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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 45016

Chapter 45016 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Graves, E.J.; Owings, M.F., 1997:
1995 summary: National Hospital Discharge Survey

Brush, L.C., 1995:
1995 survey of salaries & responsibilities for hospital biomedical/clinical engineering & technology personnel

Carlier, J.; D.P.aen, J.F.; Duprez, D.; Fagard, R.; Leeman, M.; Lins, R.; Six, R., 1997:
1995 survey on the management of hypertension in Belgium. The Board of the Belgian Hypertension Committee

Anonymous, 1995:
1995 survey process update. Review of closed medical records in hospitals has been improved

Brazin, S.; Gothard, M.; Smith, B.; Remington, P., 1996:
1995 tobacco control ordinances survey: Wisconsin counties, cities and villages

Helf, C., 1995:
1995 update: state healthcare reform and behavior benefits

Botelho, L.S.; Fonseca, F., 1996:
1995, the centenary year of the birth of Prof. Fernando Fonseca

Goedert, J., 1995:
1995--a healthy year for electronic claims growth

Kristal, S.L.; Thompson, B.M.; Marx, J.A., 1998:
1995-1996 SAEM emergency medicine faculty salary/benefits survey

Peter, E.K., 2018:
Adaptive enhanced sampling with a path-variable for the simulation of protein folding and aggregation

Zou, S.; Weber, J., 1996:
1995-1996 influenza season: Canadian laboratory diagnoses and strain characterization

Anonymous, 1996:
1995-1996 national directory of certified nephrology nurses

Reid, D.L., 1997:
1995-96 Kansas Nursing Wage Survey

Anonymous, 1995:
1995-96 membership roster

Takayama, H.; Sekiguchi, A.; Chikada, M., 2002:
1995. Pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum: long-term results of "one and a half ventricular repair". Updated in 2001

Anonymous, 1996:
1995: A year of achievement for the ADA

Férard, G.; Bienvenu, J.; Lessinger, J.M.; Later, R., 1995:
1995: a decisive progress for the interlaboratory transferability of results by using enzyme and protein reference materials

Anonymous, 1995:
1995: business

James, J., 1995:
1995: politics

Weissenstein, E., 1995:
1995: the year of Medicare cuts

Cohen, J.D., 1996:
1995: the year of the calcium antagonist controversy

Anonymous, 1986:
1995: what will be your practice environment?

Kirchner, M., 1986:
1995: which specialties will prosper?

Owens, A., 1986:
1995: who will be your patients?

Scowen, P., 1995:
1995: why community nurses need to know their pharmacology

Zhang, X.; Wang, Y.; Wang, C.; Su, C-Yi.; Li, Z.; Chen, X., 2018:
Adaptive Estimated Inverse Output-Feedback Quantized Control for Piezoelectric Positioning Stage

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 AIA honor awards. Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, Massachusetts

Schmidt, C.; van Rienen, U., 2018:
Adaptive Estimation of the Neural Activation Extent in Computational Volume Conductor Models of Deep Brain Stimulation

Epstein, C.J., 1997:
1996 ASHG Presidential Address. Toward the 21st century

Anonymous, 1997:
1996 ASHP National Residency Preceptors Conference: structuring residencies to meet the challenge of changes in contemporary pharmacy practice

Black, C.M.; Lang, E.V.; Kusnick, C.A.; Siebes, M.; Barnhart, W.; Berbaum, K.S.; Hoffman, E.A., 1996:
1996 AUR Memorial Award. Densitometric analysis of eccentric vascular stenoses: comparison of CO2 and iodinated contrast media

Anonymous, 1995:
1996 Almanac. Information resources

Cady, G.; Mayfield, T., 1995:
1996 Almanac. Jems 200 City Survey. Budget tightening, technology affect EMS systems in 200 largest cities

Anonymous, 1995:
1996 Almanac. State EMS directors

Zhang, Q-Lin.; Yang, X-Zhuo.; Zhang, L.; Feng, R-Qiu.; Zhu, Q-Hua.; Chen, J-Yuan.; Yuan, M-Long., 2018:
Adaptive evidence of mitochondrial genomes in Dolycoris baccarum (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) to divergent altitude environments

Joseph, U.; Vijaykrishna, D.; Smith, G.J.D.; Su, Y.C.F., 2018:
Adaptive evolution during the establishment of European avian-like H1N1 influenza A virus in swine

Wippermann, B., 1997:
1996 Annual Meeting of the Orthopedic Trauma Association

Douglas, M.G.; Kocher, J.F.; Scobey, T.; Baric, R.S.; Cockrell, A.S., 2017:
Adaptive evolution influences the infectious dose of MERS-CoV necessary to achieve severe respiratory disease

Tong, S.; Gao, K.; Hutchins, D.A., 2018:
Adaptive evolution in the coccolithophore Gephyrocapsa oceanica following 1,000 generations of selection under elevated CO 2

Thorens, B.; Gremlich, S.; Roduit, R.; Widmann, C., 1996:
1996 Apollinaire Bouchardat Prize. Molecular aspects of control of insulin secretion

O'Donnell, C.; Jones, D.N.; Stuckey, J., 1997:
1996 Australian radiology workforce report

Prophet, S.; Hirschl, N., 1996:
1996 CPT revisions

Edelberg, C., 1996:
1996 CPT revisions will affect the ED; prepare now

Mahesh, V.B., 1997:
1996 Carl G. Hartman Award. Virendra B. Mahesh

Urrutia, R.; Miller, L.J.; DiMagno, E.P., 1998:
1996 Comfort Symposium on Pancreatic Carcinogenesis

Anonymous, 1997:
1996 Decision Trees and Management Guidelines

Scheler, F., 1997:
1996 Drug Prescription Report. Reflection of medical treatment

Ackerman, J.M., 1996:
1996 EDI applications. Healthcare EDI & electronic commerce: just do it!

Toohey, R.E.; Stabin, M.G., 1996:
1996 Elda E. Anderson Award. Presented to Michael G. Stabin

Forbis, P., 1996:
1996 Employer of the Year: TransQuick, Inc

Tolan, J.; Pitchford, T.L., 1996:
1996 Founders Award. Presented to Thomas L. Pitchford

Dorsen, C., 1998:
1996 Fuld Scholar winning essay. Advocating for ourselves: the emerging role of nurses as patient advocates within multidisciplinary health care teams

Eberhart, C., 1995:
1996 GHA Distinguished Service Award: Charles Eberhart: "An outstanding leader, a caring person and a very special friend"

Anonymous, 1995:
1996 GHA legislative initiatives

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 Georgia General Assembly: a successful, defensive session

Anonymous, 1997:
1996 Hammersmith Perfusion Workshop. Safety, standards and education. 6 December 1996. Proceedings

Crosby, E.L., 1996:
1996 Health Care Hall of Fame. Edwin L. Crosby, M.D

DeBakey, M.E., 1996:
1996 Health Care Hall of Fame. Michael E. DeBakey, M.D

Stull, R., 1996:
1996 Health Care Hall of Fame. Richard Stull

Kraus, I., 1996:
1996 Health Care Hall of Fame. Sister Irene Kraus

McNerney, W., 1996 :
1996 Health Care Hall of Fame. Walter McNerney

Rossier, B.C., 1997:
1996 Homer Smith Award Lecture. Cum grano salis: the epithelial sodium channel and the control of blood pressure

West, R.T., 1997:
1996 IAIMS Symposium. Building infrastructure for integrated health systems. Proceedings. Nashville, Tennessee, September 27, 1996. Dedicated to Richard T. West

Parisi, A.F., 1997:
1996 Inge Edler Lecture. The miracle of echocardiography: a clinician's retroprospective

Piper, S., 1996:
1996 International Emerging Leaders. Smart, compassionate, committed. A quartet of young leaders honored by The Healthcare Forum and Korn/Ferry International

Ben-Abu, Y.; Beiles, A.; Flom, D.; Nevo, E., 2018:
Adaptive evolution of benzoxazinoids in wild emmer wheat, Triticum dicoccoides, at "Evolution Canyon", Mount Carmel, Israel

Noakes, T.D., 1997:
1996 J.B. Wolffe Memorial Lecture. Challenging beliefs: ex Africa semper aliquid novi

Gottlieb, E.L.; Nelson, A.H.; Vogels, D.S., 1996:
1996 JCO Study of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures. Part 1. Results and trends

Gottlieb, E.L.; Nelson, A.H.; Vogels, D.S., 1997:
1996 JCO Study of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures. Part 3. More breakdowns of selected variables

Gottlieb, E.L.; Nelson, A.H.; Vogels, D.S., 1996:
1996 JCO Study of Orthodontic Diagnosis and treatment procedures. Part 2. Breakdowns of selected variables

Sullivan, C.A., 1997:
1996 John Cahoon Jr Memorial Lecture. Principles, politics and power

Modahl, C.M.; Mrinalini; Frietze, S.; Mackessy, S.P., 2018:
Adaptive evolution of distinct prey-specific toxin genes in rear-fanged snake venom

Fischer, J.E., 1996:
1996 Jonathan E. Rhoads Lecture. Mechanism, mechanism, mechanism

Collins, J., 1996:
1996 Joseph E. Whitley, MD, Award. Evaluation of an introductory course in chest radiology

Willias, D.; Scheetz, J.P.; Butters, J.M.; Sleamaker, T.F., 1997:
1996 Kentucky Dental Practice Survey

Anonymous, 1995:
1996 Lab Guide

Cousins, M.J.; Power, I.; Smith, G., 2000:
1996 Labat lecture: pain--a persistent problem

Felber, J.P., 1996:
1996 Maurice Dérot Prize. Obesity in diabetes: substrate competition

Rapaport, F.T.; Dausset, J., 1997:
1996 Medawar Prize Citation for Professor Jean Dausset

Bicha, A.; Larson, T., 1996:
1996 Medicare Part B changes summarized

LeGrand, M., 1997:
1996 NOLF meeting

Lumsdon, K., 1996:
1996 NOVA Award. Breaking down barriers, building up hopes

Dougherty, S., 1996:
1996 National Farmworker Health Conference

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 National Heart Foundation clinical guidelines for the assessment and management of dyslipidaemia. Dyslipidaemia Advisory Group on behalf of the scientific committee of the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand

Nelsen, L.; McKnight, C.D., 1996:
1996 National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists Arthur F. Humm, Jr., Memorial Award. Presented to Charles (Bama) McKnight

Nelsen, L.; Hooker, C.D.; Hooker, B., 1996:
1996 National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists Arthur F. Humm, Jr., Memorial Award. Presented to Claude D. and Bunnie Hooker

Saal, J.A., 1997:
1996 North American Spine Society presidential address

Souhrada, L., 1996:
1996 OR survey results. Lean times and lead times

Anonymous, 1997:
1996 Orthopaedic proceedings

Flanigan, M.J.; Bailie, G.R.; Frankenfield, D.L.; Frederick, P.R.; Prowant, B.F.; Rocco, M.V., 1998:
1996 Peritoneal Dialysis Core Indicators Study: report on nutritional indicators

Mertzenich, E.F., 1997:
1996 Podiatric Practice Survey

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 Podiatric Practice Survey. Statistical results. Al Fisher Associates, Inc

Boss, D.; Schuster, K., 1996:
1996 Presidents' Forum. Panel discussion

Fardjadi, H.; Farjadi, S.; Scott, C., 1996:
1996 Progressive Architecture awards. Citation: Head Start Child-Care Facilities, Hightstown, New Jersey

Jolesz, F.A., 1997:
1996 RSNA Eugene P. Pendergrass New Horizons Lecture. Image-guided procedures and the operating room of the future

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 Receptor and ion channel nomenclature supplement

Tian, R.; Yin, D.; Liu, Y.; Seim, I.; Xu, S.; Yang, G., 2017:
Adaptive Evolution of Energy Metabolism-Related Genes in Hypoxia-Tolerant Mammals

Williams, J.David., 1997:
1996 Report of the Comité de l'Antibiogramme de la Société Française de Microbiologie

Wagner, H.N., 1996:
1996 SNM annual meeting: medical problem solving

Schuster, K.; Sciacca, W., 1996:
1996 Silver Plate Award winner. Healthcare

Wannier, T.M.; Kunjapur, A.M.; Rice, D.P.; McDonald, M.J.; Desai, M.M.; Church, G.M., 2018:
Adaptive evolution of genomically recoded Escherichia coli

Japsen, B.; Foster, C., 1996:
1996 Trustees of the Year. There's no stopping Maine trustee

Shriver, K.; Gappmayer, M., 1996:
1996 Trustees of the Year. Utah trustee was born to serve

Karter, M.J., 1997:
1996 U.S. fire loss

Mervis, J., 1994:
1996 U.S. science policy. Memo backs basic research with words, not cash

Qi, D.; Chao, Y.; Liang, J.; Gao, Q.; Wu, R.; Mather, I.; Zhao, Y.; Chen, Q., 2017:
Adaptive evolution of interferon regulatory factors is not correlated with body scale reduction or loss in schizothoracine fish

Anonymous, 1997:
1996 VISTA Awards. Celebrating teamwork and excellence in health facility design and construction

Elston, R.C., 1997:
1996 William Allan Award Address. Algorithms and inferences: the challenge of multifactorial diseases

Brown, R.; Bronson, F.L., 1996:
1996 William McAdams Outstanding Service Award. Presented to Frazier L. Bronson

Letko, M.; Miazgowicz, K.; McMinn, R.; Seifert, S.N.; Sola, I.; Enjuanes, L.; Carmody, A.; van Doremalen, N.; Munster, V., 2018:
Adaptive Evolution of MERS-CoV to Species Variation in DPP4

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 ambulance manufacturers directory

Sun, X-Man.; Ren, L-Jing.; Bi, Z-Qian.; Ji, X-Jun.; Zhao, Q-Yu.; Huang, H., 2018:
Adaptive evolution of microalgae Schizochytrium sp. under high salinity stress to alleviate oxidative damage and improve lipid biosynthesis

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 annual market directory issue

Barker, R.; Ward, G.; Moore, I., 2002:
1996 census findings on interstate migration to Queensland focusing on South-East Queensland

Sharfstein, J., 1998:
1996 congressional campaign priorities of the AMA: tackling tobacco or limiting malpractice awards?

Fitzgerald, J., 1996:
1996 construction & design survey

Wade, M., 1996:
1996 convention. Address of the president of the New York State Nurses Association

Williams, J.N., 1998:
1996 demographic characteristics and distribution of dental hygienists in Kentucky

Piette, J.C., 1996:
1996 diagnostic and classification criteria for the antiphospholipid/cofactors syndrome: a "mission impossible'?

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 document imaging systems

Maldonado, M.; Owens, M.B., 1996:
1996 elections are critical to people of color--the future of HIV/AIDS and human services will be determined at the polls

Kasai, T., 2000:
1996 epidemiological survey of dermatophytoses in Japan. Epidemiological Investigation Committee for Human Mycoses in the Japanese Society for Medical Mycology

Weil, P.A.; Herman, A.W., 1991:
1996 forecast: physician, hospital relationships

Anonymous, 1995:
1996 hospital survey process: what to expect

Newmann, R.E.; Nishimoto, P.W., 1996:
1996 human immunodeficiency virus update for the primary care provider

Anonymous, 1995:
1996 industry forecast

Havens, D.M.; Hannan, C., 1997:
1996 legislative wrap-up and outlook for 1997

Aschoff, A.J.; Brambs, H.J.; Merkle, E.M., 1997:
1996 literature review: imaging the intestines

Merkle, E.M.; Brambs, H.J.; Aschoff, A.J., 1997:
1996 literature review: roentgen diagnosis of gallbladder and bile ducts

Anonymous, 1997:
1996 medical expenses as a percentage of premium revenues for selected national health plans

Nuruberger, J.I., 1996:
1996 molecular psychiatry conference

Kumar, R., 1997:
1996 nephrology curriculum: American Society of Nephrology

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 nursing systems

Greene, J.; Lutz, S.; Jaklevic, M.C.; Japsen, B.; Kertesz, L.; Shriver, K.; Pallarito, K.; Scott, L.; Morrissey, J.; Moore, J.D.; Burda, D.; Fitzgerald, J., 1996:
1996 outlook: systems, for-profit chains, medical groups, religious healthcare, managed care, post-acute care, finance, purchasing, info systems, labor, legal, construction

Focht, J.; Nösner, K., 1997:
1996 pathogen incidence and resistance status in peritonitis

Flanigan, M.J.; Rocco, M.V.; Frankenfield, D.L.; Bailie, G.; Frederick, P.R.; Prowant, B.F.; Taylor, L., 1999:
1996 peritoneal dialysis--core indicators report

Sommer, B.; Voit, H., 2002:
1996 population trends

Lee, V.H., 1996:
1996 presidential address. Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 publishers directory. Resource books for nursing students

Barthélémy, C.; Alnot, M.O., 1997:
1996 report of in vitro fertilization with a third donor

Merkle, E.M.; Brambs, H.J.; Aschoff, A.J.; Tomczak, R., 1997:
1996 review of the literature: liver imaging

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 salary survey results. Computer proficiency, community involvement key to job success

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 salary survey results. Largest salary increases at the top in the South

Anonymous, 1996:
1996 software guide

Berdahl, A., 1996:
1996 state health policy survey

Graves, E.J.; Owings, M.F., 2000:
1996 summary: National Hospital Discharge Survey

Piascik, P., 1996:
1996 survey of biotechnology drugs

Singh, K.; Goh, L.G.; Sandhu, K.; Cheong, P.Y., 1997:
1996 survey of housing estate practice costs and GP fees in Singapore

Nighswonger, G.F., 1996:
1996 survey of salaries & responsibilities for hospital biomedical/clinical engineering & technology personnel

Wang, Z.; Bai, Y.; Zhang, D.; Tang, B., 2018:
Adaptive evolution of osmoregulatory-related genes provides insight into salinity adaptation in Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis

Kertesz, L.; Pallarito, K.; Grzywacz, R.; Morrissey, J.; Burda, D.; Gray, C.; Jaklevic, M.C.; Japsen, B.; Snow, C.; Lutz, S.; Moore, J.D.; Scott, L., 1996:
1996 up & comers. Strategies for success

Bowersox, J., 1997:
1996--a very good year for pathogenesis research

Betts, V.T., 1996:
1996--speak out for quality care

Post, C.J., 1997:
1996-1997 generation gap

Zou, S., 1997:
1996-1997 influenza season: Canadian laboratory diagnoses and strain characterization

Anonymous, 1996:
1996-97 Lab Guide

Anonymous, 1996:
1996-97 membership directory of the Missouri State Medical Association

Anonymous, 1997:
1996-97 physician recruitment incentives reviewed

Mayer, R., 1997:
1996-97 trends in opposition to comprehensive sexuality education in public schools in the United States

Shaw, C., 1998:
1996-based national population projections for the United Kingdom and constituent countries

Shaw, C., 1999:
1996-based population projections by legal marital status for England and Wales

Wilbur, P.; Ross, M.; Boyd, A., 1997:
1996: the year voters rejected the Marlboro Man

Hulka, J.F.; Levy, B.S.; Luciano, A.A.; Parker, W.H.; Phillips, J.M., 1998:
1997 AAGL membership survey: practice profiles

Plenderleith, L.J.; Liu, W.; MacLean, O.A.; Li, Y.; Loy, D.E.; Sundararaman, S.A.; Bibollet-Ruche, F.; Learn, G.H.; Hahn, B.H.; Sharp, P.M., 2018:
Adaptive Evolution of RH5 in Ape Plasmodium species of the Laverania Subgenus

Siegel, J.D., 1999:
1997 AAP guidelines for prevention of early group B streptococcal disease

Baker, C.J.; Halsey, N.A.; Schuchat, A., 1999:
1997 AAP guidelines for prevention of early-onset group B streptococcal disease

Wagner, L., 1997:
1997 AHCA Quality Award winners

Severns, M.; Zilm, F.S.; Moon, D.N., 1998:
1997 ASHE Project Team VISTA Awards

Blonde, L.; Ladenson, P., 1997:
1997 ASP Leadership Conference: report on the status of subspecialty training

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 Accreditation Manual for Preferred Provider Organization. Leadership and Management of Human Resources chapters. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Ptashne, M., 1997:
1997 Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research. Control of gene transcription: an outline

Sommer, A., 1997:
1997 Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Research. Clinical research and the human condition: moving from observation to practice

McKusick, V.A., 1997:
1997 Albert Lasker Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science. Observations over 50 years concerning intestinal polyposis, Marfan syndrome and achondroplasia

Goldsmith, M.F., 1997:
1997 Albert Lasker and Gairdner Foundation International Medical Research awardees named

Linder, C.Randal., 2000:
Adaptive Evolution of Seed Oils in Plants: Accounting for the Biogeographic Distribution of Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Seed Oils

Zhang, W.; Cheng, Y.; Li, Y.; Du, G.; Xie, G.; Zou, H.; Zhou, J.; Chen, J., 2018:
Adaptive Evolution Relieves Nitrogen Catabolite Repression and Decreases Urea Accumulation in Cultures of the Chinese Rice Wine Yeast Strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae XZ-11

Zhu, L.; Wu, Q.; Deng, C.; Zhang, M.; Zhang, C.; Chen, H.; Lu, G.; Wei, F., 2018:
Adaptive evolution to a high purine and fat diet of carnivorans revealed by gut microbiomes and host genomes

Chen, C.; Li, X.Nicole.; Li, W.; Beckman, R.A., 2018:
Adaptive expansion of biomarker populations in phase 3 clinical trials

Croskerry, P., 2018:
Adaptive expertise in medical decision making

Lajoie, S.P.; Gube, M., 2018:
Adaptive expertise in medical education: Accelerating learning trajectories by fostering self-regulated learning

Tappy, L., 1997:
1997 Apollinaire Bouchardat Award. Autoregulation of endogenous glucose production in man

Smith, K.T., 1999:
1997 Balanced Budget Act advances NP independence

Larios, D.; Liggett, N.; Marsh, M., 1998:
1997 Balanced Budget Act carries significant Medicare Impact

Haines, D.E.; Mawe, G.M., 1998:
1997 Basmajian/Williams & Wilkins Award: Gary M. Mawe, University of Vermont

Magill, R.A., 1998:
1997 C. H. McCloy Research Lecture: Knowledge is more than we can talk about: implicit learning in motor skill acquisition

Daniels, A.; Williams, C.; Dewan, N.; Ritter, S., 1998:
1997 CBGP (Council of Behavioral Group Practices) benchmark survey: quality management efforts in group practices

Prophet, S., 1997:
1997 CPT revisions

Brinster, R.L., 1998:
1997 Carl G. Hartman Award. Ralph L. Brinster

Anonymous, 1998:
1997 Castelli Pedroli Prize, 12th Camillo Golgi Lecture

Mycek, S., 1997:
1997 Celebration Health. The healing powers of community

Ashton, J.; Chadwick, E., 1999:
1997 Chadwick Lecture--is a healthy north west region achievable in the 21st century

Ring, E.J., 1997:
1997 Charles T. Dotter Lecture. Will interventional radiology survive into the next millennium? Absolutely! Unequivocally! Definitely! .... I think so

Anonymous, 1999:
1997 Continuing education for physicians and social workers in the public health service. Augsburg, 27-29 October 1997. Proceedings

Pfaltzgraff, R.E., 1998:
1997 Damien-Dutton Award

Pinto, C., 1999:
1997 Design Awards

Anonymous, 1998:
1997 Diabetes Survey. Statistical results. Al Fisher Associates, Inc

Vargo, G.; Johnson, J.R., 1997:
1997 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award--John R. Johnson. 42nd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, San Antonio, TX 29 June-3 July 1997

Bahr, J.M., 1998:
1997 Distinguished Service Award. Janice M. Bahr

Oppenheim, J.J., 1997:
1997 Dolph Adams Awards

Fitzgerald, M., 1998:
1997 Doolin Memorial Lecture. Medical manpower at the millenium--what kind of doctors in what kind of hospitals?

Haroske, G.; Giroud, F.; Reith, A.; Böcking, A., 1999:
1997 ESACP consensus report on diagnostic DNA image cytometry. Part I: basic considerations and recommendations for preparation, measurement and interpretation. European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology

Giroud, F.; Haroske, G.; Reith, A.; Böcking, A., 1999:
1997 ESACP consensus report on diagnostic DNA image cytometry. Part II: Specific recommendations for quality assurance. European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology

Anonymous, 1996:
1997 ESCMID Awards

Aubert, M.L.; Aubert, M.L., 1998:
1997 ESPE Research Award. Regulation of sexual maturation in the rat: the search for the neuromodulator that controls the onset of puberty. European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology

Baker, S., 1997:
1997 Ed. C. Jerman Memorial Lecture. Charting our own course

Dodd, B.; Higginbotham, J.F., 1997:
1997 Elda E. Anderson Award--Jack F. Higginbotham. 42nd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, San Antonio, TX 29 June-3 July 1997

Kasai, T., 2001:
1997 Epidemiological survey of dermatophytoses in Japan

Masse, F.; Maletskos, C.J., 1997:
1997 Evans Medal--Constantine J. Maletskos. 42nd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, Seattle, WA 29 June-3 July 1997

Bachelot, A.; Pouly, J.L.; Devecchi, A.; Quénard, A.; de Mouzon, J., 1998:
1997 FIVNAT general balance

Vetter, R.J.; Roessler, G.S., 1997:
1997 Founders Award--Genevieve S. Roessler. 42nd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, San Antonio, TX 29 June-3 July 1997

Kathren, R.L.; Corley, J.P., 1997:
1997 Founders Award--John P. "Jack" Corley. 42nd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, San Antonio, TX 29 June-3 July 1997

Anonymous, 1996:
1997 GHA (Georgia Hospital Association) legislative initiatives

Griffin, E.; Kinlaw, J.L.; Richardson, P.C., 1996:
1997 GHA Distinguished Service Awards. Georgia Hospital Association

Sunshine, J.H.; Simon, C.; Busheé, G.R.; Schepps, B., 2000:
1997 Graduates Speak: initial employment experiences of residency and fellowship graduates

Anonymous, 1995:
1997 HFM resource guide. Your guide to hundreds of companies with products and services for the healthcare industry

Elliott, J., 1997:
1997 HIMSS/Hewlett-Packard leadership survey results. Survey results highlight infrastructure--the building block approach to IT strategy

Li, X-Jian.; Yan, J-Jing.; Yang, G-Hong., 2018:
Adaptive Fault Estimation for T-S Fuzzy Interconnected Systems Based on Persistent Excitation Condition via Reference Signals

Koop, C.E., 1997:
1997 Health Care Hall of Fame. America's health conscience

Tibbitts, S.J., 1997:
1997 Health Care Hall of Fame. An industry visionary

Crile, G.W., 1997:
1997 Health Care Hall of Fame. Cleveland Clinic co-founder

Cathcart, H.R., 1997:
1997 Health Care Hall of Fame. Mr. Hospital

Cannon, I.M., 1997:
1997 Health Care Hall of Fame. Social work trailblazer

Anonymous, 1998:
1997 INA house of delegates. Proposed reports with recommendations

Bédard, M.; Molloy, D.W.; Pedlar, D.; Lever, J.A.; Stones, M.J., 1998:
1997 IPA/Bayer Research Awards in Psychogeriatrics. Associations between dysfunctional behaviors, gender, and burden in spousal caregivers of cognitively impaired older adults

Wang, Z.; Wu, Y.; Liu, L.; Zhang, H., 2018:
Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Consensus Protocols for Multiagent Systems With Directed Graphs

Linden, M.; Barnow, S., 1998:
1997 IPA/Bayer Research Awards in Psychogeriatrics. The wish to die in very old persons near the end of life: a psychiatric problem? Results from the Berlin Aging Study

Marsch, G., 1998:
1997 International Congress of the European Association of Lactation Consultants

Green, M.A., 1998:
1997 JB Firth Memorial Lecture. "No more twist"

Gottlieb, E.L.; Nelson, A.H.; Vogels, D.S., 1998:
1997 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study. Part 1. Trends

Gottlieb, E.L.; Nelson, A.H.; Vogels, D.S., 1998:
1997 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study. Part 2. Practice success

Gottlieb, E.L.; Nelson, A.H.; Vogels, D.S., 1998:
1997 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study. Part 3. Practice growth

Mayfield, T.Y., 1997:
1997 JEMS salary survey. Long hours, modest pay

Friedman, M.M., 1997:
1997 Joint Commission on Health Care Organizations home care standards: what's new?

Hirsch, J., 1997:
1997 Jonathan E. Rhoads Lecture. Understanding obesity: the unfinished business

McAndrew, K.S.; Rothenberger, S.; Minsley, G.E., 1998:
1997 Judson C. Hickey Scientific Writing Awards. An innovative investment method for the fabrication of a closed hollow obturator prosthesis

Cheng, A.C.; Morrison, D.; Maxymiw, W.G.; Archibald, D., 1998:
1997 Judson C. Hickey Scientific Writing Awards. Lip prosthesis retained with resin-bonded retentive elements as an option for the restoration of labial defects: a clinical report

Kowalski, M., 1999:
1997 LeTourneau Award. Applying the "two schools of thought" doctrine to the repressed memory controversy

Cerasi, E.; Marshak, S.; Totary, H.; Melloul, D., 1997:
1997 Maurice Dérot. Transcriptional regulation of the insulin gene: a step toward gene therapy of diabetes

Lannie, V., 1998:
1997 Medicare hospice benefit revisions: sounding off--a purely therapeutic exercise

Zhai, D.; An, L.; Li, X.; Zhang, Q., 2018:
Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Systems With Multiple Sensor Faults and Unknown Control Directions

Anonymous, 1998:
1997 Minkowski Prize, 32nd Minkowski Lecture: Genetic approaches of NIDDM

Nagao, M., 1998:
1997 Mutation Research Award winner

Dunn, A.M., 1998:
1997 NAPNAP membership survey

Smigel, K., 1996:
1997 NIH budget request would build new research hospital

Adyatmaka, A., 1999:
1997 National Health Day in Indonesia--a focus on oral health

Marshall, D.W.; Schrotke, R.C., 1997:
1997 National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists Arthur F. Humm, Jr., Memorial Award--Ronald C. Schrotke. 42nd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, San Antonio, TX 29 June-3 July 1997

Anonymous, 1998:
1997 National Survey on Drug Abuse finds increase in illicit drug use, primarily marijuana, among U.S. youth

Zhao, Z.; Yang, Y.; Zhou, J.; Li, L.; Yang, Q., 2018:
Adaptive fault-tolerant PI tracking control for ship propulsion system

Kristensson, K.; Winblad, B.; Prusiner, S.B., 1998:
1997 Nobel Prize to Stanley Prusiner for the discovery of prions

Zhang, W.; Zhao, J-Mei.; Lin, J.; Hu, C-Zhen.; Zhang, W-Bin.; Yang, W-Lan.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, J-Wang.; Zhu, J., 2018:
Adaptive Fibrogenic Reprogramming of Osteosarcoma Stem Cells Promotes Metastatic Growth

Fardon, D.F., 1998:
1997 North American Spine Society presidential address

Caspary, W.F.; Warren, J.R.; Marshall, B.J., 1997:
1997 Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize for the rediscovery of Helicobacter pylori to J. Robin Warren and Barry J. Marshall

Shupnik, M.; Dunn, J.T., 1998:
1997 Paul Starr Award to John T. Dunn

Flanigan, M.J.; Rocco, M.V.; Frankenfield, D.; Bailie, G.; Frederick, P.; Prowant, B.; Taylor, L., 1999:
1997 Peritoneal Dialysis-Core Indicators Study: Dialysis Adequacy and Nutritional Indicators Report

Douglas, D.; Benedetti, D.; Bantly, J.; Taub, S.; Chernoff, R.; Prentkowski, D.; Johnson, L.; Deignan, P., 1997:
1997 Presidents' Forum

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 Quality Awards. Society for Ambulatory Care Professionals, American Hospital Association

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 Receptor and ion channel nomenclature supplement

Strand, L.M., 1997:
1997 Remington Lecture. Re-visioning the profession

Hallisey, M.J., 1997:
1997 SCVIR Gary J. Becker Young Investigator Award paper. A transluminally created abdominal aortic aneurysm model

Stocco, D.M., 1998:
1997 SSR Research Award. Douglas M. Stocco

Downward, J., 1998:
1997 Salk Institute/EMBL meeting on Oncogenes and Growth Control, Salk Institute, La Jolla, California, 16-20 August 1997

Kohn, L.D.; Hershman, J.M., 1998:
1997 Sidney H. Ingbar Distinguished Lecturer Award to Jerome M. Hershman

Schuster, K.; Sherman, C., 1997:
1997 Silver Plate winner. Carol Sherman--New York University Medical Center

Hargreaves, M., 1999:
1997 Sir William Refshauge Lecture. Skeletal muscle glucose metabolism during exercise: implications for health and performance

Diaz, N.; Rueda, H.; Arguello, H., 2018:
Adaptive filter design via a gradient thresholding algorithm for compressive spectral imaging

Zinovjev, K.; Tuñón, Iñaki., 2017:
Adaptive Finite Temperature String Method in Collective Variables

Pallarito, K.; Shinkman, R.; Rincker, W.H.; McGillis, J.P., 1997:
1997 Trustees of Year

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 U.S. Renal Data System Report. Incidence, prevalence rate showing signs of dropping in ESRD population

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 USPHS/IDSA Guidelines for the Prevention of Opportunistic Infections in Persons Infected with HIV: Part II. Prevention of first episode of disease

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 USPHS/IDSA guidelines for the prevention of opportunistic infections in persons infected with HIV: Part I. Prevention of exposure. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 USPHS/IDSA guidelines for the prevention of opportunistic infections in persons infected with HIV: Part III. Prevention of disease recurrence. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Anonymous, 1998:
1997 USPHS/IDSA guidelines for the prevention of opportunistic infections in persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 USPHS/IDSA guidelines for the prevention of opportunistic infections in persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus. USPHS/IDSA Prevention of Opportunistic Infections Working Group

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 USPHS/IDSA guidelines for the prevention of opportunistic infections in persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus: disease-specific recommendations. USPHS/IDSA Prevention of Opportunistic Infections Working Group. US Public Health Services/Infectious Diseases Society of America

Silva, J.E.; Arvan, P.R., 1998:
1997 Van Meter Award to Peter R. Arvan

Nerlich, A.G.; Schleicher, E.D.; Boos, N., 1998:
1997 Volvo Award winner in basic science studies. Immunohistologic markers for age-related changes of human lumbar intervertebral discs

Kaigle, A.M.; Holm, S.H.; Hansson, T.H., 1998:
1997 Volvo Award winner in biomechanical studies. Kinematic behavior of the porcine lumbar spine: a chronic lesion model

Fischgrund, J.S.; Mackay, M.; Herkowitz, H.N.; Brower, R.; Montgomery, D.M.; Kurz, L.T., 1998:
1997 Volvo Award winner in clinical studies. Degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis with spinal stenosis: a prospective, randomized study comparing decompressive laminectomy and arthrodesis with and without spinal instrumentation

Thomsen, K.; Christensen, F.B.; Eiskjaer, S.P.; Hansen, E.S.; Fruensgaard, S.; Bünger, C.E., 1998:
1997 Volvo Award winner in clinical studies. The effect of pedicle screw instrumentation on functional outcome and fusion rates in posterolateral lumbar spinal fusion: a prospective, randomized clinical study

Fleischli, J.G.; Lavery, L.A.; Vela, S.A.; Ashry, H.; Lavery, D.C., 1997:
1997 William J. Stickel Bronze Award. Comparison of strategies for reducing pressure at the site of neuropathic ulcers

Muehleman, C.; Chubinskaya, S.; Cole, A.A.; Noskina, Y.; Arsenis, C.; Kuettner, K.E., 1997:
1997 William J. Stickel Gold Award. Morphological and biochemical properties of metatarsophalangeal joint cartilage

Brook, J.W.; Boike, A.; Zema, R.L.; Weaver, M.; Postak, P., 1997:
1997 William J. Stickel Silver Award. The anti-inflammatory action of locally injected ketorolac

Vargo, G.J.; Ryan, R.M., 1997:
1997 William McAdams Outstanding Service Award--Robert Martin Ryan. American Board of Health Physics. 42nd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, San Antonio, TX 29 June-3 July 1997

Innes, J.A., 1998:
1997 Winter Meeting of the British Thoracic Society

Anonymous, 1996:
1997 almanac. Information resources

Mayfield, T., 1996:
1997 almanac. JEMS 200-city survey

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 ambulance manufacturers directory

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 annual market directory issue

Anonymous, 1996:
1997 buyer's guide

Pinto, C., 1997:
1997 construction & design survey

Anonymous, 1998:
1997 declaration of the environment leaders of the Eight on children's environmental health

Pfeiffer, A., 1998:
1997 diabetes update

Anonymous, 1998:
1997 directory of nurse researchers in Mississippi

Bazzoli, F., 1996:
1997 forecasts. A shift to an outpatient focus for electronic records

Goedert, J., 1996:
1997 forecasts. Big changes lie ahead for claims processors

Siwicki, B., 1996:
1997 forecasts. Desktop systems, Internet are hot telemedicine trends

McCormack, J., 1996:
1997 forecasts. Managed care is aligning its automation priorities

Bazzoli, F., 1996:
1997 forecasts. Market pressures will continue to fuel networking

Fischbach, W.; Gro, S.S.; Schölmerich, J.; Ell, C.; Layer, P.; Fleig, W.E.; Zirngibl, H., 1998:
1997 gastroenterology update--I

Fischbach, W.; Gross, V.; Schölmerich, J.; Ell, C.; Layer, P.; Fleig, W.E., 1998:
1997 gastroenterology update--II

Hensley, S., 1999 :
1997 group purchasing survey

Spinas, G.A., 1998:
1997 highlights in diabetology

Clark, E.A.; Hynes, R.O., 1998:
1997 keystone symposium on signal transduction by cell adhesion receptors

Clark, S., 1997:
1997 legislative preview

Preston, M., 1996:
1997 legislative prospectus

Zeno, Z.L., 1997:
1997 legislative wrap-up

Anonymous, 2002:
1997 membership directory

Gächter, A., 1998:
1997 progress in orthopedics

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 publishers directory. Resource books for nursing students

Anonymous, 1996:
1997 resource guide

Anonymous, 1996:
1997 resource guide--associations; standards groups

Anonymous, 1996:
1997 resource guide. Health care information technology companies

Thépot, F., 1998:
1997 results of medical assisted procreation with third party donations and autopreservation. CECOS French Federation

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 revised guidelines for performing CD4+ T-cell determinations in persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 salary survey results

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 salary survey results. ED managers face more managed care: what's in the future?

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 salary survey results. Market demand high for hospital-based case managers

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 salary survey results. Salaries stay steady as managed care moves into town

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 salary survey. The going rate. Contemporary surveys the earnings of industry nursing staff

Anonymous, 1999:
1997 saw HMO membership up, hospital days down

Drahosova, M.; Sekanina, L.; Wiglasz, M., 2018:
Adaptive Fitness Predictors in Coevolutionary Cartesian Genetic Programming

Loddenkemper, R.; Hauer, B., 1999:
1997 status of tuberculosis in Germany

Lawrence, L.; Hall, M.J., 2000:
1997 summary: National Hospital Discharge Survey

Nighswonger, G.F., 1997:
1997 survey of salaries & responsibilities for hospital biomedical clinical engineering & technology personnel

Dunn, R., 1997:
1997 survey results: staffing issues

Kertesz, L.; Shinkman, R.; Gray, C.; Moore, J.D.; Jaklevic, M.C.; Bellandi, D.; Pallarito, K.; Gardner, J.; Limbacher, P.B.; Japsen, B.; Hensley, S.; Morrissey, J.; Snow, C., 1999:
1997 up and comers

Anonymous, 1997:
1997 update of recommendations for the use of hematopoietic colony-stimulating factors: evidence-based, clinical practice guidelines. American Society of Clinical Oncology

Zheng, Z.; Feroskhan, M.; Sun, L., 2018:
Adaptive fixed-time trajectory tracking control of a stratospheric airship

Bussey, H., 1998:
1997 ushers in an era of yeast functional genomics

Anonymous, 1996:
1997 will be seminal year for emergency medicine

Anonymous, 1999:
1997 year in review

Childs, B., 1996:
1997--a quick look forward

Robbins, K.C., 1998 :
1997-1998 ANNA annual reports. National report: state of the association

Anonymous, 1998:
1997-1998 National Directory of Certified Nephrology Nurses

Anonymous, 1998:
1997-1998 Neurobehavioral Teratology Society Membership List

Li, Y., 1999:
1997-1998 influenza season: Canadian laboratory diagnoses and strain characterization

Gugerell, M., 2002:
1997-2001: 4 years health and nursing care regulation. A significant step for home care nursing service--the first time that the extramural service is specifically mentioned in the regulation

Anonymous, 1997:
1997-8 membership directory of the Missouri State Medical Association

Anonymous, 1997:
1997-98 AARN district directory

Anderson, J., 1998:
1997/98 budget: rural and remote health initiatives and other programs

Anonymous, 1997:
1997: out with the old payment structures, in with the new

McGinly, W.C., 1997:
1997: the challenges ahead for health care philanthropy

Eid, T.A., 1997:
1997: year of the "Internet backlash"?

Kida, T.; Tanaka, E.; Kakigi, R., 2018:
Adaptive flexibility of the within-hand attentional gradient in touch: An MEG study

Benadi, G.; Gegear, R.J., 2018:
Adaptive Foraging of Pollinators Can Promote Pollination of a Rare Plant Species

Dennis, M.B., 1999:
1998 ACLAM forum: "Bioethics and the Use of Laboratory Animals: Ethics in Theory and Practice"

Richardson, J.K., 1998:
1998 APTA Presidential Address: My dream is a wish. American Physical Therapy Association

Lee, S.I.; Chew, F.S., 1998:
1998 ARRS Executive Council Award. Radiology in the emergency department: technique for quantitative description of use and results. American Roentgen Ray Society

Kuo, M.D.; Waugh, J.M.; Yuksel, E.; Weinfeld, A.B.; Yuksel, M.; Dake, M.D., 1998:
1998 ARRS President's Award. The potential of in vivo vascular tissue engineering for the treatment of vascular thrombosis: a preliminary report. American Roentgen Ray Society

Chakravarti, A.; Li, C.C., 1999:
1998 ASHG Award for Excellence in Education. Professor Ching Chun Li, courageous scholar and educator

Page, T.; Smith, P.J.; Beven, K.J.; Jones, I.D.; Elliott, J.Alex.; Maberly, S.C.; Mackay, E.B.; De Ville, M.; Feuchtmayr, H., 2018:
Adaptive forecasting of phytoplankton communities

Beaudet, A.L., 1999:
1998 ASHG presidential address. Making genomic medicine a reality

Bell-Krotoski, J., 1999 :
1998 ASHT presidential address. The truth is not negotiable: we can make a difference. American Society of Hand Therapists

Goldsmith, M.F., 1998:
1998 Albert Lasker and Gairdner Foundation International Medical Research winners honored

Anonymous, 1997:
1998 Almanac. Organizations; government agencies; calendar

Wang, J.; Xu, D.; Zhou, H.; Zhou, T., 2018:
Adaptive fractional order sliding mode control for Boost converter in the Battery/Supercapacitor HESS

Lim, M.K., 1999:
1998 Andre Allard Lecture. Aerospace medicine in the 21st century--reaching for the stars

Campeau, K., 2018:
Adaptive frameworks of chronic pain: daily remakings of pain and care at a Somali refugee women's health centre

Hess, T., 1998:
1998 Annual Meeting of the Society of Orthopedics and Athletic Traumatology (GOTS)

Nishimoto, Y.; Fedorov, D.G., 2018:
Adaptive frozen orbital treatment for the fragment molecular orbital method combined with density-functional tight-binding

Minguez, A.; Milh, M., 2018:
Adaptive functioning in adults with intellectual deficiency: Role of skills during childhood, age, and IQ in a preliminary study of 16 adults

Jones, D.N.; O'Donnell, C.; Stuckey, J., 2000:
1998 Australian radiology workforce report

Rudolph, K.S.; Eastlack, M.E.; Axe, M.J.; Snyder-Mackler, L., 1998:
1998 Basmajian Student Award Paper: Movement patterns after anterior cruciate ligament injury: a comparison of patients who compensate well for the injury and those who require operative stabilization

Anderson, J.E., 1998:
1998 Basmajian/Williams & Wilkins Award: Judith E. Anderson, University of Manitoba

Payne, A.H., 1999:
1998 Carl G. Hartman Award

Hogervorst, E.; Boshuisen, M.; Riedel, W.; Willeken, C.; Jolles, J., 1999:
1998 Curt P. Richter Award. The effect of hormone replacement therapy on cognitive function in elderly women

Pinto, C., 1999:
1998 Design Awards

Strong, R.W., 1999:
1998 Distinguished Academician Lecture: hepatic resection--a Western perspective

Thomas, R.G.; Boecker, B.B., 1998:
1998 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award. Bruce B. Boecker. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, Minneapolis, MN 12-16 July 1998

Resko, J.A., 1999:
1998 Distinguished Service Award

Peterson, J.K., 2000:
1998 Distinguished Service Award: John K. Peterson, DDS, MPH

Collins, R.J.; Cons, N.C., 2000:
1998 Distinguished Service Award: Naham C. Cons, DDS, MPH

Wilkie, B.; Lunney, J.K.; Husband, A.J., 1999 :
1998 Distinguished veterinary immunologist: Dr. Alan J. Husband

Oppenheim, J.J., 1999:
1998 Dolph Adams Awards

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 ESRD marketplace

Bolch, W.E.; Hintenlang, D.E., 1998:
1998 Elda E. Anderson Award. David E. Hintenlang. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, Minneapolis, MN 12-16 July 1998

Lundström, M.; Barry, P.; Leite, E.; Seward, H.; Stenevi, U., 2001:
1998 European Cataract Outcome Study: report from the European Cataract Outcome Study Group

Nolan, J.; Gwinnutt, C., 1998:
1998 European guidelines on resuscitation. Simplifications should make them easier to teach and implement

Wang, W.; Tong, S.; Wang, D., 2018:
Adaptive Fuzzy Containment Control of Nonlinear Systems With Unmeasurable States

Dinger, K.H.; Massé, F.X., 1998:
1998 Founders Award. Francis X. Massé. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, Minneapolis, MN 12-16 July 1998

Anonymous, 1997:
1998 GHA legislative agenda

King, D.D.; Butler, C.C., 1997:
1998 GHA. Distinguished Service Awards. Damon D. King, Dr. Clarence C. Butler

Snow, H.B.; Williams, M., 1999:
1998 Georgia General Assembly. Budget success highlights banner year for hospitals and health systems

Anonymous, 1999:
1998 Guidelines for the Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Proceedings of a meeting. Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 10-12 February 1997

Anonymous, 1996:
1998 HFM resource guide

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 IMS legislative priorities adopted

McComas, A.J., 1998:
1998 ISEK Congress Keynote Lecture: Motor units: how many, how large, what kind? International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology

Feldman, A.G.; Levin, M.F.; Mitnitski, A.M.; Archambault, P., 1998:
1998 ISEK Congress Keynote Lecture: Multi-muscle control in human movements. International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology

Moritani, T.; Yoshitake, Y., 1998:
1998 ISEK Congress Keynote Lecture: The use of electromyography in applied physiology. International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology

Huang, J-Tze., 2018:
Adaptive Fuzzy State/Output Feedback Control of Nonstrict-Feedback Systems: A Direct Compensation Approach

Ilett, K.F.; Kadlubar, F.F.; Minchin, R.F., 1999:
1998 International Meeting on the Arylamine N-Acetyltransferases: synopsis of the workshop on nomenclature, biochemistry, molecular biology, interspecies comparisons, and role in human disease risk

Collins, R.J.; Kim, J., 2000:
1998 International Special Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Dentistry: Johng-bai Kim, DDS, PhD

Yang, Y.; Liang, Y.; Pan, Q.; Qin, Y.; Wang, X., 2018:
Adaptive Gaussian mixture filter for Markovian jump nonlinear systems with colored measurement noises

Anonymous, 1997:
1998 JEMS buyer's guide, company listings

Mayfield, T.Y., 1999:
1998 JEMS salary survey. Wages & benefits continue to decline

Anonymous, 1997:
1998 Joint Commission standards. Assuring staff competence is key to survey success

Baumgartner, B.R.; Peterman, S.B., 1998:
1998 Joseph E. Whitley, MD, Award. Relationship between American College of Radiology in-training examination scores and American Board of Radiology written examination scores. Part 2. Multi-institutional study

Cheng, A.C.; Morrison, D.; Wee, A.G.; Maxymiw, W.G.; Archibald, D., 1999:
1998 Judson C. Hickey Scientific Writing Award. Maxillofacial prosthodontic management of a facial defect complicated by a necrotic frontal bone flap: a clinical report

Boberick, K.G.; Bachstein, T.K., 1999:
1998 Judson C. Hickey Scientific Writing Award. Use of a flexible cast for the indirect fabrication of provisional restorations

Holloway, B.W., 1999:
1998 Kathleen Barton-Wright Memorial Lecture. The less travelled road in microbial genetics

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 LTC buyer's guide. The directory of long-term care products & services

D.Dio, A.S., 2000:
1998 LeTourneau Award. The legal implications of noncompetition agreements in physician contracts

Yorio, T., 1999:
1998 Louisa Burns Memorial Lecture: can teaching and research coexist?

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 MQSA (Mammography Quality Standards Act) final rule released. American College of Radiology

Anonymous, 1997:
1998 Mammography Quality Standards Act final rule: summary of new requirements

Anderson, H.J., 1998:
1998 Market Leaders Report. Hardware and software market share based on a national survey of integrated delivery systems

Anonymous, 2002:
1998 Medicare changes: facts, fallacies and fiction

Anonymous, 2002:
1998 Membership Directory

Kunkel, T.A., 1999:
1998 Mutation Research Award for Scientific Excellence. Dr. Thomas Kunkel

Mitka, M.; Furchgott, R.F.; Murad, F.; Ignarro, L.J., 1998:
1998 NObel Prize winners are announced: three discoverers of nitric oxide activity

Hussein, R.H., 1998:
1998 National Conference on Quality in Health, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Marshall, D.W.; Sunderland, N.R., 1998:
1998 National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists Arthur F. Humm, Jr., Memorial Award. Norman R. Sunderland. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, Minneapolis, MN 12-16 July 1998

Gladson, C.L.; Guha, A.; Wong, A.J., 2001:
1998 Neurotumor Club. March 30, 1998, New Orleans, La

Shih, K-Ming.; Chang, C-Te.; Chung, J-Der.; Chiang, Y-Chung.; Hwang, S-Ying., 2018:
Adaptive Genetic Divergence Despite Significant Isolation-by-Distance in Populations of Taiwan Cow-Tail Fir ( Keteleeria davidiana var. formosana )

Coetzer, W.G.; Turner, T.R.; Schmitt, C.A.; Grobler, J.Paul., 2018:
Adaptive genetic variation at three loci in South African vervet monkeys ( Chlorocebus pygerythrus ) and the role of selection within primates

Fisher, K.J.; Buskirk, S.W.; Vignogna, R.C.; Marad, D.A.; Lang, G.I., 2018:
Adaptive genome duplication affects patterns of molecular evolution in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Speer, T.L., 1998:
1998 Nova Award winners. By the bootstraps

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 Podiatric Practice Survey. Statistical results

Suki, W.N., 1999:
1998 Presidential Address

Collins, R.J.; Kennedy, E.M., 2000:
1998 Public Service Award: Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Lévesque, B.; Lajoie, P.; Rhainds, M.; Kosatsky, T.; Grenier, A.M.; Ernst, P.; Audet, N., 2001:
1998 Quebec Social and Health Survey: determinants of chronic respiratory diseases

Mostov, K.E., 1998:
1998 R.R. Bensley Award: Keith E. Mostov, University of California at San Francisco

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 Receptor and ion channel nomenclature

Barker, K.N., 1998:
1998 Remington Lecture. On pharmacy practice theory and quilt making

Anonymous, 1997:
1998 Resource Guide

Moresco, K.; Bonn, J.; DiMuzio, P.; Consigny, P.M., 1998:
1998 SCVIR Gary J. Becker Young Investigator Award. Endovascular repair of arterial pseudoaneurysms with use of a perfusion balloon catheter

Gibori, G., 1999:
1998 SSR Research Award

Borges, R.; Johnson, W.E.; O'Brien, S.J.; Gomes, Cália.; Heesy, C.P.; Antunes, A., 2018:
Adaptive genomic evolution of opsins reveals that early mammals flourished in nocturnal environments

Collin, R.J.; Cunningham, M., 2000:
1998 Special Merit Award: Marsha Cunningham, RDH, MS

Pallarito, K.; Roschen, S.B., 1999:
1998 Trustees of the Year. N.Y. trustee nursed hospital back from brink

Japsen, B.; Knobbe, U., 1999:
1998 Trustees of the year. Iowa trustee made facility deliver on its name

Anonymous, 1999:
1998 U.S. Renal Data System Report/Part II. Living unrelated donor rate grew 46% annually from 1993-96; hospitalizations higher for pediatric HD vs. PD patients

Anonymous, 1999:
1998 U.S. Renal Data System report. Incidence rate remains steady, improvements seen in survival

Concha, J.M.; Moore, L.S.; Holloway, W.J.; Concha, J.M.; Moore, L.S.; Holloway, W.J., 1998:
1998 William J. Stickel Bronze Award. Antifungal activity of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea-tree) oil against various pathogenic organisms

Ward, E.D.; Phillips, R.D.; Patterson, P.E.; Werkhoven, G.J., 1998:
1998 William J. Stickel Gold Award. The effects of extrinsic muscle forces on the forefoot-to-rearfoot loading relationship in vitro. Tibia and Achilles tendon

Armstrong, D.G.; Lavery, L.A.; Armstrong, D.G.; Lavery, L.A., 1998:
1998 William J. Stickel Silver Award. Mechanically assisted, delayed primary closure of diabetic foot wounds

Kirner, N.P.; Denham, D.H., 1998:
1998 William McAdams Outstanding Service Award. Dale H. Denham. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, Minneapolis, MN 12-16 July 1998

Guillemin, M.P., 1999:
1998 William P. Yant Award Lecture. What is the correlation between scientific and social challenges in occupational hygiene?

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 ambulance manufacturers' directory

Orcutt, R.P., 1999:
1998 annual meeting of the Association for Gnotobiotics

Ricard, T.C.; Haycraft, C.; Iyengar, S.S., 2018:
Adaptive, Geometric Networks for Efficient Coarse-Grained Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics with Post-Hartree-Fock Accuracy

Sharma-Wallace, L.; Velarde, S.J.; Wreford, A., 2018:
Adaptive governance good practice: Show me the evidence!

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 award winners of the Aerospace Medical Association

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 awards. Order of Excellence--best of the best

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 benchmarking guide. Data with destiny

Pallarito, K., 1999:
1998 bond sales shatter record

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 camps for patients with ESRD

Northrup, B.E., 1999:
1998 cervical spine research society presidential address. Collegiality in the Cervical Spine Research Society

Meltzer, S.; Leiter, L.; Daneman, D.; Gerstein, H.C.; Lau, D.; Ludwig, S.; Yale, J.F.; Zinman, B.; Lillie, D., 1998:
1998 clinical practice guidelines for the management of diabetes in Canada. Canadian Diabetes Association

Pinto, C., 1999:
1998 construction design survey

Schulz, C.; Becker, K.; Helm, D.; Krause, C., 2000:
1998 environment survey--initial results

Thépot, F.; Julliard, J.C., 1999:
1998 french results on medically assisted reproduction with gamete cryopreservation and donation. French Federation of CECOS

Anonymous, 1999:
1998 guest referees

Workowski, K.A.; S.L.uis, M., 1999:
1998 guidelines for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Introduction

Hu, Y.; Liu, C.; Wang, X.; Zhao, D., 2018:
Adaptive handling of Rayleigh and Raman scatter of fluorescence data based on evaluation of the degree of spectral overlap

Helmberger, H.; Müller-Schunk, S.; Röttinger, M.; Huppertz, A.; Berger, H., 1998:
1998 imaging diagnosis of focal liver lesions: computerized tomography versus magnetic resonance tomography. 1: Introduction--imaging methods--computerized tomography

Humiston, S.; Atkinson, W., 1998:
1998 immunization schedule changes and clarifications

Anonymous, 1997:
1998 information systems priorities

Anonymous, 1999:
1998 laboratory satisfaction survey. Conducted by the Medical Society of Delaware

Solovy, A.; Sunseri, R., 1999:
1998 leadership survey. Leading group practice

Markwalder, K.; Hatz, C., 1998:
1998 malaria therapy

Malik, B.A.; Singh, G.; Mir, T., 2002:
1998 management recommendations for sexually transmitted diseases

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 market directory

Anonymous, 1997:
1998 non-profit software guide

Fey, M.F., 1999:
1998 oncologic highlights: difficult choices--no inferior quality

James, J.S., 2001:
1998 outlook: treatment; research; access

Mann, F.A.; Gean, A.D.; Kazerooni, E.A.; Rogers, L.F., 1999:
1998 plenary session: Imaging symposium. An overview of acute radiology

Taubert, G.; Kottmann, T.; Gitt, A.K.; Winkler, R.; Bergmeier, C.; Kleemann, T.; Seidl, K.; Senges, J., 2000:
1998 prognosis of left ventricular dysfunction in a maximum care non-university hospital. Analysis of the Ludwigshafen LVD Registry

Anonymous, 1997:
1998 random unannounced survey topics announced

Anonymous, 1999:
1998 referees

De Cooman, T.; Kjær, T.W.; Van Huffel, S.; Sorensen, H.B., 2017:
Adaptive heart rate-based epileptic seizure detection using real-time user feedback

Braun, A.; Urai, A.E.; Donner, T.H., 2018:
Adaptive History Biases Result from Confidence-weighted Accumulation of Past Choices

Gazzard, B.; Moyle, G., 1998:
1998 revision to the British HIV Association guidelines for antiretroviral treatment of HIV seropositive individuals. BHIVA Guidelines Writing Committee

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 salary survey results. Are your peers living fat, or scraping by?

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 salary survey results. Clinical competencies are key to job market success

Wanek, V.; Novak, P.; Warkus, A., 2001:
1998 social epidemiological analysis of caries incidence and degree of dental restoration in young men

Pomatto, L.C.D.; Davies, K.J.A., 2018:
Adaptive homeostasis and the free radical theory of ageing

Crider, D., 1998:
1998 statutory changes affecting controlled substances

Anonymous, 1998:
1998 study guide. Brain injury rehabilitation, pain rehabilitation

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1998 survey of cardiac pacing in South Africa--report of the working group on registries of the cardiac arrhythmia society of South Africa (CASSA)

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1999 EASD/Sankyo Insulin Resistance Project Award

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1999 ESRD marketplace

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1999 Ed C. Jerman Memorial Lecture. You want me to do what?

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1999 Elda E. Anderson Award--Glen Sturchio

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1999 HFM resource guide. Your guide to hundreds of companies with products and services for the healthcare industry. Vendor listings by category

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1999 Health Care Hall of Fame. Nation's first hospital offers a large dose of history

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1999 Health Care Hall of Fame. Past inductees

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1999 Health Care Hall of Fame. Putting problem-solving into action

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1999 Health Care Hall of Fame. The visionary who built a better Ford

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1999 Medical Imaging Research Day at the University of Saskatchewan

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1999 Nova Award winners

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1999 Optident prize and William Houston Medal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

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1999 in review

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1999 non-profit software guide

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1999 plenary session: Friday imaging symposium : evaluation of focal pulmonary abnormalities with FDG PET

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1999 plenary session: Friday imaging symposium : venous US of lower-extremity deep venous thrombosis: when is US insufficient?

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1999 plenary session: Friday imaging symposium: algorithmic controversies

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1999 plenary session: Friday imaging symposium: role of small-peptide radiopharmaceuticals in the evaluation of deep venous thrombosis

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1999 referees

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1999 resource guide

Anonymous, 1999 :
1999 resource guide. Your reference to IT products, vendors, services and associations

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1999 salary survey results. How do your salary and benefits stack up against your peers'?

Anonymous, 2001:
1999 salary survey results. Information will be your key to opportunity

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1999 salary survey. Is this the future of your bonus?

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1999 scientific session of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation

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1999 year in review

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1999! Last chance! (Before total immersion in an all digital world)

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1999, psychiatry of the stone age

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1999--a dynamic year of geriatrics. The Danish Society of Geriatrics

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1999--a very good year for URAC

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1999-2000 JCAHO. Comprehensive accreditation manual for home care: what's new?

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1999-2000 influenza season: Canadian laboratory diagnoses and strain characterization

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1999: the countdown to Y2K compliance

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1999: the international year of the older persons

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1999: the road ahead for NPs

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