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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 43792

Chapter 43792 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ziobrowski, S., 1984:
Occurrence of positive toxoplasmosis reactions in mothers and newborn infants

Tsujikawa, H.; Yokoyama, S.; Iizuka, Y.; Okoshi, S.; Nakamura, S., 1967:
Occurrence of post-transfusion hepatitis by using donated blood in thoracic surgery

Baron, F.; Legent, F.; Gouesin; Oudot, J., 1972:
Occurrence of post-traumatic deafness

Orne, M.T.; Sheehan, P.W.; Evans, F.J., 1968:
Occurrence of posthypnotic behavior outside the experimental setting

Koga, S.; Okamoto, R., 1966:
Occurrence of postoperative pulmonary infarcts at the 2d Fukuoka Surgical Clinic

Fusetani, N.; Endo, H.; Hashimoto, K.; Takahashi, K., 1982:
Occurrence of potent toxins in the horseshoe crab Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda

Chng, P.K., 1982:
Occurrence of pre-eclampsia in pregnancies to three husbands. Case report

Spanel-Borowski, K.; Vaughan, M.K.; Johnson, L.Y.; Reiter, R.J., 1982:
Occurrence of preantral intra-ovarian oocyte release in the rat and the Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)

Pokorná, M.; Sourek, J.; Hofmann, J., 1967 :
Occurrence of precipitins against cereal and cow milk proteins in children with celiac disease--in relation to the stage of disease and gluten-free diet

Karbach, G.; Stoye, M., 1982:
Occurrence of prenatal and galactogenic infections caused by Toxascaris leonina Leiper 1907 (Ascaridae) in the mouse

Wahle, H., 1984:
Occurrence of pressure ulcers following discharge from the hospital of patients with complete paraplegia--a long-term follow-up study

Kleinert, H., 1968:
Occurrence of primary bilateral breast carcinomas

Hádlík, J.; Bojanovský, J., 1967:
Occurrence of primary depressions in adult population of the Brno region

Malmio, K., 1967:
Occurrence of primary multiple cancer in patients with cancer of the lip

Weiland, F.; Behrens, H., 1970:
Occurrence of progressive interstitial pneumonia (maedi) of sheep in Northern Germany

Leth, A.; Bang, N., 1974:
Occurrence of progressive muscular dystrophy in Denmark

Fu, Q.; Carson, G.S.; Hiraiwa, M.; Grafe, M.; Kishimoto, Y.; O'Brien, J.S., 1994:
Occurrence of prosaposin as a neuronal surface membrane component

Sasamori, S.; Miyazaki, Y., 1968:
Occurrence of prostaglandin E like substances in dog large intestine

Miyazaki, Y., 1968 :
Occurrence of prostaglandin E1 in the mucous membrane layer of swine large intestine

Bjerve, O.; Natvig, J.B., 1984:
Occurrence of protein SAA-like material in human endothelial cells in culture and smooth-muscle cells in vessel walls

Inaba, M.; Hamada, N.; Yamakawa, J.; Ito, K.; Morii, H.; Yukioka, M.; Morisawa, S.; Inoue, A., 1984:
Occurrence of protein kinases NI and NII in human and porcine thyroids

Meussdoerffer, F., 1980:
Occurrence of proteinase A isoinhibitors in wild type yeast strains and commercial baker's yeast

Joshi, S.; Hughes, J.B.; Houghton, R.L.; Sanadi, D.R., 1981:
Occurrence of proteins immunoreactive with anti-coupling factor B in phosphorylating membrane preparations

Basicević, V.; Vujkov, V., 1968:
Occurrence of psittacosis-ornithosis in children at Crvenka

Brandrup, F.; Green, A.; Holm, N., 1982:
Occurrence of psoriasis in Denmark

Fötzsch, R., 1972:
Occurrence of ptosis in pontine foci

Schiefer, B.; Kast, A., 1969:
Occurrence of pulmonary adenomatosis of sheep in Bavaria. II

Danis, J.; Rozhold, J.; Bárdos, P.; Micek, F., 1981:
Occurrence of pulmonary embolism in our case material of the past 10 years

Buchanan, D.; Mason, J.K., 1982 :
Occurrence of pulmonary fat and bone marrow embolism

Brunner, P., 1972:
Occurrence of pulmonary fat embolism in slaughter animals

Ilahi, M.A.; Billote, J.B.; Aoki, A.; Koumans, R.J.; Burke, J.F., 1968:
Occurrence of pulmonary hyaline membrane disease in burned guinea pigs treated with topical sulfamylon

Singh, M.; Kallan, B.M.; Sandhu, R.S., 1982:
Occurrence of pulmonary nocardiosis in Amritsar

Grospietsch, G.; Fenske, M.; Kuhn, W., 1980:
Occurrence of pulmonary oedemas without myocardial necroses under beta 2-sympathomimetic therapy with fenoterol (experimental investigations in the rabbit

Floystrup, T., 1966:
Occurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis in Denmark

Dimitriu, A.; Zoi, A., 1974:
Occurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis in the commuting adult population

Swietliczko, I., 1970:
Occurrence of pupillary disorders in intracranial tumors

Pflug, W.; Lingens, F., 1983:
Occurrence of pydixaminephosphate oxidase and pyridoxal kinase in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria

Gillespie, J.C.; Peterson, G.H.; Lehocky, R.; Shearer, L., 1982:
Occurrence of pyloric stenosis in triplets

Poddubnyĭ, I.F., 1970:
Occurrence of pyodermitis in coal mine workers

Salvenmoser, F.; Kramar, R.; Seelich, F., 1966:
Occurrence of pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase in mitochondria of various ascites tumors

Gormus, B.J.; Wheat, R.W.; Porter, J.F., 1971:
Occurrence of pyruvic acid in capsular polysaccharides from various Klebsiella species

Sipahioğlu, H., 1970:
Occurrence of rabies despite vaccination

Casciu, G.; Cossu, F.; Spinazzola, A., 1968:
Occurrence of radiological changes of the osteoarticular apparatus in Sardinian industrial excavation workers with special reference to drillers. II. The elbow joint

Casciu, G.; Cossu, F.; Spinazzola, A., 1968:
Occurrence of radiological changes of the osteoarticular apparatus in Sardinian miners with special reference to drillers. 3. The scapulohumeral girdle joint

Casciu, G.; Cossu, F.; Spinazzola, A., 1968:
Occurrence of radiological changes of the osteoarticular apparatus in Sardinian miners, with special reference to drillers. I. The skeleton of the hand and wrist

Stahl, A.; Mirre, C., 1981:
Occurrence of recombination nodules in the synaptonemal complex of the human oocyte at the pachytene stage

Lafrenz, M., 1970:
Occurrence of rectum perforation in enemas using contrast media

Palagi, R.; Giorgi, G.; Moggi, G., 1969:
Occurrence of recurrent abortion among patients in our hospital in the last 3 years

Festoff, B.W., 1983:
Occurrence of reduced alpha 2-macroglobulin and lowered protease inhibiting capacity in plasma of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients

Eklöf, O.A.; Johanson, L., 1980:
Occurrence of reflux in children with ureteral jets

Skala, K., 1970:
Occurrence of refractive errors, strabism and eye injuries in children from 8 to 15 years of age in Prague 3

Nootens, J.; Devroede, G., 1972:
Occurrence of regional enteritis in the cantons of the East

Levy, J.A.; Tanabe, E.; Curnen, E.C., 1968:
Occurrence of reovirus antibodies in health African children and in children with Burkitt's lymphoma

Neugebauer, A.; Trenckmann, H.; Günther, K., 1982:
Occurrence of repetitive ventricular responses in programmed right ventricular stimulation

Francos, G., 1974:
Occurrence of reproduction disorders in milking-cattle herds in Israel

Andra, A.; Hartel, J.; Stohring, M.; Stohring, M., 1982:
Occurrence of residual perforations following cleft palate surgery

Wüthrich, R.P., 1995:
Occurrence of respiratory alkalosis in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients with pulmonary disease

Rimpelä, A., 1982:
Occurrence of respiratory diseases and symptoms among Finnish youth. A follow-up survey

Erusalimskiĭ, E.I.; Saĭranian, E.A., 1970:
Occurrence of respiratory diseases in workers from the Kadamdzhaĭskiĭ antimony mine

Tirado, R.; Sarmiento, R.E.; Bustos, J.; Thompson, O.; Gomez, B., 1995:
Occurrence of respiratory syncytial virus subtypes in Mexican infants with acute lower respiratory tract disease

Leszczyńska-Zygmanowska, 1967:
Occurrence of rheumatic fever among children of the town of Piotrkow Trybunalski

Benevolenskaia, L.I.; Manchuk, V.T.; Mikhaĭlov, E.E.; Orlov-Morozov, A.V.; Miakotkin, V.A., 1982:
Occurrence of rheumatic fever and streptococcal infection in the population of the Todzhinsk Region of the Tuva ASSR

Böthig, S.; Markgraf, C.; Barth, W.; Hutzelmann, H., 1970:
Occurrence of rheumatic heart disease 50-to 54-year-old men in urban and rural population

Mikat, B., 1972:
Occurrence of rheumatism

Bisiarina, V.P.; Kuksa, P.Ia., 1969:
Occurrence of rheumatism in children in Omsk according to attendance data

Balan, D.Ia., 1967:
Occurrence of rheumatism in children in Sosnivka county and its control organization in local conditions

Dzisiów, F.; Głodzik, J.; Zawilińska-Berdek, B., 1981:
Occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and coxarthrosis in direct epidemiological studies

Wessel, G.; Senf, M., 1971:
Occurrence of rheumatoid factor and secondary joint diseases in blood relatives of patients with progressive chronic polyarthritis

Arakawa, H.; Shimada, A.; Ishimoto, N.; Ito, E., 1981:
Occurrence of ribitol-containing lipoteichoic acid in Staphylococcus aureus H and its glycosylation

Mori, T.; Ibuki, F.; Matsushita, S.; Hata, T., 1968:
Occurrence of ribonucleic acids that have template activities in soybean seeds

Tubbs, R.R.; Savage, R.A., 1983:
Occurrence of ribosome-lamella complexes

Meek, S.R., 1984:
Occurrence of rickettsia-like symbionts among species of the Aedes scutellaris group (Diptera:Culicidae)

Rupp, M.; Bleifeld, W.; Fleischmann, D.; Meyer, J., 1972:
Occurrence of right bundle-branch block with simultaneous appearance of a left anterior hemiblock as the early stage of total AV-block

Suganuma, M.; Kohno, S.; Kohase, M.; Shimizu, Y., 1970:
Occurrence of rubella virus lacking hemagglutinating activity. Brief report

Moreno, G.; Andrade, J.C.; Lopes, C.A., 1973:
Occurrence of salmonella in lizards

Kaliner, G.; Sachs, R.; Fay, L.D.; Schiemann, B., 1971:
Occurrence of sarcosporidiosis in East African game animals

Uchida, K., 1974:
Occurrence of saturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids with unusually-long-chains (C20-C30) in Lactobacillus heterohiochii, an alcoholophilic bacterium

Tadmor, A.; Rauchbach, K., 1972:
Occurrence of scabies in the hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus (Linnaeus)

Hatron, P.Y.; Devulder, B.; Maecker, G.; Gosselin, B.; Wattre, P., 1981:
Occurrence of scleroderma in a chronic carrier of HBs antigen. Critical analysis of the possible role of HBs-anti-HBs immune complexes

Nagura, S., 1970:
Occurrence of scoliosis and the Tashiro report

Schmähl, D.; Habs, M.; Lorenz, M.; Wagner, I., 1982:
Occurrence of second tumors in man after anticancer drug treatment

Bulla, A.; Kercea, V.; Gologan, I., 1968:
Occurrence of secondary bronchopulmonary mycosis manifestations in patients with treated tuberculosis

Freitag, V.; Seidel, W., 1972:
Occurrence of secondary findings on panoramic tomographic pictures

Yano, B.L.; Hayden, D.W.; Johnson, K.H., 1983:
Occurrence of secondary systemic amyloid in the pancreatic islets of a cat

Terzi, I.; Bernardi, F., 1969:
Occurrence of secretor and non-secretor phenotypes

Popli, A.P.; Kando, J.C.; Pillay, S.S.; Tohen, M.; Cole, J.O., 1995:
Occurrence of seizures related to psychotropic medication among psychiatric inpatients

Ching, W.M., 1984:
Occurrence of selenium-containing tRNAs in mouse leukemia cells

Ishinaga, M.; Kato, M.; Kito, M., 1974:
Occurrence of separate pools of phosphatidic acid for biosynthesis of phospholipids in Escherichia coli membranes

Gómez-Almaguer, D.; Kraus Weisman, A.; Ruiloba Madero, F., 1981:
Occurrence of serious post-splenectomy infection in adults splenectomized for hereditary spherocytosis

Kaura, Y.K.; Sharma, V.K., 1981:
Occurrence of seroagglutinins against a polyvalent preparation of commonly occurring Salmonella somatic groups in farm animals and man

Cybulska, J.; Jeljaszewicz, J.; Lund, E.; Munksgaard, A., 1971:
Occurrence of serologic types of Diplococcus pneumoniae and their sensitivity to 30 antibiotics

Mateew, D.; Manew, C., 1973:
Occurrence of serological types of the serological group australis of leptospirae in Bulgaria

Hafez, H.M.; Brüning, H., 1982:
Occurrence of serum hemagglutinins in turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo var. domesticus)

Fábryová, L.; Hrubisko, M., 1970:
Occurrence of serum hepatitis following the administration of Cohn's fraction I or fibrinogen and antihemophilic globulin (AHG) respectively

Rosengarten, E., 1967:
Occurrence of sesamoid bones in the hands in Polish population

Guest, G.; Rappaport, R.; Philippe, F.; Thibaud, E., 1983:
Occurrence of severe striae in adolescents with congenital adrenal hyperplasia and 21-hydroxylation deficiency treated with dexamethasone

Gupta, R.L., 1969:
Occurrence of severe thyrotoxicosis in a case of Hashimoto's disease

Smith, A.; Elliott, G., 1980 :
Occurrence of sex chromosome mosaicism and translocation Down's syndrome in the same family

Chen, P.S.; Baumann, H., 1972:
Occurrence of sex peptides in various species of Drosophila

Vaage, J., 1984:
Occurrence of shared nonviral tumor-associated transplantation-type antigens among C3H/He mammary carcinomas

Missbach, R.J.; Vieweg, C., 1974:
Occurrence of shock and first measures in case of shock in the general dental practice

Schröder, H.C.; Schenk, P.; Baydoun, H.; Wagner, K.G.; Müller, W.E., 1983:
Occurrence of short-sized oligo(A) fragments during course of cell cycle and ageing

Nogueira, D.P.; Certain, D.; Brólio, R.; Garrafa, N.M.; Shibata, H., 1981:
Occurrence of silicosis among workers of the ceramic industry of the city of Jundiaí, SP (Brazil)

Shah, K.V.; Weismann, M.; Murphy, G.P., 1972:
Occurrence of simian virus 40 (SV40)-reacting antibodies in sera of some patients with prostatic cancer

Farkas, J., 1983:
Occurrence of simuliosis in humans in Bratislava. Skin manifestations following black-fly sting of the genus Simuliidae

Fox, B.W.; Fox, M., 1970:
Occurrence of single-strand breaks in the template labelled DNA of P388F cells after low doses of electrons

Daly, J.W.; Highet, R.J.; Myers, C.W., 1984:
Occurrence of skin alkaloids in non-dendrobatid frogs from Brazil (Bufonidae), Australia (Myobatrachidae) and Madagascar (Mantellinae)

Kadlec, K.; Hanslian, L.; Folprechtová, A., 1974:
Occurrence of skin diseases as a result of work with polyester varnishes

Petrova, R.S., 1972:
Occurrence of skin diseases in the rural population

Pasykowa, K., 1966:
Occurrence of skin tuberculosis in the Cracow region in 1948-1962

Anglesio, E.; Cappa, A.P.; Panero, M., 1971:
Occurrence of skin tumors in a region of northern Italy

Eichhorn, G.; Gräfner, G.; Hiepe, T.; Ribbeck, R., 1970:
Occurrence of skin warble fly larvae in wild deer

Caldwell, J.; Weseli, D.F.; Cartwright, T.C., 1971:
Occurrence of sl - and -casein types in five breeds of beef cattle

Mangler, K.H.; Heidenreich, C.; Lissner, H.; Zur, M., 1972:
Occurrence of small cystic-changes in the region of carpal bones in physically active persons

Boron, P.; Sokolewicz, E., 1970:
Occurrence of so-called Australia antigen in virus hepatitis patients in the population from the vicinity of Bialystok

Blazek, K., 1971:
Occurrence of so-called globular leukocytes in various parasitic diseases of domestic and wild animals

Bosmanský, K.; Kresánek, E., 1968:
Occurrence of so-called postanginal myocarditis

Nelson, J.D.; Jato-Rodriguez, J.J.; Mookerjea, S., 1973:
Occurrence of soluble glycosyltransferases in human amniotic fluid

Neri Serneri, G.G.; Gensini, G.F.; Abbate, R.; Favilla, S., 1980:
Occurrence of soluble very high molecular weight fibrinogen complexes in hypercoagulable states. An in vitro and in vivo study on their features

Cutress, T.W.; Brown, R.H.; Guy, E.M., 1970:
Occurrence of some bacterial species in the dental plaque of trisomic 21 (mongoloid), other mentally retarded, and normal subjects

Dethloff, E.; Kaiser, G., 1968:
Occurrence of some orthopedic diseases in childhood and adolescence from the viewpoint of the orthopedic service

Körting, W., 1968:
Occurrence of spindle cells in fish blood

Navrátil, J.; Kuthan, F., 1966:
Occurrence of spondylarthritis ankylopoietica in monozygotic twins

Canales, E.S.; Zárate, A.; Gonzáles, A.; MacGregor, C.; Villalobos, M.; Delgado, J., 1973:
Occurrence of spontaneous second pregnancy after delivery of conceptions resulting from ovulation induced by various therapeutic modalities

Tornabene, T.G.; Kates, M.; Gelpi, E.; Oro, J., 1969:
Occurrence of squalene, di- and tetrahydrosqualenes, and vitamin MK8 in an extremely halophilic bacterium, Halobacterium cutirubrun

Hill, B.H., 1970:
Occurrence of squamous carcinoma in hyperkeratoses and Bowenoid lesions treated with 5-fluorouracil

De Decker, W.; Tessmer, J., 1973 :
Occurrence of squint and efficiency of treatment in Schleswig-Holstein

Patiĭ, R.G.; Kharambura, D.D.; Kozyts'ka, I.G., 1967:
Occurrence of staphylococcal infections among newborns in obstetrical departments

Tzannetis, S.; Dimitracopoulos, G.; Papavassiliou, J., 1974:
Occurrence of staphylococcin production in staphylococci

Böttcher, H.D.; Schmilowski, G.M.; Haverkamp, U.; Wagner, W., 1983:
Occurrence of stationary waves in angiography of peripheral vessels

Paulechová-Králiková, K., 1969:
Occurrence of stem pitting virus in special types of apple trees

Mishenda, N.P., 1969:
Occurrence of stomach cancer in Bucovina and results of its treatment

Leibl, W., 1972:
Occurrence of stratified squamous epithelium insulas in the human cecum

Duben, J.; Neubauer, M.; Rotta, J.; Jelínková, J.; Beránek, M.; Kubcová, M., 1970:
Occurrence of streptococcal infections and the prevalence of type A groups of hemolytic streptococci in an urban health district

Elszkowska, E.; Nowak, D.; Okoniewska, E.; Pizoń, E., 1982:
Occurrence of streptococci producing extracellular polysaccharides from saccharose in dental plaque on the contact surfaces of premolar and canine teeth in the maxilla in relation to clinical status

Carvalho, M.A.; de Figueiredo, Y.P.; Cisalpino, E.O.; Melo, G.R., 1972:
Occurrence of strictly anaerobic bacteria in the root canal

Löf, A.; Gullstrand, E.; Lundgren, E.; Nordqvist, M.B., 1984:
Occurrence of styrene-7,8-oxide and styrene glycol in mouse after the administration of styrene

Králik, M.; Cesnak, D.; Kopasová, A., 1981:
Occurrence of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis in records of the Faculty Children's Hospital in Kosice

Mimouni, F.; Merlob, P.; Reisner, S.H., 1983:
Occurrence of supernumerary nipples in newborns

Fu, S.M.; Winchester, R.J.; Kunkel, H.G., 1974:
Occurrence of surface IgM, IgD, and free light chains of human lymphocytes

Bibrack, B., 1970:
Occurrence of swine adenoviruses of serotypes 1-4 in Bavaria

Hamana, K.; Miyagawa, K.; Matsuzaki, S., 1983:
Occurrence of sym-homospermidine as the major polyamine in nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria

Pocher, K.; Heublein, B.; Parsi, R.A., 1971:
Occurrence of symptom combination--hepatomegaly and bilateral pretibial edema-as a indication of manifest cardiac decompensation in suspect x-ray cardiovascular findings compared to unsuspect x-ray cardiovascular findings

Knieriem, H.J., 1974:
Occurrence of synapses in the distal atrioventricular node, in the bundle of His and their significance

Blavy, G.; Diakhate, L., 1982:
Occurrence of syphilis in blood donors in Dakar and the importance of the new serological detection methods, TPHA and GAST

Dabbous, I.A.; Idriss, H.M., 1970:
Occurrence of systemic lupus erythematosus in association with ethosuccimide therapy. Case report

Jersild, T.; Helweg-Larsen, E.; Ott, C.; Rahbek, M., 1965:
Occurrence of tatooings in Copenhagen's convicts

Toyama, S.; Soda, K., 1972:
Occurrence of taurine: -ketoglutarate aminotransferase in bacterial extracts

Chu, C.M.; Tian, S.F.; Ren, G.F.; Zhang, Y.M.; Zhang, L.X.; Liu, G.Q., 1982:
Occurrence of temperature-sensitive influenza A viruses in nature

Noguchi, T.; Maruyama, J.; Narita, H.; Hashimoto, K., 1984:
Occurrence of tetrodotoxin in the gastropod mollusk Tutufa lissostoma (frog shell)

Kohler, M.; Klingberg, F., 1968:
Occurrence of the 5-6-sec spike wave in the visual cortex of rats in connection with motor responses

Schwartze, D., 1971:
Occurrence of the 5th heart sound and its relations to left and right ventricular 3rd heart sound

Milstein, C.; Jarvis, J.M.; Milstein, C.P., 1969:
Occurrence of the Inv genetic markers in the subgroups of human kappa chains

Cross, D.F.; Ellis, J.G., 1966:
Occurrence of the Janeway lesion in mycotic aneurysm

Babudieri, B.; Fraga de Azevedo, J.; Palmeiro, J.M., 1974:
Occurrence of the Leptospira arboreae serotype in Portugal

Lipková, V.; Seckárová, A.; Janousková, J.; Krcméry, V.; Hausmannová, A.; Bátorová, L., 1971 :
Occurrence of the R-factor in children. I. Incidence of transmissible resistance to antibiotics in Escherichia coli strains isolated from clinically healthy children and children with pyelonephritis

Anonymous, 1966:
Occurrence of the Stevens-Johnson syndrome (erythema exudativum multiforme) and severe skin reactions with relation to sulfonamide therapy. Reply to questions sent to a Norwegian hospital

Borowski, J.; Sokolewicz, E.; Kupryanow-Wolfart, K., 1968:
Occurrence of the abdominal form of rodent-borne diseases (pseudotuberculous infection) in children

Kalendo, G.S., 1972:
Occurrence of the adaptation syndrome, stress, at the cellular level and its role in the reaction of cells to radiation

Johnson, E.J., 1966:
Occurrence of the adenosine monophosphate inhibition of carbon dioxide fixation in photosynthetic and chemosynthetic autotrophs

Leichtling, B.H.; Coffman, D.S.; Yaeger, E.S.; Rickenberg, H.V.; al-Jumaliy, W.; Haley, B.E., 1981:
Occurrence of the adenylate cyclase "G protein" in membranes of Dictyostelium discoideum

Uyeo, S.; Kotera, K.; Okada, T.; Takagi, S.; Tsuda, Y., 1966:
Occurrence of the alkaloids vittatine and haemanthamine in Lycoris radiata herb

Brem, G.; Wanke, R.; Hondele, J.; Dahme, E., 1984:
Occurrence of the arachnomelia syndrome in Bavarian Brown-Swiss x Braunvieh breed population

Vargas, V.M., 1984:
Occurrence of the bat tick Ornithodoros (Alectorobius) Kelleyi Cooley & Kohls (Acari: Argasidae) in Costa Rica and its relation to human bites

Dehority, B.A., 1970:
Occurrence of the ciliate protozoa Bütschlia parva Schuberg in the rumen of the ovine

Haferkamp, O.; Matthys, H.; Felkel, H., 1972:
Occurrence of the combination of right heart insufficiency, blood-gas analytic partial insufficiency and fresh minor pulmonary embolisms

Dietzmann, U., 1968:
Occurrence of the congenital mega-colon (Hirschsprung's mega-colon) in cats

Benedict, R.G.; Brady, L.R.; Stuntz, D.E.; Spurr, J., 1970:
Occurrence of the deadly Amanita verna in the Pacific Northwest

Slakey, L.L.; Ness, G.C.; Qureshi, N.; Porter, J.W., 1973:
Occurrence of the enzymes effecting the conversion of acetyl CoA to squalene in homogenates of hog aorta

MacGregor, A.; Kelly, A.; Hornabrook, R.W., 1973:
Occurrence of the genotype Cde-Cde in Papua New Guinea

Brown, V.K.; Box, V.L., 1968:
Occurrence of the glyoxylate-shunt in the epidermis of rats

Shakhgil'dian, I.V.; Borozhbieva, T.E.; Trofimova, L.I.; Arslan, R.; Bagaazhav, N., 1980:
Occurrence of the hepatitis B surface antigen and its subtypes in acute viral hepatitis among the population of the Mongolian People's Republic

Nĕmĕcková, A.; Cross, A.D.; Santavý, F., 1967:
Occurrence of the isorhoeagenin glycoside

Ertlová, E., 1967:
Occurrence of the leech Cystobranchus respirans (Troschel) in the Czechoslovak sector of the Danube

Gaĭserian, A.M.; Shamakhian, M.A., 1969:
Occurrence of the mammary gland cancer in the Armenian SSR (1947-1966)

Gebel, L., 1973:
Occurrence of the mauve factor in schizophrenia

Köhler, H.; Libiseller, R., 1970:
Occurrence of the so-called "Weidekrankheit" (pasture disease) in cows in Austria in relation to fertilizing and feeding

Engelbrecht, H.; Buske, M., 1982:
Occurrence of the tropical beetle Ahasverus advena (WALTL, 1832) (Coleoptera, Silvanidae) in modern apartment buildings

Durkin, J.P.; Brewer, L.M.; MacManus, J.P., 1983:
Occurrence of the tumor-specific, calcium-binding protein, oncomodulin, in virally transformed normal rat kidney cells

Sutter, A.; Grisebach, H., 1968:
Occurrence of the "NIH shift" in higher plants

Tyml, K.; Weigelt, H.; Lübbers, D.W., 1984:
Occurrence of the "capillary contractility" phenomenon and its significance in the distribution of microvascular flow in frog skeletal muscle

Franzke, C.; Griehl, H.; Grunert, S.; Hollstein, E., 1968:
Occurrence of theophylline in cacao beans

Shkurenko, V.O., 1967:
Occurrence of thermophilic fungi of the order Mucorales in some soils of the Ukrainian SSR

Jeske, W.; Górowski, T.; Gajl-Peczalska, K., 1971:
Occurrence of thyroid antibodies in some thyroid gland diseases

Thevenot, H.; Vindrios, J.; Lebourgeois, M.; Floch, J.J., 1984:
Occurrence of thyroid cancer in New Caledonia

Molnár, E., 1982:
Occurrence of tick-borne encephalitis and other arboviruses in Hungary

Ernek, E.; Kozuch, O.; Hudec, K.; Urbán, S., 1967:
Occurrence of tick-borne encephalitis virus neutralizing antibody in aquatic birds in Central Europe

Leković, V., 1993:
Occurrence of tics, enuresis and hyperkinetic behavior in children with speech disorders

Katyal, V.K.; Jagdish; Choudhary, D.; Choudhary JD [corrected to Choudhary, D.]., 1994:
Occurrence of torsade de pointes with use of astemizole

Aronsson, B.; Möllby, R.; Nord, C.E., 1981:
Occurrence of toxin-producing Clostridium difficile in antibiotic-associated diarrhea in Sweden

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Occurrence of trematode ova resembling Dicrocoelium dendriticum in the stools of human inhabitants of Curaçao

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Occurrence of trepanomatoses in the Bedik people of Senegal

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Occurrence of trichinosis in Eastern Slovakia

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Occurrence of trichomonas in the male urethra

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Occurrence of trophoblasts in the blood of toxaemic patients

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Occurrence of tropinon in nicandra roots

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Occurrence of tubercle bacilli with attenuated virulence in guinea pig

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Occurrence of tuberculosis bacteria in streams

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Occurrence of tuberculosis in Uruguay according to professions and occupations

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Occurrence of tuberculosis in a group of 3,738 applicants for mining work

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Occurrence of tuberculosis in children, immunized with BCG vaccine subcutaneously

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Occurrence of tuberculosis of the urinary tract in women with genital tuberculosis

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Occurrence of tubuloreticular inclusions in acute viral hepatitis

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Occurrence of tumors and effects on longevity after limited x-irradiation in man

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Occurrence of two cleavages preceding inactivation of bovine temporary trypsin isoinhibitor A

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Occurrence of two different endorphins in the salmon pituitary

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Occurrence of two different intermediate filament proteins in the same filament in situ within a human glioma cell line. An immunoelectron microscopical study

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Occurrence of two different pathways in the activation of porcine pepsinogen to pepsin

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Occurrence of two distinct subpopulations of suppressor cells in rats bearing chemically induced tumors

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Occurrence of two forms of H2M2 isoenzyme of lactate dehydrogenase

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Occurrence of two maximum temperatures fro growth in yeasts

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Occurrence of two types of Ca2+-dependent protein kinases in the cytosol fraction of the brain

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Occurrence of type A and type B monoamine oxidase activities in toad egg mitochondria

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Occurrence of tyramine and N-methyltyramine in Haloxylon salicornicum (Moq.-Tand.) Boiss

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Occurrence of ulcerative disease in workers exposed to carbon disulfide

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Occurrence of ulcerative gingivitis in relation to age and period of the year

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Occurrence of undersirable side-effects of various psychopharmaceutics on the blood circulation in arteriosclerotic patients. (Discussion)

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Occurrence of unilateral retinoblastoma in three generations of a Louisiana family

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Occurrence of unique colloidal particles in snake blood and their transport across the capillary wall. A proposal of a new hypothesis on the permeability of the blood capillaries

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Occurrence of unique polysialosyl carbohydrate units in glycoproteins of developing brain

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Occurrence of unmyelinated axon profiles at distal, middle and proximal levels in the ventral root L7 of cats and kittens

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Occurrence of unusual hexadecenoate fatty acids in hepatoma lipids

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Occurrence of unusual pleural calcification in Finland. Studies on atmospheric pollution caused by asbestos

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Occurrence of uranaffin-positive synaptic vesicles in both adrenergic and non-adrenergic nerves of the rat anococcygeus muscle

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Occurrence of uridylate-rich oligonucleotide regions in heterogeneous nuclear RNA of HeLa cells

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Occurrence of urinary incontinence in long-term care patients

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Occurrence of urinary stress incontinence in women

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Occurrence of uronic acid in lipopolysaccharides of Vibrionaceae

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Occurrence of vaginal mycoses during treatment with Ovosiston and Non-Ovlon

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Occurrence of vaginal trichomoniasis and mycosis in our material

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Occurrence of varices and body size

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Occurrence of various enzymes in synovial fluid and tendon sheaths of horses

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Occurrence of various local sequelae of kidney puncture in the rabbit

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Occurrence of various types of Enterobacteriaceae in selected milk products

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Occurrence of various types of pathological changes in the gastric mucosa and preliminary analysis of the incidence of intestinal metaplasia in relation to sex and age

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Occurrence of vascular anomalies in unilateral cerebral hypoplasia. "Cerebral hemiatrophy"

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Occurrence of venereal diseases

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Occurrence of venereal diseases in the Central Bohemian region

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Occurrence of viral diseases in the rainbow trout hatcheries in France. 1st histopathological results

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Occurrence of viral hepatitis among health service personnel

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Occurrence of virus-like bodies in transplantable vaginal neoplasms in mice

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Occurrence of vision disorders and their regression in the course of damage to the labyrinth by streptomycin

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Occurrence of vitamin E in black tea

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Occurrence of vitamins K and related quinones

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Occurrence of vocal cord nodules in singers

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Occurrence of volatile nitrosamines in food: a survey of the West German market

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Occurrence of vomiting following halothane anesthesia

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Occurrence of vulvovaginitis in childhood caused by yeast microorganisms

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Occurrence of white lines on finger tips in some dermatoses

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Occurrence of worms from the subgenus ornithogamus in CSSR (Czechoslovakia)

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Occurrence of yeast-like fungi and Geotrichum in the stomach following vagotomy and pyloroplasty

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Occurrence of yeast-like fungi in the urogenital tract of patients at a dermato-venereological clinic

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Occurrence of yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida and bacterial flora in the sputum of patients with different respiratory organ diseases

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Occurrence of yeasts in sputum in 10 years (1957-1966)

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Occurrence of "Australian antigen" in 2 homogenous groups of patients in Ostrava. I

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Occurrence of "Haemophilus somnus" in bovine semen and in the prepuce of bulls and steers

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Occurrence of "natural" vibriocidal antibodies in the population of a non-endemic area

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Occurrence of "nuclear bodies" in various benign and malignant human neoplasms

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Occurrence of "spindle discharges" in the rat in relation to behavior

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Occurrence on intestinal parasitosis. Study of a group of children in a rural community in the Mexican plateau

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Occurrence or claims made: which policy is right for your hospital?

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Occurrence rate of salmonellosis in Bratislava over the years 1969 - 1978. II. Incidence of salmonellosis in 0-year-old children

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Occurrence screening--what do you think?

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Occurrence severity and therapeutic possibilities in apnea of the premature infant

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Occurrence, absorption and distribution of vitamin A

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Occurrence, age and sex distribution of vegetative dystonia

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Occurrence, biogenesis and metabolism of steroid sulfates

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Occurrence, detection, and biosynthesis of carboxy-terminal amides

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Occurrence, diagnosis, and therapy of gastrointestinal nematode in estations in roe and red deer

Barth, D., 1972:
Occurrence, diagnosis, and therapy of gastrointestinal nematode infections in roes and red deer

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Occurrence, distribution and absorption of provitamins A

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Occurrence, etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, therapy of the most common hoof diseases in large herds of cattle

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Occurrence, frequency and multiple occurrence of intestinal parasites in Ethiopia

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Occurrence, function and diagnostic importance of enzymes

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Occurrence, importance and nomenclature of placenta maturation disorders

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Occurrence, in Brazil, of helminthiasis transmitted by the soil. Croposcopic routine of the ex-Departmento Nacional de Endemias Rurais

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Occurrence, in atmospheric air dust, of coronene, perylene and antanthrene, besides other aromatic polycyclie hydrocarbons considered carcinogens

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Occurrence, inheritance and gene frequencies of the blood group factor A hel in swine with special reference to the dilution of the Helix extract

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Occurrence, isolation and interchain bridges of natural 7-S immunoglobulin M in human serum

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Occurrence, metastasis and natural course of malignant treated and untreated tumors in patients over 70

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Occurrence, mortality, and morbidity of stomach cancer in selected districts of the Warsaw region

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Occurrence, sensitivity against antibiotics and pathogenicity of Achromobacter mucosus (Bact. anitratum)

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Occurrence, significance, therapy and prevention of bovine traumatic reticuloperitonitis in Greece

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Occurrence, stability and decomposition of beta-N [gamma-L(+)-glutamyl]-4-hydroxymethylphenylhydrazine (agaritine) from the mushroom Agaricus bisporus

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Occurrence, storage and release of neurotensin-like immunoreactivity from the adrenal gland

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Occurrence, type and therapy of knee-joint diseases in dogs

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Occurrence, type, and course of inflammatory synovial reaction after joint puncture and injections and their significance for synovial diagnosis. II

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Occurrence, type, and course of inflammatory synovial reactions following joint punctures or injections and their significance for synovial diagnosis

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Occurrences of fibrous atrophy in the edentulous mouth in the light of clinical observations

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Occusal wear in prosthodontics

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Oceanic climate cure 1965. (Report on climatotherapy of endogenous eczema in the Southern Atlantic in November-December 1965)

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Oceanography and barodontia

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Oceanography and environmental sciences at Miami

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Oceanography: who will control Cobb Seamount?

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Ochronosis due to hydroquinone

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Ochronotic spondylarthropathy

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Ochronotic stenosing flexor tenosynovitis--case report

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Ockam and the lymphoma maze

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Ockelby disease--a skin and joint disease probably caused by a mosquito-borne alpha arbovirus

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Oct-2 is required early in T cell-independent B cell activation for G1 progression and for proliferation

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Octacosanol in parkinsonism

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Octadon N

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Octafluorocyclobutane and other gases for vitreous replacement

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Octahedral hybridization of hydrogenic orbitals in molecular orbital and ligand field calculations

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Octamethylbiguanide perchlorate

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Octanoic acid and free fatty acids

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Octanol oxidation by the mitochondria of Torulopsis candida

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Octant vectorcardiography

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Octant vectorcardiography - the evaluation by peaks

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Octant vectorcardiography and automatic diagnosis of coronary artery disease

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Octant vectorcardiography and its data basis

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Octapressin Sandoz, a selectively acting vasoconstrictor

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Octapressin as a vasoconstrictor in dental plexus anesthesia

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Octene epoxidation by a cold-stable alkane-oxidizing isolate of Pseudomonas oleovorans

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October 1, 1968 is nearly there

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October 23, 1971. In memory of Bruno Klopfer

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October 3: commemorative date for dentistry and for the Latin American Dental Association

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October is Immunization Action Month

Haritos, N.P., 1974:
October is immunization action month. What are you going to do about it?

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October rescue

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Octogenarians winners of AHF prizes (Paul D. White, Elmer H. Bobst)

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Octopamine action on the spontaneous contractions of the isolated nerve cord of Lumbricus terrestris

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Octopamine alters rhythmic activity in the isolated cardiac ganglion of the crab, Portunus sanguinolentus

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Octopamine: metabolic error or evolutionary vestige?

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Ocular drugs

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Ocular examination cart for the operating room

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