The Bucharest Multifactorial Prevention Trial of Coronary Heart Disease--ten year follow-up: 1971-1982

Steinbach, M.; Constantineanu, M.; Georgescu, M.; Harnagea, P.; Theodorini, S.; Galfi, L.; Damşa, T.; Schioiu, L.; Mitu, S.; Popescu, A.

Medecine Interne 22(2): 99-106


ISSN/ISBN: 0377-1202
PMID: 6740187
Accession: 044538662

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The trial begun in 1971 and the paper brings the results after a ten-year follow-up. Both the intervention and control group contained 5000 men with a similar socioeconomic and professional structure; the intervention group was examined every six months in the first 5 years and annually in the second phase. The control group was examined "only after" 5 years and a second time at the final moment. The decreases of the cumulative ten-year incidences were: for hard events--26.7%; for myocardial infarction--20%; for fatal myocardial infarction--52%; for stroke--31%; for cardiovascular mortality--38%; for total mortality--14%. The trend of serum cholesterol and cigarettes/day was downward, but the blood pressure had a rather flat evolution in the intervention group. The control group disclosed also some downward trends.