Section 45
Chapter 44,922

Use of inbred mice for assessing the neurovirulence of strains of the tick-borne encephalitis virus complex and the immunogenicity of a concentrated tick-borne encephalitis vaccine

Kan, G.A.; Borsuk, E.A.; Vorob'eva, M.S.

Voprosy Virusologii 27(4): 461-464


ISSN/ISBN: 0507-4088
PMID: 7135927
Accession: 044921820

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The sensitivity of different lines of inbred mice to strains of the tick-borne encephalitis complex viruses differing in their biological properties and the degree of attenuation was compared. The mice differing in their genetic characteristics and susceptibility to extraneurally inoculated virus were shown to have different immunological responsiveness to inoculation of an inactivated vaccine antigen.

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