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Value of a specific bronchial provocation test in comparison with other methods in diagnosis of atopic bronchial asthma

Siergiejko, Z.; Michalska, I.; Zietkowski, Z.; Chyrek-Borowska, S.

Pneumonologia i Alergologia Polska 63(3-4): 170-175


ISSN/ISBN: 0867-7077
PMID: 7544185
Accession: 044937602

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The aim of this study was to determine the relation between specific Bronchial Provocation Test (sBPT), the serum specific IgE level (sIgE) and specific basophil histamine release (Dpt HR) in asthma patients, sensitive to Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Dpt). The studies were carried out on 30 mild asthma patients with positive case history and strongly positive skin tests with Dpt. In all the patients were performed following tests: BPT with histamine, serum specific IgE level against Dpt (sIgE Dpt), spontaneous basophil HR (spHR), anti-IgE depended basophil HR (aIgE HR), Dpt depended basophil HR (Dpt HR), sBPT with Dpt (sBPT Dpt). The positive results of sBPT Dpt were observed in 27 patients. Twenty six of them had the early¿ asthmatic response (EAR) at least, 19--dual asthmatic response (EAR and LAR) and isolated late asthmatic response (LAR) demonstrated only one patient. The correlation coefficient (r) between sIgE and Dpt HR was 0.4 p < 0.04, between sIgE and sBPT Dpt r = -0.4, p < 0.03, and between sBPT Dpt and Dpt HR r = -0.37, p < 0.05. The results showed a significant correlation between sIgE and Dpt HR, sIgE and sBPT Dpt, sBPT Dpt and Dpt HR and these tests appear to be of value in casual diagnosis of allergic bronchial asthma, but only sBPT makes possible to observe LAR.

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