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The primary structure of a hemorrhagic factor, HR2b, from the venom of Okinawa habu (Trimeresurus flavoviridis)

Iha, M.; Qi, Z.Q.; Kannki, T.; Tomihara, Y.; Yonaha, K.

Toxicon Official Journal of the International Society on Toxinology 33(2): 229-239


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-0101
PMID: 7597726
DOI: 10.1016/0041-0101(94)00147-z
Accession: 044715640

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The complete amino acid sequence of a hemorrhagic factor, HR2b, from the venom of Okinawa habu was determined. The hemorrhagic factor was fragmented by CNBr cleavage, trypsin, staphylococcal protease V8 and lysyl endopeptidase digestions. The resulting peptides were purified on high performance chromatography, and sequenced by Edman degradation. HR2b was composed of 204 amino acids with pyroglutamyl residue at the amino terminus, and the calculated mol. wt based on the amino acid composition was 23,335. There are three disulfide linkages in the primary structure. The consensus sequence (His-Glu-Xaa-Xaa-His) for zinc-binding site of zinc-requiring metalloproteinases was found in the structure. The primary structure of HR2b shows a significant similarity with that of HR2a of Amami habu venom; 98.5% identity.

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