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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 43283

Chapter 43283 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kurata, J.H.; Honda, G.D.; Frankl, H., 1982:
Hospitalization and mortality rates for peptic ulcers: a comparison of a large health maintenance organization and United States data

Kleinman, J.H., 1981:
Hospitalization and patient age in Minneapolis-St. Paul HMOs

Depue, R.A.; Dubicki, M.D., 1974:
Hospitalization and premorbid characteristics in withdrawn and active schizophrenics

Waldis, V., 1982:
Hospitalization and quarantine in times of plague-Switzerland compared to upper Italy

Boucharlat, J.; Maitre, A.; Ratel, M.; Ledru, J., 1974:
Hospitalization and regression

Ruesch, J., 1966:
Hospitalization and social disability

Calcinaro, M.M., 1981:
Hospitalization and the interaction between the attending physician and the hospital physician

Ley, R.G.; Borrell, L.J.; Lowrance, B.R., 1981:
Hospitalization and the psychiatrically impaired physician

Szarugiewicz, G.; Popławska, A.; Rój, M.; Skabara, J., 1984:
Hospitalization as a stress situation

Wienhues, J., 1980:
Hospitalization as viewed by sick secondary school children. Results of a questionnaire

Anonymous, 1966:
Hospitalization at home within the limits of the anticancer centers of the Paris area

Weber, K.H., 1970:
Hospitalization at home--its possibilities and limits

Kohlhaas, M., 1968:
Hospitalization carriers and medical records

Kizer, K.W.; Vassar, M.J.; Harry, R.L.; Layton, K.D., 1995:
Hospitalization charges, costs, and income for firearm-related injuries at a university trauma center

Schilling, M., 1974:
Hospitalization diagnosis: car accident

Kralj, I., 1974:
Hospitalization doctrine in the general defensive war

Bartoszewski, J.; Moczulski, W., 1972:
Hospitalization following suicidal attempts. A problem in psychiatric hospitals

Pontrandolfi, P., 1966:
Hospitalization for diabetes mellitus at the San Carlo hospital of Potenza

Pontrandolfi, P., 1967:
Hospitalization for echinococcal cysts at the S. Carlo hospital of Potenza: epidemiological aspects and social repercussions

Anonymous, 1995:
Hospitalization for epilepsy--United States, 1988-1992

Callahan, C.M.; Wolinsky, F.D., 1995:
Hospitalization for major depression among older Americans

Schmidt, D.; Gyr, K., 1982:
Hospitalization for malaria at the Kantonspital and St. Clara Hospital, Basle, from 1970 to 1979

Bracken, M.B.; Freeman, D.H.; Hellenbrand, K., 1982:
Hospitalization for medical-legal and other abortions in the United States 1970-1977

Anonymous, 1968:
Hospitalization for mental illness, 1968

Brown, H.P.; Schanzer, S.N., 1981:
Hospitalization for tubal sterilization

Faich, G.A.; Mullan, R., 1982:
Hospitalization for tuberculosis

Cowley, R.G.; Brasher, C.A., 1972:
Hospitalization for tuberculosis patients; necessity for an individualized approach

Marcelli, D.; Smajda, B.C.; Carrière, N.; Basquin, M.; Duché, D.J.; Dugas, M., 1981:
Hospitalization in a children's psychiatric ward in a general hospital

Chruściel, T.L.; Stodolnik, E.; Geller, E., 1983:
Hospitalization in drug-induced iatrogenic diseases

Kanz, E., 1969:
Hospitalization in intensive care units--a difficult hygienic problem

Sutton, G.F., 1965:
Hospitalization in the last year of life. United States. 1961

Anonymous, 1970:
Hospitalization is a decisive recovery factor

Anonymous, 1983:
Hospitalization of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children

Anonymous, 1969:
Hospitalization of Metropolitan employees in 1968

Anonymous, 1972:
Hospitalization of Metropolitan employees in 1971

Anonymous, 1967:
Hospitalization of Metropolitan employees, 1966

Anonymous, 1973:
Hospitalization of Metropolitan employees, 1972

Anonymous, 1966:
Hospitalization of Metropolitan personnel in 1965

Knox, J.E.; Hayes, V.E., 1983:
Hospitalization of a chronically ill child: a stressful time for parents

Bonhomme, C.; Meslier, M., 1981:
Hospitalization of a multiple injured in an intensive care unit

Rice, E.P.; Krakow, S.G., 1966:
Hospitalization of a parent for mental illness: a crisis for children

Poole, S.R.; Sharer, D.R.; Barbee, M.A.; Estep, J., 1980:
Hospitalization of a psychotic mother and her breast-feeding infant

Rault, A., 1981:
Hospitalization of adolescents : houses in town

Moron, P.; Claverie, J.; Jarrige, A.; Mouniq, C., 1981:
Hospitalization of adolescents for suicide attempts

Tonkin, R.S.; Ng, S.S.; Sheps, S.B., 1981:
Hospitalization of adolescents in a new Children's Hospital

Lelord, G.; Etienne, T.; Petitot, H.; Personne, J.; Atzenhoffer, M.O., 1972:
Hospitalization of adolescents in psychiatry. Apropos of 135 cases

Oelberg, D.G.; Finkelstein, J.W., 1981:
Hospitalization of adolescents: collecting the data base. Variations and implications

Charbonneau, P., 1972:
Hospitalization of aged persons

von Harnack, G.A., 1972:
Hospitalization of children

Klebak, S., 1983:
Hospitalization of children in Denmark. Statistics and points of view

Misès, R., 1981:
Hospitalization of children in a psychiatric ward: synthesis

Kutina, L.S.; Riumina, G.Ia.; Vdovin, V.I., 1972:
Hospitalization of children living in rural areas

Post, S., 1966:
Hospitalization of children under five

Zorina, S.N.; Pritsker, E.Ia., 1970:
Hospitalization of chronic patients in France

Anonymous, 1972:
Hospitalization of chronically sick children

Haimovici, M.; Felea, D., 1981:
Hospitalization of convalescents with streptococcal pharyngitis and scarlet fever

Anonymous, 1980:
Hospitalization of disabled Metropolitan employees according to annual income

Pittet-Faessler, E., 1983:
Hospitalization of drug addicts

Tursz, A.; Crost, M.; Guyot, M.M., 1983:
Hospitalization of foreign children in the Paris area

Granat, N.E., 1968:
Hospitalization of gynecological patients

Büky, P.; Jánossy, L.; Kaufmann, J., 1971:
Hospitalization of influenza patients during epidemics

Linchevskiĭ, E.E., 1974:
Hospitalization of mental patients

Müller, H.W.; Scheurle, G.; Engels, G., 1970:
Hospitalization of mental patients in Germany in the years 1962-1965

Bauér, R.G., 1970:
Hospitalization of multiparous mothers with active tuberculosis

Korolev, V.S., 1974:
Hospitalization of out-of-town persons in the hospital subordinated to the urban division of the public health administration

Krarup, N.B.; Gjorup, S.; Lyngsoe, J., 1972:
Hospitalization of patients who are able to look after themselves. Trial of a 5-day section for medical patients--a preliminary report

Maslenkova, N.V., 1967:
Hospitalization of patients with congenital developmental defects of the maxillofaical region in various territories of the Ukrainian SSR

Topolianskiĭ, V.D., 1970:
Hospitalization of patients with myocardial infarct complicated with pulmonary edema

Kryzhanova, V.G.; Lapiĭ, G.M., 1970:
Hospitalization of patients with otolaryngologic diseases in the UkrSSR

Vulliémoz, P., 1968:
Hospitalization of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Current aspects

Nishanov, K.N.; Palagin, A.S.; Muratova, Z.I.; Kozlov, A.N., 1980:
Hospitalization of persons with pulmonary pathology of nonspecific etiology

Lüders, H.; Ebert, U., 1969:
Hospitalization of pet birds

Albretsen, S., 1968:
Hospitalization of post partum psychotic patients, together with babies and husbands

Slepova, T.A., 1971:
Hospitalization of preschool age children

Klebak, S., 1984:
Hospitalization of preschool immigrant children

Santo-Domingo Carrasco, J.; Baca Baldomero, E., 1980:
Hospitalization of psychiatric patients in medico-surgical departments

Hascewicz-Rzecka, M., 1972:
Hospitalization of psychopathic subjects

Hammer, N.; Tomkiewicz, S.; Duche, D.J., 1968:
Hospitalization of severely retarded children in Paris

Combrinck-Graham, L.; Gursky, E.J.; Brendler, J., 1982:
Hospitalization of single-parent families of disturbed children

Killion, S.W.; McCarthy, S.M., 1980:
Hospitalization of the autistic child. Part II: autistic children, intervention

Harrison, G.J., 1984:
Hospitalization of the avian patient

Olbrich, M., 1973:
Hospitalization of the child in the mother's presence

Piazza, G.; Stormi, M.; Nordio, S., 1983:
Hospitalization of the child: new doubts on an old problem

Bled, L.; Sirven, D., 1984:
Hospitalization of the coronary patient. Psychological aspects

Appelbaum, P.S., 1984:
Hospitalization of the dangerous patient: legal pressures and clinical responses

Calvet, M., 1982:
Hospitalization of the elderly. Current regulations, future perspectives

Anonymous, 1969:
Hospitalization of the mentally ill in Tennessee

Babushkina, S.M., 1973:
Hospitalization of the province inhabitants in the hospitals of a large provincial center

Albretsen, C.S., 1966:
Hospitalization of the psychiatric patient. Administrative and therapeutic problems in attempting to use the hospital admission situation in a psychiatric clinic of a general hospital

Magazov, R.Sh., 1974:
Hospitalization of the rural inhabitants in the urban hospitals

Iudin, I.D., 1967:
Hospitalization of the rural population for diseases of long duration

Retterstol, N., 1971:
Hospitalization of young drug addicts in Scandinavia

Pedersen, P.A.; Weeke, E.R., 1982:
Hospitalization on account of asthma, urticaria and angio-edema in Denmark

Schirmer, S.; Berndt, J., 1974:
Hospitalization ordered by the district physician and by court's decision

Stroffolini, T.; Catapano, R.; Marzolini, A.; Mele, A., 1995:
Hospitalization rate and mean days of hospitalization of notified viral hepatitis cases in Italy. The Seieva Collaborating Group

Jerath, B.K.; Kimbell, B.A., 1981:
Hospitalization rates for epilepsy in the United States, 1973-1976

Vin, Z., 1983:
Hospitalization services

McQuarrie, D.G., 1983:
Hospitalization utilization levels. The application of queuing. Theory to a controversial medical economic problem

Ogborn, C.J.; Soulen, J.L.; DeAngelis, C., 1995:
Hospitalization vs outpatient treatment of young febrile infants: 10-year comparison

Rapoport, D.; Ollivier, A., 1982:
Hospitalization with his mother of the new-born child and the infant in a general paediatric unit

Schmauss, A.K.; Pohlann, K., 1967:
Hospitalization, work disability and invalidism after operations on the biliary tract in patients operated on from 1 January 1961 to 31 August 1964

Garner, H.H., 1968:
Hospitalization--a desirable procedure for mental illness

Washington, A.E.; Cates, W.; Zaidi, A.A., 1984:
Hospitalizations for pelvic inflammatory disease. Epidemiology and trends in the United States, 1975 to 1981

Oudet, P.; Bleger, A.; Roegel, E.; Bohner, C.; Pauli, G.; Weitzenblum, E., 1971:
Hospitalizations for pulmonary tuberculosis, 1969 and 1970

Anonymous, 1995:
Hospitalizations for urinary tract infections, 1993

Casanova, C.; Starfield, B., 1995:
Hospitalizations of children and access to primary care: a cross-national comparison

Rubin, G.K., 1981:
Hospitalized adolescents and interns: enhancing the doctor-patient relationship

Sendi, I.B.; Johnson, J.W., 1972:
Hospitalized adolescents and therapeutic milieu: denial of conflicts versus normality as average

Renshaw, C.; Hillenbrand, C.; Meriac, I., 1972:
Hospitalized adolescents having previously committed theft

Morra, E.; Casti, M.; Pratis, S.; Comi, E.; Landra, P.; Beggiato, O.; Muratori, F.; Oddone, V., 1981:
Hospitalized aged patients as a social problem. Preliminary study

Wolff, K., 1968:
Hospitalized alcoholic patients. 3. Motivating alcoholics through group psychotherapy

Tomsovic, M., 1968:
Hospitalized alcoholic patients. I. A two-year study of medical, social, and psychological characteristics

Schual, F.; Salter, H.; Paley, M.G., 1968:
Hospitalized alcoholic patients. II. The rationale of a residential program

Slaughter, L.D.; Torno, K., 1968:
Hospitalized alcoholic patients. IV. The role of patient-counselors

Mueller, S.R.; Ferneau, E.W., 1968:
Hospitalized alcoholic patients. V. Hospital acceptance of a program

Wilson, W.M., 1968:
Hospitalized alcoholic patients. VI. Training personnel to work with alcoholic patients

Stage, T.B.; Douglass, G.S., 1968:
Hospitalized alcoholic patients. VII. How to estimate program costs

Costello, C.G., 1969:
Hospitalized and depressed...

Lambert, D.C., 1982:
Hospitalized burn patients--effects of severity and lethality. Influence of demographic variables on risk and cost indicators

Haynes, C.F.; Cutler, C.; Gray, J.; Kempe, R.S., 1984:
Hospitalized cases of nonorganic failure to thrive: the scope of the problem and short-term lay health visitor intervention

Liszka, J., 1971:
Hospitalized children

Norrelund, N., 1973:
Hospitalized children, social stratification and hospital diagnoses

Schandl, V.; Löschenkohl, E., 1980:
Hospitalized children: evaluation of an intervention program in behavior disorders

Alexander, R.E., 1969:
Hospitalized dental patients: the nurse's role

Cheek, F.E.; Wolcott, R., 1968:
Hospitalized disturbed children. Demographic, family background and behavioral characteristics

Wilson, W.M., 1968:
Hospitalized drug addicts aid public education

Bull, M.J.; Jervis, L.L.; Her, M.A., 1995:
Hospitalized elders: the difficulties families encounter

Laufbergerová, J., 1968:
Hospitalized eye injuries of children at the 1st Eye Clinic in the years 1935-1938 and 1958-1961

Kitamura, Y., 1969:
Hospitalized patients and recreation

Stepter, N.G., 1981:
Hospitalized patients work!

Swanson, D.W.; Weddige, R.L.; Morse, R.M., 1973:
Hospitalized pentazocine abusers

Fleming, J.W., 1974:
Hospitalized physically disabled children focus on things not people

Noreik, K., 1972:
Hospitalized psychoses among "travellers" in Norway

Kjeldsen-Kragh, E.; Bertelsen, A., 1984:
Hospitalized schoolchildren's knowledge of their bodies, illness and treatment

Meers, P.D., 1980:
Hospitals ...should do the sick no harm. 9. Respiratory tract infection

Slothus, H.F., 1983:
Hospitals access CT capability by sharing mobile unit

Anonymous, 1981:
Hospitals adopt Japanese managerial style

Rusk, H.A., 1966:
Hospitals aid Korean health program

Snedecor, S.T.; Ulan, M.S., 1966:
Hospitals aid doctors in N.J. surveys

Brekke, A.B., 1980:
Hospitals amidst the credit crunch

Schumacher, D.N., 1981:
Hospitals and PSROs: can quality compete with cost?

Evans, R.L., 1967:
Hospitals and Regional Medical Programs: a plea for coordinated action

Anonymous, 1965:
Hospitals and Sick Fund board

Anonymous, 1966:
Hospitals and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Anonymous, 1968:
Hospitals and alcoholics

Bernstein, A.H., 1981:
Hospitals and antitrust laws: a contemporary reality

Elwell, R.N., 1969:
Hospitals and centers move toward a single system of comprehensive services

Ribi, M.E., 1965:
Hospitals and civil defense

Chignoli, V., 1968:
Hospitals and community health services: their social and welfare connections

Kryu, S.; Oba, Y., 1971:
Hospitals and computers

Phillips, D.F., 1974:
Hospitals and cost controls: road to crisis

Boucek, J., 1971:
Hospitals and emergency operations

Abbis, C., 1968:
Hospitals and government

Stauffer, E.S., 1972:
Hospitals and health centers in community health: USC Health Services Center Program

Fuerst, H.T.; Lichtman, H.S.; Stuart, G.M., 1967:
Hospitals and health department cooperate in hospital epidemiology program

Mahler, H., 1980:
Hospitals and health for all by the year 2000

Mahler, H., 1980:
Hospitals and health for all in the year 2000

Tolbert, D.J., 1966:
Hospitals and high schools work together in Seattle vocational program

Bernstein, A.H., 1973:
Hospitals and labor laws

Walewski, J., 1964:
Hospitals and medical centers in Bialystok in 1919-1944

Bonnet, P.D., 1966:
Hospitals and medicare

Bauer, F., 1966:
Hospitals and nursing in Australia

Hultén, G.; Hultén, O., 1970:
Hospitals and outpatient clinics

Kassel, V., 1971:
Hospitals and patient care--a historical report

Werner, B., 1969:
Hospitals and physicians in Japan

Christian, W., 1974:
Hospitals and planned hospital beds. From 1972 hospital statistics

Boccadoro, S.; Zerboni, R.; Ingiulla, M., 1968:
Hospitals and prefabrication. I. Findings and considerations on climatic conditions recorded in a prefabricated hospital pavilion of a light type of construction

Boccadoro, S.; Zerboni, R.; Ingiulla, M., 1968:
Hospitals and prefabrication. II. Behavior and significance of some climatic indices, recorded in a prefabricated hospital pavilion of a light type of construction

Hardie, M., 1984:
Hospitals and primary health care (PHC)

Babcock, K.B., 1967:
Hospitals and quality patient care

Bellagarda, G., 1972:
Hospitals and roads of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente. First evaluation of local literay sources

Snoke, A.W., 1973:
Hospitals and state governments: a conversation with Albert W. Snoke, M. D.

Bernstein, A.H., 1973:
Hospitals and tax exemptions

Quigley, J.M., 1965:
Hospitals and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Kalman, R.W., 1984:
Hospitals and the Social Security Amendments of 1983

Carter, P.V., 1967:
Hospitals and the changing labor climate

Terenzio, J.V., 1966:
Hospitals and the changing legal climate

Saint, E.G., 1970:
Hospitals and the community

Engley, F.B., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: biological interrelationships

Wilkinson, T.K.; Morrison, R.P.; Oviatt, V.R., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: control of physical and chemical agents

Phillips, D.F., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: ecological logic

Gohr, F.A., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: fundamentals of administration

Jain, J.L.; Arora, S.R.; Bond, R.G., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: integrated approach eliminates waste

Collins, T.M., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: legal aspects of pollution control

Cihlar, C., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: links to the community

Weatherby, R., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: manpower needs

Wheeler, E.T., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: no hospital is an island

Blodgett, J.E., 1972:
Hospitals and the environment: the new legislation

Lesparre, M., 1969:
Hospitals and the ghetto: a try for rapport: report on a workshop to improve hospital relations with the urban ghetto

Holbrook, J.A., 1968:
Hospitals and the growing problem of waste disposal

Hayt, E., 1969:
Hospitals and the law: inadequate treatment held cause of patient's death

Bauer, F., 1967:
Hospitals and the nursing profession in Turkey

Smith, M.C., 1968:
Hospitals and the practice of medicine in Spanish Pensacola

McCarrick, H., 1969:
Hospitals and the press

Alexander, J.A.; Evashwick, C.J.; Rundall, T., 1984:
Hospitals and the provision of care to the aged: a cluster analysis

Bailey, W., 1969:
Hospitals and unions

Schafer, R., 1965:
Hospitals and urban renewal

Steudler, F., 1995:
Hospitals and urbanism: the needs and expectations of users

McKneely, T.B.; Jansen, W.C., 1965:
Hospitals and welfare departments

Anonymous, 1971:
Hospitals are also transferred to centralized employment

Walker, S.R.; Berry, R.E., 1980:
Hospitals are caught in regulatory crossruff

Anonymous, 1966:
Hospitals are factories

Calhoun, G.L., 1980:
Hospitals are high-stress employers

Anonymous, 1971:
Hospitals are people

McGaw, F.G., 1965:
Hospitals as a market: a noneconomist's view

Robles, C., 1980:
Hospitals as microsocieties

Crosby, E.L., 1970:
Hospitals as the center of the health care universe

Cihlar, C., 1974:
Hospitals can and do cooperate

Sabolik, R.J., 1980:
Hospitals can benefit from LIFO system

Bowles, G.C., 1968:
Hospitals can learn from data on community pharmacies

Rice, J.A.; Slack, R.S.; Garside, P.A., 1981:
Hospitals can learn valuable marketing strategies from hotels

Reed, M.E., 1981:
Hospitals can require liability insurance

Regan, W.A., 1980:
Hospitals can set limits on functions of private scrubs

Jensen, S.M., 1995:
Hospitals can take steps to ease end-of-life decision making

Rosenkvist, I., 1981:
Hospitals can therefore burn

Bailey, D.R., 1973:
Hospitals can, must influence change

Holtved, C., 1971:
Hospitals cannot afford to ignore productivity measurement

Riffer, J., 1982:
Hospitals challenged to restrict smoking

Bastnagel, G.; Hyde, F.; Koeppe, M.L.; Priver, J., 1973:
Hospitals consolidate medical services

Roberts, R.I., 1974:
Hospitals continue to grow despite federal cutbacks

Cohen, C.F.; Bachofer, H.J., 1980:
Hospitals continue to outperform general economy

Malloy, J.M., 1974:
Hospitals coordinate chemical abuse programs

Law, H., 1966:
Hospitals debate infection control issue

Jarcho, S., 1972:
Hospitals depicted in old maps and panoramas. 3

Jarcho, S., 1972:
Hospitals depicted in old maps and panoramas. IV. Seventeenth century Geneva

Anonymous, 1982:
Hospitals dislike cost-based system, favor prospective payment: survey

Galvagni, W., 1981:
Hospitals diversify to thrive in a competitive environment

Burns, L.A., 1980:
Hospitals diversify, expand ambulatory care. Spectrum of services: from out-patient surgery to primary care

Belli, M.M., 1971:
Hospitals ear too. (Or why shouldn't hospitals make a profit?)

Battistella, R.M., 1966:
Hospitals face up to New York controls

Patterson, P., 1982:
Hospitals feel pinch as costs go up and federal funds go down

Raithel, J.B.; Voorhees, A.L., 1967:
Hospitals find new source of manpower in visually handicapped

Anonymous, 1971:
Hospitals for allergic patients concentrate on development in their field

Orita, S.; Minami, S.; Nimura, T., 1971:
Hospitals for cardiovascular diseases in the U.S.A. and European countries. 3

Scott, C.J., 1984:
Hospitals for the disabled

Morris, P., 1970:
Hospitals for the subnormal

Shannon, K., 1984:
Hospitals generating revenue by selling telephone services

Kane, D.A., 1966:
Hospitals give de facto endorsement to a health hazard

Marshall, E., 1980:
Hospitals harbor a built-in disease source

Olson, S., 1969:
Hospitals haven't taken the part they should in regional programs

Christian, W., 1970:
Hospitals in 1968. Results of official hospital statistics

Kennedy, R.B., 1968:
Hospitals in 1969: fewer institutions, more beds, new capabilities

Stach, J., 1965:
Hospitals in Czechoslovakia in 1964

Anonymous, 1971:
Hospitals in Georgia as of January 1, 1971

de Roos- à Cohen, S., 1965:
Hospitals in Israel

Makowiec, J., 1972:
Hospitals in Kalisz and the beginning of the Boguslawski theater

Weisl, B.A., 1972:
Hospitals in New York City and public health law

Smart, J., 1971:
Hospitals in Prague

Karenberg, A., 1995:
Hospitals in Prague from the high Middle Ages to the Enlightenment (1135-1800)

Jetter, D., 1980:
Hospitals in Salzburg

Anonymous, 1971:
Hospitals in Sweden. Computer at Danderyd will help provide health care by the numbers

Anonymous, 1971:
Hospitals in Sweden. Huddinge Hospital: 200 million of health care

Anonymous, 1971:
Hospitals in Sweden. Karolinska Hospital is site of Swedish computer study

Anonymous, 1971:
Hospitals in Sweden. New systems, new buildings, new equipment, and old problems

Landauer, J., 1967:
Hospitals in boxes

Alekseev, G.A., 1984:
Hospitals in monasteries in the mid-Volga region

Roeschlaub, E.L., 1968:
Hospitals in riot-torn cities meet patient needs head on

Anonymous, 1980:
Hospitals in the 1980s: past decade held several surprises

Solursh, L.P., 1970:
Hospitals in the Canadian drug scence

Mühlenbrock, W., 1969:
Hospitals in the Federal Republic

Kwaśniewicz, J., 1971:
Hospitals in the Lubusz Province in the years 1945-1955

Ammundsen, E., 1970:
Hospitals in the future

Grzegorz, M., 1974:
Hospitals in the lands of the Teutonic Order in Prussia

Ralston, R.M.; Jelen, S., 1984:
Hospitals in the news

Martin, J., 1984:
Hospitals in trouble. Interview by Laurence Dopson

Parnell, R.W., 1970:
Hospitals in wonderland

Thueson, J., 1980:
Hospitals join Michigan public policy forum

Anonymous, 1982:
Hospitals leaving Social Security system

Moore, J.F.; Grams, R.J., 1980:
Hospitals list nurse graduate expectations

Fink, F.S.; Rossiter, D.; Wall, M.S., 1984:
Hospitals looking to standard costing systems

Anonymous, 1981:
Hospitals make special efforts for long-term and disabled patients: RV parking

Anonymous, 1981:
Hospitals make special efforts for long-term and disabled patients: handicapped awareness

Anonymous, 1970:
Hospitals may assume role of information centres

Speltz, D.E., 1982:
Hospitals must change missions and marketing to better serve the elderly

Melum, M.M., 1980:
Hospitals must change, control is the issue

Levi, A.H., 1982:
Hospitals must conduct ongoing review of their policies on "disposables versus reusables'

Kopit, W.G.; Gerson, S.M.; Moses, R.J., 1982:
Hospitals must consider antitrust implications of multi-institutional arrangements

Elliott, C.L., 1981:
Hospitals must face heavy unionization drives in '80s--part 2

Elliott, C.L., 1981:
Hospitals must face heavy unionization drives in '80s-Part 1

Bennett, A.C., 1969:
Hospitals must find way to train and use hard-core unemployed

Nelson, S.R., 1980:
Hospitals must learn to make a difference. Interview by Emily Friedman

Vinsel, D.B., 1980:
Hospitals must plan for nuclear accidents

Rourke, A.J., 1971:
Hospitals must reach out to M.D.s

Berke, M., 1971:
Hospitals must restructure to meet public needs

Flanders, D.M., 1984:
Hospitals not best source of home health care

Atkins, N.M.; Alexander, L.L., 1973:
Hospitals of East Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia

Alexander, L.L.; Atkins, N.M., 1973:
Hospitals of West Africa. Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria

Zablotniak, R., 1968 :
Hospitals of the Augustów diocese in 1806-1824

McCarrick, H., 1969:
Hospitals of the Shetlands. 1

McCarrick, H., 1969:
Hospitals of the Shetlands. 2

Lazinski, H.; Oppeneer, J., 1974:
Hospitals offer employees health programs

Anonymous, 1981:
Hospitals offer help in coping with stress--empathy classes

Riffer, J., 1982:
Hospitals offer money-back guarantees

Kurata, M., 1967:
Hospitals operated by medical associations as open system hospitals

Kuzminski, B.M., 1972:
Hospitals or penal institutions?

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Hospitals outperform the general economy

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Hospitals pay value added tax on drugs

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Hospitals play key role in improving conditions for the disabled

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Hospitals prove that community spirit can be contagious

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Hospitals receive first PPS payments

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Hospitals recruit managers by ads, 1981 survey shows

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Hospitals redefine their business. Competitive hospitals manage networks of relationships, not just buildings, with alternative delivery systems

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Hospitals reorganize to survive the '80s

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Hospitals report from riot areas

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Hospitals report increase in gram-negative infections

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Hospitals report on energy conservation (part 2)

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Hospitals responsible for alcohol and drug addicts

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Hospitals sell own systems, discover receptive market

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Hospitals share nursing success stories

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Hospitals should be 'good citizens'

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Hospitals should be fitness centers

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Hospitals should demand rigid adherence to instrument counts

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Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 1. They are still dangerous places

Stronge, J.L.; Meers, P.D., 1980:
Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 10. Hospital acquired bacteraemia

Meers, P.; Stronge, J.L., 1980:
Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 11. Controlling infection by isolation--1

Stronge, J.L.; Meers, P.D., 1980:
Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 12. Controlling infection by isolation - 2

Stronge, J.L.; Meers, P.D., 1980:
Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 2. Why are bacteria harmful?

Meers, P.D.; Stronge, J.L., 1980:
Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 3. Where does infection come from?

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Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 4. Combating infection - 1. Introduction, and sterilisation

Stronge, J.L.; Meers, P.D., 1980:
Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 6. Combating infection--3. personal factors

Meers, P.D., 1980:
Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 7. Urinary tract infection

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Hospitals should do the sick no harm. 8. The infection of wounds

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Hospitals should link education assistance to human resource plans

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Hospitals should look at long-term care options

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Hospitals should retain their schools of nursing

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Hospitals solve nursing shortage by arranging subsidized housing

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Hospitals strive for greater efficiency

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Hospitals sweepstakes in the Irish Republic

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Hospitals target of litigants' search for the 'deep pocket'

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Hospitals today in Italy: staff and sanitary structure

Bernstein, A.H., 1980:
Hospitals under federal labor law

Lesparre, M., 1984:
Hospitals urged to back trustee liability bill

Anonymous, 1984:
Hospitals urged to employ disabled persons

Terry, L.L.; Twigg-Porter, G., 1980:
Hospitals use Medic Alert system in patient education programs

Hogg, J.R., 1981:
Hospitals use lease-purchase of equipment as cash alternative

Anonymous, 1971:
Hospitals use new technology of training to teach new technology of care

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Hospitals versus physicians, POs versus PHOs: the providers' struggle for control of managed care contracting

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Hospitals warn against stories between storeys

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Hospitals will get fuel they need, and a bigger bill

Lawlor, E., 1980:
Hospitals will survive in an uneasy economy

Shinn, J.A., 1995:
Hospitals with strong nursing practice have better patient outcomes

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Hospitals withdraw from Social Security

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Hospitals within the health plan

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Hospitals without students: Toowoomba nurses look to the future

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Hospitals' expanding responsibility

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Hospitals' liability: how much, for what, and for whom

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Hospitals' loss of 'charitable immunity' protection may mean fewer malpractice suits against physicians

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Hospitals' organizational structure

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Hospitals, 1991-2000

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Hospitals, HCFA clash over PRO quotas

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Hospitals, chaplains and medical personnel

Bern, P., 1969:
Hospitals, junior college cooperate to train medical secretaries

Aronow, S., 1968:
Hospitals, manufacturers need greater awareness of electrical hazards

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Hospitals, patients, and politics

Bernstein, A.H., 1973:
Hospitals, physicians, and income taxes

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Hospitals, press, and public

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Hospitals, public policy, and the future: an interview with John Alexander McMahon. Interview by John K. Iglehart

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Hospitals, systems and persons (I)

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Hospitals--Hill-Burton to Medicare

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Hospitals--not government take initiative in cutting costs--with Hospital Purchasing Incorporated

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Hospitals--our patriarchal institutions

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Hospitals--things to come in the '80s

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Hospitals. An expanding role in emergency service

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Hospitals... no exception to scientific management techniques

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Hospitals: HEW advisory committee urges more supervision and planning

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Hospitals: changing roles and responsibilities

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Hospitals: focus of the search for better health care

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Hospitals: from center to periphery

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Hospitals: neglecting the need for employee health programs

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Hospitals: what they represent

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Hospitals; application case for the new constitutional business law?

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Hospitalwide education program updates skills in all jobs

Anonymous, 1982:
Hospitalwide input facilitates spectrum of teaching programs

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Hospitalwide medication policies and standards

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Host and environment in disease

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Hot line

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Hot water for itching

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Hot water--at the touch of a foot

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Hot-water laundering aids infection control

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Hot-wire spirometer

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Hotel dialysis, artificial kidney treatment outside the hospital

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Hotel fires safety tips

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Hotel fires. Some tips on survival

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Hotel food inspired this hospital's fare

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Hotel hygiene

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Hotel to hospital: update

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Hotel-Dieu Saint-Vallier de Chicoutimi

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Hottentots and prostitutes: on an iconography of the sexualized woman

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Hotting-up the complement-fixation test

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Houlihan: the man the issues

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Hound's tongue--Cynoglóssum officinále

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Hour of birth

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Hour of decision

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Hour-glass abscess of the thoracic wall

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Hourglass model of psychiatric diseases: the endogenous psychoses

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Hourly and daily fluctuations of blood LH in the post-menopause

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Hourly behavior of the urinary excretion of soluble substances in the aged

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Hourly gastric juice potassium and sodium output and their relation to the acid- and pepsin-forming function of the stomach in patients with chronic gastritis and ulcer

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Hourly leukocyturia: the 6-methyl-prednisolone test

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Hourly variations in rectal temperature and prolactinemia in the creole goat kept outside in a tropical environment