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Chapter 45,242

Anal tuberculosis. Report of a case

Rocha, M.; Carrasco, C.; Naquira, N.; Venegas, J.; Kauer, G.; Coñoman, H.

Revista Medica de Chile 125(10): 1199-1203


ISSN/ISBN: 0034-9887
PMID: 9609040
Accession: 045241483

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We report a 70 years old man presenting with malaise, anal pain and progressive defecation difficulty, with a decrease in stool caliber. The patient had no contact or past history of tuberculosis. On physical examination, there was an ulcerated anal lesion with purulent discharge, that produced an anal stenosis. The patient had an erythrocyte sedimentation rate of 108 mm/h, images of active tuberculosis in both apical pulmonary lobes and a chronic tuberculous inflammation with caseation and epithelioid tubercles was observed in a biopsy of the anal lesion. Treatment with antituberculous drugs produced a categorical remission of anal lesions and after five months of therapy the patient is well.

Anal tuberculosis. Report of a case