Spectacles and custom toric hydrogel contact lenses: a comparison of vision

Hall, D.K.; Ward, J.A.; Edmondson, W.

Journal of the American Optometric Association 65(11): 783-787


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-0244
PMID: 7822676
Accession: 044375006

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The quality of vision obtained through spectacles and toric hydrogel contact lenses is important when determining which correction type is best. Twenty-six subjects with 0.75D-3.50D of refractive astigmatism were selected to wear Sunsoft Custom toric hydrogel contact lenses. Snellen acuity and contrast sensitivity measurements were gathered with both toric hydrogel lenses and spectacles. At the conclusion of the study each subject completed a questionnaire rating his or her preference for spectacles or toric hydrogel lenses based on the quality of vision with each. Our findings reveal no statistically significant difference when comparing contrast sensitivity thresholds, Snellen acuity thresholds or subjective preference between spectacles and toric hydrogel lenses. Based on quality of vision, practitioners should not hesitate to recommend toric hydrogel lenses in addition to the traditional spectacle correction as a viable method of correction for the moderately astigmatic patient.