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Human liver alcohol dehydrogenase: purification and kinetic characterization of the beta 2 beta 2, beta 2 beta 1, alpha beta 2, and beta 2 gamma 1 "Oriental" isoenzymes

Human liver alcohol dehydrogenase: purification and kinetic characterization of the beta 2 beta 2, beta 2 beta 1, alpha beta 2, and beta 2 gamma 1 "Oriental" isoenzymes

Biochemistry 23(24): 5847-5853

Four alcohol dehydrogenase isoenzymes with "atypical" pH optima for ethanol oxidation at 8.8 were isolated from Japanese livers with the homozygous ADH2 2-2 and the heterozygous ADH2 2-1 phenotypes. Agarose gel isoelectric focusing patterns after dissociation--recombination of three isoenzymes purified from the homozygous livers indicate that they are beta 2 beta 2, alpha beta 2, and beta 2 gamma 1. A fourth isoenzyme, purified from livers with the heterozygous phenotype by agarose-hexane--AMP affinity chromatography, was identified as beta 2 beta 1 by dissociation-recombination studies. The kinetic properties of the three heterodimers, beta 2 beta 1, alpha beta 2, and beta 2 gamma 1, are intermediate between those of the respective homodimers, suggesting that the two subunits act independently. Product inhibition studies indicate that beta 2 beta 2 obeys an ordered sequential mechanism, as do the alpha alpha, beta 1 beta 1, gamma 1 gamma 1, and gamma 2 gamma 2 homodimers which have the "typical" pH optimum for ethanol oxidation at pH 10.0-10.5. The kinetic constants of beta 2 beta 2 differ substantially from those of the other homodimers. At pH 7.5, the Vmax for ethanol oxidation of beta 2 beta 2 is 5-40 times higher than that of alpha alpha, beta 1 beta 1, gamma 1 gamma 1, and gamma 2 gamma 2. The Km and Ki values of beta 2 beta 2 for NAD+ and NADH are also considerably higher than those of the other homodimers.

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Accession: 043290585

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PMID: 6395883

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