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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 44377

Chapter 44377 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Capuano, F.; Izzo, G.; Altamura, N.; Papa, S., 1980:
Spectrophotometric determination with hemoglobin of the rate of oxygen consumption in mitochondria

Brogioni, M., 1969:
Spectrophotometric differentiation of durum and soft wheat products

Bando, M.; Nakajima, A.; Satoh, K., 1981:
Spectrophotometric estimation of 3-OH L-kynurenine O-beta-glucoside in the human lens

Artiukhov, V.G.; Kulakov, V.N.; Shmelev, V.P., 1973:
Spectrophotometric estimation of photochemical changes in hemoglobin

Sharma, A.K.; Datta, P., 1971:
Spectrophotometric estimation of serum lactate dehydrogenase with semicarbazide in the reaction medium

Vergnes, H.; Hobbe, T., 1967:
Spectrophotometric estimation of serum pseudocholinesterases. Simultaneous determination of the "fluoride number" (F.N.) and the "dibucaine number" (D.N.)

Potere, C.; Di Cosmo, C.; Riario-Sforza, G.; Di Silverio, F.; Albertazzi, A.; Cappelli, P., 1982:
Spectrophotometric evaluation of N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase in urine

Kostiuk, V.A.; Potapovich, A.I.; Lunets, E.F., 1984:
Spectrophotometric evaluation of diene conjugates

Unger, G.; Ellinger, C.; Haberer, K., 1984:
Spectrophotometric evaluation of hemolysis tests

Zak, K.; Pospisil, J., 1970:
Spectrophotometric evaluation of the amniotic fluid in a fetus with hypoxia

Prough, R.A.; Culver, J.M.; Fisher, H.F., 1972:
Spectrophotometric evidence for a glutamate dehydrogenase. I. Leucine complex

Glassman, T.A.; Suchy, J.; Cooper, C., 1973:
Spectrophotometric evidence for the formation of a 2-nickel-adenosine triphosphate complex

Taylor, R.T.; Hanna, M.L., 1970:
Spectrophotometric evidence for the formation of an Escherichia coli B B-12s methyltransferase

Muller, P.F., 1967:
Spectrophotometric examination of amniotic fluid as a means of predicting severity of intrauterine erythroblastosis

Yoshida, Y.; Imai, Y.; Hashimoto-Yutsudo, C., 1982:
Spectrophotometric examination of exogenous-ligand complexes of ferric cytochrome P-450. Characterization of the axial ligand trans to thiolate in the native ferric low-spin form

Fischer, A., 1970:
Spectrophotometric examination of some triphenylmethane dyes

Polácek, K.; Zwinger, A.; Vedra, B., 1971:
Spectrophotometric examination of the amniotic fluid in RH-iso-immunization: a simple method for the evaluation of results

Lübbers, D.W., 1973:
Spectrophotometric examination of tissue oxygenation

Mason, E.C., 1968:
Spectrophotometric examinations of fluids stored in plastic containers

Wawschinek, O.; Beyer, W.; Paletta, B., 1968:
Spectrophotometric extraction determination of thallium in biological material

Nappi, R.; Scoppetta, V.; Rainaldi, V.; Ferrari, R., 1968:
Spectrophotometric findings on the amniotic fluid in prolonged pregnancy

Cox, C.; Buret, J., 1982:
Spectrophotometric homogeneous immunoassay of serum gentamicin with oxidized nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide as label

Vilter, V.; Da Lage, C.; Gaudin-Harding, F.; Grassé, P.P., 1974:
Spectrophotometric identification in vitro of glycosaminoglycan sulfates by the metachromatic bathochrome properties of pseudoisocyanine

Beyer, K.H.; Klinge, D., 1969:
Spectrophotometric identification of carbamazepine. 1. Chemistry and analytics of dibenzazepine-derivatives

Berninger, H.; Ammon, R.; Berninger, I., 1968:
Spectrophotometric identification of hydroxy-derivatives of biphenyl

Lanyi, J.K.; Weber, H.J., 1980:
Spectrophotometric identification of the pigment associated with light-driven primary sodium translocation in Halobacterium halobium

Yagi, K.; Nishikimi, M.; Oishi, N.; Hiromi, K., 1969:
Spectrophotometric identification of the purple complex as an intermediate of the reaction of D-amino-acid oxidase using stopped-flow technique

Basu, S.; Das Gupta, N.N., 1969:
Spectrophotometric investigation of DNA in the ultraviolet. II

Grodzińska-Zachwieja, Z.; Kahl, W.; Klimczak, M., 1973:
Spectrophotometric investigation of changes of caffeic, chlorogenic and isochlorogenic acids under the influence of some physicochemical factors

Bresnahan, W.T.; Elving, P.J., 1981:
Spectrophotometric investigation of products formed following the initial one-electron electrochemical reduction of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)

Mendelson, Y.; Cheung, P.W.; Neuman, M.R.; Fleming, D.G.; Cahn, S.D., 1983:
Spectrophotometric investigation of pulsatile blood flow for transcutaneous reflectance oximetry

Roustan, C.; Pradel, L.A.; Kassab, R.; Fattoum, A.; Thoai, N.V., 1970:
Spectrophotometric investigations of the interaction of native and chemically modified ATP: guanidinophosphotransferases with their substrates

Finn, F.M., 1972:
Spectrophotometric measurement of binding of S-peptide analogs to S-protein

Lily, R.E.; Cole, P.V.; Hawkins, L.H., 1972:
Spectrophotometric measurement of carboxyhaemoglobin. An evaluation of the method of Commins and Lawther

García, R.; Sánchez, E.; Casanova, D., 1983:
Spectrophotometric measurement of diazepam in blood and urine. A sensitive method for therapeutic and toxicologic use

Scharf, K., 1971:
Spectrophotometric measurement of ferric ion concentration in the ferrous sulphate (Fricke) dosemeter

Korpela, T.K.; Mäkelä, M.J., 1981:
Spectrophotometric measurement of hydroxylamine and its O-alkyl derivatives

Conseiller, C.; Clauvel, M.; Schwartz, K., 1967:
Spectrophotometric measurement of oxyhemoglobin saturation on microsamples. Comparison with the Van Slyke method

Doss, M., 1968:
Spectrophotometric measurement of porphyrin methyl ester-Cu-chelates

Scharf, K., 1969:
Spectrophotometric measurement of the ferric ion concentration of the ferrous sulphate dosemeter

Sunderman, F.W., 1967:
Spectrophotometric measurements of serum nickel

Mela, L.; Chance, B., 1968:
Spectrophotometric measurements of the kinetics of Ca2+ and Mn2+ accumulation in mitochondria

Salama, G.; Johnson, R.G.; Scarpa, A., 1980:
Spectrophotometric measurements of transmembrane potential and pH gradients in chromaffin granules

Garbuzova, V.M.; Libizov, N.I., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method for a quantitative determination of lanatosides A, B, C in the leaves of Digitalis lanata

Nevinskii, A.A.; Karnaushkina, A.I.; Etingov, E.D.; Namestnikova, V.P.; Severinets, L.Ia., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method for a quantitative determination of polyenic antibiotics

Bárzu, O.; Mureşan, L.; Benga, G., 1972:
Spectrophotometric method for assay of mitochondrial oxygen uptake. IV. Study of the respiratory chain in small amounts of biological materials

Biswas, A., 1980:
Spectrophotometric method for determination of chlorpheniramine maleate in pharmaceutical preparations in the presence of codeine phosphate and ephedrine hydrochloride

Borisova, V.N.; Trenina, G.A.; Trutneva, E.M., 1967:
Spectrophotometric method for determination of olivomycin content in culture fluid and solutions

El'iashevich, O.G.; Koreshchuk, K.E.; Bezugla, N.I.; Drozd, G.A., 1974:
Spectrophotometric method for determining flavonoids in the aerial mass of the sweet flag

Gierow, P.; Jergil, B., 1982:
Spectrophotometric method for glucose-6-phosphate phosphatase

Kagan, F.E.; Vaĭsman, G.A., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method for quantitative analysis of drug mixtures with atropine sulfate

Zhantieva, E.M.; Bogoiavlenskaia, N.V., 1972:
Spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of DNA and RNA inhuman uterine myometrium and placenta

Solomonova, S.G.; Kurinna, N.V., 1970:
Spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of dicoumarin and neodiceumarin

Russo, G.; Musumeci-Belfiore, S.; Musumeci-Tuttobene, S.; Mazzone, D., 1969:
Spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of the iron-binding capacity of gastric juice

Takizawa, N.; Yamauti, J.; Marui, Y.; Hayashi, C.; Yamashita, J.; Horio, T., 1983:
Spectrophotometric method for selective assay of the five isoenzymes of human lactate dehydrogenase, based on their different stabilities at alkaline pH

Marini, D.; Pascucci, E., 1980:
Spectrophotometric method for the analysis of cefadroxil

Iusim, R.S.; Nys, P.S.; Kolygina, T.S., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of benzylpenicillin in culture fluid

Upadhyay, S.; Gupta, V.K., 1984:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of cyanide and its application to biological fluids

El-Kommos, M.E., 1983:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of dobutamine hydrochloride

Ardelt, W.; Ksiézny, S.; Niedzwicka-Namyslowska, 1970:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of pancreatopeptidase E activity

Ramappa, P.G.; Sanke Gowda, H.; Nayak, A.N., 1980:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of phenothiazines and its application to phenothiazine drugs

Hassib, S.T., 1980:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of procarbazine hydrochloride in capsules

Ponomarenko, V.I., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of the content of bruneomycin in culture fluid and solutions

Shaikh, K.; Talati, P.G.; Gang, D.M., 1973:
Spectrophotometric method for the estimation of 6-aminopenicillanic acid

Kagan, F.E.; Kirichenko, L.A., 1973:
Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative analysis of some drug mixtures with purine alkaloids

Mitchenko, F.A., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of digitoxin, gitoxin, celanide and digoxin

Vinnykova, A.V., 1980:
Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of free and bound mefenamic acid in biological material

Koget, T.O., 1972:
Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of khellin in synthetic mixtures of "vikalin"

Rivak, O.M., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of olivomycin

Kagan, F.E.; Koget, T.O., 1972:
Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of rutin in rutamine

Koget, T.O., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of rutin in urutin

Nagel, S.; Schmechta, H., 1980:
Spectrophotometric method for the reliable determination of carboxyhemoglobin in the presence of hemiglobin

Kagan, F.E.; Vaĭsman, G.A.; Mitchenko, F.A.; Kirichenko, L.A., 1965:
Spectrophotometric method of analysis of alkaloid salts in multi-alkaloid compositions

Kagan, F.E.; Vaĭsman, G.A.; Mitchenko, F.A.; Kirichenko, L.A., 1965:
Spectrophotometric method of analysis of certain alkaloid salts and their synthetical substitutes separately and in medicinal preparations

Piniazhko, R.M., 1965:
Spectrophotometric method of analysis of pyridine derivatives and pyridinecarbonic acids

Kagan, F.E., 1966:
Spectrophotometric method of analysis of sulfanilamide preparations in drug mixtures

Levanova, G.F.; Novova, E.V.; Sorokina, V.N.; Kiprianova, E.A., 1984:
Spectrophotometric method of assessing molecular DNA-DNA hybridization applicable to bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas

Ksycińska, H.; Grzegorzewska, J., 1980:
Spectrophotometric method of determination of carboxypeptidase activity

Manita, M.D.; Ripp, G.Kh., 1965:
Spectrophotometric method of determination of small divinyl concentrations in the air in the presence of other byproducts in synthetic rubber industry

Manevich, L.E., 1965:
Spectrophotometric method of determination of the amount of blood loss during labor

Rabinovich, L.M.; Nepomniashchiĭ, A.M.; Grishchenko, A.S.; Panchenko, L.N., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method of determining aldehydes in the air

Alykov, N.M., 1980:
Spectrophotometric method of determining aminoglycoside antibiotics

Apoian, K.Kh.; Abeshian, M.M.; Gofmekler, V.A.; Mnatsakanian, A.V.; Mutafian, G.A., 1970:
Spectrophotometric method of determining chloraprene in the air

Maslova, G.A., 1974:
Spectrophotometric method of determining glaucine hydrochloride

Shorokhov, I.A., 1974:
Spectrophotometric method of determining oxyhemoglobin dissociation curves in a cuvette-desaturator

Potapova, A.N.; Liplavk, I.L.; Kapitul'skiĭ, V.B.; Kuz'minykh, A.I., 1970:
Spectrophotometric method of determining pyrene in biological substrates

Pomerants, O.G.; Kvitsinskaia, E.A.; Durovich, P.G., 1981:
Spectrophotometric method of determining the concentration of phenols in the blood

Stepuro, I.I.; Gaĭko, T.P.; Solodunov, A.A., 1982:
Spectrophotometric method of determining the content of amino groups in proteins using pyridoxal-5-phosphate

Viadro, M.M., 1984:
Spectrophotometric method of evaluating tumor cell agglutination induced by lectins

Nefedov, V.P.; Sid'ko, F.Ia., 1965:
Spectrophotometric method of pH determination of nutritional media for tissue cultures

Piniazhko, R.M.; Kramarenko, V.F., 1965:
Spectrophotometric method of quantitative determination of drug componenets in preparations

Ryvak, O.M.; Onyskov, D.A., 1972:
Spectrophotometric method of quantitative determination of erythromycin ascorbinate

Kagan, F.E.; Vaisman, G.A., 1971:
Spectrophotometric method of quantitative determination of morphine hydrochloride in omnopon solutions in ampules

Koget, T.O., 1969:
Spectrophotometric method of quantitative determination of pasternoside diglycoside

Kukel', I.P., 1968:
Spectrophotometric method of recording the color of organs in pathological anatomy

Kuz'menko, N.M.; Iurkova, Z.F., 1983:
Spectrophotometric method of the determination of dispersed dye pigments and dispersants in model media

Mistretta, A.P.; Tassi, G.C.; De Barbieri, A., 1969:
Spectrophotometric method of titration and determination of some kinetic characteristics of L-asparaginase (E.C.

Unterman, K.V., 1965:
Spectrophotometric methods (ultraviolet and infrared) for the determination of antibiotics

Ivashkiv, E., 1970:
Spectrophotometric methods for monitoring the microbial transformation of steroids. I. Determination of 9-alpha-fluorohydrocortisone and 9-alpha-fluoro-16-alpha-hydroxyhydrocortisone in fermentation broths

Ivashkiv, E., 1971:
Spectrophotometric methods for monitoring the microbial transformation of steroids. II. Absorbance ratio spectrophotometric determination of per cent conversion of 9 -fluoro-16 -hydroxyhydrocortisone to 9 -fluoro-16 -hydroxyprednisolone

Gaudiano, A.; Polizzi-Sciarrone, M., 1965:
Spectrophotometric methods for the determination of B6 vitamins

Nechiporenko, N.I., 1971:
Spectrophotometric methods of determining gallium and indium in the air

Janik, B.; Holiat, D., 1972:
Spectrophotometric methods of the determination of oxytetracycline by means of cerous salts. 3

Toffaletti, J.; Kirvan, K., 1980:
Spectrophotometric micro method for measurement of dialyzable calcium by use of cresolphthalein complexone and continuous-flow analysis

Vanhaelen, M., 1973:
Spectrophotometric microdetermination of alkaloids in Peumus boldus

Venturini, G.; Pieralice, P., 1980:
Spectrophotometric microdetermination of urinary copper by a modification of the Matsuba and Takahashi method

Jurek, A.; Syrowatka, T., 1971:
Spectrophotometric micromethod for determining the activity of cholinesterase

Karpacheva, V.A., 1965:
Spectrophotometric micromethod for the determination of vitamin A in the liver punctates from monkeys (Macaco rhesus) and rabbits

Smirnova, I.P.; Siatkin, S.P.; Berezov, T.T., 1984:
Spectrophotometric micromethod to determine L-lysine-alpha-oxidase activity

Vinersan, J.; Dimoftache, C.; Diaconu, L.A., 1984:
Spectrophotometric modifications of the lymphocytic nucleus in different types of leukemia

Balaban, R.S.; Sylvia, A.L., 1981:
Spectrophotometric monitoring of O2 delivery to the exposed rat kidney

Yoshiya, I.; Shimada, Y.; Tanaka, K., 1980:
Spectrophotometric monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation in the fingertip

Prough, R.A.; Colen, A.H.; Fisher, H.F., 1972:
Spectrophotometric observation of a glutamate dehydrogenase-L-glutamate complex

Attri, A.K.; Mookerjee, A., 1982:
Spectrophotometric observations on the changes in the Y-peak of actinomycin D complexed to DNA on gamma-irradiation

Gutman, M.; Singer, T.P., 1970:
Spectrophotometric observations on the oxidation-reduction cycle of the respiratory chain-linked reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenase

Osmundsen, H., 1981:
Spectrophotometric procedure for measuring mitochondrial beta-oxidation

Emami Khoi, A.A., 1983:
Spectrophotometric promethazine hydrochloride determination using bromcresol green

Rybro, L.; Troelsen, S.; Schurizek, B.A., 1982:
Spectrophotometric pulse-synchronous fingertip oxymetry. Comparison between peripheral oxymetry and arterial oxygen saturation

Hierholzer, J.C.; Coombs, R.A.; Anderson, L.J., 1984:
Spectrophotometric quantitation of peroxidase-stained protein bands following gel electrophoresis and the western blot transfer technique with respiratory syncytial virus

Suissa, M., 1983:
Spectrophotometric quantitation of silver grains eluted from autoradiograms

Le-Van-Thuang; Reznik, M.B.; Gurevich, I.Ia., 1974:
Spectrophotometric quantitative determination of cyclozil

Jonasson, L.E.; Persson, B.H., 1968:
Spectrophotometric screening of amniotic fluid in haemolytic disease and hepatosis gravidarum

Kunnas, M.; Leppänen, V.V., 1967:
Spectrophotometric studies in the cerebrospinal fluid in the newborn, especially for the demonstration of blood

Garland, P.B.; Yates, D.W.; Haddock, B.A., 1970 :
Spectrophotometric studies of acyl-coenzyme A synthetases of rat liver mitochondria

Solomonova, S.G.; Turkevich, N.M.; Kurinnaia, N.V., 1973:
Spectrophotometric studies of apressin

Sheinblatt, M.; Becker, E.D., 1967:
Spectrophotometric studies of copper (II) complexes of glycylglycine

Michalica, W., 1973:
Spectrophotometric studies of eluates from the cervical catheters made of polyvinylchlorid (used for derivation of the secretion after primary irradiation of patients with corpus-carcinoma)

Leibman, K.C.; Hildebrandt, A.G.; Estabrook, R.W., 1969:
Spectrophotometric studies of interactions between various substrates in their binding to microsomal cytochrome P-450

Korchinskiĭ, I.T., 1968:
Spectrophotometric studies of some complex amino acid ethers in the ultraviolet zone of the spectrum

Gaertner, H., 1968:
Spectrophotometric studies of the coagulating blood plasma

Zyzynski, W., 1971:
Spectrophotometric studies of the esters of phenylhydroxyacetic acid, (I), diphenylhydroxyacetic acid (II) and diphenylacetic acid (3)

Gomi, T.; Fujioka, M., 1984:
Spectrophotometric studies of the interaction of S-adenosylhomocysteinase with adenosine, adenine and cordycepin

Hahn, F.E.; Fean, C.L., 1969:
Spectrophotometric studies of the interaction of an antimalarial quinoline methanol with deoxyribonucleic acid

Kao, K.C.; Davies, T.W., 1968:
Spectrophotometric studies of ultra low loss optical glasses. I. Single beam method

Yamamoto, S.; Hirata, F.; Yamauchi, T.; Nozaki, M.; Hyaishi, O., 1972:
Spectrophotometric studies on lysine monooxygenase, a flavoprotein

Mohr, P.; Scheler, W.; Fränk, K., 1967:
Spectrophotometric studies on the NH-acidity of hemin-diethylester-imidazoles and 1,2,4-triazole

Scharf, F., 1974:
Spectrophotometric studies on the fluorescence of dental hard tissues

Mohr, P.; Scheler, W.; Gallasch, J.; Garleb, C., 1967:
Spectrophotometric studies on the influence of pyridine derivatives on the NH acidity of heme-coordinated imidazole and 1,2,4-triazole

Nakamaru, Y.; Schwartz, A., 1973:
Spectrophotometric studies on the interaction of sarcoplasmic-reticulum fragments with adenosine triphosphate and calcium

Marzotko, D.; Warchol, J.B.; Wachowiak, R., 1973:
Spectrophotometric studies on the light sensitivity of PMS in aqueous solution

Makino, N., 1982:
Spectrophotometric studies on the myocardial energy metabolism

Wiśliński, M.; Studziński, T., 1965:
Spectrophotometric studies on the oxygen affinity of different types of hemoglobin in cattle of the Simentaler breed

Blazek, J.; Krácmar, J.; Pinkasová, M., 1968:
Spectrophotometric studies on therapeutic drugs from the phenothiazine derivative group in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum

Sendrail, A.; Biermé, S.; Cabannes, R.; de Boissezon, J.F., 1969:
Spectrophotometric study and chloroform extraction for the determination of bilirubin and associated pigments in the amniotic fluid

Solonskaia, N.T.; Blizniukov, V.I., 1971:
Spectrophotometric study of N-quinazolyl derivatives of aminobenzoic acid

Gerbaux, A.A.; Patriarche, G.J., 1967:
Spectrophotometric study of an acetylacetone-chrome complex (3)

Berdnikov, A.I., 1966:
Spectrophotometric study of barbiturates

Watari, H.; Nishikawa, H., 1974:
Spectrophotometric study of carboxyhemoglobin

Sarzhevskaia, M.V.; Losev, A.P., 1970:
Spectrophotometric study of formation of bacterial-type pigments during photoreduction of chlorophyll a and b derivatives

Zima, V.L.; Khrapunov, S.N.; Tiulenev, V.I.; Berdyshev, G.D., 1974:
Spectrophotometric study of histone F2b molecular aggregation in solutions of differing ionic strength

Cársky, J., 1971:
Spectrophotometric study of human hemoglobin reaction with Cu 2+ ions

Kirpichnikova, K.M.; Shuvalova, E.V., 1984:
Spectrophotometric study of intact and trypsin-treated erythrocyte membranes using a phthalocyanine dye

Koval'chuk, T.V.; Shakh, T.I.; Galiĭ, R.A., 1973:
Spectrophotometric study of pyridine derivative pharmaceutical preparations

Cársky, J.; Kubis, J., 1972:
Spectrophotometric study of reaction of the human hemoglobin with Hg (II) ions

Parisi, G.; Santoro, P., 1982:
Spectrophotometric study of several rhodamines commonly used in microscopy (2)

Barthelemy-Clavey, V.; Maurizot, J.C.; Sicard, P.J., 1973:
Spectrophotometric study of the DNA-daunorubicin complex

Krikal, Z.; Gazárek, F.; Flasarová, B.; Podivínský, R.; Smýkalová, M., 1972:
Spectrophotometric study of the amniotic fluid as part of comprehensive diagnostics of Rh incompatibility

Acero Rodríguez, U., 1970:
Spectrophotometric study of the amniotic fluid in isoimmunization

Mar'ich, L.N., 1967:
Spectrophotometric study of the bilirubin fractions in children with infectious hepatitis

Bozhko, G.Kh.; Verkin, B.I.; Pereverzev, N.P.; Valeev, V.A., 1973:
Spectrophotometric study of the binding of noradrenaline with ribosomal RNA and ATP

Erizinkian, K.L.; Rozenfel'd, M.A.; Ter-Markarian, A.G.; Piruzian, L.A.; Kudriashov, B.A., 1974:
Spectrophotometric study of the complex formation reaction between fibrinogen and the anticoagulant heparin

Abu-Bakr, M.S., 1993:
Spectrophotometric study of the complexation equilibria of iron(III) with 3-hydroxypicolinic acid and determination of iron in pharmaceutical preparations

Leon, M.J.; Fauli, C., 1984:
Spectrophotometric study of the in vitro liberation of fentiazac acid

Saucier, J.M.; Nam, N.H., 1969:
Spectrophotometric study of the interaction of the hydrogenated derivative of Irehdiamine A with deoxyribonucleic acid

Maevskiĭ, A.A.; Vilenchik, M.M.; Mirson, I.M.; Sukhorukov, B.I., 1973:
Spectrophotometric study of the interactions of 3,4-benzpyrene and its non-carcinogenic isomer with DNA

Fugol', O.M.; Skripnikova, T.P., 1974:
Spectrophotometric study of the makeup of saliva normally and in artificially induced dystrophies of the oral cavity

De Roeck-Holtzhauer, Y., 1966:
Spectrophotometric study of the scission by papaine of the ethylic ester of benzoylarginine

Kirpichnikova, K.M.; Levin, S.V.; Shuvalova, E.V., 1981:
Spectrophotometric study of the surface of human erythrocytes and their ghosts by using a phthalocyanine dye

Artiss, J.D.; Thibert, R.J.; Zak, B., 1981:
Spectrophotometric study of total protein-albumin methods applied to cerebrospinal fluid

Gulyás, P.; Lampé, L., 1971:
Spectrophotometric study on the amniotic fluid of Rh-sensitized pregnant females

Rollmann, B.; Rondelet, J., 1972:
Spectrophotometric study on the transformation of M factor of virginiamycin in an acid medium

Kreshkov, A.P.; Senetskaia, L.P.; Malikova, T.A.; Shilov, I.M.; Verem'ev, I.V., 1970 :
Spectrophotometric titration of amidopyrine and some of its mixtures in non-aqueous media

Mayhew, S.G.; Petering, D.; Palmer, G.; Foust, G.P., 1969:
Spectrophotometric titration of ferredoxins and Chromatium high potential iron protein with sodium dithionite

Mani, R.S.; Herasymowych, O.S.; Kay, C.M., 1980:
Spectrophotometric titration of muscle M-line proteins: creatine kinase and the 165,000 dalton protein component

Agarwal, S.P.; Walash, M.I.; Blake, M.I., 1972:
Spectrophotometric titration of sulfonamides with bromate-bromide solution

Donovan, J.W., 1973:
Spectrophotometric titration of the functional groups of proteins

Hamaguchi, K.; Ikeda, K.; Sakai, H.; Sugeno, K.; Narita, K., 1967:
Spectrophotometric titration of tyrosyl groups of cytochromes c from bovine heart, Candida krusei, and Saccharomyces oviformis

Lehtokari, M.; Puisto, J.; Raunio, R.; Korpela, T., 1980:
Spectrophotometric titrations of pyridoxal Schiff's bases in methanol using glass electrode for control of acidity

Beyer, W.; Likussar, W.; Wawschinek, O., 1967:
Spectrophotometrical microdetermination of molybdenum in biological material

Ganina, K.P.; Gudim-Levkovich, K.A.; Lysiuk, L.P.; Naleskina, L.A.; Loboda, V.I., 1968:
Spectrophotometrical studies of DNA quantity in epithelial cells of the human mammary gland under pre-tumor and cancer conditions

Neuray, F., 1966:
Spectrophotometry analysis of the amniotic fluid in pregnancies complicated by maternal isoimmunization

Puech, A.; Kister, G., 1969:
Spectrophotometry and interpretation of findings

Anestiadi, V.Kh.; Zota, E.G., 1968:
Spectrophotometry and luminescent histochemical characteristics of elastic tissue of the arteries

Franchini, A.; Canale, M.; Celesti, R., 1967:
Spectrophotometry for determination of carboxy-hemoglobin

De Zorzi, C., 1964:
Spectrophotometry in ultraviolet light applied to research of organic poisons in blood

Jaulmes, P.; Mestres, R.; Sabon, F., 1967:
Spectrophotometry methods in medico-legal toxicology. Infrared, visible and ultraviolet spectrophotometry. Principles and theory

Havlová, S.; Radocha, K., 1971:
Spectrophotometry of amniotic fluid in Rhesus sensibilization

Acuña, E.; Costa, A.; Sacks, S.; Cesped, M.C., 1969:
Spectrophotometry of amniotic fluid in cholestasis during pregnancy

Vedra, B.; Jirsová, V.; Kölblová, V., 1982:
Spectrophotometry of amniotic fluid in cholestatic hepatosis

Taylor, J.T.; Freeman, S., 1980:
Spectrophotometry of angiotensin-converting enzyme in sarcoidosis

Piantadosi, C.A.; Jöbsis-Vandervliet, F.F., 1984:
Spectrophotometry of cerebral cytochrome a, a3 in bloodless rats

Kjellin, K.G.; Steiner, L., 1974:
Spectrophotometry of cerebrospinal fluid in subacute and chronic subdural haematomas

Gaertner, H., 1968:
Spectrophotometry of clotting plasma

Zijlstra, W.G.; van Kampen, E.J., 1981:
Spectrophotometry of haemoglobin: the standard haemiglobin cyanide method and after

van Kampen, E.J.; Zijlstra, W.G., 1983:
Spectrophotometry of hemoglobin and hemoglobin derivatives

Cameron, B.F., 1968:
Spectrophotometry of hemoglobin: a criticism

De Patre, P., 1972:
Spectrophotometry of the amniotic fluid

Sordo Noriega, A., 1966:
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