Section 45
Chapter 44,213

Residues of parathion, methyl parathion, EPN, and their oxons in Canadian fruits and vegetables

Coffin, D.E.

Residue Reviews 7: 61-73


ISSN/ISBN: 0080-181X
PMID: 4865262
Accession: 044212894

The three p-nitrophenyl thiophosphates, parathion, methyl parathion, and Epn are highly effective insecticides. Parathion, developed by G. Schrader in 1944, is very widely used in many countries. Methyl parathion is being used interchangeably and in conjunction with parathion in some countries, while the amounts of Epn are relatively small compared to the other two insecticides. Of these, parathion is in use in Canada, and the other two are permitted for use in countries which export fruit and vegetables to Canada.

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