Selective action of hydrazine sulfate in combination with thiophosphamide on tumor cell mitochondria

Tret'iakov, A.V.; Golovatova, V.A.; Filov, V.A.

Voprosy Onkologii 28(3): 86-88


ISSN/ISBN: 0507-3758
PMID: 6461132
Accession: 044285950

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Hydrazine sulfate significantly potentiated antitumor effect of thiophosphamide in experiments on rats with Walker's tumor. The treatment with hydrazine sulfate (60 mg/kg) plus thiophosphamide (1 mg/kg) resulted in suppression of tumor growth up to 90%, the dosage of thiophosphamide being therapeutically ineffective. Following hydrazine sulfate treatment, the activity (pH: 7.0-7.5-7.75) derived from tumors doubled, as compared with control. Similar results were obtained with enzymatic preparations. The activities of DNP-stimulated ATPase and solubilized enzymes in rat liver were not influenced by treatment.