Molecular cloning and analysis of cDNA sequences derived from poly A+ RNA from barley endosperm: identification of B hordein related clones

Forde, B.G.; Kreis, M.; Bahramian, M.B.; Matthews, J.A.; Miflin, B.J.; Thompson, R.D.; Bartels, D.; Flavell, R.B.

Nucleic Acids Research 9(24): 6689-6707


ISSN/ISBN: 0305-1048
PMID: 6174944
DOI: 10.1093/nar/9.24.6689
Accession: 043672599

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A collection of over 130 cDNA clones has been constructed in the bacterial plasmids pPH207 and pBR322 using as template the poly A+ RNA from membrane-bound polysomes of barley endosperm (cv. Sundance). Fifty four B hordein cDNA clones have been identified by cross-hybridization analysis and in vitro translation of plasmid-selected mRNAs. Hybridization of 11 of the B hordein cDNA clones to Northern blots of size-fractionated RNA indicated that the B hordein mRNA is ca. 1300 nucleotides long. One cDNA clone, pHvE-c16, has been partially sequenced and shown by comparison with C-terminal and other peptide sequences to be related to B1 hordein polypeptides. The results obtained from the analysis of the B hordein cDNA clones support the idea that the Hor 2 locus, which specifies the B hordeins, is complex and codes for a family of related mRNA species.