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The effect of inhibitors of DNA and protein synthesis on the yield of chromosome aberrations in a human lymphocyte culture under gamma and neutron irradiation at different stages of the mitotic cycle. The cytogenetic effects at the G1 stage

Golub, E.V.; Sevan'kaev, A.V.

Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 35(5): 730-735


ISSN/ISBN: 0869-8031
PMID: 7489109
Accession: 044612224

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The impact of DNA of protein synthesis inhibitors (cycloheximide or hydroxyurea with 5-fluorodeoxyuridine -HU + FUrd, respectively) on the yield of chromosome aberration induced with gamma rays (1 or 2 Gy) and neutrons (0.5 or 1 Gy) at G1-stage of mitotic cycle was studied in human lymphocytes. The both inhibitors were discovered to increase the effect of gamma radiation at nearly all periods after irradiation during 5 hours. Conversely, the decrease in the level of chromosome aberrations was observed for neutrons after action of inhibitors at the same periods.

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