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Plasma lipoproteins in familial lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency. Further studies of very low and low density lipoprotein abnormalities

Glomset, J.A.; Nichols, A.V.; Norum, K.R.; King, W.; Forte, T.

Journal of Clinical Investigation 52(5): 1078-1092


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9738
PMID: 4349484
Accession: 043961254

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Plasma lipoproteins of d<1.006 g/ml, d 1.006-1.019 g/ml, and d 1.019-1.063 g/ml from patients with familial lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency yielded abnormal subfractions upon being separately filtered through 2% agarose gel. A subfraction that emerged with the void volume and contained unusually large amounts of unesterified cholesterol and phosphatidylcholine was present in each lipoprotein group, and in each group this subfraction was less prominent in the nonlipemic plasma of one patient than in the lipemic plasma of other patients. A subfraction containing smaller lipoproteins also was present in each lipoprotein group. These lipoproteins were of the same size as normal lipoproteins of the corresponding density, but contained abnormally small amounts of cholesteryl ester. The lipoproteins of 1.019-1.063 g/ml contained abnormal components of intermediate molecular weight as well as large and small abnormal components similar to those described previously. The intermediate components were more prominent in the nonlipemic plasma but were easily recognized in the hyperlipemic plasma as a peak of S(f) 20-30 in the analytical ultracentrifuge. Also they could be recognized, upon electron microscopy of the lipoproteins of d 1.019-1.063 g/ml, as particles 340-1000 A in diameter. The data suggest that related large, abnormal particles pervade the patients' very low and low density lipoproteins, and that the large particles are affected by, but are not dependent on, the lipemia that frequently accompanies the disease. The smaller very low and low density lipoproteins appear to be counterparts of lipoproteins present in normal plasma. Their abnormal composition is compatible with the possibility that lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase normally decreases the triglyceride and phosphatidylcholine and increases the cholesteryl ester of very low density and low density plasma lipoproteins in vivo.

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