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Alterations in coronary arteries and frequency of episodes of transient myocardial ischemia in patients with ischemic heart disease with typical and atypical angina pectoris

Bugaenko, V.V.; Lomakovskiĭ, A.N.

Likars'ka Sprava 2: 27-31


ISSN/ISBN: 1019-5297
PMID: 12073253
Accession: 045205713

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A total of 169 patients with ischemic heart disease were examined. Group I comprised 105 patients with angina pectoris, group II was 64 patients presenting with an untypical pain syndrome. A single affection of the coronary artery (CA) was more frequently seen in group II subjects (50 percent versus 16.1% in group I persons). Affection of three CA was more common in group I subjects (41.1% versus 30%). Affection of the main stem of the left coronary artery was recordable in 7.6 percent of subjects in group I and was undetectable in group II patients. It has been established that both in single and associated affections of CA, affection of the right CA and that of the circumflex branch was significantly more common in group II subjects. With affection of two and three CA in persons with stenocardia, there was no significant difference between the number of algesic and non-algesic episodes of myocardial ischemia (MIE) (44.4 and 55.6% and 41.6 and 58.3% respectively). In those examinees without typical stenocardia, in affection of two CA the algesic MIE comprised 20%, non-algesic--80%; in affection of three CA algesic MIE came up to 55.6%, non-algesic--44.4%. In this way, in affection of three CA, the number of both algesic and non-algesic MIE in angina persons was not significantly different from that in subjects free from angina.

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