Means of optimizing conversion of light energy in the primary stages of photosynthesis. I. the need for optimizing the structure of a photosynthetic unit and calculation of its efficiency

Fetisova, Z.G.; Fok, M.V.

Molekuliarnaia Biologiia 18(6): 1651-1656


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-8984
PMID: 6521741
Accession: 043598372

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It is shown, that the photosynthetic unit structure is to be strongly optimized in vivo to operate with a 90% quantum yield of primary charge separation in reaction centers, which means that a macroscopic photosynthetic unit is neither uniform nor isotropic. Some requirements for optimization of photosynthetic unit structure are determined. The modified probability matrix method to simulate the excitation energy transfer in photosynthesis is proposed. The method is adapted to excitation trapping time (but not to excitation jumps number) calculation. The calculations assume a Förster inductive resonance mechanism for energy transfer within light-harvesting antenna and pairwise dipolar interactions.