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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 44876

Chapter 44876 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Fritsch, G.; Beitzke, A.; Sager, W.D., 1980:
Tuberous sclerosis: first manifestation as cardiac arrhythmia in a newborn

Clarke, A.; Osborne, J.P., 1994:
Tuberous sclerosis: how to recognise this challenging disorder

Di Rocco, C.; Iannelli, A.; Marchese, E., 1995:
Tuberous sclerosis: neuropsychological implications

Lagos, J.C.; Holman, C.B.; Gomez, M.R., 1968:
Tuberous sclerosis: neuroroentgenologic observations

Tanaka, H.; Nakazawa, K.; Arima, M.; Morooka, K.; Suzuki, F.; Aoki, T.; Kohno, Y., 1983:
Tuberous sclerosis: proline and hydroxyproline contents in serum

Fleury, P.; de Groot, W.P.; Delleman, J.W.; Verbeeten, B.; Frankenmolen-Witkiezwicz, I.M., 1980:
Tuberous sclerosis: the incidence of sporadic cases versus familial cases

Cohnen, M.; Weber, F.; Wagner, K.; Philipp, T., 1995:
Tuberous sclerosis: typical complications of a hereditary disease and therapeutic options

Ilgren, E.B.; Westmoreland, D., 1984:
Tuberous sclerosis: unusual associations in four cases

Shukla, Y.; Ratnawat, P.S., 1982 :
Tuberous xanthoma of upper eye lids (a case report)

Saitmacher, F., 1967:
Tuberous xanthomatosis with atheromatous vascular changes and its management using d-l-thyroxine

Jezyna, C.; Musiatowicz, B., 1982:
Tuberous-nodular form of acquired toxoplasmosis

Meisel, C., 1974:
Tuberuclosis luposa cutis

Cohen, M.D., 1980:
Tubes wires and the neonate

Hunter, T.B., 1995:
Tubes, lines, catheters, and other interesting devices

Fitzmaurice, E.M.; Fowles, D.M., 1971:
Tubes--lines--and bubble traps on the district

Rohatgi, M.; Mukherjee, A.K., 1973:
Tubo-intestinal fistula

Sbihi, H.; Muntlak, H.; Tubiana, J.M., 1980:
Tubo-intestinal fistulae. A report on 4 cases

Skirrow, M.B.; Prakash, A., 1970:
Tubo-ovarian abscess caused by a non-capsulated strain of Haemophilus influenzae

Blumenfeld, Z.; Toledano, C.; Eitan, A.; Barzilai, A.; Brandes, J.M., 1982:
Tubo-ovarian abscess in the postmenopausal woman

Ginsburg, D.S.; Stern, J.L.; Hamod, K.A.; Genadry, R.; Spence, M.R., 1980:
Tubo-ovarian abscess: a retrospective review

Landers, D.V.; Sweet, R.L., 1983:
Tubo-ovarian abscess: contemporary approach to management

Kiriushenkov, A.P., 1973:
Tubo-ovarian inflammatory disorders

Iversen, S., 1966:
Tubo-ovarian pregnancy

Falk, R.J.; Elliott, J.J.; Gianfortoni, J.; Rifka, S.M., 1980:
Tubo-ovarian transposition for multifocal obstructive tubal disease

Ciuchi, V.; Mercas, A.; David, L., 1995:
Tubo-petrous fistula with valve: apropos of a case

Kumazawa, T., 1982:
Tubo-tympano-aerodynamography--function of tthe Eustachian tube from he viewpoint of our personal studies

Cognat, M.; Tréfi, T., 1971:
Tubo-uterine anastomosis with the Ehrler method: personal statistics

Williams, G.F., 1969:
Tubo-uterine implantation with special reference to reversal of sterilisation

Andreassi, S.; Policicchio, A.; Mattana, P., 1967:
Tubo-uterine reimplantation

Sansone, M.; Aulisio, G.A.; Marino, A., 1967 :
Tubocrarine and psychopharmacologic agents. II. Major tranquilizing agents

Shanks, C.A.; Somogyi, A.A.; Ramzan, M.I.; Triggs, E.J., 1980:
Tubocurarine and pancuronium: a pharmacokinetic view

Sansone, M.; Aulisio, G.A.; Marino, A., 1967:
Tubocurarine and psychopharmacologic agents. I. Minor tranquilizing agents

Sansone, M.; Aulisio, G.A.; Marino, A., 1967:
Tubocurarine and psychopharmacologic agents. IV. Thymeretic antidepressants

Sansone, M.; Aulisio, G.A.; Marino, A., 1967:
Tubocurarine and psychopharmacologic agnets. 3. Thymoleptic antidepressants

Chu, N.S.; Rutledge, L.T.; Sellinger, O.Z., 1971:
Tubocurarine binding in undercut cerebral cortex and the effect of long-term electrical stimulation

Vivori, E.; Bush, G.H.; Ireland, J.T., 1974:
Tubocurarine requirements and plasma protein concentrations in the newborn infant

Owen-Thomas, J.B., 1966:
Tubocurarine requirements in prolonged artificial ventilation in children

Trautmann, A., 1983:
Tubocurarine, a partial agonist for cholinergic receptors

Wittich, A.C.; Morales, H.; Braeuer, N.R., 1982:
Tubocutaneous fistula

Locher, E.W.; Maroulis, G.B., 1983:
Tubointestinal fistula

Zygadlowski, J., 1973:
Tubometric studies of patulous auditive tube. I

Zygadlowski, J., 1973:
Tubometry of the patulous enstachian tube. II

Duckman, S.; Suarez, J.; Tantakesem, P., 1973:
Tuboovarian abscess and the intrauterine device (Majzlin Spring)

Wright, F.C., 1974:
Tuboovarian abscess associated with laparoscopic tubal cauterization and the intrauterine contraceptive device

Glew, R.H.; Pokoly, T.B., 1980:
Tuboovarian abscess following laparoscopic sterilization with silicone rubber bands

Marlowe, S.D.; Lupetin, A.R., 1995:
Tuboovarian abscess following transvaginal oocyte retrieval for in vitro fertilization: imaging appearance

Braun, P.; Besdine, R., 1973:
Tuboovarian abscess with recovery of T-mycoplasma

Böör, A.; Zidek, S.; Melich, A., 1982:
Tuboovarian actinomycosis in women using contraception by means of intrauterine devices of the type Dana

Castallo, M.A.; Wainer, A.S., 1964:
Tuboplasty evaluation

Lamb, E.J.; Moscovitz, W., 1972:
Tuboplasty for infertility. A review of 100 cases

Roland, M.; Leisten, D., 1972:
Tuboplasty in 130 patients. Improved results due to stents and preoperative endoscopy

Castallo, M.A.; Wainer, A.S.; Arnas, G.M., 1966:
Tuboplasty survey

Betz, G.; Engel, T.; Penney, L.L., 1980:
Tuboplasty--comparison of the methodology

Engle, T.; Decoux, M., 1982:
Tuboplasty: changes for the better

Henry-Suchet, J.; Tesquier, L.; Pez, J.P.; Loffredo, V., 1985:

Erlach, A.; Zechner, G., 1983:
Tubotympanic catarrh in childhood. Diagnosis and therapy

Bullón, A.; Arseneau, J.; Prat, J.; Young, R.H.; Scully, R.E., 1981:
Tubular Krukenberg tumor. A problem in histopathologic diagnosis

Forgács, I.; Rényi-Vámos, F., 1967:
Tubular PAH secretion in experimental hydronephrosis

Herbert, L.A.; Stemper, J.A., 1973:
Tubular absorption in the posthypoperfusion kidney during saline diuresis

Alcalá, H.; Rodríguez Soriano, J.; Gordillo de Anda, R.; Valencia Mayoral, P.F., 1981:
Tubular acidosis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Clinicopathological session A-76-132

Mathieu, H.; Chedru, M.F., 1974:
Tubular acidosis in the child

Nestor, G.; Vieru, S.; Negrea, F.; Petrescu, Z., 1983:
Tubular acidosis syndrome in hepatic cirrhosis

Diz-Lois, F., 1972:
Tubular acidosis. Report of 3 cases without systemic acidosis

Greger, R.; Lohrmann, E.; Bleich, M., 1994:
Tubular actions of diuretics (overview)

Caverzasio, J.; Faundez, R.; Fleisch, H.; Bonjour, J.P., 1981:
Tubular adaptation to Pi restriction in hypophysectomized rats

Moross, T.; Lang, A.P.; Mahoney, L., 1983:
Tubular adenoma of breast

Moss, J.; Woodrow, D.F.; Guillon, J.C.; Gresser, I., 1982:
Tubular aggregates and interferon

Doriguzzi, C.; Mongini, T.; Jeantet, A.; Monga, G., 1984:
Tubular aggregates in a case of osteomalacic myopathy due to anticonvulsant drugs

Baringer, J.R., 1971:
Tubular aggregates in endoplasmic reticulum in herpes-simplex encephalitis

Craig, I.D.; Allen, I.V., 1980:
Tubular aggregates in murine dystrophy heterozygotes

Dastur, D.K., 1984:
Tubular aggregates in skeletal muscle: toxic or metabolic nature?

Pfeifer, K.J.; Rothe, R.; Richert, J.; Klinger, W.; Heinze, H.G., 1972:
Tubular and glomerular clearance and sequence scintigraphy of transplanted kidneys

Wegelius, O.; Jokinen, E.J., 1970:
Tubular and interstitial nephritis produced by homologous heart homogenate in rabbits. 1. Description of kidney lesions

Jokinen, E.J.; Wegelius, O., 1970:
Tubular and interstitial nephritis produced by homologous heart homogenate in rabbits. 2. Anti-heart antibodies

Schmitz, W.; Keweloh, E., 1970:
Tubular and papillary adenoma of the kidney

Burket, J.M.; Zelickson, A.S., 1984:
Tubular apocrine adenoma with perineural invasion

Kanitakis, J.; Hermier, C.; Thivolet, J., 1984:
Tubular apocrine adenoma: apropos of a case

Rupec, M., 1973:
Tubular appearance of tonofibrils in normal human keratinocytes

Pelc, S.; Gompel, C.; Simonet, M.L., 1981:
Tubular arrays in cerebrospinal fluid cells: their location within smooth endoplasmic reticulum cisternae

Fowler, W.E.; Buhle, E.L.; Aebi, U., 1984:
Tubular arrays of the actin-DNase I complex induced by gadolinium

Makker, S.P., 1980:
Tubular basement membrane antibody-induced interstitial nephritis in systemic lupus erythematosus

Lillo, M., 1981:
Tubular blocking of sodium reabsorption in chronic renal insufficiency using diuretics

Starke, F.J.; Nolte, A., 1970:
Tubular bodies in the cytoplasm of spermatids of Planorbarius corneus L. (Basommatophora)

Carstens, P.H., 1972:
Tubular breast carcinoma

McDivitt, R.W., 1980:
Tubular carcinoma and sclerosing adenosis

Leong, A.S.; Meredith, D.J., 1980:
Tubular carcinoma developing within a recurring cystosarcoma phyllodes of the breast

Hamperl, H., 1974:
Tubular carcinoma of the breast and classification of human breast carcinoma. Contributions to the pathological histology of breast VIII

Carstens, P.H.; Huvos, A.G.; Foote, F.W.; Ashikari, R., 1972:
Tubular carcinoma of the breast: a clinicopathologic study of 35 cases

Skobelkin, O.K.; Kletskaia, Z.I., 1973:
Tubular cecostomy

Sakaguchi, H., 1966:
Tubular cell emboli in the glomeruli-artifact in kidney biopsy

Ne'eman, Z.; Rosenmann, E., 1983:
Tubular cell emboli in the glomerulus--a needle biopsy artifact

Ruiz de Gauna, R.; Lampreabe Gaztelu, I., 1994:
Tubular changes in renal polycystosis in adults

Rutkai, P.; Bolla, K., 1968:
Tubular changes in the kidney induced by mannitol

Polson, A.; Fawcett, C., 1968:
Tubular collodion membranes of graded porosity

Yousefzadeh, D.K.; Bickers, G.H.; Jackson, J.H.; Benton, C., 1983:
Tubular colonic duplication--review of 1876-1981 literature

Schück, O.; Nádvorníková, H.; Teplan, V., 1981:
Tubular compensation for glomerular filtration rate decrease in chronic renal failure - the clinicopharmacologic point of view

Parkin, J.L.; Brunning, R.D., 1980:
Tubular complexes of endoplasmic reticulum in myeloblasts of acute myelogenous leukemia

Landry, M.; Winkelmann, R.K., 1972:
Tubular cytoplasmic inclusion in dermatomyositis

Suoranta, H., 1971:
Tubular damage caused by local thermal injury or microembolization of the rat testis

Rossmann, P.; Jirka, J.; Reneltová, I.; Málek, P.; Hejnal, J., 1972:
Tubular damage in allotransplanted human kidneys

Emery, C.; Young, R.M.; Morgan, D.B.; Hay, A.W.; Tete-Donker, D.; Rubython, J., 1984:
Tubular damage in patients with hypokalaemia

Jurewicz, W.A.; Dykes, J.G.; Hawker, R.J.; Chandler, S.T.; Gunson, B.K.; Barnes, A.D., 1983 :
Tubular damage or rejection: bedside method for differential diagnosis in patients on cyclosporin

Martin, G.B.; Cho, H.K.; Meyerhoff, M.E., 1984:
Tubular debubbler for segmented continuous-flow automated analyzers

Cooper, P.H.; Waisman, J., 1973:
Tubular differentiation and basement-membrane production in a renal adenoma: ultrastructural features

Sorger, K., 1974:
Tubular distant lesions in experimental acute Escherichia coli pyelonephritis of the rabbit

Ostrovskiĭ, E.A.; Ishimov, S.S., 1970:
Tubular doubling of the distal rectal portion with normally developed anus

Soper, R.T., 1968:
Tubular duplication of the colon and distal ileum: case report and discussion

Cooksey, G.; Wagget, J., 1984:
Tubular duplication of the rectum treated by mucosal resection

Schwartz, D.L.; Becker, J.M.; Schneider, K.M.; So, H.B., 1980:
Tubular duplication with autonomous blood supply: resection with preservation of adjacent bowel

Yasuma, F.; Yasuura, K.; Okamoto, H.; Miyazaki, M.; Hirose, S.; Akune, J.; Kondo, T.; Ogawa, Y.; Seki, A., 1984:
Tubular dysfunction after open heart surgery

Better, O.S., 1980:
Tubular dysfunction following kidney transplantation

Yeung, C.K.; Wong, K.L.; Ng, R.P.; Ng, W.L., 1984 :
Tubular dysfunction in systemic lupus erythematosus

Colangelo, S.M.; Fried, K.; Hyacinthe, L.M.; Fracchia, J.A., 1995:
Tubular ectasia of the rete testis: an ultrasound diagnosis

Senft, G., 1967:
Tubular effect of diuretics

Milla, E., 1980:
Tubular extrusion of D-glucose in the isolated rabbit kidney perfused in vitro

Vacher-Lavenu, M.C.; Louvel, A.; Daudet-Monsac, M.; Le Charpentier, Y.; Abelanet, R., 1981:
Tubular filamentous intranuclear inclusions on multinucleated cells of bone giant cell tumors

Mishiro, S.; Imai, M.; Gotanda, T.; Takahashi, K.; Sano, T.; Yoshizawa, H.; Miyakawa, Y.; Mayumi, M., 1981:
Tubular forms of hepatitis B surface antigen bind with the nucleus of 22-nm spherical HBsAg particles

García Puig, J.; Mateos Antón, F.; Grande Arajoú, C.; Pallardo, L.F.; Arnalich, F.; Montero García, A., 1981:
Tubular function and renal acidifying in juvenile diabetes mellitus of short evolution

Carruthers, R.K.; Clark, P.B.; Anderson, C.K.; Parsons, F.M., 1969:
Tubular function demonstrated in rat kidneys after storage at -79 degrees C

Ratner, M.Ia.; Serov, V.V.; Varshavskiĭ, V.A.; Rozenfel'd, B.I.; Brodskiĭ, M.A., 1982:
Tubular function disorders in the tubulo-interstitial component of chronic compensated glomerulonephritis and their clinical significance

Futrakul, P.; Kullavanijaya, P.; Watana, D.; Sensidivatana, R.; Kwakpetoon, S.; Unchumchoke, P.; Teranaparin, C.; Kheokham, K., 1981:
Tubular functions in glomerulonephropathies in childhood

Demina, V.G., 1970:
Tubular functions in the regulation of acid-base and osmotic homeostasis in chronic pyelonephritis

Abramow, M., 1974:
Tubular functions studied by microperfusion of isolated renal tubules

Tatti, I.Ia.; Libiiaĭnen, E.M.; Abramov, V.P., 1972:
Tubular gastrostomy

Bestsennaia, L.P.; Burenin, P.I.; Pankov, V.A.; Petrov, N.V., 1971:
Tubular gauze dressings

Vinaixa, F.; Gotzens, V.J.; Tejedo-Mateu, A., 1984:
Tubular gigantism of the kidney in a 41-mm, Streeter's 23rd horizon, human fetus with a comparative study of renal structures in normal human fetuses at a similar stage of development

Caverzasio, J.; Bonjour, J.P.; Fleisch, H., 1982:
Tubular handling of Pi in young growing and adult rats

Wong, N.L.; Quamme, G.A., 1981:
Tubular handling of bicarbonate and chloride in the dog

Mühlbauer, R.C.; Bonjour, J.P.; Fleisch, H., 1981:
Tubular handling of phosphate along the nephron of thyroparathyroidectomized rats injected with ethane-1-hydroxy-1,1-diphosphonate

Rapoport, J.; Chaimovitz, C.; Lisac, A.; Better, O.S., 1982:
Tubular handling of sodium following immersion to the neck and salt-induced volume expansion

Duval, J.M.; Du Chalard de Taveau, R.; Ferrand, B.; Jondet, R.; Gielfrich, G., 1970:
Tubular hermaphroditism in a bovine

Meyrier, A.; Jeanson, A.; Paillard, F., 1984:
Tubular hypercalciuria

Curé, M.; Trouillas, J.; Lhéritier, M.; Girod, C.; Rollet, J., 1972:
Tubular inclusions in a pituitary tumor

Daróczy, J.; Feldmann, J., 1984:
Tubular inclusions of the circulating blood lymphocytes in the REM syndrome

Waldherr, R.; Rossner, J.A.; Schärer, K., 1973:
Tubular inclusions of the renal endothelium in lupus erythematosus and familial nephrotic syndrome

Stoebner, P.; Sengel, A.; Badina, J.J., 1972:
Tubular inclusions. Discovery in endothelial cells of a subcutaneous myxoma

Potapova, A.V.; Dzgoeva, F.U.; Kutyrina, I.M.; Zozulia, O.V.; Okunev, D.Iu.; Milovanov, I.S., 1995:
Tubular interstitial disorders in the nephrotoxic action of antibiotics

Rasch, R., 1984:
Tubular lesions in streptozotocin-diabetic rats

Klassen, J.; Kano, K.; Milgrom, F.; Menno, A.B.; Anthone, S.; Anthone, R.; Sepulveda, M.; Elwood, C.M.; Andres, G.A., 1973:
Tubular lesions produced by autoantibodies to tubular basement membrane in human renal allografts

Mühlbauer, R.; Bonjour, J.P.; Fleisch, H., 1980:
Tubular localization of the effect of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and dietary phosphate on the transport of phosphate in thyroparathyroidectomized rats

Colomba Norero, V., 1966:
Tubular malfunction

Lau, K.; Eby, B.K., 1982:
Tubular mechanism for the spontaneous hypercalciuria in laboratory rat

Smith, U.; Smith, D.S.; Ryan, J.W., 1973:
Tubular myelin assembly in type II alveolar cells: freeze-fracture studies

Manabe, T.; Miura, Y., 1982:
Tubular myelin figures in the lung with Wilson-mikity syndrome

Uchida, K.; Hayashi, M.; Okubo, M.; Okafuji, T.; Kadowaki, H., 1970:
Tubular myoma with torsion in pregnancy: a case report

Merimsky, E.; Blum, M.; Aviram, A., 1982:
Tubular necrosis complicating intravesical formaldehyde treatment

Mani, M.K.; Sheil, A.G., 1969:
Tubular necrosis in a renal allocraft

Moreau, J.F.; Droz, D.; Noel, L.H.; Leibowitch, J.; Jungers, P.; Michel, J.R., 1980:
Tubular nephrotoxicity of water-soluble iodinated contrast media

Dales, S.; Schulze, I.T.; Ratner, S., 1971:
Tubular organization of crystalline argininosuccinase

Hannah, R.E.; Foort, J.; Cooper, D.G., 1983:
Tubular orthoses

Schumacher, H.R., 1970:
Tubular paramyxovirus-like structures in synovial vascular endothelium

Rubio-Huertos, M.; Vela, A.; Diaz-Ruiz, J.R., 1973:
Tubular particles in clover infected with 2 viruses

Ricaud Rothiot, L.; Ramirez Gamiz, E.; Valenzuela, S.; Martinez Perez, R., 1967:
Tubular pathology and sterility. Anatomoclinical correlation

Sanchez Contreras, J.; Hori Robaina, J.M., 1967:
Tubular pathology. Anatomoclinic study of 200 cases

Steinhausen, M.; Eisenbach, G.M.; Helmstädter, V., 1969:
Tubular permeability under toxic and hypoxic conditions (micropuncture studies in rat kidney)

White, J.G.; Heagan, B., 1970:
Tubular polymers of normal human hemoglobin

Coliez, R., 1968:
Tubular precaliceal ectasia (G. Lenarduzzi's "sponge kidney"; Cacchi-Ricci disease)

Kramarenko, E.I., 1966:
Tubular pregnancy in combination with purulent affection of the adnexa

Miltényi, M.; Pohlandt, F.; Bóka, G.; Kun, E., 1981:
Tubular proteinuria after perinatal hypoxia

Hey, H.; Skaarup, P.; Sølling, K.; Christensen, M.S.; Lund, B.; Sørensen, O.H.; Lund, B., 1981:
Tubular proteinuria following jejuno-ileal bypass surgery

Bailey, R.R., 1983:
Tubular proteinuria markers for detecting the site of a urinary tract infection

Maiorca, R.; Scarpioni, L.; Cambi, V.; Carrara, G.; Dall'Aglio, P., 1968:
Tubular proteinurias

Brodehl, J.; Gellissen, K.; Hagge, W., 1968:
Tubular re-resorption of free amino acids in infancy and childhood

O'Connor, W.J., 1984:
Tubular reabsorption in normal renal function

Silbernagl, S., 1980:
Tubular reabsorption of L-glutamine studied by free-flow micropuncture and microperfusion of rat kidney

McInnes, R.R.; Mohyuddin, F.; Scriver, C.R., 1980:
Tubular reabsorption of alpha-aminoisobutyric acid in the pre-steady-state. Evidence for a cell-to-lumen flux

Jonxis, J.H.; van Luyk, W.H., 1973:
Tubular reabsorption of amino acids in vitamin C deficiency

Ladefoged, J., 1973:
Tubular reabsorption of bicarbonate in transplanted cadaver kidneys

Bonjour, J.P., 1985:
Tubular reabsorption of calcium and tumor hypercalcemia

Transbol, I.; Hornum, I.; Hahnemann, S.; Hasner, E.; Ohlenschlaeger, H.; Diemer, H.; Lockwood, K., 1970:
Tubular reabsorption of calcium in the differential diagnosis of hypercalcaemia. Further experience

Foulkes, E.C., 1982:
Tubular reabsorption of low molecular weight proteins

Andersen, P.; Mosekilde, L., 1972:
Tubular reabsorption of phosphate and calcium in primary hyperparathyroidism

Möllerberg, H.; Sandberg, I., 1968:
Tubular reabsorption of phosphate in nephrolithiasis and hyperparathyroidism

Tiktinskiĭ, O.L.; Skriabin, G.N., 1982:
Tubular reabsorption of phosphorus in pyelonephritis

Corà, D.; Fusaro, A.; Vidal, M.; Calconi, G.; Zuin, R., 1966:
Tubular reabsorption of sodium and renal consumption of oxygen

Alexander, E.A.; Doner, D.W.; Auld, R.B.; Levinsky, N.G., 1972:
Tubular reabsorption of sodium during acute and chronic volume expansion in man

Schrier, R.W.; D.W.rdener, H.E., 1971:
Tubular reabsorption of sodium ion: influence of factors other than aldosterone and glomerular filtration rate. 1

Schrier, R.W.; D.W.rdener, H.E., 1971:
Tubular reabsorption of sodium ion: influence of factors other than aldosterone and glomerular filtration rate. 2

Vogel, G.; Richter, H.; Werheit, A., 1969:
Tubular reabsorption of sodium. Dependence of absorption rate upon the supply and significance of the anion

Funk, K.F., 1971:
Tubular reabsorption of sulfanilamides in rats

Conte, G.; Dal Canton, A.; Fuiano, G.; Sabbatini, M.; Terribile, M.; Andreucci, V.E., 1982:
Tubular reabsorption of urea during diuretic therapy

Ditzel, J.; Brøchner-Mortensen, J., 1983:
Tubular reabsorption rates as related to elevated glomerular filtration in diabetic children

Wong, N.L.; Dirks, J.H.; Quamme, G.A., 1983:
Tubular reabsorptive capacity for magnesium in the dog kidney

Gall, F.P., 1982:
Tubular rectum and colon resection. A new operative method for the removal of large adenomas and low-risk carcinomas

Laurent, G.; Toubeau, G.; Maldague, P.; Carlier, M.B.; Heuson-Stiennon, J.A.; Tulkens, P., 1984:
Tubular regeneration in rat kidney cortex during treatment with gentamicin at a low dose

Foulkes, E.C., 1983:
Tubular sites of action of heavy metals, and the nature of their inhibition of amino acid reabsorption

Iunina, A.I., 1981:
Tubular skin grafts in esophagoplasty of cervical region of the esophagus

Rinaldi, E., 1968:
Tubular skin transplant and consolidation of pseudarthrosis of the leg

Aperia, A.C., 1969:
Tubular sodium reabsorption and the regulation of renal hemodynamics. The effect of chlorothiazide on renal vascular resistance

Aperia, A.C.; Liebow, A.A.; Roberts, L.E., 1969:
Tubular sodium reabsorption and the regulation of renal hemodynamics. The effect of hypertonic saline infusion on renal vascular resistance

Krzymański, M., 1971:
Tubular sodium reabsorption in early stages of chronic pyelonephritis under conditions of hydropenia and water diuresis

Merger, C.; Perdu, M.; Marchand, F., 1995:
Tubular sterilization in the immediate postpartum period using local anesthesia and laparoscopy

Nikolov, S.; Chaldakov, G.; Gabrovska, M., 1984:
Tubular structural pattern of filaments of elastic fibers

De Martino, C.; Accini, L.; Andres, G.A.; Archetti, I., 1969:
Tubular structures associated with the endothelial endoplasmic reticulum in glomerular capillaries of Rhesus monkey and nephritic man

Berthiaume, L.; Joncas, J., 1973:
Tubular structures in HEp-2 cell line

Halata, Z.; Lange, W., 1973:
Tubular structures in cisterns of ergastoplasm of glial cells in cerebellar cortex of (Macaca cynomolgus)

Ahlqvist, J.; Räsänen, J.A., 1972:
Tubular structures in human lymph node germinal centres sharing antigenic determinants with a -globulin in an IgD myeloma serum. Preliminary report

Iwasaka, T.; Mori, R.; Oda, H., 1980:
Tubular structures in mixed infection with herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2

de Man, J.C., 1967:
Tubular structures in the cytoplasm of histiocytes in histiocytosis X

Diosi, P.; Georgescu, L., 1983:
Tubular structures occurring in cells infected with herpesviruses

Forbes, M.S.; Rubio, R.; Sperelakis, N., 1972:
Tubular systems of Limulus myocardial cells investigated by use of electron-opaque tracers and hypertonicity

Szénási, G.; Bencsáth, P.; Lehoczky, E.; Takács, L., 1981:
Tubular transport and urinary excretion of phosphate after renal denervation in the anesthetized rat

Segal, S.; Smith, I.; Genel, M.; Holtzapple, P., 1969:
Tubular transport by human kidney stored at 4 degrees C

Devaux, S.; Grossmann, P.; Zoellner, K., 1974:
Tubular transport of p-aminohippuric acid (PAH) in children with kidney diseases

Szewczyk, Z.; Jacyszyn, K.; Skiba, W.; Szepietowski, T.; Kurbiel, A., 1974:
Tubular transport of sodium, potassium and PAH during intermittent diuresis in various stages of ischemia

De Santo, N.G.; Capasso, G.; Kinne, R.; Moewes, B.; Carella, C.a.; Anastasio, P.; Giordano, C., 1982:
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Tufts Dental School to initiate 3-year degree program in 1972 by operating a 12-month curriculum

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Tufts dedicated new dental school complex

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Tufts dental professor raps mechanical treatment approach by dentists

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Tufts educator challenges occlusion concepts

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Tufts plans new dental building

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Tuition unit for children in care

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Tularemic pneumonia--Tennessee

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Tulsa Center was designed with wheel chairs in mind

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Tulsa sexual assault nurse examiners program

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Tumbler flap for repair of large defects of the jaw

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Tumbling with the cyroextractor

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Tumbu fly

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Tumbu fly, Cordylobia anthropophaga. A case of subcutaneous myiasis

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Tumbu-fly myiasis in Marshfield, Wis

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Tumescent and syringe liposculpture: a logical partnership

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Tumescent dermabrasion

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Tumor Board Conference. A case of neuroblastoma

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Tumor Registry

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