Section 45
Chapter 44,023

Pressure-fixation method of transferring cells from polycarbonate filters to glass slides

Oud, P.S.; Zahniser, D.J.; Garcia, G.L.; van Boekel, M.C.; Haag, D.J.; Hermkens, H.G.; Pahlplatz, M.M.; Vooijs, P.G.; Herman, C.J.

Analytical and Quantitative Cytology 6(2): 131-138


ISSN/ISBN: 0190-0471
PMID: 6380364
Accession: 044022061

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A technique for the preparation of cytology slides is presented by which cells collected on a polycarbonate membrane filter are transferred to a slide by means of simultaneous pressure and fixation. Using cervical samples as a model, the influence of the filtration rate, filter pore size and duration of pressure application on cell recovery was analyzed. The present version of the preparation procedure uses manual techniques that define the operating characteristics of a fully automated procedure.

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