Method of colpo-urethrocystography. Part II: Physico-technical conditions for optimum colpo-urethrocystography

Richter, J.; Abet, L.; Lehmann, H.

Zentralblatt für Gynakologie 103(22): 1383-1394


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-4197
PMID: 7200311
Accession: 043639776

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The method of colpo-urethrocystography is now increasingly used in hospitals which admit women for treatment of functional urinary incontinence. Both the quality of examination and the resulting value of the method were found to depend decisively on the techniques used. The results of a systematic purpose-oriented methodological study, with 40 cases of colpo-urethro-cystography included, were evaluated, and a resulting examination programme is described which can be out with the facilities available in the GDR. Here are the most important requirements: 1. Availability of fluoroscope with image intensifier, TV connection, and high-voltage generator; 2. Use of hard rays, X-ray exposure system, HS 11 or HS 90 X-ray film, 18 X 24 in format (vertical), in conjunction with highly amplifying sheet; 3. Marking of urinary bladder by means of 250 ml of contrast fluid (20 ml Propyliodon, 40 ml Visotrast 290, 190 ml physiological salt solution) and marking of urethra, using a lipiodol-UF soaked textile wick.