Section 45
Chapter 44,100

Pulmonary tuberculosis complicated with tuberculosis of oral mucosa, mandible and cervical lymph nodes

Matsumoto, K.; Ueda, S.; Horie, T.

Kekkaku: 70(4): 301-305


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-9776
PMID: 7760539
Accession: 044099725

A case of pulmonary tuberculosis complicated with tuberculous of oral mucosa, mandible and cervical lymph nodes in 53-year-old man is reported. He was firstly treated for right side dental caries. He also received routinely an empiric antibiotic therapy, but discharge of pus continued. Then, pain of oral cavities spread to the right shoulder. The diagnosis of oral mucosa, osteomyelitis of mandible and lymph node tuberculosis was made by the histological examination of biopsy specimens and positive smear test for M. tuberculosis in granulation. The chest X-ray film showed multiple nodular shadows in bilateral lungs. The combination of INH, RFP and SM was applied initially and then SM was replaced by CS due to its side effect. Negative smear test for M. tuberculosis of oral mucosa was achieved five months after the initiation of treatment.

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