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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 43495

Chapter 43495 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Grinchuk, T.M., 1969:
Karyological analysis of the horse midge in relation to its seasonal variability

Gol'dman, I.L.; Dobriianov, D.S., 1968:
Karyological analysis of tissue incompatibility reaction

Teplitz, R.L.; Barr, K.J.; Lawce, H.J., 1972:
Karyological and biochemical evidence for chromosomal dedifferentiation in neoplasia

Phan Thu, A.; Zajac, V.; Kuliffay, P.; Popović, M., 1980:
Karyological and isoenzyme characterization of established human sarcoma cell lines

Stanbridge, E.; Onen, M.; Perkins, F.T.; Hayflick, L., 1969:
Karyological and morphological characteristics of human diploid cell strain WI-38 infected with mycoplasmas

Prunieras, M.; Gazzolo, L.; Delescluse, C.; Charachon, J.; Bouchayer, M., 1968:
Karyological and ultrastructural study of two cases of papilloma of the larynx in an infant

De Biase, S.; Negri, P.L., 1971:
Karyological aspects of the Christ-Siemens-Weech syndrome

Kupriianova, L.A., 1973:
Karyological characteristics of 2 species of lizards of the fam. Scinidae

Deriabin, P.G.; Sveshnikova, N.A.; Rodova, M.A.; Mikhaĭlova, G.R.; Loginova, N.V., 1982:
Karyological characteristics of L cells and the identification with them, of the antigen of persisting Japanese encephalitis virus

Blinova, M.I.; Abramian, D.S.; Ignatova, T.N.; Blinova, G.I., 1972:
Karyological characteristics of a mixed population during spontaneous hybridization of Chinese hamster and mouse cells

Mikhaĭlova, G.R.; Cherednichenko, I.N., 1984:
Karyological characteristics of continuous mouse cell lines infected with the scrapie agent

Khesin, I.E.; Amchenkova, A.M.; Gulevich, N.E.; Stonova, N.S.; Narovlianskiĭ, A.N., 1981:
Karyological characteristics of the transplantable human cell line J-96, susceptible to Coxsackie B3 virus, and of its derived subline J-41, specifically resistant to this virus

Starke, G.; Nguyen Huu Hong; Hlinak, P., 1972:
Karyological characterization of primary dog kidney cells in regard to acceptability of the cells as substrate of virus vaccines

Kozlovskiĭ, A.I., 1974:
Karyological differentiation of northeastern subspecies of pied lemmings

Walknowska, J.; Sowiński, S., 1968:
Karyological investigation of the choroonepithelioma cells in the peripheral blood

Powell, J.B., 1968:
Karyological leaf squashes in grasses, aided by pectinase digestion at 45C

Pfitzer, P., 1972:
Karyological principles of hypertrophy

Jami, J.; Grandchamp, S., 1971:
Karyological properties of human-mouse somatic hybrids

Rosca, G.; Ticşa, L.; Csutak, W.; Roşca, S., 1972:
Karyological studies in laboratory animals after administration of androgen steroid nitrates

Imai, H.T.; Kubota, M., 1972:
Karyological studies of Japanese ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). 3. Karyotypes of nine species in Ponerinae, Formicinae, and Myrmicinae

Rozek, M.; Warchałowska-Sliwa, E., 1982:
Karyological studies on Trechinae (Coleoptera, Carabidae). II. Karyotypes of Trechus pilisensis Csiki, Trechus pulchellus Putz. and Trechus pulpani Reś

Menzinger, W., 1965:
Karyological studies on species and forms of the genus Botrytis Mich

Ghosh, I.; Ghosh, S., 1970:
Karyological studies on two HeLa lines

El-Metainy, A.Y.; Youssef, M.K.; Omar, A.A., 1980:
Karyological study of Gallus domesticus macrochromosomes

Amchenkova, A.M.; Khesin, I.E.; Sovetova, G.P.; Dunaeva, T.I., 1974:
Karyological study of L cells sensitive and resistant to vesicular stomatitis virus

Ignatova, M.; Karadzhov, I., 1982:
Karyological study of a long-term cell culture of calf kidney

Koroleva, I.I., 1968:
Karyological study of certain species of Monogenae of the Diplozoon genus

Golovachev, G.D.; Slozina, N.M.; Petrova, S.P., 1973:
Karyological study of human spontaneous and medical abortions

Kabanova, V.M.; Karmashova, N.N.; Stegniĭ, V.N., 1972:
Karyological study of natural populations of malarial mosquitoes in Middle Ob river. II. Chromosome polymorphism of Anopheles maculipennis messeae

Kabanova, V.M.; Kartashova, N.N.; Stegniĭ, V.N., 1972:
Karyological study of natural populations of malarial mosquitoes in the Middle Ob river. I. Characteristics of the karyotype of Anopheles maculipennis messeae

Turbin, N.V.; Kraskovskiĭ, G.V.; Lobko, G.N., 1969:
Karyological study of the changes in genetic structure of a cell population of ascitic lympholeukemia under the effect of spleen cells from tumor-bearing mice

Meduri, B., 1966:
Karyology according to Barigozzi-Dellepiane-Cusmano in the evaluation of ascitic fluids

Breslavskiĭ, A.S.; Verlinskiĭ, I.S., 1970:
Karyology of cells of several cancerous tumors of the thyroid gland

Yoshida, T., 1966:
Karyology of malignant growth

Rukavtsov, B.I., 1969:
Karyology of the yeast-like fungus Candida albicans

Ghidoni, J.J.; Campbell, M.M., 1969:
Karyolytic bodies. Giant lysosomes in the jejunum of proton-irradiated rhesus monkeys

Spoendlin, M.; Moch, H.; Brunner, F.; Brunner, W.; Burger, H.R.; Kiss, D.; Wegmann, W.; Dalquen, P.; Oberholzer, M.; Thiel, G., 1995:
Karyomegalic interstitial nephritis: further support for a distinct entity and evidence for a genetic defect

Pokora, Z.; Szilman, P., 1995 :
Karyometric analysis of selected neurohormonal cells of the snail Lymnaea stagnalis (L.) under conditions of natural infection with digenetic trematode parthenites

Rodicio, M.C.; Anadón, R., 1981:
Karyometric analysis of the preoptic nucleus of several amphibians

Schneider, B.; Beck, M., 1974:
Karyometric analysis of the supraoptic nucleus and the paraventricular nucleus before and after milking the cow

Plonka, W.S., 1971:
Karyometric and autoradiographic studies of regional lymph node cells in rabbit after antigenic challenge

Weissbach, G.; Krug, H.; Domula, M., 1970:
Karyometric and cytophotometric studies in parablastic leukemia of children

Alvarez, M.R.; Cowden, R.R., 1966:
Karyometric and cytophotometric study of hepatocyte nuclei of frogs exposed to cold and prolonged starvation

Mietkiewski, K.; Szczepski, O.; Walczak, M.; Malendowicz, L., 1971:
Karyometric and histochemical studies on synergic effect of testosterone and stilbestrol on thyroid gland of castrated adult male rats

Heinert, G.; Taubert, H.D., 1971:
Karyometric and histometric investigations on the testes of rats after treatment with cyproterone and cyproterone acetate

Plonka, W.S., 1970:
Karyometric and radioautographic studies of the cells of regional lymph nodes in rabbit following antigenic challenge

Staníková, A.; Arendarcik, J.; Tokos, M.; Balun, J.; Chlebovský, O., 1983:
Karyometric changes in the neurons of the hypothalamic and ependymal nuclei of the 3d cerebral ventricle in sheep after administration of Gn-RH and subsequent irradiation

Cordeiro, A.C., 1973:
Karyometric comparison between hyperfunctioning parathyroid adenomas and normal parathyroid glands: its surgical importance

Domula, M.; Weissbach, G., 1970:
Karyometric determinations and their relationship to the clinic in infantile parablastic leukemias

del Mar Pérez-Delgado, M., 1984:
Karyometric development of four topographic subdivisions of the paraventricular nucleus in normal and castrated mice

Galasińska-Pomykol, I.; Oldak, B., 1974:
Karyometric evaluation of the action of diuramide

Mitrová, E., 1966:
Karyometric examination of Purkinje cells in the rat cerebellum during myelinization

Somogyi, J., 1965:
Karyometric examination of nerve cells adapted to an enlarged innervation zone

Piricò, F.; Spezio, L., 1966:
Karyometric findings in the thyroid of rats treated with reserpine

Marzotko, D.; Scharf, J.H.; Lötsch, A., 1969:
Karyometric findings in thyroid gland epithelium of male albino rats after experimental modification of endocrine regulation mechanisms

Peschke, E.; List, R., 1974:
Karyometric findings on the zona fasciculata of the adrenal gland following antithyroid medication in the embryologic animal experiment

von Dittrich, P., 1965:
Karyometric investigation of erythroblasts in the bone marrow of chronic kidney disease

Schultz, M.; Hildebrand, R., 1983:
Karyometric investigation on circadian rhythmic changes in the periportal and perivenous zones of the acinus of the rat liver

Ueberschär, S., 1968:
Karyometric investigations of lymph nodes and leukotic cells in bovine leukosis

Lawkowicz, W.; Rawczyńska-Englert, I., 1967:
Karyometric investigations of the erythroblastic system. Normal values

Rawczyńska-Englert, I., 1969:
Karyometric investigations of the erythroblastic-system. Studies in Addison-Biermer's disease

Palkovits, M.; Hajtman, B., 1965:
Karyometric investigations on tissue cultures, muscle cells and non-homogenous cell populations

Helander, K.; Hofer, P.A.; Holmberg, G., 1984:
Karyometric investigations on urinary bladder carcinoma, correlated to histopathological grading

Chumachenko, P.A.; Markin, P.G., 1983:
Karyometric measuring guide for direct microscopy

Kietz, D.; Ludewig, R.; Hambsch, K., 1968:
Karyometric observations on the periodic acid-Schiff positive cells of the hypophysis of rats with Walker or Jensen tumors

Kozik, M.B.; Szczech, J.; Godlewski, A., 1982:
Karyometric studies and quantitation of the DNA content in nerve and oligodendroglial cells after intraperitoneal administration of Vincristine

Bodenstein, H., 1970:
Karyometric studies in a section of the normal human bone marrow

Beato, M.; Castaño y Almendral, A., 1967:
Karyometric studies in early stages of cervix carcinoma

Wüstenfeld, E.; Kattner, W., 1968:
Karyometric studies of fetal and postpartal adrenal glands (guinea pig)

Misiewicz, A.; Grabski, J., 1972:
Karyometric studies of finger skin in vibration disease

Ross, W., 1967:
Karyometric studies of functionally stressed myocardium of rats

Martin, H.; Guski, M.; Guski, H., 1984:
Karyometric studies of meningiomas

Wiśniewska, I.E.; Fiejka, E.; Gawlik, Z., 1980:
Karyometric studies of normal and regenerating rat liver after application of cyclophosphamide and actinomycin D

Palkovits, M., 1968:
Karyometric studies of the clarification of the osmo-or volume regulatgry role of the subcommissural organ and its functional connection with the adrenal cortex

Bader, G., 1974:
Karyometric studies of thioacetamide-induced hepatomas

Marzotko, D.; Scharf, J.H.; Müller, L., 1969:
Karyometric studies on Leydig interstitial cells in the testis of albino rats following experimental alteration of the hypothalamus-hypophysis-thyroid gland system

Sajonski, H.; Smollich, A., 1968:
Karyometric studies on Leydig's interstitial cells of the testis of bulls sterilized by the Rosenberger and partially castrated by the Baiburzjan method

Dłuzniewski, A.; Moniczewski, A.; Gastoł-Lewińska, L.; Gródecka, A., 1981:
Karyometric studies on brains of the golden hamster fetuses from mothers kept under low methionine supply

Ott, G.; Blume, R.; Wetzig, H., 1969:
Karyometric studies on mononuclear and polynuclear vegatative ganglion cells in the rabbit

Niebrój, T.; Polak, S.; Waroński, W., 1967:
Karyometric studies on pale cells of the uterine mucosa in the menstrual cycle

Piroth, M.; van de Berg, E., 1968:
Karyometric studies on rat liver following administration of estrogenic agents

Piroth, M.; van de Berg, E., 1967:
Karyometric studies on rat liver following administration of estromimetics

Wender, M.; Mularek, O., 1971:
Karyometric studies on the developing neuroglia in rat's brain

Breborowicz, J.; Breborowicz, D., 1972:
Karyometric studies on the human adrenal cortex in various functional states following prolonged corticotherapy

Scharf, J.H.; Apel, D.; Marzotko, D.; Schmidt, R., 1969:
Karyometric studies on the liver cells of white rats following experimental surgery in the regulatory system of gas metabolism

Ross, W., 1967:
Karyometric studies on the normal and hypertrophied heart muscle induced by running in rats

Mitro, A.; Palkovits, M., 1970:
Karyometric studies on the reactivity of the adrenal cortex of newborn rats

Szymik, N., 1970:
Karyometric studies on the relation between the thyroid and salivary glands in the rat

Karmański, J.; Karmańska, W.; Bluszcz, A.; Slusarczyk, K.; Kosiewicz, J., 1973:
Karyometric studies on the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei in the sexual cycle

Sala, M.A.; Komesu, M.C.; Lopes, R.A.; Maia Campos, G., 1994:
Karyometric study of basal cell carcinoma

Rogoziński, R.; Patewicz, K.; Torzecki, Z.; Jurga-Waniek, K.; Mroszczyk, M.; Błaszczyk, M., 1984:
Karyometric study of hepatocytes in diabetic patients treated with insulin or chlorpropamide

Bandaranayake, R.C., 1974:
Karyometric study of hypothalamic neurosecretory neurones under different conditions

de Teves, D.C., 1980:
Karyometric study of leiomyocytes of the inner muscle layer of the rat uterus at 6, 12 and 18 days of pregnancy

Dovgaliuk, A.Iu.; Svatko, L.G., 1983:
Karyometric study of the hair cells of the guinea pig spiral organ in experimental tuberculosis during treatment with dihydrostreptomycin

Barry, J., 1966:
Karyometric study of the infundibular wall in normal and castrated male guinea pigs

Khussar, I.P.; Tokin, I.B.; Lushchikov, E.P.; Khussar, V.S., 1972:
Karyometric study of the lymphoid population cells of the inguinal lymph node in rats internally irradiated with cesium-137

Khesin, I.E.; Ginsburg, N.N.; Fedotova, I.M., 1966:
Karyometric study of the reaction of cells in monolayer tissue culture of human embryo to infection with virulent bacterial strains

Sirjean, D., 1970:
Karyometric study of the supraoptic nucleus albino rats after hypophysectomy

Pasquier Rivero, D.A.; Coca Garcĩa, M.C.; Gõmez Bosque, P., 1972:
Karyometric study of thyroid follicular cells in phenylketonuric animals

Peschke, E.; Wetzig, H.; Blume, R., 1971:
Karyometric, cytologic and concordance-analytic studies on the importance of epithalamus (Nuclei habenulares) in the standard circle adenohypophysis-thyroid in white rats after treatment with thyrostatics and alloxan

Szczech, J., 1984:
Karyometric, cytophotometric, and histoenzymatic studies on neuroglia of young rats subjected to CCNU (Lomustine) action

Bader, G.; Bader, N.G.; Stiller, K.J., 1974:
Karyometric-feulgenphotometrical studies on liver regeneration following partial hepatectomy in late phases of thioacetamide (TAA) intoxication

el-Fiky, S.M.; Abdo, S.E., 1971:
Karyometrical and cytochemical studies of Harding-Passey melanoma and Horning-Mitchely kidney tumor. I. Karyometrical studies

el-Faky, S.M.; Fahmy, T.Y.; Abdo, S.E., 1971:
Karyometrical and cytochemical studies of Harding-Passey melanoma and Horning-Mitchely kidney tumor. II. Cytochemistry of nucleic acids and proteins

el-Fiky, S.M.; Fahmy, T.Y.; Abdo, S.E., 1972 :
Karyometrical and cytochemical studies of Harding-Passey melanoma and Horning-Mitchely kidney tumour. 3. Cytochemistry of some hydrolytic enzymes

el-Fiky, S.M.; Abdo, S.E., 1972:
Karyometrical and cytochemical studies of Harding-Passey melanoma and Horning-Mitchely kidney tumour. I. Karyometrical studies

el-Fiky, S.M.; Fahmy, T.Y.; Abdo, S.E., 1972:
Karyometrical and cytochemical studies of Harding-Passey melanoma and Horning-Mitchely kidney tumour. II. Cytochemistry of nucleic acids and proteins

Malendowicz, L.K., 1972:
Karyometrical and histochemical studies of adult male rat adrenal cortex after treatment with aminoglutethimide

Bader, G.; Bader, N.G., 1973:
Karyometrical studies of the liver cell in chronic thioacetamide intoxication and additional partial hepatectomy

Niebrój, T.K.; Wawryk, R.; Brudnik, A.; Kozubska, W., 1967:
Karyometrical studies on the adult amniotic epithelium in normal and pathological conditions

Malendowicz, L., 1970:
Karyometrical studies on the effect of castration, stilboestrol and both castration and stilboestrol on adrenal cortex of adult male rats

Firbas, W.; Sinzinger, H.; Hoyer-Volavsek, C.; Seiler, W.; Reisinger, L., 1973:
Karyometricly measurable changes in striated muscles of mouse extremities caused by ultrasound

Kozik, M.B.; Godlewski, A., 1983:
Karyometry and cytophotometry of oligodendroglial DNA in the corpus callosum of rats treated with vicristine during the second part of foetal life

Craciun, E.C., 1968:
Karyometry and interkaryometry in developing epidemic hepatitis

Rigaut, J.P.; Reith, A.; el Kebir, F.Z., 1984:
Karyometry by automated image analysis. Application to precancerous lesions

Zabel, M.; Peil, J., 1974:
Karyometry of C-cells of rat thyroid gland during experimental hypercalcemia

Brusilovskiĭ, A.I., 1972:
Karyometry of cells of the fetal part of the human placenta at the end of normal and in pathological pregnancy

Srebro, Z.; Rzehak, K., 1973:
Karyometry of neurosecretory hypothalamus in mononephrectomized rats

Hildebrand, R.; Karcher, B., 1984:
Karyometry of nuclei in liver cells. Heterogeneity of nuclear volume and percentage of binucleate cells associated with veins

Ołdak-Bień, B.; Gałasińska-Pomykoł, I.; Chilimoniuk, M.; Stefańska-Sulik, E.; Sałatowska, M., 1982:
Karyometry of the arcuate nucleus in castrated rats

Niepage, H., 1968:
Karyometry on cell of the lymph node punctate of dogs with lymphadenosis

Hillemanns, H.G.; Prestel, E., 1968:
Karyometry with the particle-size analyzer (TGZ) of cervix carcinoma and its preliminary stages

May, R., 1973:
Karyon formation in yeast protoplasts

Dabauvalle, M.C.; Franke, W.W., 1982:
Karyophilic proteins: polypeptides synthesized in vitro accumulate in the nucleus on microinjection into the cytoplasm of amphibian oocytes

Dabauvalle, M.C.; Franke, W.W., 1984:
Karyophobic proteins. A category of abundant soluble proteins which accumulate in the cytoplasm

Rondanelli, E.G.; Carosi, G.; Gerna, G.; Quaglia, P., 1970:
Karyoplasmic differentiations of the "spheroid body" type in cultures in vitro infected with Toxoplasma gondii RH

Emery, J.L.; Kalpaktsoglou, P.K., 1966:
Karyorrhectic normoblasts in the livers of newborn childen

Filatova, L.S.; Stoliarov, S.D.; Zbarskiĭ, I.B., 1982:
Karyosphere and nuclear envelope ultrastructure of oocytes of the common frog Rana temporaria after nuclease treatment and extraction of chromatin and alkali-soluble proteins

Amerio, J.M.; Serra, A.; Sargentini, S.; Pasargiklian, E.; Moneta, E., 1968:
Karyotype 45,X-46,XXr-46,XX in a girl affected by gonadal dysgenesis

Mikkelsen, M.; Vestermark, S., 1974:
Karyotype 45,XX,-21/46,XX,21q-in an infant with symptoms of G-deletion syndrome I

Lubetzki, J.; de Grouchy, J.; Duprey, J.; Lenormand, M.E., 1972:
Karyotype 46, XX in a patient with a male phenotype

Lyons, N.F., 1974:
Karyotype 46,XX in a black male

Ayraud, N.; Namer, M.; Pastorello, R.; Abbes, M., 1970:
Karyotype 46,XY-47,XXY-48,XXXY in 2 cases of Klinefelter's syndrome

Hübner, H.; Jeske, J.; Dziatkowiak, H., 1972 :
Karyotype 46,XYq+ --cytogenetic and clinical study

Hübner, H., 1971:
Karyotype 46,XYq+ and its phenotype

Schnabel, R.; Hansen, S., 1983:
Karyotype 47,XXY,18p--in a newborn child with holoprosencephaly

Serville, F.; Guillard, J.M.; de Joigny, C.; Cixous, P.; Fontan, D.; Ruffié, M.; Verger, P., 1973:
Karyotype 49, XXXXY in an infant

Ekwall, B.; Bergman, S.; Reitalu, J., 1971:
Karyotype XX/XY/XXY/XXXY in a Klinefelter patient

Thust, R., 1971:
Karyotype aberrations in clones of n-methylnitroso-urea induced euploid sarcoma of the rat spinal cord in vitro

Roger de Gardelle, G.; Jaffray, J.Y.; Geneix, A.; Malet, P., 1983:
Karyotype abnormalities in male subfertile sterility. Apropos of 318 cases

Palka, G.; Santi, P.; D'Antuono, A.; Bartoli, S.; Mazzotti, G.; Maraldi, N.M.; Manzoli, F.A., 1981:
Karyotype analysis during development of chronic myelocytic leukemia

Qiu, L.L.; Lu, D.S., 1984:
Karyotype analysis in 44 cases of abnormal chromosome

Bernstein, R.; Pinto, M.R.; Morcom, G.; Macdougall, L.G.; Bezwoda, W.; Dukes, I.; Penfold, G.; Mendelow, B., 1982:
Karyotype analysis in acute nonlymphocytic leukemia (ANLL): comparison with ethnic group, age, morphology, and survival

Vahdati, M.; Graafland, H.; Emberger, J.M., 1983 :
Karyotype analysis of B-lymphocytes transformed by Epstein-Barr virus in 21 patients with B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Stotz, G.; Sréter, L.; Lapis, K., 1974:
Karyotype analysis of NK-Ly ascites lymphoma in mice by means of a reassociation technique

Tymowska, J., 1973:
Karyotype analysis of Xenopus tropicalis Gray, Pipidae

Chen, T.R.; Seman, G., 1981:
Karyotype analysis of a human mammary sarcoma explant in vitro

Kusyk, C.J.; Turpening, E.L.; Edwards, C.L.; Wharton, J.T.; Copeland, L.J., 1982:
Karyotype analysis of four solid gynecologic tumors

Matsas, D.J.; Yang, T.J., 1980:
Karyotype analysis of leukocytes of gray collie (cyclic neutropenia)-normal bone marrow transplant chimeras six years after transplantation

Berger, R.; Martineau, M., 1970:
Karyotype analysis of testicular tumors

Stephenson, E.M.; Stephenson, N.G., 1970:
Karyotype analysis of the B16 mouse melanoma with reassessment of the normal mouse idiogram

Testa-Bappenheim, I., 1968:
Karyotype and behavior

Berger, R.; Bernheim, A.; Daniel, M.T.; Valensi, F.; Flandrin, G., 1981:
Karyotype and cell phenotypes in primary acute leukemias

Voiculescu, I.; Vogel, W.; Wolf, U., 1972:
Karyotype and heterochromatin pattern in the Romanian hamster (Mesocricetus newtoni)

Bresler, V.M.; Goroshchenko, I.L.; Fedortseva, R.F.; Savitskiĭ, G.A., 1968:
Karyotype and histologic changes in anomalous gonadal development in man. I. Mixed gonadal dysgenesis

Goroshchenko, I.L.; Savitskiĭ, G.A.; Bresler, V.M.; Fedortseva, R.F., 1968:
Karyotype and histologic changes in anomalous gonadal development in man. II. True hermaphroditism

Hauschteck-Jungen, E.; Jungen, H.; Müller, M., 1972:
Karyotype and meiosis in wild and sex-ratio Drosophila melanogaster males

Buzhievskaia, T.I., 1972:
Karyotype and mitotic activity of a transplantable culture of human embryonic kidney cells

Geller, E.R.; Gridasova, L.F., 1974:
Karyotype and ovogenesis of Trichinella spiralis (Owen, 1835)

Svejda, J.; Vrba, M.; Hornák, O., 1974:
Karyotype and ultrastructure of a malignant human melanom

Del Amo, A.; Gullón, A.; Moncada, E.; Bueno, M., 1971:
Karyotype anomalies found in 686 subjects with possible chromosome abnormalities

Musilová, J.; Michalová, K.; Zemanová, Z.; Neuwirthová, R.; Dohnalová, A., 1995:
Karyotype at diagnosis, subsequent leukemic transformation and survival in myelodysplastic syndrome. Czechoslovak MDS Cooperative Group

Amchenkova, A.M.; Narovlianskiĭ, A.N.; Khesin, I.E.; Gulevich, N.E., 1980:
Karyotype change in human cell cultures in the process of the reversion of Coxsackie B virus sensitivity

Pogasiants, E.E.; Chudina, A.P.; Rodkina, R.A., 1972:
Karyotype changes in cancerous ovarian tumors

Răileanu-Moţoiu, I.; Gociu, M.; Mihăilescu, E.; Georgescu, M.; Berceanu, S., 1973:
Karyotype changes in lymph node cells in malignant lymphoma

Irzhanov, S.I.; Serov, S.F.; Neĭshtadt, E.L.; Gorovitskaia, E.N.; Zel'dovich, D.R., 1982:
Karyotype changes in the cells of malignant ovarian tumors as affected by chemotherapy

Wieser, O.; Emminger, A.; Mohr, U., 1967:
Karyotype changes of KG-13 plasmacytoma after heterotransplantation

Ballerini, G., 1970:
Karyotype changes through antimitotic therapy. Experimental studies

Barabashova, V.N., 1974:
Karyotype characteristics of certain forms of stem eelworms of the collective species Ditylencus dipsaci

Chen, T.R.; Hay, R.J.; Macy, M.L., 1982:
Karyotype consistency in human colorectal carcinoma cell lines established in vitro

Srb, V.; Král, B.; Hroch, M., 1967:
Karyotype determination in the domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus)

Fukuhara, S.; Kita, K.; Nasu, K.; Kannagi, M.; Kamezaki, T.; Ohno, H.; Yamazowa, M.; Nishigori, M.; Uchino, H.; Yagita, M., 1983:
Karyotype evolution in B-cell lymphoid malignancy with an 8;14 translocation

Sessarego, M.; Bianchi Scarrà, G.L.; Ajmar, F.; Salvidio, E., 1981:
Karyotype evolution in a case of chronic myelogenous leukemia with an unusual Philadelphia chromosome translocation, t(4;22), and an additional translocation, t(3;5)

Meisner, L.; Inhorn, S.L.; Nielsen, P., 1970:
Karyotype evolution of cells with the Philadelphia chromosome

Fernández Toral, J.; Barreiro, J.; Benavides, A.; Bousoño, C.; Crespo, M., 1980:
Karyotype in GPG bands: description of a elementaly technique for routine

Palka, G.; Geraci, L.; Caramelli, E.; Marino, M.; Felaco, M.; Laraia, A.; Antonucci, A., 1981:
Karyotype in chronic myeloid leukemia in a blastic crisis. I. Monosomy 16

Geraci, L.; Palka, G.; Felaco, M.; Miscia, S.; D'Antuono, A.; Caramelli, E., 1981:
Karyotype in chronic myeloid leukemia in a blastic crisis. II. Trisomy 17

Baserga, A., 1970:
Karyotype in preleukemic and preneoplastic conditions

Fitzgerald, M.G.; Webb, G.C., 1972:
Karyotype nomenclature for known non-inheritance

Fernández, R., 1968:
Karyotype of Octodon degus (Rodentia ochodontidae) (Molina 1782)

Marczynska, B.; Peterson, D.A.; Ogden, J.D.; Wolfe, L.G., 1983:
Karyotype of Saguinus labiatus labiatus (red-bellied marmosets)

Turleau, C.; de Grouchy, J.; Klein, M., 1974:
Karyotype of a male atele (Ateles paniscus)

Puchkova, G.P.; Prigozhina, E.L.; Fleĭshman, E.V.; Balakirev, S.A.; Maiakova, S.A., 1984:
Karyotype of leukemic cells in chronic myeloid leukemia in children

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Keep an eye on the Committee for the Aged

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Keep away from that 'tree' folks!

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Keep peanuts away from small children! The danger is not over in spite of reduced incidence of accidents

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Keep personnel policies up to date or you may not be able to keep personnel

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Keep romance alive

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Keep safe during an electrical storm

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Keep tabs on costs

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Keep talking

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Keep the change, doc!: coins in the upper GI tract of children

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Keep the cotton wool handy

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Keep the family together

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Keep the mm Hg as a blood pressure measure. Too many disadvantages in making the change to kPa

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Keep the pot boiling-but not over

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Keep the quality up

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Keep the records straight

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Keep this quick flow-rate calculator handy and hold onto this glossary of IV fluid terms, too

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Keep up-to-date by mail

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Keep well clinic for the over-60's

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Keep your back healthy

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Keep your business sense when buying health care

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Keep your cool this summer

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Keep your enthusiasm fired up

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Keep your hands clean

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Keep your lollipops!

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Keep your powder dry!

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Keep your premises safe

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Keep your recall system flexible

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Keep your research on target

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Keep your seat--save your life

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Keep your staff happy

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Keep your staff involved

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Keeping 'body' and 'soul' together

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Keeping 'mum' on medical matters

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Keeping PERfect time

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Keeping a portfolio

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Keeping a professional corporation intact

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Keeping a stiff upper lip

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Keeping abreast

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Keeping abreast of technology

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Keeping abreast of time

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Keeping aircraft quieter

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Keeping babies warm

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Keeping bioavailability in perspective

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Keeping calves in rooms with external feed supply

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Keeping children on the back seat

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Keeping cold-water humidifiers clean

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Keeping confidence in the profession

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Keeping consultation alive

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Keeping cool in a code

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Keeping current

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Keeping dates straighter

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Keeping early gastric carcinoma early

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Keeping electrode wires in place

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Keeping emotionally disturbed foster children in school

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Keeping expert nurses expert

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Keeping eye-drops in the home

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Keeping facilitated communication in perspective

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Keeping fellow nurses well

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Keeping fit

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Keeping fit in retirement

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Keeping fit in world wide business and holiday travel

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Keeping free the respiratory airways of the newborn during cesarean section

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Keeping health-care workers healthy. Legal aspects of hepatitis B immunization programs

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Keeping healthy after 60 by 2-way radio

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Keeping high blood pressure on the run. Pharmacy's big part in hypertension control

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Keeping hip or keeping current

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Keeping hot foods hot

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Keeping immunizations up to date

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Keeping in step: does exercise benefit the diabetic?

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Keeping in touch with nursing

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Keeping indwelling intravenous devices patent: Hep-rinse

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Keeping infections down when risks go up

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Keeping informed

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Keeping informed: Re-recruitment of occupational therapists

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Keeping it in the family. Impressions of General Practice

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Keeping key employees through deferred compensation plans

Anonymous, 1970:
Keeping lettuce clean

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Keeping medical costs to a minimum

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Keeping mother and child together after birth

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Keeping nurses up to date

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Keeping occupational health services alive

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Keeping occupied and occupational therapy in a department for the rehabilitative therapy of mental patients

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Keeping of dogs in a household with small children

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Keeping of milking cattle from economic and genetic aspects

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Keeping of milking cows in open or cold pens in comparison with massive stables

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Keeping of rats: floor screens as additional equipment for macrolon-cages

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Keeping of records

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Keeping our guard up

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Keeping out Aujeszky's disease

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Keeping out of trouble

Anonymous, 1969:
Keeping overhead costs in line

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Keeping pace with calcium channel blockers

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Keeping pace with change

Quinn, S., 1970:
Keeping pace with the seventies

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Keeping pace with time - of demented elderly

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Keeping people out of hospital

Bliss, C.M., 1981:
Keeping peptic ulcers under control

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Keeping phenylketonuria under control

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Keeping prescription drug advertising honest. FDA's watchful eye

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Keeping prescription drugs safe and effective

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Keeping properties of oils: are they analytically predictable?

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Keeping psychiatry afloat in basic nursing courses

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Keeping qualities of bovine udders

Anonymous, 1970:
Keeping rabies out

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Keeping reactive oxygen species (ROS) in their proper place

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Keeping records in dental practice. I

Meyer, K., 1973:
Keeping records in dental practice. II

Howie, J., 1971:
Keeping research alive as well as respectable

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Keeping salaries secret: help or hindrance?

Kerfoot, K., 1995:
Keeping spirituality in managed care: the nurse manager's challenge

Keene, L., 1995:
Keeping staff quiet

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Keeping students successful: an interdisciplinary approach

Anonymous, 1981:
Keeping tabs on your office. A patient questionnaire

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Keeping talented RNs in hospital practice

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Keeping the air clean as a task of the health office

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Keeping the air clean--a medical problem

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Keeping the airways open and artificial respiration

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Keeping the balance between technical and basic nursing care

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Keeping the balance right

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Keeping the balance; some aspects of student nurse allocation and training

Anonymous, 1983:
Keeping the blood supply safe

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Keeping the care in nursing care: our biggest challenge

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Keeping the cold shoulder from freezing

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Keeping the customer satisfied: issues in the interpretation and use of patient satisfaction surveys

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Keeping the elderly active. Lecture 18

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Keeping the elderly at home

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Keeping the elderly at home: a question of ideology

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Keeping the elderly in the community and out of institutions

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Keeping the elderly well

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Keeping the good people we have; focus on management methods

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Keeping the human pulp vital. Thoughts and studies

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Keeping the mentally ill out of jail

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Keeping the newborn warm: how to safeguard the infant against life-threatening heat loss

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Keeping the patient's secrets

Van Wyk, M., 1993:
Keeping the prescribing pharmacist at bay

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Keeping the promise: what happens when a nurse doesn't?

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Keeping the records of patients in an ocular clinic with perforated file-cards

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Keeping the records straight

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Keeping the respiratory tract open and artificial respiration

Anonymous, 1972:
Keeping the retarded home

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Keeping the ulcer patient well

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Keeping the well child well. An approach

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Keeping the well-elderly well

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Keeping them down on the farm

Lilof, V., 1983:
Keeping them out of hospital

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Keeping track of changing variables: effects of rehearsal training and rehearsal prevention in normal and retarded adolescents

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Keeping track of changing variables: long-term retention of a trained rehearsal strategy by retarded adolescents

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Keeping track of psychomotor skill

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Keeping track of sequential events: implications for the design of displays

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Keeping up the working capacity of the dentist and his coworkers

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Keeping up to date in Gateshead

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A Case of Vesico-Vaginal Fistula from an Unusual Cause

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Keeping up to date in nutrition. The control and communication of information

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Keeping up to date in nutrition. The dissemination of misinformation: a growing problem

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Keeping up to date with drugs--how the pharmacist can help

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Keeping up with 'Mrs Chase': an analysis of nursing skill-learning

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Keeping up with biomedical meetings

Hunter, T.B., 1984:
Keeping up with computers and their applications in medicine

Anonymous, 1968:
Keeping up with our times

Binkley, L.S., 1984:
Keeping up with peritoneal dialysis

Bernhardt, M., 1974:
Keeping up with prevention at the ADA

Waldman, H.B., 1973:
Keeping up with significant issues in the literature

Bartley, P., 1974:
Keeping up with the changes

Larsson, J.A., 1973:
Keeping up with the establishment and an increasing number of graduates. On the continent they need dentists

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Keeping up with the journals. A prescription for more effective reading

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Keeping up with the specialist

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Keeping up--the modern way

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Keeping up: get your money's worth from continuing education

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Keeping up: opportunities for continuing education. You're never too old

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Keeping up: reported journal readings of psychiatrists

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Keeping warm dental chairs warm

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Keeping young children from crying during physical examination

Anonymous, 1969:
Keeping young people from misusing dangerous drugs

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Keeping your delicate balance: the art of managing stress

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Keeping your instruments "alive"

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Keeping your learners' attention

Borton, D., 1995:
Keeping your patient safe from VRE

Snell, J., 1995:
Keeping your patients informed

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Keeping your staff involved

Lehman, E.R., 1973:
Keeping your team together

Rosenbaum, V., 1974:
Keeping yourself and your staff satisfied

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Keeping "tabs" on Medicare visits

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Keflex therapy in bacillary dysentery

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Keflin-Keflodin association in urologic surgery

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Kehr's drain. Experimental method in man for the evaluation of hepato-biliary activity

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Kehr's drainage

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Kehr's incision in operations on the stomach

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Kehr's sign--a neglected aid in rupture of the spleen

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Keiko Imai, first Japanese nurse who has become a professor of nursing at Widener University

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Keilland's forceps in the management of persistent occipitoposterior presentation

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Keinbock's disease. An occurrence in male siblings

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Keiser's discussion of Sherfey's paper on female sexuality

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Keith B. Kelly, M.D. 1936-1973

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Keith Ferguson Brady

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Keith Lewis Barry

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Keith Lindsay Hugh Kirkland

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Keizo Kodama (1891-1972

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Kekules dream. Psychologic considerations of a legend in chemistry

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Keladi poisoning in Singapore children

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Kelfiprim, a new sulpha-trimethoprim combination, versus cotrimoxazole, in the treatment of urinary tract infections: a multicentre, double-blind trial

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Kelfizin (Kabi) sulfalen NFN

Anonymous, 1967:
Kelfizin: a new sulfonamide derivative in dentistry

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Kelfizina in gynecology

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Kelfizine in the treatment of leprosy

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Kell antibodies in pregnancy

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Kell antigen problems encountered in an Alaska native hospital

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Kell phenotypes in chronic granulomatous disease: a potential trnsfusion hazard

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Kell's antigen. I. Occurrence of Kell's antigen among the population of the town of Chiavari and its surroundings

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Kell- and Cw frequency in Berlin

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Keller Bunionectomy and hallux valgus correction. Further modifications

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Keller bunionectomy and hallux valgus correction. An appraisal and current modifications sixty-six years later

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Keller's arthroplasty: is distraction useful? A prospective trial

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Keller's operation with basal osteotomy of first metatarsal

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Kellersberger Memorial Lecture 1979: immunosuppressive/anti-inflammatory thalidomide analogues

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Kelling-Madlener's palliative resection in high-seated stomach ulcer

Fleming, C.J., 1995:
Kellogg Foundation sponsors interdisciplinary experience in migrant health care

Anonymous, 1968:
Kellogg grant to provide scholarships for Negroes

Anonymous, 1971:
Kellogg grants AFDE 172,500 scholarship program

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Kellogg lecture: Canada in the 1980's: innovation or inertia?

DeVries, R.A., 1973:
Kellogg's role in fostering shared services

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Kelly McGuffin West 1925-1980

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Kelly-Paterson syndrome and carcinoma

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Keloid and its treatment

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Keloid and smallpox vaccination

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Keloid blastomycosis caused by Aureobasidium pullulans (De Bary) Arnaud in Brittany

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Keloid blastomycosis in Columbia. Presentation of two cases

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Keloid cicatrices of the face

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Keloid cicatrix after napalm burn

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Keloid eruption following chickenpox

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Keloid formation after BCG vaccination

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Keloid formation after surgery for release of polysyndactyly of the feet in a child

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Keloid formation from levonorgestrel implant (Norplant System) insertion

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Keloid formations of the external ear

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Keloid of the ear lobe

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Keloid of the pinnae

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Keloid versus hypertrophic cicatrix

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Keloidal blastomycosis

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Keloidal blastomycosis associated with South American blastomycosis. Report of a case

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Keloidal calcification

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Keloids and hypertrophic scars--immunological aspects

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Keloids in Ibadan

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Keloids in the African

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Keloids in the light of modern views and our investigations

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Keloids in various races. A review of 175 cases

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Keloids of the breast: mammographic findings

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Keloids of the earlobes: a surgical technique

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Keloids versus hypertropic scars

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Keloids--their epidemiology and treatment

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Keloids: a prospective study of 57 cases

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Keloids: an enigma of surgeons

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Keloids: possibility of treatment by cryotherapy

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Keloids: reassessment of irradiation therapy

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Kemeny's method of immediate dentures

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Kemp-Vincent rally test of tennis skill

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Kempner revisited

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Kempo Tsukamoto, 1904-1974

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Ken's comments. You are O.K.! Mr. A.D.A

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Ken-Ichi Kojima September 17, 1930-November 14, 1971

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Kenacort A in the treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids in children

Jaworski, S., 1973:
Kenacort A treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids in children

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Kenalog IM in the treatment of bronchial asthma

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Kenalog in ambulatory practice

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Kendall Demonstration Elementary School meets the technological challenge: a comprehensive Computer-Managed Education System

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Kendall's generalized birth and death process and the need for construction of stochastic diffusion processes

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Kennedy - on health

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Kennedy Institute--treatment home for children with phenylketonuria

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Kennedy Memorial Hospital for Children: KMH grows as demands increase

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Kennedy's disease: clinical presentation and laboratory diagnosis

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Kennedy's technique for the sectional model

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Kennedy-Applegate classification of partially edentulous dental arches

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Kennedy-Galton Centre, Harperbury Hospital

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Kennestone hospital policies and guidelines for preparing and administering cytotoxic drugs

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Kenneth Berkeley Stoddard 1904-1970

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Kenneth Cowan

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Kenneth Craik: the man and his work

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Kenneth Edward Hodge, D.M.R.D., 1921-1972

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Kenneth Ellmaker Appel 1896-1979

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Kenneth Fox: the artisan dentist

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Kenneth Frank McNeill Uttley

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Kenneth Fraser, O.B.E., M.D., Edin., D.P.H., F.R.S.E

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Kenneth Fuller Maxcy, 1888-1966

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Kenneth G. Gray 1905-1970

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Kenneth George Gray, 1905-1970

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Kenneth George McKenzie, Canada's first neurosurgeon

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Kenneth George McKenzie, M.D., F.R.C.S., 1923-1963

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Kenneth Herbert Taylor

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Kenneth Hugh Gordon Milne

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Kenneth James Macdonald, L.D.S

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Kenneth K. Keown, MD: pioneer of cardiac anesthesiology

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A Case of Vestibular Migraine Resolving on Warfarin and Topiramate

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A Case of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome Mimicking Optic Neuritis

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Kenneth M. Smith, CBE, FRS

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Kenneth O. Johnson--risk-taker

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Kenneth Patrick DuBois (August 9, 1917--January 24, 1973)

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Kenneth Penn Leslie MacGregor

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Kenneth Robert Ullrich

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Kenneth Roberts (1885-1957)

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Kenneth Robson Hill

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Kenneth Ronald Lambert Hall (1917-1965)

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Kenneth Smith

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Kenneth Solomon, MD--A profile/interview. Interview by Blaine Taylor

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Kenneth Stephen Richardson

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Kenneth Stokes Smith

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Kenneth Thurmond predicts many changes in dentistry; appraisals, decisions on professional obligations urged

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Kenneth Thurmond singularly honored

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Kenneth V. Randoph, new Baylor Dean, starts 29th year as dental educator

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Kenneth W. Spence, 1907-1967

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Kenneth Wartinbee Spence: 1907-1967

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Kenny-Caffe syndrome

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Kent physicians outfit old doctor's office at museum

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Kent social services and the new National Health Service

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Kent-Rosanoff Association and its implications for segmental set theory

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Kentucky MECO '74

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Kentucky Medical Assistance Program

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Kentucky Medical Association 1983-1984 membership directory as of May 1, 1983

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Kentucky Medical Association position paper on Professional Standards Review Organizations

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Kentucky physicians' view of medical education

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Kentucky society cooperates in Project Head Start

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Kentucky uses television to explain air regulations

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Kentucky's Doctors Elkin contributions to growth of Emory's medical School

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Kentucky's camp for diabetic children

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Kentucky's first woman dentist (Lucy Dupuy Montz)

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Kentucky's fluoride supplement program

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Kentucky's new controlled substances law

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Kentucky's role in the national nutrition survey

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Kenya 1993: results from the Demographic and Health Survey

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Kenya thanks Norway for the fine Thika establishment

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Kenya's maternal, child health/family planning programme

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Kenya. 2. Observation of the hospitals

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Kenya: a case study in Third World medicine

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Kenya: young nation with health problems

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Kenyatta National Hospital new extensions first phase

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Keogh is better now--but check plans for pitfalls

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Keogh law

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Keogh liberalization and pension reform

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Keogh or not to Keogh

Anonymous, 1967:
Keogh retirement plan

Anonymous, 1968:
Keogh tax plans

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Keogh vs. corporations: Now who's on first?

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Keogh, HR-10. ISDS tax-qualified retirement program

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Keogh: tax-sheltered retirement plans

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Kephloridin (cephalexin monohydrate) in the treatment of urinary tract infections

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Kepiński as a clinician

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Kepiński as a teacher and educator

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Kepiński's informative metabolism in the light of information theory

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Kepiński's "Schizophrenia"

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Kepler's discovery of the retinal image

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Kepone: a chemical disaster in Hopewell, Virginia

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Keppler's experiments as precursors of Young's and Fresnel's experiments. Role of the operture camera in the development of physical optics

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Ker-Ant--Kernott's anterior appliance. (An appliance to complement and supplement the Crozat appliance)

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Keralux S--a new mineral tooth

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Keratan sulfate inhibits its release in rabbit chondrocyte

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