Section 45
Chapter 44,644

The formation of the skeleton. II. Growth of a long bone. Metaphysis and perichondrium

Juster, M.; Balmain-Oligo, N.

Pathologie-Biologie 19(1): 33-42


ISSN/ISBN: 0369-8114
PMID: 4926331
Accession: 044643126

A study of the long bones and particularly the third metatarsal bone of rats between 6 and 50 g. showed that the periosteal bone and perichondrial ring are two formations as regards their evolution and histogenesis. The perichondrial ring which borders the metaphysis laterally is formed of the inner side by a calcified membrane and on the outer side by ossification from a perimetaphyseal fibrous cell group. Studying the various stages of development of the metaphysis, it was shown that the point of departure of bony remodelling resorption, as described by Hunter, is on the perichondrial ring and not on the periosteal bone.

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