Human allospecific T cell proliferative clones: different T cell clones expressing an apparently identical HLA class II specificity are heterogeneous in regard to their proliferative inhibition by a panel of monoclonal antibodies against human Ia-like antigens

Bourgue, F.; Rebai, N.; Mawas, C.

Human Immunology 8(1): 33-40


ISSN/ISBN: 0198-8859
PMID: 6195133
DOI: 10.1016/0198-8859(83)90079-4
Accession: 043288118

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Four independent PLT clones displaying an apparently identical class II specificity (i.e., Dw/DR3) were found to give a heterogeneous pattern of inhibition in relation to 15 anti-class II mAb and an anti-beta 2m mAb used as a control. Some clones were inhibited by all anti-class II mAbs, irrespective of the cluster of molecular subsets with which they reacted. Such clones were also inhibited by the control anti-beta 2m mAb. Other clones were inhibited by only a few of the mAb tested. Within this group of T clones following the addition of a limiting amount of conditioned medium the inhibitory data of all independent clones with an identical specificity were inhibited by the same mAb; under these conditions, it was possible to relate the mAb inhibition patterns with the specificity of the T cell clones and these T cell specificities with the epitopic cluster/molecular subsets defined by these mAbs. A new level of T cell subset heterogeneity within T cell clones with apparent identical proliferative specificities is demonstrated, in relation to the T cell clone "susceptibility" or "resistance" to the effects of anti-class II mAbs directed towards their own Ia-like antigens.