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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 44985

Chapter 44985 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Neretti, J.; Sanchez, R.; Castede, J.C.; Masse, C.; Verdier, M.M.; Perinelle, L.; Carles, D.; Touton, N.; Richir, C., 1980:
Wide use of skin hemografts in the treatment of burns. The skin bank of the Regional Hospital Center of Bordeaux

Bergman, U.; Christenson, I.; Jansson, B.; Wiholm B-E; Ostman, 1980:
Wide variation in serum chlorpropamide concentration in outpatients

Anonymous, 1980:
Wide variations found in dental fees according to Johnson & Higgins national survey

Chalazonitis, N.; Takeuchi, H., 1968:
Wide variations in membrane potential induced by metrazol (auto-active nerve fibers of Helix pomatia)

Louis, F.; Kemmegne, J., 1994:
Wide variations in the prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection in central Africa

Schneeweiss, A.; Blieden, L.C.; Shem-Tov, A.; Fiegal, A.; Neufeld, H.N., 1982:
Wide vascular pedicle on thoracic roentgenogram in complete transposition of the great arteries

Walsh, J., 1983:
Wide world of reports. ABC objections to linkage of aggression to TV violence in NIMH report brings social scientists into contention in novel public skirmish

Nussbaum, J.J.; Schepens, C.L.; Pruett, R.C., 1984:
Wide-angle fundus photo-illustration

Govignon, J.; Pomerantzeff, O., 1972:
Wide-angle holography of the eye

Pomerantzeff, O., 1980:
Wide-angle noncontact and small-angle contact cameras

Pomerantzeff, O.; Pankratov, M.; Wang, G.J.; Dufault, P., 1984:
Wide-angle optical model of the eye

Bublitz, G.; Schoknecht, G., 1968:
Wide-angle radiographic studies on the influence of gamma rays on connective tissue collagen fibers

Aan de Kerk, A.; Steenbergen, E.J., 1981:
Wide-angle retinal photography using contact lenses

Boisante, L.; Terdjman, M.; Farcot, J.C.; Barres, D.; Gueret, P.; Dubourg, O.; Bardet, J.; Bourdarias, J.P., 1982:
Wide-angle two-dimensional echocardiographic study of the thoracic aorta and its branches

Timchenko, A.A.; Denesiuk, A.I.; Fedorov, B.A., 1981:
Wide-angle x-ray scattering comparison of the structure of crystalline cytochrome c and cytochrome c in solution

Snowberger, P., 1995:
Wide-complex tachycardia

Hancock, E.W., 1993:
Wide-complex tachycardia with mild angina pectoris

Maricq, H.R., 1981:
Wide-field capillary microscopy

Bastianini, A., 1966:
Wide-field contact microradiography. Construction of a long camera adaptable to the Phillips CMR-5 microradiograph for microangiographic research

Marmor, M.F.; Ault, C.; Shamlian, R.B., 1980:
Wide-field high-intensity lantern. An affordable night mobility aid

Jabbur, S.J.; Baker, M.A.; Towe, A.L., 1972:
Wide-field neurons in thalamic nucleus ventralis posterolateralis of the cat

Jagannathan, N.R.; Srinivasan, R., 1984:
Wide-line NMR studies on organic and biomolecules: Part VIII--PMR study of some sugars

Jagannathan, N.R.; Srinivasan, R., 1984:
Wide-line NMR studies on organic and biomolecules: Part X--PMR study of some amines and related compounds

Miller, N.T.; Feibush, B.; Karger, B.L., 1984:
Wide-pore silica-based ether-bonded phases for separation of proteins by high-performance hydrophobic-interaction and size-exclusion chromatography

Korol'kov, I.I., 1968:
Wide-range craniography of the acute stage of cranio-cerebral trauma

Nagao, F.; Tanaka, N., 1970:
Wide-range gastrectomy in peptic ulcer

Dunn, B.P., 1983:
Wide-range linear dose-response curve for DNA binding of orally administered benzo(a)pyrene in mice

Owen, J.W., 1974:
Wide-range sharing for two hospitals

Spenceley, B.J., 1981 :
Wide-range, digital intervalometers for camera control

Tomasgaard, J., 1966:
Wide-ranging plans for hospital construction in greater Stockholm

Savoini, A.; Marzari, R.; Dolzani, L.; Serranò, D.; Graziosi, G.; Gennaro, R.; Romeo, D., 1984:
Wide-spectrum antibiotic activity of bovine granulocyte polypeptides

Kozik, M., 1965:
Wide-spread necroses of cerebrovascular walls of unknown etiology

Kuramochi, S.; Hosoda, Y.; Shinohara, Y., 1981:
Wide-spread occlusion of cerebral sinus

Dacey, D.M., 1985:
Wide-spreading terminal axons in the inner plexiform layer of the cat's retina: evidence for intrinsic axon collaterals of ganglion cells

Wilson, A.J.; Brown, B.H., 1982:
Wideband compander system for biological signals

Popkirov, S.; Fichev, G., 1981:
Widely spread phlegmons originating in the pararectal area

Irwin, J.E., 1968:
Widen your horizons

Anić, I., 1966:
Widened buccal wings as a factor in stabilizing lower dentures

Grossman, R.I.; Davis, K.R., 1981:
Widened epidural space after spinal fusion

Goldman, M., 1973:
Widened horizons for video tape in dental education

Ahlmark, A.; Tunemalm, L., 1974:
Widened practice for compensation justified--temporary solutions must be possible to create

Martin, C.; Pradres, J.M.; Loubeyre, A.; Detsouli, M., 1995:
Widened retrolabyrinthine approach. Value in the surgery of acoustic neuroma with attempt of hearing preservation

Van der Linden, F.P.; Borghouts, H.M., 1970:
Widening a palate by combined surgical and orthodontic procedures. Case report

Kearns, L.A., 1995:
Widening effect of FTC investigation

Rhodes, A.J.; Weber, J.C., 1973:
Widening horizons for CPHA

O'Brien, M.E., 1968:
Widening horizons in occupational health nursing

Rankine, R.; Walsh, R.; Paterson, C.F.; Reid, R.A., 1972:
Widening horizons: a fresh approach to geriatric nursing

Nassau, J., 1966:
Widening interest in gerontology evidenced at international meeting

Gatti, J.M.; Juan, L.H.; Bironne, P.; Glowinski, J., 1983:
Widening of a cervical intervertebral foramen by a vertebral megadolichoartery

Hoevels-Guerich, H.; Haferkorn, L.; Persigehl, M.; Hofstetter, R.; von Bernuth, G., 1984:
Widening of cranial sutures after long-term prostaglandin E2 therapy in two newborn infants

Khomiakov, I.S., 1965:
Widening of joint fissured in infections non-specific polyarthritis

Turska, W.; Rynkowska, A.; Bak, M., 1995:
Widening of mediastinal shadow in a 10-year old girl with allergic alveolitis

Käärik, U., 1984:
Widening of medical services increases in need for medical care

Karlowska, I., 1969:
Widening of palatine suture in the treatment of compressed maxilla

Murasheva, Z.M., 1967:
Widening of the anterior interpleural space

Pilon, J.W.; Koppe, J.G.; de Kraker, J., 1983:
Widening of the anterosuperior mediastinum in children: thymus hyperplasia or not?

Pope, T.L., 1982:
Widening of the cranial sutures from deprivational dwarfism

Trackler, R.T.; Brinker, R.A., 1966:
Widening of the left paravertebral pleural line on supine chest roentgenograms in free pleural effusions

Lin, S.R.; Lee, K.F., 1973:
Widening of the median atlanto-axial joint in acromegaly

Pérez-Gonzalez, M.; Whittembury, G., 1974:
Widening of the paracellular pathway in the kidney tubule by a transtubular osmotic gradient. Passage of graded size non-electrolytes

Szántó, D., 1983:
Widening of the retrosternal soft tissue shadow in Tietze's syndrome

Manhas, D.R.; Rittenhouse, E.A.; Mohri, H.; Reichenbach, D.D.; Merendino, K.A., 1973:
Widening of the right ventricular outflow tract. An experimental study utilizing a cusp-bearing heterograft aortic wall patch

Chen, J.T.; Putman, C.E.; Hedlund, L.W.; Dahmash, N.S.; Roberts, L., 1982:
Widening of the subcarinal angle by pericardial effusion

Martinez, L.O., 1972:
Widening of the superior mediastinum to the right

Flöte, F., 1967:
Widening of the upper mediastinal shadow by an aneurysm of the left subclavian artery and the distal aortic arch

Norlindh, T.; Jonsson, K., 1982:
Widening of the upper mediastinum due to innominate vein thrombosis

Becker, S.M., 1967:
Widening our horizons

Lewis, G.A.; Cobbin, D.M.; Elton, D., 1981:
Widening perspectives on chronic pain

Guerin, J.M.; Lebiez, P.E.; Priollet, B.C.; Segrestaa, J.M.; Galian, A.; Hoang, C., 1984:
Widening the definition of AIDS?

Anonymous, 1966:
Widening the membership

Tiurikov, I.A.; Mikhaĭlova, L.V., 1981:
Widening the possibilities of ortho-clinostatic test in early diagnosis of open-angle glaucoma

Levina, L.I., 1974:
Widening the range of Börstin's nomogram for determination of blood pressure in the pulmonary artery

Renwick, J.H., 1969:
Widening the scope of antenatal diagnosis

Polakoff, P.L., 1983:
Widening the war on dental caries

Coles, P., 1983:
Widening vistas for eye movement research

Tolekov, N., 1970:
Wider access to the urinary bladder

Bos, C.E.; Berkovits, R.N.; Struben, W.H., 1973:
Wider application of prolonged nasotracheal intubation

Greathead, M.M., 1982:
Wider aspects of veterinary public health

Fraser, C., 1968:
Wider basic nurse training: public health experience in Scotland

Copplestone, J.A.; Williamson, P.; Norfolk, D.R.; Morgenstern, G.R.; Wimperis, J.Z.; Williamson, L.M., 1995:
Wider benefits of leukodepletion of blood products

Malkin, H.J., 1968:
Wider horizons in midwifery

Fry, J., 1981:
Wider implications of health and disease

Gibson, J., 1966:
Wider scope for nurses; the enrolled nurse and the registered nurse in the mental subnormality hospital

Malm, H.M., 1968:
Wider scope of services is key to small hospital survival

Fabro, J.A., 1971:
Wider use of maternity beds

Kuokkanen, K., 1971:
Widespread acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans in two sisters

Weiss, J.M.; Quan, N.; Sundar, S.K., 1994:
Widespread activation and consequences of interleukin-1 in the brain

Duncan, J.S.; Ramsay, L.E., 1984:
Widespread bone infarction complicating meningococcal septicaemia and disseminated intravascular coagulation

Pynn, K.S.; Katzenstein, R.E., 1970:
Widespread bone marrow embolism with myocardial involvement

Smith, R.B., 1972:
Widespread brain damage in alcoholics

Nowakowski, T.; Chilman, A.; Przystawa, M., 1968 :
Widespread bronchiectasis with full respiration efficiency

Bloom, G.S.; Luca, F.C.; Vallee, R.B., 1984:
Widespread cellular distribution of MAP-1A (microtubule-associated protein 1A) in the mitotic spindle and on interphase microtubules

Van Hoesen, G.W.; Yeterian, E.H.; Lavizzo-Mourey, R., 1981:
Widespread corticostriate projections from temporal cortex of the rhesus monkey

Sarnoff, D.S.; Schiff, G.M., 1983:
Widespread cutaneous angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia

Knapp, A.B.; Horst, D.A.; Eliopoulos, G.; Gramm, H.F.; Gaber, L.W.; Falchuk, K.R.; Falchuk, Z.M.; Trey, C., 1983:
Widespread cytomegalovirus gastroenterocolitis in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Galloway, P.G., 1984:
Widespread cytomegalovirus infection involving the gastrointestinal tract, biliary tree, and gallbladder in an immunocompromised patient

Bulinski, J.C.; Borisy, G.G., 1980:
Widespread distribution of a 210,000 mol wt microtubule-associated protein in cells and tissues of primates

Ho, R.H., 1983:
Widespread distribution of substance P- and somatostatin-immunoreactive elements in the spinal cord of the neonatal rat

Limbers, P.A.; Donnan, S., 1970:
Widespread ectopic ossification following head injury

Liao, W.B.; Bullard, M.J.; Liaw, S.J., 1995:
Widespread embolism in a patient with infective endocarditis--a case report

Sharp, A.H.; Loev, S.J.; Schilling, G.; Li, S.H.; Li, X.J.; Bao, J.; Wagster, M.V.; Kotzuk, J.A.; Steiner, J.P.; Lo, A., 1995:
Widespread expression of Huntington's disease gene (IT15) protein product

Komatsu, K.; Hiratsuka, H.; Takahashi, S.; Kamisasa, A.; Inaba, Y., 1972:
Widespread extracranial metastases of glioblastoma multiforme. Report of case and clinicopathological review of cases in literature

Rusconi, F.; Battaglioli, E., 2018:
Acute Stress-Induced Epigenetic Modulations and Their Potential Protective Role Toward Depression

Pucevich, M.V.; Rosenberg, E.W.; Bale, G.F.; Terzakis, J.A., 1983:
Widespread foreign-body granulomas and elevated serum angiotensin-converting enzyme

Hultengren, N.; Orell, S.R., 1971:
Widespread in situ carcinoma of the bladder with multifocal early invasion. Report of a case subjected to total cystectomy

Bogdanov, O.P., 1972:
Widespread infertility of blunt-nosed vipers in 1969

Riedel, H., 1965:
Widespread malignant ganglioneuroblastoma of the adrenal gland with mature cells

Knickerbocker, W.J.; Quenville, N.F., 1982:
Widespread marrow necrosis during pregnancy

Zotter, S., 1983:
Widespread occurrence in mammals of antibodies reactive to intracytoplasmic A particles of the mouse mammary tumor virus

Minakuchi, R.; Takai, Y.; Yu, B.; Nishizuka, Y., 1981:
Widespread occurrence of calcium-activated, phospholipid-dependent protein kinase in mammalian tissues

Wiche, G.; Briones, E.; Koszka, C.; Artlieb, U.; Krepler, R., 1984:
Widespread occurrence of polypeptides related to neurotubule-associated proteins (MAP-1 and MAP-2) in non-neuronal cells and tissues

dAlmaine Semple, P.; Reid, C.B.; Thompson, W.D., 1980:
Widespread panacinar emphysema with alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency

Gladkov, A.A.; Lev, N.A., 1969:
Widespread papillomatosis of the pharynx

Sazbon, L.; Najenson, T.; Tartakovsky, M.; Becker, E.; Grosswasser, Z., 1981:
Widespread periarticular new-bone formation in long-term comatose patients

Kurygin, A.A., 1969:
Widespread postoperative necrosis of the pancreas

Saito, E.; Iwasa, S.; Odell, W.D., 1983:
Widespread presence of large molecular weight adrenocorticotropin-like substances in normal rat extrapituitary tissues

Azón-Masoliver, A., 1995:
Widespread primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis (macular form) associated with systemic sclerosis

Boedecker, R.A.; Sty, J.R.; Gallen, W.J., 1980:
Widespread pulmonary lesions in a cyanotic woman

Martel, C.; Melner, M.H.; Gagné, D.; Simard, J.; Labrie, F., 1994:
Widespread tissue distribution of steroid sulfatase, 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/delta 5-delta 4 isomerase (3 beta-HSD), 17 beta-HSD 5 alpha-reductase and aromatase activities in the rhesus monkey

Henriksson, C.; Nilson, A.E.; Pettersson, S., 1984:
Widespread urothelial tumor treated with bilateral nephroureterectomy, cystectomy, autotransplantation of one kidney and pelvioileocutaneostomy

Ryan, T.J., 1968:
Widespread vascular naevus: suggestions for research into treatment methods

Granier, F.; Girard, M.; Cros, D.; Fernet, P.; Escande, M., 1982:
Widlocher depression scale: Multifactor analysis and comparison with Hamilton scale in 55 hospitalized depressed patients

Pellet, J.; Lang, F.; Ouvry, M.C.; Carrier, E.; Faure, R.; Marcon, M.; Blanchon, Y.; Dreyfus, J.P.; Lancrenon, S., 1983:
Widlöcher's depression scale. Examination of a sample of nondepressed, nondejected subjects. II

van Gent, P.K., 1968:
Widmark's equation: the minimum and maximum quantities of alcohol which could have been consumed by men or women of known body-weights and with known blood-alcohol levels

Simon, K.H., 1974:
Widmark's method for determination of blood alcohol

Smith, D.W.; Cohen, M.M., 1973:
Widow's peak scalp-hair anomaly and its relation to ocular hypertelorism

Arens, D.A., 1982:
Widowhood and well-being: an examination of sex differences within a causal model

Zappella, M.; Bruni, D., 1971:
Widowhood in old age as a cause of hospitalization in psychiatric wards. Comparison of 2 eras

Klyman, C.M., 1994:
Widowhood: a painful intrusion into the analytic space

Susser, M., 1981:
Widowhood: a situational life stress or a stressful life event?

Rosenbaum, J., 1981:
Widows and widowers and their medication use: nursing implications

Lopata, H.Z., 1971:
Widows as a minority group

Kober, G.; Spahn, G.; Becker, H.J.; Kaltenbach, M., 1974:
Width and cross section of epicardial coronary arteries in relation to myocardial hypertrophy

Kubík, A.; Krivinka, R.; Gallas, J.; Reil, I., 1972:
Width measurements of the shadow of right pulmonary artery descending branch on medium size photofluorograms

Anton, H.C., 1969:
Width of clavicular cortex in osteoporosis

Aduss, H.; Pruzansky, S., 1968:
Width of cleft at level of the tuberosities in complete unilateral cleft lip and palate

Komorowska, A., 1982:
Width of dental arches in complete distoclusion with protrusion of upper incisors

Feuerlein, W.; Heyse, H., 1970:
Width of the 3d ventricle in alcoholics. Results of echoencephalographic measurements

Nedok, A.S., 1983:
Width of the QRS complex of the electrocardiogram in patients with acute myocardial infarct complicated by an atrioventricular disorder of conduction affecting the work of the heart. Clinical and prognostic significance

Jańczuk, Z.; Syryńska, M.; Banach, J.; Jaworska, D.; Spychalska, M.; Weyna, E., 1980:
Width of the alveolar gingiva and selected indices of the periodontal state in adolescent secondary school students in Szczecin

Flores de Jacoby, L.; Diedrich, P.; Mutschelknauss, R., 1974:
Width of the attached gingiva after use of a gingival graft

Manitz, U.; Jungnickel, I.; Jatzke, M., 1981:
Width of the cervical canal in patients with cervical vertebral pain syndromes of degenerative origin

Gruder, E., 1965:
Width of the common bile duct in cases of cystic duct occlusion by an impacted calculus

Smiley, G.R.; Vanek, R.J.; Dixon, A.D., 1971:
Width of the craniofacial complex during formation of the secondary palate

Klingler, J., 1970:
Width of the external urethral orifice in girls up to 10 years old

Yoshioka, T., 1982:
Width of the junctional gap of the triad of various sarcomere lengths in frog skeletal muscle

Kober, G.; Spahn, G.; Spitz, P.; Becker, H.J.; Kaltenbach, M., 1972:
Width of the large coronary arteries in myocardial hypertrophy using selective arteriography

Ericson, S., 1973:
Width of the parotid main duct in healthy subjects. A sialographic investigation

Orton, C.G., 1995:
Width of the therapeutic window: what is the optimal dose-per-fraction for high dose rate cervix cancer brachytherapy?

Borgersen, A., 1966:
Width of third ventricle. Encephalographic and morbid anatomical study

Clarke, A.M.; Cooper, G.M.; Henney, A.S., 1966:
Width of transfer and task complexity in the conceptual learning of imbeciles

Albert, H.M., 1971:
Widths and depths of cracks in amalgam fillings and inlays

Anonymous, 1968:
Wiebrecht Foundation journal

Fall, M.; Balde, I.; Diadhiou, F.; Diop, A.; Correa, P., 1974:
Wiedeman-Beckwith syndrome in a newborn (1st case in Dakar)

Paoli, F.; Pierro, U.; Gambi, R., 1969:
Wiedemann and Beckwith syndrome. Report of a clinical case

Piussan, C.; Risbourg, B.; Lenaerts, C.; Delvallez, N.; Gontier, M.F.; Vitse, M., 1980:
Wiedemann and Beckwith syndrome: a new familial case

Spidla, M.; Pasini, M.; Kalafatić, Z.; Zergollern, L.; Jezerinac, Z., 1969:
Wiedemann's syndrome

Hooft, C.; Boedts, F.; Van Acker, K., 1969:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome (omphalocele-macroglossia-gigantism)

Molina, J.; Muñoz, M.; De Miguel, C.; Martínez-Peñuela, J.M.; Villanueva, A.; Delgado, A., 1981:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome with hepatoblastoma

Olshan, A.F., 1995:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome, Wilms tumor, birth weight, and insulin-like growth factor 2

Cohen, M.M., 1994:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome, imprinting, IGF2, and H19: implications for hemihyperplasia, associated neoplasms, and overgrowth

Dutau, G.; Gire, J.L.; Henry, M.; Rochiccioli, P., 1974:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome. Clinical and metabolic study of 4 cases

Lendvai, D.; Cardi, E.; Ballati, G.; Rezza, E., 1968:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome. Description of a clinical case with macroglossia, umbilical hernia, hepatonephromegaly, relative microcephaly, macrosomy, and transient hypoglycemia

Flori, J.; Arbia Baulu, M.; Nisand, I.; Dellenbach, P., 1981:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome. Prenatal diagnosis using echography

Best, L.G.; Hoekstra, R.E., 1981:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome: autosomal-dominant inheritance in a family

Weksberg, R., 1994:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome: genomic imprinting revisited

Downs, F.S., 1980:
Wielding Occam's razor

Sandberg, A.; Stark, L., 1968:
Wiener G-function analysis as an approach to non-linear characteristics of human pupil light reflex

Piatigorskiĭ, B.Ia.; Cherkasskiĭ, V.L.; Chinarov, V.A., 1984:
Wiener analysis of transmission of signals of identified mollusk neurons

Reed, I.S.; Glenn, W.V.; Chang, C.M.; Truong, T.K.; Kwoh, Y.S., 1980:
Wiener filtering of successive overlapping sections of an x-ray reconstruction

Koblasz, A.; Rae, J.L.; Correia, M.J.; Ni, M.D., 1980:
Wiener kernels and frequency response functions for the human retina

Veraart, C.; Pluvinage, V., 1981:
Wiener kernels determination in the cats lateral geniculate nucleus as a function of velocity of a sinusoidal grating: preliminary results

Metz, C.E.; Vyborny, C.J., 1983:
Wiener spectral effects of spatial correlation between the sites of characteristic x-ray emission and reabsorption in radiographic screen-film systems

Machalett, G.; Krämer, K., 1970:
Wiener's "C" and C-hemolysin

Scriba, P.C., 1995:
Wiesbaden 1995: Medical orientation and priorities

Lundgren, R., 1981:
Wife abuse - a handicap

Stewart, M.A.; deBlois, C.S., 1981:
Wife abuse among families attending a child psychiatry clinic

Korsgaard, G.M.; Carlsen, A., 1983:
Wife abuse. A prospective study of violence against women by their consorts

Malterud, K.; Bjørneboe, K., 1984:
Wife abuse. A study from general practice

Brown, B.; Carpio, B.; Martin, D.S., 1982:
Wife abuse: an old family problem, a new health problem

Yam, M., 1995:
Wife abuse: strategies for a therapeutic response

Saravanapavananthan, N., 1982:
Wife battering: a study of sixty cases

Egger, S.J.; Crancher, J., 1982:
Wife battering: analysis of the victim's point of view

Kahn, M.W., 1980:
Wife beating and cultural context: prevalence in an aboriginal and islander community in Northern Australia

Baker, H.D., 1966:
Wife insurance

Bowers, J.Z., 1967:
Wife, mother and physician

Petersson, B., 1983:
Wife-beating--a social tradition often overlooked by the health authorities

Levy, M.N., 1983:
Wiggers Award Lecture. Hunting the wild vagus

Mccandless, A.E., 1970:
Wigs and waste

Buckingham, D., 1971:
Wigs that replace protective helmets

Cummings, M.M.; Davison, W.C., 1972:
Wilburt C. Davison and medical libraries

McGovern, J.P.; Davison, W.C., 1969:
Wilburt Cornell Davison, M.D. Some introductory remarks

Arena, J.M.; McGovern, J.P.; Davison, W.C., 1972:
Wilburt Cornell Davison, MD: a Festschrift

Arena, J.M.; Davison, W.C., 1972:
Wilburt Cornell Davison: he built a medical school of stone--and left it marble

Saiz Moreno, L., 1984:
Wild (feral) dogs as an important epidemiological factor

Amezcua, M.E.; Escobar-Gutiérrez, A.; Storrs, E.E.; Dhople, A.M.; Burchfield, H.P., 1984:
Wild Mexican armadillo with leprosy-like infection

Cooke, D., 1980:
Wild bird casualties

Gerlach, H., 1974:
Wild birds and environmental protection

Kovalev, G.K., 1982:
Wild birds and salmonelloses

Williams, J.E.; Young, O.P.; Watts, D.M.; Reed, T.J., 1971:
Wild birds as eastern (EEE) and western (WEE) equine encephalitis sentinels

Brechtelsbauer, D.A., 1995:
Wild death

Mustafaev, K.I., 1973:
Wild edible grasses in the nutrition of the long-living inhabitants of the Daghestan ASSR

Benson, E.M.; Peters, J.M.; Edwards, M.A.; Hogan, L.A., 1973:
Wild edible plants of the Pacific Northwest. Nutritive values

Unger, I.; Brunecker, G.; Drietomszky, E., 1970:
Wild euphoria with a chronic course

Smith, D.L., 1974:
Wild land: a mental health resource

Geigy, R.; Kauffmann, M.; Jenni, L., 1973:
Wild mammals as reservoirs for Rhodesian sleeping sickness in the Serengeti, 1970-71

Hladun, I.D., 1980:
Wild medicinal plant resources of the eastern districts of Chernovtsy Province

El'iashevich, O.G., 1971:
Wild medicinal plants in the Lvov region and their possibille use

Pizov, V.Iu.; Kit, S.M., 1971:
Wild medicinal plants, having an industrial value in the Ivan-Franko region

Hoffman, P.M.; Davidson, W.F.; Ruscetti, S.K.; Chused, T.M.; Morse, H.C., 1981:
Wild mouse ecotropic murine leukemia virus infection of inbred mice: dual-tropic virus expression precedes the onset of paralysis and lymphoma

Koltveit, A.J., 1970:
Wild pets are rabies threats

Oshoff, C., 1966:
Wild plants and medicines

Barretto, M.P.; de Siqueira, A.F.; Ferriolli Filho, F.; Carvalheiro, J.da.R., 1968:
Wild reservoirs and vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi. 23. Colonization of Rhodnius neglectus Lent, 1954 in man-made dwellings (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

Barretto, M.P.; Albuquerque, R.D.; Funayama, G.K., 1969:
Wild reservoirs and vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi. 36. Investigations on triatomines from palm-trees in the municipality of Uberaba, MG, Brazil

Barretto, M.P.; Ferriolli Filho, F., 1970:
Wild reservoirs and vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi. 39. Natural infection of Procyon concrivorus nigripes Mivart, 1885, by T. cruzi

Takeda, G.K.; Carvalheiro, J.D.; Barretto, M.P.; Prado, J.C., 1974:
Wild reservoirs and vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi. LVI. Evaluation of the experimental error associated with micrometry of T. cruzi-like Trypanosomes in blood smears

Barreto, M.P.; Ribeiro, R.D.; Filho, F.F., 1974:
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Wild-type strain of Staphylococcus aureus containing two genetic linkage groups for penicillinase production

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Wilder Tileston 1875-1969

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Wildlife provides food and income

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Wildlife rabies increasing

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Wildlife rabies: a European problem

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Wildlife review. The effects of pesticides on British wildlife

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Wiley Award address. Successful interagency cooperation--the Diehlstadt story

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Wiley award address. Food safety in Canada---past, present, and future

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Wilford Hall USAF Hospital

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Wilfrid Le Gros Clark

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Wilful abuse of children

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Wilfulness in school-phobic adolescents

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Wilgenhoutsdrift-Health Service; yesterday--today--tomorrow

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Wilhelm Busch and medicine

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Wilhelm Busch celebrates his 150th birthday while Dr. Schmurzel still makes night calls

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Wilhelm Griesinger--predecessor of the materialistic reflex theory

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Wilhelm His, the anatomist: 1831-1904

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Wilhelm Knoth

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Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen (1845-1923)

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Wilhelm Raab

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Wilhelm Reich's attitude toward Freud and Marx

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Wilhelm Reich's theory: ethical implications

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Wilhelm Reich-- or sexuality between science and politics

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Wilhelm Reich--Arthur Janov--a comparison of their work

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Wilhelm Schneider at 70

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Wilhelm Schulthess

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Wilhelm Steinhausen (1887-1954)

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Wilhelm Tönnis' 75th anniversary

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Wilhelm Türk (1871-1916)

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Acute stress negatively affects object recognition early memory consolidation and memory retrieval unrelated to state-dependency

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Wilkie Collins: Victorian novelist as psychopharmacologist

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Wilkie's syndrome in a 12-year-old boy

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Wilkie's syndrome--a rarity?

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Wilkie's syndrome: a true clinical disease entity

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Wilkie's syndrome: considerations on 2 cases brought to our attention

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Wilkie's syndrome: etiopathogenetic, clinical and therapeutic aspects of some cases we have seen

Bartalena, G.; Vaglini, F., 1969:
Wilkins' method and the association of cobalt with surgery in therapy of cancer of the cervival esophagus

Popiel, E.S., 1970:
Will 'taps' sound for nursing?

Ring, M., 1973:
Will ADA swing into inaction again?

Wallace, R.; Fullilove, M.; Fullilove, R.; Gould, P.; Wallace, D., 1994:
Will AIDS be contained within U.S. minority urban populations?

Boyd, B.W., 1981:
Will Alabama's children survive in the 80s?

Lebensohn, Z.M., 1969:
Will American psychiatry profit by the experiences of other countries?

Kroger, J.S., 1995:
Will CLIA be repealed?

Daechsel, W.F., 1972:
Will Canada adopt the universal health number?

Norman, A., 1983:
Will Cinderella go to the ball?

Belzer, M.B., 1995:
Will Congress shred the safety net?

Korcok, M., 1984:
Will DRG payments creep into all US health insurance plans?

Schrader, E.S., 1983:
Will DRGs change our ideas about what health care means?

Letterman, G.; Schurter, M.; Durston, W., 1974:
Will Durston's "mammaplasty"

Lehrman, N.S., 1995:
Will Georgia lead the nation to good, cost-effective public psychiatric care?

Spetch, E., 1984:
Will I ever learn my lesson?

Vladyka, V., 1973:
Will L-dopa replace surgery in parkinsonism?

Sharland, M.; Atkinson, P.; Maguire, H.; White, J.; Begg, N., 1995:
Will London's COVER meet the target?

Smith, A.J., 1995:
Will Minnesota keep its edge in health care quality?

Battistella, R.M., 1974:
Will NHI close the accessibility gap? The right to adequate health care

Schechter, D., 1983:
Will OSHA make waves for the Navy?

Bonstedt, T.; Smith, J.J., 1973:
Will Ohio psychiatrists improve their own professional community?

Kieran, J., 1974:
Will PSROs hamstring medicine or lead to better care?

Anonymous, 1970:
Will Parcost ease the patient's financial burden?

Whitney, L., 1981:
Will President Reagan be good for dentistry?

Anonymous, 1982:
Will Reaganomics finally force hospitals to 'pay the price'?

D'arcy, P.T., 1969:
Will Salmon remove the "iron curtain"?

Anonymous, 1969:
Will Tory M.P.'s plan really "free" the dentist?

Marwick, C., 1995:
Will US polio immunization rely on IPV or OPV?

Raber, P., 1984:
Will Washington buy mandatory assignment?

Hoffman, A.J., 1968:
Will a Keogh plan really help you?

Cyr, P.; Tselikis, P.; Shur, G.M., 1982:
Will a divorce wreck your dental practice?

Devlin, R., 1980:
Will a fine record save the Northern?

Derr, R.A., 1968:
Will a hospital bed cost 100,000 dollars?

McDowell, F., 1973:
Will a wider flap have a greater viable length? Are all flaps essentially island flaps?

Anonymous, 1968:
Will accreditation overhaul, strengthen GP hospital role?

Pare, C.M.; Kline, N.; Hallstrom, C.; Cooper, T.B., 1982:
Will amitriptyline prevent the "cheese" reaction of monoamine-oxidase inhibitors?

Dalne, O.; Neldin, A.; Norgren, C.; Sjöstrand, U., 1980:
Will an helicopter ambulance be profitable? A theoretical socioeconomic study

Drejare, A., 1995:
Will an information sheet close a child day care center?

Mertins, J., 1968:
Will an obligatory year of service for women bring relief in the nursing situation?

Lamm, H., 1967:
Will an observer advise higher risk taking after hearing a discussion of the decision problem?

Mercuriali, A., 1981:
Will and representation in rehabilitation therapy

Tappel, A.L., 1968:
Will antioxidant nutrients slow aging processes?

Bergmann, T., 1969:
Will anything change in the future?

Malmendier, C.L., 1983:
Will apoproteins dethrone lipids in the study of the etiology of atherosclerosis and other diseases?

Laurent, D.; Degeorges, M.; Lenègre, J.; Péquignot, H., 1968:
Will assisted circulation in acute and chronic cardiac failure soon be possible?

Blankenhorn, D.H., 1981:
Will atheroma regress with diet and exercise?

Grant, D.M., 1968:
Will breast feeding be an antiquated art?

Baum, M., 1982:
Will breast self-examination save lives?

Goldberg, S.; Frank, B., 1980 :
Will central nervous systems in the adult mammal regenerate after bypassing a lesion? A study in the mouse and chick visual systems

Schroeder, S.A.; Martin, A.R., 1981:
Will changing how physicians order tests reduce medical costs?

Bruner, C.A.; Weaver, J.M.; Fink, G.D., 1983:
Will chronic intracerebroventricular saralasin infusion produce selective blockade of brain angiotensin II receptors in the rat?

Morton, J., 1981:
Will cognition survive?

Gabel, J.R.; Monheit, A.C., 1983:
Will competition plans change insurer-provider relationships?

Weil, T.P., 1967:
Will computer installations improve quality of patient care?

Connolly, P.M., 1983:
Will computers actually help define nursing?

Jason, H., 1984:
Will computers dehumanize medical care and education?

Hermann, P.J., 1970:
Will computers increase malpractice cases?

Brown, P.A.; Dorsey, D.B.; Kaufmann, W.; Derman, H., 1973:
Will consolidated clinical laboratories supplant individual hospital laboratories?

Gibbs, G.E., 1971:
Will continuing education be required for license renewal?

Rosenhamer, H.; Holmkvist, C., 1983:
Will contralateral white noise interfere with the monaurally click-evoked brainstem response?

Breu, C., 1983:
Will critical care nursing survive?

Hordiner, P., 1967:
Will dentistry keep up with tide of social and technical change?

Anonymous, 1973:
Will dentistry pass the physical?

Harris, W.S.; Connor, W.E.; Lindsey, S., 1984:
Will dietary omega-3 fatty acids change the composition of human milk?

Löfroth, G., 1969:
Will documented lethal poisoning by methyl mercury in this country be the only thing that can make the authorities take action to prevent the sublethal poisoning that is going on?

Regan, W.A., 1980:
Will documenting problems jeopardize physicians, hospital?

Salkeld, G.; Gerard, K., 1994:
Will early detection of breast cancer reduce the costs of treatment?

Anonymous, 1982:
Will elucidate the use of EDP in connection with nursing

Presl, J., 1984:
Will embryo transfer after in vitro fertilization become one of the standard therapeutic methods for female infertility?

Anonymous, 1972:
Will entry into the Common Market affect medical care in Denmark and Norway?

Morley, C.J., 1983:
Will exogenous surfactant treat respiratory distress syndrome?

McCarthy, P.A., 1981:
Will faculty practice make perfect?

Milliner, N.; Pearn, J.; Guard, R., 1980:
Will fenced pools save lives? A 10-year study from Mulgrave Shire, Queensland

Stagl, J.M., 1971:
Will financing determine program?

Anonymous, 1967:
Will free abortion be permitted?

Missinne, L.E., 1983:
Will gerontology change our educational system?

Whelpton, D., 1984:
Will good manufacturing practice produce acceptable equipment?

Morley, D., 1994:
Will growth monitoring continue to be part of primary health care?

Curtin, L.L., 1980:
Will hard times cripple nursing practice

Fair, E.W., 1968:
Will he really make a good associate?

Winchester, J.F.; Rahman, A.; Tilstone, W.J.; Bregman, H.; Mortensen, L.M.; Gelfand, M.C.; Schein, P.S.; Schreiner, G.E., 1980:
Will hemoperfusion be useful for cancer chemotherapeutic drug removal?

Mahoudeau, D., 1969:
Will henceforth the surgeons be pronounced guilty for not having undertaken systematically an anticoagulant treatment?

Margolis, H.S.; Alter, M.J., 1995:
Will hepatitis A become a vaccine-preventable disease?

Longo, L.D., 1969:
Will history exculpate us?

Miller, C.W., 1983:
Will honey bees act as environmental watch dogs?

Busch, M.P.; Alter, H.J., 1995:
Will human immunodeficiency virus p24 antigen screening increase the safety of the blood supply and, if so, at what cost?

Dewhirst, M.W.; Ozimek, E.J.; Gross, J.; Cetas, T.C., 1980:
Will hyperthermia conquer the elusive hypoxic cell? Implications of heat effects on tumor and normal-tissue microcirculation

Garbus, S.B.; Garbus, S.B., 1980:
Will improvement in the socioeconomic status of women increase their cardiovascular morbidity and mortality?

Katon, W., 1995:
Will improving detection of depression in primary care lead to improved depressive outcomes?

Budde, J.F., 1972:
Will institutionalization survive? A systems view of redeveloping program models for the retarded

Zimmermann, D., 1982:
Will irradiated food products be permitted soon?

Oldinger, E., 1981:
Will it be more difficult for the future generation of adults to accept their own death?

Anonymous, 1970:
Will it continue to happen?

Swartz, E.M., 1972:
Will it happen again?

Jean, J.P., 1994:
Will knowledge of substitute treatments modify the frame of therapeutic counseling and favor alternatives to imprisonment?

Remky, H., 1964:
Will leptospiral uveitis become an out-of-date disease?

Marwick, C., 1983:
Will livers be the third 'insurable' transplant?

Petermann, A., 1972:
Will lowering the entry age result in an improvement in the shortage of nursing personnel?

Rozovsky, L.E., 1972:
Will malpractice American style come to Canada?

Sopher, B.J., 1994:
Will manual handling regulations reduce the incidence of back disorders?

Maizumi, H., 1971:
Will mercurochrome be banished from the market?

Tiilikainen, A., 1982:
Will monoclonal antibodies solve the secret of the major histocompatibility complex?

Kelly, M., 1983:
Will mothers breast feed longer if health visitors give them more support?

Franklin, D.R., 1974:
Will my real licence please stand up. Part III--So sue me!

Franklin, D.R., 1974:
Will my real license please stand up. II, and counting

Bonadonna, G., 1994:
Will new treatment strategies improve the control of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas?

Holzman, D., 1995:
Will nuclear medicine survive outside the U.S.?

Schweisheimer, W., 1970:
Will nurses replace physicians?

Papenzin, L.L., 1981:
Will nursing be called to account? Questionable advantages of rationalization in the hospital

Gjerset, B., 1966:
Will nursing become a profession?

Kemp, M.E., 1972:
Will nursing best serve the public by extending its scope of practice?

Betz, C.L., 1995:
Will nursing education respond to the changes in health care?

Rosenkvist, I., 1980:
Will nursing homes have acute beds?

Korcok, M., 1981:
Will offshore medical schools graduate quality physicians?

Leap, J.M.; Friesen, R.J., 1984:
Will outpatient surgery programs come under prospective payment?

Rosenholtz, M.J., 1967:
Will pathology be at the center of a core curriculum?

Wennberg, J.E.; McPherson, K.; Caper, P., 1984:
Will payment based on diagnosis-related groups control hospital costs?

Newmark, P., 1983:
Will peptides make vaccines?

Gillum, R.F., 1982:
Will persons on low-sodium diets become iodine deficient?

Kuschinsky, G., 1967:
Will pharmacologically significant quantities of iodine be absorbed when using iodine-containing intestinal disinfectants?

Breustedt, A., 1969:
Will polycarbonates replace acrylates as a denture material?

Motulsky, A.G.; Murray, J., 1983:
Will prenatal diagnosis with selective abortion affect society's attitude toward the handicapped?

Mohapata, S.S., 1995:
Will prevention be better than cure for allergies and asthma in the 1st 20 years of the next century?

Snow, B.; Scott, G., 1982:
Will prevention endanger dentistry?

Ciske, K., 1981:
Will primary nursing survive in the 80s?

Soderstrom, R.M., 1983:
Will progesterone save the IUD?

Fernandes, B., 1969:
Will psychiatry become sick herself?

Ogborne, A.C.; Smart, R.G., 1980:
Will restrictions on alcohol advertising reduce alcohol consumption?

Lees, D.; Lepage, P., 1994:
Will robots ever replace attendants? Exploring the current capabilities and future potential of robots in education and rehabilitation

Anonymous, 1983:
Will safety now be sacrificed?

Voelker, R., 1995:
Will schools add insurance to the 3 Rs?

Gunn, I.; Matthews, D.; O'Brien, I., 1995:
Will serum enzymes and other proteins find a clinical application in the early diagnosis of myocardial infarction?

Ashworth, H.W., 1970:
Will she, won't she?

Kessler, M.N., 1995:
Will social phobia subjects answer the telephone?

Bishop, G.J.; Krieger, V.I., 1970:
Will some cases of Rh immunization occur despite administration of adequate amounts of anti-Rh o (D) IgG?

Joseph, G., 1973:
Will success spoil mental health care?

González, E.R., 1981:
Will surgery on the cornea render spectacles obsolete?

Overby, C.M., 1973:
Will technology change work-living patterns?

Welton, J., 1983:
Will the Act work

Holroyd, D., 1982:
Will the Barclay Report change the face of social work?

Morrin, N., 1983:
Will the Brave New World prove to be our last stand?

Anonymous, 1972:
Will the Common Market cause a large migration among physicians?

Rabkin, M.T., 1984:
Will the DRG decimate clinical research?

Kelly, K.A., 1969:
Will the OR nurse be needed in the future?

Nuessle, V.D.; Holcomb, R.W., 1970:
Will the SST pollute the stratosphere?

Müller, C.; Petz, J.; Engler, V., 1971:
Will the acceleration of puberty continue?

Roth, P., 1981:
Will the alcoholic remain taboo?

Watson, F.R., 1971:
Will the art of medicine be destroyed by the automation of medical logic?

Hilton, B., 1972:
Will the baby be normal? And what is the cost of knowing

Cartwright, B.J.; Gerlis, L.S.; Owens, C.; Baksi, A.K.; Kassimi, N., 1983:
Will the change to U100 insulin affect diabetic control?

Golden, W.E., 1980:
Will the circle be unbroken?

Johnson, I.; Stegen, A., 1982:
Will the computer be the new "nurses' aid"?

Kraus, H., 1973:
Will the computer be used in life insurance medicine?

Miller, A.J.; Grais, I.M.; Abrams, D.L., 1983:
Will the deans of the medical schools and the chairmen of departments of medicine, please stand up!

Ballantine, H.T., 1972:
Will the delivery of health care be improved by the use of chiropractic services?

Peltola, H., 1981:
Will the development of malaria vaccines succeed?

Schachtele, C.F.; Harlander, S.K., 1984:
Will the diets of the future be less cariogenic?

Sheldon, F., 1995:
Will the doors open? Multicultural issues in palliative care

Filický, J.; Dlhos, E., 1974:
Will the fetal electrocardiography, phonograph and ultrasound substitute the x-ray diagnosis of the dead fetus?

Bayer, R., 1984:
Will the first Medicare generation be the last?

Hardy, J.D., 1982:
Will the general surgeon become extinct?

Coste, F., 1970:
Will the gout be eliminated?

Morris, R., 1983:
Will the growth of health and welfare services be resumed?

Saksela, E., 1981:
Will the human genome deteriorate?

Kyucharyants, V., 1974:
Will the human life-span reach one hundred?

Hershey, N., 1972:
Will the law and nursing leadership permit professional nursing to fill the medical care gap?

Scholle, R.H., 1981:
Will the manufacturer of the best fluoride dentifrice please stand

Kruta, V.; Purkinje, J.E., 1971:
Will the missing portrait of J.E. Purkinje painted by Frantisek Horcicka in 1823 be found?

McGaughey, R., 1980:
Will the new standard for accessibility curb the proliferation of design requirements?

Morgan, N., 1981:
Will the next few years see more or less plastic surgery?

Vermeeren, P.C., 1995:
Will the nuclear medicine industry survive?

Castledine, G., 1995:
Will the nurse practitioner be a mini doctor or a maxi nurse?

Anonymous, 1974:
Will the nurses be heard before it will be too late?

Wollowick, A., 1970:
Will the nursing profession become extinct?

Geller, L., 1973:
Will the pacifier be used once again?

Metcalfe, D.H., 1973:
Will the patient care/

Hardwick, C.T., 1967 :
Will the physician be a leader in modern american society?

DiStasio, J.G., 1980:
Will the present postgraduate orthodontic programs survive?

Takeuchi, Y., 1966:
Will the problem of nurses' shortage be solved?

Harris, J., 1980:
Will the real 'father of dental education' please stand up? (John Harris)

Tuck, J.P., 1982:
Will the real Achievement Anxiety Test please stand up: effects of removing buffer items and altering item format of the Alpert-Haber Achievement Anxiety Test

Wolff, G., 1995:
Will the real Dr Doublit please stand up?

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Will the real Indian childhood cirrhosis please stand up?

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Will the real John Doe please stand up?

Kunnes, R., 1970:
Will the real community psychiatry please stand up

Anonymous, 1983:
Will the real dental student please stand up?

Eger, M.J., 1982:
Will the real doctor of optometry please stand?

Leigh, T.M., 1974:
Will the real health education please stand up

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Will the real implantologist please stand up?

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Will the real primary care provider please stand up?

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Will the real social desirability please stand up? Hopelessness, depression, social desirability, and the prediction of suicidal behavior

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Will the sighted physician see?

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Will the urban university medical center join the community

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Will the vascular laboratory remain economically viable? Impact of the RBRVS payment system

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Will the weakest lose what they have?

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Will the world come to a horrible end?

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Will the "age of bureaucracy" silence the rights versus needs debate?

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Will there always be a nursing director?

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Will there be a job for you? The physician work force under health care reform

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Will there be a next generation of sulfasalazine?

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Will there be a physician glut or an exaggeration of the present maldistribution of physicians? Another view

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Will there be aesthetic surgery in the Urals?

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Will there be doctors?

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Will there be employment for general practitioners in the future?

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Will there be members of the North Carolina Medical Society in the future?

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Will there be too many physicians or do future physicians work too much? A critical consideration of the preliminary recommendation of the Vorst Commission

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Will there really be too many doctors?

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Will they shoot the director of education at dawn?. Interview by Tamara Ross

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Will they steal your car next?

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Will this drug harm the unborn infant? The doctor's dilemma

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Will this man be dangerous?

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Will to live. Interview by David Payne

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Will to win--an elderly patient's struggle

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Will tuberculosis be eradicated?

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Will we ever contain health care costs?

Lewsley, M.S., 1970:
Will we ever cure them?

Frisch, B.H., 1967:
Will we freeze ourselves into the future?

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Will we have more Fultons or more prevention?

Norström, I.; Andersson-Svensson, L., 1980:
Will we have quality or quantity in the education of pediatric nursing?

Caceres, C.A., 1974:
Will we lose our practice to a computer?

Fabbrocini, V., 1968:
Will we speak no more about artificial organs? The future is in transplantation

Hayes, C.V., 1981:
Will we survive?

Hopps, J.G., 1995:
Will welfare reform help clients?

Woodside, F.C.; Grote, J., 1980:
Will what you tell insurance investigators be kept secret?

Meyer, D., 1968:
Will you accept the challenge?

Iveson-Iveson, J., 1983:
Will you be a Dr Strangelove?

Anonymous, 1973:
Will you be on somebody's list?

Welch, A.M., 1972:
Will you be ready?

Lacroix, J., 1984:
Will you come up North?

Edelson, J., 1973:
Will you understand?

Hunter, A., 1980 :
Will you volunteer in-flight medical care?

Craymer, B., 1973:
Will you "Ring-in"?

Urlich, S., 1973:
Will your appendectomy be performed by a member of the AFL-CIO? This button is fictitious, but doctors' unions are very real

Guttentag, S., 1968:
Will your clinic be unionized?

Fedorowicz, J., 1983:
Will your computer meet your case-mix informational needs?

Campbell, J.E., 1971:
Will your daughter be a dentist?

Olson, C., 1966:
Will your dental assistant be the next to go?

Wasserman, L., 1974:
Will your disability policy really pay off?

Gutting, D.E., 1980:
Will your patients remember what you think they understood?

Glitzke, G.H., 1968:
Will your practice dentistry always?

Diener, R.A., 1973:
Will your records satisfy the "tax man"?

McCord, R., 1984:
Will your retirement funds be ready when you are?

Lachman, B.G.; Weissman, F.G.; Oppenheimer, P.R., 1984:
Will your user-friendly system bite your hand after six months?

Goldberg, R., 1982:
Will your wife really work in your practice?

Best, R.E., 1973:
Will your will be done?

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Will "snoring children" become adults with sleep apnea?

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Will, lotus-eaters, and a thousand paper cranes

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Willful 'white lions'

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Acute stroke

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