Section 45
Chapter 44,105

Purification of a high-molecular-weight somatoliberin (growth-hormone-releasing factor) from pig hypothalami

Sykes, J.E.; Lowry, P.J.

Biochemical Journal 209(3): 643-651


ISSN/ISBN: 0264-6021
PMID: 6409074
DOI: 10.1042/bj2090643
Accession: 044104656

Preliminary observations [Sykes & Lowry (1980) J. Endocrinol. 85, 42P-43P] had suggested that the major hypothalamic somatoliberin (growth-hormone-releasing factor) was a larger peptide than the other characterized hypothalamic factors, with an elution position on Sephadex G-50 between those of neurophysin and corticotropin. The present paper reports the isolation and preliminary characterization of pig hypothalamic somatoliberin. Acid extracts of pig stalk median eminence were purified by gel filtration and preparative and analytical high-pressure liquid chromatography to yield a preparation that was specific in the release of somatotropin (growth hormone) in vitro, giving a steep dose--response curve at doses in the range 0.20-3.0 ng. Amino acid analysis revealed a non-cysteine-containing peptide with a high number of glutamate (or glutamine) and aspartate (or asparagine) residues. The peptide had about 56-57 amino acid residues and an apparent molecular weight of 6400, in keeping with its elution position on a column of Sephadex G-50.

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