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Lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes: distribution in fast-twitch red, fast-twitch white, and slow-twitch intermediate fibers of guinea pig skeletal muscle

Peter, J.B.; Sawaki, S.; Barnard, R.J.; Edgerton, V.R.; Gillespie, C.A.

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 144(1): 304-307


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-9861
PMID: 5117531
DOI: 10.1016/0003-9861(71)90482-6
Accession: 043508570

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Lactate dehydrogenase activity and Ldh isoenzyme distribution were determined in supernatants of skeletal muscles consisting predominately of fast-twitch red, fast-twitch white, or slow-twitch intermediate fibers. The Ldh activity was highest in the fast-twitch white. The activity in the fast-twitch red was significantly lower than in the fast-twitch white but significantly greater than in slow-twitch intermediate muscle or the heart.

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