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The primary structure of hen ovotransferrin

, : The primary structure of hen ovotransferrin. European Journal of Biochemistry 122(2): 297-303

Peptide sequences obtained from hen ovotransferrin are compared with the complete amino acid sequence of the protein deduced from a cDNA sequence (Jeltsch and Chambon, preceding paper). Of the 705 positions of the whole protein 605 can be matched by the peptide sequences. Some possible discrepancies between the two methods are pointed out. The two halves of the chain show marked similarities in their sequences with 37% identical residues. The positions of the 15 disulphide bridges are shown; there are 6 homologous bridges in each half of the molecule and 3 extra bridges which occur only in the C-terminal half. The terminal residues of the half-molecule fragments obtained by limited proteolysis are identified. The two domains are joined by a 9-residue connecting peptide. Sequence variability has been found at 9 positions. The sequence of hen ovotransferrin is compared with the partial available for human transferrin. From this some tentative conclusions about the identities of the metal-binding residues and about the evolution of transferrin are reached.

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Accession: 044715694

PMID: 6895872

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