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Asian American-white American differences in expressions of social anxiety: a replication and extension

Okazaki, S.; Liu, J.F.; Longworth, S.L.; Minn, J.Y.

Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 8(3): 234-247


ISSN/ISBN: 1099-9809
PMID: 12143101
DOI: 10.1037/1099-9809.8.3.234
Accession: 045306878

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This study examined whether Asian American-White American differences on a trait measure of social anxiety extend to nonverbal behavior and to reports of anxiety-related emotions during a 3-min social performance task. Forty Asian Americans and 40 White Americans completed a trait measure of social anxiety and rated their emotions before, and immediately after, a social performance task. Their videotaped behavior was coded using microlevel behavioral codes (e.g., gaze avoidance, fidgeting). Results indicated that Asian Americans reported more anxiety than White Americans on the trait measure and on the emotion rating scales but that they did not differ substantially on microlevel behavioral indexes of social anxiety. Implications of ethnic variations in the patterns of anxious responding are discussed.

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