Section 45
Chapter 44,002

Preclinical changes in weight of scrapie-infected mice as a function of scrapie agent-mouse strain combination

Carp, R.I.; Callahan, S.M.; Sersen, E.A.; Moretz, R.C.

Intervirology 21(2): 61-69


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-5526
PMID: 6421769
DOI: 10.1159/000149503
Accession: 044001161

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Several inbred strains of mice were injected with different scrapie agents and their total body weight was monitored throughout the incubation period. As a control, mice were injected with normal mouse brain homogenate. For most combinations of scrapie agent and mouse strain, weights during the preclinical phase were similar to or lower than the average weight of controls. For some combinations there was a significant increase in weight (compared to controls) during the latter part of the preclinical phase of disease. The effect was dependent on both agent and mouse strain, i.e., in some cases a mouse strain showed the increase with one scrapie agent but not another and some scrapie agents caused the increase in one inbred strain of mouse but not in another strain. The increase in weight was due to accumulations of fat rather than a generalized increase in weight of various organs. With one mouse strain (SJL), there was increased vacuolation seen in the hypothalamus of mice injected with scrapie agents that showed the increase in weight compared to the lesion intensity with an agent which did not cause the weight increase.

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