

Knable, J., 1981:
Handholding: one means of transcending barriers of communication

Burrus, O., 1984:
Handi village. A village unlike others. And after...where do I go?

Chaisson-Stewart, G.M., 1983:
Handi-dogs help the handicapped

Naylor, A., 1980:
Handicap - integration or segregation?

Levene, M.I., 1980:
Handicap and brain haemorrhage in the neonate

Baird, H., 1981:
Handicap and government. II: An American view

Paneth, N., 1983:
Handicap and prematurity

Evans, K.; Hickman, V.; Carter, C.O., 1974:
Handicap and social status of adults with spina bifida cystica

Dickson, H.G., 1995:
Handicap one year after a stroke: validity of a new scale

Goerth, C.R., 1983:
Handicap or not? That's the question

Weinstein, B.E.; Richards, A.M.; Montano, J., 1995:
Handicap versus impairment: an important distinction

Harbridge, E., 1981:
Handicap worldwide: disabled charter for the eighties

Adams, M., 1981:
Handicap, bereavement and the midwife

Pedersen, B.K., 1984:
Handicap. Families should not find themselves in a vacuum without guidance

Pedersen, B.K., 1984:
Handicap. Parents should have precise and honest information on child's handicap

Pedersen, B.K., 1984:
Handicap. Provisions should be better for families with handicapped children

Maher, C.A., 1984:
Handicapped adolescents as cross-age tutors: program description and evaluation

Kraus, J.; Sandera, O., 1968:
Handicapped adolescents, choice of occupation and success in life

Anonymous, 1969:
Handicapped among flora and fauna

Kasahara, H., 1983:
Handicapped and special patient care

Fox, S., 1971:
Handicapped and under five

Medved, R., 1969:
Handicapped as olympic winners and top competitors

Anonymous, 1982:
Handicapped care and oral hygiene as a community concern

Berendsen, W.J.; Korthof, M.R.; Oldenburg, C.W., 1983:
Handicapped care as an optional course in dental education

Anonymous, 1983:
Handicapped care comes up a step

Wright, G.Z., 1973:
Handicapped child treatment

Anonymous, 1970:
Handicapped children

Takatani, K., 1980:
Handicapped children - public assistance for their development

Anonymous, 1972:
Handicapped children and family stress

Norrelund, N., 1971:
Handicapped children and health visiting

Anonymous, 1970:
Handicapped children get another chance

Carrington, M.E., 1974:
Handicapped children in Europe

Farrar, J.E.; Leigh, J., 1974:
Handicapped children in Tasmania

Sarnat, H., 1966:
Handicapped children in dental practice

Turner, H., 1981:
Handicapped children in hospital

Stockmann, F., 1968:
Handicapped children in institutions and their relationships with relatives

Lebel, H., 1966:
Handicapped children in normal classes

Anonymous, 1971:
Handicapped children in ordinary schools

Grubb, J., 1971:
Handicapped children in preschool groups

Grantham, E., 1971:
Handicapped children in preschool playgroups

Thrower, D., 1966:
Handicapped children in the London borough of Bexley

Ayer, S., 1984:
Handicapped children in the community

Maser, E., 1973:
Handicapped children learn written communication

Abeson, A.; Trudeau, E., 1970:
Handicapped children redefined--legal eligibility for services expanded

Mira, M.; Altman, K., 1984:
Handicapped children referral in Kansas

Ueda, K.; Nishida, M.; Irei, T., 1969:
Handicapped children with congenital rubella in Okinawa

Wehn, M., 1974:
Handicapped children, parents and physicians

Carr, J., 1970:
Handicapped children--counselling the parents

Henderson, P., 1967:
Handicapped children. Development of the educational service

Purshowtham Rao, G., 1965:
Handicapped children. The problem and a plan for their rehabilitation

Angell, M., 1983:
Handicapped children: Baby Doe and Uncle Sam

Bowler, R., 1983:
Handicapped children: a home for the asking

Gurling, F.G.; Fanning, E.A.; Leppard, P.I., 1980:
Handicapped children: behavioural and co-ordination characteristics affecting the delivery of dental care

Green, C., 1981:
Handicapped children: let's be more positive and practical

Manciaux, M., 1981:
Handicapped children: what and whom are we talking about?

Ysander, L., 1965:
Handicapped drivers in traffic

Sandnes, H., 1965:
Handicapped families in a welfare state

Naito, T., 1973:
Handicapped found in institutions for handicapped children

Elliott, J.R., 1969:
Handicapped hospitals

Schulman, S.T., 1983:
Handicapped infants

Solcà, B., 1981:
Handicapped love

Collins, J.F.; Maitinsky, S.P.; Jablon, B., 1972:
Handicapped need total care

Swerdloff, M., 1983:
Handicapped oral surgeon receives special award (Mark Swerdloff)

Ghoke, T.; Watanabe, T.; Sugata, S.; Watanabe, E., 1984:
Handicapped patients in a provincial dental clinic

Heller, V., 1970:
Handicapped patients talk together

Bozyk, Z., 1968:
Handicapped pensions after myocardial infarction received by men in the Mokotow quarter of the city of Warsaw in 1955-1964

Whitten, E.B., 1971:
Handicapped people and the administration

Verville, R.E., 1980:
Handicapped persons and the Supreme Court

Giesecke, C.S., 1969:
Handicapped persons on the labour market in Sweden

Corcoran, P.J., 1973:
Handicapped persons--an oppressed minority

Bentovim, A., 1972:
Handicapped pre-school children and their families--effects on child's early emotional development

Kershaw, J.D., 1967:
Handicapped school leavers--the Working Party report and its implications

Enticknap, B., 1983:
Handicapped teenagers in the High Wycombe area

Monvall, E., 1974:
Handicapped want one society for everyone

Mortvedt, L., 1971:
Handicapped with mental disorders in the labor market

Schneider, D., 1972:
Handicapped with the ball

Harlay, A., 1982:
Handicapped workers

Ulan, M.S., 1969:
Handicapped workers rate high as lab employees

Gatard, M., 1982:
Handicapped, mental disorders and liberty

Westphal, P., 1981:
Handicapped--What is it?

Vernon, M.; Grieve, B.J.; Shaver, K., 1980:
Handicapping conditions associated with the congenital rubella syndrome

Anonymous, 1968:
Handicapping defects in young children

Allen, N.D., 1970:
Handicapping malocclusion assessment record in direct mouth examination

Salzmann, J.A., 1968:
Handicapping malocclusion assessment to establish treatment priority

Schweizer, C., 1982:
Handicaps and behavior disorders in early childhood

Harlay, A., 1981:
Handicaps and handicapped

Sandholzer, H., 1983:
Handicaps and morbidity in elderly patients in general practice

Odebiyi, A.I., 1983:
Handicaps and the handicapped in IIe-Ife, Nigeria: a socio-cultural dimension

Lacour, B.; Cecchi Tenerini, R.; Fresson, J.; André, M.; Baubeau, D.; Vert, P., 1995:
Handicaps and the perinatal period. II. Perinatal pathology and severe deficiencies

Maddox, D., 1973:
Handicaps don't hamper these trainees

Meyssen, S.G., 1981:
Handicaps in second generation foreigners; a diary study

Lacour, B.; Cecchi Tenerini, R.; Fresson, J.; André, M.; Baubeau, D.; Vert, P., 1995:
Handicaps in the perinatal period. I. Perinatal pathology and difficulties in school

Yokoyama, Y.; Shimizu, T.; Hayakawa, K., 1995:
Handicaps in twins and triplets

Seymour, R., 1994:
Handicaps to advantages--obstacles to opportunities

Dunn, J.H., 1972:
Handicaps. The story of a bold transportation adventure for the handicapped in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Montan, K., 1973:
Handikappinstitutet (The Swedish Institute for the Handicapped), its tasks and working possibilities

Goerke, H., 1968:
Handing over of the Steglitz hospitals

Zethraeus, S., 1965:
Handle immediately

Berne, J., 1965:
Handle my tissues with loving kindness

Martin, R., 1967:
Handle with care. Love within

Vas, S.I.; Oreopoulos, D.G., 1981:
Handle with care: hepatitis B antigen carriers in peritoneal dialysis unit

Seddon, J.A., 1970:
Handlebar injury

Welsh, F., 1982:
Handlebar moustache breast reduction

Verhaar, J.A.; van Velthoven, P.C., 1984:
Handlebars in the belly, dust in the eyes? Pancreatic pseudocyst in children caused by trauma

Patkin, M., 1980:
Handles for Deaver retractors

Tyson, P.A., 1974:
Handles on forearm crutches facilitate one hand carry

Macadam, I., 1973:
Handline lechwe antelope for vaccination and tuberculin testing

Berbel, P.J.; Fairén, A., 1983:
Handling Golgi-impregnated tissue for light microscopy

Reed, E.A., 1974:
Handling O.R. needles and syringes

Golightly, R.; Golightly, C.; Lawlis, M., 1971:
Handling a bedtime problem in a children's unit

Malone, R.H.; O'Connor, R., 1968:
Handling a large influx of patients in a disaster situation

Seymour, J., 1995 :
Handling aids: lifting and moving patients

Nilakantan, P.R., 1973:
Handling and disease problems of primates in Asia

Anonymous, 1965:
Handling and storing of aerosols

Carozzi, G., 1980:
Handling and treatment of the X-ray apparatus

Anonymous, 1974:
Handling blended garments in the laundry

Hamel, J.D.; Biour, M.; Weissenburger, J.; Cheymol, G., 1985:
Handling by microcomputer of information requests at the Centre Régional de Pharmacovigilance, Paris-Saint-Antoine

Hodge, J.R.; Babai, M., 1984:
Handling cancer's emotional side

Douglass, M.E.; Douglass, D.N., 1994:
Handling change effectively

Guzman, R.; Faust, J.B.; Powers, J.M., 1980:
Handling characteristics and bond strength of eight direct bonding orthodontic cements

Marschall, B., 1971:
Handling children--is it really a problem?

Anonymous, 1983:
Handling chorionic villi for direct chromosome studies

Kay, M.J., 1972:
Handling complaints and grievances

Coucouvanis, J.A.; Solomons, H.C., 1983:
Handling complicated visitation problems of hospitalized children

Wilson, V.; Reeves, S.; Crane, V., 1995:
Handling controlled substances: upgrading the system

Nevasaari, K., 1983:
Handling cytostatic drugs

Knowles, R.D., 1981:
Handling depression through activity

Knowles, R.D., 1981:
Handling depression through positive reinforcement

Faulkner, A.; Regnard, C., 1994:
Handling difficult questions in palliative care--a flow diagram

Kowitz, H., 1972:
Handling disinfectants

Fischer, P., 1971:
Handling drugs with gold content

Anonymous, 1965:
Handling elderly patients

Smith, R.E., 1968:
Handling emotional problems associated with pediatric allergy

Hesselgren, S.G., 1973:
Handling hazardous waste. An actual hygienic problem in dental practice

Zarrow, M.X.; Campbell, P.S.; Denenberg, V.H., 1972:
Handling in infancy: increased levels of the hypothalamic corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) following exposure to a novel situation

Crabbe, J.C.; Janowsky, J.S.; Young, E.R.; Rigter, H., 1980:
Handling induced convulsions in twenty inbred strains of mice

Zimmermann, P.G., 1994:
Handling inevitable layoffs

Prickler, H.; Grossmann, G., 1984:
Handling infectious materials in dental practice

Grower, M.F.; Bransome, E.D., 1969:
Handling liquid scintillation counting data with small desk-top computers

Johnson, B.L., 1982:
Handling methotrexate --a safety problem?

Power, L.A.; Stolar, M.H., 1984:
Handling mutagenic drugs

North, G.L., 1994:
Handling nonformulary requests for returning or transfer patients

Hagopian, P.B.; Collins, K., 1968:
Handling objections to placement plans

Keane, W.T., 1983:
Handling occupational disease claims. Common problems for attorneys and physicians

Abdel-Dayem, H.M., 1972:
Handling of 133 Xe dissolved in saline

Kabe, G., 1970:
Handling of 70 mm role film taken in the electron microscope

Guzmán, S.; Israel, E.; Puente, R.; Iglesias, R.; Rosa, G.; Ulloa, C., 1994:
Handling of Foley catheter regarding urinary retention syndrome following vaginal surgery

Sancho, J.; González, E.; Egido, J., 1984:
Handling of IgA immune aggregates by liver cells

States, B.; Lee, J.; Segal, S., 1983:
Handling of L-[35S]cystine by cysteamine-pretreated cystinotic and normal fibroblasts

Appiani, E., 1967:
Handling of a parotidectomy and muscular graft

Ledingham, J.M.; Simpson, F.O., 1984:
Handling of a salt load by hypertensive and normotensive rats on normal and low intakes of sodium

Dubor, P.; Favre-Tissot, M.; Guyotat, J.; Haour, P.; Simonnet; Vantheemsche, G., 1966:
Handling of a synthetic progestative in a psychiatric milieu

Spangenberg, R.; Thamm, P.; Wünsch, E., 1971:
Handling of acid-sensitive amino acid and peptide derivatives

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Handling of ambulatory patients

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Handling of an uncooperative child--communication with the patient following pharyngeal surgery

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Handling of antineoplastic drugs in Washington hospitals

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Handling of anxiety and questions expressed by tuberculosis patients--response of the public health nurse in cooperation with the Tuberculosis Evaluation Committee (public health physicians)

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Handling of bioactive materials by the lung (second of two parts)

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Handling of biopsy materials and surgical preparations. (Principles of tissue fixation)

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Handling of cancer patient at the time of hospital admission and the role of the nurse--with special reference to recurrent cases in the aged

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Handling of children with hearing disorders

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Handling of drugs in the hospital

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Handling of files on mini-computers

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Handling of germ-free animals. 2

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Handling of impression materials (I)

Hecke, H., 1984:
Handling of impression materials (II)

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Handling of impression materials (III)

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Handling of induced hypercalcaemia in hyperthyroidism

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Handling of information of diagnostic interest by the physican and the computer

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Handling of injectable antineoplastic agents

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A Call to Action to Address Gender Equity Within Our Specialty: Time's Up on Waiting for Change

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Handling of mass-screening for uterine cancer

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Handling of medical history records by computers

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Handling of medical samples in a liquid scintillation counter

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Handling of narcotics

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Handling of neonatal emergencies

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Handling of open wounds and granulation wounds

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Handling of pathologic specimens for gross and microscopic examination in dermatologic surgery

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Handling of patients with incurable diseases

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Handling of perchloric acid in laboratories and fume cupboards

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Handling of placenta accreta. (Study of 6 cases)

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Handling of plaster of paris in the preparation of precision models

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Handling of pregnant patients with cancer

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Handling of pregnant women with breast cancer

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Handling of premature, newborn infants

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Handling of pressure bags used postoperatively

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Handling of primary election was shocking

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Handling of psychotropic drugs in the elderly patient

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Handling of radiation protection determinations in general practice

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Handling of radioactive 133-Xe dissolved in saline

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Handling of single brain metastasis

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Handling of sinisters in Venezuela

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Handling of spent oil-based products in the mechanical engineering industry

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Handling of the breast in breast feeding--with special reference to the effects of a breast pump

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Handling of the cardinal ligament of the uterus

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Handling of the cardinal ligament of the uterus in radical surgery of cervical cancer

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Handling of the contagious tuberculosis case

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Handling of the interrelation of the family, patient and the clinic

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Handling of the menopausal patient

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Handling of the patient-physician relations

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Handling of the umbilical cord and sloughing off of the stump

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Handling of uric acid by the rat kidney. I. Microanalysis of uric acid in proximal tubular fluid

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Handling of uric acid by the rat kidney. II. Microperfusion studies on bidirectional transport of uric acid in the proximal tubule

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Handling panic

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Handling patients. 1. Safely does it

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Handling personal, confidential information

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Handling problems: you're great with patients. But how about your staff?

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Handling properties of a composite anterior restorative material. An investigation

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Handling properties of a new composite filling material. A clinical evaluation

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Handling properties of a zinc polycarboxylate cement. An investigation

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Handling psychiatric urgency. Or, keeping one's diagnostic wits in a crisis

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Handling public drunkenness: reforms despite Powell

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Handling radiation emergencies: no need to fear

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Handling reagents in the PCR laboratory

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Handling scientific fraud. BMJ nurtures spoof publication

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Handling scientific fraud. Clinical fraud is common

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A call to action to improve research quality in Saudi Arabia

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Handling scientific fraud. Prospective registration of health care research would help

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Handling scientific fraud. Serious allegations are hard to believe

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Handling sera for tumour marker studies

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Handling staff with chemical dependence

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Handling stress. Current NIOSH research

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Handling suicide in childhood and adolescence--therapy and prevention

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Handling technic and study of the in vitro behavior of the human alveolar macrophage

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Handling technical reports in the medical library

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Handling the absence of group leaders: to meet or not to meet

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Handling the cantankerous patient

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Handling the conflicting cultures in the NHS

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Handling the diagnosis: normal development

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Handling the difficult patient

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A call to action to improve the visibility of research by nursing, midwifery and care staff

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Handling the handicapped

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Handling the hijacker

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Handling the irate caller

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Handling the threat of fatal coronary disease

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Handling those tough questions the nursing books don't answer

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Handling your money sensibly and wisely

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Handling, ACTH, ACTH1-24, and naloxone effects on preening behavior in domestic chickens

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Handling, selection, and use of linens

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Handling-induced seizures and rotational behavior in th Mongolian gerbil

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Handpiece asepsis

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Handpiece positions in low-line dentistry

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Handpiece sterilization in General Practice

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Handprints of the newborn

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Hands and infections

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Hands and miming, or nonverbal communication in the education of deaf children

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Hands and old age

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Hands before faces--the evolution of gesture in fourteenth-century frescoes

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Hands in nursing--How are the nurses' hands imaged?

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Hands of African patients

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Hands of the M.R.C

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Hands of the aged. 1

Anonymous, 1972:
Hands off postgraduate centres

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Hands off the prepuce

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Hands on coins

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Hands on in clinical teaching

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Hands on stamps. Bangladesh--issue of 1982

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Hands on stamps. France--Issue of 1979

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Hands on stamps. Luxembourg--issue of April 28, 1980

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Hands that help--but how?

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Hands that think--speak and hear

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Hands-on guide to palpation and auscultation

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Hands-on skills for dealing with hearing aids

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Handsome donation by Northern Ontario Society

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Handtowel hygiene

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Handwarming and relaxation in temperature feedback: positive placebo effects

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Handwashing and professional allergies

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Handwashing is simple, effective infection control, so why won't people wash their hands?

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Handwashing review

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Handwashing: the fundamental infection control principle

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Handwriting for the retarded

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Handwritten hospital reports

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Handy tube constructor

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Handy type haemofiltration-plasma exchange apparatus

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Handyperson's hazard: crawl space sporotrichosis

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Hanford radiation study

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Hanford radiation study III: a cohort study of the cancer risks from radiation to workers at Hanford (1944-77 deaths) by the method of regression models in life-tables

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Hang up your shingle in a shopping mall?

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Hang-gliding and physio-psycho-aptitude fitness

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Hang-ups in health planning

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Hang-ups with the expanded use of dental auxiliaries

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Hanganutziu-Deicher antibodies in infectious mononucleosis and other diseases

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Hangers'-on in psychiatric hospitals

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Hanging accidents in children caused by the construction of play apparatus

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Hanging and climbing functions in raccoon and sloth after total cerebellectomy

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Hanging cast - therapeutic possibility for early mobilization in multiple fractures of the upper extremity

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Hanging on to nursing practice

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Hangman's break

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Hangman's fracture in a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta. Case report

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Hangman's fracture in ankylosing spondylitis preceded by vertical subluxation of the axis

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Hangzhou colorectal cancer staging (modified Duke's classification)

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Hanley-Harrison operation for varix of the spermatic cord

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Hannah E. Myers Longshore, MD

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Hannes anchorage made in Italy by the Dental Aesthetic Laboratory of Molinari and Meli

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Hannibal's ophthalmia

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Hanno Poppe, 15 August 1921 to 21 March 1983

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Hannover has an ambulant clinic for tooth, mouth and jaw diseases

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Hannover-thawing-solution (HTS)--a new thawing solution which allows good fertility of thawed pelleted bull sperma for several days (preliminary report)

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Hans Bornschein 1920-1079

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Hans Bronner

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Hans Brückl 1912-1966

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Hans Bulach von Rottweil

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Hans Christian Andersen and children

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Hans Christian Greve

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Hans Christian Greve was born 100 years ago

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Hans Christian Orsted

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Hans Debrunner (19.2.1889 - 28.4.1974)

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Hans Debrunner's 80th birthday

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Hans Erhard Bock 70 years old

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Hans Fischer (1881-1945)

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Hans Fredrik Fabritius

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Hans Georg Bauers' 60th anniversary

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Hans Glathe 70 years

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Hans Graf, September 8, 1898 - February 15, 1967

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Hans Gummel's 65th anniversary

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Hans H. Hecht, M.D

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Hans H. Reese 1891-1973

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Hans H. Zinsser, M.D

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Hans Hauser (9-4-1901--8-7-1967)

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Hans Hecht 1913-1971

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Hans Heinrich Berg (19 November 1889 to 16 December 1968)

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Hans Heinrich Berg, 11-19-1889--12-16-1968

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Hans Heinrich Berg, 1889-1968. Critical evaluation of findings at the internal relief

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Hans Heinrich Landolt, (1917-1971)

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Hans Hermann Schmid--on his 100th anniversary

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Hans Heuser

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Hans Hoff, 1897-1969

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Hans Hummel

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Hans Hörmann (1924-1983)

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Hans Jacob Mumenthaler (1729-1813) a Bernese optician and mechanic

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Hans Joachim Serfling's 60th anniversary on January 24, 1973

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Hans Krebs and the discovery of the ornithine cycle

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Hans Krebs: nineteen nineteen and after

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Hans Kuske on his 60th birthday

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Hans Kuske, 1909-1970

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Hans Leemann-Geymüller, November 2, 1882 - October 20, 1967

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Hans Lisser--1888-1964

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Hans Loskant-25 years as an industrial physician of Farbwerke Hoechst

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Hans Meuli, 1897-1971

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Hans Moritsch (1924-1965)

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Hans Nachtsheim dead

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Hans Neuenschwander, Bern, former chief counsellor and canton veterinarian

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Hans Pichler: oral surgeon to Sigmund Freud

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Hans Queckenstedt (1876-1918), neurophysiologist

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Hans R. Storck, M.D

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Hans Rehm 1903-1967

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Hans Reiter

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Hans Reiter (1881- ). Reiter's syndrome

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Hans Reiter 1881-1969

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Hans Rink's 60th anniversary, September 15, 1970

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Hans Rudolf Schinz

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Hans Rudolf Schinz as medical radiologist

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Hans Rudolf Schinz, December 13, 1891 - June 12, 1966

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Hans Rudolf Schinz, physician and natural scientist

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Hans Rudolf Schinz. 1891-1966

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Hans Sautter, on his 60th birthday

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Hans Schmidt, on his 90th birthday

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Hans Selye's life a tribute to basic research

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Hans Selye--30 years of the Stress Theory, 40 years of scientific work and his 65-th anniversary

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Hans Selye: the stress of his life

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Hans Spemann and the organizer concept

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Hans Wendt--60 years old

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Hans Winterstein

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Hans Wulff, August 21, 1887-November 2, 1966

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