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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 43441

Chapter 43441 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kielholz, P., 1973:
International Seminar Research on Alcohol, Drugs and Driving, 25th-27th October, 1972, held at the University Psychiatric Clinic, Basle, Switzerland

Anonymous, 1995:
International Seminar on National Health Promoting Policies, Strategies, and Structures. Paris, November 21-23, 1994. Report and recommendations

Maskrey, A., 1994:
International Seminar on Society and Disaster Prevention, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 23-25 February 1994

Anonymous, 1981:
International Society for Experimental Hematology. Membership roster 1980-1981

Anonymous, 1982:
International Society for Experimental Hematology. Membership roster 1981-1982

Park, E.S.Y.; Rabinowits, G.; Hamnvik, O-Petter.R.; Dagi, L.R., 2018:
A case of Graves' ophthalmopathy associated with pembrolizumab (Keytruda) therapy

Long, X.; Xiong, J.; Mo, Z.; Zhang, Q.; Jin, P., 2018:
A case of growth hormone deficiency combined with neurofibromatosis Type 1 and its gene analysis

Khoo, C.Soong.; Ali, A.Hassan.; Remli, R.; Tan, H.Jan., 2018:
A case of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) presenting with acute urinary retention and T6 sensory level

Denny, R.J., 1969:
International Society for Rehabilitation of the Disabled. Rehabilitation: new talent for the community

Anonymous, 1983:
International Society for twin studies

Anonymous, 1965:
International Society of Art and Psychopathology. Annual directory 1965, 2d edition

Anonymous, 1970:
International Society of Dental Technicians

Gonakoti, S.; Bahirwani, J.; Maddala, R.Naga.Mahesh.; Vidyasagar, S., 2018:
A case of H3N2 complicated by acute kidney injury secondary to rhabdomyolysis

Scavia, G.; Gianviti, A.; Labriola, V.; Chiani, P.; Maugliani, A.; Michelacci, V.; Minelli, F.; Tozzoli, R.; Caprioli, A.; Morabito, S., 2018:
A case of haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS) revealed an outbreak of Shiga toxin-2-producing Escherichia coli O26:H11 infection in a nursery, with long-lasting shedders and person-to-person transmission, Italy 2015

Gu, K.; Silver, S., 2018:
A Case of Hailey-Hailey Disease Managed With Oral Magnesium Citrate and High-Dose Vitamin D3

Gu, W.J.; Liu, H.Q.; Yao, W.K.; Yu, H., 2017:
A case of hamartoma of the root tounge in a newborn

Frank, S.B., 1981:
International Society of Tropical Dermatology in perspective

Matsuo, K.; Koga, M.; Honda, M.; Kanda, T., 2018:
A case of Hashimoto's encephalopathy successfully treated with cyclophosphamide pulse therapy

Anonymous, 1965:
International Stomatological Association

Shah, A.A., 1994:
International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC)

Gao, X.H.; Hao, X.F.; Jing, P.; Xu, G.H., 2018:
A case of HCV/HBV coininfection treated with sofobuvir and peginterferon α-2b plus ribavirin

M'Kendrick, J.G., 1869:
A Case of Heart Disease (Cardiac Thrombosis)

Anonymous, 1972:
International Surgical Association

Kishida, C.; Naito, R.; Kasuya, H.; Kaneko, T.; Yabe, K.; Kakihara, M.; Shimai, R.; Isogai, H.; Ozaki, D.; Yasuda, Y.; Odagiri, F.; Miyazaki, T.; Yokoyama, K.; Tokano, T.; Koyano, H.; Nakazato, Y., 2018:
A Case of Heart Failure with Hyperthyroidism Demonstrating Discrepancy between the Clinical Course and B-type Natriuretic Peptide Levels

Anonymous, 1980:
International Symposium on Actual Problems in Cancer Control, Berlin, German Democratic Republic, 14-15 December 1979

Anonymous, 1984:
International Symposium on Anaerobic Bacteria and Their Role in Disease. Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California, October 11-13, 1981

Inagaki, C.; Shimoi, T.; Okuma, H.; Kitano, A.; Shimomura, A.; Noguchi, E.; Kodaira, M.; Yunokawa, M.; Yonemori, K.; Shimizu, C.; Yoshida, A.; Fujiwara, Y.; Tamura, K., 2017:
A case of heavily pretreated metastatic cardiac angiosarcoma treated successfully using eribulin

Anonymous, 1995 :
International Symposium on Cannabis and the Cannabinoids. Proceedings. Esterel, Quebec, Canada. July 21-23, 1994

Anonymous, 1994:
International Symposium on Cerebral Blood Vessels '93. Proceedings. Zao, Japan, 28-30 May 1993

Smahel, O., 1970:
International Symposium on Clinical Pharmacology. Closing address

Smahel, O., 1970:
International Symposium on Clinical Pharmacology. Introduction

Takagi, A.; Ozawa, H.; Oki, M.; Yanagi, H.; Nabeshima, K.; Nakamura, N., 2018:
A Case of Helicobacter pylori-negative Advanced Gastric Cancer with Massive Eosinophilia

Anonymous, 1981:
International Symposium on Control of Nosocomial Infection, Jerusalem, Israel, April 28-May 2, 1980

Dahlberg, A.A., 1967:
International Symposium on Dental Morphology. Introduction

Anonymous, 1995:
International Symposium on Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy, Clinical and Molecular Genetic Aspects of the Disease. Kyoto, Japan, July 10, 1994

Diefenbach, V.L., 1969:
International Symposium on Fluoridation and Preventive Dentistry Summary

Anonymous, 1995:
International Symposium on Glycolytic and Mitochondrial Defects in Muscle and Nerve. Osaka, Japan, July 7-8, 1994

Anonymous, 1984:
International Symposium on High-Frequency Ventilation. 18-20 November 1983, New York. Proceedings

Smithers, D.W., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Closing summary: Goals for the future

Epstein, M.A.; Probert, M., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Session 1. Epidemiology and etiology. Part 2. Virology and serology--new approaches to identification of an etiologic agent

Carbone, P.P., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Session 4. Small group workshops. Report on workshop: Chemotherapy

Ultmann, J.E., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Session 4. Small group workshops. Report on workshop: Clinical evaluation, staging and prognosis

Miller, R.W., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Session 4. Small group workshops. Report on workshop: Epidemiology, virology, and immunology

Thomas, L.B., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Session 4. Small group workshops. Report on workshop: Experimental cytology and histopathology

Kaplan, H.S.; Rosenberg, S.A., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Session 5. Treatment. Current status of clinical trials: Stanford experience, 1962-72

Rappaport, H.; Strum, S.B., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Session 6. Survival data and prognosis. Criteria of cure: clinical-pathological correlations

Hutchison, G.B., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Session 6. Survival data and prognosis. Criteria of cure: statistical considerations

Efron, B., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's Disease. Session 6. Survival data and prognosis. Invited discussion: Forcing a sequential experiment to be balanced

McDevitt, H.O., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's disease. Session 1. Epidemiology and etiology. Part 3. Immunology. Invited discussion: Genetic factors in immune responsivess

Bonadonna, G., 1973:
International Symposium on Hodgkin's disease. Session 3. Diagnostic evaluation and clinical staging. Invited discussion: Value of staging laparotomy with splenectomy

Anonymous, 1984:
International Symposium on Human Gonadotropins. 15-16 September 1983

Anonymous, 1984:
International Symposium on Human Trematode Infections in Southeast and East Asia. Kyongju, Republic of Korea, October 19-21, 1983. Proceedings

Anonymous, 1981:
International Symposium on Immunodiagnosis and Immunotherapy of Cancer, Erfurt, GDR, October 12-16, 1980

Anonymous, 1981:
International Symposium on Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Humans, 2-5 September 1980, Interlaken, Switzerland. Work in progress

Anonymous, 1983:
International Symposium on Measles Immunization. Pan American Health Association, Washington, D.C., March 16-19, 1982

Katz, S.L., 1983:
International Symposium on Measles Immunization: summary and recommendations

Mori, Y.; Mizutani, S.; Ono, D.; Ichinose, K.; Watanabe, M.; Yokota, T., 2018:
A case of hemichorea associated with lung adenocarcinoma

Anonymous, 1983:
International Symposium on Neuroradiology. Cost-effectiveness in neuroradiology. Bordeaux, 14-15 May 1982

Anonymous, 1983:
International Symposium on Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology. Düsseldorf, May 27 and 28, 1983

Anonymous, 1994:
International Symposium on Peptic Ulcer, from Experimental Approaches to Clinical Uses. Hong Kong, 8-10 January 1994

Anonymous, 1994:
International Symposium on Recent Progress in Epidemiology, Microbiology and Hygiene (Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw: 1918-1993)

Anonymous, 1983:
International Symposium on Residues and Toxicity of Bromide. In memory of M. J. van Logten

Anonymous, 1971:
International Symposium on Rifampicin. Morning discussion

Anonymous, 1994:
International Symposium on Thoracoscopic Sympathicotomy. Boras, Sweden, June 2-4, 1993

Anonymous, 1994:
International Symposium on a Cellular and Molecular View of CK2. Heidelberg, Germany, May 1994

Wegner, Z., 1973:
International Symposium on control of lice and lice-born diseases

Lachmajer, J., 1974 :
International Symposium on malaria in Rabat

Anonymous, 1981:
International Symposium on the Biosynthesis of Elastin, Orvieto, Italy, June 5-7, 1980. Papers

Meikandan, D.; Ramasubramanian, D., 2018:
A Case of hemophilia with intracranial bleeding

Bergmann, E.D., 1969:
International Symposium on the Physicochemical Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

Winkler, K., 1967:
International Symposium on the Therapy of Portal Hypertension

Shows, T.B.; Alper, C.A.; Bootsma, D.; Dorf, M.; Douglas, T.; Huisman, T.; Kit, S.; Klinger, H.P.; Kozak, C.; Lalley, P.A.; Lindsley, D.; McAlpine, P.J.; McDougall, J.K.; Meera Khan, P.; Meisler, M.; Morton, N.E.; Opitz, J.M.; Partridge, C.W.; Payne, R.; Roderick, T.H.; Rubinstein, P.; Ruddle, F.H.; Shaw, M.; Spranger, J.W.; Weiss, K., 1980:
International System for Human Gene Nomenclature (1979) ISGN (1979)

Edanaga, M.; Hoshi, T.; Azumaguchi, R.; Yamakage, M., 2018:
A case of hemothorax due to traumatic bleeding managed effectively by Sonoclot®-guided blood transfusion

Erler, F.; Noswitz, J.R.; Schmidt, W., 1982:
International Terminological Dictionary on Health Education--a result of multilateral cooperation among socialist countries

Anonymous, 1982:
International Transfusion and Transplantation Workshop report: Presensitization Workshop

Christensen, V.A., 1974:
International Trends: nursing in a changing world

Efimova, A.A.; Tatochenko, V.K., 1968:
International UNICEF seminar on problems of preschool children in the Soviet Union

Gardner, W.U., 1974:
International Union Against Cancer: brief history, organization, and program review of a non-governmental voluntary organization

Shebanov, F.V., 1971:
International Union Against Tuberculosis and international conferences

Anonymous, 1969:
International Union Against Tuberculosis, Committee of Prophylaxis

Anonymous, 1969:
International Union Against Tuberculosis, Committee on Bacteriology and Immunology

Anonymous, 1969:
International Union Against Tuberculosis, Committee on Diagnostic Methods

Anonymous, 1969:
International Union Against Tuberculosis, Committee on Epidemiology and Statistics

Anonymous, 1969:
International Union Against Tuberculosis, Committee on Treatment

Anonymous, 1969:
International Union Against Tuberculosis, Committee on Tuberculosis in Animals

Waugh, M., 1995:
International Union Against the Venereal Diseases and the Treponematoses: an overview

Catterall, R.D., 1980:
International Union against Venereal Diseases and Treponematoses

Jenkinson, D.H.; Barnard, E.A.; Hoyer, D.; Humphrey, P.P.; Leff, P.; Shankley, N.P., 1995:
International Union of Pharmacology Committee on Receptor Nomenclature and Drug Classification. IX. Recommendations on terms and symbols in quantitative pharmacology

Hieble, J.P.; Bylund, D.B.; Clarke, D.E.; Eikenburg, D.C.; Langer, S.Z.; Lefkowitz, R.J.; Minneman, K.P.; Ruffolo, R.R., 1995:
International Union of Pharmacology. X. Recommendation for nomenclature of alpha 1-adrenoceptors: consensus update

Porter, C.J.; Curnow, D.H., 1980:
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and International Federation of Clinical Chemistry. IUPAC section ON Clinical Chemistry. Commission on Teaching of Clinical Chemistry and IFCC Committee on Education Provisional Recommendation (1979) on a scheme for a two year postgraduate course in clinical chemistry. (Stage 2, Draft 2)

Anonymous, 1983:
International Workshop on Chronic Renal Failure in Children. Heidelberg, Germany, May 1982

Anonymous, 1995:
International Workshop on Environmental Immunotoxicology and Human Health. Proceedings. Oxford, 22-25 March 1994

McCarthy, J., 1994:
International Workshop on Molecular Genetics in Modern Biotechnology. Mallorca, 2-6 October 1993

Markham, N.O.; Naik, R.D.; Roberts, J.A.; Yachimski, P.S., 2017:
A case of hepatic Kaposi's sarcoma diagnosed by transgastric biopsy

Tice, R.R.; Shelby, M.D., 1994:
International Workshop on Standardisation of Genotoxicity Test Procedures. Report of in vivo subgroup

Kirkland, D.J., 1994 :
International Workshop on Standardisation of Genotoxicity Test Procedures. Report of the in vitro sub-group

Kirkland, D.J.; Galloway, S.M.; Sofuni, T., 1994:
International Workshop on Standardisation of Genotoxicity Test Procedures. Summary of major conclusions

Downes, C.S.; Collins, A.R.; Johnson, R.T., 1983:
International Workshop on inhibition of DNA repair. King's College, Cambridge, U.K., 29th June-2nd July 1982

Anonymous, 1982:
International Workshop on the role of biological monitoring in the prevention of aluminium toxicity in man: "Aluminium Analysis in Biological Fluids," Luxembourg, July 5-7, 1982. Memorandum on the summary and conclusions

Manning, M., 1981:
International Year of Disabled People: now is the time

Jetli, J.C., 1981:
International Year of Disabled Person, in India

Anonymous, 1981:
International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP)

Abramovich, F.E., 1980:
International Year of Disabled Persons. Caring for the patient with pain

Anonymous, 1980:
International Year of Disabled Persons. Case history of Richard

Beer, N., 1980:
International Year of Disabled Persons. Domiciliary visiting in Western Australia

Morgan, P., 1980:
International Year of Disabled Persons. Forget pity and let's get down to the nitty gritty

Anonymous, 1980:
International Year of Disabled Persons. From the inside looking out

Gillies, H.I., 1980:
International Year of Disabled Persons. How 'Hot Wheels' climbed to the top

Macleod, I., 1980:
International Year of Disabled Persons. Information processing aids for physically handicapped people

Hocking, B., 1980:
International Year of Disabled Persons. Neurological impairment: the nursing aide's role

Errey, M., 1980:
International Year of Disabled Persons. Spasticity: the nursing management

Lussier, J.P., 1980:
International Year of the Child: dental perspectives

Henry, S., 1980:
International Year of the Child: what did we do?

Anonymous, 1981:
International Year of the Disabled Person: disabled and disenfranchised

Rosenkvist, I., 1981:
International Year of the Handicapped

Anonymous, 1981:
International Year of the Handicapped 1981

Khanijo, S.; Tandon, P., 2018:
A case of hepatic tuberculosis: A tuberculoma

Anonymous, 1981:
International academy of pathology (United States--Canadian division). Seventieth annual meeting, Chicago, Illinois March 2-6, 1981

Sabey, G.A., 1982:
International acceptance of reference endotoxins

Bell, A., 1970:
International accomplishment

Lindgren, S.A., 1967:
International activities of the Medical Association

Zarate, A.O.; Israel, R.A., 1981:
International activities of the National Center for Health Statistics

Tiuliandin, A.D., 1983:
International activities of the Soviet Red Cross (on the 60th anniversary of the Union of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the USSR)

Tiuliandin, A.D., 1981:
International activities of the Union of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the USSR

Izmerov, N.F.; Gurvich, E.B., 1983:
International activities with regard to chemical safety

Kim, W.J., 1995:
International adoption: a case review of Korean children

Fenton, M.V., 1995 :
International affairs. Proposition 187

Anonymous, 1968:
International agencies active in the field of nutrition

Higginson, J., 1974:
International agency for research on cancer

Colombani, J.; D'Amaro, J.; Gabb, B.; Smith, G.; Svejgaard, A., 1971:
International agreement on a microtechnique of platelet complement fixation (Pl. C fix.)

Sellers, A.H., 1984:
International agreement on classification of malignant tumours

Khodakov, M.B., 1970:
International agreement on narcotic control as a legal basis for the prevention of narcotic addiction

Fischer, H., 1974:
International aid in disasters

Gritsenko, A.S.; Rozov, A.A.; Zhiliaeva, E.P., 1982:
International aid of the USSR to the developing countries in the development of national public health services

Anonymous, 1995:
International analysis of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus mortality: a preventable mortality perspective. The Diabetes Epidemiology Research International (DERI) Study

Tejning, S., 1969:
International and Swedish standards for mercury content in food stuffs in the light of the mercury content in fish and in human blood cells, blood plasma and hair

Opler, M.K., 1969:
International and cultural conflicts affecting mental health. Violence, suicide and withdrawal

Anonymous, 1969:
International and domestic organizations involved in family planning activities

Mikheev, M.I.; Kurppa, K.; Takala, J.; Matos, E.; Partensky, C., 1994:
International and national measures for prevention and control

Anonymous, 1966:
International and national problems

Denson, K.W., 1971:
International and national standardization of control of anticoagulant therapy in patients receiving coumarin and indanedione drugs using calibrated thromboplastin preparations

Barrowcliffe, T.W., 1984:
International and national standards for factor VIII

Weindok, E., 1969:
International aspects in industralized meal preparation

Walker, R.O., 1965:
International aspects of dentistry

Royall, B.W., 1971:
International aspects of drug monitoring. Role of the World Health Organization

Prywes, M., 1971:
International aspects of governmental and academic health center relationships

Hoffman, C.A., 1974:
International aspects of malpractice

Rosa, F.W., 1970:
International aspects of perinatal mortality

Hulicník, S., 1973:
International aspects of social health education

Langlykke, A.F., 1971:
International association of microbiological societies

Anonymous, 1966:
International attack on atherosclerosis

Howlett, L.E., 1967:
International basis for uniform measurement

Bouchalová, M., 1968:
International biological program into its second stage

Boffey, P.M., 1968:
International biological program suffers another setback

Boffey, P.M., 1968:
International biological program: U.S. effort stands on shaky ground

Campbell, P.J., 1974:
International biological standards and reference preparations. I. Preparation and presentation of materials to serve as standards and reference preparations

Campbell, P.J., 1974:
International biological standards and reference preparations. II. Procedures used for the production of biological standards and reference preparations

Soma, D.; Sakata, J.; Ando, T.; Yuza, K.; Ishikawa, H.; Ohashi, T.; Takizawa, K.; Takano, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Ichikawa, H.; Hanyu, T.; Nagahashi, M.; Shimada, Y.; Kameyama, H.; Wakai, T., 2018:
A Case of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Lymph Node Metastasis Successfully Treated by Multidisciplinary Treatment

Anonymous, 1966:
International board of proctology

Mussallem, H.K., 1983:
International bodies and prison health care

Kuusisto, R., 1980:
International breast feeding symposium, Tel Aviv, Israel, 24-28 February 1980

Anonymous, 1965:
International calender of medical congress

Anonymous, 1971:
International cancer agency

Tucker, B.L., 1969:
International cancer centre, Neyyoor, South India

Markham, G., 1980:
International cancer nursing conference. 1. Nursing intervention during chemotherapy

Gray, S., 1981:
International cancer nursing conference. 10. Breast restoration

Reeves, J., 1981:
International cancer nursing conference. 8. Speak in support

Anonymous, 1970:
International cancer research

Walsh, J., 1968:
International cancer research: new horizons for epidemiology

Wesley, I., 1967:
International center for medical scientific information

Brodehl, J., 1974:
International certificates of vaccination

Rexed, B., 1982:
International challenge of drug abuse. The state of the arts

Kosobutskiĭ, L.A.; Kosobutskaia, A.I., 1983:
International classification of bacteria

Bazhenova, A.P.; Ostrovtsev, L.D., 1969:
International classification of breast cancer by the TNM system and its application in oncological clinical practice

Anonymous, 1968:
International classification of breast tumours

Pohanka, I.; Vitek, B.; Koristek, V., 1973:
International classification of congenital heart defects: 1970

Anonymous, 1967:
International classification of diseases

Ewalt, J.R., 1971:
International classification of diseases and concepts of psychiatric diagnosis

Nishimura, S.; Tomokuni, A.; Kobayashi, S.; Asukai, K.; Akita, H.; Takahashi, H.; Yanagimoto, Y.; Takahashi, Y.; Miyoshi, N.; Sugimura, K.; Yamamoto, K.; Ohmori, T.; Ohue, M.; Yano, M.; Sakon, M., 2018:
A Case of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Portal Vein Tumor Thrombosis Treated Successfully with Multidisciplinary Therapy Including Preoperative Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy(SBRT)

Anonymous, 1981:
International classification of diseases. World Health Organization

Nanba, K.; Sasaki, N.; Kajihara, M., 1983:
International classification of malignant lymphoma: its history and trends

Bekhtereva, E.I., 1984:
International classification of malignant tumors using the TNM system

Mombour, W., 1973:
International classification of mental disorders

Otsuru, T.; Kobayashi, S.; Eguchi, H.; Wada, H.; Iwagami, Y.; Yamada, D.; Asaoka, T.; Noda, T.; Gotoh, K.; Umeshita, K.; Doki, Y.; Mori, M., 2018:
A Case of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Right Atrium Tumor Thrombus and Multiple Intrahepatic Metastases That Remarkably Responded to Combination Therapy Including Surgery

Elmes, P.C., 1971:
International classification of radiographs of pneumoconioses

Lebrão, M.L., 1985:
International classification of reasons for consultation in primary health care: a test in some Brazilian areas

Hindle, N.W., 1982:
International classification of retrolental fibroplasia: a proposal

Imai, T., 1967:
International classification of the clinical stage of cancer--TNM classification

Anonymous, 1967:
International classification of tumours

Worth, G., 1970:
International classification of x-ray pictures in pneumoconioses. Revised concept 1968

Schacht, P.; Arcieri, G.; Bruck, H.; Griffith, E.; Hullman, R.; Tettenborn, D., 1983:
International clinical experience with azlocillin

Tsutsul'kovskaia, M.Ia.; Minsker, E.I.; Panteleeva, G.P.; Beliaev, B.S.; Piatnitskiĭ, A.N., 1984:
International clinico-pharmacokinetic study of individual predictions of the therapeutic effect of leponex (methodology and organization)

Anonymous, 1968:
International co-operation

Yoshioka, S.; Hojo, S.; Toyoda, Y.; Maeura, Y., 2018:
A Case of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer with Newly Diagnosed Stage IV That Responded to First-Line Pertuzumab and Trastuzumab-Based Therapy

Bignall, J.R., 1968:
International co-operation in tuberculosis research

Leamy, W.J., 1983:
International co-operation through the Interpol system to counter illicit drug trafficking

Shiokawa, Y., 1983:
International co-operative study on streptococcal infections, rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in Asia

Urban, Z., 1972:
International code of botanical nomenclature and its consequences for work in human mycology

Anonymous, 1974:
International code of ethics for nurses

Anonymous, 1981:
International code on marketing of breastmilk substitutes adopted by W.H.O. Assembly

Kennedy, D.L., 1982:
International collaboration in drug utilization research

Anonymous, 1983:
International collaboration in infection control

Masson, V., 1980:
International collaboration in nursing education: the people to people approach

Hussels, H., 1966:
International collaboration in the field of virus diagnosis

Ashworth,, 1965:
International collaboration on analytical methods and specifications for pesticides

Wilson, K., 1994:
International collaboration: New Zealand nurses demonstrate the value of working together to achieve academic excellence

Van Ramshorst, J.D.; Sundaresan, T.K.; Outschoorn, A.S., 1972:
International collaborative studies on potency assays of diphtheria and tetanus toxoids

Murata, R.; Perkins, F.T.; Pittman, M.; Scheibel, I.; Sladký, K., 1971:
International collaborative studies on the pertussis vaccine potency assay. Part played by the challenge in the mouse-protection test

Gaffney, P.J.; Mussett, M.V., 1983:
International collaborative study for the establishment of the second International Reference Preparation of plasmin

Zanelli, J.M.; Gaines Das, R.E., 1980:
International collaborative study of N.I.B.S.C. research standard for human parathyroid hormone for immunoassay

Cohen, L.K.; Barmes, D.E., 1974:
International collaborative study of dental manpower systems in relation to oral health status

van Es, L.; Smith, S.J.; Schur, P.H.; Hauptmann, G.; Leskovar, W.; Spath, P.; Fust, G.; Lachmann, P.; Rother, U.; Thompson, R.A.; Kirkwood, T.B., 1981:
International collaborative study of four candidate reference preparations for the antigenic and hemolytic measurement of human serum complement components

Anonymous, 1984:
International collaborative study on juvenile hypertension. 2. First follow-up report. International Collaborative Group

Dtuskeit, W., 1970:
International colloquim on the evaluation of disinfectants in Europe

Anonymous, 1980:
International colloquim: Experimental colonic tumors. Their significance for the understanding of human colonic cancer

Deb, S.; Janicki, M., 1995:
International colloquium on mental retardation and Alzheimer's disease

Anonymous, 1971:
International colloquium on the value determination of disinfectants in Europe

Ishiba, T.; Oda, G.; Nakagawa, T.; Akashi, T.; Yamashita, Y.; Aburatani, T.; Ogo, T.; Nakashima, Y.; Baba, H.; Hoshino, N.; Nishioka, Y.; Kawano, T., 2018:
A Case of HER2 Positive Occult Breast Cancer Presenting as Swollen Axillary LymphNodes

Anonymous, 1967:
International committee for standardization in haematology

Anonymous, 1967:
International committee for standardization in haematology. Recommendations for haemoglobinometry in human blood

Anonymous, 1971:
International committee for standardization in hematology. Proposed recommendations for measurement of serum iron in human blood

Blanc, P., 1967:
International common denominations proposed by the World Health Organization

McCormick, W.C.; Imai, Y.; Rubenstein, L.Z., 1995:
International common denominators in geriatric rehabilitation and long-term care

Fukumi, H., 1980:
International communicable diseases and imported infections--communicable diseases and their management at the time of international exchange: definition and background of the diseases

Hasegawa, K., 1980:
International communicable diseases and imported infections--distribution of diseases (including pest and onchocerciasis)

Kornfeld, M., 1970:
International communication

Sato, N.; Nakayama, A.; Takai, Y.; Kamata, T., 2018:
A Case of HER2-Positive Unresectable Gastric Cancer with Multiple Lymph Node and Liver Metastases Controlled Effectively by Combination Chemotherapy with Capecitabine, Oxaliplatin, and Trastuzumab

Correa, P.; O'Conor, G.T.; Berard, C.W.; Axtell, L.M.; Myers, M.H., 1973:
International comparability and reproducibility in histologic subclassification of Hodgkin's disease

Barmes, D.E., 1981:
International comparative analysis of the findings in Yamanashi

Wochna-Sobańska, M.; Bołtacz-Rzepkowska, E., 1981:
International comparative investigations of dental care systems. Oral hygiene and periodontal status among children 4-9 and 13-14 years old

Berfenstam, R.; Smedby, B., 1969:
International comparison gives useful perspectives in hospital care

Chen, S.; Zhou, H.; Yu, L.; Tong, B.; Xiao, Z.; Fan, S., 2017:
A case of herbicide-induced acute fibrinous and organizing pneumonia?

Smolek, A., 1971:
International comparison of health service costs

Sym, W.George., 2018:
A Case of Hereditary Amaurosis

Asayama, K., 1971:
International comparison of medical specialties: future medical care in Japan

Chase, H.C., 1967:
International comparison of perinatal and infant mortality

Kruzík, L., 1972:
International comparison of social and economic relations and health indicators

Akamatsu, T.; Furumi, K.; Fukushima, T.; Niigaki, K.; Ohama, H., 1980:
International comparison of the contents of public health education at the college level: a multivariate analysis

Ramsay, R.A.; Krakowski, A.J.; Rydzynski, Z.; Jarosz, M.; Engelsmann, F.; Ananth, J., 1982:
International comparison of the prevalence of psychosomatic disorders in schizophrenic patients

Stika, L.; Elis, J.; Vinaŕ, O., 1981:
International comparison of the utilization of opiates

Hayakawa, N.; Kurihara, M., 1981:
International comparison of trends in cancer mortality for selected sites

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International comparisons

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International comparisons in the provision of oral health care

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A Case of Hereditary Fibrosing Poikiloderma with Tendon Contractures, Myopathy, and Pulmonary Fibrosis (POIKTMP) with the Emphasis on Cutaneous Histopathological Findings

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International comparisons of medical care utilization: a feasibility study

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International comparisons of sickness absence

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International comparisons of waiting times for cardiovascular procedures

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International comparisons--alternatives to custody

Phile-Papasotiriou, M., 1981:
International concept of dental specialist

Veigel, H., 1972:
International concerns of the dental profession

Anonymous, 1967:
International conference

Anonymous, 1971:
International conference on L-asparaginase

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International conference on byssinosis. Conference summary

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International conference on byssinosis. Mechanisms of disease induction

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International conference on byssinosis. Overview of environmental evaluation and control

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International conference on cancer nursing. 10. Support your team

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International conference on cancer nursing. 2. 'Let's face it.'

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International conference on cell interactions in malignancy, development and differentiation. Heidelberg, Germany, April 1995

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International conference on electronic data processing in the hospital

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International conference on family planning, Budapest, Sept. 15-17, 1969

James, A., 2018:
A Case of Hereditary Syphilitic Osteitis

Stetson, J.B., 1974:
International conference on intensive care of the newborn

Benzel, J.E., 1968:
International conference on leukemia-lymphoma. Ann Arbor, Michigan, October, 1967

Mitchell, H.S., 1967:
International conference on malnutrition, learning, and behavior

Anonymous, 1982:
International conference on mental deficiency in youth

Anonymous, 2018:
A case of hereditary thrombophilia in a Chinese Han patient with both antithrombin deficiency and Factor V Leiden: A case report and literature review

Anonymous, 1980:
International conference on occupational lung diseases

Anonymous, 1981:
International conference on pediatric urology. North Carolina, USA, 5-9 November 1980

Smith, M.B., 1968:
International conference on social-psychological research in developing countries

Kazlouskaya, V.; Sagerman, P.M.; Goldberg, G.N.; Gottesman, S.P., 2017:
A case of heroin linear track hyperpigmentation: histopathology and treatment with Q-switched Nd:YAG 1064nm laser

Anonymous, 1982:
International conference on the Ca2+ pump of red cells

Powers, S., 1981:
International conference on the nursing care of the aged

Gunter, L.M., 1981:
International conference on the nursing care of the aged: introduction

Feola, A.; Mancuso, A.; Arcangeli, M., 2018:
A Case of Herpes Simplex Virus-1 Encephalitis from a Medicolegal Point of View

Hämelin, I., 1969:
International congress in Canada

Alsop, J.A., 1971:
International congress in Prague

Anonymous, 1974:
International congress of dental equipment. What's new?

Velasco, A.R., 1967 :
International congress of gynecology and obstetrics and the International Federation. (FIGO)

Browne, H.E.; Wiseman, G., 1972:
International congress of midwives

Haspelová-HorvatovicovN, 1969:
International congress on Photosynthesis in Freudenstadt (GDR)

Saxsaeter, I., 1980:
International congress on assistance to the dying

Anonymous, 1983:
International congress on suicide; "Depression and suicide"

Anonymous, 1982:
International consensus on maturity criteria. F.I.G.O. Joint Committee for the Study of Gynecological Problems in Childhood and Adolescence

Myhrvold, K., 1995:
International consensus on suffering associated with whiplash injuries

Hirata, J., 1980:
International consultancy

Khoury, S.; Denis, L., 1994:
International consultation on benign prostatic hyperplasia

Anonymous, 1970:
International control of central stimulants: five drugs are considered as dangerous as opium. Every state can privately sharpen the control

Archibald, H.D., 1972:
International convention on psychotropic drugs

Khodakov, M.B., 1973:
International convention on psychotropic substances

Kanai, K., 1995:
International cooperation (ODA) in the field of microbiology

Bernard, L., 1974:
International cooperation at the services of 7 African countries: fight against onchocerciasis in the basin of the Volta River

Anonymous, 1973:
International cooperation becomes more versatile

Halter, S., 1964:
International cooperation for medical assistance

Homann, G., 1968:
International cooperation in assembling adverse drug effects. A scientific trial program as a pilot study of the World Health Organization

van Loghem, J.J., 1983:
International cooperation in blood transfusion

Yoshimi, M.; Satou, Y.; Mori, M., 2018:
A case of herpes simplex virus pneumonia detected by sputum cytodiagnosis

Fylling, C.P., 1984:
International cooperation in diabetes education

Strachan, M., 1971:
International cooperation in family planning

Zaouak, A.; Benmously, R.; Hammami, H.; Fenniche, S., 2018 :
A case of herpes simplex virus reactivation after fractional ablative carbon dioxide laser to treat a burn scar

Khoo, C.Soong.; Tan, H.Jan.; Sharis Osman, S., 2018:
A Case of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1) Encephalitis as a Possible Complication of Cosmetic Nasal Dermal Filler Injection

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International cooperation in mental health care

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International cooperation in nursing. Impressions of the 19th meeting of the International Council for Nurses

Martínez Báez, M., 1967:
International cooperation in sanitation

de Blècourt, J.J., 1972:
International cooperation in the campaign against rheumatism

Fejfar, Z., 1974:
International cooperation in the control of cardiovascular diseases. development of the world health organization program

Langfitt, T.W., 1983:
International cooperation in the education of neurosurgeons. A plan for the future

Croom, H., 1906:
A Case of Heteroplastic Ovarian Grafting Followed by Pregnancy and a Living Child. Query-Who Is the Mother?

Steketée, C., 1972:
International cooperation in the field of health services for the mentally retarded

Ingelmark, B.E., 1965 :
International cooperation in the field of medical education

Ingelmark, B.E., 1965:
International cooperation in the field of medical training

Khodakov, M.B., 1968:
International cooperation in the field of pharmacy

Císar, R., 1972:
International cooperation in the field of pharmacy in the year 1971

Sokolov, D.K., 1984:
International cooperation in the field of sanitation and hygiene

Vannugli, R., 1970:
International cooperation in the health field

Vannugli, R., 1969:
International cooperation in the health field and the work of WHO

Homan, G., 1968:
International cooperation in the recording of secondary effects of drugs. A scientific trial program pilot study of the World Health Organization

Homann, G., 1968:
International cooperation in the understanding of adverse effects of drugs. A scientific test program as a pilot study by the World Health Organization

Anonymous, 1984:
International cooperation in training of physicians

Bignall, J.R., 1968:
International cooperation in tuberculosis

Orlov, D.A., 1981:
International cooperation of te USSR in the field of public health today

Alshuwaykh, O.; Krier, M.J., 2018:
A Case of Heyde Syndrome with Resolution of Gastrointestinal Bleeding Two Weeks After Aortic Valve Replacement

Dobiás, J., 1974:
International cooperation of the czech medical society

Breur, K., 1974:
International cooperation with regard to clinical trials of fast neutron radiotherapy

Côté, R., 1984:
International cooperative study of extracranial artery bypass: development report

Anonymous, 1970:
International cooperative study on cardiovascular epidemiology

Nakane, A., 1995:
International cooperative study on mental diseases

Horwitz, O., 1968:
International course in medical records and tuberculosis epidemiology

Vorob'ev, V.I., 1968:
International course on experimental cell biology

Butrov, V.N., 1966:
International courses for organizers of health care services

Rybakov, A.I., 1971:
International courses of dentistry

Maghera, S.; Albreiki, D., 2018:
A case of Hickam's dictum in a presenting third nerve palsy

Hice, C., 1982:
International critical care conference: cause and effect

Kurata, J.H.; Overhage, M.; Gabrieli, E.; Jones, J.K., 1995:
International data standards for hospital-based drug surveillance

Dellaportas, G., 1981:
International data: their use in showing relationships between socioeconomic and demographic variables

Marsálková, J., 1974:
International day of health in 1974. Through sensible nutrition towards health

Houstĕk, J., 1973:
International day of health. Health begins in the family

Anonymous, 1971:
International deliberations in Ireland

Anonymous, 1965:
International dental associations: conditions for affiliation

Hager, M., 1967:
International dental exhibition in Paris during the 14th World Dental Congress

Kouwenaar, C.T., 1984:
International dentistry. The education of dentists in several industrialized countries

Camacho-Martinez, F.; Moreno, J.C.; Sanchez-Conejo-Mir, J.; Bedoya, J.M.; Fernandez-Ortega, J.M., 1983:
International dermatosurgery: advancement local flaps in the reconstructive treatment of vulvar carcinoma

Sanchez-Conejo-Mir, J.; Moreno-Gimenez, J.C.; Camacho-Martinez, F., 1984:
International dermatosurgery: genitoperineal cyst of the median raphe

Poradovský, K., 1983:
International development in our profession

Gillum, R.F.; Fortmann, S.P.; Prineas, R.J.; Kottke, T.E., 1984:
International diagnostic criteria for acute myocardial infarction and acute stroke

Lynch, H.T.; Bergsma, D.; Krush, A.J.; Sharp, E., 1969:
International directory of genetic services

Kröger, E.K., 1972:
International disaster center. Proposal for the organization of international disaster relief

Solheim, T.; van den Bos, A., 1982:
International disaster identification report. Investigative and dental aspects

de Ville de Goyet, C., 1995:
International disaster response and preparedness

Anonymous, 1971:
International discussion on abortion

Anonymous, 1994:
International disease surveillance: April to June 1994

Anonymous, 1995:
International disease surveillance: October to December 1994

Soffer, A., 1970:
International drug fads and clinical vigilance

Anonymous, 1969:
International drug monitoring. The role of the hospital

Anonymous, 1972:
International drug monitoring: the role of national centres. Report of a WHO meeting

Stepanenko, Z.D., 1972:
International education at a veterinary technical school

Ivanov, I.Iu.; Mazaev, V.P.; Chuguenko, A.B., 1974:
International education of the student youth

Foster, H.W.; Nwosu, S.S., 1974:
International efforts in family planning training

Bertaux, J.F., 1980:
International efforts in the field of drug safety

Stauter, R.L., 1980:
International electives

Gunby, P., 1995:
International electronic link solves medical puzzle

Onda, A.; Miyagawa, S.; Gomi, T.; Horino, T.; Kamei, K.; Yaguchi, H., 2018:
A case of histoplasmosis with chronic basilar meningitis diagnosed relatively early

Dorolle, P., 1971:
International epidemiological surveillance of cholera

Rose, G., 1981:
International epidemiology

Anonymous, 1972:
International ethical guidelines for dentists

Anonymous, 1981:
International ethical guides for human experimentation

Flowers, A.; Gu, X.; Herrera, G.A.; Gibson, S.; King, J., 2018:
A case of HIV associated cryptococcal nephritis: Ultrastructural findings and literature review

Richards, D.T.; Moll, J.K., 1982:
International exchange of scientific literature by U.S. academic health sciences libraries: a literature review and survey of current activities

Holland, M.R., 1970:
International exchange--a sharing of knowledge

Swarz, H., 1974:
International experience with a new single 2 gram dose of tinidazole ('Fasigyn')

Mason, D.T., 1981:
International experience with percutaneous transluminal coronary recanalization by streptokinase-thrombolysis reperfusion in acute myocardial infarction: new, safe, landmark therapeutic approach salvaging ischemic muscle and improving ventricular function

Smith, S.E., 1995:
International experiences for course credit: the McMaster University School of Nursing process

Marshall, E., 1995:
International experts help probe Haiti's bloody past

Kime, T.Q.; Holmes, G.B.; McQuarrie, C.W.; Goldman, J., 1984:
International eye/vision care: the United States responsibility

Knott, W., 1966:
International family of dentists

Dybkaer, R., 1982:
International federation of clinical chemistry (IFCC)1),2) the theory of reference values. Part 6. Presentation of observed values related to reference values

Büttner, J.; Broth, R.; Broughton, P.M.; Bowyer, R.C., 1980:
International federation of clinical chemistry. Committee on standards. Expert panel on nomenclature and principles of quality control in clinical chemistry. IFCC document stage 2, draft 3; 1979-07 with a view to an IFCC recommendation. Quality control in clinical chemistry. Part 4. Internal quality control

Bergmeyer, H.U.; Hørder, M., 1980:
International federation of clinical chemistry. Scientific committee. Expert panel on enzymes. IFCC document stage 2, draft 1; 1979-11-19 with a view to an IFCC recommendation. IFCC methods for the measurement of catalytic concentration of enzymes. Part 3. IFCC method for alanine aminotransferase

Anonymous, 1966:
International financial aid for the development of research programs on aphthous fever

Marwick, C., 1984:
International findings point to third hepatitis virus

Anonymous, 1970:
International food and nutrition programs

Lightbown, J.W.; Kogut, M.; Mussett, M.V., 1967:
International formula for oleandomycin

Kuyvenhoven, L.M., 1965:
International forum discussion on the development of pharmacies in various countries in Europe

Quinn, S., 1969:
International forum in Montreal

Anonymous, 1982:
International forum: "How should a hospital hemapheresis unit be organized?"

Patterson, S.P., 1969:
International friends

Macek, Z., 1967:
International function of the medical publishers

Anonymous, 1973:
International group agrees to write world cancer standard

Vanchieri, C., 1993:
International group aims for guidelines for BPH and prostate cancer

Fox, J.L., 1984:
International group suspends Nestlé boycott

Oertel, W.H.; Dodel, R.C., 1995:
International guide to drugs for Parkinson's disease

Grandolfo, M., 1994:
International guidelines on the diagnostic applications of magnetic resonance. International Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee of the International Radiation Protection Association

Santini, C., 1994:
International harmonization of regular requirements for the registration of drugs: necessity, frena limitations

Soper, F.L., 1972:
International health 2000 A.D

Bednar, B.; DiMarcello, P., 1994:
International health care models: a comparative analysis

Bednar, B.; DiMarcello, P., 1994:
International health care models: a comparative analysis. Part II

Torres, A.M., 1994:
International health is a logical obligation that emerges from a global prioritization of world health needs

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International health medical education consortium. Its history, philosophy, and role in medical education and health development

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International health monitoring. Special screening among foreign grant recipients at their arrival in Cuba

Fantini, B., 1993:
International health organizations facing the emergence of new infectious diseases

Dorolle, P., 1969:
International health problems

Matsuzaki, S.; Sato, Y.; Habu, N.; Senba, K., 2018:
A Case of HIV-associated Salivary Gland Disease (HSD) Presenting with Bilateral Parotid Abscesses

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International health regulation and world epidemiological situation

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International health training. The Tulane experience

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International health--a retrospective memoir

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International health--impressions of a medical research team in Nigeria

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International health: a problem-based core curriculum

Koch-Weser, D., 1984:
International health: academic specialty or humanitarian service?

Bissell, R.E., 1995:
International health: beyond the year 2000. Project selection. Many needs, few resources

Banta, J.E., 1982:
International health: challenges to the basic sciences

Parsons, K.C., 1995:
International heat stress standards: a review

Anonymous, 1981:
International hemoglobin information center policies - IHIC

Dill, D.B., 1983:
International high altitude expedition to Chile, 1935

Avtsyn, A.P.; Vikhert, T.M.; Kasumova, S.Iu., 1981:
International histologic classification of central nervous system tumors (WHO)

Anonymous, 1983:
International histologic classification of tumors

Mostofi, F.K., 1974:
International histologic classification of tumors. A report by the Executive Committee of the International Council of Societies of Pathology

Ermilova, V.D., 1980:
International histological classification of breast cancer by the WHO (1968) and its prognostic value

Lipiński, M.; Nightingale F|NIGHTINGALE.F., 1974:
International hospital management day

Frenkel', Z.G.; Frenkel', Z.G., 1972:
International hygiene exhibition in Dresden (from "Memoirs of life's path traveled," 1869-1970)

Iarovinskiĭ, M.Ia., 1980:
International hygiene exhibitions in Dresden

Bennett, B.A., 1967:
International idea; the history of the International Council of Nursing (ICN)

Marderosian, A.D., 1971:
International illegal drug traffic

Williamson, R.S., 1983:
International illicit drug traffic: the United States response

Künzel, W., 1974:
International implications of fluoridation as a collective prevention of dental caries

Andersson, I.; Montan, K., 1967:
International information in the field of rehabilitation

Filizzola, M., 1969:
International interest in gerontology

Weller, R.M., 1994:
International interhospital transfer

Mackevich, J., 1994:
International investing is inviting

Curlee, R.F., 1974:
International involvement of speech pathologists and audiologists

Raskin, D.E., 1974:
International issues in drug abuse

Skeet, M., 1982:
International issues in nursing. 12. A healthier life for all

Ingelfinger, F.J., 1973:
International journal of epidemiology

Marziale, F., 1983:
International juridical aspects of transfusion

Anonymous, 1969:
International link in education

Van den Berg, H.A., 1968:
International livestock transport by truck

Anonymous, 1971:
International marriage trends

Khodakov, N.B.; Arzamastsev, A.P., 1973:
International measures for the control of psychotropic agents

Selby, R., 1973:
International medical assistance. 2

Selby, R., 1973:
International medical assistance. I

Anonymous, 1968:
International medical congresses

Wangensteen, O.H., 1970:
International medical congresses: opportunities, purposes and responsibilites

Yamamoto, T., 1972:
International medical cooperation

Iinuma, K., 1995:
International medical cooperation in future

Benison, S.; Sabin, A., 1982:
International medical cooperation: Dr. Albert Sabin, live poliovirus vaccine and the Soviets

Anonymous, 1969:
International medical education

Stevens, R.A., 1995:
International medical education and the concept of quality: historical reflections

Coll, P.P., 1995:
International medical graduates series inspires readers' comments

Abelson, P.H., 1968:
International medical research and the gold drain

Rosdahl, N., 1970:
International medical societies

Kostić A.D., 1980:
International medical terminology

Kostić A.D., 1981:
International medical terminology (V)

Vas'ko, V.V., 1969:
International medical ties of the Ukrainian SSR with the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America

Anonymous, 1971:
International meeting

Michelitsch, K., 1971:
International meeting of nursing students, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 1971 at the Haus Neuwaldegg in Vienna

Perrsse, H.; McCarthy, M., 1973:
International meeting of student nurses--Zurich

Tittel, M., 1876:
A Case of Hæmathidrosis

O'Regan, R.G.; Nolan, P., 1994:
International meetings on arterial chemoreceptors: historical perspectives

Anonymous, 1984:
International mexiletine and placebo antiarrhythmic coronary trial: I. Report on arrhythmia and other findings. Impact Research Group

Anonymous, 1980:
International migration of professional health manpower

Neiva, A.H., 1965:
International migrations affecting Latin America

Davies, J.M.; Strunin, L.; Writer, W.D., 1984:
International misregulation of drugs?

Herles, F., 1972:
International month of healthy heart

Noal, W.P., 1970:
International morphology of the mesio vestibular root of the 1st upper permanent molar

Epstein, F.H., 1983:
International mortality trends and secular changes

Anonymous, 1966:
International mother and child care

Goldsmith, E.I.; Moor-Jankowski, J., 1980:
International movement for humane principles in animal experimentation

Chazov, E.I., 1983:
International movement of the "World's physicians for prevention of nuclear war"

Passeron, J.; Pauly, N.; Desprat, J., 1981:
International multicentre study of indapamide in the treatment of essential arterial hypertension

Passeron, J., 1982:
International multicentre-study on indapamide in the treatment f essential arterial hypertension

Friesen, M.D.; Walker, E.A.; Castegnaro, M., 1980:
International mycotoxin check sample program. Part I. Report on the performance of participating laboratories

Friesen, M.D.; Garren, L., 1982:
International mycotoxin check sample program: Part II. Report on laboratory performance for determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk

Friesen, M.D.; Garren, L., 1983:
International mycotoxin check sample survey program. Part III. Report on performance of participating laboratories for determining ochratoxin A in animal feed

Frei, J.; Métais, P., 1973:
International nomenclature and recommendations for a logical presentation of the results in clinical chemistry and hematology

Spranger, J., 1971:
International nomenclature of constitutional bone diseases (the Paris nomenclature)

Anonymous, 1971:
International nomenclature of constitutional bone diseases. Constitutional bone diseases without known pathogenesis

Anonymous, 1970:
International nomenclature of constitutional diseases of bones

Denson, K.W., 1995:
International normalized ratio in the control of oral anticoagulant therapy

Carraro, P.; Varagnolo, M.C.; Plebani, M., 1995:
International normalized ratio: merits, limits and improvements

Colling, J.C.; Liu, Y.C., 1995:
International nurses' experiences seeking graduate education in the United States

Bergman, R.; Anstey, O., 1981:
International nursing Olive Anstey - a lady of purpose and achievement

Anonymous, 1973:
International nursing aspects

Ulin, P.R., 1982:
International nursing challenge

Anonymous, 1966:
International nursing ethics

Byers, M.L., 1973:
International nursing experiences

Lukasik, C., 1983:
International nursing with project HOPE

Styles, M., 1983:
International nursing. The Brazilian meetings. Quo vadis? Como se vai la? (How do you get there?)

Anonymous, 1980:
International nursing: O.R.S. formula urged for control of diarrhoeal diseases

Gutteridge, F., 1982:
International nursing: human experimentation and medical ethics

Murray, R., 1966:
International occupational health

Anonymous, 1971:
International organization for the prevention of trachoma. By-laws

Wilson, J., 1972:
International organizations for the blind. Activities for the prevention and cure of blindness

Stephenson, J., 1995:
International orthopedic database up and running

Könyves, I.; Andersson, L., 1984:
International overview on the treatment of prostate cancer--Scandinavian experience

Williams, C.D., 1971:
International paediatrics; trends in services

Fogarty, J.E., 1965:
International partnership in dental research

Marcus, I., 1981:
International patent procedures

Hine, M.K., 1968:
International patterns of oral health care--summary

Walsh, J., 1968:
International patterns of oral health care--the example of New Zealand

Berggren, H., 1968:
International patterns of oral health care--the example of Sweden

Leatherman, G., 1968:
International patterns of oral health care--the example of The United Kingdom

Macer, D.R.; Akiyama, S.; Alora, A.T.; Asada, Y.; Azariah, J.; Azariah, H.; Boost, M.V.; Chatwachirawong, P.; Kato, Y.; Kaushik, V., 1995:
International perceptions and approval of gene therapy

Chaves, M.M.; Dupont, R., 1968:
International perspective on dental health problems with special reference to Latin America

Bild, H., 1984:
International perspective on primary health care

Buckle, G., 1995:
International perspective. A change for the better

Babb, P., 1995:
International perspective. City of clouded hope. Interview by Michael Day

Day, M., 1995:
International perspective. Gulf of Mexico

Anonymous, 1981:
International perspectives in health economics: a selection from the Leiden conference

Gelles, R.J.; Cornell, C.P., 1983:
International perspectives on child abuse

García-Moreno, C.; Türmen, T., 1995:
International perspectives on women's reproductive health

Dodd, R., 1995:
International perspectives. Rwanda, one year on

McMillan, I., 1995:
International perspectives. Tribal quest

Fürtig, W., 1981:
International pharmaceutical activities with respect to optimization of therapy

Khodakov, M.B., 1973:
International pharmacopeia, an important document for the organization of internal government control of drugs

Bates, D.G., 1983:
International physicians' group attacks illusions of nuclear war

Lorant, M., 1967:
International pilot study of schizophrenia

Edmands, E.M.; Boyer, M.F.; Robey, M.C., 1974:
International pilot study teaching of population family planning in schools of nursing

Ghodse, H., 1995:
International policies on addiction. Strategy development and cooperation

Zatuchni, G.I., 1968:
International postpartum family planning program: report on an action-research demonstration study

Libov, A.L., 1970 :
International practice of immunization (vaccination against poliomyelitis)

Anonymous, 1981:
International principles of ethics for the dental profession. (Declaration of the policies of the Federation Internationale Dentaire)

Il'in, V.Ia., 1968:
International problems in first aid

Renker, K., 1981:
International problems in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and handicaps

Dorolle, P., 1972:
International problems of communicable-disease control

Lindgren, K., 1981:
International professional work - something for the SHSTF?

Purchase, I.F.; de Serres, F.J., 1980:
International programme for the evaluation of short-term tests for carcinogenicity

Vouk, V.B., 1980:
International programme on chemical safety

Engbaek, H.C., 1981:
International prospective study of complications of BCG vaccination

Patrnogic, J., 1980:
International protection of refugees in armed conflicts

Orellana, D., 1972:
International public health in the year 2000

Babudieri, B., 1969:
International public health work against trachoma and leptospirosis

Bergdahl, U., 1970:
International public health--problems and possibilities

Rae, A.S.L., 2018:
A Case of Hodgkin's Disease with Cutaneous and Cerebral Manifestations

Blancher, G., 1983:
International recognition of children's rights in the realm of health

Thompson, R.L.; Wenzel, R.P., 1982:
International recognition of methicillin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus

Stieve, F.E., 1985:
International recommendations and guidelines--old and new facts

Nay, 1967:
International recommendations of the International Symposium on the toxicology of sulfoxide (Prague 15 till 17 September 1966)

Boroviczény, K.G., 1973:
International recommendations on the problem of measurement units

Muth, H., 1974:
International recommendations, norms and regulation relative to x-ray legislation

Stewart, D.L.; Davidson, I.; Hebert, C.N., 1968:
International reference Preparation of Newcastle Diseaase Vaccine (Live)

Humphrey, J.H.; Batty, I., 1974:
International reference preparation for human serum IgG, IgA, IgM

Skegg, J.L.; Anderson, S.G., 1969:
International reference preparation of anti-staphylococcal P-V leucocidin serum

Abdussalam, D.M.; Vrancheva, S., 1972:
International reference services for diagnosing animal diseases

Betuel, H.; Dubernard, J.M.; Revillard, J.P.; Touraine, J.L., 1970:
International refresher course on organ transplantation. Lyon (25-28 May)

Laborda, E.; De la Peña, E.; Valcarce, E.; Barrueco, C.; Canga, C.; Martínez, A.; Laborda, P., 1981:
International register of potentially toxic chemical products

Roberts, V.C.; Aubry-Frize, M.; Irnich, W.; Katona, Z.; Oberg, P.A., 1982:
International registration of clinical engineers

Hansen, A.T., 1972:
International registration of patients with acute myocardial infarction

Gennery, B.A., 1984:
International regulatory status of dextropropoxyphene compounds

Charles-Roques, L., 1969:
International relations and representations

Anonymous, 1967:
International relations for the dental profession at the state and local levels. Council on International Relations

Martone, A.L., 1966:
International relations in dentistry

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A Case of Home Care for Heart Failure

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International relations, personal conduct, and the London Congress

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International replantation of intruded tooth. Case report

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International reports provide opportunity

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International requirements for vaccination

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International research communication system

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International research on atherosclerosis from autopsy material

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International research study on social dentistry

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International research: the People's Republic of China

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International resources for cancer control

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International responsibility in air pollution control

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International review of drugs in acute porphyria--1980

Anonymous, 1967:
International rise in suicide

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International sanitary control

Anonymous, 1983:
International satellite symposium: Perinatal physiology and behavior. Melbourne, Australia, August 22-26, 1983. In associatin with the XXIXth Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences

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International science--an overview

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International scientific cooperation in hygiene

Kocková-Kratochvílová, 1970:
International scientific council on yeasts

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International scientific exchange

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International scientific mission another success

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International scientific programs of the socialist countries in the area of psychiatry

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International seminar of radiobiologists

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International seminar on nursing legislation July 6, - 16 1970. Warsaw, Poland

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International seminar on the assessment of toxic agents at the workplace roles of ambient and biological monitoring, Luxembourg, 8-12 December, 1980. Summary report

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International seminar research on alcohol, drugs and driving

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International sera exchange analyses in relation to DNA sequences: summary report from 1990 to 1994

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International sexological symposium

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International social forces affecting undergraduate medical education

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International socialistic division of labor in the field of air hygiene

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International societies and the King's English

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International society of cardiology. The Research Committee at Venice, Italy

Anonymous, 1980:
International solidarity and humanitarian acts. Apropos of the sessions on the 10th anniversary of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law (Sanremo, 10-13 September 1980)

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International sore throats

Howard, L.M., 1983:
International sources of financial cooperation for health in developing countries

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International standard for anti-canine-hepatitis serum

Weissler, P.G., 1968:
International standard reference zero for audiometers

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International standardization and medical technology

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International standardization efforts in clinical chemistry

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International standardization in haematology

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International standardization of biological activity of tetracycline

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International standardization of the biological activity of chlortetracycline

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International standardization of the neomycin B reference preparation and the composition of neomycin used in medical practice in different countries (brief review of data from WHO)

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International standards and international reference preparations: amphotericin B, vancomycin, capreomycin, cefalotin, demethylchlortetracycline, gentamycin, gramicidin S, kanamycin and kanamycin B, lincomycin, lymecycline, methacycline, paromomycin, rifamycin SV, ristocetin and ristocetin B, spiramycin, and triacetyloleandomycin

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International standards of antibiotics and antibiograms

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International standards of balneotherapy

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International standards work; ISO/TC 106 meetings in London

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International statistical classification of diseases, injuries and causes of death in the work of the pathologoanatomist (discussion on pathologanatomic documentation)

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International status of pedodontics

Anonymous, 1968:
International streptococci

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International structures in science

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International students at an American university: health problems and status

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International students: resources for exceptional children

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International studies in epidemiology. 1975

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International studies of health care

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International studies of health manpower: a sociologic perspective

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International study of histocompatibility in renal transplantation

Anonymous , 1968:
International study of laser wavelength

Anonymous, 1973:
International study of the World Health Organization on dental care and its relation to dental and oral health of the population

Anonymous, 1973:
International study on the delivery of dental care

Anonymous, 1973:
International study on the dental care of the population

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International suicide statistics

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International summit on cutaneous antifungal therapy. Boston, Massachusetts, Nov. 11-13, 1994

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International summits and conferences of the United Nations: for whom?

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International survey of radiotherapy practice for radical treatment of non-small cell lung cancer

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International survey of the radioimmunological measurement of serum reverse triiodothyronine

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International survey on the incidence of severe or fatal complications which may occur during fluorescein angiography

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International symposion on echo-encephalography 14-15 April 1967 in Erlangen

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Images in Vascular Medicine: A case of Horner's syndrome after catheter-based fibrinolysis for pulmonary embolism

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A case of HTLV-1 associated adult T-cell lymphoma presenting with cutaneous lesions and tropical spastic paresis

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A Case of Huge Advanced Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Transverse Colon Resected Successfully

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International symposium on Hodgkin's disease. Session 1. Epidemiology and etiology. Part 4. Synthesis and epidemiological implications. Invited discussion: Synthesis and epidemiologic implications

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International symposium on Hodgkin's disease. Session 2. Histopathology and experimental cytology. Invited discussion: Synthesis and implications for the etiology, pathogenesis and spread of Hodgkin's disease

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International symposium on Hodgkin's disease. Session I. Epidemiology and etiology. Part 3. Immunology. Introduction

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International symposium on apiculture

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International symposium on arteriosclerosis in Toronto

Cesaný, P., 1970:
International symposium on burns in Bochum, October 1968

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A Case of Huge Colon Cancer Accompanied with Severe Hypoproteinemia

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International symposium on cerebral blood flow regulation, acid-base and energy metabolism in acute brain injuries

Anonymous, 1973:
International symposium on chloramphenicol-thiamphenicol. Known and unknown aspects of drug-host interactions. January 10-12, 1973 Sils Maria, Switzerland

Anonymous, 1980:
International symposium on cicatrization

Kostrzewski, J., 1973:
International symposium on control of pediculosis and lice-transmitted diseases. Washington, Decemeber 4-6, 1972

Anonymous, 1970:
International symposium on crasnitin (L-asparaginase)

Blank, R.H., 1995:
International symposium on critically ill newborns. An overview and introduction

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International symposium on cycloserin in Milan on May 11-12, 1968

Anonymous, 1983:
International symposium on drug metabolism and the liver. Mariemont, Belgium, 12-13 November, 1983

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A case of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H7N9) virus through poultry processing without protection measure

Anonymous, 1981:
International symposium on fish biologics: serodiagnosis and vaccines. Preparation of biologics: technical aspects

Anonymous, 1973:
International symposium on gonorrhea

Pokorný, J., 1974:
International symposium on higher nursing education

Anonymous, 1983:
International symposium on human insulin

Anonymous, 1981:
International symposium on immunodiagnosis and immunotherapy of cancer. October 12-16, 1980, Erfurt, West Germany

Majumder, P.Dutta.; Lakra, R.; Yamuna, G.; Majumder, A.Kishore.; Kaushik, V., 2018:
A case of human leukocyte antigen B-27-associated ocular hypotony successfully treated with golimumab

Anonymous, 1983:
International symposium on impedance audiometry and pediatric audiology, Göteborg May 20-22, 1982

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International symposium on inflammation and its therapy--experiences with indomethacin. Florence, April 1 to 4, 1971. Introduction

Anonymous, 1971:
International symposium on intermittent treatment with rifampicin

Anonymous, 1980:
International symposium on ischemic heart disease

Aluev, R.K.; Kondratenko, P.T.; Murav'eva, D.A., 1966:
International symposium on medicinal plants in Budapest

Anonymous, 1971:
International symposium on metastases

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International symposium on nasopharyngeal carcinoma--basic research as applied to diagnosis and treatment

Holman, R.T.; Johnson, S.B.; Hatch, T.F., 1982:
A case of human linolenic acid deficiency involving neurological abnormalities

Ramírez de Ocáriz Landaberea, I.; Brezmes Valdivieso, Mía.F.; García Sanz, S.C.; Simón Martín, F., 2017:
A case of human ocular dirofilariasis in a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia in Northwest Spain

Anonymous, 2018:
A Case of Huntington's Chorea: Sir Clifford Allbutt's Clinical Lecture

Anonymous, 1980:
International symposium on pelvic inflammatory disease, April 1-3, 1980, Center For Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia

Anonymous, 1984:
International symposium on poliomyelitis control. Pan American Health Organization, Washington, D.C., March 14-17, 1983

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International symposium on poliomyelitis control. Strategies for control: a discussion

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International symposium on pulmonary circulation in Prague, June 10-13, 1969

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International symposium on recent advances in research on vitamins K and related quinones (vitamin K, ubiquinone or coenzymes Q, plastoquinones) in honor of Professor Henrik Dam. Session 3: Summary and prospects

Dam, H., 1966:
International symposium on recent advances in research on vitamins K and related quinones (vitamin K, ubiquinone or coenzymes Q, plastoquinones) in honor of Professor Henrik Dam. Session 4: Summary and prospects

Morton, R.A., 1966:
International symposium on recent advances in research on vitamins K and related quinones (vitamin K, ubiquinones or coenzymes Q, plastoquinones) in honor of Professor Henrik Dam. Session 1: Summary and prospects

Folkers, K., 1966:
International symposium on recent advances in research on vitamins K and related quinones (vitamin K, ubiquinones or coenzymes Q, plastoquinones) in honor of Professor Henrik Dam. Session 2: Summary and prospects

Dam, H., 1966:
International symposium on recent advances in research on vitamins K and related quinones (vitamins K, ubiquinones or coenzymes Q, plastoquinones) in honor of Professor Henrik Dam. Historical survey and introduction

Anonymous, 1980:
International symposium on respiratory physiology. Paris, June 5-6, 1980. Gas exchange and ventilation/perfusion ratios. Round table almitrine

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International symposium on rickettsiae and rickettsial diseases, Smolenice near Bratislava, 26--29 September, 1967. Opening address

Anonymous, 1984:
International symposium on special problems and management of allergic athletes. January 13-14, 1984, Palm Springs, California

Nouza, K., 1970:
International symposium on the immunosuppressive properties and action mechanism of antilymphocyte serum

MacEwan, D.W., 1983:
International symposium on the impact of new imaging technology

Fairbairn, P., 2017:
A Case of Hydrocephalus Acutus

Hollaender, A., 1966:
International symposium on the nucleolus--its structure and function. Introduction

Scott, L.Bodley., 1910:
A Case of Hydrophobia

Wolff, G., 1969:
International symposium on the possibilities of liver transplantation, Salzburg, October 30-31, 1968

Anonymous, 1969:
International symposium on the possibilitiy of liver substitutes

Anonymous, 1984:
International symposium on the recent advances in gastrointestinal cytoprotection. September 30-October 1, 1983, Pécs, Hungary

Kourilsky, F.M., 1971:
International symposium on the relationships between antigens of tumors and histocompatibility systems

Meghrajani, V.; Sabharwal, N.; Namana, V.; Elsheshtawy, M.; Topi, B., 2018:
A Case of Hyperacute Severe Thrombocytopenia Occurring Less than 24 Hours after Intravenous Tirofiban Infusion

Tokuyama, S.; Fukunaga, M.; Konishi, K.; Honda, S.; Yukimoto, R.; Okamoto, A.; Saito, A.; Okada, K.; Ota, H.; Yokoyama, S.; Miki, H.; Kobayashi, K., 2018:
A Case of Hyperammonemia Induced by Chemotherapy with 5-Fluorouracil for Metastatic Colon Cancer

Yasunishi, M.; Koumura, A.; Hayashi, Y.; Nishida, S.; Inuzuka, T., 2017:
A case of hyperammonemia resulting from urinary tract infection caused by urease-producing bacteria in a Parkinson's disease patient with drug-induced urinary retention

Anonymous, 1984:
International symposium on thiamphenicol and sexually transmitted diseases. Istanbul, Turkey, April 14-15, 1983

Ohya, Y.; Osaki, M.; Sakai, S.; Kimura, S.; Yasuda, C.; Ago, T.; Kitazono, T.; Arakawa, S., 2018:
A case of hyperparathyroidism-associated parkinsonism successfully treated with cinacalcet hydrochloride, a calcimimetic

Koikawa, K.; Okada, Y.; Mori, H.; Kawaguchi, M.; Uchino, S.; Tanaka, Y., 2017:
A Case of Hyperparathyroidism-jaw Tumor Syndrome Confirmed by Preoperative Genetic Testing

Anonymous, 1968:
International symposium on "Siderosis and siderochromatosis". Padua, 4-5 April 1968

Fiorani, P.; Pistolese, G.R.; Spartera, C.; Taurino, M., 1983:
International symposium on: occlusive arterial diseases of the lower limbs in young patients, Rome, May 20-22, 1982

Anonymous, 1983:
International symposium. Cerebrovascular pathology and pathology of the aging brain. Monte Carlo, 3-4 December 1982

Anonymous, 1983:
International symposium. Flavour research--concepts and methods. Rydzyna, Poland, September 16-19, 1981. Part II

Marti, H.R., 1971:
International symposium. Synthesis, structure and function of hemoglobin. Molecular biology and clinical aspects. Bad Nauheim, 22.-24. April, 1971. Results of the first two symposium days: review

Anonymous, 1984:
International symposium. The impact of new imaging technology on health care, research, and teaching: 2. What is to be expected in the future?

Wang, J.; Vogt, B.; Sethi, S.Kumar.; Sampson, M.G.; Vega-Warner, V.; Otto, E.A.; Raina, R., 2017:
A Case of Hyperphosphatemia and Elevated Fibroblast Growth Factor 23: A Brief Review of Hyperphosphatemia and Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 Pathway

Shingaki, T.; Hiraguchi, Y.; Gen, M.; Yoshino, S.; Kumagai, Y.; Ebishima, Y.; Owa, K.; Otuji, K.; Kondou, Y.; Suehiro, Y., 2017:
A Case Of Hypersensitivity Reaction To Enokitake (Flammulina Velutipes) Ingestion

Little, V.C., 1983:
International symposium: the family as a source of support for the elderly. Introduction: cross-national reports on elder care in developed and developing countries

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International system of SI units

Husák, V., 1981:
International system of SI units in radiology

van Assendelft, O.W.; Mook, G.A.; Zijlstra, W.G., 1973:
International system of units (SI) in physiology

Reddy, B.; Das, S.; Ali, M., 2018:
A Case of Hypersexuality Probably Associated With Lurasidone

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International system of units in clinical practice and scientific research

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International system of units in clinico-laboratory diagnosis

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International system of units in laboratory diagnosis

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International system of units in medical practice. I. Measurement, quantities and units

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International system of units of hematology

Velásquez-Jones, L., 1982:
International system of units: conversion factors

Stott, A.N., 1969:
International system units

Hämelin, I., 1966:
International thinking needed at home

Anonymous, 1969:
International top experts will discuss 70 years of social development strategy

Anonymous, 1970:
International trade in medical electronic equipment

Henry, C.M.; Stevens, H.A., 1971:
International training program: medium for the exchange of knowledge, cultures

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International transeconomic trends of arterial diseases in the mid-1970s

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International transoceanic kidney sharing

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International travel and reportable diseases in West Germany including West Berlin 1976-1980

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International travel requirements

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International trends in alcohol production, trade and consumption, and their relationship to alcohol-related problems, 1970 to 1977

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International trends in cardiovascular disease--implications for prevention and treatment

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International trends in disability program growth

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A case of hypertension with dementia: Common but underdiagnosed

Anonymous, 1974:
International trends in longevity

Anonymous, 1973:
International trends in motor vehicle fatalities

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International trends in postperinatal mortality

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International trends in social care

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International trends toward humanization of health services

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International trends. Organization of psychiatric rehabilitation in Poland

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International trends. WHO in Europe

David, H.P., 1974:
International trends: how to manage health--a summary of WHO technical discussions

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International understanding through science

Anonymous, 1968:
International union of pure and applied chemistry (IUPAC) and international union of biochemistry (IUB). Tentative rules for cyclitol nomenclature

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International universal decimal classification

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International update

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International variation in socioeconomic inequalities in self reported health

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International variations in psychiatric diagnosis

Anonymous, 1970:
International variations in the motor vehicle hazard

Cox, P.R., 1970:
International variations in the relative ages of brides and grooms

Dichter, D., 1972:
International veterinary service corps

Bobylev, I.F., 1970:
International veterinary supervision of riding horses

Christ, J., 1982:
International view of CMHCs

Dua, P.; Shinder, R.; Laskar, D.B.; Lazzaro, D.R.; Rizzuti, A.E., 2018:
A case of hypertrophic herpes simplex virus affecting the eyelid and cornea masquerading as IgG4-related disease

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International views of breast feeding

Anonymous, 1974:
International views on alcohol and traffic safety

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International views on education and perspectives for its development at the Charles University Pharmacy School

Anonymous, 1971:
International voice

McKnown, F.C.; Lee, A., 1969:
International ward

Anonymous, 1974:
International women,s year

Anonymous, 1969:
International work in cardiovascular diseases. 1. Prevention and control

Anonymous, 1969:
International work in cardiovascular diseases. 2. Research

Anonymous, 1969:
International work in cardiovascular diseases. 3

Anonymous, 1970:
International work in cardiovascular diseases. 4. Communication, training and future prospects

Anonymous, 1969:
International work in cardiovascular diseases. 4. Communication, training, and future prospects

Renker, K.; Renker, U., 1970:
International work of the Society for Rehabilitation of the German Democratic Republic

Cohen, Y., 1983:
International working formulation for the histological classification on non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Anonymous, 1994:
International working group standardizes drug testing requirements in the elderly

Firestone, L.; Firestone, S.; Dilger, J., 1995:
International workshop on anesthetic mechanisms. Takamatsu, Japan, December 12-14, 1994

Takebe, H., 1984:
International workshop on human gene mapping, 1983

Worwood, M.; Gasparini, P.; Camaschella, C., 1995:
International workshop on molecular genetics of haemochromatosis, held at Villa Feltrinelli, Gargnano (Bs), Italy, 25 September 1994

Bahri, P.; Läer, C., 1994:
International workshop on pharmacoepidemiology in Berlin

Leach, M.O.; Arnold, D.; Brown, T.R.; Charles, H.C.; de Certaines, J.D.; Evelhoch, J.L.; Margulis, A.R.; Negendank, W.G.; Nelson, S.J.; Podo, F., 1994:
International workshop on standardization in clinical MRS measurements: proceedings and recommendations

Ruskin, A.P., 1981:
International year of disabled persons

Anonymous, 1981:
International year of the disabled persons (IYDP)--1981

Uehara, S., 1981:
International year of the handicapped---deeper understanding of dental care for the handicapped

Pershin, B.B.; Talmazova, I.V.; Drabkin, E.E., 1974:
International "Public Health-74" exhibition

Anonymous, 1970:
International, national and regional organizations

Rich, V., 1981:
International. USSR: publicity for union push on working conditions. Poland: 'health leave' for those exposed to work hazards

Roemer, M.I., 1994:
Internationalism in medicine and public health

Schultz, R.C., 1967:
Internationalism in plastic surgery

Stubbendorff, S., 1970:
Internationalization of education

Kok, W., 1981:
Internationally coordinated flight against unemployment

Kucera, J., 1970:
Internationally on congenital defects (Geneva 1968 and The Hague 1969)

Frommer, J.P.; Laski, M.E.; Wesson, D.E.; Kurtzman, N.A., 1984:
Internephron heterogeneity for carbonic anhydrase-independent bicarbonate reabsorption in the rat

Jackson, B.; Oken, D.E., 1982:
Internephron heterogeneity of filtration fraction and disparity between protein- and hematocrit-derived values

Tanaka, R.; Sugihara, K.; Tatematsu, A.; Fogo, A., 1995:
Internephron heterogeneity of growth factors and sclerosis--modulation of platelet-derived growth factor by angiotensin II

Cimino, J.J.; Socratous, S.A.; Clayton, P.D., 1995:
Internet as clinical information system: application development using the World Wide Web

Fuller, S.S., 1995:
Internet connectivity for hospitals and hospital libraries: strategies

Belmonte Serrano, M.A., 1995:
Internet in medicine of the year 2000

Huntley, A.C.; Conrad, S.J., 1994:
Internet tools in the medical classroom

Sørensen, E., 1994:
Internet--a useful aid for physicians

Goldwein, J.W.; Benjamin, I., 1995:
Internet-based medical information: time to take charge

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Interneuron activity of the pedal ganglia of pteropod mollusks during generation of locomotor rhythms

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Interneuron relations in vertical dendrite bundles of the motor region of the cat cortex

Maillis, A.G., 1974:
Interneuronal activity as a factor interfering with the interpretation of results from microiontophoretic studies

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Interneuronal and nerve-tissue connections in human sympathetic ganglia

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Interneuronal barrages and ripple superposed on inhibitory postsynaptic potentials

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Interneuronal connections in the sympathetic ganglion

Aleksandrova, M.A., 1984:
Interneuronal connections in the transplantation of embryonic brain tissue into the brain of normal adult mammals and in pathology

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Interneuronal connections of a deafferented island of cerebral cortex

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Interneuronal contacts and cholinesterase activity in the upper pharyngeal ganglion in the forest ant (Formica lugubris Zett.)

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Interneuronal epileptic discharges related to spike-and-wave cortical seizures in behaving monkeys

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Interneuronal functional associations in the sensorimotor cortex of dogs

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Interneuronal interrelations in the somatosensory cortex in rat pups during the 1st month of postnatal life

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Interneuronal mechanisms in thalamically induced synchronizing and desynchronizing activities

Stefanis, C., 1969:
Interneuronal mechanisms in the cortex

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Interneuronal movement of procion yellow in cat spinal neurones

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Interneuronal relations in elementary neuronal assemblies

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Interneuronal relations in the intramural ganglia of the sheep omasum

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Interneuronal synapses with electrical, dual and chemical mode of transmission in vertebrates

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Interneuronal synchrony in precentral cortex of monkeys during operant conditioning

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Interneuronal transfer of axonally transported proteins: studies with HRP and HRP conjugates of wheat germ agglutinin, cholera toxin and the B subunit of cholera toxin

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Interneuronal transfer of horseradish peroxidase associated with exo/endocytotic activity on adjacent membranes

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Interneurone responses in the rat cuneate nucleus

Fraser, P.J., 1974:
Interneurones in crab connectives (Carcinus maenas (L.)) DIRECTIONAL STATOCYST FIBRES

Fraser, P.J., 1974:
Interneurones in crab connectives (Carcinus maenas (L.)): giant fibres

Rehácek, J., 1973:
Interneuronic blockaders during the posture-motion regime

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Interneurons in the lateral geniculate nucleus with monosynaptic excitation from retinal ganglion cells

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