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Increased frequency of sister chromatid exchange in persons occupationally exposed to ethylene oxide

Laurent, C.; Frederic, J.; Maréchal, F.

Annales de Genetique 26(3): 138-142


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3995
PMID: 6606375
Accession: 043375352

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Mutagenic effects of ethylene oxide have been demonstrated by short-term testing in vitro and in vivo in several organisms. Its oncogenic activity for man has been suspected and recently supported by experiments in mice. Exposure can occur during ethylene oxide gas sterilization of medical materials. We have tested effects on chromosomes by estimating sister chromatids exchange (SCE) frequency. Our results, reported here, show that exposure to this substance during work is followed by a very highly significant increase of SCE frequency as compared with controls. Thus, the SCE test may, under particular conditions, represent a reliable test for exposure to certain toxic agents.

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