Postpartum "blues" questionnaire. French version of "Maternity blues" of H. Kennerley and D. Gath

Glangeaud-Freudenthal, M.C.; Sutter, A.L.; Guillaumont, C.; Bourgeois, M.

Annales Medico-Psychologiques 153(5): 337-40; Discussion 341


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4487
PMID: 7668508
Accession: 043992106

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The "maternity blues questionnaire", of Kennerley and Gath, has been translated, following the usual procedures: first, preparation of a preliminary translation in French, then, evaluation of the translation by experts of the subject matter and language. The French questionnaire has been tested, with French women from different socioeconomic levels, and with bilingual women. A back-translation has confirmed the translation. This 28 items questionnaire is presented in two steps to women: for each item first, they have to decide whether the item applies to them to-day by answering yes or no; then, to decide how much change there is from their usual self, by ticking one choice out of five, from "much less than usal" to "much more than usal". The instructions for questionnaire administration and scoring are described in the paper. We also describe the limits and difficulties of use and we discuss the possible applications of this questionnaire.